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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  May 12, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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warriors clinched their series and we also have a live look at san jose. [ applause ] >> s.a.p. center. that is the site of game 7 where the sharks have a chance to win it. >> we're all excited about the sharks and the warriors. but no one more excited than roberta, right? >> game 7 drama, right? >> just for the record that warriors game was over at 10:21 last night! >> you stayed up for it? >> i had to! [ laughter ] >> it was mandatory watching. tonight the sharks and we're really excited about that at 6:00 tonight. the street part begins at 3:00 and i know gianna will be all over that as far as the streets and your traffic is concerned this morning. we're on top of your weather. it's another day -- i got to tell you. this is a real summertime weather pattern. it's cool at the coast and it's warm in your inland areas this morning. everybody is in the 50s. later today 60s at the beaches, 70s bayside and peninsula and climbing to the mid-80s away from the bay. this is the last day of the warming trend. we'll talk about the big changes you need to know about. but first let's say good
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morning to "lady g." >> good morning. we start off with an accident involving an overturned vehicle so you might see some delays here south 85 connector to southbound 280. it is over to the left shoulder but a lot of activity there on scene. bay bridge, some roadwork in effect westbound from center anchorage to fremont and folsom. two lanes open until 6:00. traffic is light but you will see slightly slower speeds across the span and the altamont pass starting to get busy. a deadly highway shooting has pittsburg police asking who would kill a mother of four? it happened yesterday on 4 near railroad avenue exit. >> she had four kids. four kids! >> reporter: four kids now without a mother and a family desperately pleading for help. >> somebody do something, please come forward. we are begging you! i'm begging you. please come forward. >> reporter: shanique marie was
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shot and killed on 4. >> a black sedan that hit the embankment off the right-hand shoulder and the suspect vehicle which apparently there were four to five gunshots heard. >> the vehicle had collided after the vehicle was shot at several times and ultimately caught on fire. >> reporter: this is what the lexus looked like after it crashed into a dirt em bankment . the family says the car blocked to shanique's boyfriend. he was shot in the arm but will be okay. shanique didn't make it. >> this is a young lady gunned down like she was nothing. >> reporter: this is the second shooting on highway 4 in the past month. pittsburg police now asking the city for $100,000 to install cameras on the highway to keep drives safe. >> we have met with the california highway patrol. we have met with local agencies throughout our county. and we are progressively looking for solutions. >> reporter: cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> so far police have not arrested any suspects in the case. pittsburg city council is set to vote next week on the
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resolution to install cameras. some oakland police officers are accused of sexual misconduct with a teenaged girl. the police department confirms three officers are on paid leave and an investigation is under way. the department released a statement that reads in part, the oakland police department will not tolerate misconduct of any kind from its employees. the oakland police department holds all employees accountable for their actions on and off the duty. the identities of the accused officers are not being released at this time. a bizarre series of events in santa clara county has left two men dead. it began with the shooting death of one man in redwood estates in the hills south of los gatos. it ended with a deadly crash on the northbound highway 17 off- ramp to hamilton avenue in campbell. the victim was found dead in a home on madrone drive in redwood estates. investigators say that witnesses saw a getaway car and deputies soon caught up with it
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on 17. the driver crashed into a wall in campbell. the passenger was injured and later died at the hospital. the driver ran but was caught by deputies. >> this is a see serious crime. two people -- this is a very serious crime. two people were killed. we don't know the association. high speeds down highway 17. it's very dangerous. they were a suspect in a potential suspect in a violent crime. >> sheriff's deputies are still trying to find the motive. they are not saying how the people involved are related. mora ga is making -- moraga is making sure the sinkhole doesn't trap other drivers. drivers have access to one lane in both directions and four-way stop in place at rheem and center street. but moraga is still scrambling to find the $3.5 million it needs to fix the sinkhole. san francisco crews are working to patch up a place where the ground gave way but this sinkhole nearly took a family with it.
