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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  May 11, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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he was later detained at the scene. the passenger was injured, was transported to valley medical center, where he was later pronounced dead. >> reporter: the shooting and chase triggered big traffic backups this afternoon as detectives closed a busy stretch of road detouring hundreds of frustrated drivers around the scene of the crash as they collected evidence. >> an ongoing criminal investigation. we are still talking to all the witnesses and possible victims. >> reporter: investigators were able to re-open hamilton avenue about an hour ago in time for the evening commute rush. in campbell, devin fehely, kpix 5. bullets were flying on highway 4 this morning. a pregnant woman was killed in what looks like a targeted shooting. the crime scene a stretch of westbound highway 4 near railroad avenue. and that freeway was closed for hours. kpix 5's jackie ward on the victim's family who is demanding justice. jackie. >> reporter: highway 4 has
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since reopened but a family is now devastated after learning that their daughter was killed. >> this is a young lady! gone down like she was nothing! >> reporter: the woman gunned down while driving on highway 4. >> somebody seen something. please! we are begging you! i'm begging you! please come forward! she has four kids! four kids!! >> reporter: and she was pregnant with her fifth. her family says she became distant recently when she started dating her boyfriend the owner of the lexus that was shot up. at first, police thought it was a car crash. but when officers arrived, they quickly saw it was something much more. both the woman and her boyfriend were shot. >> the vehicle had collided after the vehicle was shot at several times. >> reporter: this is the second freeway shooting in the last month. the third on highway 4 since november. police believe this was no random shooting and that the gunmen target the lexus. >> i can tell you as a law
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enforcement, we are very concerned. >> reporter: the suspect of this morning's shooting is still out there. all investigators are telling us is that he drove off in a white mercedes sedan. meanwhile, the victim's mother told us that the father of the victim's four children died in a double homicide in pittsburg last may. from the pittsburg police department, jackie ward, kpix 5. another wild incident in the south bay. san jose police forced to fire on a man they saw chasing his mother with an axe! it happened around 7:00 this morning on the 1400 block of jarvis avenue. that's a neighborhood near highway 85. police say they were responding to a different call when they saw the 26-year-old suspect run out of the house, axe in hand, going after his mother. officers fired striking the suspect. a neighbor told us there were signs of trouble. >> i guess he has been having some problems, mental health problems, recently. i know he was at the mental hospital about a month ago. >> the mother and son were
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taken to a hospital. both were listed in stable condition. new at 5:00, fresh calls for san francisco's police chief to resign. this time, the demand isn't coming from protestors. kpix 5's mark kelly says elected leaders say it's time for the chief to go. mark. >> reporter: allen, for weeks the board of supervisors has not joined the protestors in calling for the chief to resign. but today, that solidarity unraveled. >> i think at this point the chief is a distraction to ensuring real reforms to the police department. he think he is a good person and he has ably served our city over the last 30 years and it's time for a transition. >> reporter: and just like that the floodgates opened. later, supervisor david campos joined kim in calling for the police chief to resign. >> i believe that it's time for us to start a search for a new police chief. >> reporter: kim says it should be a national search, especially after a blue ribbon
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report unveiled this week outlined systemic issues within the police department around hiring, training and disciplining officers. >> we need significant reforms in order to address it. and i don't think the current chief can lead those reforms. >> reporter: the protestors seemed to have rattled some in city all weeks of sit-ins and a 17-day hunger strike but some like mayor ed lee are not swayed. he is chalking there resignation talk up to politicians playing politics. the community has asked a fast track change and not put politics before police reforms and unfortunately, that is exactly what this does. >> it could not be more clear. chief suhr has to be the one to lead these reforms going forward. there's no one better positioned in terms of his history with the department, but also his ability to implement these reforms. ahead been the most progressive police chief we have had in decades in the city of san francisco. no outsider is going to be able
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to come in and implement those reforms effectively. >> reporter: this afternoon i got a statement from chief greg suhr saying, quote, i am focused on working with our san francisco community, the mayor's office and the police commission to move these departmental reforms forward. now, coming up at 6:00, a leader in san francisco law enforcement calling two san francisco cops snitches? we are going to tell you why in a live report. in san francisco, mark kelly, kpix 5. it could be another couple of days before a sinkhole gets patched up in san francisco. chopper 5 shows crews assessing the damage on mission street near new montgomery street. you can see an excavator going down into the gaping hole like a metal claw inside a toy machine. the 12 by 5-foot hole opened up at 5:30 yesterday afternoon trapping a family in their suv. crews secured the vehicle and got it out using ropes. >> i have to work. everybody is freaking out. there's buses stopped. >> the size of a volkswagen
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bug. >> the hole is roughly 9 feet deep. a brick sewer main dating back to 1875 is to blame. traffic can now go around the hole but it won't be repaired until tomorrow night at the earliest. well, we are just about two hours away from game five between the golden state warriors and the portland trail blazers. dennis dennis o'donnell live at oracle arena. this time no question about it. mvp steph curry is playing tonight. and after monday's performance, we better hope he is. >> reporter: well, i tell you what, big company today for that reason, elizabeth. nba commissioner adam silver will be on hand. he is going to give curry his mvp hardware prior to tonight's game five. if the warriors win it, this series is over. and more breaking news to tell you about. steph curry will return to the starting line-up this evening putting an end to his bid for the 6th man award.
