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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  May 13, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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the week, may 13. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. >> so roberta you're feeling good for the weekend? >> i just realized it's may 13th. it's friday the 13th. >> do you have triskaidekaphobia? >> no. >> i have been off a little this morning. [ overlapping speakers ] >> i canceled skydiving. [ laughter ] >> i didn't realize it was friday the 13th until you said it. >> great. >> you canceled a swim to alcatraz too. >> i did that, too. good morning. hopefully my director can give me help. i'm a little out of step this morning. we have overcast conditions and let's see if we can take a look outside at our overcast skies. we have lots of low clouds, areas of fog, there is a strong possibility of delays on some arriving flights. though full forecast is coming up. -- the full forecast is coming up. >> no delays at the bay bridge. quiet conditions "friday light"
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off all our approaches if you are heading out of oakland into san francisco this morning. 18 minutes that's it that's all it will take you eastshore freeway carquinez bridge to the maze. westbound 580 approaching 680 dublin interchange. right now it's looking okay no delays as you head through there. the altamont pass is clear with a 15-minute drive time out of livermore towards since six. we have an accident south 680 north of 580 blocking the slow lane, noninjury, tow crews on scene should be clearing within the next few minutes. no delays as a result. a few brake lights, sluggish conditions out of tracy that's typical. no delays for the rest of the east bay, highway 4, 680 from 101 through the sunol grade 28 minutes. that's a look at your morning drive. back to you. students at one san jose school will be antsy by the afternoon bell because administrators want to make sure they don't spread the stomach flu. kiet do is live at horace mann elementary school on the lockdown of sorts. kiet. >> reporter: the kids here will
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be getting a lesson in biology and public help. the health department has ordered them to wipe down nearly every surface that you can touch by hand so that's what the staff and volunteers have been doing disinfecting desks, doorknobs, water fountains, everything. the outbreak of viral gastroenteritis started on april 29 when a student vomited in class. more than 90 students out of 568 and 6 employees have gotten the flu. kids will be ordered to spend recess and lunch in their classrooms. the school play that was scheduled for yesterday and today is postponed to keep it from spreading. >> the principal really felt that it was better right now that we don't have community members coming in especially grandparents or children coming to the play. >> reporter: the good news, it looks like the rate of new infections here is slowing down. live in downtown san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. >> so what about that musical? the show must go on, right?
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>> reporter: yeah. absolutely. they really were looking forward to this or really disappointed it got postponed. it will be scheduled for next week. >> thank you. a hearing is set today for antolin garcia-torres. he is accused of killing sierra lamar, the morgan hill girl who was 15 when she was last seen at 2012. today's hearing is to see if the trial is ready to go. it could be delayed next month. a san francisco catholic high school is letting a transgender teacher keep his job. gabriel worked at mercy high school for four years before he came out as a transgender man. the "chronicle" reports an order of the sisters of mercy which owns the school has now announced its support for "him." the order says supporting the dignity of each person alliance with its values. there's no official catholic teaching regarding transgenders. security measures at city
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hall after last friday's protest that led to more than 30 arrest. employees have to present id when entering between 8 and 8. after 5 p.m., people must tell deputies where they are going. navy seals are inviting people to line the streets near san diego today to honor their fellow seal filled in iraq. charles keating died on may 3. officials say that he was killed while rescuing a team of u.s. military advisers. hundreds of people remembered him at a memorial yesterday and spoke about his bravery. >> he lived life. he was passionate about life. and he had a joy throughout everything that he did. >> following his death keating was promoted to chief petty officer. he was also awarded the silver star, purple heart and second combat action ribbon. he is the third u.s. service member to die in iraq since u.s. forces returned there in 2014. a state committee has just
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made sure rods on the bay bridge won't be a source of worry in a bad quake. the panel approved a $15 million plan to keep water from corroding rods that hold up the bridge's new eastern span. the project involves regrouting sleeves that stabilize more than 420 rods in the base of a tower. caltrans has admitted that grout in some of the sleeves was not sealed properly. a more pressing problem in san francisco where crews should be out within minutes to continue work on this sinkhole. the ground gave way on tuesday on mission street by new montgomery. a family's suv hovered above the 12 by 5-foot hole until crews could rescue them with ropes. crews are installing a 36" pipeline to replace the sewer main that dates back to the 1800s. and polk street faces the same problem on a smaller scale. a chunk of pavement collapsed slightly yesterday morning on polk street at post. the city says it was caused by sand and dirt that shifted around near an old pipe. crews are confident this one
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will be repaired by the weekend. no one was hurt in either case where the ground collapsed. bart's board of supervisors has approved a plan aimed at making its trains more quiet. the agency will install custom rail dampers on some of the noisiest sections of track. those sections are between daly city and diablo park stations and near west oakland station. most of the $618,000 cost will be covered by grant money. now to campaign 2016. donald trump is back on the campaign trail today. this after he met with house speaker paul ryan in washington for the first time since he became the presumptive nominee. ryan said he still isn't ready to endorse trump for president. he said they still need a gain as he put it to gain a better understanding of one another. >> the headline is positive first step toward unifying our party. >> i believe that -- that we are now planting the seeds to get ourselves unified.
