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tv   KPIX 5 News Sun Morn Edition  CBS  May 15, 2016 7:30am-8:31am PDT

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mayor ed lee in talks for a bid to bring star wars crear 's museum back to and will the forest -- force returned to san francisco, the new bid to bring the star wars creators museum back to the bay. pellet -- still ahead, what paul ryan is saying about the timeline and will it come before the republican national convention in july. a decision expected this week could lead to the easing off of the ongoing drought.
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thank you for joining us on this sunday, and let's start with the forecast.>> good morning. and we start off with clouds, and there is a raise in town today, and some coverage of that coming up and it is a little bit cool to start in some spots, but starting out with sunshine over the golden gate, and san francisco has a blue skies with temperatures in the 50s, 57 in concord, six in livermore, 55 and san francisco, chilly but blue skies, and we do have allowed -- cloud cover over the south bay, diminishing throughout the day and everyone has sunshine throughout the day, kicking off this warming trend into the work week. we have patchy fog and drizzle south of san francisco, but
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only temporary. and your forecast coming up in just a bit. star wars creator george lucas may be building that museum here in san francisco. he is a new interest in returning to san francisco, and coming has his bid in chicago bogged down with additional challenges. the mayor lee says he is talking with the city over possibly building the museum over treasure island.>> he wants to make sure that he does not have to go through that difficult process as he has found twice already. back the supervisor were join us in the studio with more on the push to build the museum in the bay. a half hour away from the beta breakers, tens of thousands of runners and
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partiers taking off in the financial district at 8:00, making their way to ocean beach, and chopper five will be launching and we will bring you live coverage of the race. the berkeley police are searching for man described as at risk, jimmy hsu, a 6 foot tall asian and 185 pounds, driving a silver toyota similar to the one you see here, last seen on sacramento street last night. an incident in concord sending two people to the hospital, a swarm of angry bees got away from the beekeeper on his [ null ] drive yesterday morning, and they went on a rampage, stinging and attacking the beekeeper, postal worker and two small dogs. they say that the aggressive behavior is symptomatic of the african killer bees that are still out there.'s back they don't sting you, but if you
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make a very fast movement, they will start being more aggressive. back i would be nervous with bees flying around me. and the dogs were stopped over 50 times. we spoke to the using berkeley graduate about the death of her husband a year ago. >> i learned about the death, sadness and mortality of loss. but i also learned that when life sucks you under, kick against the bottom, find the surface and breathe again. >> before this, samburg had never spoken publicly about her grief and loss. the old adage it runs in the family rings true for these three brothers, all received a perfect score on their a ct exam, and in germantown, tennessee, the brothers got a
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perfect 36 on the acp. the older brother says that whenever body scores the same there's not much room for sibling rivalry.'s back there are a lot of families that have gifted kids, but at the same time some siblings are gifted and others are not.>> and they credit their parents for helping them to excel and reach their full potential. the sharks are gearing up for the western conference final after the blowout against the predators, and looking good ahead of the series openers, and the face-off is it 5:00 tonight in st. louis. on to the race for the white house, house speaker paul ryan still is not endorsed donald trump.'s back he is saying it could take more time during the news conference last night in green bay, wisconsin, he says that he and donald trump have policy dispute. >> we do clash over issues, and
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that happens with democrats and republicans. but can we get over this and get the party unified to be at full strength in the fall. donald trump facing multiple questions on an array of topics, and multiple accusations of discrimination against women, but donald trump is disputing that. and the tuesday primary with 85 delegates up for grabs, kentucky democrat sending five superdelegates to the national convention as well. the republicans will not have a presidential primary because they already voted in the caucus in march, and clinton and sanders continue to focus on california. the clinton campaign opening an office in los angeles and her supporters opened one near the state capitol in sacramento yesterday. >> hillary clinton knows what the people are looking for and we will vote for because of
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that. the sanders supporters will be meeting outside of the grand lake theater in oakland, and they say they are encouraging them to register to vote in the primary, more than 700 delegates up for grabs, 546 for the democrats, 172 for the republicans. >> it is interesting to note there is a lot of interest in this race, especially on the democratic side. if you are not a republican or democrat and you want to vote in the democratic primary, you can. check this out in your mail because you need to get in touch with the registrar. so check the voter guide, and if you are declined, and you did not get one, get in touch through the internet, and send it in to get the ballot to vote
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in the democratic primary. a major ballot mistake in modesto could cost the city. they put the measure on the november ballot, asking the voters in the city should change how it the school district for members, and was supposed to be going out districtwide, but the investigation shows that the city clerk change the paperwork causing the measure to only appear on balance for boaters inside the city, leaving 20,000 voters out of the loop, and working to get the measure on the june 7 ballot. >> we were found at fault for this and will pay most all of the cost related to the new ballot mailer. it looks like they will be sharing some of the cost with us. >> it only cost the school district $6000 to get it on the ballot in november, and it will cost at least $169,000 in the june ballot.