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after missing two weeks he scored 40 points monday night to lead the warriors to an overtime win as he continues to amaze his teammates and coaches. >> did you know steph had that kind of game in him? >> nobody did. nobody d -- no did. nobody expected that. so add it to the legacy. >> i don't know if you noticed he was 0 for 10 from the three- point line last night. he made his 11th and he shimmied down the sideline. [ laughter ] >> i turned to luke, i said, luke, is he shimmying? he -- he's one for 11 from three! [ laughter ] >> reporter: yeah. that's the stuff that legends are made of and steph curry indeed is a legend. i'll tell you another number 43. steph curry has hit 43 three- pointers in consecutive games, 43 games with a three-pointer. the record is held by reggie miller at 44. i'm going to go out on a little and say reggie [ sic ] breaks that tonight. elizabeth, they are handing
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these out. "strength in numbers" t-shirts. so there you go. right out of the channel 5 budget just for you. >> thank you very much! >> reporter: coming up at 6:00, draymond green, draymond green who likes to talk, can't stop him, we are going to profile him coming up at 6:00. >> dennis, quick question. curry wasn't supposed to play as many minutes on monday as did he but you know what he seemed to get stronger as the night went on. the overnight performance was unbelievable. >> reporter: he wasn't supposed to go 37 minutes. that point was made by steve kerr prior to curry playing basketball. but he got his steal and his shots and i don't think there's any further limitation on curry at this time. that is bad news for trail blazers who either win or go home tonight. >> i see a couple of players practicing behind you. who is on the court? they're making fun of you, too, back there. [ laughter ] >> reporter: that would be, um, ian clark, who by the way i don't think has missed a three- pointer, festus ezeli is out
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there. so this is typical golden state warmup. curry will come out later and warriors fans know that curry has not been on the court for shootaround prior to the injury so this is going to be the first time they will see him. he is going to do his hallway shot right next to my right. so warriors fans are going to be very excited tonight. not only if they win this game but they could have up to a week's rest before they move on to the next series. so big game for golden state tonight. a to close out the series and, b to get a nice rest for steph curry and company. >> could all use it. >> absolutely. >> all deserve it. >> thanks, enjoy it. >> i love it. another bay area team making news. we are now hearing the mayor of las vegas says he is confident the raiders will be moving to "sin city." owner mark davis met with las vegas tourism officials last month about a $1.4 billion stadium. and today, influential texas cowboys owner jerry jones suggested the entertainment aspect of the team in vegas
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outweighs the league's past concerns about gambling. ♪[ music ] forget bullet trains. there's new buzz around the high-tech hyperloop. how it just jumped off the drawing board. >> it's the supplement pregnant women have been told to take for years. now concerns it could be linked to autism. >> what queen elizabeth said when she thought that the cameras and mics were turned off that led to an international incident. >> the weather is more than pleasant in pleasant hill tonight. it is little league night. the weather couldn't be more perfect for the games going on. how long do we stay in the low 80s? the answer in the seven-day forecast coming up. ,,,,
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a company called "hyper-loop one" successfully tested ous dramatic video shows the future of transportation is
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nearly here. a company called hyperloop 1 successfully tested out its high speed prototype at a facility in north las vegas. it took less than 4 seconds for the metal sled to rocket across the straight track before hitting a patch of sand. the idea is to zip people and cargo through tubes at hundreds of miles per hour. this was just a partial glimpse into the propulsion system. developers say the technology could one day whisk people from san francisco to los angeles in just 30 minutes. hyperloop 1 hopes to have a full test by the end of the year. >> it's amazing. it's just a culmination from the team's work. you know, there's some hot behind the scenes action to make sure it went off without a hitch and it did and, um, you know, we're just excited to see this keep going. building, you know, turning real engineering into real hardware and watching it execute is really, you know, the best part of life. >> tesla and spacex founder