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>> when hillary clinton was asked to comment on the meeting campaigning she just shook her head saying no. >> the percentage of registered democrats is up, republicans down, according to a new report from california's secretary of state. 43.7% of state voters are democrats compared with 43.5% in 2012. 27.5% are republicans. down from 30.3% four years ago. nearly 24% list no party preference. the rest belong to various other parties. three los angeles county sheriff's deputies are praised after they saved an unconscious driver from a burning vehicle in palmdale. they pulled him through the window of the wrecked vehicle yesterday. the victim was rushed to a hospital with a number of injuries and is reported in serious but stable condition. a southern california home owner says he caught a woman stealing packages right off his own porch and he says this
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video proves it. according to the homeowner, he parked in front of his home in alhambra when he saw the woman stealing boxes. he started recording on the phone and then confronted her. >> it was kind of like a lot of adrenaline going through me so i wasn't really thinking but i just know i got a recorder to catch her, surprised she was trying to convince me that it's not my house and it's her house. so i thought it was really funny. >> the woman eventually dropped the boxes and left. the man says they contain tools and equipment he needs for his appliance repair business. time now 5:08. fighting for transgender bathroom equality what president obama suggests for all public schools in the country. that's ahead. >> plus, stopping the development of dementia and it's right in your grocery store. we'll explain next. >> it is friday the 13th and we have a cooldown today. plus, i'll talk about the big change you need to know about for the weekend. >> and a couple of minor accidents from chp but overall "friday light."
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good morning. it's friday the 13th. time check 5:11. overcast skies. every day this week we have had delays on some arriving flights. we are socked in. i'll talk about when we'll see
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sunshine coming up in less than 4 minutes. happening today the president will order all public schools in the nation to allow transgender students to use the bathroom of their choice. a letter goes out to the districts explaining what to do to make sure students are not discriminated against. according to the letter schools that do not abide by the interpretation of the law will face lawsuits and a loss of federal aid. a tennessee girl is back with her family after she was abducted from her school more than a week ago. the 9-year-old was found yesterday afternoon in a remote area by a farmer and a preacher who are now hailed as heroes. >> each one of us has been praying, you know, every day to, you know, help us to find this little girl. and so finally, you know, he answered our prayers. >> hawkins county investigators say the girl's uncle took her from the school under false pretenses. he is charged with especially aggravated kidnapping. a hiker is safe after being rest skerred in larimer county,
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colorado after being stranded above horse tooth falls in the northern part of the state. firefighters performed a high angle rescue operation to reach the stranded hiker, who was not injured. all right. 5:13 right now. let's check the roads with gianna. hey there. >> if you have to go to work early this morning, not a lot going on. we have a minor accident on 880 but it isn't causing delays. sensors in the green up to speed for the most part north 880 at dixon landing. big rig and vehicle on the right shoulder. both directions of 880 though southbound towards hayward no troubles. northbound into oakland traffic clear. san mateo bridge good start between 880 and 101. the nimitz looks good. near the coliseum traffic nice
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no delays both directions. bay bridge a few extra cars on the road. overall nice out of oakland into san francisco. into san francisco, you shouldn't have any problems on 101 or 280. keep in mind bay to breakers is hang on saturday starts at howard and main and ends at the great highway and lincoln right at ocean beach. closures along the way busy with lots of people in san francisco so plan for that. right now again though 101, 280 extension and 80 looking good in and out of san francisco. if you have an early-morning flight at sfo not bad traffic is light off to a good start along 101, along the peninsula, 92 to the 80 split about 18 to 19 minutes if you are headed into san francisco. that's a look at your morning drive. >> so it's really amazing bay to breakers first called cross- city race and it was developed because of the great earthquake in 1906. it was a way to raise the spirits here in the bay area. and they had like 187 runners for the very first one, 104
