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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  May 10, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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new at 6:00, a growing backlash against slow moving airport security lines. now an airline industry group is launching a social media campaign called i hate the wait. kpix 5 is at san jose international with more on this shame campaign. >> reporter: that's right. a lot of people are taking to social media, and the reason is there's a lot more people traveling. but the tsa screeners are just not able to keep up. as a result, airports like mineta, san jose, are asking travelers to arrive here a full two hours before their flight time. that's for domestic travel. that feeling when your plane takes off without you, because you're stuck in the airport security line. >> i missed a flight. >> it happened to blake on a recent weekend. >> i gave myself an hour and 20 minutes ahead of time, and i didn't make it. >> reporter: he's not alone, complaining about surging wait
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times at bay area check points and airports. jana tweeted this photo of the screening line sneaking around sfo's terminal. james mack tweeted that the line was out the terminal door. and in mineta, san jose, one woman reported many people were running through the airport because they were hoping to make their flight. #tsa fail. >> usually i am in a hurry when i hit the airport, i've got some place to go. >> i just see people very stressed because they didn't realize that it's beyond the hour sometimes that you'd expect. >> reporter: in san jose, the airport put up notices to deflect the blame to the tsa. >> they just don't have enough staffing. >> reporter: and a traveler's group is launching a i hate the wait chain on social media. >> that's very unreasonable. i wasn't aware of that. that's very unreasonable, if this was a two hour wait right now, i'd probably miss it it.
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>> reporter: san jose says travel volume is up 16%. but the flights to new world destinations is getting overshadowed. >> we're doing all of this. we're giving our community what we want, but unfortunately, our federal partner isn't able to support that increased load in traffic. >> reporter: we contacted the tsa today. a spokesperson told us that the rise in wait times is caused by the increase in travelers. they say there has been double- digit increases in air travelers throughout the country. and that is causing the delays. they also say that they are trying to cope with it by having more k-9 use, more overtime, and accelerated training. if you plan on doing more traveling this summer, be sure to pack on a lot of patience. >> we love to hear from you on social media. do you hate the wait too? dje rock said i travel every week, twice every weekend. it's frustrating with tsa, but that's something that's got to
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be done at a slow pace. as long as these waits are, you cannot rush something that should not be rushed. that is keeping our airways save from terrorism. victoria says i needed it from my understaffed pre-check this morning at ewr, which is newark international. wendy tweeted most of the lines i've waited in have been quick. expecting to sign off on a $3.5 million settlement from asiana airlines. it burst into flames on july 6, 2013. three people died and nearly 200 others were hurt. while the ntsb blamed pilot error for that crash, it also had important safety recommendations for sfo's emergency responders. how much better prepared is the airport today? we sent sharon chen to find out.
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>> reporter: we got an exclusive behind the scenes tour. >> right behind me. >> reporter: airport fire crews showed us why they're more prepared for major emergencies. >> we are continuing to enhance our capabilities. >> reporter: to avoid repeating one of the most horrific accidents after the crash, when they ran over a teenager passenger who was thrown from the plane. >> to put personnel by the individual to make sure they are protected and guarded. >> reporter: sfo's fire division has new response equipment. it paid more than $1 million for two mass casualty units that just arrived. before this would be the medical command center working at the cramped car. now they have a lot more room to coordinate patients medical treatments. fire crews plan to fill the units with enough backboards to
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handle 500 patients. in addition, the airport now practices disaster drills with a new training campaign. >> it gives our emergency teams a chance to drill in a very realistic manner. >> reporter: and refueling the striker's 4500 water gallon tank could soon be faster. no more returning to the fire station to fill up. >> we're in the process of putting a new plumbing system in. we will refuel our tanks right up there. >> reporter: sfo also bought a new mobile command center. so far, it's been used in training exercises, but in a real disaster, officials say they could do more than coordinate emergency crews on the air field. from here, they could also dispatch emergency responders anywhere at the airport. >> this one is state of the art. >> reporter: fire crews say they are still working on other safety measures the ntsb recommended, like tracking where all the emergency responders are, and buying new