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they could only sit there as the car hovered above this 12x5-foot hole on mission near new montgomery street. the family was rescued with ropes. no injuries. repairs will take another couple days. the broken sewer main likely caused it. the drama is over for drivers in the area. one lane of traffic is open in each direction. people in the bay area are biking to work. it's the 22nd anniversary of "bike to work" day. 60,000 cyclists stop by energizer stations last year to gain some strength and free snacks and drinks. and all those perks are back at 400 sites across bay area counties and for those who have balance, there are happy hour specials during a trip back home later today. >> happy hour specials? getting on your bike? >> that doesn't sound like -- you can get a ticket for being intoxicated on your bike, not
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that i know personally. the worst thing that ever happened to me is i got a speeding ticket. >> wow. how fast were you going? >> i'm the slowest person i know. so i was thrilled. i was doing the happy dance and the cop wasn't very happy. i was going 42 in a 30. >> 42 on your -- >> going downhill and there was a guy a police officer with a radar gun. you can't speed on your bike. i got the lecture. >> you can't drink and bike either. >> i don't like that at all. be safe out there. strap on your helmet for "bike to work" day. out the door overcast, it's going to take a while to burn off at the coast but we'll see the early burnoff inland before lunchtime around the bay. 50 now in santa rosa, 55 in oakland. it's in the low 50s in san francisco. here's the deal. we have a shield of clouds lined up next to the coast. and it's going to take a while
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to clear out. we'll have the complete forecast coming up but right now let's send it over to gianna. >> south bay on 85 this morning, police activity for an overturn. it's southbound 85 connector to southbound 280. left shoulder, no lanes blocked, slight delays, possible injuries. the rest of the south bay quiet. tonight it's going to be busy. predators are here, san jose sharks hosting them at 6:00 for play-off action. game 7 do or die here tonight so expect busy conditions on 280, 85 and in the area on surface streets as everyone prepares for the game. back to you guys. in san francisco, protestors aren't the only ones working to get police chief greg suhr fired. kpix 5's joe vazquez on the supervisors trying to push the city's police chief out. >> you need to remove this man. >> reporter: a small crowd at a police commission meeting lights into police chief greg
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suhr. >> you have a paramilitary structure. fire chief suhr. >> reporter: now the chief is in an even bigger hot seat for the first time several san francisco supervisors joining the chorus calling for his removal. there is a counter chorus insisting he should stay. >> time for us to start a search for a new police chief. >> i think at this point, chief suhr is a distraction. >> this is a publicity stunt by one of my colleagues in particular supervisor kim, trying to get headlines, which she's gotten. but this chief is moving forward with needed reforms in the department. >> this is governing by mob rule and that's not the way we should operate. chief suhr has to be the one to lead these reforms. no outsider can do it effectively. >> this blue ribbon panel report that came out is a game changer. given the serious findings, this chief is not in the place where he can actually effectively implement those changes. >> reporter: it doesn't tell
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you anything you didn't really know, right? it's not that new. >> well, actually -- >> reporter: you knew that the department had issues. >> it's the first -- no, actually. this is the first time that we have an independent third party coming in and saying, we have looked at how the department operates. and these are our findings. i think that's pretty significant. >> reporter: joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> san francisco's mayor weighed in as well in a statement. he says he is standing by his police chief. two alameda county sheriff's deputies have turned themselves in to face assault charges accused of beating a suspect in a san francisco alley after a high-speed chase across the bay bridge back in november. the suspect stanislas petrov suffered a concussion and broken hand. he is in custody on other charges, gun and drug charges. the deputies surrendered yesterday. bail is $140,000 each. donald trump and republican party leaders are set to begin meeting a little more than an hour from now.
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while the presumptive gop presidential nominee works to unite his party, democratic front-runner hillary clinton is escalating her criticism of donald trump. more now from hena daniels reporter: donald trump heads to washington today looking to build unity with republican leaders skeptical of his candidacy. among them, house speaker paul ryan who last week indicated he was not ready to endorse trump. >> we just need to get to know each other. the goal here is to unify the various parts of the party around common principles. >> reporter: after long boasting about self-funding his campaign, sources say the billionaire candidate is in the process of finalizing a joint fundraising deal with the rnc. campaigning in new jersey, hillary clinton continues to brand her likely republican opponent as unelectable. >> i think advocating torture, that's a loose cannon. saying we should pull out of nato, that's a loose cannon. >> reporter: a recent poll shows the former secretary of
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state running neck and neck with trump in three key swing states in november. hena daniels, cbs news. >> trump will also sit down with rnc committee chair reince priebus and other key congressional leaders including senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. and that's the ballgame! the warriors advance! >> that's right. the warriors are moving on after an exciting win in oakland last night. they secured a spot in the nba's westerns conference finals. >> blue and gold fireworks lit up the sky above oracle arena shortly after last night's big win. the warriors will next face either san antonio or oklahoma city. >> think we'll have a harder time with san antonio so i'm hoping for okc but they are going to be tough, too. >> we're ready!! we're ready! >> individual tickets go on sale tomorrow for the western conference finals. time now 4:41. a local man hailed as a hero after a little boy goes
