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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  May 10, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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studios this is kpix news. good morning everyone, this is a live shot of the buildings in san francisco with that blue and cold for the warriors celebrating the big win last night. the warriors. it is tuesday, may 10th. >> happening today, in san francisco the man suspected of stabbing a well-known public defender against an arraigned victim was his aunt, we have the latest in this tragic case, jackie. >> reporter: the people who knew the former supervisor are hoping today will bring them one step closer to closure. we have a picture of the 19- year-old who will be arraigned in court today charged with murder in the stabbing death of the beloved marla. he'll make his first court appearance today. his friends say angela was her great nephew who lived with her on and off, helping get his life back on track that wasn't
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unusual for marla to do. >> she would do anything for somebody who was young and needed help. >> allowed people to stay at her home when they didn't have anywhere to go. >> the former public defender was stabbed, a makeshift memorial is there, angela will be here today later this afternoon. kpix 5. who have authorities said about a motive? >> they haven't said anything, nothing about the motive has been made public yet, back to you. thank you. new this morning, three of the five members of the so-called frisco 5 are out of the hospital. the hunger strikers have been taken to the university of california at the san francisco hospital on friday, group demanding the police chief step down a for strikers, they hope
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the other two strikers will be released today but aren't planning any protesters. lawmakers are helping keep kids safe as they head to and from school. a bill aimed at prevents kids from being kept alone on parked school buses is coming forward in response to the death of 19- year-old autistic boy left for hours on a hot school bus. the cupertino planning commission for an apartment complex near apple headquarters under construction, we have more on what the project means for the growing city. >> reporter: if you've ever been out to this area you know in is directly next to the apple spaceship campus, so close apple tried to buy the property but it was not for sale. the parent company irvine wanting to expand the complex, triple it to 942 units, now they'll go for review before
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the cupertino planning commission, irvine wants to do with what meshes better and apple is doing, they hired the same landscape designer for the spaceship. if approved it would cut down 276 trees the buildings would be no taller than 75 feet. apple express concerned about privacy since they would have direct site, but use plans to block the view. with 13,000 employees squeezing into the campus, these parents will definitely go for a premium, set for 6:45 at thecupertino building. a lot of people with big changes going on in cupertino. winter and construction. with temperatures mid-50s
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right now, here we are in the month of spring, we have spring showers last week, this week it is a stagnant weather pattern and we could see more spring showers next week. this is our weather camera, towards the international airport. no report has any local delays but i guarantee that would change with the lowering of the ceiling. 57 degrees in redwood city, san jose. these are the numbers you need to know today. upper 50s low 60s otherwise 9 degrees in sunnyville, and good morning in the rose direct. 72 degrees in free mount, hello brentwood, 83 degrees, yes warmer today than yesterday due to a westerly wind 10 to 20, 75 degrees with ample sunshine and we have highs today in the low 80s from winthrop to
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cloverdale. we have that all important pollen report at 18 minutes after the hour. we have this accident eastbound 580 right at central not blocking lanes but a vehicle went down to embankment actually stuck in the in the mud there, take time to cheer this clear this out of the roadway. they may shut down a lane or two right now things are still open moving along 580 if you plan on connecting anywhere the freeway via 580, should be pretty good. westbound looking good slight delays not too far from the toll plaza, jump to 101 where traffic is moving pretty nicely headed from highway 12 to highway 37 that's a 26 minute drive time. south of there, just did lane changes one more lane traveling across the southbound side which eases congestion heading into san francisco, quiet from 580 down to san francisco,
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pretty busy on the bay bridge, traffic is quiet from oakland, long gone, lower deck road work going until 6:00, take a look at the best of the bridge, san mateo bridge, quiet, working from 880 towards 101. san jose looking to boost the number of charging stations for electric cars in order to make that happen the south bay city is introducing online service to let owners get permits for charging station installations. it comes with discounted fee instead of paying $222, it will now cost $182 to get a permit. tonight at 7:00 the santa clara city council will look how big of an economic boost super bowl 50 brought to the bay area. that's the new number showing 740 of revenue estimated $310,000 increase in hotel
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taxes the city spent millions of dollars preparing for the game, $3.4 million has been reimbursed. donald trump heads to capitol hill to see if he'll get a warm welcome or cold shoulder. more doubts about the billionaire, we've been talking about this a lot, republicans say they'll not support trump what can trump say to get them behind him. >> to get conservatives, he has this test if you're a muslim, you can't enter the country, spoken meanly about immigrants, women, there are republicans who have big issues with that but the big issue is he is a small government low tax guy? one thing people shouldn't worry about is folks who said mean things about endorsing him. exhibit one, rand paul who is a junior senator from kentucky, might ran for president a couple months ago he said
