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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  May 10, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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and i choi. good morning, everyone. it's tuesday, may 10. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm kenny choi. a man accused of stabbing and killing his aunt at her home is headed to court today. jackie ward is live at the hall of justice where the victim used to try cases as a public defender. jackie? >> reporter: kenny, friends and family are in disbelief over the stabbing death of their friend, and her great nephew, angelo zamora was arrested late friday morning for her murder. he was staying with her at her home while she was trying to help him get his life together. the people 2 knew her said she had an infectious way about her. >> she had a bubbly, exciting personality, someone that you wanted to be around.
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>> reporter: marla was stabbed to death in her home, and angelo was taken into custody as the only suspect. he was staying at the hospital under cost under -- the custody of the sheriffs department. jackie ward, kpix 5. >> jackie, do we know if there is a motive? >> reporter: we don't yet, kenny, nothing about a motive. back to you. >>thank you, jackie. an oakland man disappeared on monday morning while diving with friends. the coast guard said three other people had to be rescued from the shoreline along the mendocino coast. east bay mud does, one of many utilities looking to ease water restrictions. they will look at several
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options to end the 2-year water shortage emergency. other options include suspending the 20% mandatory water use reduction and suspending emergency drought regulation that is ban certain types of water use. gianna, problems on the bay bridge right now? it is very slow and go as you work through there, and road work has been clearing for at least an hour but we are seeing a backup at the bay bridge, and seeing delays on the lower deck with road work wrapping up. it will take time for things to get better but metering lights westbound as you head towards san francisco , and southbound 880 at thornton, clearing the lane but the damage is done with a slow and go ride out of hayward. if you are headed to the bay area bridges like the dumbarton or san mateo bridge, give yourself extra minutes.
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20 minutes from south 880 to 84. and it's fairly quiet towards 101 and the san mateo bridge, no delays, 14 minutes develop 880 and 101. just getting to the bridges may be tough. and highway 4, sluggish, westbound, hillcrest to have 242. it will take 12 minutes there, and road work that cleared 10 to 15 minutes ago and caused the early theys. -- delays. roberta? visibility is down to 1 mile in santa rosa due to the return of the expansive marine layer. good morning, everyone. it's 52 in san rafael and 56 in mountain view, and serve great at this early hour, and that's why it's the satellite and radar and does indicate that we have the return of the stratus at the coast, and it extends 50
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to 60 miles inland. it will take a while to see the burn off today. partial clearing at best and temperatures adversely affected, 50s and low 60s at best. san francisco, spot on for this 10th day of the month of may. 70s in the peninsula, and high 70s in san jose, santa clara, and a west wind at 10 to 20 miles per hour in stinson beach and climbing to 77 with ample sunshine in napa. pollen report, that's coming up at 18 after the hour. a suspected killer breaks down in tears in a courtroom. 18-year-old lila alligood is one of three people accused of murder. her co-defendants, morrison lampley was stone faced. sean angold has agreed to
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testify against the other two suspects, accused of killing two in fairfax in october. steve carter's widow testified about when she saw her late husband alive. a critical day for a plan in the south bay for apartments to be built next to the apple spaceship headquarters which is under construction. kpix 5's kiet do is live in cupertino where the city council is about to give this project a close look report report from you are an apple employee, you literally cannot get a home closer to the spaceship than this. it looks like someone took a chunk out of apple's property but it's been there for years. it's such a prime location that apple tried to buy it five years ago. the planning commission will review plans to add another 600 apartments to push the total to 942 units. if the design looks like it
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would complement apple, that's no coincidence. they even hired the same landscape designer as apple. there will be a common shared space including a bicycle hub repair area and a bar. the plans cull for cutting down 276 trees but some of them are disease and old and none qualify for protective status. the building would be 10 stories stall, and apple was concerned that the top-floor tenants would peek into the spaceship but apple said they would fix that by planting foliage. they will begin moving employees at the end of the year. the spaceship is already at full capacity meaning 13,000 employees will be clogging the streets coming to and from work. so the housing would be very attractive for employees.
