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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  May 10, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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his campaign didn't know about next. ,, ,,
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. tonight an suv trappedane sink hole on a -- trapped in a singer hole on a busy bay area street -- sink hole on a busy bay area street. kpix 5's joe f talked to -- joe vazquez talked to one guy who saw it all happen. >> reporter: yeah. you can see the sink hole right there, that is mission street. and that is the hole. as big as a car. 5:30 p.m. this evening it collapsed and swallowed a car. >> it was insane. >> reporter: he shot this cell phone video after a family inside got caught in a hole.
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rescuers said they couldn't leave their car because it was in danger of falling further. >> they had to stay inside to make sure the weight didn't distribute unevenly. they had to stay inside till they got the ropes to make sure the car was secured and wouldn't fall into the hole. >> reporter: what was their reaction when they were told you have to stay in the car? >> shock. like you tell someone to stay inside a dangerous situation. >> reporter: rescuers wrapped ropes to a tow truck and pulled the car to safety. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: what caused the sink hole? officials say there is a broken sewer line, that is one possibility. also look and you can see road work was recently done. >> that is something they look at. when was the road last worked on. was there contractor work in the area. the age of the sewer system. they look at all the factors
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when they make their repairs. >> the age of the sewer system, the sewer line underneath this street right here was built in 1875. reporting live, joe vazquez, kpix 5. caught on camera, the woman looks super casual but police say that is not her car. it was unlocked. she gets in, rummages around. a guy joins her. they entered a number of unlocked cars and attempted to steal one of them. this video is from wednesday. on sunday san jose police arrested these two on unrelated charges charges and they realized they looked like the suspects. if you see something suspicious what do you do? a network has been dealing with complaints of racial profiling. the big changes at next door. >> black man driving by slowly.
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making a u-turn. watch out. >> the ceo told me no more. >> we have designed a set of features that will help our members understand the dangers of racial profiling and prevent them making posts. >> reporter: after complaints the website said it will change the way people post. now if you want to report a crime or suspicious activity, you will be required to fill out extra forms and questions in order to give a fair description. if you can't fill out the form you will not be able to file a report. >> what the form is doing is forcing them into low longer being able to skew their attitude, they are forced into doing something different. >> the hope is people will think about who they are reporting and why. instead of making assumptions based on race. >> maybe he was looking for his
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friend's house and now you blasted his information. >> reporter: next door serves 100,000 communities but it took one city, oakland to change an entire website. >> unheard of for a technology company to change their platform to make it harder to report activities but to do it for a reason that is educating people. >> reporter: the site is testing out new requirements in all bay area countries. they plan to expand the changes to the site this summer. on the campaign trail, another win for the underdog, bernie sanders. with a 15 point win over hillary clinton in the democratic primary in west virginia tonight. republican presidential candidate donald trump also winning big in west virginia though he no longer has any opposition officially. he is now coasting to the
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finish line and winning big in nebraska. ted cruz and john kasich's names were still on the ballots in both states. even though they have officially dropped out. a big win for bernie sanders and donald trump who seem to be getting a boost from dissatisfaction of voters, specifically things like trade and trade agreements and that is something that hurts hillary clinton. >> some voters blame the last clinton administration for the loss of jobs. hillary clinton made a visit to the bay area last week and today bernie sanders made a couple stops here. even his campaign didn't know where he was coming. >> reporter: from stockton -- >> what a turn out. thank you. >> reporter: to one-on-one. >> we are going to go all over
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the state of california. [ indiscernible ] >> we want to do very, very well here. >> reporter: bernie sanders left the valley after two huge rallies and then headed west. >> after stockton bernie sanders made a surprise trip her to his office in oakland. the volunteers weren't totally surprised. >> he was between the bay area and sacramento, we knew he was heading to go to a big rally today so we thought he would drop by. we didn't know that we would get what we got today. that was very exciting. >> we have an excellent chance to win many of the remaining 9 states. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: the tour continued in advance of the primary with bernie sanders catching coffee in soma. before heading to the san
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francisco chronicle to sit down with the board and lay out his policy proposals. >> doing away with the loophole that allows large corporations to put their profits -- [ indiscernible ] cost us $100 billion a year. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: then he was gone as quickly as he arrived in the bay. off to the next stop. andria borba, kpix 5. >> employees tweeted this photo with the caption bernie in the house -- caption, bernie in the house. top republicans republicans are demanding an investigation into facebook after former facebook employees said they suppress conservative news for its trending box. facebook denies the allegations. south dakota senator said
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mark zuckerberg come to congress to explain how facebook handles news content. they said they look forward to address questions. san francisco district attorney is pressing charges against two sheriff's deputies for a beating caught on camera. one deputy is shown here with oakland mayor last year. he is a 14 year veteran of the sheriff's department. in february they were shown on video hitting a suspect with their batons. he suffered a concussion, a brain injury and broken hands. the charges are assault under the color of authority, battery with serious boughtally injury and assault with a deadly weapon. . >> there is never justification
