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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  May 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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golden gate bridge. kite surfers have a close encounter with whales, next. ,,,,,,
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sex scandal, rocking a bay police department. we have her re tonight, this teenager is at the center of a sex scandal rocking a bay area police department. we have her revealing facebook post. andrea borba is outside of the police station. >> reporter: the picture states that she may have been having sex with several police officers starting when she was 16 years old 68.
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>> we take this allegation very seriously. >> reporter: they reinvolve around this woman, she's the daughter of an opd dispatcher. she has quote harmless friendships within the police department but just last month showing her pictures. officer o' bryan committed suicide shortly after his
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wife's death. jeff son owatson says the case may go on beyond those three officers. >> we may discover there are changes. that there are different directions the investigation is going to take. >> reporter: watson and opd remain tight lipped. >> historically when we look back at our department and when we have internal affairs investigations we don't share that information because we're talking about personnel, we're talking about internal where we are limited with what we can share and can't share. >> reporter: late tonight, a city leader told kpix5 that the police chief and attorney plan to meet with the city attorney next week. we're told a judge could choose to make the receivership longer. >> you're looking at the aftermath of an apparent road rage. the driver of that red car
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struck a bicyclist and tried to take off. today by the way was bike to workday. >> the sharks were in a frenzy tonight. they destroyed the predators for a spot in the western conference finals. >> quite a game, sharks shutting down nashville in game seven. next up the st. louis blues for a chance to move on to the stanley cup finals. dennis o' donell is live in sports next. a high school student is facing charges for allegedly punching a teacher. joe o' donnell has the story. >> reporter: blood is streaming down the teacher's face. >> you see him coming from the
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top, you see him coming from the bottom. and he's just throwing. >> reporter: corporal blackley says that the student started punching the teacher after the teacher tells him to get out of his locker because he doesn't have gym right now. >> the teacher responds by throwing punches several times. the teacher finally throws his body on top of the student and asks for help. >> we don't know what escalated to this, but nobody has the right to hit a teacher. >> reporter: the student was suspended from the school for five days and will likely be expelled. >> the student was arrested and
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charged with a felony assault on a teacher. he was taken to jail, booked and released to his mother. tomorrow, president obama will be ordering all public schools to allow transgender students to use the bathroom they identify with. districts will get letters instructing schools on what to do to prevent discrimination. this is a hot button issue that is now hitting the boiling point. >> i just think this is just nuts and president obama is just pushing and pushing and pushing. they're pushing us further away from any kind of values at all. >> i think it's fine that whoever wants to identify with whatever stock exchange they want, they should be able to go to the bathroom. it looked like a scene of contagion tonight. the drastic measure after almost 90 kids came down with the stomach flu. >> reporter: students will be asked to stay in their
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classrooms during lunch and recess to make sure the virus does not keep spreading. >> they were even cleaning up the posts at the school. >> reporter: a massive cleaning job is under way with hand sanitizer in every classroom and bleach ready to spray down desks. bethany lewis is a parent and volunteer for the san jose elementary school. she says the school sent out notices letting parents know the flu is spreading. >> i think the school is working hard to keep it contained. >> reporter: the school is working hard because within a matter of week nearly 90 students and several employees got sick. it got so bad the school cancelled their musical disappointing students and some parents. >> the school felt it was better to not have the
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community coming in. especially grandparents and small children. >> reporter: the play was postponed till next week. kate cogeren. >> reporter: we're following breaking news in contra costa county right now. eastbound 80 west of highway 4 is shut down because of some sort of police activity. there was a crash, multiple police were called out. police don't know when that freeway will reopen. this is in the same area where there's been a string of freeway shootings including one just yet in pittsburgh in which a pregnant mother of four was killed. we don't know what's going on now. we'll bring you more details as they come in. tonight the feds are upping their ante in their hunt for one of the bay area's most wanted. they're offering a reward for information leading to the arrest of this man. 26-year-old ricardo colindres. he's accused of shooting his ex-
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girlfriend in the head in pacifica. she was eight months pregnant. she has since had her baby and the baby is okay. >> we're actively looking for him. we're going to chase down every tip we get. >> that was a silver 2003 toyota carolla. the suspect is known to hang out in the brisbane area. list appear -- police appear to have cracked a cold case. she was raped and murdered in oakland. she was 45 years old. and despite the case going cold her daughter never gave up hope and now decades later a dna sample from that crime has been linked to a man already in federal custody. >> you can't give up. something in my heart told me, he's still there.
