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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  May 11, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. today the warriors can get closer to the dream of back-to- back nba titles. kpix 5's keit do is live at oracle arena where a special settlement is planned to honor the newly crowd mvp. [ bouncing ball ] >> reporter: darn you for falling me out on my last report. now let's see if we can do it. >> that's not a three-pointer but we'll take the layoff. [ laughter ] >> we want to see the three. >> reporter: i'll do the three later. don't you worry about that. you take care of business in the studio. i'll do it out here. a win tonight will send the wars into the western conference finals and so it is t-shirt night tonight. everyone gets one of these strength in number of t-shirts with a rally flag. yesterday it was a photo op for the ages steph curry getting a second mvp trophy next to the one he got last year by making 403 three-pointers the most in history. that helped push the team to a
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73-9 record. he gave a great acceptance speech recognizing everyone. he gave special thanks to his wife for treating him the same no matter what kind of game that he had night. >> kind of stop and celebrate all the wins going into this award, um, you know, it's definitely special. i want to be able to take that time to celebrate it and thank the people that have helped me get here. >> reporter: and the trophy ceremony came after a big win over portland. curry had been resting for two weeks because of a sprained knee and came off the bench to give a stunning performance. if you stayed up for that game monday night, curry scored a historic 17 points in overtime another league play-off record. portland now down 3-1 games, we can only paraphrase draymond green by saying that portland is done. tip-off 7:30 p.m. at oracle arena. we are live. i'm kiet do. back to you in the studio. >> keep practicing, kiet.
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right now in san francisco, crews are repairing a patch of ground that gave way under a family's suv. kpix 5's anne makovec is live at the scene. >> reporter: a scary situation. in the meantime very annoying for commuters. the sinkhole is still open on mission between second and new montgomery. that hole is about 12 feet by 5 feet wide, 9 feet deep and repairs are set to begin again at dawn. it opened up at 5:30 p.m. last night. an suv fell in. that was a family inside and rescuers told them to stay put until they could secure the vehicle so it didn't fall all the way in. rescuers had to be very strategic at that moment. crews eventually got some ropes around the suv and got it towed away. now they have to figure out what caused the sinkhole. >> it is something they look at like when was the road last
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worked on? was there any contractor work in the area? the age of the sewer system. so they look at all those factors when they begin to make their repairs. >> reporter: it looks like it was likely a broken sewer line that caused this hole. that's a brick sewer line down there dating back to 1875. this road is expected to be closed at least through today possibly tomorrow. so we have a rough morning commute in the financial district and the evening commute, as well. live in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. >> 1875, that's pretty old. what about the rest of san francisco's pipe? >> reporter: that's one of the oldest pipes in the city. but imagine that, 1875. there are thousands of miles of sewer lines here in the city. and they are working on replacing them right now but they can only do 15 miles a year. back to you. >> thank you. happening today, a major construction project starts in
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oakland. crews will be rebuilding the embarcadero bridge that spans the lake merritt channel between estuary park and fifth avenue to be closed. traffic detoured to the 7th street bridge until may 2018. the new bridge will be wilder -- wider, seismically sound and more friendly to pedestrians and cyclists. >> maybe wilder, too! who knows. [ laughter ] 6:04. let's check to see if it's wild out there this morning. >> it is in some spots for sure especially on the freeways. we have delays at the bay bridge and trouble spot on 84. right now though i want to give you an update on mass transit. 49 trains on time for bart. because of that sinkhole in san francisco, though, muni is rerouting the 14-r so plan for that. there's a station for bart at montgomery not too far from the shutdown at mission between second and ne montgomery. use folsom, howard or market best bets to get around the delays today in san francisco.
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heading into san francisco over the bay bridge some delays, metering lights are on, slow on all approaches, backed up into the maze. an accident off powell street from westbound 80 so keep that in mind. northbound 101 in the south bay commuting through morgan hill we have slow conditions, 28 minutes from monterey street to highway 85. a break and then on the brakes again around 280/680 where traffic starts to fill in stays slow to 13th then free-flowing to the peninsula. drive times on 280 are good. it's foggy around 680, 580. lots of figure. very rarely do you see it this foggy in san jose at this hour. good morning, everybody! this is our live weather camera looking out towards the santa clara valley. we have low clouds and patchy fog. temperatures 54. we have limited visibility in the north. everybody socked be in at this hour in the 40s and 50s.
