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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  May 14, 2016 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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live from the cbs the area studios this is kpix 5 news. bullets point on bay area freeway. one mayor is accusing caltrans for failing to keep you safe. >> the latest showing along interstate 80 that is where andrea is right now. part b the driver last night was shot twice in the lake before crashing into the median. one maier says they need little eyes on the road and calling to the state of california to provide that.
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it is one that is played out no fewer than 20 times on freeways in the past six months. yesterday's was the most recent wednesday along highway 4 was the most tragic. leaving a pregnant mother dead. >> we are begging you please come forward. perfect family members would not have to be for answers if the freeways were equipped with one thing, cameras. >> they need to figure out a way to support their own system. they spend billions of dollars building these things. >> reporter: the higher patrol in many of the people say they're not random. they are doing related and often the victims are not willing to talk. there were cameras margin the freeways victims would not have to talk to get answers and make
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arrests. >> they do under bridges. >> reporter: he would like to see the cameras but warn drivers of amber alerts and the pittsburgh city council will hear a proposal to spend $100,000 to put up cameras pointing at highway 4. they hope to spare others their agony. >> we've solved a lot of crimes by having those cameras in our city. >> reporter: just a short time ago we heard back from caltrans about this idea. they said the cameras -- they would have to go undergo layers of analysis to find out how to make it work. they have not received requests to do so.
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six, cops, and teenage girl and allegations a block mail. there is new fallout tonight in the scandal rocking the police department. the mayor is promising to weed out any dirty officers. the mayor is not wasting any time making changes. part b there is a lot of talk about accountability in today's press conference. coming from the mayor and police chief. they hope it will -- restore trust in the department. >> we have no tolerance for criminal misconduct and lying and we have no tolerance for any type of support of this type of misconduct. >> reporter: strong words from the mayor this evening. tonight the officers are on leave in the mayor and police chief announced a series of safeguards that will change the way misconduct cases are handled. from now want they will only need to suspect conduct to evolve the district attorney.
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matt finn will be notified on the onset at the beginning of the process. >> reporter: they're already conducting their own investigation. they called herself celeste guap. she mostly had homeless friendships with officers. the only officer she messed with is gone. that officer is brendan o'brien. he committed suicide in 2015 and let them know a meeting he center inappropriate tax but never slept with their. she claimed he was -- was blackmailing him. he also alleged that three other officers did have sexual relationships with her. >> the allegations in this case are troubling.
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four the chief announced he ordered a review of off-duty arrest and misconduct cases. changes to the hiring process could follow. >> we remain committed to accountability and creating a culture of accountability. >> reporter: just about one hour ago celeste guap posted another update on facebook. i've been 18 since -- my relations began after that. they are still investigating. startmakka family has quite a scare people they had to be rescued when their jet ski overturned. it happened shortly after 5:00. in officer responded hovering overhead and pointing rescuers in the right direction. it took about a half an hour to rescue everyone. a train headed to oakland crashes into a pickup truck.
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three men are dead tonight. the force of the crash with the truck in two. witnesses say the truck driver pulled around a freight train this afternoon and then a train on the other side of the tracks going the other way slammed into them.>> i thought he was going to stop. evidently he did not stop. that is when the whole pickup just exploded in the air. >> they are all okay. there are investigating what of their own after a crash with the bicyclist. it happened on bike to work day. today we have the video.>> reporter: he was on his way to book signing trying to be big yellow light when this happened. >> it was just bang bang.
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>> reporter: he threw -- after police car hit him. >> i was in a state of shock. four he was released from the hospital today. >> he showed us his hospital records. he suffered a hairline fracture on his back and is badly scratched and bruised. >> i am lucky to be alive. >> reporter: the bike coalition called second street a high injury corridor and not the dedicated bike lanes are not safe enough for cyclist.>> if we provide bike lanes it will prevent anything from happening. >> reporter: chris cassidy said the city needs to make more changes. >> 70% of collisions happen i just 12% of our streets. we know with their happening. we know how to fix it and we are long overdue for them to
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take the seriously. >> reporter: the police department says the officer was not responding to an emergency in the department is investigating the crash. tim says he carries no ill will. >> they were really nice and nothing against them. it was just an accident. >> is not hurt since yesterdays crash but lawyers have reach out to him asking to represent him. the driver of the sedan is under arrest. she is accused of mowing down a bicyclist on market street. police say this 18-year-old ran over the cyclist on purpose. it was a road which case. he is recovering in the hospital tonight. live look at the sinkhole repairs on mission street. they're working around-the- clock to fix that tom bye 5 foot hole.
