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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  May 13, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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>> the sharks now advance to the western conference finals. it is friday, may 13. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. >> they dominated. >> the first time they did that since 2011. so very happy. everybody is happy around the bay area. we have our basketball and hockey. we have lots of smiles going on, on this friday. good morning, everybody. you will be smiling out the door this morning. no rain, overcast skies a little condensation, except drizzle at the coast. temperatures in the 50s. numbers are coming down. you will feel the difference in our inland areas. outside number in the mid-70s. coastal areas in the 50s. low 60s bayside. we have your weekend forecast featuring changes. that's coming up in a matter of minutes. but first, here's gianna. >> we start off with a couple of accidents south 680 north of 580 another one reported at stoneridge. looks like one clearing out of the slow lane but chp on scene hopefully they will have it wrapped up within the next
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couple of minutes. other than that, quiet off to a great start at the bay bridge. developing news now in contra costa county, where lanes of eastbound interstate 80 have been closed since last night near highway 4. only twitter, the california highway patrol says there was a shooting at the scene and hercules police report a related injury accident. there are no further details at this time. we'll continue on that story, that stretch of i-80 has been the scene of several recent shootings though. a sex scandal is putting oakland's police department in the spotlight. kpix 5's andria borba tells us multiple cops are accused of having sex with a dispatcher's teenaged daughter. >> reporter: turmoil inside the oakland police department tonight. the three officers on leave for alleged sexual misconduct with a girl who was underaged at the time. >> we take this allegation very seriously. >> reporter: opd brass found out about the alleged underaged
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sex in 2015. sources tell kpix 5 they revolve around this girl, celeste, who is now 18 or 19. she is the daughter of an opd dispatcher. on facebook she said she had harmless friendships within the police department but last month posted a picture of opd officers dropping her at home in richmond, quote, in style. those officers are not accused of any wrongdoing. in another post, she says the only officer she messed with while under age is sadly gone. sources say that officer is brendan o'brien who committed suicide about a year after his wife's dead was also ruled a suicide. investigators say officer o'brien left a note that led to an initial internal affairs investigation. at the moment, the case involves three officers. one under going an internal affairs and criminal investigation, and two more under administrative investigation. but officer watson says it could go further.
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>> we may discover that there are changes, that there are different directions that the investigation is going to take. >> reporter: as for the nature of the investigation, watson and opd remain tight-lipped. >> historically when we look back at our department and when we have internal affairs investigations, we don't share that information because we're talking about personnel, internal, where we are limited with what we can share and what we can't share. >> reporter: andria borba, kpix 5. >> some reports say that the encounters happened when the cops were off duty. a fatal stabbing in the east side of san jose around midnight near a park. so far police release no further details. oakland police may have solved a rape case 37 years after the crime happened. the victim was betty jean elias. this photo shows her at age 45.
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the picture was taken in august 1979 about two months before she was raped and murdered in oakland. her daughter never gave up hope that the attacker would be arrested and decades later, a dna sample from the crime scene has been linked to a man who is already in federal custody. >> you can't give up. he is still out there somewhere. and you need to find him and bring him in. 36.5 years cold case. solved. almost. >> dennis eagle is the suspect. he is in jail for rape in montana. he has his next court date later this month. students at one san jose school will be cooped up in class all day to prevent the spread of stomach flu. horace mann elementary school has closed off drinking fountains and put hand sanitizer in every classroom to put the brakes on the virus.