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years ago. we are expecting 50,000 runners this sunday. good morning, everyone. hey, before you run out the door, this guy right here tim woods my bff -- no, he is our weather watcher and he is always up bright and early in the morning and he is reporting that it's a bit warmer and less humid and you were spot on, tim. thank you so much for reporting 58 degrees in benicia at this hour. it is a mild start to your day due to the blanket of low clouds and fog drifting onshore. it's the marine layer and it is over the entire bay area at this hour. we have temperatures in the 50s. it's 63 degrees in redwood city. the marine layer is just hanging very tight to the immediate seashore all the way into the southern california. it's enhanced by this right here. this area of low pressure that's located about 500 miles due west of san francisco. it's going to toss a few clouds into our forecast today. it's definitely going to cool us down in comparison to yesterday, as well. okay, here's your futurecast if you want to see when you're going to see some sunshine in your neighborhood. notice by lunchtime we're still
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socked in, in san francisco. so it's going to take a while to see any kind of clearing at the coast even later than what we experienced yesterday. the avenues, the sunset district, half moon bay, pacifica, moss and montara beaches into santa cruz we have plenty of cloud cover all the way into the evening and behind me you see that we have some rain showers associated with this area of low pressure but the rain is not going to move onshore even though that area of low pressure is moving closer. it's just enhancing our marine layer. so very little clearing at best at the seashore. 92 degrees in fresno for this getaway friday! 71 gorgeous in the high sierra. your pollen report suggests that with the influx of the increasing clouds today, pollen count goes down. temperatures are coming down, as well. we're looking at 60s at the beaches at best. 60s around the peninsula. low 70s santa clara valley. 74 degrees, that's pretty much our outside number today in brentwood and discovery bay. low 60s from bodega bay with the breeze up to 20 miles an hour blustery in stinson beach. up to 80 degrees if you want
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the warmth in lakeport and clearlake. low 70s in saint helena. not bad temperatures, just about 10 degrees cooler than it was on thursday in our inland areas. we'll have some partly sunny skies, cooler temperatures on saturday as well then we begin to rebound under the influence of high pressure. again, it's the 2016 bay to breakers sunday perfect weather for running. >> many of the people are half undressed. >> it's called the bay to breakers. [ laughter ] >> all right. >> thank you. well, now in your healthwatch, growing evidence you may be able to slow down the development of dementia with what you eat. leafy green vegetables, blueberries, nuts and seeds, fatty fish and olive oil have all been associated with a
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lower risk of alzheimer's disease. whole grains, lentils and legumes are also on the list. >> these foods have components that are neural protective to protect the brains and others give the brain fuel. >> the brain foods are also elements of the mediterranean diet which includes less red meat and processed foods. nine out of 12 recent studies found a link between that diet and a reduced risk of alzheimer's disease. breast cancer patients who turn to alternative medicine may be less likely to start chemotherapy. a new study is the columbia university tracked about 700 women with early stage cancer. most were using alternative therapies like dietary supplements. after a year 11% still hadn't used chemo. an agency is taking a look at who is cheating in the carpool lanes, coming up. and i'm dennis o'donnell. could the sharks join the
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warriors in the western conference finalses ? highlights and reaction from the s.a.p. straight ahead. >> what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at we may come and feature your school on the show. he ,,,,,, phone rings "hello?" "yeah!" ♪ "a new friends coming here to sesame street."♪
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good morning. so far, so good on the freeways. "friday light" for the most part just a few extra cars
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making the trek out of oakland into san francisco. good morning, everyone from the shark tank where, for the first time in history, the golden state warriors and your san jose sharks are headed to the western conference finals at the same time. now, the sharks, this is their tenth game 7 in history. joe thornton has been part of half of them. the sharks dominated the predators from the moment they dropped the puck. first employer play of the game joe pavelski his ninth goal of the post-season. they scored three in the first, one in the second and then in the third couture feeds marleau to make it 5-0 san jose. nashville's goalie not happy. sharks win 5-0. they advance to the western conference finals where they will play the st. louis blues. >> my first two years, we made it to conference finals, you think it's easy it's going to come every year, and it doesn't. so i think it makes you realize
5:23 am
that you have to take advantage of the chances that you have. you have a good team. you have to take advantage of it. >> reporter: yeah. safe to say the media is on the bandwagon as the sharks welcomed all the bay area cameras into the locker room last night. they will drop the puck on the western conference finals sunday in st. louis for game one. by the way, the warriors they will host oklahoma city, the thunder beating the spurs last night, game one of that series will be on monday. and little dessert for you to top off this forecast from the tank. the giants were winners last night, as well. they beat arizona. from the shark tank, i'm dennis o'donnell. have a great weekend. play of the day from the nba play-offs. san antonio at oklahoma city. here we go. after a turnover at the other end of the court, here's thunder's kevin durant finishing. the thunder beat the spurs 113- 99 to advance to the western