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for working, enforcing the law, going outside of the constitution. >> the district attorney said it took six months to file charges because staff had to collect medical records and enhance the surveillance video. to be the first unanimous mvp is something that i -- i don't know how to put into words. >> a humble steph curry wracking up another achievement. the first unanimous mvp. the girls caught our eye at the ceremony, posing with steph curry. who are they? 47 christin ayers discovered they were -- kpix 5's christin ayers discovered they were his special guests. >> reporter: they are still pinching themselves they got to crash the ceremony all thanks to the mvp himself. >> reporter: this was the moment the girls will never forget. a handshake with their hero. they are members of the non- profit girls ink that works to
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inspire and empower young girls of color. mvp steph curry hand picked the organization. just four were choosing to meet him today and hear his speech. >> a great opportunity for us. a once in a life time thing. >> hearing the speech motivated me to keep pushing in life and in school. >> it was an honor to be in the presence of the warriors. >> really amazing. >> thank you for the donation. go warriors! >> reporter: and you heard the girls thank him for the donation after giving them a speech. he then gave their organization a $10,000 donation. reporting live, christin ayers, kpix 5. tonight east bay mud is declaring the drought is over. the proof, check out the view
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from chopper 5 over the reservoir. 93% full. as a result they are ending its water shortage emergency. it is also suspending the 25% surcharge for all customers and ending mandatory restrictions on water use. the changes take effect july 1. today this touched down in western kentucky. tornado tore through homes and businesses including this shop in the city. tonight 10 people are injured. while that tornado threat is not over yet? it is heading east, the same system that produced this deadly tornado in oklahoma yesterday. today the national weather service said that storm was a category ef-3, meaning the center had winds up to 165 miles per hour. the governor of oklahoma has
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declared a state of emergency. that tornado threat moving east. we will talk about our weather coming up. >> thank you. new information in the investigation to prince's death. the times reports a minnesota doctor went to prince's compound the day he died to deliver test results. the doctor told investigators he had prescribed him medication. the late singer was found dead last month. it is unclear what investigators found today. no word on what medications the doctor prescribed or if prince even took them. california considers legalizing recreational marijuana a study finds the number of deadly accidents blamed on driving while stoned is on the rise. betty yu says states are struggling to decide how high is too high to drive. >> reporter: her son was hit
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and killed at a intersection by a stoned driver. >> laying in the middle of the intersection on the ground. >> reporter: washington became one of the first states to legalize marijuana in 2012. now a new study found the number of deadly accidents involving high drivers doubled between 2013 and 2014. from 8 to 17%. and nationally there are more drivers using marijuana at night and on weekend. >> you know that is not hagood idea. -- that is not a good idea. >> reporter: there is no test that could determine the amount of marijuana in the blood stream that leads to dangerous driving. >> cannabis and alcohol are different. policy makers trying to establish something like the .08 for cannabis and there is not science it support it. >> reporter: researchers encourage officers to detect
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drug impairment. aaa says another challenge to creating drug driving laws is thc requires a blood test that could take 2 hours to be administered. longer than a breathalyzer test so results can be unreliable. in san jose, betty yu, kpix 5. marin county is reporting its first case of zika tonight. that person was infected during a trip to south america. there is no risk to the community. tonight a cool twist for a california boy who helped kids with cancer. for two years the 7-year-old grew out his hair to donate to cancer patients. soon after he cut his hair doctors diagnosed him with stage 4 cancer. [ indiscernible ] >> i think as long as, you
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know, we are doing this as a family we got this. >> he started chemo today. when you need surgery or treatment do you check to make sure the hospital and the doctor take your insurance? a growing number of bay area patients are getting blindsided from medical bills from doctors they never even met. >> reporter: she knows a lot about cancer. she works for the american cancer society and helps patients gain access to care. even she was surprised and mad. >> there needs to be a law to keep this from happening. >> reporter: she was diagnosed with breast cancer. her doctor decided she needed a minor surgery at a outpatient clinic. >> i confirmed they were in my network. >> then she got the bill.
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everyone was in network except the anesthesiologist. >> they said we never know who is coming so it is not our responsibility. >> reporter: she was on the hook for $600 bill. her experience is not unique. >> unfortunately very common. >> reporter: 30% of americans with private insurance got a surprise medical bill. 70% had no idea the doctor was not in their network and most patients ended up paying the bill, a bill that could run into the thousands of dollars. doctors and in network hospitals are not obliged to ensure everyone on the team is in your network. now california law makers are considering a bill that offers relief. if you go to an in network facility and end up getting care from an out of network provider -- >> you would not have to pay
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anything but the in network cost sharing. >> reporter: who would eat the rest of the fee? doctors and health plans would have to work it out. >> against the bill is the california medical association. the main opponents. >> reporter: they would not agree to an interview. they sent kpix 5 an e-mail stating the bill is not a balanced or workable solution. the concern, it would pay doctors too little and give health plans too much. she just wants a solution. >> patients should not have to deal with this on top of their illness. >> reporter: she fought the bill but it took her 8 months. in the mean time the bill was sent to collections and ended up on her credit report. allen martin, kpix 5.