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and we're live in cupertino, kiet do, kpix 5. and a vote on the temporary freeze on rent increases or a rent cap. the south bay city reduced the rent hikes cap from 8% increase for year to 5% that is supposed to take effect this fall, and the concern from renters is prompting the council to move the start date to june. and fences will block off are you up-close view of the famous painted lady. alamo square will close for seven months to undergo a $4.3 million renovation with water- saving landscape work and adding a wheelchair-accessible restroom. the board of supervisors is taking up a ban on junk food in vending machines that applies to all vending machines on city property but 9 911 dispatchers
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would be exempt from the ban. under the proposal, no items can have more than 200 calories for serving. voters in two states head to the polls for presidential primaries, and hillary clinton finds herself in an unfamiliar role as underdog. >> and time is running out down in southern california. >> and from the kpix weather center, it's the return of a vigorous marine layer taking an adverse affect at sfo. we'll tell you how to affects the afternoon temperatures. >> we have delays at the bay bridge. details coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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♪ ♪ new video shows the jaw- dropping tornadoes... that hi, everybody.
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welcome back to kpix morning news. 6:11 is the time, and low clouds and fog adversely affecting sfo at this hour. we'll talk about the delays coming up. a video shows jaw-dropping tornado that is tore through the plains yesterday. one nebraska woman could only watch as her neighbor was tossed around. >> the wind blew him into the trees and rolled him across the yard and he hit into the tree and just grabbed hold of the tree and the dog ran under the desk. >> at least two people were killed and countless homes damaged. the storm system expected to move east dropping heavy rain in ohio and tennessee. right now, a wildfire in alberta, canada continues to burn out of control but the weather is helping fire- fighting efforts. more than 90,000 evacuees are waiting to return back to their
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homes, and 600 people are still sleeping on cots. supplies are coming in by the truckload. >> toiletries, dog and cat food. >> dozens of homes have been reduced to rubble. republicans will cast ballots in nebraska's primary election while republicans and democrats vote in west virginia as we get the latest from the campaign trail. >> reporter: voters in nebraska and west virginia head to the polls today where presumptive gop nominee donald trump is running unopposed and expected to win big. >> i want the primaries to keep going, but everybody says i am the only one left. [cheers and applause ] >> reporter: on the campaign
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trail, trump's attacks on his likely opponent, hillary clinton, continue. >> she is married to the man who is the worst abuser of women in politics. >> reporter: clinton called his rhetoric dangerous. >> i am not rung against him. he is doing a fine job of doing that himself. >> reporter: clinton faces an uphill battle in west virginia where polls show bernie sanders with the lead. the vermont senator campaigned in front of a crowd of 15,000 people last night in sacramento. >> i think we have a good shot to win in west virginia and kentucky. and after those three states, we're coming to california. [cheers and applause ] >> reporter: sanders needs a landslide win in california's primary to stay in the race. >> sanders was in sacramento
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last night and in a few hours, he'll hold a rally in stockton. by the way, 475 democratic delegates will be up for grabs in california june 7. a new start in san francisco giving your pup a reason to wag its tail. nom nom now is the latest startup promising to deliver restaurant quality meals for dogs just for your pup and delivers the food right to your store and will cost $36 a week. >> a dilemma, a nice bottle of wine or a gourmet meal. >> people love their dogs, so gourmet food all the way. >> a dog dilemma. we are still waiting to find out who won the whopping powerball jackpot on saturday. >> and now, a state lottery official said that they are
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losing hope for a world record january jackpot will come forward. the third winner who bought a ticket in the golden state is nowhere to be found. hopefully, that person didn't lose it. fold it and put it in a wall ?eet that was january, the giant jackpot and it was sold here? >> yeah. in july. >> i have to check my wallet. i drive all over the place. it could have been me. >> you are my bff if so. [laughter] >> hi, roberta. we love you. [laughter] all right. sold. sold. all right. let's take a look at the roadways as we look along the altamont pass, no accidents or incidents but busy westbound 580 coming away from tracy. speeds are down to 27 miles per hour in spots, so it's sluggish
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to greenville and maybe just a bit beyond that, and i know the traffic is sluggish connecting to 680 with a lot of fog in and around the area, so limited visibility, and 680 itself, slow and go, and a couple of things happening on 680, reports of a car fire near androtti, maybe south of there, and maybe a big vying big -- rig involved and activity on the scene. the drive time, almost 40 minutes from 880 to 101, and south 880 at thornton, cleared out of lanes there, but the damage is done out of hayward. 21 minutes from 238 into fremont and across the dumbarton bridge, no delays, and traffic is quiet on most of the bay area bridges. that's good news. no delays at the toll plaza, and same for the san mateo bridge, 15 minute professor hayward across the city. and extra volume, and a lot of
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folks making the drive to the bay bridge where the metering lights are o let's talk more about that pollen report. it's pretty high today. oh, boy. allergies are out of control. hey, good morning. i wanted you to see how far inland the low clouds and fog are spread. mount vaca, 2800 feet tall that straddles solano and napa counties. we have the sunrise there, and you can't see the layer of low clouds and fog drifting in. the blanket, the marine layer has streamed inland, 50, 60 miles, and the temperatures are showing that as a result. today, kickstarting your day with the low clouds and fog, slow to clear if at all along the seashore. the temperatures are going up inland due to the winds rotating more to the west than southwest and a stronger westerly breeze and no rain
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this week at all but next week, a strong possibility. here is the futurecast and you can play along at home. here is lunch hour. the clouds are hanging tight at the golden gate bridge and sunset district into ocean beach, and then back along the san mateo coast in the late day and evening hours, and then wednesday on the overcast side as well. so we got rid of the low pressure that caused the tornadic activity in the midwest. and we have a high pressure dome over the state of california, and woe have revised temperatures going up into the sacramento valley, stockton, davis, merced, modesto in the mid-80s, same around fresno, and 64 in monterey bay where it's currently in the low 50s with overcast skies. and 30 going to 61 in the high sierra. we start inside mt. vaca.