5:24 am
conference finals and they will face the warriors. it is 5:23. the gop san francisco producer that is behind new ads attacking donald trump. still ahead. >> and a teenager at the center of a sex scandal rocking a bay area police department. what she is "revealing" on facebook. >> and a stomach flu outbreak at a school in downtown san jose has sickened more than 90 children. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ team's star player. where y can go today to take a photo with stephen curry's award. ibs the warriors are celebrating another mvp award for the team's star player. where you can go today to take
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a photo for steph curry's awards. >> let's give it up for the san jose sharks advancing in the western division. good morning from the kpix 5 weather center. we have changes that you need to know about for the weekend. >> lighter than usual conditions on the bay bridge. traffic report coming up. good morning, it's friday, may 13. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. happening today, drastic measures at a san jose school to stop the spread of stomach flu. kpix 5's kiet do is live at horace mann elementary school where kids are bound to be restless today by the afternoon bell. kiet. >> reporter: absolutely. this massive clean-up and disinfection continues today. volunteers and staffers were busy wiping down everything yesterday. and they mean everything, from desks and doorknobs, benches and bathrooms, even the water fountains. at last county at least 90 kids out of 568 along with 6 employees have gotten the stomach flu. the first case happened april 29 when a student vomited in class. the school sent out notices required by law but by then the virus had already begun to
5:29 am
spread. here we are two weeks later. the annual musical was postponed until next week. the good news is that it looks like the rate of infection is slowing down. >> it's a school. kids get sick. and i think the school is working hard to keep it contained. >> reporter: and that performance of aladdin has been scheduled next week. live in downtown san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. >> kiet, how will the kids be spending lunch and recess today? >> reporter: yeah. it's going to be tough for the teachers. the kids will have to be staying in class for lunch and recess along with their normal studies. so good luck to the teachers here at horace mann elementary school. >> all right, kiet. thank you. developing news in contra costa county. lanes of eastbound i80 have been closed last night near 4. there was a shooting at the scene and hercules police report a related injury accident. there are no further details at this point. that stretch of i-80 is the
5:30 am
scene of several recent shootings. 66 police cases must be reviewed because of a san francisco police sergeant accused of making sexual and racist comments. those allegations could potentially affect the cases according to the public defender's office. the sergeant currently faces discipline. similar reviews are under way in cases of separate situations involving san francisco officers accused of exchanging racist and antihomosexual tex messages. san francisco police have been working with prosecutors for months on allegations of criminal misconduct by an officer. officer noah winchester accused of assault on women while on duty has since resigned. police chief susan manheimer said: these allegations which involve sexual misconduct are so repugnant to all that we stand for in law enforcement. end quote. police are investigating a deadly stabbing in east san jose around midnight near a
5:31 am
park. no other details have been released. all eyes on oakland's police department. celeste guap a dispatcher's daughter is at the center of it. three officers are on leave accused of sleeping with guap when she was under age. guap posted on facebook that she had harmless relationships with some officers. she admits to having sex with brendan o'brien who killed himself, and his suicide note sparked the internal affairs investigation. oakland pd is mum. >> historically when we look back at our department and when we have internal affairs investigations, we don't share that information because we're talking about personnel. >> officer johnna watson admits that the case to include more than 3 officers being investigated. a long time republican ad producer from san francisco is releasing spots critical of presumptive nominee donald trump. >> the donald's more self-
5:32 am
centered than my 4-year-old brother. see what i mean? >> this is one of bob gardner's new political ads. he has previously produced ads supporting republican candidates. here's another of the new commercials. >> and real men don't talk about their size. >> you can't be president, donny boy. you just don't measure up. >> gardner told kpix 5 he created the ads before ted cruz and john kasich dropped out. [ pause ] >> these ads were done with the expectation that we all had, i think, and certainly the operatives of the media had that california was going to be an important primary. and, um, indiana ended that. >> gardner says it's unlikely the ads will air on tv during the presidential campaign. they are currently on youtube. time now 5:32. let's check weather. >> happy triskaidekaphobia to you. >> i know. do you have triskaidekaphobia? >> i do. >> i do.
