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tv   KPIX 5 News Sat Morn Edition  CBS  May 14, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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drivers targeted on bay area freeways... shootings becoming more frequent. now local mayor is going after caltrans saying... u safe . drivers targeted on bay area freeways, shootings becoming more frequent and now a mayor is going after caltrans thing it is failing to keep you safe. >> state lawmaker is bringing the bathroom battle to the south bay today. this after a historic suite -- and the transgender community. >> race for the white house donald trump are responding to mysterious audiotapes surfacing that his rival remains focused in the golden state. 7:00 on this saturday morning may 14 i'm mark kelly. >> julie watts.
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>> let's get started with your weekend forecast. heading outside, a little gray, damp and high def doppler shows to the north over the northern portion of the state and we will say mainly dry. we could see drizzle along the coast and maybe a couple scattered showers but overall we are dry now been temperatures out the door this morning in the mid-to upper 50s depending on where you are, plenty of cloud cover and gray skies livermore 56, concorde 50, 56 currently in san jose. futurecast shows we are starting up socked in with stray showers offshore advancing threat the day you cannot will not sprinkles here and there. we will stay lightly mostly cloudy through the lunch hour but in the afternoon clouds dissipate and we get more sunshine in we will see more sunshine tomorrow as well. we will talk about that humming up in a bit. for the most part starting out with clouds and seeing something as we were make our
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way to the day. >> california state representative is calling for transgender inclusion in all public bathrooms. might hondo will hold appraisal conference will he will introduce transform california commit to making the golden state a place where all feel welcome. this comes at the end of a historic week for the transgender community. the white house sent a letter to school district across the country saying as a condition of receiving federal funds, a school must not treat a transgender student differently from the way it treats other students of the same gender identity. in the san jose high school did not wait for the white house to make those changes and send out the letter. lincoln high converted two bathrooms in the main buildings to all gender restrooms two weeks ago. the school made the change based on request from transgender students. the hp investigating a deadly crash on highway 880 and
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oakland . it happened before 2:00 this morning leaving three cars mangled. kpix 5 news told car was stopped in a southbound lane when another hit it big one man was killed and two other people were hurt. it is not clear if alcohol was involved in the crash but all lanes are now back open. developing story, terror on bay area freeways, the number of shootings continues to grow. this as one mayor accused caltrans of failing to keep you safe. bullets along i 80 thursday night. the day before a pregnant mother of 4 was fatally gunned down on highway 4, pittsburg . pittsburg mayor says the step two stopping violence is installing cameras. >> caltrans needs to figure out away to better support their own system. they spent billions building these things. >> johnson went on to say caltrans uses cameras for told,
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why not for safety. thursday marked the 20th freeway shooting since november. and respect called trans issuing a statement saying, quote cameras that caltrans installed solely used to pull the monitor of traffic and bay has not received request by local cities to install cameras on the state highway. this morning separate francisco police chief has a message for his opponents he is not going anywhere. >> he also standing by the chief but kpix 5 phil matier asked the chief in a one-on-one interview what it is like to have no for city supervisors calling for him to be fired over a string of deadly police shootings and races text scandal. >> there are times when there's acrimony certainly people on the board of supervisors take positions sometimes that i don't necessarily agree with. i can tell you some of those even then called directly or reached out to me directly thing we need to have some kind
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-- taking care of that it's important to them i'm not response person that will do it. >> pieces down with mayor lee to ask them about calls for chief sir to be fired and the lack of trust for the department. coming up with phil matier, and mackovic on track windows 7: 30 tomorrow morning. biscuit is on seat of a horrific crash in fresno that left three dead that they are try to figure out why this pickup truck turned in front of a speeding amtrak train friday afternoon. the intersection is located on a private vineyard so there is no crossing arms. two victims in their 20s while the third was in his 30s. matchers warehouse in los angeles suburb goes up in flames last night to . one person in the hospital this morning and southgate firefighters managed to not the blaze down in by around 10 's could be seen from miles around. the cause of the fire is under
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investigation. to the race for the white house, donald trump in the middle of another scandal. recordings from 1991 surfaced this week touting trump's prowess with women after he was asked about a breakup. the man speaking in the audio recording identifies himself as john miller. he sounds on awful lot like donald trump will let you decide for yourself. >> he's coming out of a marriage that is going tremendously well. history of the girlfriends. >> the washington post recently interviewed trump about this and when asked if he knew someone named john miller, the phone line went dead. hillary clinton's campaign is opening reorganizing offices in the golden state, two in los angeles and one in sacramento. she recently opened a campaign office in oakland . looking at
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next week and, bill clinton will campaign for his wife in california. this is in preparation for the june 7 primary . more than 700 delegates are up for grabs, 546 for the democrats, 172 for the democrats, 1724 republicans and today in san francisco . crews are expected to finish repairs on a sinkhole at new montgomery. they worked well into the night when the sinkhole opened up a live this week it nearly swallowed an suv. the crews had to rescue those inside the vehicles using ropes. they are installing the 36 inch pipes to replace a sure main dating back to the 1800s. if all goes well, the road is expected to reopen today. also san francisco museum of modern art reopens to the public acts in about one hour and a half the mayor would take part in a ribbon covering -- ribbon-cutting ceremony . the museum underwent massive renovations and expansions.