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and that's what it looks like above ground according to our satellite and radar. you can see the low clouds and fog and marine layer hugging the state of californi from from point reyes to mexico. partial clearing today. temperatures in the 60s. otherwise with full-on sunshine 80 redwood city, 83 los gatos. low 80s in san jose. average high is 75 there. it will also be in the high 70s around santa clara and willow glen. 83 degrees today in danville, blackhawk and alamo to the mid- 80s in brentwood, tracy, oakley and discovery bay and 75 in sonoma. upstream mid-80s in clearlake. changes for the weekend. details still coming up. a hearing today to discuss a new report on the impact of super bowl 50 to san francisco. the city controller's report shows the city made money on
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the festivities including super bowl city. but supervisors are critical. they say the report still doesn't address how much was spent on security or how much the event affected neighborhoods and small businesses. the santa rosa city council has approved a temporary rent control measure. it passed yesterday by a slim 4- 2 vote. according to the "pressdemocrat" landlords will be barred for 45 days from raising rents more than 3%. this applies only to apartments built before february 1995. the moratorium will take effect by mid-june. today the public can weigh in on a $22 million plan to build a new marina at treasure island. if approved, money from a state loan would build 410 boat slips at clipper cove four times the current number. critics say nonprofit youth sailing programs would be wiped out if it's converted to a private marina. today's meeting starts at 9:30 at emeryville city hall. bernie sanders is holding on to hope for a big comeback
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in the race for the democratic presidential nomination. the vermont senator took a big 15-point win over hillary clinton in yesterday's primary in west virginia. and after thousands of people attended a sanders rally in stockton yesterday, the vermont senator headed west to the bay area. the first stop was his campaign office in oakland. volunteers there said they had an inkling he might be stopping by. >> he is between the bay area and sacramento, we knew that he is heading off on a plane to go to another big rally today. so we thought that at some point he was probably going to drop by. we didn't know that we were going to get what we got today so that was very exciting. >> from rockridge the tour of the bay area continued with the senator catching coffee at sight glass in soma and then went to the "san francisco chronicle" to sit down with the paper's editorial board and lay out his policy proposals. presumptive gop nominee donald trump beat former rival ted cruz and john kasich in both
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states last night. they were still on the ballot although both are out of the race. staff members of the california public utilities commission plan a noontime rally today in san francisco. they say that they are trying to draw attention to cpuc's staffing shortages that puts public safety at risk. the rally is at the agency headquarters on van ness. murder suspect angelo zamora will be arraigned today in san francisco. he is accused of stabbing his great aunt well known public defender marla zamora and killing her. 19-year-old angelo was scheduled for a court visit yesterday but is on psychiatric hold at san francisco general hospital. an outside attorney is representing him since the aunt worked at the public defender's office for 60 years. big changes thanks to a small bay area community. >> and police are still trying to figure out the motive behind a deadly crime spree at a boston mall. why it could have been even worse. >> good morning from our kpix 5
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weather center. sure, it's going to be warmer today but cooler for the weekend and the big change you need to know about. >> and if you typically take the sunol grade we have delays to report. details coming right up. (scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at
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♪ the cleanup from violent happy "hump day." this is dublin looking due east here. nothing but low clouds and fog. can't see mount diablo in the background, either. cannot see pleasanton and dublin. the cloud are restricting visibility. we'll talk about how that will affect your forecast coming up. >> the clean-up from violent storms in kentucky is expected to take days. a tornado caused widespread
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damage in the western part of the state yesterday even flattening a car lot. >> it's unbelievable. >> it's unbelievable. it's leveled. a lot of damage. >> at least 10 people were injured when that tornado touched down in mayfield, kentucky. severe storms could hit the region again this week. developing news in a small massachusetts town where stabbing victims are recovering in the hospital. the rampage has a community in shock. >> reporter: tragedy hit the city of taunton hard here this evening. >> reporter: the chaos ended at the silver city galleria mall in taunton tuesday night. >> the car dove in. >> reporter: that's where authorities say 28-year-old arthur darosa cashed a stolen black honda into this macy storefront before attacking several customers inside.