5:33 am
i don't run on mountain trails, on may 13 because of mountain lions and i don't swim in the bay because of whales and sharks. how about you guys? >> i'm okay. life is normal for me. it's just friday. >> ask me my lucky number and i always say 13. i don't know? friday the 13th, kind of cool. >> i'm glad the teams aren't playing today the sharks or warriors. i'm really happy about that. good morning, everybody. as you step out the door on this friday the 13th, we have a gray slate. we have overcast skies. it is the marine layer. and it's streaming inland at least a good 50, 60 miles. temperatures 51 degrees in santa rosa to 63 degrees in redwood city. it's mild this morning. it is warmer than 24 hours ago. and we do have the enhancement of a deepening marine layer all because of this right here this area of low pressure spinning off the coast. numbers are coming down today. in fact we're talking about 50s, 60s at the beaches. mid- to high 60s around the peninsula then up to the low 70s from cupertino into campbell los gatos, saratoga, wrapping around to san jose and
5:34 am
santa clara. east of the bay, up to 74 degrees in brentwood and discovery bay. mountain house same. we do have walnut creek clayton and concord all approaching upper 60s and low 70s. tumbling out of the 80s going to feel the difference. 68 degrees today slow burnoff in petaluma. 73 in cloverdale. i have some changes for your weekend forecast. and that report is coming up at 48 minutes after the hour. right now, let's send it on over to gianna. >> good news in the traffic center. a live look at the bay bridge. traffic actually not doing too bad. actually this is oakland traffic is very light on that northbound side as you work your way coming on the nimitz freeway past the coliseum heading towards downtown oakland southbound having haven't had any problems as of yet so off to a very good start this morning in the bay area. north 880 at dixon landing, this accident on the right shoulder not blocking lanes. no delays in the green speeds above 55. most of the nimitz freeway looks clear. southbound 880 from 238 to 84
5:35 am
that's an easy ride this morning. no troubles across the san mateo bridge. you can see traffic is light as you head between hayward and foster city. it will take you 13 minutes to work your way across the span with no delays once you get to 101. we are seeing a bit of a backup here at the bay bridge. but no metering lights just yet. it's already 5:35 and traffic is light. past that first overpass there you will see a few brake lights then clear past the metering lights across the upper deck into san francisco. we do have a broken-down box truck stuck in lanes. westbound 37 at lakeville, causing slight delays approaching the scene. it's blocking at least one lane. once you get past that, though, no troubles west 37 if you are heading towards marin along 101. 101 itself is clear out of marin. we have an easy ride coming away from 580 down to the golden gate toll plaza. you can see traffic is light heading into san francisco. 14 minutes that's all it will take for your drive time. >> thank you. happening today a city meeting on a bitter topic. drives who cheat their way down carpool lanes. in a few hours the metropolitan
5:36 am
transportation commission will use a comprehensive survey on the subject. the study brought observers on to overpasses above carpool lanes at 83 sites in the bay area. and they counted passengers in every passing car. it turns out that 24% of cars lacked the required number of riders in the morning rush. in the evening, the number was 19%. the san francisco museum of modern art will re-open to the public tomorrow. for the past three years, the museum had massive renovations and expansion. some people get a preview last night during a special gala. the museum has 170,000 square feet of new and renovated indoor and outdoor gallery space. all free tickets from tomorrow's opening are distributed. the warriors know who they will face in the nba western conference finals, they will play the oklahoma city thunder who advance to the next round with a victory over san antonio last night. game one will be monday evening at 6:00 in oakland. a little more than 3 hours from now, the warriors will give fans a chance to pose for
5:37 am
photos with steph curry's two mvp trophies from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. at the warriors' team store at oracle arena. 5:37. facebook is responding after reports surfaced saying that the tech giant's trending topics was suppressing conservative articles. what ceo mark zuckerberg now plans to do. >> arriving at its next destination where the solar impulse 2 is now and how long it took to get there next. cast in just a few >> gianna will have the traffic report coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. mmmm, yoplait. good morning, everybody. it is friday, it is friday the
5:40 am
