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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  May 10, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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curry. [cheers and applause ] >> thank you. >> reporter: in the history of the game of professional basketball, no one has ever been voted most valuable player by a unanimous vote. and he was his humble self accepting the award for the second time in a row. >> and to be the first unanimous mvp award winner is something that -- i don't know how to put it in words. >> reporter: most of his words were thanks to management, coaches, family, and people who look up to him. >> everybody is given a certain skill set, a certain talent. i would call it position and hold on to that and work as hard as you can at being the best you can. >> reporter: no other mother has had a son who had the unanimous mvp in basketball, and sonja curry is having trouble processing that.
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>> as a mom, i am just proud of him when their children set out to accomplish what they want. >> reporter: riley, what do you think of your dad? >> ahhhh -- . [laughter] >> reporter: can we quote you on that? that was an exclusive interview, by the way. steph curry, most valuable player two years in a row and the 5th highest paid player in the warriors and 51 is the highest-paid player in the nba. figure that out. at 6:00, we'll figure more on that and talk with a person who voted for mvp and talk with someone who said, he isn't the best he has seen. some warriors team members and members of the media, not too happy with southwest airlines. their flight from portland after last night's game was canceled leaving many to scramble to get home in time for the mvp news conference,
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and even if you can't play like steph, you can live like stef. - - s t eph. his orinda home is on the market, including a regulation sized basketball court, putting green, outdoor kitchen, and small vineyard. steph and his wife bought the place in 2013 for over $3 million, and the currys bought another ho in walnut creek for $3.2 million. we posted the raw video of this afternoon's mvp presentation on our website. you can watch it online. the video is shocking, two alameda county sheriffs deputies serving up a brutal beating on a man they were chasing and now the two are facing criminal charges. why did it take prosecutors six months to file their case?
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>> reporter: liz, we learned a number of reasons for the delay, everything from just getting medical records as recently as friday to needing more time to enhance the surveillance video but still today, those felony charges came down because in the da's words, officers don't get to take the law into their own hands. surveillance video showed alameda county sheriffs deputies repeatedly beating a suspect after a high-speed chase came to an end in a mission district alley last november. >> there is never a justification for working -- enforcing the law and going outside of the confines of the constitution. >> reporter: charges include assault under color of authority, battery with serious badly injury, assault with a deadly weapon, and new medical records that could lead to more charges. >> reporter: when police violate the law, it impacts the
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work of every woman and man in uniform. >> reporter: today, we learn that does one deputy was a training officer for more than seven years and the second was new to patrol work but was a deputy in the jail for three years. the suspect was stanislav pe it, rov, now in federal custody on drugs and gun charges. >> the case is about excessive force. it's disconnective from any other behavior that may be alleged new or in the future of mr. petrov. >> reporter: officials are saying it's leading to an overhaul in the police department and new training in defensive tactics. >> it's disturbing. >> reporter: that video landed both deputies on paid administrative leave but not for long. >> we have expedited and set up
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internal affairs. >> reporter: alameda sheriffs deputies have faced charges in the past but there hasn't been a felony charge involving an excessive use of force since 1969 in the berkeley riots. san francisco's police department is about to undergo major reforms. mayor ed lee unveiling a $17 million plan to improve violence, prevention, police training, and greater oversight. the deputy's been under fire over the use of deadly force and racist texts by officers and other misconduct. the mayor explained why none of that has convinced him to fire the police chief. >> i just don't believe that having a different chief automatically gains the kind of ground work that we are already gaining. >> they have been in contact with the u.s. justice department which is reviewing
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the department's policies and practices. breaking news in a race for the white house. kpix 5's allen martin is joining us with the early result professor a west virginia primary. >> reporter: liz, the polls closed half an hour ago with 37 delegates up for grabs on the democratic side and the race is too early to call you about bernie sanders is leading, poised to win over frontrunner hillary clinton. hillary clinton's comments about shutting down the coal industry not popular in the coalin mining state and it's expected that donald trump will win the west virginia primary. ted cruz's name was still on the ballot. nebraska held democratic caucuss in march with sanders winning that. back to you. >> all right. thank you for that. bernie sanders made not one, not two, but three stops in the area today.