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otherwise, it's a gray slate. 8:09 the sun will set, and a seasonal day around the bay and seasonal around the pee nips will -- peninsula, and the pollen report, boy, it's the worst it's been for years due to the beneficial rain with the trees going nuts, pollenating and blossoming. we'll cloud up by monday night. make it a great tuesday. coming up, what steph curry did last night defys -- defies any plausible explanation. you won't believe what happened. ,,,,,,
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(group chatter) dude, dude, dude. this is bad. i think we're stuck. we're going to have to talk to each other or something. nooo. i don't like this elevator. (group surprised and laughter) how did that feel? was it fun being stuck? i do not like getting stuck! so, the nissan leaf s only gets 84 miles on a charge. the 2016 chevy volt gets an estimated 400 miles or more on a full charge and a full tank of gas. how's that for not getting stuck?
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good morning, everybody. steph curry has given warrior fans countless memorable moments but what he did last night against game 4 with portland might have been the greatest of his career coming off the bench with the warriors down 16-2. his minutes were supposed to be limited but it looks like he hadn't missed a beat, golden state up by 5. and now, 111-108, trail blazers. barnes with the game-tying 3 and overtime. cur help 23 in regulation and then goes off in overtime and scores on the layup. the warriors with the lead. a little over a minute left and a 5-point lead and curry drains the 3, and curry, ready for this? an nba record 17 points in overtime alone and he finished with 40. the warriors win 132-125 and take a 3-1 series lead. >> you know, i love this game
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and love playing and love competing. really, really missed being out there with my teammates and to help our team get a win in that fashion and whatnot, it was a good feeling to be back on the floor and playing. nashville not going down without a fight in game 6. collin wilson for the goal, and we're tied at 3-3, and that game is going to overtime. no 3-overtime marathon tonight. two minutes in, and the game winner, a shocker. nashville wins 4-3 in overtime, and that forces the series to a game 7 thursday right here in san jose. the sharks on thursday and the warriors tomorrow night in a possible game-clinching series, game 5. giants are losers last night and the oakland athletics. what a game for steph curry,
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named mvp later today. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. it's 6:26. a new push in sacramento for school bus safety. >> and this afternoon, the great nephew of a former san francisco public defender who was well loved is arraigned in court today for her murder. ,,,,,,
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weather ad libs traffic ad libs it's tuesday, a muni driver could lose his job after being caught on video making racist comments. >> i'm kiet do, and we are live
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in cupertino where there is a new apartment complex going up next to the apple spaceship. good morning. i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm michelle griego. a well-known defense attorney is stabbed and killed in her own home and her great nephew will be arraigned for her murder. jackie ward has more on the case. jackie? >> reporter: michelle, it's been four days since the public defender was found stabbed to death had mere home and now, angelo zamora will be charged with cabbing marla -- stabbing ma will a zamora to death. marla's career as a public
6:31 am
defender spanned three decades, and she took on the toughest cases a public defender could try. those close to her are trying to cope with their loss. >> i think it's horrific. i hope they find whoever did this to her and justice is brought. someone like marla should not suffer the way she did. >> reporter: a motive isn't known. angelo was living with marla on and off as she was trying to get his life sorted out. in san francisco, jackie ward, kpix 5. governor jerry brown is using state wide water restrictions and telling the water districts to prepare for longer and more frequent droughts. districts will still be expected to reduce water use and have more leeway to come up with their own methods. the executive order will make the restrictions permanent.
