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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  May 11, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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sports universe tonight, right? [ laughter ] >> that's what our director said. but it's true. that's right. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. time now 4:30. let's get a check of weather with roberta this morning. >> as a true wars fan we call it "roar-acle." >> it is! >> it's going to be really loud tonight as hopefully the wars bring it home and wrap up this series and get ready to face either san antonio or dallas or -- or oklahoma! full overcast this morning into the bay. it's thin overcast inland. temperatures are very mild into the 50s and later today warm inland but at the coast just into the 60s. we'll have that full forecast coming up in a matter of minutes. good morning, gianna. >> we start off with an accident eastbound 92 at the high-rise. kpix 5 on scene. clearing it out in the next
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couple of minutes. roadwork on the bay bridge both directions and backups in the cash lanes. sinkhole in san francisco. we'll have a live report coming up on that. a look at the sinkhole that's causing some trouble at new montgomery and mission streets where repairs are expected to begin this morning. when it opened it nearly swallowed an suv with a family inside. kpix 5's joe vazquez talked to one guy who saw the thing and got it all on camera. >> it was insane. >> reporter: vaughn shot this cell phone after a car with a family inside got trapped in a hole on mission street. rescuers told the bewildered family they couldn't leave their car because it would fall further in the hole. >> people had to stay inside to make sure the weight didn't distribute unevenly where the car would fall further into the hole and because of that people that were inside the door stay
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inside until they got the ropes tethered down to make sure the car was secure and wouldn't fall in the hole. >> what was the family's reaction when they said you have to stay in the car? >> they were shocked that they would be told to stay inside a dangerous situation. >> reporter: rescuers wrapped ropes around the meters and to a tow truck and pulled the car to safety. >> wow. >> whoo! >> reporter: what caused the sinkhole? officials say there's a broken sewer line underground. that's one possibility. also, look closely and you can see that some roadwork was recently done on the same patch of street. >> that is something they look at. when was the road last worked on, was there any contractor work in the area? the age of the system. they look at all those factors when they begin to make their repairs. >> reporter: joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> the sewer line under the street doesn't even stem from the 20th century. it was built in 1875. the district attorney of san francisco is now pressing criminal charges against two alameda county sheriff's deputies accused of beating a
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suspect. one of the deputies is luis santamaria shown here with oakland mayor libby schaaf at a k-9 contest last year. he is a 14-year veteran of the sheriff's department. video from november shows him and deputy paul weiber hitting a suspect with a baton. stanislas petrov had a broken hand and other injuries. >> there are several charges. the alleged offenses happened in a san francisco alley following a high-speed chase. >> there's never a justification for working -- enforcing the law and going outside of the confines of the constitution. >> george gascon stays took six months to file charged because they had to get medical record and surveillance video. san francisco mayor ed lee is proposing 17.5 million dollars of new funding for a
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police department reform program in response to recent incidents that called for the firing of chief suhr. it included text messages sent between some members of the police department. one of the san francisco protests may have led to injuries for four journalists. the injuries reportedly happened on friday during protests in support of the "frisco five" hunger strikers. hundreds of proceeds swarmed san francisco city hall and some damaged the building. the sheriff's department is looking into the report of those injuries. a bay area-based social network is described as a platform for racial profiling. when pushed for change the company responded. kpix 5's cate caugiran shows us how. >> folks were writing posts like black man driving by slowing making a u-turn, watch out. >> reporter: the ceo of told me no more. >> we have designed a set of
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features that will help our members understand the dangers of racial profiling and prevent them from making posts that can be seen as discriminatory. >> reporter: after complaints that next door was fostering racial profiling, the website said, it will change the way people post on it. so now if you want to report a crime or suspicious activity on next, you will be required to fill out extra forms and questions in order to give a fair description. if you can't fill out the entire form, you will not be able to file a report. >> but what this form is now doing is forcing them into no longer being able to show their attitudes, they will have to do something different. >> reporter: they will spend more time on who they are reporting and why instead of making assumptions based on race. >> maybe this man was looking for his friend's house and now he is blasted his information and connecting him to a possible crime. >> reporter: next door serves nearly 100,000 communities.