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so in other words, you get an "f." the city refunding nearly 1000 red light camera tickets because the yellow light at two intersections were set too short, and the city roddy and over $229,000 in revenue from the cameras, and the city council meets tomorrow at 7 pm. lush and green lawns could be making a comeback, and the state water board made let us use more water.>> and the vote on the water quota on wednesday, and cities must conserve 25% to as high as 36%, and soon there may be no restrictions in some areas. others say it is only right to share what we get.>> and some have green grass, and i have brown grass.>> there are some that have ruled that this will
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not change and we will still carry a stiff fine.>> not allowing any water runoff when watering the lawn, using only a hose equipped with a shutoff nozzle, and no more watching the driveway. >> 170,000 uninsured children in california getting health care. the california medicaid program extending coverage to the undocumented children 18 years and older, and the expansion of the undocumented children into medi-cal expected to cost or $2 million this year, $132 million annually after that. >> it is estimated that we clearly spent 1.3 $1.3 billion annually in the emergency room care, and it will cost much less to get people access.>> nearly 2.5 million undocumented immigrants, the highest count and the country. and we will be joining us
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live with more on talks for the new bid to bring the star wars creator george lucas and his museum back to the bay your blue skies over the golden gate, and take a look at the san mateo bridge, a different picture, and how long will the tale of two bridges last, coming up. and you can catch face the nation at 8:30 am, and john dickerson will sit down with former defense secretary bob gates and ask him if he would ever serve under a donald trump administration. we will be right back.
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creator of star wars george lucas is looking at treasure island as a new san francisco site fos stalled museum of illustrate art. this comes as his bid build in chicago had become george lucas is looking at treasure island for the new site for his museum on star wars, and the bid in chicago became bogged down in legal and political challenges.'s back and that is one of the reasons that he left san francisco in the first place, and joining us is erin peskin that has been in on these talks, and wide
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treasure island.>> treasure island actually has been lacking a lot of special sauce, and lacking the ferry service, and in the middle of the day you have a congested bridge, and if we could have a attraction on treasure island we could sustain a very service and get the entire island to work. and the city walked away from a deal to reduce the amount of affordable housing and very service, and perhaps this museum could be the special sauce. >> that could be in effect like the giants ballpark for the south of market. >> precisely, and the giants have led the way with that ferry terminal.>> this could attract millions a year, and how would they get on the island? >> the very would leave the northern waterfront of san francisco the same way that millions go to alcatraz, reduce
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congestion on the bridge and have a heart on treasure island.'s back whitey think that lucas pulled away from san francisco?>> i think that the first project was in the wrong place, and the presidio trust did the right thing for the national resource, but now we have an opportunity, and i think that treasure island could be the right spot. >> san francisco is notorious for saying no, and what makes you think that building a museum of this magnitude on treasure island would be any easier than anyplace else? >> if edley, james kim and aaron peskin are on the same page, that is a good start.>> the thing the state lands, or any of those things? >> treasure island is a unique creature under the law, and
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there's less state oversight over treasure island so i think this could be done. like tell us about how these talks happened.'s back they are in the very preliminary stages, more talks this week, and i'm hoping that we can get on the same page quickly.>> this could be interesting for city that has notoriously had trouble dealing with big projects like this.>> let's think about the successes, the exploratory him -- exploratory him went very successful, and things in the civic center have gone smoothly, and there are instances where we have had some bad bits, but there are some things we can embrace with open arms and get done. >> you were thought of as the dark vader of san francisco, the guy that came in and said no, and why are you saying yes