6:32 am
and it will include monthly reports on water usage and a ban on hosing down sidewalks and driveways and no watering lawns within 48 hours of rain. the water board is expected to approve the plan next week. roberta, we have been doing this for quite sometime, and we are just used to the way we're doing it now and just continue it anyway. it becomes a habit. and more people are living in the state of california than ever before and we are tapping into the same system. and they are doing a great job, and we had the great beneficial rains this winter with el nino and you know what has happened as a result? waterfalls. oh, yeah. a road trip to yosemite and my favorite forest ranger in the whole wide world said that the waterfalls are insane. it's a great time to visit. take the mosquito repellent.
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but the waterfalls are still flowing, and the clouds are streaming on shore locally. it's a dense layer of low clouds and fog lining the seashore at least 50 miles inland. 56 in san jose and 54 in oakland. the temperatures today, seasonal at the coast and the bay but partial coastal clearing at best. 70s around the peninsula, 80 in cupertino and campbell, topping out at 82. and once you venture to milpitas, 74, and 83 in brentwood, tracy, oakley, byron into discovery bay and mountain house, and low 80s in pittsburg. and 75 in san rafael.
6:34 am
81 from cloverdale into windsor with ample sunshine. the full pollen report and 7- day forecast coming up. but gianna, is fog affecting the traffic? it is, robert around the dublin interchange. it's a bit of a problem. people are excited to get on the 680 dublin side. and 680 south thereof in the sunol grade, reports of a big rig fire. everything is clear, and the fire is out to the right shoulder now, and everything is moving better but still slow and recovering from the delays, but still 40 minutes down to the south bay. pockets of slowing out of tracy, and slowing on the 205, 580 connector, and sloan to greenville, and let's head up to 680 where we are seeing delays on the southbound side. a report of an accident on
6:35 am
highway 4. that's coming up. a muni driver could lose his job after a woman recorded him using racial slurs. >> sorry? >> i was waiting. just [bleep]. that's fine. >> i'm a what? >> [bleep]. >> i'm not even black. okay. >> the confrontation started over a parking spot near the muni yard. the muni driver continued his verbal assault even as the woman tried to explain her side of the story. kpix obtained a copy of the memo that recommends that the bus driver be fired. a group evaluating the san francisco police department said that accountability and transpatiencey is lacking. the panel just released the preliminary findings. among them, the police department overwhelmingly arrests more black and brown people in san francisco than white and the panel said that
6:36 am
it's not transparent when it comes to the disciplinary process and the police union has parked much influence. >> we found that the police department is independent of the poa, and the blurred lines between the two, many believe that the poa's influence in and outside the department have been and remain an impediment to open dialogue. >> the police officers' association disputed the panel's claims. u.s. attorney general loretta lynn said that north carolina's bathroom bill violates federal laws. >> they created state-sponsored discrimination against those who seek to engage in the most price of of function in the place of safety and security, a right taken for granted by most of us. >> the justice department is filing a civil rights lawsuit against the state and governor
6:37 am
pat mccrory is piling his own, accusing the federal government of over reaching its authority. the law blocks municipal protection for transgender people who have to use bathrooms based on the gender on their birth certificate. yesterday, the assembly passed a bill blocking the use of state funds for non- essential travel to other states with those laws in place and the proposal goes to the senate, and it is proposing making all single-stall bathrooms neutral. the senator said it aims to help transgender people as well as families with young children. as apple's huge spaceship complex takes place, an apartment complex will be built
6:38 am
nearby. kiet do has more. >> reporter: you know the real estate thing about location, location? apple employees could not get a shorter commute here. you can see why. it's literally across the street from the spaceship and owners are looking to take advantage of that. the plans are up for review before the cupertino water commission. irvine wants to triple the number of apartments and artist's renderings show a clean, modern design that encourages residents to enjoy common space with a bike hub area and outdoor projection screen for movies and a bar. they want the project to keep in character with what apple is doing across the state. the building will be 75 feet high, tall for cupertino, and 276 trees will have to be cut down. employees could start moving in by the end of the year. word has it they are at
6:39 am