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but it took one east bay city, oakland, to change an entire website. >> it is unheard of i think for a technology company to change their platform in a way that actually in some ways makes it harder to report activities. but to do it for a reason that may be educating people. >> reporter: so far the site is testing out new requirements in all bay area counties and some east coast cities. next door plans to expand the changes to the full site this summer. cate caugiran, kpix 5. oakland is making sure its weeds and brush don't serve as a tinderbox should a fire spark. inspections start next week to prevent fires. officials say that the winter rain spurred the growth of plants that could spell disaster if a fire hit the oakland hills. firefighters say that inspections happen once a year but homeowners need to be in compliance every day. >> we still need to remember that, right? >> mm-hm. >> i still like the whole idea
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of our own mandatory water rationing that we place on ourselves because we have been practicing such good habits y give it up now? keep it green around our houses in our own ways. >> psa from roberta. >> 3 minute showers! overcast inland, socked in at the coast. embarcadero center you can see the gray slate above the buildings. temperatures very mild except santa rosa at 50 a little cooler than that in napa at 48. it is 52 in san francisco. and 55 in oakland. the winds are under 5 miles per hour. this is a good scene right here. this is our satellite and radar. i wanted to share it with you because you get a good feel for it. you see we have that shield of low clouds and fog trying to saturate the bay and thin overcast inland. clouds at the beaches today. we'll have partial coastal clearing. not much of a warmup at the coast only in the high 50s and
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low 60s. full sunshine at the peninsula 82 in cupertino and san jose. north bay numbers up to 57 in santa rosa. we'll have your full forecast including changes for the weekend coming up. good morning. we have this accident out there as you head out of hayward this morning -- or rather working your way into hayward on the noncommute direction of the san mateo bridge eastbound at the high-rise wreck in the lanes being cleared. roadwork in both directions of the bay bridge upper deck two lanes closed until 5:00. so you have about 20 more minutes until they wrap it up. reports of delays on the lower deck out of san francisco into oakland. senator bernie sanders has
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scored another victory in the presidential primary. he won yesterday's democratic contest in west virginia beating hillary clinton 51-36%. he gained 5 delegates on clinton who didn't campaign there. on the republican side, donald trump won west virginia with 77% of the vote. he no longer has any active opponents. trump also won big in nebraska, which had a republican primary yesterday. ted cruz and john kasich were still on the ballot in both states even though they have suspended their campaigns. cbs news' hena daniels has the candidates' reactions to the results and looks ahead to what's next. [ applause and cheers ] reporter: bernie sanders is celebrating a double-digit win after defeating hillary clinton in west virginia's primary tuesday night. during a victory rally in oregon, the democratic presidential hopeful said he will fight for every last vote.
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>> we have now won primaries and caucuses in 19 states! we are in this campaign to win the democratic nomination! [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: still holding on to a big delegate lead clinton is looking ahead. during a campaign stop in kentucky, she went after her likely opponent in the general election, donald trump. >> you could not imagine a more different vision for our country. >> reporter: last night trump claimed an easy win in both west virginia and nebraska. in a statement, he called the victories a great honor. on thursday, he will meet with republican leaders on capitol hill in an effort to unify the party. and that process may have already started. on fox news trump praised house speaker paul ryan who publicly withheld his support for the presumptive republican nominee. he is a very goodman. he wants what's good for the party and i think we'll have very positive results. >> reporter: next up primaries in oregon and kentucky next
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tuesday. hena daniels, cbs news. >> before his big rally last night, bernie sanders was in california making stops in sacramento, stockton and the bay area. yesterday afternoon he popped into his campaign office in oakland even though it was an unannounced visit. volunteers had an inkling he might be stopping by. >> between the bay area and sacramento we knew that he is heading off on a plane to go to another big rally today. so we thought that at some point he was probably going to drop by. we didn't know that we were going to get what we got today so that was very exciting. >> his tour of the bay area continued with the senator catching coffee at sight glass in soma before heading to the "san francisco chronicle" to sit down with the paper's editorial board and lay out his policy proposals. it will be a big night for the warriors in oakland. a win over portland would advance them to the next round of the nba play-offs and there will be a ceremony honoring