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stunned witnesses looked on as victims rushed out. >> there was a pregnant lady who came out holding her stomach. right after her there was a guy who came out stabbed in the chest. >> reporter: police officers are rifles then stormed the mall confronting the suspect at a restaurant where he continued his attack. a 56-year-old man was killed. the suspect was shot and killed by an off-duty deputy at the mall. investigators and city leaders thanked him for his heroic actions. >> but for the actions of the deputy sheriff there may have been other victims. >> reporter: the stabbing spree began after authorities say darosa crashed a car some three miles away be. though say he exited the vehicle and gained access to a home where he stabbed two people including an 80-year-old woman, who died. officials don't believe terrorism played a role in the attack. anna miler for cbs news, taunton. >> four victims were hospitalized at least one being treated for life-threatening injuries. uc-berkeley students are upset with the decision to keep
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the public out of today's meeting to discuss sexual harassment and violence on campus. regents will have a closed-door meeting in sacramento after several cases of alleged sexual harassment involving employees. critics say that the board of regents is twisting the open meeting law to shield itself. bay area-based social network covers 100,000 cities. but it only took one east bay community to change the way they do business. the changes come after an oakland neighborhood watchdog group accuse the website of fostering racial profiling. now if you want to report a crime or suspicious activity, next door requires users to fill out more questions and forms to provide a fair description of a person. next door hopes these changes will force users to spend more time thinking about who they are reporting instead of making assumptions based on race. >> what this form is now doing is forcing them into no longer being able to spew their racist
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at to use the, right, they are forced to do something different. >> we have designed features that will help our members understand the dangers of racial profiling and prevent them from making posts that can be seen as discriminatory. >> the site is testing out the new requirements in all bay area counties and some east coast cities. next door says it plans to expand that to the entire sites this summer. nasa has announced a discovery of an unprecedented number of planets beyond our solar system. they were discovered with the help of nasa's keppler space telescope which was partly developed at aims research center in mountain view. astronomers now confirm the existence of 1200 other worlds orbiting stars. anything going on, on the roads this morning? >> it's busy. if you plan to commute into san francisco this is something you want to keep in mind. we are going live now and show you what's happening on mission between second and montgomery. this is a sinkhole. anne makovec is live on the
6:18 am
scene. she will update us throughout the morning but mission is very busy throughout the morning commute and evening commutes so you will see some delays in the area. you have options. use howard, folsom on market as alternates. keep in mind also muni will be routing 14-r through there so if you typically use that you will have to probably expect some delays there. you can see use bart in san francisco this morning. there's a montgomery street station that's not too far from the area. the rest of mass transit is right on time. let's jump to the freeways now. this just into the traffic center westbound fort bailey reports of an accident over to the right shoulder but a busy area anyway westbound 4 busy between hillcrest and 242. slow conditions into morgan hill 30 kins monterey street to highway 85. we have had some foggy spots out there this morning, roberta. >> we have had fog about everywhere except when you head
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inland and towards mount vaca. mount vaca is 2 800 feet up. you can see a layer of low clouds and fog inland but for the most part clear skies inland and warmer temperatures. right now 49 degrees visibility at three-quarters of a mile in santa rosa. otherwise, we are in the 50s around livermore, backing into dublin. 12-mile-per-hour winds now in oakland and alameda. north wind at 5 very slight in hayward. we have a wind up to 6 at sfo still waiting to see if we have airport delays there. they haven't checked in with us but it is overcast with a very low ceiling. winds up to 14 in fairfield. satellite and radar, here you have the low clouds and fog hanging very tight to the coast to the california, mexican border to the central valley so it will take a while to see clearing. it will be partial at best at the seashore today. you're not going to notice a difference in temperatures. but for everybody in the inland
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areas, away from the bay, you will have a significant warmup. no rain number next week. we have low clouds and areas of patchy fog around the avenues, the sunset district, backing through pacifica, moss and montera beaches. otherwise, lots of clear skies around the bay and peninsula. clouds back onshore overnight. so today, we do have high pressure building in. in fact, it's going to be the key component through the weekend. 87 degrees at the state capital. 67 monterey bay. 90 ukiah. approach 70 on the north shore today in the greater lake tahoe area. our sun-up sat 6:03. today temperatures above average in san jose. typically we should be at 75. instead 79 degrees. 80s east of the bay. 67 san francisco. mid-70s south of san francisco.