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radios to get agencies on the same frequency but overall -- >> in terms of the equipment, we are better prepared, in terms of communications, we're better prepared. >> among other improvements, airport fire officials say they beefed up their staffing, so top staffers will be on the job 7 days a week around the clock. another first for the gold boy of the golden state warriors. steph curry is the unanimous choice for mvp, and unanimous has never happened before. two in a row, huh mike. >> reporter: allen, steph curry is 28 years old, and is well on his way to becoming the bay area's most popular athlete ever. most beloved athlete ever. this, i think is just another step in that journey. >> add to their lead now. curry left wide open. >> reporter: not only do fans go crazy when steph curry makes some of his incredible shots. so do his teammates, and these
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are hardened professional athletes who have seen it all. >> a three time all-star. an nba champion. a back-to-back mvp. it is his floor now. stephen curry. >> reporter: in the history of the game of professional basketball, no one has ever been voted most valuable player by a unanimous vote. and he was his humble self, accepting the award for the second time in a row. >> to be the first unanimous mvp award winner is something that i don't even know how to put into words. >> reporter: most of his words were thanks to management, players, coaches, family, with advice to young people who look up to him. >> find what you're passion at about in this life. everybody is given a certain skill set, a certain talent, i'll call it passion. to hold onto that and to works a hard as you can at being the best you can at it. >> reporter: no other mother has had a son that is the
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unanimous mvp in the history of basketball. sonya curry was having trouble processing that too. >> as a mom, i'm just proud of him. >> reporter: riley, what do you think of your dad? >> ahhh. >> the best season in league history, and he was the best player on the best team. there was no thought to this one at all. >> reporter: david aldridge is the beat reporter who voted for mvp. he says even michael jordan never won unanimous mvp votes. that doesn't mean curry is better. >> really great for two years. michael jordan was great for 15. a test of time. >> reporter: i'm looking forward to seeing curry play several more years here. i mentioned at 5:00, he makes $11 million. that's a lot of money. it's the fifth most on the warriors. there are 50 players in the nba that make more than he does.
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but i think the warriors are going to make it up to him in the years to come. in oakland, mike sugarman, kpix 5. >> to show us how he did it. >> you want some more numbers? how about 402 three-pointers. record. averaged over 30 points per game. he led the league in free throw shooting percentage, led the team to an eye popping 73-9 record. he care idea all 131 first place ballots. did it with flair, guts. made the tough shots look easy. in overtime last night in oakland, they did just about every time. no one has scored as much as 17 in overtime regular season or playoff. he was the only choice. coming up later on in sports we'll have more from the man
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who's an elite company. one of 11 back-to-back mvp. >> everybody's talking about it, and they should. we'll see you then. new at 6:00, san jose is considering a move to limit rent hikes immediately. the city council has already approved a cap of 5%, which would take effect in the fall. kpix, devin feely says that delay is having unintended consequences. >> we're seeing a lot of people that are getting 8% rent increases since the last council meeting. >> reporter: the new law was supposed to tame the rent increases. >> there's a lot of uncertainty out there. the best way to resolve that uncertainty is to get the ordinance enacted quickly, so everybody knows exactly what their rights are, and what their responsibilities are. >> reporter: mayor sam lacarto was urging them to pass the measure. it lowers the maximum rent
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increase from 8 to 5% to immediately become law. without that, housing advocates fear the city may end up hurting the very people they intended to help. >> it's really destabilizing to families. people don't know what to expect. when they get what they're afraid of, it's a significant increase. >> many of us care about our renters. >> reporter: the city's rent control policy is well intentioned, but misguided. she says the tenants are already suffering the unintended consequences of a policy, that ignores the basic economic realities of running a business. >> i can't even go two years without raising my rent now. that's what makes me the most sad about all of this. i'm going to have higher turnover. >> reporter: rent in recent years has gone through the roof. no one disputes that. what will help, or hurt the situation remains a matter of debate. devin feely, kpix 5. >> the city of cupertino will decide the fate of a complex