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donald trump is a dilutional narcissist, a speck of dirt is more qualified to be president. rand paul now endorsed donald trump to be the problem is not going back on things they might have said, believing he is a conservative. we've heard bush 41, 43 and jeb bush essentially saying they are not going to vote if it is trump or hillary can republicans bring themselves to vote for hillary clinton? >> the easiest way to think of this if you're a giants fan and the giants are having a bad season or sick of the giants you don't put on a dodgers hat okay? not going to happen, republicans are not going to vote for hillary. at the same time you might not show up in as many games you might not go to as many giants games polls out show a relatively close race in places like ohio, between trump and clinton. if the base of the republican
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party isn't fired up and motivated republicans can't win the election. anything to watch for in today's primary. >> we got west virginia, nebraska on the republican side, it is over the only interesting thing is people like cruz, could be voting there, we don't know, the democrats are voting in west virginia, bernie sanders is also mathematically eliminated neither trump nor clinton can clinch this thing 100% but essentially it is wrapped up. mark in washington d.c. thank you. time now is 5:09 a rare siting in the bay whales making a splash from golden gate bridge visitors. they've been through toughtimes now sea stars are making a come back. good morning for the kpix weather center where we have heavy fog greeting commuters, when you'll see the sunshine.
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. welcome back, 5:12, looking back at the international airport and levi stadium and
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santa clara valley. low clouds and fog the effect it will have on your tuesday forecast. >> new details on the plan to get coal traveling to oakland to the base. could vote on whether the proposal poses health risks to residents in the area environmental groups say respiratory illness is a key concern. >> the california state senate has approved a bill that would ban travel, laws restricting the rights of gay or transgender people and the bill is inspired by the restroom law, the bill by evan low now goes to the state senate. drives in san francisco, non nom now, promises
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restaurant quality meals not for you, for your dog. creates custom recipes for your four legged friend and delivers the food right to your door, the cost about $36 a week, right? we've learned the tides have turned, tell star fish are making a come back across the northern california coast about two years ago baby star fish were dying off due to a naturally occurring virus and el nino that may be too warm for comfort one researcher said things got bad in monterey. >> it is not clear yet why the fish are doing so well, all of a sudden but researchers say they are definitely on the road to recovering. excitement along the waterfront as who whales are spotted, chopper 5 caught the
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whales as they swam side by side and dashed towards the golden gate bridge it was not clear if it was a mother and calf nonetheless it was a fun moment for tourists and natives as they were treated to the rare siting. they were certainly putting on a show right? >> i actually biked across the golden gate but i didn't see that. >> you have to keep your eyes on the road. great advise a we head into traffic, keep your eyes on the road, apparently everyone is paying attention because we don't have any accidents or incident. as you work your way out of the altamont pass, typical slow and go working your way from tracy, you have stop and go conditions until you get to greenville. traffic is actually quiet towards the dublin interchange, it is really foggy around that area we'll have more on that, slightly slower speeds
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connecting to 680, your drive times look pretty good southbound 580 down to 101 looking at a 20 minute drive time. let's work our way, southsan jose, not seeing any trouble. monterey to highway 85, the rest of 101 is clear out of san jose, 280, which means you're seeing speeds above 45 miles per hour, northbound, towards 85 that's only 11 minutes for your drive time, no delays along 87. our bridges look good, no metering rights, 19 minutes off the east shore freeway, and easy ride coming off of 580 as well as 880, the freeway pretty light, no construction heading into downtown, southbound extra
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volume but no delays yet. 230 to 84, everything is in the green here as well. if you plan on cutting across the san mateo bridge. i'll send it to rowberta, and looking due east, good morning everybody, we also can see the blue and gold lights honoring our golden state warriors and same color theme as our sharks, temperatures as you get ready to start your tuesday, 50 degrees, 57 and san jose cool spot 47 degrees, the winds are relatively under 5 miles per hour. this is our guide, hi steve, good morning. he reports a few degrees cooler, let the warming again and go warriors thanks a lot, steve. let the warming again. it will be warmer in our inland areas away from the bay today rather cool and cloudy at the
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coast we'll be the recipient of a wind, stronger that it was, this is our future cast notice the clouds are trying to scrub away from the coast but still hanging tight around right there the sunset district ocean beach twin peeks and fills in very rapidly and over night hours by wednesday we kick start our midweek again with the return of a very impressive marine layer almost summer like in the bay area. this is the area of low pressure that caused a couple tornados to touch down in the oklahoma area, that's the pesky low sitting over us all week last week, now we have this will area of high pressure, it is a huge dome, it is building in, providing us with warmer temperatures in sacramento, stockton, modesto, into the fresno area. 63 degrees, currently 30 degrees in truckee, we have areas of fog there. 62 once the clouds lift to monterey way. by the time the sunsets, temperatures pretty seasonal at
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the coast, upper 50s and low 60s with little sunshine very minimal. mid-70s, 80 degrees in concord, clayton, walnut creek, 77 degrees in napa, sneezing and wheezing? you can blame it on the oak grasses and olive count, temperatures rising in our area, stagnant and benign, monday i'm watching that very carefully for the return of possible may showers. we do have our giant host to the blue jays lots of clouds, go giants. a fun '80s hit got a make over. and there is a new reason to love this song girls just wanna have fun.