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north mid- to high 70s. here's the pollen report. olive trees beginning to bloom. the count is out of control. we have warmer weather for your thursday but an inside slider will cloud us up on the weekend bringing us cooler conditions. that's your "hump day" weather. enjoy your day. good morning, everybody. how much does an nba mvp trophy weigh? i know. you? you? you? hey, i got the giants bats. was last night the night they finally woke up?
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hey, good morning, everybody. nba up top. steph curry a back-to-back mvp. only 10 others can say that and he got his award yesterday. look at this. each of these, 10 unds. curry could do curls with them. first unanimous winner in nba history after he dropped 40 off the bench against portland on
6:25 am
monday. 17 in overtime. his head coach says his confidence is one of the reasons he became the league's best and that confidence was on display monday night. >> he was 0 for 10 from the three-point line last night he made his 11th and shimmied down the sideline. i said luke, is he shimmying? he is one for 11 from three! so you better believe yourself when you're shimmying at 1 for 11. gregg popovich up against it in san antonio game five against oklahoma city. russell westbrook off the -- came flying in! we're done here. the thunder 3-2 series lead after a 95-91 final. westbrook scored 35. game 6 thursday in oklahoma city.
6:26 am
that will do it for the highlights. we'll at the you that the giants 4-0 losers to toronto last night. the a's roughed up in boston 13- 5. see you later. it is 6:26 right now. a big sign that drought conditions are improving. one bay area water district is dropping extra fees for its customers. >> reporter: and a huge sinkhole opened up in san francisco. coming up, we'll tell you the precarious situation one family found itself in and when this thing is expected to be closed. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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weather ad libs a big disappointment for supporters of a plan to protect
6:30 am
renters in the south bay. >> "dub nation" game 5 against portland tonight. tonight is the big game. time to close it out against the trail blazers! [ laughter ] >> i just love me some kiet do! sure we are talking about changes this weekend. >> you can do it, kiet! >> delays on 680. hot spots. details coming up. >> got to work on that layup. it is wednesday, may 11. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:30. right now, a massive sinkhole is making life difficult for bay area commuters. it's so big an suv got stuck. anne makovec reports. what's it looking like? >> reporter: you can see the sinkhole still here behind me on mission in between second
6:31 am
and new montgomery. the sinkhole is 12 feet by 5 feet. it's 9 feet deep. repairs begin later this morning. it opened up at 9:30 p.m. last night and an suv fell partially in. rescuers told them to stay put until they could secure the vehicle so it didn't fall all the way in. our joe vazquez spoke with a witness. >> what was that family's reaction when they were told, you have to stay in the car? >> they looked shocked that you would tell someone to stay someone to stay in a dangerous situation. >> reporter: crews got some ropes around the vehicle and were abled tow it away. now, they have to figure out what caused this sinkhole. it looks like it was possibly a broken sewer line. in fact, under that hole now is a brick sewer line that dates back to 1875. this road is going to be closed at least through the end of today and hopefully soon they
6:32 am
will have a better handle on the problem and what it will take to repair t live in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. >> that's very old. what other factors will they be looking at? >> they are going to be look at any contractors who may have been doing work around here recently or if there are any road repairs, and maybe the road was not repaired to spec. so they are going to be looking at all these factors but it looks like the age of that sewer line really is the main problem here. back to you. >> thank you. east bay m.u.d. feels confident about the state of our drought. they have essentially decided that it's over. this vantage point from chopper 5 you're about to see shows just why the agency feels certain about this. east bay m.u.d. says that the san pablo reservoir and several others are 93% full and that's why the agency is calling off its water shortage emergency. it voted yesterday to declare the water supply is at stage 0. east bay m.u.d. was at stage 4 critical back in
6:33 am
april of last year. but with the changes they suspended the 25% surcharge for customers. it's ending mandatory restrictions on water use. the changes take effect july 1. we have been talking about it. we're so used to conserving that we all do it. >> i think we should just keep on. >> put our hand together and said we did ajob, well done! >> so why not keep it up? >> why not. let's go for it. five-minute showers. >> i'm going to keep my three minute showers. it works. good morning, let's take a live look right now in the santa clara valley. overcast skies. i haven't seen it this cloudy this gray in san jose in years really. we have thick overcast skies about everywhere this morning. it is 49 degrees in santa rosa. visibility three-quarters of a mile. 52 degrees in san francisco we have clouds next to the coast. about point raze all the way