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and we are at his nos oakland. and we are live with more. andrea? >> reporter: ken, this morning, jackie ward spoke one on one with sanders but his campaign didn't tell us he was headed to the bay area. they had an inkling he might be headed here. sanders addressed a cheering crowd outside the field office and also spoke to a smaller group inside the office. >> what happens here in the largest state in this country? it's absolutely imperative on june 7 we have a very large voter turnout and win in california and we win big. [cheering] >> reporter: after that, he made a stop in san francisco and posed for a group photo in the south south -- south
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market neighborhood, and the coffee shop later tweeted this photo, and then he went to the editorial board. we plan to see more of senator sanders, back in oakland on sunday, ahead of the june 7th primary. today, san francisco supervisors are taking up the idea of giving voting rights to 16 and 17-year-olds. the charter amendment would provide that right in municipal elections. the goal is to get young people in the habit of voting even before they go to college. supervisors were expected to approve the amendment today and put it before voters in november. developing news from prince's estate in minnesota. investigators returned to his moment in paisley park. a county sheriffs vehicle and a dozen unmarked cars arrived this afternoon. the l.a. times is reporting that prince had seen a minneapolis doctor the day before he died. the report said that the doctor was at prince's home to deliver
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test results on the morning he was found dead. autopsy results from the pop star's death are still pending. california could become a recreational pot state. >> coming up, the problem for police dealing with people high behind the wheel. >> another day, another huge twister caught on camera. the close call at this car clearlyship. >> it's a taste of summer in the bay area today. coming up, which two towns are 27 miles apart but today were 30 degrees apart. how long the warm up for some of you will last. >> and responding to emergency calls on two wheels, the new rescue mission at sfo. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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reporter michele gile on new
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concerns for police as california considers tion. new laws allowing marijuana use leading to more fatal car crashes and new concerns for police as california considering legalization. >> reporter: the triple a study reveals a surge in marijuana news weekend nighttime drivers surveyed nationally and a troubling increase in fatal car crashes linked to pot in washington state in 2014, two years after recreational use of marijuana was legalized there. in 2013, 8% of deadly accidents involved drivers who had recently used marijuana but that number more than doubled the following year. 17% of those crashes in 2014 had a connection to marijuana usage. >> i can't say i'm shocked there's a correlation. you know, again, with -- we go back to the substances that are currently legal, alcohol, prescription medications, what have you. same thing with marijuana. marijuana will be no different. if not used responsibly and in
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moderation, bad things can happen. >> reporter: irvine police officer eddie robinson has made hundreds of arrests of impaired drivers, a drug recognition expert who estimates more driving arrests if recreational use is on the ballot in november. >> we already have drugs that are already legal and we have issues with them already. >> reporter: the regulations need to pass before the end of the month before moving into the full senate before a vote. if it does pass, it would give a police officer the authority to swab a driver's cheek to test for the presence of drugs in his or her system. san francisco's mayor is calling for a muni driver's job after the driver was caught on camera delivering a racist
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rant. >> [bleep] >> sorry? >> i was waiting. you are just a [bleep] >> what i'm a what? >> i'm not even black. >> it's your mentality. >> the driver was off duty when he dropped a racial slur in a confrontation in a parking lot in the muni yard. mayor lee said, quote, this ugly behavior will never be tolerated. an internal memo recommends that the bus driver be fired. city leaders in san jose may give renters a break sooner than planned. the city council may impose a temporary freeze in all increases for rent-controlled apartments or may move up a cap that restricts rent hikes to 5%. that cap is supposed to take effect in the fall. but tenants say that landlords are raising rents now ahead of
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the cap. the hampton's apartment complex sits next door to the apple spaceship headquarters which is under construction. in about an hour and a half, the planning commission will meet to talk about the plans to extend it by 600 units. apple will relocate 13,000 employees to their new offices. newdetails on a deadly crash last month as the woman who was riding in the bmw was killed. and we are learning that luxe, that was the company that the other driver was employed by. luxe issued a statement saying
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because it is an open investigation, we are not able to comment further. the ford motor company is on trial in redwood city in a case stemming from a deadly limousine fire. five people died when the back of the limo burst into flames three years ago. the suspension system failed causing scraping and sparks, and a man whose wife died is taking on ford claiming that the company knew for more than a decade about that type of flaw in the lincoln town cars. the first person you see responding to a university at sfo maybe a paramedic on a bicycle. the new program kicks in during holidays, special events, or when the airport is especially busy. several paramedics from sfo's fire stations will get on bicycles because they don't get stuck in traffic jams on the road. they are often first to arrive to a call. >> we can literally get there
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machine a minute to two minutes or less. >> the paramedics on bikes can assess the medical condition of the injuries before other emergency officials arrive. the equipments that they carry on the bikes range from a stethoscope to a heart monitor. severe weather hitting parts of the midwest this evening, particularly in the ohio and tennessee valleys. this was the scene in mayfield, kentucky earlier today as a tornado spun up debris near a parking lot. police confirm that eight people were hurt. this is part of the same powerful system that hit oklahoma yesterday. >> that's the most violent motion i have ever -- oh, my god. >> this twister decimated the neighborhood yesterday with violent, high-speed winds whipping away everything in their path and two people were killed. >> watching that, so foreign to anything you can see out here.