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>> i love it and i love the hair! wearing a matching pink wig to deliver the pop song the title of the song is girls just want equal fun. that's more fun by the way? recorded the original 23 years ago. still killing it. she looks great. >> coming up, what steph curry did last night defies any plausible explanation. could curry save the warriors in overtime? you won't believe what happened coming up. running your nominaton to us at: co schools at kpix- dot-com. wy come and feature your schoo the show. what's cool about your school, e-mail your nomination we may feature your school on the show. wake up those eggs with glorious spam!
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. good morning everybody, steph curry has given fans countless memorable moments what he has done might have been the greatest of the career, he came off defense with the warriors down 16-2. golden state up by five. under a minute left. trail blazers, the game tying
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three and that one puts it into overtim he goes off and overtime scores, the warriors have a lead. drains the three making it 128- 120. curry, an nba record 17 points in over time alone, he finished with 40 the warriors win to take a 3-1 series lead really missing with out with our teammates, that was a good feeling in that moment to be back on the floor, and playing. nashville not going down without a fight in game six, third period leading 3-2, great passing to find wilson for the goal! and we're tied at three in that game is going to over time!
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there was no three overtime marathon tonight. two minutes and scoring the game winner. a shocker nashville wins 4-3 in overtime, and that forces the series to a game 7, thursday right here in san jose. you have to sharks on thursday, got the warriors tomorrow night in a possible game clinching series game five the giants are loser as well as the oaklandathletics what a game for steph curry, named mvp later today. see you tonight. play of the day let's head back to the nba play offs tonight it is the torontoraptors losing the ball but teammate bizmack picks it up, throw down the slam toronto
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94-87, the series is tied at two games a piece. >> call it the ripple affect from apple's new spaceship. an apartment complex right next to the new campus wants to add another 600 units. >> the great nephew of a former san francisco public defender is in court today arraigned for her murder. . ride share drivers blindsided because they lack a business license. buying plastic is no longer profitable for over seas recyclers we found tons piling up and you may pay the price. >> we heard the line snap. >> a terrifying fall raises questions about zip line safety. expect original reporting from kpix 5 news, expect more. ,, ,,,,,,
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never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ to gain enough delegates tot hillary clinton on the way the c1 bernie sanders tries to sway california voters as he works to gain enough delegates to beat hillary clinton on the way to the white house. >> and if you're a frequent shopper at trader joe's, you
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will want to listen up. they just issued a major recall. 5:29 from the kpix weather center, good morning, and i'll tell when you we have spring showers in the forecast. >> and the morning commute is seeing delays at the bay bridge. details coming up. >> good morning. it's tuesday, may 10. i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm michelle griego. hundreds of new homes are planned and kiet do has a look at the city planning commission's meeting. >> reporter: these are not normal apartment units. they are in a prime location in cupertino right next door to the apple spaceship and the planning commission meets tonight to review the plans to expand the capacity from 342 to 942 units. the owner, the irvine company, wanted to be more complementary
5:31 am
with what apple is promoting with more trees and community involvement and in harmony with nature. the buildings are set to be no higher than 75 feet which apple was concerned about. they will plant vegetation. and it calls for the removal of 276 trees, and there does not seem to be opposition to the project and cupertino could use another 600 apartment units. these apartments right next door will be in very high demand. at the planning commission meeting is at city hall tonight. kiet do, kpix 5. a muny driver could lose his job after a rant over street parking in san francisco.