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missing. how the bus driver stepped in to help the boy reunite with his mom. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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young boy get home safely. andria borba -- with the exa stop that made all the difference. april 30th was a typical saturday morning an ac transit driver is called a hero more helping a young boy get home safely. andria borba reports. >> we really want to thank you. >> reporter: april 30 was a typical saturday morning for a woman and her son danny in piedmont. >> he is doing his typical thing riding back and forth in front of the house. that's okay. then i look again and he was gone. and it was the scariest feeling ever. >> reporter: 7-year-old danfully and his racer scooter were headed for downtown oakland. maya called piedmont pd and the search was on. riders first noticed him. further down grand almost a mile from home across harrison ac transit driver ari saw
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danny. >> i pulled over the bus and just opened the doors and said, hey, little buddy. where's your parents? >> reporter: for danny, who is autistic, this should have been a scary situation. but fate was ari's side. >> ever since he was little we ride ac transit very frequently because he loves it. we do it for fun. like it's his favorite thing in the world to do. >> reporter: ari got danny on the bus and called his boss and helped reunite mother and son 30 minutes later all the while keeping danny occupied talking about skateboards. >> i think he is the most amazing man in the world he went above and beyond, danny has a simpler form of gratitude. >> thank you. >> reporter: in oakland, andria borba, kpix 5. >> the bus driver says the other passengers were patient with the situation which allowed him to step in and help. a car set off a brush fire in south vallejo. the fire began late yesterday afternoon and burned about 30
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acres before firefighters knocked it down. it was along interstate 80 not far from the carquinez bridge. no homes were threatened. here's a look at what's left of the car that investigators say ignited that brush fire. it was completely destroyed. no injuries firefighters in ventura county are less worried about dry brush because they have gotten hundreds of goats to eat it. the grass isn't so green on hills like this. so before a tinderbox situation could unfold, fire crews commissioned 450 goats to clear away the brush. and now they are chewing up acre after acre for the next four to six weeks. the fire chief tells us why dry weather has them so anxious. >> and we still have this dead decadent brush as a result of the years of drought and with these dry grasses, now we have this ladder fuel, these fine flashy fuels that will carry the fire. >> ventura county received 15 inches of rain a year on
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average. so far, in 2015, it's only gotten six inches. >> do your job. eat more. >> the goats are helping out! >> we get them every year outside the oakland zoo. it's a big difference. >> they were totally lacking any influence of el nino this season. we were the recipients. good thing there. we have a slight chance of rain in the bay area next week, a slight chance. starting today with low clouds and fog at the coast inland 50 miles. that's the embarcadero. i know those lights are supposed to be reflective of the spirits of golden state warriors. now let's focus on the sharks and so they have the teal and gold lights lit up this morning as you head out. low clouds and fog at the coast
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through the bay. central valley gray this morning. winds have been picking up at 9 miles per hour in the city. we have 8-mile-an-hour winds in the tri-valley. 22 in the fairfield area. the winds will blow 10 to 20 miles per hour during the day and occasionally stronger gusts. clouds slow to clear at the beaches. one more day of warm weather inland. and again no rain this week but there's a possibility of some showers next week. we have a little bit of light drizzle from the condensation associated with that marine layer. lunchtime the avenue still socked in, the san mateo coast starting to clear out. fog pushing back onshore indicative of a summer pattern. we have this area of low pressure out over here. that's enhancing our marine layer. it's a whack ridge. it's going to -- it's a weak ridge. it's going to break down from the low throughout the weekend. showers in yosemite. 67 degrees at the beaches in monterey bay through carmel. sun-up this morning 6:02. by the time it sets at 8:11,
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longer days. 60s beaches, 70s bay and peninsula all the way up to the mid-80s. my outside number today about 85 degrees. pollen still problematic for all of us with allergies. it will go down by sunday. here we go with the extended forecast. cloudy skies next week. let's jump to the south bay now where we have our one and only accident in cupertino. it's on 85 connector, southbound over towards southbound 280. over turn vehicle now stuck on its roof on the left shoulder. chp on scene there. they called out tow crews to get it off the freeway. things are okay. northbound 859 commute direction highway 17 to 101 mountain view is 12 minutes. no delays on the southbound side. we are talking about it. play-off action game 7 at 6:00 at s.a.p. as they host the predators. busy in the south bay affecting your drive on 85, 85 and 280 and in downtown san jose and
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don't forget the street fair begins about 3:00 auburn street closed between santa clara and st. john. bay bridge good news the construction cleared. everything free-flowing on the upper deck no blocked lanes, clear at the toll plaza with the metering lights off. all approaches look good. no there's as you work your way off the eastshore freeway -- no delays as you work wore off the eastshore freeway on 580 into san francisco. it's "bike to work" day so if you are skipping the roads probably a good choice. the traffic is light. westbound 92, 880 to 101, 12 minutes across the san mateo bridge. golden gate bridge changing lanes adding one more lane on the southbound side for the commute direction. and so far traffic is pretty light. it's a nice ride out of marin into san francisco. this next story has a lot of people talking. pop singer megan trainer has release released her newest music video. it debuted this week but she wasn't happy about it.