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one 7000 square feet of new and renovated indoor and outdoor gallery space. howard street between third will be closed for the festivities. what the nation's homeland security chief is asking of you when it comes to waiting in the growing tsa lines. working to encourage tesla tourism, the proposer lawmakers have for out-of-state car buyers. live look outside this morning, gray skies over the city and we are cloudy but we will have breaks in the clouds later . the full forecast is ahead. on the community calendar, you can check out the farmers' market opening this morning outside the ferry building at 10 am.
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g the dead.. a group developing story deadly blast going to a cafi in central iraq. killing 13. among the dead, group of football fans prompting condemnation from the spanish government this morning pit
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locals assess the damage of the attack which comes on the heels of a two today way of bombings and bad debt -- bagdad 100 killed and the islamic state group saying that they are responsible for the carnage. details this morning about america's toughest sheriff. joe arpaio the sheriff of metro phoenix is found to be in contempt of court. he reportedly violated court orders to reduce racial profiling by his deputies. arpaio got the toughest sheriff nickname for his fierce anti- immigration stance, a hearing will be held it to determine whether he is going to face criminal charges. drugmaker pfizer is making harder to carry out executions. pfizer is blocking its drugs from being used in lethal injections. there's a shortage of pharmacies willing to provide the drugs that can render prisoners incapable of feeling pain during execution.
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it has been a nightmare week for airline passengers. look at this, one frustrated traveler filmed as he snaked his way to the back of the line at chicago's midway airport . it took so long we had to edit it down. tsa says the mess is called in -- by in a % travel increases season and they are working to fix the problem. effective immediately, we are maximizing the use of overtime for our ts a's -- dso's to meet the demand at screening checkpoints. >> johnson also promised to hire 700 new tsa agents to handle this rush but until that happens, the #i hate the wait is now trading nationwide on twitter. hopefully, julie, the forecast is good for any out this morning pit a little bit cloudy. >> i would not be surprised to see delays. we are starting off with gray
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skies throughout the bay area . let's look at high death doppler -- high def doppler and showers to the north and we could see a possible sparkle headed our way today. but for most of us we will state dry there is a chance for just a along the coast chance for scattered showers. outside temperatures in the 50s area wide, 55 oakland, 56 livermore, 58 san jose plenty of gray skies throughout the day. look at the surface wind profile onshore flow tonight -- today healthy bringing the wind even down to the south not a windy day but brisk and cooler. you can see how the winds are coming in through the bay and spreading south into the south bay today. overall, area of low pressure is moving to our north bringing showers to the northern portion of the state and however we could see a couple scattered
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showers in the north bay today and likely a drizzle as i mentioned along the coast especially for the morning hours. you're seeing futurecast painting drizzle along the coast into the north may. we do have -- advancing to the lunch hour, watch what happens for the afternoon, clouds start to dissipate again. we might see a couple sprinkles from time to time overall we will say dry and clouds for the first half of the day and breaks in the second half and here we are tomorrow morning, sunday morning we will start gray with actually is not bad running weather but we will see the clouds dissipate as we moved on sunday and more sunshine tomorrow likely a little bit warmer for sunday that for today. clouds to start with areas of drizzle possibility of sprinkles a few stray smiagol stop the day but afternoon clearing and a milder sunday with sun in clouds. high temperatures today below average for many locations we are topping out in the low 70s