5:32 am
>> [bleep]. >> what? >> i'm waiting. [bleep]. that's fine. >> i'm not even black. >> it happened at the muny yard and stretched on for over a minute. the muny driver in a toyota corolla continued a verbal assault on myra evans as she tried to explain. >> this is not an example of our workforce. >> they are recommending that the bus driver who has been there for 2 years be fired. a woman on a hunger strike at san francisco state has been taken to the hospital, brought for medical treatment last night after complaining of chest pain. she and three other demonstrators began more than a week ago, protesting budget cuts to an ethnic studies
5:33 am
program. and a blue ribbon panel just gave the police department tons of constructive criticism suggesting that the apartment is not transparent about the disciplinary process and sfpd may not be fully independent of the police officer's association. the team stressed that racial bias is a key concern. the chief responded saying he looks forward to quote, murdering murder. a man accused of murdering his own aunt, a public defender, is heading to court. jackie ward has more on the case that left many city leaders in shock. jacky? >> reporter: kenny, not only was marla zamora well known but well loved here in san francisco,ic maaing it extra hard for friends and family to believe that she was stabbed to death, and now, 19-year-old angelo zamora is charged with her murder. he was her great nephew and she
5:34 am
was known to be a fierce lawyer whose career spanned three decades. a friend said she was with marla and angelo the might before she died. >> he would be in the back room, maybe once or twice come in and just chat a little bit with marla and then go back. >> reporter: a public defender called her a guardian angel and tried some of the toughest cases. he will be here at 1:30 this afternoon for arraignment. jackie ward, kpix 5. and a drought agency isn't over despite the rain in the last few months. the water rationing continues throughout the state. governor brown wants to continue the mandatory restrictions saying that drought conditions persist and that means monthly reports from cities on water usage will continue. there is still a ban on hosing down driveways and sidewalks and car washing unless the hose
5:35 am
has a shut-off nozzle and no watering lawns within 48 hours of rain. the water board will meet next week to decided to give local communities a chance to set their own limits. the time is 5:34 and roberta is here with a check the weather. we were just talking about the drought restrictions and we did have beneficial rain this weekend, and i was talking with phil, my favorite forest ranger in the whole wide world in yosemite and he sent me a picture saying that the waterfalls are extraordinary, totally insane and we haven't seen anything like this in years, and that sounds like a nice road trip, doesn't it? let's go. let's report from yosemite. >> oh, yeah. >> let's go. >> i'm ready. >> thank you for that picture here. and good morning, everybody, from yosemite, to dublin in the east bay. looking at valley christian elementary school. this is a tree line and out there is mt. diablo. we can't see it because we're
5:36 am
socked in with areas of low clouds and fog at least a good 50 miles. currently, the numbers are mild as a result of a blanket of clouds. here is a look at what you need to know, very little clearing if any at all, in the 50s. otherwise, partly sunny skies, and santa clara valley, seasonal and the high 50s. brentwood, tracy, oakley, discovery bay in the low 80s and winds out of the west at 10 to 20, and that's an on shore push. and we are talking 83 degrees this tuesday in lakeport. the pollen haven't coming up at 48 after the hour, and first, over to gianna. good morning. over to a report of an accident, 880 at thornton, and three cars are blocking lanes. we are seeing yellow on the sensors, slow and go as you work through there.
5:37 am
and taking the drive times now, south 880 out of hayward, still about a 12-minute ride for your drive times. and if you plan on cutting across the san san mateo bridge towards the peninsula, quiet and no delays. 13 minutes between 880 and 101. not the case for the bay bridge. the metering lights just flipped on, and the traffic is backing up. the approach to the bay bridge is at a nice speed but once you get through the delays at the toll plaza, traffic is clear across the upper deck into san francisco. fund to skip the roadways, you can use mass transit. everything is on time for bart and no delays for muni. back to you. >> thank you, gianna. bernie sanders is now campaigning in california where the primary election is next
5:38 am
month. >> millions of americans want a political revolution. [cheering] >> sanders held a rally last night at cal expo in sacramento. he again spoke of taking on the corporate establishment and political establishment. sanders will hold another rally in stockton later this morning. today's only democratic primary is in west virginia where sanders hopes to get a good share of the vote. and republicans will cast ballots in west virginia and nebraska. presumptive nominee donald trump is focusing on november and his likely opponent in the general election, hillary clinton. >> she's married to a man who was the worst abuser of women in the history of politics. >> during a stop in virginia yesterday, clinton called trump's rhetoric reckless and dangerous. be sure and check your fridge this morning.