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this time? >> i think that if people look at my political history, they focus on those little things, but they forget that i'm the supervisor that presided over the board that rezoned 22% of the city, and i helped to greenlight 10,000 units of housing being built at the san francisco shipyard.>> darth vader, luke skywalker, and this will be interesting. thank you for joining us this morning. let's take a look at the forecast in case you are heading to treasure island. >> you are in a dividing line, clouds to the south and clear skies to the north, and here's a look at the manteo -- san mateo bridge, and starting off with clouds, and here is the golden gate bridge, blue skies, concord 57, oakland 56, 50 say -- 58 in santa rosa. this onshore flow continuing
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stronger south of san francisco with that marine influenced into the south they as it flows through the bay and into the valley. a little bit breezy for the afternoon, but overall temperatures will be warming today. this area of low pressure has pushed off to the pacific northwest with high pressure building over the pacific, dominating the forecast for the work week. this warming trend will begin today and ramp up by midweek, temperatures in the 90s at the warmest spots. cloud cover in the meantime south of san francisco along the peninsula and also down through the monterey bay. advancing to the day, futurecast showing most of us seeing sunshine with low clouds along the coast south of san francisco. tomorrow clouds will completely clear out by monday afternoon with sunshine for everyone with that warming trend beginning. notice that we will start to get breezy with wind gusts upward of 22 miles an hour in
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san rafael and this is 5:00 this evening and breezes picking up later in the day. areas of drizzle and afternoon clearing, breezy conditions. the work week as a warming trend beginning today and ramping through the work week. temperatures topping out in the low 70s around the bay, upper 70s in fairfield in santa rosa. and topping out at san francisco after the race at 65, temperatures warming, and peaking by midweek with 90s and another cool down in store as we move into the weekend. calls to get rid of the police chief greg suhr, next, our exclusive interview with the cheap, revealing why he is not willing to step down, talking about the changes that the department needs. ,,,,,,
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supervisors calling on poli chief greg suhr to step dow this comes after a string of deadly police shootings.. a racist text scandal. a gr mounting pressure from the four san francisco supervisors calling on the police chief greg suhr to step down after the deadly police shooting and races text scandal, and the frisco five is rallying to get the chief hired, but he says he is not going anywhere. >> and the department going under major reforms, a $17 million package to improve violence and training, and the pushback is not from the police officers association and the to me -- the chief finds himself
7:53 am
between a rock and a hard place, and sitting down with a one-on-one interview with the chief.>> reporter: how is this going over within the department? >> changes hard on everybody. there is a lot of change in the way that we do things, and in the way that we approach things. the meeting we just had, everybody in the neighborhood wants to talk about the crime. they want to know that the way that we reengineer force is getting done, reform, body cameras, and is soon as we finish that conversation, let's talk about that neighborhood. >> as a police person in this modern age, everybody has a cell phone. how do you balance crime- fighting was civil rights? if you make a move for do a sweet, those things that are crime prevention are now considered violating civil
7:54 am
rights.>> the procedural justice, you have to spend the time. i have referred to this for years for taking an extra 3 to 5 minutes, and we have to take those extra minutes to explain why we did what we did and when we did it. it has to be common sense for the average person to see that everybody is on camera.>> reporter: and allegations being made about the stop and frisk. >> we do not stop and frisk. the da is wrong. we had the 1969 were we stopped that unless was based on reasonable suspicion and we search people based on whether we believe there is reason to believe there is a weapon, firearm or incident to arrest. that is the law, and we go by the law, and to say that they have a couple of people that say they got stopped and risk, maybe somebody did not take the 3 to 5 minutes to explain why they did what they did, when they did it, but we do not
7:55 am
practice stop and frisk and never have been san francisco. >> reporter: how do you feel as cheap and the guy in the hot seat when you turn on the tv and find out that one of your officers used the "n" word?>> it makes me sick to my stomach to think that anybody has that mindset and their vocabulary. i cannot even tell you how disheartening it is. >> reporter: what is it like to have four members of the board of supervisors calling you to resign, and showing up late to every meeting you attend? back this is not -- >> this is not my first rodeo, certainly people on the board of supervisors take positions sometimes that i do not necessarily agree with. i continued that some of those have reached out to me directly and saying that they are taking