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for most folks today for the warmest spots 60 along the bay and coast 72 camera, 71 my view, 68 haigwood, 69 san mateo, 61 pacifica. low 70s for fairfield, antioch, brentwood, 69 venetia and around the bay temperatures in the upper 60s, 67 richmond, 60 alameda, 60 can bill, 61 simpson beach and pitchers in the north 71 lake port, 71 in clear lake. beta breakers tomorrow, 60 degrees likely cloudy as you had off to run and we will see more sun for the second half of the day and as you celebrate after. extended forecast show sunshine for the latter half of the week and we are starting off great -- great great and more sundays afternoon same story for sunday and warming trend moving into the work week by midweek mid to upper 80s. a change there. >> maybe cool enough for beta
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breakers to keep close on -- closing on. tesla tourism, buyers who traveled to cover you to . up a car must pay state tell sexes -- pay sales taxes. >> the proposed by better for -- senator would give buyers a waiver if a new call -- car is -- it covers all electric cars. amazon has a plan to keep shoppers happy. they introduced a gadget calling it the dash by compared with a vote says the button has the ability to easily connect with lots of different amazon services. with a push of the button you can connect to an amazon device. the price tag for one of these, $20 no word on when they will be available. all of this playoff nba and
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hockey let's talk baseball, the giants and the a's both on the road. ,,,,,,
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and for this time of year beautiful tangerines you cannot beat. they do not look pretty like the fairchild, nice and shiny. these are shaped differently, the peel is a little bit off. like all citrus heavy for its side store them on the counter never the refrigerator. they are seedless and easy to peel. you will love them. the aroma and nutritional value , simple fruit. tony tantillo your fresh grocer. eat fresh and stay healthy. let me go to the register because they are starting to stay or at me. a couple of baseball teams out of town but i have results. starting you up with the giants this weekend with virtual grab for first in the national. eight innings, one run.
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this win, he got offense. all of that in the sixth. 31, jimmy jack with yards for the second straight time last night, and the postgame must've stays -- tasted better after the game-winning. the giants back to back win's, winners 3-1 over arizona. a's and tampa bay meeting to make it happen -- happen after a five-game losing streak and chris damon, he swung, first inning three-run bomb in like that 3-0. a's -- danny valencia going twice last night, crushing this in the sixth athletic solution -- losing streak beating the raised by 6- 3. in the national left the a's in the mix third place in the
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american league west. setting up the good as the weekend unfolds. see you later. we are two days away from the first game of the western conference finals and lawyers are ready to continue their winning streak . a few hours they will lace up for final practice before facing oklahoma city . the team looked confident , relax as the cameras were rolling. spend some time in the gymnasium, they spent most of the season behind where -- tipoff is at 6 pm. other warriors news, back to back mvp in back to back according to numbers by nba, steph curry jerseys the most sought after item for the third year. they are also best sellers the season. warriors gear taking almost
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every top spot on the list. fans are gobbling up more gear in the upcoming weeks as the teams euros and on yet maybe another title. baby bod caught -- bobcat a lot about thanks to rescuers. >> who does not want to see a baby bobcat on saturday morning it was saved after he got spooked in a park in riverside. the mother bobcat had two cups and could only grab one so when -- rescues came and picked up and called animal control. >> he said they were flies around it and he did not want to leave it there. >> california department of fish and wildlife will care for him until he is old enough to be released into the wild. still ahead, teenage girl and allegations made this morning against oakland police department.