6:34 am
down to the california/mexico border about point reyes. partial coastal clearing today. full sunshine inland. so only 60s at the seashore. 70's and 80s around the peninsula today. los gatos 83 san jose 82. up from the average high temperature of 75 degrees. eastern portion of our bay area, a west-to-southwest wind 10 to 20 miles per hour all the way up to 85 degrees. discovery bay 85. 75 sonoma. mid-80s clearlake. that full weekend forecast that promises some changes, that's coming up at 48 minutes after the hour. let's jump to the roads right now. we have a couple of hot spots on 680. first off southbound as you commute through walnut creek look out for an accident. good news it's over to the shoulder. not blocking any lanes. south 680 just as you approach highway 24 but a busy area anyway. if you are traveling to the benicia bridge, it's sluggish.
6:35 am
ruby hills to pidgeon pass traffic is recovering in the area with accident cleared out of lanes. south 680 accident in the sunol grade, 40 minutes south 680, 580 to 101. looks like connecting over to south 680 from 580 will be slow. limited visibility due to fog. an accident still in effect on the right shoulder westbound 4 at bailey. today the families of men killed by san francisco police officers will join civil rights activists who call for a state investigation into the department. protestors have been calling for attorney general kamala harris to look into the sfpd. she said no. the activists say the most recent incident should have her rethinking that decision. last week, an officer in the bayview was suspended after reportedly using the "n" word and threatening to use violence against people living there. that suspension comes as the
6:36 am
city's public defender is reviewing more than 200 criminal cases involving officers who were caught exchanging text messages with racial and homophobic slurs. members of san francisco's religious community will meet with housing advocates and city leaders tonight to talk about proposition c. the bill on the june ballot would increase affordable housing requirements in the city. they say they want to detail the community's real housing needs. tonight's meeting starts at 7:00 at st. james he. they are going to reduce the annual rent hike from 8% to 5% for 44,000 older apartments in san jose. yesterday council members rejected a plan to implement the new restrictions immediately. they are taking effect on june 17. tonight the warriors could move to the next round if they
6:37 am
win tonight in oakland. >> kiet do is at oracle arena where he has been practicing. there's even more good news for steph curry. not for you, kiet. >> reporter: whoo! so much trash talking! i cannot believe this. but, um, you know, steph curry says if you are going to trash talk you better be able to back it up. always gives me chills to see oracle like this quiet. totally decked out in gold before a big game. so it is big night. everybody gets a strength in numbers t-shirt and rally towel. curry received the mvp trophy for the second year in a row. it was an earnest speech where he gave thanks to everyone calling it a huge honor and moment to appreciate and celebrate everything that went into the award. curry won the second mvp title with a unanimous vote first time that's been done and the
6:38 am
first person in history to get back-to-back titles. >> i looked at everybody who won and mvp before and legends, um, guys that are household names and they jump off the page. and to be the first unanimous mvp award winner is something that i -- i don't even know how to put into words. >> reporter: if you saw game 4 monday, it was described bay our own dennis o'donnell as perhaps the finest performance of curry's career and that's saying a lot. curry had been out for two weeks resting his knee and came off the bench spent much of the game shaking off the rust and then the game went into over time and that's when the human torch set portland on fire 17 points in overtime a play-off recognize. all that plus the mvp recognition and plus being at home, not looking good for portland tonight. they are issuing a fraud alert
6:39 am
tickets. worst seats start at $175. >> we saw you had a rough time on the three-point attempt earlier so we are going to show it again. right? >> yeah. we are going to show it again. >> oh, what? >> we think that just because -- yeah, that was an air ball. not pretty. >> i'll air ball for you right now. >> it's in a loop right now, kiet. so redeem yourself. another bay area county is reporting its first f the zika >> close! >> air ball, hit the rim. >> one more time. that was close. >> oh. all right, kiet. >> not bad. >> time for one more? >> third time he's a charm? >> no. no more time. just keep practicing. [ laughter ] >> we might be here a while.
