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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  May 13, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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to hold police officers accountable. it's new fallout from a sex scandal inside the opd. kpix 5 reporter juliette goodrich on new rules in place because of the scandal and juliette, pretty clear, the mayor isn't happy. >> reporter: allen the city of oakland is taking a hard stance. let's go to the news conference to show you the demeanor of the mayor. we're used to seeing mayor libby schaaf in an upbeat mode. she is quick with a smile but not today. she is clear she to the bottom of this. >> we are here to talk about some extremely serious allegations of sexual misconduct that has taken place by oakland police officers. and we just wanted to say how much we value and respect the public's right to know what is going on with this investigation as well as how our officers conduct themselves
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both on and off duty. we as oaklanders can expect to hold officers to the highest standards of conduct. again, both while they wear the uniform and while they don't. and that is a standard that we intend to enforce here at the city of oakland. >> reporter: and that's mayor libby schaaf really taking a hard stance on this misconduct. now, the police chief was also there but was really the mayor that was outlining what needs to be done and stressing that the people of oakland deserve to know what happened. she is even calling on the d.a. to conduct its own separate independent investigation into the allegations. >> today i issued an executive directive that will require going forward without discretion the oakland police department to notify the appropriate district attorney whenever there is reasonable suspicion of any criminal conduct either on or off duty
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by any employee of the oakland police department. >> reporter: if we backtrack this all started from a suicide note that was left from a police officer. in that note, he detailed three officers' names, one of them was a sergeant, saying they were involved in sexual misconduct with a minor and that is when this investigation began. the scandal broke open when officers walked into an oakland apartment and found fellow officer brendan o'brien dead. and then they found the suicide note. a source close to the investigation said officer o'brien wrote he had sent inappropriate texts with a woman and that even though he claimed he never slept with her, that woman was blackmailing him and had caused trouble with his wife. sources say he named the woman who calls herself celeste guap but used her given name jasmine. celeste posted on facebook that the only officers she messed with while under age is sadly gone. and that she had, quote,
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harmless friendships within the police department. but sources say that officer o'brien's suicide note also named three fellow officers including a sergeant, that o'brien said did have sex with her. as we reported yesterday, a federal court monitor is investigating multiple officers and their relationship with celeste, who sources say have admitted to lying during an initial internal investigation and one of those officers admitted to knowing she was underaged at the time. we also broadcast this photo that celeste posted on her facebook page last month that shows an opd car and the caption, took me back to richmond in style. today sources tell us police brass are trying to figure out who was in that car. now, it's important to note that no criminal charges have been filed. this investigation is taking place as we speak. we did try to reach out to celeste to get her comment. she didn't return our calls. that's the latest from oakland.
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juliette goodrich, kpix 5. >> we are putting the entire press conference on our website, a cyclist collides with a cop car and ends up in the hospital with a back injury, bruised ribs and a bloody leg. the crash happened yesterday afternoon at second and mission. dashcam video clearly shows the cyclist traveling through the green bike lane. then the officer pulls into his lane. the cyclist is now recovering at home. he spoke first with kpix 5 this afternoon [ scratchy voice ] >> it was just bang, bang and according to them i flew through the air and landed up in the intersection. >> all things considered, i'm lucky to be alive. you know? >> the man says he doesn't hold any ill will toward police. it was just an accident. the department declined to comment. by the way, yesterday was "bike to work" day. meanwhile, an 18-year-old woman is now behind bars after a nasty road rage crash on market street yesterday. chopper 5 shows the aftermath. you can see the suspect's red sedan and a mangled bike
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nearby. this happened around 5:00 yesterday afternoon. police say the woman intentionally ran over the bicyclist after the two got into a fight. the victim is in the hospital with life-threatening injuries. a construction worker was crushed to death while on the job today. it happened at the moscone center in san francisco this morning. we are told that the worker was operating a cherry picker inside a ramp that goes below ground when things took a tragic turn. >> a, um, worker for a rental equipment company was picking up a piece of heavy equipment and he got pinned against a cement concrete structure. investigators, um, 911 was immediately called. um, unfortunately, they were unable to resuscitate him. >> police and cal/osha are investigating the man's death. new at 6:00, we are exposing a surveillance program operating all around the bay