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some where he's out here. and you need to find him and bring him in. 36-1/2 year cold case. solved. almost. >> reporter: this is a suspect dennis ray eagle who is already serving a sentence for a rape conviction in montana. his sentence is coming up next month. the plane started to crash right after take off in lodi. clipped a truck on the way down. >> it clipped the back end of our vehicle and went across the road and slipped out into the vineyard. >> reporter: the faa say it is single engine cessna experienced some engine trouble. there were no serious injuries. after the crash some of the passengers hopped on to another plane to go sky diving. tonight another sink hole in san francisco. the pavement collapsed slightly.
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the city blamed sand and dirt shifting around an old unused pipe. the sink hole didn't cause any problems. this larger sink hole is expected to be filled in tomorrow. >> tomorrow we're driving in the 36-inch main sewer repair replacement pipe. >> the city is replacing 15 miles of aging suer lines a year. more than in previous years. take a look at this. pretty cool sight outside. chopper5 spotted a couple of whales doing what whales do. splashing around in the water yesterday. one kite surfer had a close encounter. chin on his incredible ride. from above you can see
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several whalefrolicking around. he said he tried today stay the required 100 feet away. >> there are a couple of times where you can't see where they're going to submerge and then they come up pretty close to you. >> what was that like? >> it was very humbling to see that. >> in the last few weeks, people have reported seeing an unusually large number of whales around san francisco bay. many are hump backs. they usually swim along the coast not inside the bay where we've seen them lately. >> the main reason is that they're following food. because they seat schooling fish like anchovies. >> reporter: he hope it is whales don't get too close to people or boats. >> the boats and motors can
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confuse the whales. >> they are kicking it in the same spot. they're staying in the same spot for some reason. >> reporter: it's a concern, marine experts don't want the whales to come closer and get stuck in the water. it was quite a show and we have more raw video for you to look on our website. this is one of bob gardeners new political ads. here's another ad. >> and real men don't talk about their, size. >> you can't be president, you
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just don't measure up. >> these ads were done with the expectation that we all had i think the operatives and the media has that california was going to be an important primary. and indiana ended that. >> garner says it's unlikely that the ads will air on network tv during the p presidential campaign. for now they're on you tube. for now george zimmerman is trying to sell the gun he used to kill trayvon martin. zimmerman opened the bidding at $5,000 on gun he described the weapon as quote an american firearm icon. and a quote peace of american history. -- piece of american history. >> what i decided is to not
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coward. i'm an free american and i can sell my possessions. google's parent company alphabet is now worth $5 billion over taking apple which is valued at 495 billion. the two companies have traded the lead several times. so far this year both companys have seen drops in their share prices. apple is down 15% and google is down 17%. it has all the greater number -- all the greater -- all the glitz and glamour of a red carpet. and i can hear them clapping for you. it's crazy. >> i think they're actually waiting for the main act of the night. but it has been just a spectacular night and i want to show you around right now.
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all these vip guests they're eating, they're drinking they're ready to dance the night away. odessa will take the main stage. but tonight is a big celebration for this renovated museum but it's also all for a good cause. it's the glitziest and grandest ball yet. tonight it was high fashion meets tech meets art at the exclusive gala. >> first impressions as you walk in. >> i've never seen so many well- dressed people. >> reporter: after the renovation for the first time tonight these a list guests walked through san francisco's newest and sleekest show piece. they dined in style with dinner with a live auction or in this pop up club. they got a chance to dine in the 12th floor and get a look at the great works of art.
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>> to think that we have the most exclusive collection of any place in the world, think of all the feel who will be traveling here to san francisco. >> reporter: sfmoma now has three times the gallery space than it once had and offers the biggest art living wall. >> it's our dream come true. >> with the kind of attention that's being paid to it. it really elevates it to the level of a modern arts museum any where in the world. >> reporter: right now we're getting you a listen to odessa they're about to take the stage any moment tonight. all the money will go to the exhibit and it will also support all the educational programs that moma sports.