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>> thankfully so. >> either that are guy has a good lens or he is too close. likely too close, and that's the same storm system that was here last week. sometimes, it picks up the gulf moisture and brings them severe weather. for us, calm anded -- and a wide temperature spread. inland? 81, and oakland at 66 and san jose, perfect, 73. and santa rosa, 71. and the temperature spread was wider. look at walnut creek, 84, and daly city, 55. 27miles separate those two fine communities but today, it was 29 degrees separating them. tonight, blue jays at the giants, 7:15 for the first pitch and low cloud cover and breezy and cool and 57 the first pitch temperature. tonight with cloud cover, upper 40s to mid-50s.
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vallejo, 52, and san francisco, 54 for the overnight loa. -- low, and the onshore flow will be light and keep you chilly at the coast. if you were brisk in daly city today, you will stay the same tomorrow. but it doesn't make it to danville or napa. away from the water, you will be in the 80s tomorrow, a 25 to 30-degree temperature spread. we do that better than anybody else. high pressure will keep us dry and this guy will be deflected into british columbia. as for rainfall, i don't see any for the next 7 to 10 days. morning cloud cover and fog for redwood city along the coastline and san mateo and the santa clara county. it will burn off with sunshine for wednesday and every day for the next several. low clouds will return tonight and push the repeat button tomorrow, mild to warm and you
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like the cool air? we will have a significant cool down in the weekend. highs tomorrow, 63 for pacifica and 83 for fairfield. napa, 80, and san rafael, 76. warm wednesday and thursday and then the onshore flow gets strong or need and significantly stronger on the weekend, and inland highs are gone. from the mid-80s to the low 70s. it's kind of like it's a big fan over the ocean and the question is how strong is the fan blowing? not so much. this being -- weekend, it will be stronger and cooler. >>thank you, paul. if you golf and your ball goes in a pond, you might fish out something but this guy went in for something else. >> the little guy that the pga golfer saved. that's coming up. but first, the markets closed up today. here's a look at the closing numbers from wall street.
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a. she's being sued in new at 5:00, actress minnie driver caring in a real life legal dram, being sued in a spat with a neighbor over a construction project. she is accused of blocking the construction project and even throwing paint-filled baby food jars at her neighbor's house. apparently, she was clashing with her hollywood hills neighbor for more than a year now. last week, a shouting match got so vicious that police had to break it up. she has reportedly filed a restraining order against the neighbor, and he's accusing hereof trying to run him down with his car. facebook firing back over claims of bias in the trending news topics. the executive in charge said he has found no evidence that the allegations are true. they come from former contract employees who tell gizmoto tech
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site that they witness today. people with embarrassing photos on social media have a new option when it comes to cleaning up their online reputations. a global insurance provider has offered cyberbullying coverage, providing $60,000 for compensation in expenses related to harassment committed via computers or mobile devices. the coverage is about $70 a year. the u.s. senate just passed a bill to remove offensive and derogatory words from federal law. it would replace orientsal with asian-american and negro with african-american and indian with native american. the bill is going to be sent to president obama who is expected to sign it into law. this follows a bill that
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removed the word oriental in all legal documents. and budweiser said it will temporarily replace the budweiser label with america and include patriotic phrases. the new knowledge ing will be available may 23 and run through move move in the election. we're back after a quick break. >> stay with us. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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tonight: fed up with never-en security lines. a chance to fight back: in the kpix 5 newsroom, at
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6:00, fed up with never-ending security lines? a chance for passengers to fight back. the public shaming campaign to get the tsa to speed things up. and a mad dash for world famous dumplings, and kids are even skipping school for them. that's tonight at 6:00. ken and liz, see you then. >> all right. thank you. a tender moment on the florida golf course. this is pro golfer greg owen at a practice round. he wassate 16th tee when he noticed a baby blue jay fall out of a tree and then try and fly across the pond only to make it halfway across. he stripped down to his skivvies and carried the bird to saved. aw. aw. >> wow. [laughter] >> why so silent about this? >> i am just trying to figure out, a 2-stroke penalty?
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one? >> oh, terrible. >> the cbs evening news with scott pelley is coming up next. we applaud saving baby birds. there goes that! >> pelley: a new wave of tornadoes swee the heartland. also tonight, children escape the war in syria but cbs news finds them in a new kind of hell. >> how many of you guys have worked? >> pelley: toiling in turkish sweat shops for pennies an hour. london's new mayor delivers a message in plain english. >> i think donald trump has ignorant views about islam. >> pelley: and a rock star takes on hunger in his community. >> reporter: do you know anything about cooking or washing dishes? >> i'm an expert in the field of washing dishes. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this is our western edition. late today, severe storms hit


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