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>> lieutenant governor fighting back after bathroom mandate issued by the white house bit what the state says it will go without in order to avoid the directive. ,, look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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it's the semi-annual sale! save $500 on the memorial day special edition mattress with sleepiq technology. know better sleep. only at a sleep number store. _ _. good morning, i'm mark kelly. and i'm julie watts. let's get started start witr forecast this mornin will come back 726 saturday morning good morning mark kelly
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x i am julie watts and will start off this morning with a look at your saturday morning forecast. looking at high def doppler, showers heading our way and you will see where they are. to the north, for the most part showers moving into the northern half of the state cannot rule out stray showers the north bay needs drizzle on the coast but right now the bay area is mainly dry at least in terms of rain and you could see drizzle maybe below the radar but gray stories -- 50 concord, 57 livermore, 54 in santa rosa. we will be overcast and for the first half of the day and we may see a stray shower or two. looking at futurecast as we time it out, 7:00, a mac plenty of cloud cover and sprinkles offshore moving into the northern portion of the bay area. moving to the lunch hour, sprinkles here and there, we keep cloud cover and we are seeing breaks and by the afternoon clouds dissipate and
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more sunshine and cannot rule out showers to the north bay and the system will to the north what we are staying dry and we will be cool, onshore flow today will keep the marine influence keeping temperatures down in clouds, drizzle the first weather headlines, seasonably cool propagate today and we have a chance for sprinkles for the first half of the day increasing cloud cover for the second half of the day. the second half of the weekend, the full forecast is coming up in a . -- in a little while. 3:00 oakland police officers on leave this morning following the alleged involvement in a sex scandal. at the center of the is a teenager. the eight conducting investigations onto weather not dozens of officers suffer the girl, the 19-year-old girl. this started with an officer who committed suicide last year . he left a note admitting he said her inappropriate text messages an alleged other officers did more.
7:29 am
>> we can say we have no tolerance for, no contract -- conduct or lying and we have no tolerance for any type of support of this type of misconduct. >> the mayor passed an executive -- changing the way the cancers -- cases are handled the only need to suspect misconduct in order to get the da involved. chp is about getting a deadly crash on highway 880, oakland . the crash happened just before 2:00 this morning leaving cars mangled. kpix 5 news was told one car was stopped in the southbound lane when another hit it to . one man was killed, two other part, it's not clear if alcohol was involved all lanes are now back opened. a shootout in the streets of los angeles last night, it landed two police officers in the hospital and one suspect is dead. officers responded to a call
7:30 am
shots fired in the boyle heights neighborhood. police arrived and opened fire, hitting one suspect in one witness says he heard it go down. >> i thought they were fireworks. after a couple minutes past police started rushing and it was about five-eight shots. >> one officer is in serious but stable condition and the other was hit in the shoulder. san francisco police chief greg sir has a message for opponents, he says he's not going anywhere. >> the mayor is standing by the police chief. kpix 5 five, tier asked the chief and a interview this week what it is like to have city supervisors calling for him to be fired over a string of deadly police shootings and racist text scandal. >> there have been times where there has been acrimony, sir people on the board of supervisors take positions sometimes that i do not necessarily agree with. continue some of those called even than directly or reached out to me directly saying to have something take a report to
7:31 am
them and they know i'm that guy i'm not the person will do it. >> he sits down with the mayor ed lead to ask him about the ongoing calls for chief to be fired and the lack of trust the public seems to have ended apartment coming up with phil matier, and mackovic on kpix 5 news and 7:30 tomorrow morning. today company state representative is getting in on the bathroom battle. he will hold a press conference in san jose city hall calling for transgender inclusion in all public bathrooms. he will introduce transform california, a new coalition committed to making the golden state a place where all feel welcome. this comes at the end of a stork we couldn't transgender community. >> just yesterday the obama administration issued government guidelines for school bathroom policies and they say schools must allow students to choose which restrooms they use based on the gender they identify with it the schools 50 discovered a tory policies a could lose
7:32 am
billions in funding spent texas lieutenant governor calls it blackmail. >> he is taking money from the poorest of the poor for president of the united states will be ending the free breakfast and free lunch program. >> the obama administration says they will only cap funding at the schools decide the inclusion policy -- they predict the issue will be a court. race for the white house donald trump in the middle of another scandal. recording from a 1991 surfaced this week touting trump's prowess with women after he was asked about a break a. the men speaking in those audio recordings identifies himself as john miller. but it solves -- sounds an awful lot like donald trump will let you decide for yourself. >> the washington post recently interviewed donald trump about
7:33 am
this when asked if he knew someone named john miller, the phone line went dead. hillary clinton's campaign is opening three organizing offices in the golden state . two in los angeles and one in sacramento. she recently opened a campaign office in oakland looking ahead next weekend, bill clinton will campaign in california. for his wife. this is a perversion for the june 7 primary . more than 700 delegates are up for grabs 546, six democrats, 172 for republicans. >> jerry brown warning california's economy will not last. the state must put more money into a rainy day fund. the governor said a revised $1- $2 billion budget and legislators this week. he's sick into a proposal to put an extra $2 million in reserves to protect social services and economic downturns. -- revenues slowed because of the turmoil in the stock market.