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live in san francisco, betty yu, kpix5. can't get your baby to fall asleep. you're not alone. the first few months with a new baby can be beyond exhausting speaking from personal experience. many new moms are not necessarily calling grandma for help. tonight meet the baby whisperers. >> for new moms and dads the sound of a crying baby can be nervewracking. >> it's so awful. sounds like there's a tiger in there attacking him. >> it's okay. >> reporter: an attempt to soothe baby back to sleep can tire out even the most patience parent. >> you were exhausted. >> we're going to work on the naps. we're going to work on the night. >> reporter: i should know. my husband and i spent the first six months of my baby's life trying to get him to sleep. so we hired sonaworth to help
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us out. >> calm before he wakes up. >> are you waking her preactively or is she waking on her own. >> reporter: she and other consultants coach clients on how to get their baby to go to sleep. >> i view my role as a certified consultant as helping educate parents about how sleep works for in infants. >> the same order, the same way. >> reporter: the advice is practical, make sleep a priority, be consistent with bedtimes. and have a safe dark quiet sleep environment. it's a growing business. but it's not cheap. ranging in costs in a few hundred dollars to over 1,000. depending on how much help a parent needs. >> he's definitely training me. she definitely is. i think she's an important resource for me as a new mom. in our society nowadays we don't necessarily have the grandmas and all of that support around us. >> families are white knuckling and going at it alone and
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looking for advise where they can. >> reporter: stanford's dr. shannon sullivan agrees but she says parents should know, baby sleep consultants currently have no state licensing requirements. >> it's important to do as much research as possible. look carefully at what the alternatives are. >> like anything, you really want someone who's educated. as a physician, i'm always drawn to someone who has an evidence based practice. >> reporter: for new mom, susan sanders herself a doctor it was worth it. melissa had baby zoey sleeping through the night in just weeks. as for bo. >> i don't like wasting tears. >> it's been a couple of months since we started the sleep training and he's sleeping
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through the night and taking naps. >> how do you expect the baby to sleep with all the cameras in the room. >> so you had to be trained as much as the kid? >> yes, and it was boot camp. we had to get rid of the binky, the swaddle and all at once. >> the kid is like, there's nothing to be awake for. i'm just shutting it down. i'll see you tuesday. no swaddle, no binky. to each their own. if it works it works right. great shot live from treasure island on shore flow is here. low cloud cover is here. livermore 58. san jose 57. concord 57. we stay in the 50s tonight. san jose 54 in oakland.
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you will drop to 55 degrees. there's a change coming tomorrow. you will notice the change tomorrow morning in the form of more cloud cover that lasts longer. in the afternoon, when you get the sunshine it's not going to be as warm? our ridge of high pressure is firing up. temperatures will fall and the amount of morning cloud cover will increase. tonight, lots of cloud cover even drizzle at the coast. it will not be as warm tomorrow. temperatures are running cooler than average. vallejo tomorrow 58. livermore 72. san francisco 63 degrees. your extended forecast, cloudy for your weekend. cooler for the weekend. you like it warm like a couple of days ago that does return next tuesday and next wednesday with mainly sunny skies. the babies are sleeping. >> yes. >> sports is next. we'll be right back. r&-prhas tonight )s sports repo, hey pal? you ready?
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welcome everybody to the shark tank where the bay area is a play off hot bed right
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now. the western conference finals last night tonight it was the sharks turn. san jose their tenth game seven. joe thornton has been a part of five of them. the sharks dominated since the drop of the puck. pevelski's fourth goal of the season. they scored in first three times, one in the second, and then in the third logan beats patrick marlow to make it 5-0 san jose. broken stick, sharks win 5-0. they advance to the western conference final where is they will play the st. louis blue sunday. it seems like the media is finally on the bandwagon. >> we're the [ bleep ] did you all come from? >> the first couple of years we
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made it to the western conference. when you get there you have a very good team and you have to take advantage of it. >> does this end the conversation of the disadvantage of home ice because you guys seemed to turn the tide here now. >> we never felt we were at a disadvantage here. maybe for you guys. >> so game one sunday. who will the warriors play? that answer and the giants story, next.
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kevin durant and the thunder seizing the chance to eliminate san antonio next. they led by 24 at the break. down to 11 in the fourth. west brook provides the dagger from downtown. 65 combined for westbrook and durant. they will open in oakland. and joe panic took him deep for a 2-run jack.
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danny cueto made a hold up. he struck out nine in 7 innings three against the slugger goldsmidth. and i say goodbye from san jose. they got 17 of the first 20 shots tonight as san jose moving on to the western conference finals. we'll be right back.
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we're continuing to follow breaking news in contra costa county. eastbound 80 west of highway 4
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shut downright now. we are hearing reports that shots were fired. >> we'll have the latest coming up late show stephen colbert coming up next. >> stephen: i am so excited about tonight's show. both ryan gosling and russell crowe are here and i'm going to stop by and say hi. do all of you need to be here right now? (laughter) >> yes, we all need to be down here. for work. >> stephen: oh, really? so you're not just standing here waiting for ryan gosling and russell crowe to walk out? >> no. are they on the show tonight? we didn't even realize. awkward. >> stephen: well, i'm going to say hi. >> we will watch you. >> announcer: tonight, stephen welcomes ryago


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