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near apple's headquarters. it sits next door to the apple spaceship, which is currently under correction. the city's planning commission will meet to review plans to extend the complex's capacity by 600 units. the apartments will likely be in high demand once apple relocates 13,000 employees to its new offices. the san jose police officer who lost his job over threatening tweets is apologizing. officer phillip white wrote in a letter to city leaders, i am sorry. i will work every single day to earn back any trust that i may have broken. white was initially fired for his tweets, but has since been reinstated, the tweets were posted as the black lives matter movement was growing in 2014. he wrote, threaten me or my family and i will use my god- given law appointed right and duty to kill you. he wrote if anyone feels they
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cabinet breathe, or their lives matter, i'll be at the movies carrying my gun. a mad dash for world famous dumplings. we even caught kids skipping school. >> sharing a cup of sanders. the candidate's sweep through the bay area that even included an impromptu coffee run. >> another cause wants dibs on that cash. the battle with commuters stuck in the middle. >> only in the bay area, some of you right know are sunny, with temperatures still in the low 80s. some of you are driving over the golden gate bridge, where it's cloudy, and foggy, and 55. there's a live look outside. looking the other direction over the bay. low clouds on their way back. we'll talk about how long this temperature swing sticks around. ,,,,,,
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(music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette)
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since this morning. we sent kpix five's maria medina tod new at 6:00, dumpling mania in the south bay. a new taiwanese restaurant sent people scrambling this morning. >> it's crazy. but there's tons of demand, because we've been waiting so long. >> reporter: she made sure to be one of the first to eat at the very first dentai fung. mostly known for dim sum and soup dumplings. >> are you skipping work or school for this? >> yeah, i'm skipping organic chemistry. >> reporter: customers waited online just to get on the list. only to be told they needed to wait even longer to finally eat. >> now you have to wait another two hours to actually eat and this is worth it?
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>> yeah. >> reporter: if you've think the craze will eventually fade, wait again. customers have been known to wait hours for other dentai fungs that have been open for a while. >> it brings you closer to god with each bite. >> reporter: for all you rookies, there's a process to avoid burning your tongue. everyone's strategies are a little different. >> buy a little tiny bowl into the dumpling, and drink the soup. >> dip it in the sauce. you need the spoon to capture all the juice and bite into it carefully. >> reporter: once you take that first bite of xrb's, you'll brb for more. if you plan to eat here, prepare for the long lines and the long wait. by the way, they don't take any reservation. at valley fair, kpix 5. marin county is reporting its first case of zika virus.
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public helicopter says the person was infected during a recent trip to central america. no information is being released about that person's identity. zika is spread through a specific strain of mosquitoes. a major announcement on the drought from east bay mud. the utility essentially declaring the drought is over. chopper 5 over san pablo reservoir late this afternoon. it and other reservoirs are at 93% of storage capacity. as a result, east bay mud is ending its water shortage emergency. it's suspending mandatory restrictions on water use, and the drought surcharge. moments ago, chopper 5 flowing over the novato narrows. it's a section of freeway, where four lanes of 101 merge down to just 2 lanes north of novato. the project would add lanes to
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101 from the petaluma bridge. as kpix 5's dawn ford reports, money for the new lanes is clashing with another high profile project. >> reporter: every day, the traffic just keeps getting worse. the notorious novato narrows condenses down to two lanes. sonoma supervisor david rabbit thought he had a solution. >> my number 1 transportation priority is to get the freeway widening project built. >> reporter: here is where it all started. the port sonoma marina. the federal department of transportation earmarked $18.2 million to create a transportation and ferry terminal here. well that never happened, and the funds became available for other projects in the region. that's when things got interesting. the golden gate bridge district, and the sonoma smart rail authority wrote a letter to the transportation department, asking for that money to go instead to help
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rebuild the san rafael bus terminal to accommodate the new smart train. >> when we knew there was money available, we said hey, that might be a good fit for us. >> reporter: smart train folks agreed. >> we're looking forward to being a part of the transportation solution to the north bay. >> not so fast. >> this particular case, everyone dove after the dollars and didn't really have that agreement and talked to one another. that was a little dispointing. >> reporter: sonoma says they were first in line, and have a shuttle ready project in place. the discussions are continuing. nothing has been decided yet, even though the funds are federal, caltrans will make the final recommendation who gets the money next september. in sonoma county, don ford, kpis5. a little rush hour this morning in the sky. san jose, sect straight day. you had a lot of cloud cover. low cloud cover and fog. watch it lift before it actually burns off. you can use that perspective