13th. and your time check is 5:39. taking a look out from the transamerica pyramid due east, we have low overcast and gray skies and we have how all this will affect your weekend forecast. that weather report in less than 4 minutes. facebook's ceo says that the company is looking at how its feature known as trending topics works. mark zuckerberg says that the probe is in response to reports that the feature was rigged to suppress conservative articles. mark zuckerberg says he takes those allegations seriously and is setting up meetings with some leading conservatives. walmart is speeding up its shipping as it tries to compete withamazon. it will guarantee two-day delivery instead of three under its subscription service. the shipping pass program is $49 a year half the price of amazon prime but it's not available everywhere and doesn't include video streaming or cloud storage. the sunpowered plane solar impulse two is now in tulsa, oklahoma this morning as it glides toward its goal of going
5:41 am
around the world. it took off from phoenix early thursday and landed in tulsa more than 20 hours later. macy's isn't the only department store struggling to get its clothes off the shelves these days. jill wagner of on that and more. >> reporter: good morning. it's a mixed day here on wall street yesterday. the dow was up nine, nasdaq down 23. looking like it's going to be a higher open today. now, there's a little more trouble for the nation's biggest retailers. nordstrom shares are dropping. they lost about 17% yesterday after reporting lower than expected 1st quarter sales. for customers the store will probably discount items to clear out inventory. the number of americans applying for unemployment hits its highest level since last year. 40,000 verizon workers are still striking. existing home sales on track for the best year since
5:42 am
2006. the national association of realtors says that demand is being fueled by three-year lows for mortgage rates and also job growth. >> so jill, mcdonald's continuing its turnaround plan and there's a new strategy to appeal to americans who want fresher more natural food. what can you tell us about this? >> reporter: mcdonald's is testing hamburgers made from fresh beef not frozen beef at 14 of its restaurant in dallas. this is part of a massive turnaround plan. mcdonald's said it was going to focus on simple fresher ingredients. rivals like shake shack and in- n-out only use fresh beef. >> thank you. jill wagner of, have a great weekend. there are some unusual visitors in the san francisco bay. >> that's right. chopper 5 captured several humpback whales frolicking near the golden gate bridge yesterday afternoon. terry parks got some video as he kite surfed right near them. he says he tried to keep the
5:43 am
required 100 yards away. >> there were a couple of times there where you can't see where they are going to submerge and then they come up pretty close to you. >> what was that like? >> um, it was humbling. >> beautiful shots. marine mammal experts say that people have reported seeing an unusually large number of humpbacks in san francisco bay in the last few weeks. the humpbacks may be following food sources like anchovies and schools of other fish. usually humpbacks travel outside the bay along the coast. experts say that they are concerned that the whales may head farther into the bay's shallow waters and get stuck. >> hopefully they stay in the deepened. i love watching that video because the reaction from the people who get near the whales -- >> they sounded really excited. >> they are screaming! >> yeah. but we have the raw video. that was some profanity. they were a little scared, too. >> we had to go a little quiet
5:44 am
on that. >> it's just amazing what's going on and a lot of this is attributed to el nino bringing more food sources into the bay. >> can we blame traffic on el nino? >> can't blame it today. but let's blame it on friday the 13th. we are getting some good conditions on the freeway. bay bridge usually stacked up to the maze. right now it's okay. they turned the metering lights on a couple of minutes later than usual so you will see a cycle there as you work your way past the toll plaza to the lights but once you get past that you're free-flowing and some lanes are actually light so not bad at all. hopefully it will stay that way this morning. in fact, once you make that trek across the bay bridge, everything is clear into san francisco. don't forget this weekend though, it's going to be busy on sunday. bay to breakers is happening sunday morning. it starts around howard and main street and a great shot to great highway and lincoln. it's a 12k so a lot of people in the area enjoying the race in san francisco. there are closures because of
5:45 am