7:56 am
care of this important event and that i am that died, and i am a response person that will do it. back and who is asking you to step aside? >> it doesn't matter because i will always do my job and be responsible, and i will get my job done regardless.>> what do you think? will they ask him to step down? >> it is interesting to note that even after they called him to step down, they have called him within minutes and ask him to do things within their district and asking for his help. still ahead, we will sit down with mayor ed lee and ask him about this. and ahead, what the homeland security cheap is asking of us when it comes to waiting and those annoying tsa lines. we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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amazing sleep stays with you all day and all night. sleep number beds with sleepiq technology give you the knowledge to adjust for the best sleep ever. it's the semi-annual sale! save $500 on the memorial day special edition mattress with sleepiq technology. know better sleep. only at a sleep number store. i'm anne mak welcome back to kpix 5. a rash of shootings in crime on the bay area freeways. one city could be taking action and we will tell you much pittsburg is planning on spending on the cameras. looking for homeless housing solutions, and the lawmakers want to hear from you, san jose considering
8:00 am
relocation of those that need a place to stay. ready to take off on the bay to breakers race, lined up at the starting line in the san francisco financial district, a live look from chopper 5. they will make their way 12 kilometers west to ocean beach. tens of thousands of people are expected to run this race, the annual tradition and the city, the hundred fifth -- 105th annual run of the race, the oldest race in america. a lot of the people at the front of the line, and those are the hard-core runners, and now they are all -- off and ready to go. you see the real runners and behind them, costumes and naked people that we will not show you this morning. but if you are naked, the
8:01 am
weather is not too bad. >> at least in southern san francisco, and we cannot always count on that from the bay to breakers. a big array of sunshine just in case. sunshine to start, mostly clear skies in san francisco, but the same is not true just south along the peninsula, blue skies over the golden gate, 61 in concord, 59 in san jose and 51 in santa rosa. we do have a marine layer, low clouds over the san mateo coastline, peninsula and through the south day. and if you are socked in with fog, gray skies will soon see sunshine, and the clouds will pull back throughout the day. everyone will get sunshine and more so through the work week as temperatures increased. low clouds to start, and you could see patchy fog and drizzle along the san mateo
8:02 am
coast. most of us will see clear skies early in the day, afternoon clearing and breezy later on in the day in your full forecast coming up. star wars creator george lucas may end up building is long sought after museum in san francisco, a renewed interest in returning to san francisco after the billed in chicago becomes bogged down in legal and political challenges. san francisco mayor ed lee says he is talking to the city about building the museum on treasure island. >> he wants to make sure he does not have to go through a very difficult process that he is already done twice. >> a lot of politics involved in the mayor will send a letter to the moving bogle inviting him to consider san francisco once again, but san francisco has competition. the los angeles mayor is already coming up with a possible location for the museum. the aggressive bees sending
8:03 am
two people to the hospital and killing as they got away, killing the dogs. they were stinging and attacking the beekeeper, a postal worker and two small dogs, and the professional beekeeper says that this aggressive behavior they are displaying is symptomatic of africanized killer bees, and they are still out there. and food lovers, good news as the jack london square farmers market is back in business, returning under new leadership. open from 9 am to 2 pm. today and every sunday radar shine for the rest of the year. and fans of oracle getting unlikely phrase ahead of the western conference finals from none other than the kevin drop -- kevin durant.>> this will be one of the best crowds in sports, and two arenas will be
8:04 am
amazing in this series. >> the bay area biggest opponent for the next couple of weeks, but he makes a big point that this is a series you do not want to miss, and tipoff is tomorrow at 6 pm. neighbors and local leaders in san jose meeting in a few hours to tackle a hot button issue, homeless housing solutions. camps like these are spring up all over the city, and a proposal to re-instigate a 6 acre site near willow glen into a housing for 200 homeless people. but the neighbors are saying not in my backyard. back how many of you want this here? how many of you do not? back -- >> the plan was introduced in march and since then the opposition has become louder, but that is not slowing the plans, the planning