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with the mountains off in the distance. the clouds lifting, eroding from the bottom up. it is not sunny. the golden gate, san francisco, a high today of only 63. contrast that with livermore's 82. san jose, you made it to 75 officially. south san jose made it to 79. san rafael, 75. concord, 78 degrees. rain is not in the forecast for the next several days, but we will have a pretty wide disparity of temperature. why? because it's all about the onshore flow. when we get rid of the rain, and a big ridge offshore, the question is, how fast is the flow from the ocean, and which direction is it moving? that will determine whether you get sunshine or not, and how warm you are. low cloud cover will return. take a look at overnight temperatures. we're talking 50s generally. concord, 52. good evening to you in san rafael. you wake up, kids off to school with 51. tomorrow, if there was a repeat
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button, maybe it's on the clicker. 82 for livermore. almost a carbon copy of what we had today you will have tomorrow. we're much cooler at the coast, 60s. we get to the east bay, 70s. we get over the east bay hill, 80s. pick your climate. napa, 80 degrees. everybody cools down. and that transition begins friday. so we're warm, but especially away from the water, wednesday and thursday. the coast is right around 60. friday we cool down, weekend, kind of chilly. i love that our chilly is 60s and 70s. other places, downright chilly, like upstate new york. for us, the onshore flow getting stronger. >> we are very fortunate here. we'll manage. all right, speaking of new york, move over lady liberty, venus is rising before our eyes. the enormous challenge, bringing the tallest sculpture in san francisco to life. >> does prince have a secret
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love child? a new twist. the prison inmate claiming to be the artist's sole heir. when josh atkins books at he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready. so you know what he gives? i'll give you everything i've got and then some. he gives a hundred and ten percent! i'm confident this 10% can boost your market share. feel me lois? i'm feeling you.
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about to tower over a san francisco neighborhood. kpix five's john ramos with a preview. outsid she's almost as tall as the statue of liberty. >> now a new venus statue is about to tower over a san francisco neighborhood. john ramos with a preview. >> reporter: outside the new trinity apartments being constructed on san francisco's market street. there is a small sign that challenges people to make art that matters. today, the builders took up that challenge. >> it's venus, which is a modern interpretation of venus de milo. >> reporter: the concept is ancient art meeting modern technology. weighing more than 50 tons, venus was shipped to america in 70 pieces by a team of chinese artisans.
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>> i don't think many people have done gigantic art like this. it's very unique. >> reporter: this afternoon, the single largest piece, venus's shoulders was hoisted by crane to the top of the structure. the hollow statue is actually larger on top, but the bottom 20 feet has been angered with concrete. the creator, denver artist lawrence argent says there were times even he had his doubts it would work. >> i said can we make this? is this actually possible to make this, this size? we can do anything lawrence. i went, that's what i like. >> reporter: they say, once she gets a good head on her shoulders, it will be the largest art piece in the city. almost as tall as the statue of liberty. >> it's enormous, and just majestic. >> reporter: perhaps most important, it's public. in about 2018, when the entire complex is finished, the plaza will be open to people off the
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street. then anyone can view a work of art that, by its very size, will matter. in san francisco, john ramos, kpix 5. breaking news, bernie sanders the projected winner of the west virginia democratic primary. we go one-on-one with him in a busy day of campaigning. his thoughts on a third party run and why he wants the rest of the country to catch up to california. >> a big development in the case of a man brutally beaten in an alley. the charges against bay area deputies and why it took months for the d.a. to act. >> a hollywood actress caught up in an ugly war with her neighbor. the bizarre feud involving baby food jars filled with paint. ,,
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democratic primary in west virginia. early polls showed sanders poised to er front-runner, hil this just in, bernie sanders, the projected winner in today's it democratic primary in west virginia. early polls showing sanders poised to win other front runner hillary clinton. polls closed about two hours ago. let's get to early results with 34% of the vote in, sanders has a 10 point lead over clinton.