it so plan for that. also, mass transit has made changes to accommodate everyone expected to head over to san francisco. bart will open two hours early on sunday morning at 6 a.m. caltrain will be providing four extra trains to san francisco for racers. three express trains after the race will be heading to san jose. so you have options if you don't want to drive into san francisco. elsewhere, if you are driving along 880 or you plan to this morning we're seeing brake lights and sluggish conditions southbound out of hayward as you head towards fremont. northbound though we are clocking in some nice speeds so no delays if you are commuting out of the south bay all the way towards 880 and then on to the nimitz freeway as you head towards oakland. everything is clear. and san mateo bridge not doing too bad. north 880 at dixon landing this accident now clearing. it's over to the right shoulder but not causing any big problems. so a beautiful start to traffic, roberta. how about the show,. >> oh, the forecast, it's a winning forecast. as we take you live to san jose to the shark tank, give it up, everybody, the shark tank, home
5:46 am
of our winning san jose sharks. >> whoo! >> good morning, everyone. we have overcast skies above the tank at this hour. temperatures in san jose at 57 degrees. low 50s in santa rosa to 63 degrees in redwood city. it's a lot more mild this morning than 24 hours ago due to this right here. it's a deepening marine layer and it's being enhanced by that right there that area of low pressure that's spinning its wheels immediately off our seashore. we have the clouds very slow to clear today at the coast and, in fact, partial clearing at best. we have a combination of clouds and sun today everywhere and we'll have some cooler temperatures today. going to notice a difference inland where we're tumbling out of the 80s into the 70s. still not bad. just cooler. all right. here's the area of low pressure spinning offshore. it's moving closer and closer to the coast. so it's enhancing our marine layer and it's a much stronger flow with the winds out of the west up to 20 so it feels raw at the beaches with highs in the 50s. barely any clearing at best. and i initially had some rain in the forecast at least light
5:47 am
rain. it's because of this right here. but now it looks like we are not going to have any kind of precipitation moving onshore as it dissipates offshore west of the city. 77 degrees for your getaway friday in ukiah. 71, pristine, in the high sierra. low 70s in monterey bay backing through carmel. your pollen report suggests we are still suffering in the bay area. the count increases slightly before it comes back down but nonetheless all the trees now coming into play, as well. 6:02, not seeing much of it unless you go to mount vaca which is 2800 feet. we have a camera up there. otherwise lots of clouds. sunset at 8:11. temperatures today 50s at the beaches. 50s and 60s at the bay, high 60s in mountain view. 70s toward sag toga and the los gatos area. unseasonably cool inland now. we'll hold this weather pattern through the weekend and then beginning to increase the
5:48 am
marine layer again monday through thursday. but ample sunshine and warmer temperatures. the 104th annual running of the "bay to breakers," it steps off on sunday under overcast conditions and 60 degrees. see you there! >> debris recently linked to missing malaysia flight flight, officials say the search zone shouldn't shift because more debris is floating in a 120,000 square kilometers zone west of australia. officials plan to meet in june or july to chart next steps to search for the missing plane 's the opening ceremonies of the 2016 summer olympics in brazil approaches the country faces problems that could overshadow the games. it could be a public health disaster because of the zika virus. a new report published in the
5:49 am
harvard public review cites the sudden increase of tourism in brazil which could spread the virus to other countries. more than 1400 pounds of marijuana was found hidden inside fresh coconuts at the u.s./mexico border in texas. customs and border protection says the packages were part of a commercial shipment inside a tractor-trailer traveling from mexico to the u.s. the half ton of pot was worth about $285,000. george zimmerman's efforts to auction the gun he used to kill trayvon martin has hit a snag after people with fake accounts started bidding on the items. bidding was into the millions as of this morning on the site united gun group. it's the second platform through which zimmerman has tried to sell the firearm. it was returned to him by authorities after his acquittal. time now 5:49. a big change is coming for joe's crab shack. the policy it's dropping at some restaurants still ahead. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:50 am
5:51 am
5:52 am
giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. time check 5:52 on this friday the 13th. we are looking towards the weekend where it will be the 104th annual "bay to breakers" foot race. it's the oldest foot race in the country. in fact, back in 1912 there were 186 participants. we anticipate 50,000 people to
5:53 am