capacity with 13,000 employees and for folks sitting in traffic every day, you can see there will be high demand for the home directly across the street from work. we're live in kuiper teenio, kiet do, kpix 5. some residents of millbrae are suing over raw sewage saying when the city did work on the sewers, they did not connect the pipes correctly, and they believe it caused back blow in three homes. the city and plumbing company were not available for comment. the time is 6:39, and a might happen to san francisco turns terrifying before ever leaving the runway. we'll hear from a couple on board. and apple's virtual assistant, siri, has competition. the new program unveiled at this tech conference. >> and it's looking like a pretty good start for the dow
6:40 am
up 109 points. coming up, an update. ,, ,,
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others are wou after a good morning and welcome to tuesday. the time is 6:43. these are the temperatures to expect around the microclimates, partial clearing at best, 50s in the seashore and 70s around the peninsula. los gatos, 82, and hello, walnut creek. good morning to you at 82 degrees and lots of sunshine in brentwood and warmer in the low 80s, and low 70s in petaluma, and we've got a sunshiney tuesday in windsor at 81 degrees. one person is dead and three others are wounded after a man went on a stabbing spree
6:44 am
at a train station in germany. a suspect was arrested after the attack and confessed, and he is shown to have a history of psychological problems and drug issues. there are no indications of an islamic extremist motive. a bad time for a san francisco-based clothing company. >> we have financial reporter jason brooks joining us. good morning, jason. >> reporter: good morning, michelle and kenny. same-store sales for the gap were down 7% in april from a year earlier. the flagship chain down 4% and bay man republic down 7 and old navy down 10%, a worrisome forecast because old navy until this year was the one brand out of those three that was doing well. gap is trying to turn this around but so far, not taking hold with consumers. gap shares down 11% today.
6:45 am
and san mateo based solar city turns in disappointing earnings for the first quarter. had a huge gain in revenue, but it reported a wider than expected loss of $25 million the costs are going up. and it's looking like it won't be installing as many panels as it first thought over the next couple quarters and as a result, shares are plunging by 20%. outside of that, it's not bad overall for the markets. the dow is up right now by almost 150 points and the nasdaq gaining 15 and the s&p 500 is up by 13 points as well. michelle and keny? >> jason brooks, thank you. step aside, siri. an upgrade to a personal assistant. >> will it be warmer than 70 degrees near the golden gate bridge after 5:00 p.m., the day
6:46 am
after tomorrow? >> wow. the creators showed off how viv works. it uses artificial intelligence so users can have more natural conversation. and you can use viv on any service or device. >> instead of siri, you say yo, viv. remember that, gianna? >> i love that movie. okay. i have conversations with my phone. westbound highway 4, a report of an accident, blocking lanes, and hillcrest to 242, drive time is 15 minutes and injuries reported in the wreck so it will take time to clear that out, and trying to come in to 680, expect delays, 17 minutes from southbound 680, and south of there, a bit of a break and to 580 past the dublin
6:47 am
interchange. stop and go to 40 minutes, and good news that the incident in the sunol grade has cleared. out of morgan hill, 28 minutes. highway 85, no accidents. and that's good news but brake lights out of san jose from the capitol expressway, and northbound 17 at camden, this accident just in. no word any lanes are blocked. north 85 seeing flooding conditions, and 87, 85 to 101, a 12-minute ride working through there. and westbound 80, the usual slow speeds as you come from hercules and hit the brake lights in berkeley, and once you get to the bay bridge, the delays into the maze and highway 24 is feeling the heat off 580 or connecting to it. the metering lights are on, and slow and sluggish across the
6:48 am
upper deck. but not bad along the nimitz freeway. southbound, brake lights as you work into hayward. 101 looks good. and check in with flights at sfo before you head to the airport. i am getting word of delays because of low clouds and fog. right, roberta? delays at sfo because of the low clouds and fog. good morning, everyone. we are heading to san jose. kenny choi, why am i looking at san jose this morning? home of? >> the sharks! >> kenny, i blame you for the loss last night. he was hoping for game 7. you got it. no. any true sharks fan doesn't want a game 7. nothing good comes out of game 7. okay. the air temperature in san jose, 56 degrees and the sharks back home for stanley cup action on thursday. we have low clouds and a very thick deck of vat us hangs
6:49 am
tight to the coast and streaming inland 50, 60 miles, and we will see the burn off affect the seashore. we have linda in napa, a weather watcher, great conditions with light winds over the area, and hey, thanks, linda. play along at home for the burn off. in the afternoon hours except for the immediate seashore and sunset district and the surf shot in pacifica and half moon bay, and back in the bay area during the evening hours, and this pesky low pressure that brought us the unstable air mass is over the midwest and, boy, it caused tornado action last night and high pressure is building in, and it will provide a stagnant weather pattern for us each and every day. the 7-day forecast coming up. but first, warmer at the state