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mrs.clinton's comments about shutting down the coal industry, not popular in the coal mining state. sanders made a few bay area stops today. hit up a coffee shop in san francisco, posed for pictures with supporters there. this was at south glass coffee. he also went to the chronicle for a board meeting there. >> this is about ending a campaign financial system that allows billionaires to buy elections. >> he gave a speech inside, also addressed a crowd from outside the police barrier. >> had morning, sanders brought out the crowds in stockton. >> reporter: bernie sanders told the stockton crowd they looked like they were ready for a political revolution. sanders wants the rest of the country to catch up to california when it comes to
6:32 pm
minimum wage. here's what he said to small business owners who are already spending a lot of money. >> i would say that in america, we have millions of people today who are working at starvation wages that we have massive levels of income and wealth inequality. that in america, if you work 40 hours a week, you should not be living in poverty. $15 an hour is a living wage. you're not going to get rich on that. >> reporter: sanders continuing to trail behind hillary clinton in the delegate count. >> if you don't win the democratic nomination, are you going to consider running as a third party candidate. >> right now, what we are focusing on is winning the democratic nomination. i think we have a shot to do that. >> reporter: sanders is just now ramping up campaign stops in our state. expect to see him a lot in places big and small. at this point, every vote, and every delegate counts. in stockton, jackie ward, kpix 5. >> on the gop side, republicans in virginia and nebraska went
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to the polls today. cbs news projected donald trump the winner in both states. texas senator ted cruz was still on the nebraska ballot, despite dropping out of the race last week. cruz said he wasn't expecting much, but he'd jump back in the race if he secured enough of the vote. >> kpix 5 analyst, melissa cain joining us. new signs that if the general election were clinton and trump, it was going to be pretty tight. a poll from quinnipiac university shows clinton and trump in a dead heat in the key swing states. ohio, pennsylvania, florida. florida and pennsylvania, clinton has a narrow lead over trump. but in ohio, trump's ahead of clinton. so what do you make of that three way split there? >> two words, naf-ta. okay, one word, nafta. the manufacturing industries have been totally brutalized.
6:34 pm
whether it's true or not, folks there believe nafta is largely responsible for a lot of the that flight of those jobs. she's going to have her work cut out for her to convince people she's a good steward of jobs in america. before her campaign starts freaking out, if you assume donald trump wins all the states that mitt romney won in 2012, hillary clinton would only have to win one of those three states to win the presidency. she's probably not exactly packing it in and heading home. the last thing i will say, because it is coolest part of the poll, no one's talking about. we heard a lot about the bernie or bust movement the number of people according to this poll who said they would just sit home, or just not vote in this election was only about 7 or 8%. so we've got a lot of voices talking about, we don't like trump or clinton, but the truth is, the numbers are actually pretty small. had to add that in. >> in that same poll, sanders
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does better than trump in all three states. >> they both have sort of protectionist trade. that's why you see sanders doing better in places like pennsylvania, and really not budging much in places like florida which doesn't have concerns to that extend. >> the kentucky primary coming up may 17. hillary stopped paying for ad time, now she's buying ads. is she nervous about this? >> is she afraid bernie sanders is going to overtake her as nominee? probably not. today he won west virginia. hillary clinton needs a win. her last win was guam. which is a lovely territory, but not enough to get her riding on into california. between now and california's primary, there are two big primaries, oregon and kentucky. sanders is projected to win in oregon. so clinton needs to ensure a big win in kentucky, so that she can sort of varnish her reputation as someone who is
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still very popular among voters. all about momentum. the big mo we call it. your welcome, you can use that. >> we appreciate it. president obama is set to become the first sitting president to visit hiroshima, japan. but there's one thing he's not going to do, that is apologize for the atomic bomb attack that helped end world war ii. 145,000 people were killed in the 1945 attack. we asked both democratic presidential candidates if that is the right call. they agreed it is. >> i think we should express our concern and our sympathy, and our absolute commitment not to allow a world in which nuclear weapons are used. >> hiroshima cost the lives of tens of thousands of people and that the future is to create a world without nuclear weapons. we cannot continue to see the proliferation of nuclear weapons, because some day, some
6:37 pm