6:40 am
>> there you go. >> we'll believe you if you say you hit it. all right. here we go. oh. all right, kiet. we got to go. sorry, kiet. maybe next time. practice makes perfect. >> that's right. another bay area county is reporting its first case of the zika virus. marin county health officials say that that person was infected during a recent trip to central america. they say the infection does not pose a risk to anyone. and signs like these are going up in flint, michigan. michigan state university now testing dogs who may have been exposed to lead through tainted water in the city. one state veterinarian says that his office has seen 7 cases of lead poisoning in dogs. senate republicans have shut the door on confirming a supreme court nominee in a lame duck session. president obama's pick is marick garland but gop senators maintain that the next president should be the one to
6:41 am
nominate a replacement for the late justice scalia. somewe'll be right back. ,, ,,
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good morning. 6: 44 on your wednesday and these are the temperatures you can anticipate in and around our microclimates. above average! san francisco average high 64. but expect 67. partial clearing in half moon bay at 60 degrees. good morning, san jose! your average high 75 but, instead, 82 degrees, 58 brentwood through discovery bay. it will be in the low 80s around danville, pleasanton and livermore. 76 degrees today with the abundance of sunshine in san rafael into terra linda and 85 degrees in clearlake.
6:45 am
the full forecast is four minutes away. time for a look at what's coming up this morning on "cbs this morning." gayle king joins us from new york. good morning. >> reporter: hello, michelle. always good to see you. kenny, nice to see you, too. >> always good to see you. >> reporter: we are in massachusetts with the deadly stabbing -- always. we're in massachusetts with a deadly stabbing spree that ended at a mall that started in a home and ended at a mall. plus the challenges facing donald trump on his efforts to ee night the party. an american team climbing mount everest takes as you long for the journey, and jon bon jovi -- [ mispronouncing it -- tells us what excites him the most about his music and mission to make sure everybody has something to eat. mrs. bon jovi was involved in that too big time. the news is back in the morning. see you at 7:00. >> thank you. >> jon bon jovi is so cute.