8:05 am
commission pushed the proposal through, and neighbors are again voicing their concerns. developing stories in the east bay after the mayor of pittsburg calling out caltrans propelling to keep the driver say, and taking the congestions to heart. >> there have been 20 freeway shootings since november, and they say the easiest way to prevent the shootings is to install cameras, and they will consider spending $100,000 on surveillance cameras on highway 4. pot growers will have new rules to abide by, and the new moratorium will go into effect on the pot farms, and they will have to work out a new and permanent regulation, and commercial weed growers are subject to a $5000 registration fee, enabling the pot farmers to apply for a state license. the la city attorney is slamming the brakes on the speed weed, the delivery
8:06 am
service accused of violating the proposition past three years ago to regulate the marijuana business and they have agreed to close next month. some of the worst airport security lines in history and it could be the new normal.'s back and 8% spike in the number of travelers, and the agents cannot keep up and some lines are about to get longer across the country.>> reporter: and did you do a good enough job to prepare the people for this reality? >> i am focused on what we do going forward and making sure that we are focused on the us and anticipating that this has the personal attention of myself, and the tsa administrator.>> the plans to shorten the mile-long lines include hiring 700 new tsa agents by the end of the month. we talked about this a few weeks ago as members of congress were pushing something
8:07 am
to be done before the summer travel system became crazy and the lines.even longer. many airports are thinking about privatized security. back -- >> and summer is here so is the problem. and silicon valley, leaders from the american federation of labor holding a meeting to discuss the immigration reform for hiring skilled workers, part of an effort to on board tech talented immigrants and those of color. this comes as the tide shifts for yahoo, serving monkey and experiencing major layoffs. in silicon valley, more than 7000 creative coders descending on the symposium with hands-on demonstrations and the first look at the google latest products and developer tools and that kicks off thursday. and san francisco, call to get rid of the police chief
8:08 am
greg suhr and we heard from the police chief, and next we have an exclusive interview with mayor ed lee and why he explains that there is a rush for reform within the department. blue skies of the golden gate, but not the case farther south, and your forecast for the rest of the day and the details on your work week warm up, coming up. ,,,,,,
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suhr has a message for his opponents: he's not going anywhere. "i don't have any intentiono step down. i have a lot of before me, both keeping this city safe -- supporting the officers and doing what's al ly for cops back to the developing story, san francisco police chief greg suhr has a message for his opponents, he is not going anywhere.>> i have no intention of stepping down, and i have a lot of work ahead of me keeping the city safe and supporting the officers and with the scrutiny we are under.>> and being asked to step down over the racial police shootings and the scandal of sexting. and kim says there should be a national search for a new police chief, and scott winner and mark ferrell say that greg suhr would have to be the one
8:12 am
to lead the reforms within the department .>> other supervisors have been silent, but mayor ed lee is backing the chief, and we asked him why on a one-on-one interview.>> let's talk about the supervisors, publicly calling for the police chief to step aside and what is going on there? >> i look at what we need to do, and that political approach to the good police reform, police activities, that is something that is inappropriate for not only be achieved, but the entire police department. the pope placed loose him -- the professionalism that we have, in criticizing. back what do you mean by criticizing and the political play?>> they are after anybody that does not adhere to the
8:13 am
request to fire the chief, and that is what it comes down to.>> reporter: what is it about the chief that you think makes it easier to get out of this? >> the logic of this is what do we really game by changing the chief in the middle of the reform and oversight by the department of justice, when neighborhoods are saying let's put more police officers on the beats and prevent the crime from happening. back obviously -- >> obviously you are appeasing the people that are asking for this. >> that will not bring a good outcome, and that firing the cheapest not the good outcome. that will not do anything for us. the most important thing we can do is to reform the police department, having good transparency and oversight, and at the same time do what we are doing in the budget, paying attention to crime prevention.