of those weapons are going to go off. >> the white house says the president will make the trip on the 27th. clarification on san francisco sanctuary city guidelines will have to wait. there's been pressure to address the issue since the shooting death of kate steinly nearly a year ago. the suspect had been released from san francisco's jail, despite a federal request to keep him in custody for deportation. a proposal before the city's supervisor set guidelines for when local law enforcement would notify immigration. but a vote today on new rules was delayed. san francisco's d.a. announced felony charges against two alameda county sheriff's deputies in a beating that was caught on video. da george gascon says it took 6 month because he needed to collect medical records, and exchange surveillance footage. allegedly, with more than 30 baton strikes is stanislav
6:38 pm
petrov. now the deputies face three charges, including assault under color of authority and battery with serious bodily injury. >> when the police violates the law, it impacts the work of every woman and men in uniform. >> the last time was nearly 50 years ago in the aftermath of the riots in berkely. both deputies have been ordered to surrender in the next 24 hours. a raised fist with a powerful message. these cadets at the center of a firestorm over this photo. the question, should it end their careers? >> and the prison inmate who claims to be prince's son. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:40 pm
punished.. for this. they posed with raised fists for a uation picture. 16 black female cadets from west point will not be punished
6:41 pm
for this. they posed with raised fists for the photo. the u.s. military academy said they did not violate any department of defense rules limiting political activity, but rather it was a show of unity and pride. of course it's similar to the pose two san jose state athletes did at the 1968 mexico summer olympic games. the two athletes heads down, fists up. a bustling street in oakland just became more bike friendly. the city had a ribbon cutting ceremony to commemorate the compleeks of this new protected bicycle lane on telegraph avenue. it runs between 20th and 29th streets. the city removed a traffic lane along that stretch and is requiring cars to park to the left of a green striped lane. >> bike to work day is thursday. cameron shared this photo of his ride to work this morning.
6:42 pm
tom johnson has his bike to work swag ready to go. got to have those snacks. sam richstone is definitely biking to work. inviting people to use the bike lockers on thursday. post your bike pictures and videos on our kpix 5 facebook, twitter, or instagram. more on curry and that mvp dish. and from channel 5 sports intern to big league baller? >> i just tried to mix weird faces at the hitters. >> who is this young man set to pitch against the giants? you're going to meet him, in moments. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,
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try and claim the singer's inheritance. an inmate a colorado inmate claiming to be prince's son has come forward to try to claim the singer's inheritance. an inmate named carl williams is seeking dna testing to determine if prince was his father. in an affidavit, his mother says she conceived williams with prince in 1976.
6:46 pm
prince died last month in minnesota without a will. actress minnie driver may have tarnished her good girl next door image, by allegedly blasting her neighbor's house with baby food jars filled with paint. it's all over a construction battle, and now they're suing each other. driver and her neighbor have been going at it for years, shouting matches have ended with calls to the police. she's filed a restraining order, and he's accusing her of blocking construction workers from doing their jobs. one thing is for sure, the fight is ugly. >> this is my property. >> you didn't put anything up. >> you're a sick woman. you ought to get your meds in order. >> legally, it's a 10-year-old dispute over the property line. they're expected to face each other in court in august. let's just get to the weather. really people, let's keep
6:47 pm
things civil. there is a battle in the sky between walnut creek and daly city. walnut creek won by a landslide. only 27 miles separate these two towns. today, 29 degrees, 55, that's it. that's all you got to this afternoon in daly city. 84degrees and sunshine. a light onshore flow will do that, where we're very warm inland. antioch, deer valley high school, 81 for a high. in south city, st. veronica elementary school a high of only 63 degrees. where are we now? cloudy at the golden gate. 67 in santa rosa. 77 in con concord. this is one of your pick your climate days. everything levels out at night. everybody is within 4 or 5 degrees of each other. at the end of the day, some places heat up about 30 degrees, some places heat up 3 degrees. why is all of this happening? i just told you that it is happening. let's talk about why it's
6:48 pm
happening. it's because of an onshore flow. the world's largest refrigerator right here. how much of that influence do we get? when it's just light, we get it along the coastline. we get none of it over the east bay hills and in the far north bay. 50s on the coast tomorrow. inland areas will once again make it into the mid-80s. that's the local scale weather, we're talk being a big temperature difference. this ridge will keep us dry, keeping this next storm, riding it into the gulf of alaska, and british columbia. we will stay rain free for the next six days. future cast tomorrow morning. this is downtown oakland. very cloudy picture in the east bay. watch as the morning progresses, 9:00, 10:00, 11:00, the fog, low cloud cover burns off. you can plan on a good dose of sunshine in the afternoon, with temperatures in oakland, making it up to about 70 degrees, which is about 3 degrees above average. concord, san jose, 82 for you. minimum cloud cover.