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steph curry named the league's most valuable player for the second straight area. >> i looked at the list of everybody who won an mvp before and they are household names and legend. to be the first unanimous mvp award winner, i don't know how to put it into words. >> he definitely deserves it. golden state leads the trail blazers three games to one. tip-off at 7:30. 4:42. stoned driving is a problem. now california is looking to get ahead of the problem. ,,
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recovering. police say a 28- year-old m crashed his car near a homen taunton last night.. developing news in a small massachusetts town where stabbing victims are recovering. a 28-year-old man stabbed two
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people. an 80-year-old woman was killed. then arthur darosa allegedly crashed a stolen honda into a macy's and stabbed at least two people at the store before killing a 56-year-old at a mall restaurant. that's where on off duty deputy shot and killed him. >> there was a pregnant lady who came out and she was holding her stomach. right after her there was a guy who came out who was stabbed in the chest. >> it appears that but for the actions of the deputy sheriff, there may very well have been other victims. >> police are trying to find a motive for the attack. a proposal to legalize recreational marijuana could be on the california ballot in november. a new study finds that the number of deadly accidents blamed on driving while stoned is on the rise. betty yu reports. >> it was not on my radar. >> reporter: mary gaston's son was hit and killed at a bellevue, washington intersection by a stoned driver. >> he was laying in the middle of the intersection on the
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ground. >> reporter: washington became one of the first states to legalize marijuana back in 2012. now a new study by aaa has found that the number of deadly accidents involving high drivers more than doubled between 2013 and 2014 from 8 to 17%. nationally there are more drivers using marijuana at night and on weekends. >> why do you drive around smoking? it's not a good idea. >> reporter: there is no test that can accurately determine the amount of marijuana in the bloodstream that leads to dangerous driving. >> biologically, cannabis and alcohol are very different. i think policymakers trying to do the right thing are trying to establish something like a .08 for cannabis. and there's just not science to support it. >> reporter: researchers instead encourage officers to detect drug impairment. the dashcam video shows a speeding driver cutting through traffic. another challenge to creating
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drugged driving laws is that thc requires a blood test which can take two hours to be administered, longer than a roadside breathalyzer test. so results can be unreliable. in san jose, betty yu, kpix 5. east bay m.u.d. feels confident about the state of our drought. they have essentially decided it's over. this vantage point from chopper 5 shows why the agency feels certain. east bay m.u.d. says the san pablo reservoir and several others are 93% full and that's why the agency is calling off its water shortage emergency. it voted yesterday to declare water supply is at stage 0. east bay m.u.d. was at stage 4 critical back in april of last year. but with the positive change it's scene, they have us is pend expended the 25 first surcharge from customers and ending mandatory restrictions on water use. it starts july 1. 4:41. these new changes don't matter because roberta will still take
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the three minute shower. >> you betcha. i have my little egg timer in my son's bathroom. get out! you know, we have more people living in the state than ever before. we're tapping into the same old resource so we need to do something all together. we have been doing a great job of it. good morning. we are hopefully going to get some more rain in the forecast. not this week, however. we'll share with you the seven- day outlook. out the door, it's a gray slate with the dark skies. we do have mineta international airport a-okay this morning. everything is on time. levi's stadium in the background there. currently in san jose it's 55 degrees. it's also in the mid-50s in oakland. 50 for the cool spot in santa rosa. here's what you need to know for your "hump day" out the door. thin overcast except heavier fog at the coast. temperatures going up inland. not so much at the beaches. a stronger wind this afternoon out of the southwest and no rain this week but possibly
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next week. again that seven-day forecast is coming up. 7-mile-an-hour winds right now in hayward. 9 at sfo so under so around the rim of the bay then inland up to 16-mile-per-hour winds out of the southwest in fairfield. later today the winds 10 to 20 miles per hour. futurecast, you can watch the clock. cloud filled in at the coast and bay, by lunchtime they retreat but still playing tag at the sunset district and pacifica. then partial clearing before the clouds fill back in tonight. so tomorrow it's going to be a repeat performance along the beaches from today. here's your -- gosh, it feels like summer, doesn't it? here's your dome of high pressure. it's trying to nestle into the bay area. it's weak. we are still going into the mid- 80s in the central valley
