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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  May 10, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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golden state warriors who won last night. >> michelle griego. time of -- 4:30. what a wind. >> -- what a win. >> were to see someone perform the way steph curry did, good job. hopefully he will wrap it up tomorrow. heavy fog spilling into the areas today and we will talk about the forecast in a matter of minutes but over to john a. >> eastbound 80 at potential an accident, vehicles to the side. tow trucks may block a lane. nothing problems this morning nor at the bay bridge live into san francisco upperdeck should
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be cleared within the next half hour. caught on camera, driver racist right after taking the wheel, andria borba shows us the scuffle that may get the man fired works the fight to find parking in san francisco is never easy but there's one in response to a fight, one driver, dropping racial slurs, a muni driver. >> i am on what? >> [ beep ]. >> a woman named mira posting her video to facebook page. >> reprehensible. >> that's how they found out about it. >> we are taking immediate and corrective action in the case. this is behavior that is not representative of our workforce. >> it stretched on for over one
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minute as the muni driver in a toyota corolla continues his verbal assault even as a woman try to explain her side of the parking. >> this is downtown and if you see a spots, you take it. have a good day, okay. thank you. >> you are a gang banger. >> i think your mentality, sir. >> as a woman try to walk away, the muni driver kept shouting. >> what was that? >> are you threatening me? >> note. >> will i have your license plate and i have your faith so have a good day, sir. >> -- i have your face, so have a good day, sir. >> from excelsior to the golden gate bridge, mta train drivers to deal with stressful situations on the road purposes going beyond training, this goes into personal actions and
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behaviors that will not be tolerated. >> representative for the driver union says the union does not condone the driver's action. being an african it -- african- american man i personally open to get onto borba kpix 5. >> we received the memo recommending the driver loses job. >> a mess affected surfaces the murder set to be rain this afternoon angelo zamora accused of stabbing and killing his aunt on friday in her home on arkansas street. he reportedly lived in the home with the victim and retired public defender. no word on a possible motive. organizers of a hunger strike and services go state they say a striker was taken to the hospital. 19-year-old female brought to the hospital late last night after complaining of chest pain picture is one of four demonstrated to begin the strike more than one week ago. protesting budget cuts to an epic -- ethnic studies program. group of attorneys as spelled out what they say are several weak point in the
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cities to police department. findings are preliminary. kpix 5 five -- joe vazquez on the criticism that could spark change. >> reporter: dramatic city hall protest loudly demand the firing of the police chief, a much calmer group studying racial bias at the san francisco police department. >> over 200 -- >> working pro bono for a blue ribbon panel released preliminary findings. the police department overwhelmingly arrest more black and brown people in san francisco than white. >> also the department is not transparent when it comes to disciplinary processes and also there is a police union, poa. >> we find the san francisco police department independent of the poa, in addition to the
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blur the lines between them, many believe the poa influenced and an out of the department have been and remain an impediment to open dialogue x poa disagreeing with the findings. >> what i do not understand is why we cannot start off with removing the chief. smack public comment -- >> reporter: public comment was scorching. >> we have invested in law enforcement and what we have is the worst kind of amateur hour parks joe vazquez kpix 5 . >> the chief received statement saying we want to work together to have the best the police department possible for the wonderful city of over to moving reforms forward. we posted the full report from the department of justice on our website gets sf .com. and oklahoma, deadly tornado
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tearing through the planes heading east. killed at least two people and broke homes into pieces. an elderly man and nebraska was on the phone with his cousin when the tornado lifted trees out of the yard. the phone went dead and the storm killed him and a woman says third set -- neighbor was tossed around like a dog. >> in blue him into the tree and rolled him across the yard and into the tree and he grabbed the tree and the dog ran under the deck. >> unclear just how many homes were damaged. the system is moving east today dropping heavy rain in ohio and tennessee. terrifying video you are keeping a close eye because your son is old -- and oklahoma. >> it was over the bay area and has over air supports moving to the midsection and my son we were on the phone he had to go to a storm shelter for 2.5 hours and said he was attending oklahoma played three -- for
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three years and said it was scary. it was between 5-7 miles per hour from his campus. >> studying for finals. they are not getting any sleep. adding insult to injury but he's okay and the system will continue the area of low pressure to traverse to the east throughout the day. what to anticipate today across the bay area, right now we have overcast skies from the coast to the bay into the inland areas and temperatures are in the 40s and 50s for the most part mild as you step out you will feel mild conditions condensation along the coast barely any coastal claiming otherwise 70s to the south and 70s and 80s to the east and warmer today and numbers 76 degrees in santa rosa and to the cloverdale area, low 80s that the full forecast at 80 minutes after the hour. roadwork this morning
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eastbound near central embankment chp crews may take time to clear this and will need cable to do that. there was shut down one lane or two. traffic moving okay. westbound 580 not causing or seeing delays near the richmond san rafael bridge. they bridge has roadwork, no delays heading into san francisco. if you're traveling out of san francisco into oakland, keep in mind there is only two lanes open on the lower deck hoping to have a cleared by 6:00 but not causing delays slowdowns be traffic clear across the san mateo from 880-101. traffic looks good 101 through the peninsula now no delays and quiet conditions and if you have to go to work early, 580 into san francisco 14 minute ride.