8:14 am
>> reporter: the twist is that if the cops are doing their jobs, and how do they do it if everybody is looking at everything they are doing, raising questions about whether you are stopping the right people and how do you do that?>> that is what we are talking about. i think the majority of the people are saying they do trust the police department, and there are some bad apples. let's get rid of them and making direct, not the stuff that is of a different and inappropriate san francisco culture and make sure we have the san francisco value and culture in their.>> reporter: is the da helping?>> i don't know if they are helping, but i'm open to everybody's input. i also know that the chief, and the commission, that the department of justice, all focused on the professional outcome that we want. >> reporter: and no plans to ask the chief to step aside?
8:15 am
>> not in the middle of what we are doing, and he is leading the effort. >> reporter: what about the meetings at city hall, and yet the lock the doors.>> i take the protests as they come. we have a protest every single day. i will listen and out of respect i will take the input, but i'm going in a deliberate direction that honors the values of the city.>> he is sticking with his guns.>> he says that the majority of the city is behind the reform and not replacing the chief, and he is not that have people show up at the board of supervisors and screaming and calling the shots. back and when you say -- >> and when you say the majority of the city, what does that mean? >> he means that he is not going to let these four supervisors that he does not agree with on most issues call
8:16 am
the shots, but it will get interesting if other supervisors move in. and let's take a look at the weather, and more details on what to expect on this sunday. >> taking a look outside, the san mateo has gray skies, but san francisco over the golden gate, blue skies to start and more sunshine for everyone throughout the day. 61 in concord, 56 in oakland, 59 in san jose and 51 in santa rosa. blue skies to start -- start the day, and this cloudy over the bay, and it will be breezy, and the satellite showing an area of low pressure dominating the forecast and pushing into the northwest pacific. we are kicking off a warming trend today that will begin gradually and increasing through the midweek. futurecast shows some clouds as
8:17 am
some of you are socked in, but by lunchtime most folks will see sunshine and a nice day in store. more of the same heading to the work week, monday is totally clear with plenty of sunshine through the afternoon. today we have breezy conditions for the afternoon and evening, wind gusts upward of 22 for san rafael and fremont. and 17 mile an hour wind in half moon bay. clouds to start with with the areas of drizzle on the san mateo coast, clearing and breezy, and the work week warming trend is in store beginning today and gearing up midway. temperatures today in the mid- 60s, and along the coast and around the bay topping out near 70. oak glen and fremont, 74 in san jose, mid to upper 70s in places like concord and fairfield. 73 in napa today. low clouds for some, 65 and sunny by the end of the race,
8:18 am
temperatures increasing through monday, and more so tuesday, wednesday, flirting with temperatures in the 90s and locations and lead. warming temperatures in the 80s for most of us, a cool down in store through the second half of the week and through the weekend. let's take a live look at the bay to breakers race going on right now, and here are the top runners near the panhandle. i believe that is close to the infamous hayes street hill, one of the toughest spots in the race. they are jogging past that hill, making their way to ocean beach where the race finishes, and the race will be going on for the next few hours, and we will look at the lollygag yours that are -- lolligaggers that
8:19 am
are pulling up the end. the jefferson award winner making sure that everybody states connect did. we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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california. as kpix five's len ramirez explains... baby sea stars e surviving longer... indicatg that a devastating die- offs over. [nats] in tide pools along california's rugged seashora popular species that was all but wid making a co r:monica moritsch/ the starfish are back, indicating that the devastating drought is over.>> reporter: in the tidepools, a popular species was all but wiped out, and making a comeback. >> we are seeing a surge of see star babies coming back to the north coast and somewhat along the central california coast.>> reporter: the researcher says that the see star sightings are up, indicating that the worst of the see star wasting syndrome could be over.>> reporter: they began dying off in this part of california two
8:22 am
years ago, and the impact of those places that are popular to see them was severe. >> 95% of the sea stars died off in the monterey bay area. >> reporter: hit with that one two punch of the naturally occurring virus, and then el nino hit, bringing warmer water and sea stars don't like that. the baby sea stars are surviving for longer periods of time, and a good thing for the ecosystem and the sea stars can eat the muscles and stop them from taking over. they are also a big crowdpleaser, one reason that people come out to the tidepools and one species that the kids can recognize. >> when they come out and do not see the sea stars, they get a sense of something not being there. >> reporter: they will come back, but after the devastating losses, it will be a long road to recovery. in santa cruz, kpix 5.