7:34 am
he backed a proposal to take $2 billion from programs in order to find housing for the homeless. bike to work day turns into a day in the hospital for san francisco by supposed to with it by police cruiser. he was caught on -- can -- -- dashcam video officer pulled in front of the cyclist. he supposed multiple injuries and doyle says no hard feelings. could >> they were very cool and nothing against them it was an accident. >> according to the separate francisco bike coalition, majority of accidents like this in the city happen on a handful of streets. the coalition says second street where this happens, is high injury corridor. in the interest of bicycle safety, the county approximate will host an event. it is discussing improvements
7:35 am
in an ever to make a safer place to buy, but pedestrians, cyclists acres to give input the meeting and eichel 45. kpix 5 five traffic alert, stretching to the san pablo will be closed from 11-7 am tomorrow morning. caltrans is working on an interchange picked the doors will be set up for you to follow. expect delays around the campus, 30,000 expected to attend commencement ceremonies today graduation is underway at 10 am and facebook see all all will deliver their commencement address. 96-year-old world war ii veteran becomes the oldest graduate for usc. >> p started his college career in the 50s after serving in the military and he got sidetracked he received is bachelors of science in zoology . the
7:36 am
university does not offer a zoology major anymore but officials made an exception for the man. it took me 65 years to complete. >> it has to be a great feeling. >> a great feeling. >> congratulations. gonzales professor say he is an excellent case study in a role model for other students. right now at. 35, beta breakers weekend festivities underway. the actual race isn't until in the morning. we expect is a colorful costumes or sometimes no clothing. if you are looking for low-key celebrations, you can go over to the expo featuring fitness technology and nutrition happening at beach pier 35. we posted information check it out on cbs sf .com. big names considering making it big for yahoo.
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how much for the tech giant. live looks, gray skies over ocean beach. drizzle and we will see sunshine later today. full forecast coming up. the community calendar, history for half pints. biking and spring craft making at 11:30 at the california historical say the -- society museum. ,,
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as firefighters continue to battle a growing wildfire. in washington evacuation notices are being issued to homeowners as firefighters continue to battle a growing wildfire. helicopters and 60 personnel are on the ground trying desperately to stop the spread, dumping water at the fire as it climbs the richard the fight is far from over dnr says. >> will we get it under control we will take another look at it
7:41 am
and see what caused it. >> that is one of two wildfires burning and western washington right now. crews continue to battle a wildfire burning near alto working 130 acres. such a rescue mission, video camera aboard the carnival cruise ship partly captured a female passenger falling overboard. it happened yesterday morning in the gulf of mexico. the coast guard is sweeping the gulf looking for the missing woman. washington, white house republicans said the both that i to help what arrigo from drowning in debt. legislation expected this week outlining how the manage -- how to manage their us territory manager of geisha. it's been stagnant for nearly 1 decade and reportedly made worse by unchecked us government spending. speaker of the house paul ryan says they are delaying to quote get it right. warm reception from the
7:42 am
white house during the nordic summit in washington dc. leaders from sweden, denmark, finland, norway and iceland got the red carpet treatment from the obama last night it the president praised those countries for the global influence on curbing climate change, civil rights and humanitarian issues. the group presented a united front against moscow's recent military aggression in ukraine in the baltic region. we finally know who hate that $429 million jackpot. new jersey mom of seven came forward to claim her prize and she could not believe her luck. >> marcia called me on the phone and said guess who won the powerball and i said who and she said we did and i said, well, stopped april pulling me and get off of my phone. >> no april full. talk about a belated present, family of number eight plans to give 10% to the church and take
7:43 am
a vacation. they should take a long vacation. >> can you imagine, seven children? >> that is crazy. i'm sure it the money will help a lot. >> hopefully they will do something fun. looking at the forecast, tracking showers on high def doppler. you should know most showers will stay to the north and a closer look shows the bay area is dry but we could see drizzle along the coast and cannot -- cannot rule out a straight shower for the first after temperatures are mild the 50s area wide and gray skies area why. we are starting to see a few big the blue color to the clouds and we will see increasing blue sky drop the day. onshore flow is getting stronger and that means coal in the south lake surf their surface wind they will come into the bay and down through the south bay into the valley. the little . cooler today, definitely cool of average
7:44 am