6:46 am
>> he looks so good and he is totally gray and embracing it. he looks fantastic. >> why not? he looks great. >> thank you. "cbs this morning" starts today at 7:00. a pair of major u.s. retail chains won't be merging after all. with more, here's kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. >> reporter: good morning. it's been a tough year for big mergers. a number of them have failed and that now includes office depot and staples. they called off their $6.3 billion merger after a federal judge blocked it saying it would hurt competition in the office supply space. shares of both companies are down. it's especially painful for staples. it will have to payoffs depot a $250 million breakup fee because the deal is not going through. tough time for other compies after their earnings reports. macy's reported a drop in sales
6:47 am
for the fifth straight quarter. its profit was down by 40% with weaker consumer spending in clothing. that's something we saw with gap. their april sales were down significantly. disney experiencing its first earnings in this two years. its tv business, which is its biggest part of the business, saw weaker growth overcoming big numbers. electronic arts is a winner. "star wars" and sports games all doing very well. their shares are up. stock market coming off its best session in two months but today giving back a little bit. let's go to the big board and see how we're doing so far. dow down 80. nasdaq down 13. s&p down 6. shares in macy's down 10%. that's weighing on other department store chains, as well. back to you. >> thank you, jason brooks from kcbs radio. prosecutors in san francisco have charged two alameda county sheriff's
6:48 am
deputies accused of beating a suspect. one of the deputies is luis santamaria seen here with oakland mayor libby schaaf at a public event last year. video shows santamaria and deputy paul weiber using batons on a suspect. stanislas petrov got a concussion and broken hand. san francisco district attorney george gascon says it took a few months to file charges because his staff had to collect medical records and enhance the november surveillance video. time now 6:48. let's get a check of traffic and weather. details about an accident causing delays on 680? >> yes. this is a big accident. it's injuries reported southbound 680 at sunol boulevard. left lane blocked for fire crews. looks like a lot of chp on scene as well so you're seeing a lot of red on the sensors indicating speeds under 25 miles per hour. 14 miles per hour in some spots. that's even past the accident scene. so busy ride coming away from 580 on the southbound side. if you are heading all the way down to 101, about a 46-minute drive time. that's how long it will take
6:49 am
you to get through the area. a little slow approaching 101, as well. westbound 580 over to 680 you will see delays also westbound out of tracy heading into the altamont pass. you will see stop-and-go conditions, gets better past greenville. westbound 4 at bailey a wreck on the right shoulder and another on the off-ramp, busy through pittsburg this morning. south bay slow northbound 101 out of morgan hill and delays again in and out of san jose as you work your way on to 101. let's go live to san francisco right now. we have been keeping our eye on this situation all morning long. mission between second and new montgomery, a sinkhole causing problems. folsom, howard and market are alternates. there are changes to muni in the area, as well. so do plan for that this morning. that's a look at your "kcbs traffic." let's check the forecast. >> delays over one hour on some arriving flights at sfo this morning, due to low clouds and fog. this is the scene at sfo right now. it's equally as cloudy at
6:50 am
oakland international airport and mineta international airport but no reports of airport delays there. temperatures upper 40s in santa rosa with visibility down to three-quarters of a mile due to fog. we do have overcast conditions in the tri-valley. look at the blanket, the shield, the marine layer that's stacked up next to the immediate seashore. we also have some overcast conditions in the central valley. bottom line is, we'll clear out at the bay area and partial clearing at the coast. at lunch hour we see a little hint of clearing at the beaches with areas of low clouds next to the sunset district also around the avenues back through pacifica, moss and montara beaches. and then we quickly fill back in as the evening progresses. it will be overcast in all areas again tonight. meanwhile our satellite and radar suggests high pressure that's the key component will keep us dry over the weekend but it's weak. so when we have an inside
6:51 am
slider over the weekend, we'll see increasing clouds and cooler temperatures. today a thunderstorm in yosemite. 87 in sacramento and the beaches in the 60s. 64 degrees in pacifica. 71 around oakland into alameda. mid-70s with ample sunshine at the peninsula. we are going up to 58 degrees our outside number inland. your pollen report suggests, throw in the olive trees. boy, it's medium to high but it's the worst allergy season in years. warmer weather for your thursday. cooler conditions increasing clouds over the weekend. make it a great day, everyone. a large venus statute will tower over san francisco. it's outside the new trinity apartment complex being constructed on market street. >> i don't think many people have done gigantic art like this. it's very unique. >> the single largest piece venus's shoulders -- >> the nine story high statue is made of stainless steel and