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elon musk came up with the concept for the high speed technology. he is challenging companies like hyperloop 1 to make it a reality fast. meanwhile, forget the bells and whistles, tesla's next electric vehicles could include lights and sirens. check this out. palo alto-based automaker gave the l.a. plymouth a model s sedan to try. testing has been going on for a year. lapd reps say they are weighing the pros and cons for the long term. so far, they are not ruling out the model s despite the $70,000 price tag. on the healthwatch too many folic acid may lead to autism. that's according to researchers at boston university medical center. they found that women who gave birth with high levels of folic acid in their blood had a greater risk for their children to develop autism later. folic acid is a vitamin supplement used by pregnant women and women who plan to get pregnant to help prevent birth defects. researchers say more studies are still needed to confirm the link. a high stakes meeting is
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set for tomorrow between republican house speaker paul ryan and donald trump. the goal? bringing a divided republican party together. >> we need a real unification of our party which, you know, look, after a tough primary, that's going to take some effort. >> so far, the gop is deeply divided over its presumptive nominee donald trump who just scored two more primary victories. trump will meet with ryan or thursday to hash out differences. >> we need to get to know each other. >> reporter: ryan is one of several congressional republicans who have not endorsed trump. others are slowly coming around. trump says it won't impact the race either way. >> if we make a deal, that will be great. if we don't, we'll trudge forward like i have been doing and winning all the time. >> reporter: and in the democratic race sanders won west virginia yesterday. >> i want to again thank the people of west virginia. last night for giving us a great victory. [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: he trails hillary clinton by hundreds of delegates. today she focused on the general election at an event in new jersey.
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>> i am not going to respond to the insults and the attacks coming from donald trump in this campaign. [ applause and cheers ] >> i will stand up and fight for and speak out for every american that he attacks! [ screaming ] >> reporter: hillary clinton continues to call on donald trump to release his tax returns. despite mounting pressure, he won't do it. they are being audited. trump also says he doesn't believe voters are interested. a major shake-up in bernie sanders's campaign less than a month before the california primary. the state director michael serras so has left sanders campaign. he said he pushed for a strategy that involved more field and digital organizing and fewer tv ads. california's considered a crucial state for sanders with 475 delegates at stake. new at 5:00 an ac transit bus driver is being honored for helping a boy with autism get
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home. on april 30, the man was driving his bus when they spot a boy. he had traveled on his scooter from his home in piedmont to lake merritt. the driver sensed something was wrong. he pulled over to talk to the boy and helped police track down his parents. the alameda contra costa transit board president said he is immensely proud of the driver's work. they are cleaning up after the tornadoes that tore through kentucky. at least 10 people were injured. yesterday, fast-moving winds formed this funnel cloud over mayfield, kentucky, within seconds. other twin twisters touched down not far away narrowly missing several schools. homes and businesses were hit. >> all i know is a tornado come through here and my parents, when i seen they i fell to my knee that is they were okay. they both got out within 30 seconds. the neighbor knocked on the door said there's a tornado. they made it from here to here.