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nearly 90 students and employees have caught it. the school postponed its annual musical so that play-goers didn't catch it after the curtain fell. >> the principal really felt that it was better right now that he would don't have too many members coming in -- that we don't have too many members coming in especially older or younger people coming to the play. >> good news for the performers. they rescheduled the musical for next week and the number of sick students is going down. time now 4:35. roberta, i know you are on cloud nine after that big win for the sharks last night. >> i could hardly sleep after watching the warriors the night before and getting three hours sleep and last night -- but it's worth it, i guess, right? yeah. so yes, very exciting around the bay area. clouds in the forecast? >> increasing clouds in the forecast for today and through the weekend. good morning. a big difference in your forecast, you will feel the difference especially inland. gray slate stepping out. check out the current
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temperatures extremely mild 63 redwood city. 51 santa rosa. mid-50s from san francisco due east to oakland streaming into the tri-valley. it's a blanket, a stratus, low clouds and fog enhanced by this right here this area of low pressure. that's going to affect our weekend producing some partly cloudy skies from today through sunday. number-wise 50s and 60s at the beaches today partly cloudy conditions, 60s and we'll have filtered sunshine around the peninsula, 73 degrees in morgan hill, low 70s in san jose. typically the average high is around 75 degrees. we'll top off near 75 in brentwood through discovery bay. otherwise north bay numbers partly cloudy, 69 degrees novato and sonoma. winds up to 20 miles per hour during the afternoon hours as we top off at 73 in cloverdale. warmer than that in lakeport and clearlake. your weekend forecast, it will be featured in just a matter of minutes. but right now here's gianna. >> and we are going to talk about 580/680. we have reports of an accident as you work your way south 680 to 580. it may be blocking a lane. chp on scene as well as tow crews trying to get this out of
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the way quickly. no delays, it is "friday light." we are off to a good start towards the dublin interchange this morning so no troubles there despite the accident. east of there we're seeing some slightly sluggish speeds as you work your way westbound just on the other side of the hill coming over into livermore out of tracy this morning. but overall traffic is moving okay for this time of the morning. elsewhere "friday light" at the bay bridge, so far no troubles as you head out of oakland into san francisco, clear across the upper deck. all our bay area bridges are off to a great start this morning including the san mateo bridge, with no delays between hayward and foster city. and it looks nice so far out of marin an easy ride from southbound 101, 580 all the way down into san francisco. that will take you 14 minutes, typical. no troubles on mass transit. everything is on time. this morning, a student in concord is facing charges. he is accused of punching a high school teacher.
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more now from kpix 5's joe vazquez. [ yelling ] >> reporter: the cell phone video shows a student violently attacking a teacher at diablo valley high school. blood is streaming down the teacher's face. >> you see it coming from the top and the bottom and he is just throwing -- [ yelling ] >> reporter: the concord police department says the student began punching the teacher after the teacher told the student to get out of the locker room because he doesn't have physical education right now. >> the student responds by cursing at the teacher and some words were exchanged between the two. the student gets upset walks up to the teacher and he punches him one time in the face which gives him that gash just right above his left eyebrow. [ screaming ] >> reporter: the student begins throwing round house punches connecting several times. the teacher eventually throws his body on top of the student and asks for help. >> help! >> shocked! we don't know what happened to escalate it to that point but, you know, nobody has the right
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to hit a teacher. >> reporter: police say the 15- year-old was suspended from his school for five days and likely will be expelled. in concord, i'm joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> police say the student was charged with assault on a teacher which is a felony. he was booked in jail, then released to his mother. a sigh of relief for california small business owners. governor jerry brown has signed an ada lawsuit bill. one of several entrepreneurs faced suit over the americans with disabilities act. he says that small businesses can even get sued for forgetting things like a phone number on a parking lot sign. governor brown's new law gives businesses with less than 50 employees 120 days to correct issues involving ada violations. >> they make it sound like businesses don't -- we want to hurt the handicapped, um, part of our population but we don't. we want to make everybody accessible, everybody's money is green. >> he had to change locations
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after he faced some ada lawsuits but relief give small business owners a chance. today president obama plans to order all public schools in the country to allow transgendered students to use the bathroom they identify with. a letter will go out to districts explaining what they should do to make sure students are not discriminated against. although that letter does not have the force of law, it contains a threat. schools that don't abide by e the interpretation of the statement, could face lawsuits or loss of federal aid. california students are weighing in. >> it's fine if somebody wants to identify with whatever sex they are that they should be able to go into the bathroom. >> i would be concerned if my son is in the bathroom and there's a female in there and there's a issue or maybe something happened or didn't happen. >> this comes just weeks after a controversy at santee high school near downtown l.a. they changed the bathroom signs to be gender-neutral and a scuffle broke out between supporters and protestors.