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during the evening rush hour, this sub got trapped in the sinkhole. family was inside headed to the airport. a 140-year-old sewer main collapsed causing the problem. bear wrapping up repairs and all lanes should reopen tomorrow. the security line is longer than the flight something is very wrong. one guys travel nightmare is blowing up on social media tonight. lines have been insane all over the country. that he, tsa says relief is on the way. >> reporter: that is right. tsa is getting slammed online and we hear your complaints and we do have a plan to shorten the lines at major airports. before things get worse during the busy summer travel season. that up by this security line this passenger shot this
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youtube video. he followed the lying down the hallway and around corners. it has gone viral racking up more than 1.7 million views. >> passengers are seeing the same kind of security line. they put up the signs to call out the tsa. >> ifly in and out of san jose every friday and the lines are pretty long today. people have been ramping about missing flights across the country. this week a travelers group started #i think the weight. this is what it looked like at lax is afternoon. this passenger tweeted cattle call insanity. >> we are maximizing the use of overtime for our tso's to meet the demands and screening
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checkpoints. >> reporter: the tsa outline plans for hiring agents this summer and adding k-9 teams as busy airports ahead of this travel season. the delays are caused by a % increase in airline travel and a shortage of security officers. it has also improved the screening process after federal investigation found security vulnerabilities. the agents are expected to be on board by mid june. the agency is warning passengers to be weary of the very long lines because overall they are still short agents and also encouraging people to sign up for tsa paycheck. there is unusually serious a vehicle recall to tell you about. subaru drivers are being warned not to drive their cars at all until they can be checked.
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2016 legacy and outback's are being recalled because of a possibility the steering can fail. 52,000 vehicles are risk and many of those are still on dealer lots. they said they were discovered the problem last week when a customer complaint about looseness in the steering well. so far no reports of injuries. they're helping customers arrange inspections. lots of drivers are breaking the law. new study found that more drivers are cheating and using carpool lanes when they're not supposed to. the transportation commission found that during the morning rush hour 24 % of drivers are violators. during the evening rush, it is 19%. >> we saw people using dummies or a child car seat with a doll. >> violators will receive a $375 ticket that is addition to
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county and court fees. a woman recovering from cancer says she feels humiliated over how she was treated at the dmv. because she was wearing a head wrap. jennifer macgraw talk to her tonight. >> reporter: she has been battling cancer for three years and so far she is winning. the chemo took her hair and since then she has found comfort in her selection of caps.>> i have not taken off in three years. i said this is my hair. >> reporter: she passed her eye exam but they would not take her picture unless she removed her cap.>> disco said i will turn around and will not look at you.
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four after 20 minutes she mustered up the courage and pulled it off and took the picture and ran out. >> i saw dmv to what cancer has not been able to do in stripper dignity. >> reporter: they should of never happen. spokesperson for the dmv apologize and said they will take her picture with a cap. the company policy is to ask the customer to remove headgear unless it is ;#nw9=a part of h her normal identification or warrant because of religious police. the hair does not define who she is but the cap is a part of her new identity and she is grateful for her friends and for winning this battle. >> right now i am in remission. it is worth every session of chemo and every session of radiation. we told you about how marijuana growers have been scooping up land in california's gold country to cash in on a marijuana boom.
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calaveras county is putting some regulations in place. commercial growers will have to pay a $5000 registration fee. that enables them to apply for state license under a new program that will begin soon. in four days new pot farms go in effect until the county can work out a more permanent regulation for illegal marijuana production. the new rules were approved after nine hours a public comment. breaking news right now firefighters are trying to put out this massive fire in la county. is not clear how it started. so far no word on any injuries. breaking in southern california a shooting left one suspect dead in two police officers wounded. it happen after the officers confronted two suspects in boyle heights. one officer was shot while exchanging gunfire with the
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suspect. he is in serious a stable condition. the second officer suffered minor injuries. there are lots of guns out there there are impossible to trace. we are talking about hundreds or thousands. they're called ghost guns in many have wound up in the hands of criminals. many of the weapons are traced to one shop in northern california. juliette goodrich it takes a fair and introduces us to man known as doctor death. he calls himself doctor death scene here in the shop coaching a customer the steps to make an untraceable rifle. daniel shop was so busy that customers were lined up at the door. according to the undercover agent.