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area. federal agents planting microphones to secretly record conversations. kpix 5's jackie ward is at the oakland courthouse. now, jackie, can they legally do that? >> reporter: yes. they can. which may surprise a lot of you out there. just imagine standing at that very bus stop having a conversation with your friends and having no idea that your conversation is being recorded. it happens all the time. and the fbi says that they don't even need a warrant to do it. >> they plant microphones in rocks, trees, in equipment, i mean, there's microphones that are planted in places that people don't think about because that's the intent. >> reporter: fbi agents hid microphones inside these light fixtures and at this bus stop without a warrant to record conversations between march 2010 and january 2011. the feds are trying to prove real estate investors in san mateo and alameda county counties are guilty of bid rigging and fraud. jeff harp is a former fbi special agent is now a kpix 5 security analyst. >> an agent can just go out and
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grab a recording device and plant it somewhere without authorization from supervisor and special agent in charge. >> reporter: the lawyer for one of the accused will judge the throw out the recordings telling me that, quote, speaking in a public place does not mean that the individual has no reasonable expectation of privacy. private communication in a public place qualifies as a protected oral communication and therefore may not be intercepted without judicial authorization. so jeff also says if you are going to conduct criminal activity, do it in the privacy of your own home. that was the original intention of the fourth amendment but we'll see what the judge has to say on may 25. from the alameda county courthouse, jackie ward, kpix 5. strong words from mayor lee today to the four supervisors calling for police chief greg suhr to step down. you it's about as direct as we have seen the mayor. >> we have oversight by the professionals at the department of justice. i don't need four supervisors who are not professionals doing their political thing.
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i need them to pay attention to the reforms and invest in that because that's what the public wants. >> the mayor joined chief suhr at a community meeting on west portal avenue this morning. >> as long as i'm chief of police i have a lot to do and i'm doing it. i don't have any intention to step down. i have a lot of work before me both keeping this city safe, supporting the officers and doing what the real hard task is nationally for cops right now with the scrutiny we're under. >> at least two other supervisors are on the chief's side. >> santa clara county jail guards have selected a new leader. the "san jose mercury news" reports sergeant amy lai will be the first vietnamese- american and the first woman to lead the county's correctional peace officers association. she is set to take office june 1. the union has been rocked by scandal. the former president left amid accusations he sent text messages disparaging, black, latino, blacks and jews.
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also in the south bay the man accused of kidnapping and killing 15-year-old sierra lamar wants a new trial because his court appointed lawyers aren't giving him a speedy trial. he has been in jail since 2012. that's when sierra lamar seen here vanished on the way to the bus stop and was never seen again. garcia-torres was identified as a person of interest in the disappearance because of evidence allegedly linking him to the case. her body was never found. governor brown using a fable to make his case for frugal spending. he is proposing a $122 billion budget plan down slightly from january because tax revenues will be nearly $2 billion less than expected. brown quoted the fable of the ants and the grasshopper in which the ant prepares for days of necessity. >> like everything else, things don't last forever. and right now, the surging tide
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of revenue is beginning to turn. >> brown is sticking to his push to put an extra $2 billion in the reserve fund. mainly to protect social services if a new recession were to happen. the governor says the budget will stay in balance for the next two years barring unforeseen developments. new at 6:00, public schools now at the center of a fight over transgender rights. it comes as new federal guidelines order all public schools to allow students to use the bathrooms based on their gender identity but as len ramirez shows us one san jose school didn't wait for the white house to act. >> reporter: there are no physical changes to the main bathrooms at san jose's lincoln high school. the original stalls urinals and washbasins are still there. all the administration did was change the signs. >> they are large standard multistall school bathrooms and now all genders are able to use them. >> reporter: the change took place two weeks ago at the
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request of transgender and nonbinary genderless students on campus who felt they didn't fit in. >> we had to use the nurse's office and we're not sick. we just identified differently. >> reporter: this person is one of the students who pushed for the change. >> it really has helped. it's given people not just me but a lot of my friends and other people i know or don't know a chance to feel more welcome. >> for the first time all people are using the same restrooms at the same time which students say takes some getting used to. >> it's awkward when you turn around and you're just trying to zip up your pants and you see a woman. it's just -- wow. like that just happened. you know? >> reporter: and some girls say it's changed the way they handle feminine needs. >> i'm more cautious of what i'm doing. >> reporter: school administrators are monitoring the bathrooms closely and a special text line is set up for students to report inappropriate behavior. so far the principal says there's no problems. >> this is an issue important to students not just to lincoln