6:49 pm
cupertino, 82. half moon bay, only 60 degrees at sam's chowder house. berkely 66. right on the shores of the bay. but go to no vato, you'll hit 78. santa rosa, 75, clear lake, 85 degrees. get away from the water, it will be warm tomorrow, and also thursday. the onshore flow gets stronger and pushes inland. temperatures drop away from the water. low 70s both saturday and sunday. miweekend near the bay, and upper 50s along the coastline. there is so much to talk about in sports, including a local mvp. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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mvp.... my how times have changed from the first time kerr, nba up top. steph curry, elite company. 11th back-to-back nba mvp. my have tombs have changed to the first time steve kerr saw curry play in person as a sophomore in college. >> after the game, i ran into dell and tanya in the hallway. you guys may remember this. the first question is, do you think steph can make it in the nba in and i'll never forget that because 9 years later, you're the unanimous mvp of the
6:53 pm
league, which has never been done before. how did that happen in 9 years? your own mom didn't know you'd make it in the league. >> last night in portland, curry put the league on notice that he was back. he scored 17 points in overtime. the most in nba history. came off the bench and scored 40 and led the doves to a 3-1 series lead. the blazers, they're on life support, according to draymond green. >> do you think they're done in the series? >> do i think they're done. of course, i think they're done. close the series out. of course, i think they're done. it's time for us to close the series. nhl, the sharks in white here. wanted to finish off the series, but nashville had other
6:54 pm
ideas last night. the preds rally to win in overtime. the good news for the sharks, the home team has yet to lose a game in the series. >> based on how the series is played, this should come down to one game in game 7, that's what hockey is about. we're excited that it's in our building. worked all year for home ice advantage in this situation. you know, we intend to take advantage of it. once upon a time, he sat across from me in the sports office, charting games. doing what a sports intern does. now he's a big leaguer, right down the street. >> i remember sitting in the stands with my dad, many a game, talking about, oh, well you could be as good as him if you just throw this pitch. >> reporter: joel biagini is still trying to make sense of the big league whirl wind. this time last year, he was toiling in the giants minor league. then last winter, the blue jays made him a rule 5 draft pick. >> they look at whoever is the
6:55 pm
cutest athlete. >> reporter: even biagini is still trying to understand the rule 5 complexities. but it means there's a good shot he stays in the bigs all season. >> this is certainly a surprise if i looked at it from a big picture perspective if, i looked at it where i was as a kid. >> reporter: a 26th round pick. biagini has always thought about life after baseball as an intern here at kpix, he was working in the clubhouse the night the giants clinched the division in 2012. >> can i get my old credential? i think i still have it in my room at home. sometimes i wear it around. >> reporter: the need for credentials went away after his big league debut last month. >> i struck out david ortiz. he's been around a while. i think he's a pretty good baseball player. >> reporter: if the fastball is
6:56 pm
his weapon of choice on the field. he uses sarcasm and self- deputycation just as well off it. >> just kidding, sort of. >> it's fun to take advantage of opportunities to be creative, and be awkward. >> reporter: seriousness only reserved for the moment he found out he was a big leaguer. >> pretty big one for me. that phone call to my dad afterwards. been waiting like 20 years to make that phone call to him. so you know -- every couple. >> biagini making us proud. if he keeps lighting it up in the mid-90s, he's going to have a job. >> we're proud of him here. >> throwing some heat. have a good night. >> see you at 11:00. save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo.
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [cheering and applause] steve: good luck. how's everybody? how y'all? i appreciate y'all. thank y'all. yeah, i do. i appreciate you, folks. thank y'all. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. boy, we got a good one for you today. returning for their fourth day with a total of 21,390 bucks, from atlanta, georgia, it's the champs. it's the patel family! [cheering and applause] and from birmingham, alabama, it's the dickinson family! [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash and a possibility of driving out of
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