this, given low-pressure upper- level low is moving into the north bringing showers to the north for most of us it is going to increase cloud coverage and keep temperatures a little . older. futurecast shows that here starting under 240 skies and a couple of stray showers along the coast and to the north bay. and advancing, cannot rule out a scattered showers two and cloud cover remained at with the abuse -- a few breaks lunch east bay you will see more sunshine. and advancing to the afternoon hours, everybody gets more blue sky and we will warm-up into the low 70s for the warmest locations tomorrow morning, we with the clouds rolling back in for the start of the beta breakers. i noticed north bay is feeling clear skies to start and everyone was the it by sunday afternoon. clouds to start areas of drizzle, saturday spoke of afternoon clearing and a milder start for sunday and temperatures today slightly below average for most locations, topping out in the low 70s. the one spots in the south bay same for east bay
7:45 am
today and temperatures e glow stick is along the coast and near 70 degrees for the warmest spot in the north bay, you could see stray showers today that beta breakers tomorrow, 60 degrees morning clouds and cool and sunshine for the second half of the day and extended forecast shows scattered showers possible, dry sunday and warming trend as we head into the middle of your work week temperatures topping out in the mid-to upper 80s for the warmest spots by the end of the workweek. warming trend is on the way. >> thank you, julie. investors turning their backs on yahoo the company is continuing to -- warned buffett says an opportunity. corey to report the billionaire is considering purchasing yahoo. sources tell reuters his group is in the second round of bidding for yahoo's internet assets. analysts estimate the sunnyvale- based company could snatch from
7:46 am
4 billion-$20 billion. big bucks, lowe's home improvement will have to pay $8.6 million to settle an employee lawsuit. workers claim the company fired staff who took medical leaves, long medical leaves, dave violated the meccas of disabilities act. lowe's denies wrongdoing. summer travel season, almost in full swing but as you pack your bags, is insurance on your mind. next we find why you needed and where you can go to get it. ,,,,,,
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i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table. summer travel season is herd you may have noticed... mord welcome back it is time for consumer watch weekend segment. summer travel season is here and you may notice more in life and travel companies offering insurance at the time of purchase . is it worth it. it turns out the most cases probably not. >> she expected it would be
7:49 am
smooth sailing when she and her husband booked a cruise through her husband, moderate cal berkeley. >> unfortunately bob died unexpectedly before they were able to take the trip so she asked the coveney for a refund. >> when my husband passed away it should not be any question that full refund are being made. >> she says cal discovery travel was only willing to refund half of the payments and told her if she wanted to more -- one in which he should have tried -- purchased travel insurance. >> they will try to connect it to a pre-existing condition. >> most basic policies do not cover cancellations due to health issues when travelers have a pre-existing condition. they would of likely found in bob's case. >> though she says in some cases, specifically with of trips both well in advance the right kind of travel insurance can pay off. >> travel insurance can be a
7:50 am
good investment. >> if you want protection for medical issues, civil unrest, bad weather or because you change your mind, you need to we the fine prince a get a policy including the specific coverages which are often more expensive and kincaid warns be cautious of travel waivers often pitched by coveney says the type of travel protection, waivers are not the same as insurance and do not come with the same protections. >> i hope that -- >> she has not considered a travel insurance when her late husband booked the trip it with nowhere else to turn she contacted the consumer watch and volunteer took up the case. >> i was hoping we could solve it for her. >> after working with diane, the company agreed to give norm eat a full refund and she's paying it forward. in honor of her husband she's donating them money to kpix 5 nonprofit partners students rising above. >> we feel honored to do that. >> we are here to help people and it's nice someone can result something you cannot do
7:51 am
yourself. >> she is one of our consumers watch volunteers if you have a problem or would like to join volunteer consumer watch unit send an email to consumer watch at cbs watch volunteers if you have a problem or would like to join volunteer consumer watch unit send an email to consumer travel industry contends only one in five travelers who spares medical emergencies have trip insurance implying maybe more people should get it but of course we know it does not always pay off so joining us today is amy of you not is the policy holders to guide us through the in and out of travel insurance. becky for being here. >> thank you for having me ask you have an expert in at the consumer advocate first things first, one is it worth it to buy travel insurance? >> well, certainly if you are booking an expensive trip well in advance, things happen. >> right. >> if you are going to a new area where there has been civil unrest and there's a possibility it could boil up again. >> or terrorist alert.