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but, you know, across the state and i think they can have safe and confidence in our kids that they can handle the situation with maturity and respect and tolerance. >> reporter: for those students who feel more comfortable in a more traditional setting, the school says it has several other bathrooms located on campus that are still designated male and female. in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. they are already breaking the law and jamming your commute. how a surge in bay area carpool cheats could ruin a perk for thousands of drivers. >> a blast from th past, the search for buried treasure in our own backyard. >> and coyotes on the prowling cats. the video that has bay area pet owners on edge. >> talking about this low pressure area over our shoulder. won't get within 500 miles of the bay area but will have a direct impact on what you do outside this weekend. we'll talk about it coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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you see all lanes -- includg the carpool -- creeping alo. and now a new chopper 5 over 880 in oakland this evening and you can see it all lanes including the carpool lane creeping along. but now a new study is saying that cheats are crowding those carpool lanes. kpix 5's maria medina in san jose and it's so bad the entire system could collapse? >> reporter: yeah. you know, one in five drivers is a carpool cheater and if you do it, think twice because you could cause a collapse of the carpool system. you probably know someone who has. >> i have been late for something and then there's a whole line of traffic for many miles and i have done it before. >> reporter: breaking the law driving in the carpool lane when you're not supposed to. >> i know somebody who has.
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>> the findings were surprising. >> reporter: the mtc is behind a new study that found during the morning rush, 24% of drivers in carpool lanes are violators. in the evening rush, it's 19%. >> it really agitates other drivers when they see those people. >> reporter: the california highway patrol says they have seen it all when it comes to excuses. >> we have seen dummies, child car seat with a doll or something else that's in the car seat. >> reporter: but the mtc says those carpool cheaters could force the collapse of the system. federal money could be at stake if the speed in carpool lanes doesn't reach at least 45 miles an hour 90% of the time. two years ago nearly 60% of carpool lanes failed to meet the requirement according to a caltrans report. >> traffic is getting ridiculous. i know why the people are doing that. because the traffic is crazy. >> reporter: one way to resolve that? stop giving electric and low
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emission cars special privileges to use the carpool lane with or without two or more passengers. but it's the potential carpool collapse isn't enough for violators to stop cheating, remember, the price you'll pay if you get caught. >> yeah, i don't cheat. i don't want to pay that ticket. so -- >> reporter: it's almost $400. >> yeah. it's huge. >> reporter: it's pretty expensive. all right. so the exact dollar amount for the ticket $375. and that is not including county and court fees. live in san jose, maria medina, kpix 5. >> your ride on bart is about to become less noisy. they will install custom rail dampers like the ones you see here on some of its noisiest sections of the track. that includes a stretch of track between balboa park and daly city along with tracks near the west oakland station. the rail dampers will be installed over the labor day weekend. a san jose elementary school is working to contain a flu outbreak that has infected
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nearly 100 children. students at horace mann elementary were back in class today as the crews were scrubbing surfaces during day 3 of a deep cleaning. the outbreak began last month and since then, there's an average of 6 to 7 new flu cases a day. today the students stayed indoors for recess in an attempt to stop the spread. >> you're trapped indoors all day today lunch and recess. >> yay!! want to play games. >> reporter: how was it getting the sickness? >> bad. >> reporter: what happened? did you throw up? >> yes. >> reporter: how do you feel now? >> good. >> more cleaning is planned for the school over the weekend. other events there have been canceled. archeologists in san francisco's presidio are unearthing artifacts from hundreds of years ago! they are digging up a spanish colonial site right in front of the presidio officers club. kpix 5's don ford shows us a project that provides a glimpse
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in a long ago era. >> it's very exciting. for a lot of people they think of egypt, archaeological sites in europe but it surprises people that they have archeological site right here in their backyard. >> reporter: right here in plain view on the main parade grounds, archeologists are slowly peeling back the layers of time exposing centuries of history the very beginning of the presidio. >> touching things that nobody touched for hundreds of years is amazing. >> reporter: behind the officers club through this locked gate, they are carefully processing the dirt. >> had a couple of pieces of glass. um, a rusty nail. >> reporter: recently they found something incredible! >> we get a lot of questions about whether we're looking for gold or treasure but we found things that are like gold. a trash pit is exciting. >> reporter: many of those items are stored in a climate controlled area. part of a $3 million lab. all part of the presidio trust.