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>> there were also twisters in illinois and nebraska. springtime in the plains. but springtime around here means baseball. that's where paul deanno is in pleasant hill getting so am baseball in this afternoon. >> absolutely. guys, the weather here could not be more the opposite of what's going on in the tennessee valley over the past 24 hours. this is baseball season, folks. there will be 7 different games going on at 5:30 this evening. from t-ball to 12- and 13-year- olds, we'll have hundreds of baseball players playing here in pleasanton pleasant oaks park. san francisco is only 58 degrees and foggy by the golden gate. oakland is 61. but contrast that with 71 in
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san jose. 81 in livermore. and 79 degrees in concord. overnight tonight we'll all cool down to the low 50s. san rafael 52. san jose 54. napa 51. vallejo 52. mountain view low tonight 55. we have a ridge of high pressure which is centered to our south and west that's giving us the light onshore flow. it's going to hang out and stay strong for another day. after that the low you see behind it will go north. we'll be rain-free. it will crank up the onshore flow. we'll get cooler weather inland. so tonight, low cloud cover once again tomorrow morning may not last very long inland but you will have it. low clouds and fog likely in most areas tonight. mild to warm once again tomorrow. of course the milder stuff is near the water. the warm weather will be in places like pleasant hill tomorrow with highs in the 80s but a cooling trend for everybody and the biggest drop will be inland and that starts friday and will last through the weekend. so enjoy the warm stuff tomorrow, napa. your high 75. san francisco still cool but
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this is normal for you 64 degrees. and fremont your high 70. cooler, much cooler, especially inland friday. that's when the onshore flow gets stronger. 60s near the bay. monday through wednesday rye bounding in temperatures into the upper 70s low 80s inland. back out here live we are the a's warming up for their 9 and 10-year-old game taking on the brewers tonight. kids are getting ready. this is kind of fun to be out here. you have all the parents, the snack shack over there firing up some burgers and hot dogs. it's not just one baseball game. it's 7 games! and moms and dads were telling me they had a lot of rainouts in march in the beginning of the season. there's no such thing as a sun- out so we'll be fine for baseball tonight and likely through the weekend. live in pleasant hill, paul deanno, back to you. >> beautiful night for it. enjoy it. >> we are right over the home run fence here so we're safe.
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we're in home run territory. >> thank you, paul. queen elizabeth caught breaking diplomatic protocol. >> what she said with her microphone off that's ruffled feathers in china. >> but first, the markets closed down today. here's a look at the closing numbers from wall street. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the mountain view tech giant announced a few hours ago tt they're banning all advert s. new at 5:00 google is cracking down on payday lenders. the mountain view tech giant announced a few hours ago they are banning all advertisements for payday loans. the company hopes to protect users from, quote, deceptive or harmful financial products. also brewing in mountain view, google is rolling out a new fleet of emojis featuring career women. they include doctors, scientists, coders and builders. the company hopes to have the empowering emojis available to all android smartphones by the end of the year. walmart is suing visa saying some of its methods are
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not secure enough. the retail joint filed a lawsuit in new york supreme court. walmart says visa lets customers use just a signature to verify transactions with chip debit cards. and that payments using p.i.n. numbers are safer. so far no comment from visa. the longest running correspondent at "60 minutes" is about to sign off for the last time. cbs news announced today that morley safer will retire this week. the 84-year-old journalist joined 60 minutes in 1970. cbs plans to run an hour long special on morley safer after "60 minutes" on sunday which you can see here on kpix 5. her majesty queen elizabeth is a stickler for protocol. now she is in the middle of a stew. while hosting a party yesterday she made an unguarded comment about the chinese government. her mic was hot. she was overheard telling a
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commander that the chinese delegation were, quote, very rude to the british ambassador to china. take a listen. >> i think the point that they [ indiscernible ] lancaster house told me that the trick was off. i felt that -- >> they were rude to the ambassador. >> yes. >> commander went on to call the chinese president and his wife, quote, undiplomatic. the palace refused to comment on what it describes as a private conversation. we're back after a quick break. stay with us. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,
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making a racist comment. now he's being called the victi athing rant.. bl new at 6:00 tonight a police officer turned in for making a racist comment. now he is being called the victim. the scathing rant blasting cops for snitching. and dealing with an illness hard enough certainly but bay area patients are being blindsided by surprise medical bills from doctors they may have never met. the new legal push to protect you. those stories and more tonight at 6:00. and we are following breaking news. chopper 5 is heading to vallejo, where a brush fire has closed lanes of i-80. the fire burning close to the freeway in the eastbound lanes just west of highway 29 near the carquinez bridge. we'll have more on this developing story tonight at 6:00. that's it for kpix 5 news at 5:00. "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is coming up next. see you tonight at 6:00. captions by: caption colorado
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>> pelley: terror in baghdad. nearly 100 are killed in a series of isis suicide bombings. >> reporter: this is a residential neighborhood, and tere is a sense that nowhere in the capital is safe. >> pelley: also tonight, it was arson. investigators say someone set the fire -- >> god almighty. >> pelley: -- that blew up part ki a texas town killing 15 people. is it safe to take folic acid poring pregnancy? g r dr. jon lapook has the facts behind some troubling headlines. >> i'm morley safer. , pelley: and the end of an era of wit, wisdom and wonder. >> come on. >> pelley: "60 minutes" correspondent morley safer announces his retirement. >> sure you haven't got any money? >> no, no, it's against co


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