8:23 am
it may seem to be a good idea to great grand mal an ipad, -- grandma a new ipad, but who will teach her how to use it, and a new story where she takes matters into her own hands. >> my daughter's boyfriend gave this to me.>> reporter: in truth, she already like the guy, but when it came to learning how to use the ipad, the kids gave it a shot. >> they did this really quick and to go at it. i could not get it.>> reporter: but thanks to the teaching seniors technology, she is sending email and creating amazing artwork. >> this is very enjoyable to see that they want this, and they are passionate and aware. it is very simple.>> reporter:
8:24 am
and this high school senior launched the nonprofit three years ago after her grandmother visited from india. >> i am so used to having technology around me, and seeing my grandmother not in tune with that pace of technology, it inspired me to teach her.>> reporter: and she started with the basics, like how to turn the computer on, email and now facebook. and they recruited classmates is faulty or teachers to help to teach seniors technology, beginning the free classes at the almaden branch of the san jose library, and they have expanded to a dozen south bay libraries, senior and community centers, more than 50 volunteers from 14 high schools and two middle schools. chapters are being formed in india, china, singapore and australia.>> i never thought it would grow this much.
8:25 am
>> reporter: connie has been coming for six months after feeling left out at her crafts class. >> the ladies would come and say they found this craft on pinterest and i just would sit there and think that i wish i could do that.>> reporter: and now she can. >> another lesson. >> reporter: and helping to take the mystery out of high- tech for seniors, and the jefferson award goes to stuti vishwabhaa. we will be were -- right back with a look at the bay to breakers going on as we speak. ,,,,,,
8:26 am
is underway.. here's a live look from chopper 5... the'e making their way 12 kilomets
8:27 am
west to ocean beach. ad-lib updates... the bay to breakers group making their way in the race, tens of thousands of people running in the race, the annual tradition, the 105th anniversary of the bay to breakers race, going from the san francisco financial district all the way to the ocean beach. it is perfect weather for running. >> plenty of sunshine, and i'm sure that the folks from out-of- town are surprised that the us in san francisco. when clouds farther south, injures in the upper 50s and low 60s. the clouds over the san mateo coast will be clearing out with everybody getting sunshine. and more so tomorrow, would temperatures topping out in the mid-60s today, so a nice day. face the nation is coming up next on kpix 5, and the last a live look at the bay
8:28 am
to breakers. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> dickerson: today on "face the nation" the republican party becomes the party of trump. and the tent goes up on general election circus. with the nomination locked up, donald trump went to washington this week to make peace with the republicans he's cam paned against. but by friday, trump was bombarded with blasts from the past, he denied reports that he's posed as his own spokesman in the 1990s. >> what is your name again? >> john miller. dickerson: his refusal to release his tax returns gave hillary clinton a new line of attack. >> my husband and i have released 33 years of tax returns. >> dickerson: we'll talk about efforts unify the party with the head of the republican national party. and three house republicans. and what should we look for in a president.


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