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in the race for the white house, front-runner donald trump met face to face with house speaker paul ryan in washington yesterday. the first time since trump is the presumptive nominee. ryan said he is still not ready to endorse trump for president just yet. he said they still need to gain as he put it, quote, a better understanding of one another. >> this is a process. we just began the process. i'm very encouraged at the first meeting of this process. >> trump reportedly retracted a threat to remove ryan as chairman of the republican national convention in july. meanwhile, hillary clinton had this response to trump's statement about bringing unity to the republican party saying, good luck with that. governor brown is set to release his revised state budget proposal a few hours from now in sacramento. in january, the governor has proposed a $122.6 billion spending plan for the 2016/2017 fiscal year but since then
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california's tax collections have dropped. that's due in part to stock market "hiccups" earlier this year. the state controller reported this week that revenue in april was more than $1 billion short. time now 4:42. a rare sighting near the golden gate bridge. a kite surfer with a close encounter with a whale still ahead. ,,,, is ,, ,,,,,,,,
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dust left behind after major natural gas leak... may be making people sick. the health department tested air and dust in the homes affected by the four-month s leak in porter ranch. th metals may be making people sick in southern california. the health department checked the air and homes by the four- month gas leak in porter ranch. they said there was no health risk but they found low levels of metals in the dust that may be causing problems. >> while they don't think the levels of those individual metals are of a major concern, any one of them they said could be causing the symptoms that
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people are still reporting. >> those symptoms include headaches, nosebleeds and rashes. the health department will recommend a deep cleaning for the homes. at the phoenix airport a computer glitch put luggage in limbo. over 3,000 checked bags have missed their outbound flights since yesterday morning due to a screening malfunction. the tsa says it's been testing the system all night and it should work smoothly for today's flights. it's unclear for now how many of the airport's 16 airlines were affected after the glitch struck around 7 a.m. nosedive navin yard. that's where a plane full of skydivers ended up in san joaquin county yesterday. 18 people were on board including the pilot. the plane crashed after take- off in lodi and hit a truck on the way down. >> it clipped the back end of our vehicle and then went across the road into the vineyard. >> the single-engine cessna had engine trouble. no one was seriously hurt.
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after the crash some of the passengers got on another plane to go skydiving. crews in the state of washington are battling a wildfire that's burned about 55 acres since it began thursday night. it's in snohomish county west of oso. there are no reports of injuries. the cause of the fire is under inveigation. in missouri, the national weather service confirmed a at any time struck this week. fallen trees and totaled cars are part of the clean-up effort under way. the twister brought 130-mile-an- hour winds destroying power poles, barns and a home. >> just sounded like a wind tum really. then the trees started falling and you hear all the crashing of the trees and everything. just sounded like a wind tunnel. >> the clean-up is substantial but no one was killed or injured. there is an unusual number of whales showing up in local waters. kpix 5's sharon chin has the story of a kight surfer with a close encounter.
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>> reporter: from chopper 5 you can see several whales near the golden gate bridge. >> yeah! >> reporter: terry parks shot this gopro video as he kite surfed above three pods of whales. he tried to stay the required 100 yards away. >> there were a couple of times there where you can't see where they're going to submerge and then they come up pretty close to you. >> reporter: what was that like? >> it was, um, very humbling to see that. >> ha ha ha! ! >> reporter: in the last few weeks, people have reported seeing an unusually large number of whales in san francisco bay many humpbacks. david cohen of aquarium of the bay says they usually swing along the coast, not inside the bay, where we have seen them lately. >> the main reason is that they are following food because they eat schooling fish like anchovies. >> reporter: ron recorded this video near fort mason recently. >> another one, ah!! >> got that one.
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>> reporter: dave hopes the whales don't get too close to people or boats. >> the propellers, the motors, it can confuse the whales. >> reporter: tourists found it a treat. >> we have seen them breaching and blowing out the spout. >> they are staying in the same spot for some reason. >> reporter: that's a concern. experts don't want them to head further into the bay and get stuck in shallow waters. in san francisco, sharon chin, kpix 5. everybody likes to see them but you don't want them too close. >> the alcatraz swim is coming up in a few weeks. i'm thinking not this year. i don't want to swim with the whales. you're supposed to stay 100 yards away. that's no problem. i'll stay even further away! i was whale washing off british columbia and we had an orca come under our boat. it's beautiful.