7:52 am
>> or booking with a new company that does not have a lot of experience and may not have anticipated something could go wrong, those are conditions. >> maybe a new travel company or someone doing a group trip. >> right i think the more you spend on the trip, the stronger the case is to buy it. but like with all insurance, there are a lot of limitations you want to look out for in your situation. >> so one place you can buy it, i've seen airlines lately when i bought a ticket on delta it says do you want travel insurance and asks are you sure and i thought i wonder how much that really pays off. should you buy insurance like that and if not, where should you buy travel insurance? >> there is a lot of really useful permission on sites specific to letting you compare travel policies.
7:53 am
likely encourage people not to buy car insurance at a dealership, for example, because we want people to have options and you will not get options if you buy at the delta site. they have one relationship you want to go to website that allows you to compare. >> or brokers they can help. >> absolutely. >> and with any insurance product, travel insurance can be tricky but there are specific things you want to watch for with travel insurance, pre- existing conditions, extent of coverage and posing as insurance that are not insurance. let's start with the extensive coverage, how should you be concerned about how much insurance want to get? >> the amount, have enough to cover the cost of the trip itself and airline tickets if you have to cancel like the story. one of the most valuable things
7:54 am
that travel insurance could help with is if you get injured, sick. >> and the cost of getting your back. >> and getting your medical care. >> do they cover that because there are exclusions, is that one? pre-existing condition inclusion is a big one. if you have a condition and you do not -- you can buy a waiver or an add-on, i'm sorry, that can cover your pre-existing condition but you have to be educated enough to know to look for it and pay for it. >> and you mentioned with plans, warranties, waivers which are not actually insurance so you don't have the same protections under california law as you would for actual insurance plans. regular joining us today. >> thank you make. >> i have a gift for you, travel kit to keep you going on your adventures. >> thank you. we will be back.
7:55 am
welcome back five things to know, lanes of the highway 880
7:56 am
and oakland back open after a fatal crash killed one man and send others to the hospital. that happened before 2 am. it is not clear if alcohol was involved. pittsburg mayor ben johnson says the perceptive stopping violence on freeways is installing cameras but this comes after two shootings this week on i 80. bullets flew thursday night. and all valley road. the day before a pregnant mother of the muffler was fatally gunned down on highway, for in pittsburg state representative mike honda will hold a press conference at san jose city hall calling for transgender inclusion in all public bathrooms. he will introduce transform california, a new coalition committed to making the golden state a place where all feel welcome. hillary clinton's campaign as we can hoping the three organizing offices in the golden state, two in los angeles and one in sacramento. clinton opened a campaign office in oakland looking ahead, next
7:57 am
week and bill clinton will campaign for his wife here in california. at beach pier 35 on beta breakers we can festivities underway today and tomorrow. the actual race is tomorrow. and as always expect to see colorful costumes we may not see any clothing at all. we posted all of the street closures and every thing you need to know about the race tomorrow on cbs sf .com. looks like it could be a decent forecast for a run. >> it will be nice we will start with clouds they will likely dry and sunshine by the afternoon -- and of the race. to visualize this morning seeing current temperatures in the 50s era wide, gray skies cannot rule out drizzle but clouds will dissipate later today and we will see more sunshine for the afternoon and evening hours. time for us to call it a morning thank you for watching kpix 5 news this morning back with phil matier in the morning at 7:30. ,,,,,,,,,,
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