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classes from all over the bay area are encouraged to get an up-close look. ask questions and see real science in action. archeologists believe this site could be as large as 5 acres. so they expect to be working here for decades. in the presidio, don ford, kpix 5. >> if you would like to go out and see the archeologists in action, the dig site is open to the public all weekend. >> like watching dr. jones, "indiana jones." i wanted did i! >> live. >> right? >> pretty cool. >> it would be fun. >> yes. [ overlapping speakers ] >> wow. you have seen that movie? >> i have practiced. >> harrison ford. >> you chose wisely for outdoor plans. light jacket, it will be cool but you can get outside saturday and sunday. allen is -- [ overlapping speakers ] [ comments off camera ] it's the weekend. why not? hayward 66.
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richmond 63. it was chilly. it was a pick your climate kind of day. 50s at the beach bodega bay 58. 75 warm in morgan hill, 75 degrees. take a little shot over the bridge here pass by the financial district and that's the cloud cover that we expect tomorrow around lunchtime. it will be cloudy. there will be widespread low cloud cover tonight and fog. there will be drizzle at the coastline the may gray. it's may. and tomorrow morning will absolutely be gray. fremont 51. concord 52. napa 49. but what's common will be cloud cover all the way inland all the way into south bay everybody starts the weekend off cloudy. cool tomorrow and chance of rain along the coastline also some drizzle. very weak boundary moving through. north of santa rosa up toward cloverdale may get showers drizzle possible for the marin coastline san mateo coastline. we are not going to see the sunshine until after lunchtime tomorrow. it will be a very slow burnoff
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because of a strong onshore flow. that is saturday. sunday the sunshine comes out earlier. a mixture of sun and clouds. it will be milder. hey, we have a big race in the city. "bay to breakers," this sunday. morning low cloud cover. it will be cool. but should be pleasant. that's good running weather sunday morning in san francisco. highs tomorrow about 70 degrees in the tri-valley. livermore 70. fairfield 72. we won't hit 70 degrees in napa, vallejo, san rafael. redwood city 71. san francisco tomorrow widespread fog and cloud cover 65 your high. one or two degrees warmer sunday. nicer day to get outside. tuesday and wednesday, 70s near the bay and 80s inland. so we are kind of doing the pendulum a little cool a little warm. the one thing absent now is the rain. we're really settling into more of a summertime pattern where we don't get much rain. >> it's all good, though. they're all nice temperatures. >> all degrees of good. there's nothing bad to see
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here. no complaints. even good acting going on. >> excellent acting. >> shouldn't distract you from your weather. >> you just keep going. >> all right. thank you. it's a choice you have to make before you book a trip. should you buy the travel insurance? we're going to break down when it does and doesn't pay off and the one word you want to watch out for. >> and watch as a woman fights off two carjackers with guns. what she did that sent them running. ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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dirty secrets of the travel industry. that trip insurance you purchase we are about to expose one of the dirty secrets the travel industry. your trip insurance will probably never pay off. consumerwatch reporter julie watts explains why. >> reporter: she expected it would be smooth sailing when she and her husband bob booked this cruise through her husband's alma mater cal- berkeley. >> the first cruise we were going to take. >> reporter: unfortunately, bob died unexpectedly before they were able to take that trip. so she asked the tour company
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for a refund. >> when a person pass away there should not be any question that full refund be made. >> reporter: but she says cal discovery travel was only willing to refund half the couple's payment and told her if she wanted more she should have purchased travel insurance. >> i guarantee you almost every time they will find a way to connect it to a pre-existing condition. >> reporter: nancy kinkade of the california department of insurance says most basic policies don't cover cancellations due to health issues when travelers have a pre-existing condition which they would have found in bob's case. in some cases specifically expensive trips booked well in advance the right kind of travel insurance can pay off. >> travel insurance could be a good investment. >> reporter: kinkade says if you want protection to medical issues, civil unrest, bad weather or you change your mind you need to read the fine print and get a policy that includes those specific coverages which are more expensive and be cautious of travel waivers often pitched by companies as a