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>> last year lawmakers tried to pass a similar bill, it failed. the california medical association fought that one as well. you might call it the dumpling dash. they packed packed the mall in san jose today, waiting hours for a taste. this is the chain's first restaurant in the bay area. it is known for its soup bumplings. they do not take -- dumplings. they do not take reservations. [ talking at the same time ] walnut creek 84 degrees. look at daly city, 30 degrees cooler, 55 along the beach. great view, telegraph hill, 52
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in san francisco. 59 oakland. concord 63 degrees. livermore 52. concord 52. pacifica 54 tonight and san jose 54 degrees. a light onshore flow will keep you chilly and foggy along the coast but it will not push inland. temperatures stay cool along the coast. 50s for highs. that is it. and 80s inland because the onshore flow will not make it to walnut creek or danville. 30 degree temperature spread again tomorrow. no rain for the coast inland. the high pressure not strong but it will block the first few storms. here is the first one. northern california may get showers friday and saturday but the bay area will stay dry for the next 7 days. low clouds tonight.
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tomorrow mild to warm weather again depending on your proximity to the water and everybody cools down by the weekend. san jose 82 degrees. warm outside. concord 82. san rafael 86. san francisco 60s. we are warm through thursday. the hahn shore flow gets stronger on friday. weekend, highs inland, 70 degrees. weekend on the cool side of things. rain free for the next 7 days. if you like the warm stuff tomorrow and thursday are your days. >> sounds good. thank you. budweiser creating buzz tonight, why they are about to change its name. and coming up with stephen colbert. to work: we'd like to hear r if you hop on two wheels to get to work we would like to hear from you. post your bike videos on our
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in january: someone bought ing one- point-6 tonight no sign of california's world record
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jackpot winner. in january someone bought the powerball ticket from this southern california 7-eleven store. 4 months later he still has not come forward to claim his share of the prize. she one of three -- he is one of three people who split the jackpot. he has a year to claim his $520 million prize. this election season budweiser is bringing the buzz to america. changing its label to read america. only temparily. it starts -- temporarily. starts may 23 through the november election. >> interesting. >> used to be able to memorize the label on the can. >> now it will say america. >> that's right. we are your steph curry station. how much does the mvp trophy weigh? i have the answer and the
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giants bat tonight. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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mmm. bacon is lookin good. let's instabrag. honey, jalapeño boom boom, h-how is there no bacon emoji? denny's new honey jalapeño bacon, part of the red white and bacon menu. denny's. welcome to america's diner. others can say that... got s nba, steph curry is a back
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to back mvp winner. only 10 others can say that. got his award today. look at this. each is about 10 pounds. he could do curls with it. first unanimous winner in history. 40 off the bench against portland. 17 points in over time. his head coach says his confidence is the reason he has become the league's best. >> i don't know if you noticed he was 0-10 from the three- point line last night, made his 11th and he shimmied down the sidelines. i said is he shimmying? he is 1-11 from three. you better believe in yourself. >> greg popovich in san antonio.
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we are done here. the thunder took a 3-2 series lead. russell westbrook scored 35. game six thursday in oklahoma city. giants. he cracked a solo blast to open the scores. bottom line. bases loaded. parker waved at strike 3. toronto 4-0. giants 2-4 on their home stand. three runs in their last four games. a's, roughed up tonight in boston right from the jump. ramirez crushed it. 468 feet. a two run first inning jog. 8 runs in 2 innings. boston won the game 13-5.
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oakland lost 8-9. >> you know, a wise manager once said if you are going to lose a game you might as well get wacked because you hade losing the close one. 13-5? come back the next day. >> giants have a couple pitchers not holding up their end of the bargain -- [ talking at the same time ] >> i don't get it. we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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late show with stephen colbert is next. next newscast tomorrow morning at 4:30 a.m. bright and early. see you then. >> stephen: katie couric. >> hey, stephen. >> stephen: so lovely to see you. thanks for being on the show. >> are you kidding? so happy to be here. >> stephen: marng you are going to look fantastic in the chicken suit. >> what do you mean. >> stephen: i forgot to tell you we are doing this thing where we interview our guests in costumes. >> stephen, i'm a serious journalist. i am not going to wear a chicken suit. >> stephen: is it okay if i wear the chicken suit? >> it's jur show, knock yourself out. >> stephen: you can be the horse. >> great! >> tonight, stephen welcomes chloe grace moretz katie couric charlamagne tha god


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