pound the pavement in san francisco at 60 degrees and overcast. looks like those express lanes along 580 have really helped traffic. in fact, no delays right now from the altamont pass and 680. delays just east of there where you see the usually slow conditions out of tracy westbound to greenville. the family of joan rivers has settled with the clinic at the center of a medical malpractice lawsuit. it stems from her 2014 death. rivers went to the medical center for a procedure to evaluate her voice changes and to determine what was causing her stomach reflux. she died during the procedure. the terms. settlement are confidential. johnny depp is telling the world how he feels about the prospect of a donald trump presidency. according to the hollywood reporter, he says if trump wins the white house, he will be the last u.s. president. the actor is quoted as saying, it just won't work after that. he played trump in a fake show for funny or die. the show made fun of trump's book the art of the deal. new this morning, joe's
5:54 am
crab shack is getting rid of its no tipping policy at some restaurants. since august, the seafood chain has been testing a no tipping model at 18 locations including right here in san francisco. prices went up to cover labor costs. and many customers said they didn't like the policy because it doesn't encourage good service. they lost 10% of their customers during the test run. the no tipping policy will continue at only 4 locations. fans of peanut butter and chocolate time to perk up this morning. hershey's shared this video of a new reeses product set to hit shelves in july. the tasty mix is a reeses cup packed with reeses pieces, no less. and a hershey's spokesman says people who love peanut butter have flooded the company's facebook pages some comments. >> i bet. it looks good. time now 5:54. bart is planning some improvements that should make
5:55 am
the ride more bearable. >> reporter: and a stomach flu outbreak at an elementary school in down san jose has sickened more than 90 kids. ,,,,,,,,
5:56 am
phone rings "hello?" "yeah!" ♪ "a new friends coming here to sesame street."♪ if you're looking for freinds... "hi!!!" "hi everybody" "cookie" all-new it's sesame street live make a new friend! "hello everybodeeeeee!" no matter where you're from or where you've been... ♪"bakkaaaa ♪"count" ♪"me" ♪"in" sesame street live make a new friend playing the only bay area performances city national civic
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and i'm kenny choi. students at a south bay elementary school won't be allowed to move around m to keep an outbrea good morning. it's friday, may 13. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. students at a south bay elementary school won't be allowed to move around much today to keep an outbreak of the stomach flu from spreading further. kpix 5's keit do is live at horace mann elementary school this morning with more on the precautions in place. kiet. >> reporter: yeah. the school is taking swift action on this one. the kids will be staying inside their classrooms all day today and that includes lunch and recess. they will also be constantly washing their hands and using hand sanitizer. the school is getting a wipedown by order of the health department. the school trying to get the
5:59 am
stomach flu under control that's already sickened at least 90 kids and six employees. it started when a student vomited in class on april 29. staff realized an outbreak was unevery under way when kids went home with the same symptoms. >> they closed off the drinking fountains, bathrooms. they've cleaned everything. even cleaning the posts at the school. >> reporter: a student play was rescheduled for next week to limited the outbreak of the stomach flu here at horace mann elementary school. live in san jose kiet do, kpix 5. >> what do we know about the rate of infections there? >> reporter: yeah. they think it peaked in the last two weeks and is slowing down. a $2,500 reward is offered for information in the hunt for a dangerous bay area fugitive.
6:00 am
26-year-old ricardo colindres is accused of shooting his ex- girlfriend in the head last month in pacifica. she was 8 months pregnant at the time. she delivered the baby sense then and they are both okay. >> we just want the public to understand that this guy is armed and dangerous. he is unpredictable and we are after every active looking for him. we are going to chase down every lead we get. >> this is a new photo of the silver 2003 toyota corolla colindres may be driving. he is known to hang out in brisbane. some good samaritans are credited with stopping an attempted hit-and-run. police say that the driver of the red car struck a bicyclist on market street near fourth yesterday. then tried to drive off. witnesses surrounded the woman's car blocking her until police arrived. the cyclist is expected to be okay. bart has given the go-ahead to a plan that's supposed to make its trains run more quietly. custom rail dampers will be installed on some loud sections. track. they are between the daly cy


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