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looking at conditions into sfo be a 101 northbound 101, 280 between 92, 101 easy ride. no delays. bernie sanders is helpful to get enough delegates to become the democratic presidential nominees of the campaign to california with her primary election is 4 weeks away. >> millions of americans want a political revolution. center spoke to thousands of supporters at cal expo's, sacramento repeated the themes of taking the corporate establishment and political establishment man -- on. another rally in stockton. he's expected to do well and the democratic primary in the state of west virginia. republicans will also vote in west virginia as well as nebraska the latest from cbs news and a daniels. >> reporter: voters in nebraska
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and west virginia head to the polls today. presumptive gop nominee donald trump is running on -- unopposed and expected to win big. >> i want primaries to keep going but everybody is out and i'm the only one left. >> on the campaign trail, his personal attacks on his likely democratic opponent hillary clinton to continues. >> is married to a man -- he is married to a man who was the worst abuser of women in the history of politics force during a stop on monday clinton called trump's rhetoric reckless and dangerous. but i'm not running against him. he is doing a fine job of doing that himself. >> clinton facing an uphill battle in west virginia today where polls show bernie sanders hold the lead. vermont senator campaign in front of a crowd of more than 15,000 people last night in sacramento. >> i think we have a good shot to win in west virginia,
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kentucky, oregon and after those three states, we are coming to california. >> sanders needs a landslide win in california's primary to stay in the race. hannah daniels, cbs, news. 475 delegates of progress in california june 7. as for trump he's taking time off from campaigning as he gets ready for thursday's meeting with house speaker paul ryan and other republican leaders because 4:41 am. locals back home safe after a terrifying incident on an airport. the near crash that left them shot. -- shocked. ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,
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a south korean tarmac...when their luck nearly changed f the worst. kpix five's juliette goodrich shows us w their plane almost crashed...going 120-miles-an-hour. > > sot : > "i was scared --glad we were home becauset could have been a > disaste>
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> gina licup along with her friends leni and marc staym "headed for home ... third d last leg of our fights " > > were all on singapore airlis flight 16 headed home for s francisco when their plane s forced to abort takeoff ...t : "about a third of the wayu the pilot hit the breaks ha > going 120 miles per hour the runway at in -chun international airport . > >i said what is going on ....wt is going on ....are we goin die ?" > > > the boeing 777 came to an emergency stop at the last second when another aircraft, a korean air airb crossed the runway in frontf it . > > > > > this graphic shows just how close the two plane came to each other on runway . > > "it felt the same as if you were landing ...we were bracing ourselves against the seat because wee braking so hard " > "just p- please god -- not today not today " > > the two planes just a mile apart when they came to a complete stop . > korean air airbus reportedly entered the runway without permission. > > sot : > "you can see some of the tires a flat there " > > ......but 19 hours later after repairs ----- > they were back on t same plane -- same seats -- arrive safely > home to san francisco --- and when they landed > > > "i was gonna cp - yeah we are home - it was relief -- home sweet home - we are finally home ! " > the singapore airlines pland just over 200 people on boa.
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people on board. the other plane was carrying 188 passengers. a high school yearbook is t source of controversy in southern california. 17-year-old bayan zehilf is muslim... and a student los osos high school in rano cucamonga. she was stunned to see her yearbook photo h different name underneath... isis philips. she does not believe it was a mistake. "i feel like a lot of people looking up to me to find wh happened. and to see how to handle the situation. to std
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up for the people that do g discriminated against." school officials are looking into the matter... and say e used to be a student with the name s philips," who has since transferred schools. el nino rain isn't translatg to changes when it comes to war rationing across the state. governor brown has issued an executive order to pemanent continue mandatory restrict for california.. saying quo "drought conditions persist here's what that means. mony reports from cities on water usage will continue. there's still a ban on hosi down driveways and sidewalk as well as carwashing -- un the hose has a shiutoff noze and no watering lawns withi hours of rain. next week, the state water d will decide whether or not give local communites more leeway to set limits. time is 4-- here's roberta gonzales with a check of weather. it's hard not to smile watcg a tiny brown bear... gobblep grass.