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the law allows a hobby is to make an own unregistered firearms but not to sell the guns. doctor death was advertising his shop as a place where people could make a gun in 20 minutes i present a few buttons on a machine with plenty of help from doctor death. atf agents says is a felon and cannot pass a background check to buy a gun. >> he did create a fiction of them being the manufacturer. >> reporter: he says with cash payments no questions asked and no background check and no serial number and no registration the guns vanished from the legal record. they have no way of knowing how many doctor death sold what believe it was hundreds at a minimum. >> these people that were making the guns criminals? >> it is hard to know.
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>> reporter: a ghost gun in the hands of bank robbers fired round after round at the window of the getaway car pursued by police two years ago. one woman died in a shootout as did the felon. you cannot legally purchased the gun. this is a ghost gun made into a machine gun. it was purchased by a undercover agent. the seller a felon and gang member. in recent months, atf has seized hundreds of ghost guns and silencers mated other machine shops in the sacramento area and arrested eight men. in april, doctor death entered a guilty plea to unlawfully manufacturing in dealing and firearms. he will be sentenced in june. a bill now working its way
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through the state senate would require all ghost guns to be registered with the state serial number. governor brown vetoed a similar bill in 2014. juliette goodrich, kpix 5. >> the full bow is not expected until june. lots of coyotes been popping up all over san francisco. us when wanted to play with the neighborhood dog. very popular dog walking spot. he is trying to play with a couple of little dogs probably a good idea that the owner kept them on a leash. pmap we talked to some animal experts that say they're coming down further and further in the community for water.>> the animals will start going to our territory for water. >> what a great shot from ocean beach. we had a spectacular sunset.
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you will have cause for morning and sunshine tomorrow afternoon. currently 55 seven san francisco, oakland 66, santa rosa 56. oakland 54, livermore low 50s stronger onshore flow which tomorrow that fans of the ocean is cranked up to medium to high. settles and fremont will be breezy for you tomorrow also a cooler than average because we have the wins coming to the golden gate. over san francisco bay ends up in many backyards were highs will barely make it to 70 degrees in the south be tomorrow. beckstrom area of low pressure heading towards us and storms in oregon coast this evening. for us, the increase in the flow from the ocean which will dominate our we can whether. the strongest no were close to the bay area but has a strong influence on what you do outside. cloud cover tomorrow morning and a little bit of drizzle.
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11:00 in the morning clouds are not gone yet. you will have to wait until tomorrow afternoon for the call to clear. temperatures will be held down and will do that again on sunday. cloudy tonight in some areas of drizzle. lots of cloud cover tomorrow morning. sunday training of my -- little bit milder. a core than average weekend. comports anyone, vallejo 69, low 70s for mountain view to san jose. mid-80s inland low 70s never be. nothing to complain about. pleasant weather. big change coming to this fast food chain. why a man is being replaced by machine. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,
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it's going to begin installg fast food little too slow for you. wendy's may have the answer. >> they will be installing self- service kiosk in all locations. is not about your convenience is more about their costs. the restaurant chain is looking for ways to save money as it faces minimum wage hike. you can pick from hockey, basketball , baseball right now. you will get all that three- game playoff.
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>> it is just going to be everywhere throbbed the weekend. you will get all of that through the weekend but we have the giants tonight.,,,,,,,,,,
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1st in the west... lets go the top san francisco giants hit it the weekend with the virtual grasp of first in the west. iron mountain again eight innings one run in at arizona. joe panik -- a six inning to posit. you know what it means
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to make that post game. how about a game any printout. santiago and we are done here. san francisco band tobacco wins albino tonight 3-1. tampa bay they find out needed to make it happen tonight. chris davis one on gone. first inning three-run job is just like that. 3-0. they did not let up. daniel valencia second homer of the game. six inning losing streak overall. they beat them 6-3. there now four went away for the stanley cup finals. game one is sunday in st. louis.
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>> this not the same team that it's been in the past. the guys are still the same but they're great. they're not the problem. it was filling in behind them and we've got those type of people here now and i think the guys at the top feel that in are feeding off of it. >> you talk about the feeding off of it.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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have a great weekend. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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