5:39 am
trader joe's is recalling broccoli slaw and kale salad because they may be contaminated with listeria with a use by date between may 2 and may 7. more and more financial scammers are zeroing in on seniors. >> jill, how pervasive is financial fraud? >> reporter: i know, overall, it costs americans about $50 billion a year. those 65 and older are often the targets because first of all, they have more money than the rest of us and tend to make more emotional decisions. frauders love that, and psychologists at stanford said inducing emotions in older adults, positive or negative, can increase the intention to buy compared to younger adults. seniors are more likely to lose money once they are targeted. >> so how can seniors or family
5:40 am
members protect themselves? >> reporter: ask questions and check out the answers. criminals rely on the fact that we are lazy and don't bother to investigate if we invest. if it sounds too good to be true t probably is, and you really need to know the salesperson, and you can investigate his or her credentials with the sec and with family members, encourage your older relatives or friends to investigate any unsolicited financial offers they receive before they write a check. if you suspect fraud, you can call a new toll-free securities helpline just for seniors, 844- 57-help. and you can go to >> good to know jill schlesinger, thank you. a new face for families in the bay area in loved ones end
5:41 am
up in the hospital. stanford will open the new ronald mcdonald house in a few hours. the 52,000 square foot facility with accommodate 67 more families as their kids are being treated for serious illness. and traffic could be a problem at valleyfair in sap san jose. a popular dump ling restaurant will open up. you hungry? >> the soup dumplings sound really good. coming up, the stories of survival from those who brave the weather. >> and a live look at 880 in oakland. and it seems like traffic is moving along smoothly in this area. but gianna will let us know where there are trouble spots coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning, everybody. your time is 5:43 on this today, may 10. we are looking in the direction of mt. diablo and danville. can't see a thing, and visibility is restricted due to low clouds and fog and affecting the airports and we'll talk about how it will affect your commute as we continue. video that makes your jaw drop as severe storms killed at least two people and destroyed entire homes. an elderly man in nebraska was on the phone with his cousin when the tornado pulled trees up from his yard. he was killed and a neighbor was thrown around like a doll. >> blew him into the trees. it rolled him across the yard and he hit in the tree and grabbed hold and the dog ran
5:45 am
under the deck. >> no word how many homes were damaged. the monster storm system is expected to move east dumping heavy rain in ohio and 1010. a close call for three bay area travelers on a tarmac. the singapore flight almost crashed going 120 miles per hour after the plane was forced to abort take off and made an emergency stop as a korean air airbus crashed on the runway in front of it. the two planes were a mile apart and came to a complete stop. >> it felt the same as if we were landing but we were bracing ourselves in the seat in front of us. >> this followed 19 hours of repairs, and the korean air airbus reportedly entered the runway without permission. a 17-year-old high school senior in southern california
5:46 am
is muslim and attends a high school in rancho cucamonga and her name in the yearbook was listed as isis phillips. she is certain it's not a mistake. >> i feel like a lot of people are look at me to see how i handle the situation. >> police say that an actual student named isis phillips used to attend the school. it's 5:46. let's get a check of weather and traffic. we have fog and limited visibility around 58 and 680. doing okay with traffic heading into berkeley and of course once you get to the bay bridge. the approaches are seeing slight delays with metering lights on.