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47 degrees in here condensation in the form of drizzle along the seashore deep marine layer clearing at the coast today. seasonal high for the beaches but inland we will pick up temperatures a couple degrees
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from yesterday. here is how to plan to stay with futurecast and you see by lunch, low clouds and fog playing tag with the district into ocean beach and san francisco but more sunshine today in comparison to yesterday due to winds are lustily and compared to yesterday when we had the southwest flow. -- one we had the southwest flow. it is a benign, stagnant weather pattern with an area of high pressure building into the western states. 76 degrees the state capital currently at 54 and once it lists high sierra talking 63. sunup 6:05. not much of it due to overcast conditions -- seasonal along the beaches and into the bay and peninsula and warming outside number 81-83 the further inland you go and this is what i'm suffering, are you
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sneezing, it is mulberry, grass counts coming into a. looking at the possibility of rain showers and cool temperatures beginning monday next week. that's a look at the food -- tuesday forecast. it is foggy at the 586 interchange, masn the area westbound 80 out of the altamont pass, from 205 and that is typical if you can take the roadway. no delays toward 680. southbound not seeing delays or accidents if you're headed to the 580 southbound not seeing delays or accidents if you're headed to the 582 101 southbound looking at a 28 minute drive time easy
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conditions out of the south bay this morning northbound 101 out of san jose. from capital expressway traffic is clear to state 80 and nice for phoenix toward 237. drive times are good to 80 northbound 101 80-8512 minutes no delay along the parkway and 85. one snag on the eastbound side of 580 central and accident with the vehicle off the roadway for not seeing delays both directions of 580 looking good. toward the bay bridge this morning traffic is light. an easy ride from the bridge roadwork on the low deck should be wrapped up in an hour. upperdeck roadway clear. use mass transit. bart on time systemwide, good to go. hard not to smile watching
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a brown bear eating grass. >> locals do not mind when they come out of hibernation with appetite. this becomes typical in the area. bears do not go into garbage cans are break down doors, they simply crave fresh spring grass. homeowners love the site. -- the sight. rent we never seen mom would babies that small. >> if we show force, a little meanness, really. >> they will run away. sometimes they go with should not like into parked cars but cubs stick to grass. 4:51 do you want to erase
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college loan.? more about the forgiveness program. what is cool about your school, email your nominations to us at cool school's kpix 5 .com and we will feature your school on the show. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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government stats-- which al shows that up to 25 percentf are seven out of 10 college students have loans according to the latest statistics with -- which show up to 25% of borrowers are behind on payments. public service loan forgiveness program is looking to help wiping away college debt alone for educators, soldiers, 500 and others with public service jobs but only after making 10 years of payments. -- >> tens of millions of borrowers
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can be eligible for significant forgiveness only a few hundred thousand have signed up. >> the consumer financial protection bureau says anyone with student loans should contact their lenders to find out if they might be eligible for a loan forgiveness. twitter is preventing intelligence agencies from being your tweets. the company says today they will not allow the software service data miner to collect data and share with surveillance industries. data miners are used to filter information that may be useful and experts say twitter's decision could if you will more debate in the discussion on privacy rights versus security concerns between the government and tech industry. facebook responds after being accused of bias the company denied allegations that immediately trending news for political purposes. tech blogs give -- gizmodo's report that facebook story -- facebook employees were told to
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-- tom stocky says they found no evidence that the anonymous allegations are true. shoppers may not be able to find budweiser beer on store shelves this summer. the parent company wants to replace budweiser name with america on cans and bottles. it will include patriotic phrases. the company is seeking approval from the alcohol and tobacco trade bureau. >> in order to create promotional cans and test -- special package for the summer holiday season. >> baby in bed -- multimillion dollar industry but juicing is not as healthy as you may think. whether organic, advocates claim with juices your body better absorbs nutrients but when pressed experts say there's no good scientific evidence that you absorb nutrients quickly and one we eat fiber traveling to our gut
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is been eaten by good bacteria. >> fiber is a stealth nutrient, one of the single most important things we can put in our bodies and for our bacteria. >> pure vegetable juices are low in calories and natural -- 80% of americans do not eat enough fruit ms will and drinking juice can help them meet goals. 4:57 am to donald trump heading to capitol hill to lay nice with gop leaders. insider joining us next to talk about how it could affect the race for the white house. outside in san francisco where 19-year-old will be arraigned for stabbing death. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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live from the cbs bay area
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studios this is kpix news. good morning everyone, this is a live shot of the buildings in san francisco with that blue and cold for the warriors celebrating the big win last night. the warriors. it is tuesday, may 10th. >> happening today, in san francisco the man suspected of stabbing a well-known public defender against an arraigned victim was his aunt, we have the latest in this tragic case, jackie. >> reporter: the people who knew the former supervisor are hoping today will bring them one step closer to closure. we have a picture of the 19- year-old who will be arraigned in court today charged with murder in the stabbing death of the beloved marla. he'll make his first court appearance today. his friends say angela was her great nephew who lived with her on and off, helping get his life back on track that wasn't


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