6:50 am
capitol at 86 and currently, 54 and clear skies and fogged in at truckee at 34 and going up to 61. here is the sun up and the sundown. we will have temperatures in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. 83 in fairfield and the pollen report is out of control. the trees are blossoming. the grass count is high as well. so if you suffer from allergies, not getting better any time soon. the forecast, stagnant each day through sunday and rain showers through monday. make it a great tuesday. >> roberta, we will. a flight from sfo from south korea nearly ended in disaster before getting off the ground. the singapore airlines plane was accelerating on the runway on thursday, and as it reached 120 miles per hour, a korean air jet crashed in front of it. the pilot slammed on the brakes. the quick stop shredded the
6:51 am
plane's tires. >> felt the same as if you were landing. but we were bracing ourselves against the seat in front of us. >> what's going on? are we going to die? >> the korean air jet reportedly entered the runway without permission. the passengers flying to san francisco made it safely home. it's 6:51 and the south bay's biggest city could take steps to prevent unexpected rent hikes. the great nephew of a well- known and well-loved san francisco public defender will be in court today, arraigned for her murder. ,,,,,,,,,,
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weather -- a day after dead storms tore thro five things to know at 6:55. bracing for more violent weather in the planes. plains. south of oklahoma took the worst damage. voters in two states will head to the polls for the presidential primaries. donald trump heads in unopposed, and bernie sanders is posed to win the west virginia primary. bernie sanders will be hosting a rally today in stockton at 10:00 this morning. thousands of people were on hand last night for a rally in sacramento. and later today, san jose city leaders will discuss steps to help renters with soaring prices. the city couple will decide whether to impose a temporary
6:56 am
freeze on rents increases and has decided to cap rent hikes. alamo square park will close and not re-open until december. the park overlooking the iconic painted lady is getting a now upgrade with a new lawn and dog area and irrigation system which will cut down on water use. i'm jackie ward in san francisco at the hall of justice where those closest to marla zamora are hoping to be one step closer to finding justice. the 19-year-old great nephew angelo zamora will be arraigned today. marla's friends say that angelo was her great nephew and was trying to help him get his life on track. >> she would do anything for someone who was young and needed help. >> she took him in when he
6:57 am
didn't have anywhere to go. >> reporter: marla was stabbed at her home in poo -- potrero home, and angelo has been the only suspect. jackie ward, kpix 5. and southbound 380, two right lanes blocked due to an accident, and eastbound 92, the industrial on-ramp to eastbound 92, word of an accident where a sweeper and a big rig are tangled up, blocking the ramp. you will see some delays there, and south 880, another wreck reported. this one is near alvarado, and it's blocking lanes. so expect delays out of hayward. and you have been busy there all morning long. the san mateo bridge, sluggish, and slow across the span with a 21-minute drive time from 880 to the 101.
6:58 am
and still trying to clear the accident out of lanes with delays almost to antioch. hillcrest to 242 is an alternate. and you have metering lines on, and the good news is if you are commuting into san francisco, north 101, 280, no troubles this morning. roberta? the live weather camera, ocean beach, and you can see overcast skies and clouds are so thick, delays at sfo up to 1 hour on arriving flights. 50 to 57 as you get ready to head out the door and get the kids ready for school. ample sunshine today and it will turn out to be a warmer day due to more of a west wind 10 to 20. it's stagnant but a benign weather pattern each day until
6:59 am
sunday but my long-range weather planner shows cooler next week. the nba is expected to announce that the warrior's steph curry is the league's most valuable player for the second straight year. espn is reporting that he could be the first unanimously chosen mvp in nba history. even the great michael jordan did not win unanimously. >> who else could you vote for? >> sitting on the bench, 17 points in ot, and they sat back and were speechless. this is something special in our lifetime. >> but every time he jumped, it was like don't hurt the knee. >> he had his game on. >> especially celebrating. i started to get nervous. a lot of times, they can hurt themselves. >> good going warriors and steph curry. thank you for watching kpix news this morning. >> and cbs this morning is coming up next.
7:00 am
have . have a great day. "cbs this morning." deadly tornadoes tear through the plains tossing debris and destroying homes. we're in the middle of the devastation. donald trump tries to make peace with his republican opponents on capitol hill, plus facebook is accused of political bias against conservatives. scientists develop a second skin that removes wrinkles and reduces eye bags. can i get an amen. our doctor agus looks at whether it works. >> but we look at today's eye-opener, your world in 90 seconds.


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