6:52 am
weighs more than 50 tons. time now 6:51. we'll be right back. ,,
6:53 am
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6:55 am
spokesbox: ♪ go paperless, don't stress, girl ♪ ♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ deadly stabbing spree near boston five things to know at the :55. authorities in massachusetts are trying to figure out what led to a deadly stabbing spree near boston on tuesday. police say 28-year-old arthur darosa stabbed two people at a home in taunton before assaulting several others at a mall. the suspect was shot and killed by an off-duty deputy. people in kentucky are bracing for the potential of more severe weather this week. a day after a tornado touched down, at least 10 people were injured in the western part of the state during yesterday's storms. oklahoma's governor has declared a stat of emergency in 15 counties -- a state of emergency in 15 counts because of damage from the system. bernie sanders promises to fight for every last vote after yesterday's victory in the west
6:56 am
virginia primary. sanders still trails front- runner hillary clinton significantly in the overall delegate count. presumptive gop nominee donald trump won nebraska and west virginia. san francisco supervisors will talk about the report on the super bowl 50 impact. san francisco made money as the host city for the game but spent more than expected. the biggest cost was police which skyrocketed after the terror attacks in paris. the warriors can advance to the western conference finals for a second straight year with a win over portland tonight. before the game in oakland, a special ceremony will be held to honor steph curry. he was named league mvp yeerday. i'm anne makovec live in san francisco, where crews are trying to figure out what to do about a huge sinkhole. this is on mission street in between second and new montgomery. that hole is 12 by 5 feet wide
6:57 am
and 9 feet deep. repairs will begin this morning. this hole opened up at 5:30 p.m. yesterday and an suv partially fell in. how scary! there was a family inside at the time. rescuers had to be strategic about how to get them out. >> had to stay inside to make sure the weight didn't distribute unevenly where the car would fall further into the hole. >> reporter: crews eventually got ropes around the vehicle and towed it. now they have to figure out what happened. it looks like the cause may have been a brick sewer line under the street that dates back to 1875. mission will be closed for the day. anne makovec, kpix 5. because of the closure, use folsom, howard or market as alternates. three cars on the freeway south 680 at sunol boulevard injuries reported backed up to 580. almost an hour now to go from 580 to 101. still clearing an accident west 4 at bailey road causing delays
6:58 am
out of antioch into pittsburg. slow south 242 connecting over to 680, as well. metering lights are on at the bay bridge with the backups into the maze. all approaches now slow. that includes the eastshore freeway westbound 580 pretty sluggish this morning as we head towards the bay bridge. 880, doing okay through oakland later on tonight warriors and blazers at oracle so delays at 880 this morning. use bart as an alternate. 880 south of there from hayward down into fremont we have our typical slow-and-go conditions which is making it tough to get on the san mateo bridge with a 20-minute drive time now to go from 880 to 101. it's a gray slate. good morning, everyone. this is our live weather camera looking out from valley christian elementary school in dublin over the tree line there and you can see the trees waving in the breeze up to about 10 miles per hour. what happened to mount diablo? it's disappeared! visibility unlimited at this time well away from the coast it is but not so much there. 52 degrees in san francisco.
6:59 am
we do have delays at sfo over one hour due to restricted visibility. 64 degrees in pacifica today with partial clearing to the low to mid-80s away from the bay east. it will be 85 degrees to the north in cloverdale. 81 degrees in san jose. that's up from the average high 75. so only partial coastal clearing lots of sunshine around the bay and inland once the fog and low clouds lift. warmer on your thursday. then an inside slider brings us cloudier and cooler conditions for the weekend. maybe chances of rain next week. if you are already thinking about lunch head to the south bay. but a heads up you will need to take an extended break. the dumpling fans packed valley fair mall in san jose yesterday waiting in line for hours for a taste of din tai fung. this is the chain's first restaurant in the bay area. it's best known for its soup dumplings or xlbs. the restaurant doesn't take reservations. now what xlbs are? >> i had to google it.
7:00 am
they are steamed buns. >> okay! i'm take some steamed buns! [ laughter ] captions by: caption colorado in the west. it is wednesday may 11th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." new tornadoes ripped through the heartland tearing severe weathet millions today. chaos inside a shopping mall outside boston after a man goes on a deadly stabbing spree. >> donald trump prepares to talk gop unity after two more primary wins, plus bernie sanders wins another state. he says he could still claim the nomination. >> but we begin thisorning with a look at today's eye-opener, your world in 90 seconds. >> it


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