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type of travel protection. waivers are not the same as insurance and don't have the same protection. >> i hope that, uhm, we all learn a lesson from this. >> reporter: as for her, she says she will consider buying travel insurance for her next vacation although the new widow says it may be a while before she is ready for that. now, after contacting consumerwatch, our volunteers were able to get her a full refund. she is now paying it forward and donating that money to students rising above. a charity we often feature here on kpix 5. remember, if you have a consumer problem, you can send us an email at coming up in the next half- hour, it's video that has bay area pet owners uneasy. coyotes on the prowl. the first accounts from neighbors who lost pets. >> meet the woman who just shattered a major glass ceiling in the military. why that may not even be the most remarkable thing about her. >> and seconds to save lives.
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libby schaaf addressed a sex scandal in the police department. she promised tod accountable an checking our top stories this friday. oakland mayor libby schaaf addressed a sex scandal in the
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police department. she promised to hold accountable any officers involved. three officers have already been placed on leave. it's a case that deals with allegations of sex with a minor girl. i'm jackie ward in oakland with tonight's top story. so imagine standing at a bus stop having a conversation with your friends. and having that entire conversation recorded. guess what. it happens all the time and the fbi says that they can do that even without a warrant. coming up next, we speak to a former fbi agent who explains why this is legal. >> and coyotes on the prowl in areas where they haven't been seen in years. it's happening in a neighborhood in the oakland hills. kpix 5's da lin has firsthand accounts from people who saw them and those who have learned a very painful lesson, too. da. >> reporter: you know, folks who have lived here for 40, 50 years and they say they have never seen coyotes in this neighborhood before up until maybe about 2, 3 weeks ago. now they say these coyotes are
6:32 pm
feeding on cats and chickens. it's becoming a common occurrence. coyotes roaming through people's backyards, perhaps looking for food. a man recorded these two coyotes yesterday in the populate oakmore neighborhood, less than a mile away a surveillance camera picked up two more on a sidewalk. >> we had nine chickens. now we have eight. >> reporter: mary says the coyote ate one of her chickens last week. >> we heard a lot of ruckus and then we just saw a trail of feathers and, um, the chicken was gone. >> reporter: a few days later, the coyote came back for more. >> he was just right here. and my very brave little dog, george, uhm, chased him out of the yard. i was surprised at how bold it was. it wasn't going to move unless george chased it out. >> reporter: now she keeps her chickens in the coop. neighbors believe the coyotes killed at least two cats this week including this white and black cat named alex. the owner doesn't want her face on camera. >> i'm very, very sad he had to
6:33 pm
have this unfortunate end. he was very much a mess, you know. they had eaten most of him. >> reporter: experts say it's best to keep cats inside early in the morning and at night. that's when coyotes are most active. they say dogs should be leashed. >> coyotes seem to be much more prevalent in the bay area than they ever used to be. some of that is the drought. they are looking for water sources and some of it is that they're just multiplying in our areas learning to live in urban environments. >> reporter: a couple of coyotes walked up bradley white's driveway. now he walks his dog with a bea spray. >> i carry for the coyotes because it's a concentrated form of pepper spray that shoots about 30 feet. >> reporter: neighbors say they don't want to kill these coyotes. they want animal control to trap and relocate them. they have left multiple messages for animal control and they say they haven't heard back. live in oakland, i'm da lin,
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kpix 5. in another instance of coyotes acting boldly, look at this! a video showing a coyote there kind of coming after the dog, teasing him a little bit. these are a couple of dogs in san francisco's bernal heights. the coyote ventures forward, backs off, this is right in front -- in the middle of the road. we have more of this video for you on a young dog and her puppies are getting some much-needed care. they were found abandoned and starving in a cardboard box at some property on the monterey peninsula on monday. the spca says they are also suffering from a painful skin condition caused by mites. they are being nursed back to health so they can be adopted. a adopted. a somber ceremony for a u.s. navy seal killed in iraq. active service members and veterans stood in observance outside a catholic church in san diego then charles keating iv was laid to rest. he died in iraq 10 day ago.