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central valley. sun-up 6:03. seeing hindes8:10 sunset. smack in between, 60s beaches, 70s around the peninsula and 80s away from the bay. 81 tri-valley. 83 danville, blackhawk and alamo. pollen count medium to high. besides the oak, mulberry and grasses, the olive trees are blossoming, as well. extended forecast, additional warming thursday. an inside slider by friday brings us cooler temperatures and more cloud cover for the weekend. here's gianna with traffic. thanks, roberta. we start in san francisco this time around where there is a sinkhole causing a closure this morning as you work your way near mission street. so the closures are mission street between second and new montgomery. there are alternates. howard, folsom or market, use. that anne makovec will have a live report from the scene in a
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few minutes. freeways are quiet. don't forget giants day game 12:45 p.m. playing the bluejays. busy especially off the 280 extension. use mass transit. bay bridge toll plaza and san mateo bridge. earlier accident on the san mateo bridge around the high- rise ease bound noncommute is cleared. traffic good both directions 13 minutes between 880 and 101. bay bridge cash lanes cleared out quickly. no metering lights on. we have roadwork on the upper deck two lanes still shut down for 10 more minutes. lower deck roadwork until 6 a.m. mass transit is on time. no delays for bart. they have 23 trains running systemwide with no troubles. ace train, caltrain, muni looking good, as well. tonight 880 will be busy as folks head to "roar-acle," as we like to say, for the warriors-blazers play-off game. back to you guys. in alaska moose have
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courage and strength to survive the elements. but one of them also has a soft spot for music. ♪[ music ] a local woman caught this moose in the act with the wind chimes outside the cabin. it's going viral. since the woman's home is 10 miles from denally national park the moose traveled far just to play the chimes. pretty good right? [ laughter ] a chase caught on camera in arlington texas. a bull decided to blow off steam in the street and it kept going even when the officer called for backup. police made sure to steer it away from traffic but otherwise they were at its mercy until a local rancher rounded it up. officers say it didn't hurt anyone during the run.
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>> "steer" it away huh? [ laughter ] >> rawhide! amazon competing with youtube. the new service that rolled out that could earn you money. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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office depot and staples. st re new this morning, no deal after all between office depot and staples. staples had plans to acquire office depot for $6.3 billion. but a federal judge blocked that deal. the federal trade commission says that the merger would have given the two companies a huge chunk of the office supply market violating antitrust laws. staples says that it's extremely disappointed but does not have plans to appeal at this time. walmart is suing visa over the way it handles chipped debit cards. the retail giant filed a lawsuit in new york supreme
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court saying visa's method isn't secure. walmart says visa lets customers use just a signature to verify transactions with chip debit cards. payments using p.i.n. numbers are more secure according to walmart and less expensive for the retailer to conduct. foster city-based visa hasn't commented on the matter. investigators are looking into those popular light-up kids shoes after one family's scary experience. the back seat of their car caught fire. they think the son's shoes and the lithium battery that powers them are to blame. >> i'm just glad that my son wasn't wearing it at the time. >> the smaller the wire, the more likelihood that you're going to have problems with the wire and fire. >> safety experts say that you should never leave the lightup shoes in the car and parents should check them often. the retailer payless who sold them says it's working with authorities. amazon is launching a new platform featuring user- generated videos. amazon direct video will
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compete directly with youtube. the company says the service allows creators to upload their own videos to amazon's prime video and generate royalties based on the hours streamed. it is 4:57 right now. a group of bay area girls given a gift by steph curry. how the mvp is helping them get ahead in life. >> reporter: and a big sinkhole opens up on a san francisco city street. what crews think might have caused it and the situation a family found itself in.
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and i'm michelle griego. good morning. it is wednesday, may 11. this is a look at the embarcadero. look at all that blue and gold all those lights. the warriors are playing tonight and they have a chance
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to clinch. good morning, i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. crews are fixing the sinkhole that turned one family's car ride into a rescue mission. kpix 5's anne makovec is live where the ground gave way and crews are still patching up the problem. >> you can see mission street is closed between new montgomery and 2nd street. there's the sick hole. it is 12 feet by 5 feet wide and nine feet deep. repairs are set to begin again at dawn. this hole opened up at 5:30 last night and the car partially fell in. there was a family inside and rescuers told them to just stay put until they could secure the precariously stuck car so it wouldn't fall in. >> what was the reaction when they were told you have to stay in the car? >> they were shocked! they would tell someone


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