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so she re-released it. [ music ] >> she pulled it after she learned producers retouched images of her waist to appear smaller. trainer who recently won the best new artist grammy award describes the track as a song about body confidence. time now 4:51. google glass may not have been a hit with consumers. but next we'll show you how it's making medical breakthroughs in helping families right here in the bay area. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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our first real-life look at technology. d an san francisco to l.a. in 30 minutes? it could be possible with the hyperloop. we just got our first real-life look at the technology. engineers conducted an open-air test in las vegas. they sent a metal sled down the
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tracks at up to 300 miles an hour. it crashed into a pile of sand since there are no brakes. they say one day people and cargo could zip through tubes in pods at 700 miles an hour. the transportation experts say it will be a challenge. >> it could work. but it's going to be terrifically expensive to build. the only way to prove that is to develop an operating model. >> experts say that it could one day be a challenge to airlines. nissan has announced plans to acquire a 34% stake in struggling mitsubishi. if approved the $2.2 billion deal would make nissan the company's largest stakeholder. mitsubishi is under fire for faking fuel efficiency tests over the last 25 years. nearly all of the models sold in japan are under the microscope. the cdc says one in 68 american children are on the autism spectrum. now a new tool using google glass may help them better recognize emotions. only on "5," sharon chin shows
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us how it works reporter: eric would hear his mother ask -- >> can you please look at me? can you look at me? >> reporter: 10-year-old eric seldom made eye contact with anyone until he started wearing these special glasses. >> as soon as he was wearing the glasses, he made eye contact and it was almost like, oh, wow, my son is looking at me. >> reporter: eric is among 100 children aged 6 to 17 who are taking part in a year-long study by stanford's autism glass project. the research team developed software for google glass to help people with autism read people's emotions. they can match facing expressions with feelings with emoticons. it's based on a tracking program that recognizes eight different emotions. here's happy. surprised. angry. projectthe project founder demonstrates a camera in the glasses connects to a smartphone app.
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>> you look at me. the camera is tracking my face. and essentially it sends those frames to the phone. it's just all the computations. >> reporter: so children will see one of several emoticons that match mom or dad's face. kids in the study wear the glasses at home for 20 minutes a few times a week. the smartphone records what the child sees so families can play back the video. >> we can literally jump back here and say, you know, this is the angry moment. >> reporter: researchers call the early results encouraging. >> the glass seems to bring home the idea that it's interesting to look at other people's faces and that they can actually know what other people are feeling. >> reporter: and program director dennis wall says children with autism could use the technology at home while they wait the average 8 to 12 months it takes to see a therapist. >> there are many kids in need and there are too few clinics to provide the care that those kids need. >> reporter: and because the glasses are portable --
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>> we can reach rural population, diverse economic groups. we can go global. >> reporter: as for eric, now that he is making more eye contact, he is making friends. and that calls for this emotion. >> happy face. >> reporter: sharon chin, kpix 5. >> stanford researchers are hoping to get the glasses covered by health insurance when they go on the market. they need more volunteers for the autism glass study. they are based in a lab at stanford's pediatrics department. time now 4:57. when you are bitten by a mosquito, you might not think much of it. next, why paying attention to what time of day it is, is key. >> reporter: we are in pittsburg this morning where the police department is concerned regarding the second shooting that happened on their highway within the past month. we'll tell you what they are doing about it.
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and i'm kenny choi. good morning, everyone. it's thursday, may 12. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. let's take a live look at sfo this morning. it's a little cloudy as we start the day, right, roberta? >> that's really important because usually when your ceiling is down to 600 feet, you will have delays at sfo on some arriving flights. that's been the scenario all week long, will be continuing again today with those anticipated delays. the low clouds and fog not going anywhere quickly this morning. good morning, everyone. we do anticipate the clouds all the way into the santa clara valley, home of your san jose sharks. >> whoo, yay! [ applause ] >> game 7 tonight against the predators at 6:00. 3:00 is the street party. gianna will have the potential street closures or where it will gum up but right now we are looking at the temperatures. 57 degrees in san jose. yes, there you have the shield of clouds penetrating our


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