5:47 am
so expect delays at 80, 580, and 880, the nimitz freeway. taking a look at westbound side, a 16-minute drive to make the connector at the dublin interchange. you can see the slowdowns westbound out of tracy making the connector from 205 to 580, delays at mountain house. so give yourself a few extra minutes. if you are connecting to 680, we are seeing the usual slow and go on the southbound side of 680 out of pleasant ton and then a few brake lights. the drive times, just a little bit quiet as you head towards 101. 31 minutes from 580 to 101, and an accident south 880 in newark blocking a couple of lanes at thornton. delays are starting to build out of hayward this morning. so if you are going south 880 give yourself 16 minutes, that's the drive time for that portion of the roadway and
5:48 am
better across the peninsula across the san may -- mateo bridge. it's been quiet but not the case along highway 4. they just wrapped up road work, westbound hillcrest avenue to 242, a 10- minute ride. here's roberta. the south bay, we're cloudy in the south bay. we have clouds along the peninsula, mostly cloudy looking out from the kpix studios in an easterly direction. good morning, everybody. it's the return of a vigorous marine layer, and the temperatures are mild because of the blanket of low clouds and areas of patching fog. 50 in santa rosa, and 57 a piece in san jose and redwood city. here's what you need to know on this tuesday. we do have the low clouds and fog and very slow to clear at the seashore. temperatures will go up today in the inland areas due to a
5:49 am
strong westerly wind at 10 to 20 miles per hour. and looking ahead, the forecast teases us with a chance of rain returning next week. here is the futurecast that you can play along with at home. the layer of low clouds and fog scrubbing out at lunchtime, and very tight in the sunset backing through mill valley and the san mateo coast and filling in raptly in the evening commute and overtime hours. we have a summertime pattern. we have a ride of high pressure, and a huge dome building in as high pressure sat over us for days last week and caused the tornadoes to touchdown in the midwest last night. 76 in the state capitol from sacramento, stockton, merced, and manteca. 30 in truckee and going to 63 degrees. a forecast high in monterey bay at 62. the gray slate will only show us 1 minute and 3 seconds of
5:50 am
additional daylight, and we'll enjoy that. low 60s at the beaches today and 77 in san jose, spot on for this time of year and 70s and a few low 80s common north of the golden gate bridge. the pollen report -- i know -- it's awful this year, the worst in years due to the el nino, beneficial rains. here is the stagnant dry weather pattern each day and then we introduce a chance of rain come late monday. that's the tuesday forecast. enjoy your day. >>thank you, roberta. it's 5:50, and bears are out of hibernation and on the move in tahoe. wake up those eggs with glorious spam!
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you'll drink 43% more water every day. sodastream. love your water. kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. allegations this morning tht manipulates its news sectior it's today, may 10. and good morning, everybody. i'm already thinking ahead to tonight. the giants and toronto blue jays and we have cloudy skies and upper 50s; go, giants. south 880, we have a 3-car accident at thornton, and it looks like emergency crews are on scene with delays, down to 16 miles per hour in the area. use an alternate in the meantime. facebook is denying allegation that is it manipulates the news section
5:54 am
for political services. the tech blog said that some employees were told to supress stories from conservative newssources including mitt rom me and rand -- rom me and rand paul making the cut. twitter is getting involved in the debate on privacy rights. the company said they won't allow the software service data miner to collect data from your tweets and share it. data miner is used to sort through millions of tweets to flag through information. it's a growing problem, and now, new numbers show 7 out of 10 college students have student loans and 25% of borrowers are behind when it comes to making payments. a new loan forgiveness program is looking to help. it wipes away college debt for educators, soldiers, firefighters, and many others after they make 10 years of
5:55 am
payments. >> tens of millions of borrowers could be eligible for forgiveness, but only a few hundred thousand have signed up. >> the program only applies to federal loans. >>shoppers may not be able to find budweiser beer on shelves. ab im-bev wants to temporarily replace the budweiser name with "america" and include patriotic phrases. they are seeking permission, but no matter what, the inter still good, no matter the name. >> that's right. tiny brown bears are gobbling up lawns, and now is the time where scenes like this become commonplace in the area. they don't typically break into garbage cans or front doors, but simply like to taste the grass.
5:56 am
many homeowners clutch their chest but they don't get dangerous. >> if we show a little force, just a little grr, just get mean with them, really. >> one or two bears have been breaking the rules going where they shouldn't like in parked cars. most of the cubs stick to grass unless tempting human food is left out. a beloved former san francisco public defender is found dead in her home on friday morning and now her great nephew has been arraigned in court for her murder. >> and call it the ripple affect from apple's spaceship campus, an apartment project next door wants to add another 600 apartment units. at my place, you can get a mouthwatering sourdough bacon ranch combo.
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hey pal? you ready? can you pick me up at 6:30? ah... (boy) i'm here! i'm here! (cop) too late. i was gone for five minutes! ugh! move it. you're killing me. you know what, dad? i'm good. (dad) it may be quite a while before he's ready, but our subaru legacy will be waiting for him. (vo) the longest-lasting midsize sedan in its class. the twenty-sixteen subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru.
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and i choi. good morning, everyone. it's tuesday, may 10. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm kenny choi. a man accused of stabbing and killing his aunt at her home is headed to court today. jackie ward is live at the hall of justice where the victim used to try cases as a public defender. jackie? >> reporter: kenny, friends and family are in disbelief over the stabbing death of their friend, and her great nephew, angelo zamora was arrested late friday morning for her murder. he was staying with her at her home while she was trying to help him get his life together. the people 2 knew her said she had an infectious way about her. >> she had a bubbly, exciting personality, someone that you wanted to


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