6:35 pm
for the first time ever, a woman takes charge of a top tier war fighting command. cbs reporter danielle nottingham tells us air force major general lori robinson is now directly responsible for the security of our nation. >> general lori robinson is directed to assume command. >> reporter: general lori robinson took the flag and took on the duties of the north american aerospace defense command and then another flag assuming a second role as leader of the northern command. she is the first female in history to lead a combatant command. >> i can't think of a more sacred responsibility than defense of the homeland. >> reporter: she will oversee norad the joint u.s.-canada operation that defense the skies and seas of both nations and the northern command which was created after 9/11 to prevent future attacks. >> general robinson's success as battle manager a role that requires making split second
6:36 pm
life and death decisions is another tribute to her strength. >> reporter: robinson will also be in charge of security at the southern border trying to stop drug trafficking and smuggling from mexico. >> i will go down and look, understand the tunnels, see what they look like. >> reporter: in april she told a senate confirmation committee that she believes the biggest threat to the homeland is russia and homegrown extremeeses. >> is the threat to the homeland declining or increasing? >> increasing. >> reporter: she joined the air force in 1982 and was commander of the pacific. she says it's an honor to serve alongside the men and women protecting our nation. danielle nottingham, cbs news, los angeles. >> some would-be carjackers picked the wrong victim in atlanta. gas station surveillance cameras show jasmine warren gassing up then being attacked by two teenagers. they hold her up at gunpoint and punch her in the face. as they try to take off in her car, she had had enough. >> i tried to reach for the gun and grab the gun.
6:37 pm
but he grabbed me back down. what made me not fear him was when i looked into his eyes and i could tell that he was afraid himself. >> and during that struggle she managed to break the key off in the ignition. the teens gave up, grabbed her cell phone and took off. a train operator is being called a hero after his quick thinking saved passengers from serious injuries. on the tracks in portland, the operator noticed a truck blocking the rail. you can see him sprinting down the car warning passengers to brace for impact! the train slammed into that truck shattering the front glass. thanks to the warning, no one was badly hurt. a recall with a rare warning to owners, stop driving your car now. >> and a robot you can swallow? how this little pill can work wonders inside your stomach. ,,,,
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(music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette) telling people: don't drive.. till
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you get your car checked ou subaru says: the steering can fail in some 20-16 lega and outback vehicles it's recalling 52-thous a serious warning. subaru says the steering can fail in some 2016 and 2015 subaru legacies. there's a steering problem. a customer complained of looseness in the steering wheels. subaru says not to drive those cars. the company is helping customers arrange inspections. no injuries yet. apple is pouring big bucks into the ridesharing business. the company invested $1 billion in a chinese company called didi. it's a rival to uber in china. didi is the largest service of its kind in that country with operations in 400 cities serving about 300 million people. this is apple's biggest investment since it acquired the music service feet in 2014.
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busted and the cops getting caught. philadelphia police admitting this google marked car is not recording street view images. it's being used by officers for surveillance! somebody spotted a city government placard on the dashboard of the suv and wondered, tweeting the picture. social media lit up. police say the google decal is gone. and investigation is under way. you could call this a best belated mother's day gift ever. meet the mom of 7 who just claimed a massive powerball jackpot. >> were you caught off guard today if you looked outside, it's sunny another warm day? but it wasn't! look at these highs. only 65 in cupertino. out by dublin, 61 degrees that was the high. believe it or not it's going to get chillier. we'll talk about how long the cool ocean blast sticks around coming up. >> and straight ahead in sports, sharks knocking at
6:42 pm
stanley cup's door. >> where's all the [ censored ] >> kings steph curry asks lebron. >> you can have different results. >> cal rugby en francais? a lot of english coming up in just a jiffy.