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i was mesmerized from there. >> now all this footage. it probably happened before but now everyone has their gopros ready. >> did you notice sharon was wearing a jacket? it's extremely mild but still jacket weather. we have some condensation and drizzle at the coast due to the deep marine layer. 51 to 63 degrees. we have that spinning area of low pressure moving closer and closer proximity right here about let's say 500 miles off the san francisco coastline. let's take a look at your futurecast. you can play along at home. by lunch hour the abundance of sunshine inland. but we'll still have some partly cloudy skies throughout many of the neighborhoods. the marine layer hangs tight at the beaches. the san mateo bridge all the way to redwood city and this is that rain i was forecasting earlier this week. it's going to stay offshore. presentation associated with the low pressure system is minimal but it will move closer and it allow the pollen count to go down due to the cooler
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air mass and the influx of some cloud cover but nonetheless it's still awful allergy season! today's high temperatures coming down in comparison to yesterday. from the 80s to the 60s and 70s east of the bay. 69 santa rosa. 69 san jose. afternoon breeze up to 20. you have temperatures in the 60s and 70s and feels raw at the evening commute. temperatures climb by monday and tuesday. this weekend, it's the annual running of the bay to breakers and i have to tell you with the cloud cover and no wind in the morning hours, this is ideal weather for running so have a good time and make it a great weekend. gianna? >> it is going to be a busy weekend in san francisco because of bay to breakers, lots of closures and plan for that in san francisco. reports of an accident at the
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dublin interchange, affecting 680 mostly more than 580 right now. it's on the southbound side. 680 connecting to 580. one lane still blocked. tow crews are on scene hoping to wrap it up soon. right now the rest of 580 a little sluggish westbound out of tracy slower speeds but not too bad "friday light" as you work your way towards livermore. drive times in the east bay, hot spots look good so far no delays on 4, 680 looks good southbound. westbound 24 great start towards the caldecott tunnel. northbound 101 no troubles coming away from capitol expressway clear to 237 on the northbound side. same goes for 280. in fact, guadalupe parkway also looks good as you work your way between 85 and 101. and off to a great start in oakland, nimitz freeway both directions no delays to report. that's a look at your morning drive. a bay area museum is set to re-open to the public tomorrow after undergoing three years of renovation and expansion. some people got a preview last
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night during modern ball held at the newly improving san francisco museum of modern art. 170,000 square feet of new and renovated indoor and outdoor gallery space. >> do you think this really gives san francisco some real art cred? >> of course. as collectors of contemporary and modern art, you know, it's our dream come true. >> all 5,000 free tickets for tomorrow's opening day events have been distributed. time now 4:52. facebook is now responding after reports surfacing the tech giant's trending topics is expressing conservative articles. what ceo zuckerberg now plans to do. >> and what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at we may come and feature your school on the show.
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says the menlo park-based company is looking at feature good morning, everyone. just turning 4:55. yes, we made it to friday. [ applause ] >> and here's a look at your temperatures forecast in the bay area. good morning, half moon bay. your high only in the upper 50s with a stiff sea breeze late day. partial clearing of the skies. 60s around the peninsula, santa clara valley. good morning to you in livermore. 72 degrees tumbling out of the 80s experienced the past couple of days. he will feel the difference. 68 degrees today partly cloudy in vallejo. we'll have a mixture of clouds and sun in terra linda and windsor 70. chp on the scene of an accident southbound 680 right at 580 blocking at least the slow lane. northbound on the flip side right at the dublin interchange, look out for two lanes closed for roadwork that extends through diablo road. facebook's ceo mark zuckerberg says the menlo park- based company is looking at how
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its feature another as trending topics works. the probe is in response to reports that the feature was rigged to suppress articles that would be of interest to conservatives. zuckerberg says he takes the allegations seriously and plans to meet with some leading conservatives. cupertino-based apple has invested $1 billion in a a ride hailing service in china. the company announced the investment yesterday. it claims to work with more than 14 million drivers in 400 china these cities. a solar-powered airplane going around the world is at its next destination. the solar impulse 2 took off from phoenix thursday and landed in tulsa more than 20 hours later. >> this project you learn to be flexible. you are flying in the unknown and a few days ago we have seen that the weather would not allow to us do what we had prepared. so we looked on the map, we looked at the weather, and we
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saw that tulsa was potentially the best place. >> the plane is on its last leg of a voyage that began march 2015 in the united arab emirates. 4:57. a california man catches a woman reportedly stealing packages off his porch. what he did next that has this story going viral this morning. >> reporter: and a stomach flu outbreak at a school in downtown san jose sickened more than 90 students and faculty.
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good morning, everyone. look at that shot. i love this shot of the bay bridge and the buildings there with blue and gold for the warriors or teal for the sharks. it's friday our favorite day of
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the week, may 13. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. >> so roberta you're feeling good for the weekend? >> i just realized it's may 13th. it's friday the 13th. >> do you have triskaidekaphobia? >> no. >> i have been off a little this morning. [ overlapping speakers ] >> i canceled skydiving. [ laughter ] >> i didn't realize it was friday the 13th until you said it. >> great. >> you canceled a swim to alcatraz too. >> i did that, too. good morning. hopefully my director can give me help. i'm a little out of step this morning. we have overcast conditions and let's see if we can take a look outside at our overcast skies. we have lots of low clouds, areas of fog, there is a strong possibility of delays on some arriving flights. though full forecast is coming up. -- the full forecast is coming up. >> no dela


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