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a team of researchers at m- developed this it's part origami and part robot and it could revolutionize the medfield. myth researchers developed this digestible robot. a patient swallows the capsule which unfolds into this magnetically operated device. once inside, the robot can remove foreign objects or deliver medicine to specific areas of the body. they hope it will reduce the need for surgery. >> i'd rather win the lottery. we know who won the huge $429 million powerball jackpot. a mom in new jersey and her seven children. today she almost didn't believe it. >> and marsha called me on the phone and said guess who won the powerball and i said, who? and she said, we did. and i said, well, stop april fooling me and, uhm, get off of
6:46 pm
my phone. [ laughter ] >> she quickly realized no joke here. the family of eight plans to give 10% of the prize to their church and they plan to take a vacation. of course. pay off some mortgages, too, i heard. another special sighting in the local waters. whales have been fun near lands end near the golden gate bridge. we don't know if they are the same whales we saw in the bay yesterday. but here's a look at some gopro video. the kite surfer a shot yesterday of the two whales. he tried to stay the required 100 yards away from them but i don't think the whales read that. [ laughter ] he said it was humbling to see them so close to him. that's great video. that's why i have the gopro on. >> there it is. >> how cool is that? >> you're already kite surfing next to the golden gate bridge in one of the most beautiful places on earth. oh, hey, it's a whale! that's cool. they follow the food. because the water temperatures
6:47 pm
are different than normal the intoed is in a different place so the whales are in a different place closer to us. that's the san mateo bridge. you can see the low cloud cover just behind the coast range waiting for the invasion. it will spill into san francisco bay overnight and won't be sunny tomorrow morning at the san mateo bridge. it will be cloudy. 64 in livermore right now. san jose 66. with the cloud cover, we stay mild. livermore tonight 50. redwood city in the morning 62. sunrise at 6 a.m. we are gaining a minute and a half of daylight every day and will continue to until the last week of june. i love to show you this. it shows you what the wind profile will be tomorrow. it's a stronger onshore flow. if you are wondering in san jose where your air is coming from, why it's so breezy and chilly, i'm going to show you right now what the air and where the source of your air is. watch the winds coming through the golden gate.
6:48 pm
kind of hanging a right. coming down san francisco bay. and then more of a north-to- south flow in san jose. you're only going to hit 72 tomorrow. you will get the afternoon sunshine but this is your breeze coming from the golden gate slicing down the bay into the south bay. so it will be breezy and cooler than average. the flow from the ocean is going to be stronger than today. the low is up to the northwest:we may get drizzle at the coast but that low that misses us is still strong enough to crank on the onshore flow and give us a much cooler and cloudier day. so 7 a.m. tomorrow widespread cloud cover. notice just a few colors of green there. that is the drizzle. and a little bit of low cloud cover and fog that will be out there. so it's going to be a rather raw morning tomorrow. by 11:00 in the morning clouds are still there. you probably won't see the sunshine until the afternoon. even a little bit of cloud cover out in the afternoon but should be a pleasant day tomorrow with temperatures a few degrees below average because of that stronger onshore flow. so we're cloudy tonight with a little bit of drizzle.
6:49 pm
watch out half moon bay, pacifica, towards golden gate park, plenty it of clouds in the morning and sprinkles. sunny sunday and milder. we are still nice. concord 71. san jose 72. union city morning clouds for you 6 the for a high. 70 in pittsburg. 70 in pleasanton. maybe your heading to main street there. cloverdale high of 70. so sunday a little bit sunnier. 75 degrees inland. 67 near the bay. tuesday and wednesday we'll side widespread 80s inland and 70s return near the bay. sports is next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
been at stanley cups door.. they get in? thats what a ms nhl play-offs up top. not since 2011 have the sharks been at stanley cup store. can they get? that's what a massive media around joe thornton's locker wanted to know. can they get in? >> where's all the [ censored ] come from? >> christ. >> he drew a crowd last night after the sharks ripped nashville 5-0 to gain the western conference final. san jose now four wins away from the stanley cup finals. they got to get through st.
6:53 pm
louis. game one is sunday. so does this trip to the western finals -- [ indiscernible ] with sharks known for post-season failure? >> you're not going away. >> this isn't the same team as it's been in the past. the core guys are still the same. but the core guys here are great. they're not the problem. it was -- it was filling in behind them and, um, we've got, you know, those type of people here now and i think the guys at the top feel that and are feeding off it. nba. steph curry back to back mvp hardware getting ready for oklahoma city. the first unanimous mvp in league history. well deserved. just don't ask lebron james who is the game's best player. >> sometimes the word most valuable or best player of the year, you can have different
6:54 pm
results. >> i have gotten really good at ignoring people. [ laughter ] >> so -- [ laughter ] >> that is the, um, that's the theme of the last two years. so i'm all right. golf. one of the most famous greens in the game 17th at the players championship. look how will wilcox laid it! we're in south florida. maybe it was the yellow ball. >> whoo! >> first hole in one on the island in 14 years. how about world's number one jason day? 38 feet away and oh. come on! he only got 14 in before play was halted for weather and darkness. overlooked? yes. taken for granted because they win so much? yes. respected? you bet. tough guys with no pads cal rugby and they cast a wide net for talent, too. >> one, two, three!
6:55 pm
>> getting closer is cal! to webb. >> reporter: they have done it again! how about a 26th national title for cal rugby? they beat previously unbeaten byu last weekend. >> there's an expectation here that we're pretty good every year. >> reporter: hall of fame head coach jack clark is finding great ones for the program. 6,000 miles to get nick [ non- english name ] from barcelona. won't find a flanker on the stat sheet. he does a lot of the dirty work. >> he he is really mobile. so he has good range around the field and he is strong for his body type. gets over a lot of balls. he is a good player. >> reporter: verbally, too. he speaks five languages. how do you say man, rugby is awesome in farsi? [ non-english language ] >> reporter: okay. broken spanish? >> that's catalan. [ non-english language ] >> reporter: regular spanish? [ speaking spanish ]
6:56 pm
>> reporter: french? [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: english i think we can handle. >> yes, it would be better for the audience. [ laughter ] >> reporter: we touched on topics from jarryd hayne, rugby megastar to 49er running back. >> the biggest misconception, it's the same as football but we pass it to the right and left? we're like oh. sure. >> reporter: to music. his inspirational game day artist, eminem. >> every, single game that i have had in my life i probably listen to this man and the same song really to the point where i know them by heart and it just helps me. ♪[ music ] >> the fella living a charmed life joins the team they win a varsity cup. his head coach jack clark going to the cal hall of fame. they got it going. >> fantastic. >> tough guy. >> captions by: caption colorado i mean, whoo.
6:57 pm
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how's everybody? i see you, boy. thank you. thank y'all very much. i appreciate you. thank y'all. i appreciate you, now. thank y'all very much. yeah, i do. i appreciate it. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. look, we got a good one for you today. returning for their fourth day, with a total of $40,000, from charleston, south carolina, it's the champs--it's the eggerud family! [cheering and applause] and from brooklyn, new york, it's the gordon family! [cheering and applause]
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everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash and the possibility of driving out of here in a brand-new, state-of-the-art ford edge. let's go meet the gordon family. [cheering and applause] paul, what's up with you, man? paul: what up, player? uh, what up, man? how you doing? my name is paul g. ha! you look like i'm crazy. >> ha ha ha! paul: [high-pitched voice] but anyway--ahem! [normal voice] my name is paul. um, i'm here. i'm a graduate, a recent graduate, of st. john's university. steve: shut up, boy. ladies and gentlemen... [laughter] paul: uh... steve: ladies and gentlemen, chris tucker. i just--boy... >> ha ha ha! steve: boy, i'm real good friends with tucker. if this boy don't remind me of chris you--you're in college? paul: i just graduated in may. um, i'm back for my master's, uh, in international communications. steve: really? paul: yeah. so, you know, i try


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