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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  May 15, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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mark kelly tells us: a beekr may have found a simple solution.. to get rid of them. i'm told there aren t nearls many killer bees out here t as yesterday. but cops have still been warning folks he in concord not to walk downt sigout. the annual spectacle -- bayo breakers -- took over the streets
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the house where these bees are is really close to you. >> yeah. which because i have a phobia of bees it's a lot more terrifying, too. >> reporter: the homeowner tells me with the queen bee dead he expects the few remaining bees to soon die off as well, but that's too late for these two adorable dogs who died this weekend after they were stung dozens of times. >> it gets me very sad when any animals die. >> reporter: this type of killer bee is not usually found here in northern california. the home owner can only guess that due to the drier weather these bees traveled a long way
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from home. live in concord mark kelly, kpix5. the annual spectacle beta breakers took over the streets of san francisco today as the 7 1/2 mile race wound its way from the financial district to ocean beach. tens of thousands of runners started the race this morning, but as happens every year, not nearly as many actually cross the finish line. john ramos shows us that's because of everything that happens in between. >> reporter: about half an hour into the beta breakers the top of hayes hill still looked a little like a foot race. by that i mean most people were still running. it had 92-year-old saul athalon feeling a bit envious. >> i wish i was a bit younger. i would be running with them. >> reporter: but that's no excuse. libby cod is the same age and this is her fifth race. she said she doesn't dare not come here. >> if i stop, i won't start up again.
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>> reporter: gradually the race became a crawl and what was a race became a costume party while some like this human foosball game took a lot of imagination, others left almost nothing to it. there were presidents and a few who would like to be and one guy was feeling the bern in a big way. >> you know, he's huge. so you got to represent the best you can. >> reporter: and donald trump finally got that wall built. floats aren't allowed anymore, but somehow this star wars battle cruiser slipped through. that is, until the empire struck back and the cops confiscated it in golden gate park. there are those who complain every year about rules being broken, but they're really missing the opponent. this is an event where good taste is supposed to lose out to a good time. >> the freaks come out. it's fun to go watch them. >> reporter: but you're in the middle of them. doesn't that make you one of them? >> doesn't bother me a bit, you know. live and let live.
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>> reporter: it's silly and stupid and completely pointless and next year they'll do it all over again and thank goodness for that because it is exactly the kind of thing that makes san francisco so much fun. at the beta breakers john ramos, kpix5. >> the fun didn't come without a little legal trouble. sfpd did make a few arrests for public intoxication. the other big party going on in the bay area right now is down at the s.a.p. center. the sharks are in st. louis battling the blues in game one of the western conference finals, but maria medina shows us fans here have packed the home ice to cheer them on. >> reporter: julia, this is like any other game except the players aren't on the ice and the true die hard fans are saying no big deal, why not? it's free. take a look at video of thousands of them filing into the shark tank about an hour ago and, you know, in fact all these tickets, all these free
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tickets, were snatched up in less than 24 hours after they were made available online friday at 10 a.m. we're talking 16,000 tickets and i'll tell you, there's a lot of energy and excitement in there as fans watch this game against st. louis on the jumbotron. this is huge for sharks fans because the last time they were given free access like this was a little more than a decade ago. we spoke to a couple of them and here's what they had to say. >> it's been a while, so knowing that they're back and especially in the western conference finals everybody is really excited. so the fact they get to watch it at the shark tank, it's kind of a unique experience to be here. >> it's funny, but it's kind of like you're really at the game because you hear the announcers and see the player coming out of the locker room it's kind of like being there. it's better than watching in your living room. >> reporter: so they are being given the full production of a home game. you've got sharky out there.
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you've got tank patrol out there. you've also got a lot of security and police out here as well, but they are giving complimentary free parking here. back out here live the game started at 5:00 against st. louis. we're going back in there to see how the fans are doing and, of course, see how the sharks are doing. maria medina, kpix5. now to the north bay police are looking for vandals behind a window smashing spree in santa rosa. they broke windows on five cars overnight, some on jennings avenue, others on peterson lane using large river rocks as their republican. contra costa sheriff's deputies are investigating a homicide just before 2 a.m. this morning. the 26-year-old victim turned up later at the hospital where he died. the shooter is on the loose tonight. silicon valley may be the nation's capital of innovation, but in san jose they're having a lot of trouble trying to figure out how to handle the
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homeless. leaders are now asking the public for ideas. >> what the city really needs to do is look at safe, sanitary, secure, hygienic places on public land for people to camp. >> reporter: it is one of the more controversial plans to address the challenge of homelessness in silicon valley, what amounts to semi permanent tent cities. >> we're not animals. we breathe the same air. >> reporter: 30-year-old darnell mccoy has spent a decade, 1/3 of his life, homeless and on the street and although tent cities might seem imperfect, he said it's a vast improvement over the city's current policy of getting rid of homeless encampments wherever they pop up. >> you got to find a safe spot to lay at because you don't know who is around you. >> these are human beings that we're talking about. these are our sons and our daughters. >> reporter: san jose city
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councilman chevy jones organized a meeting today to address homeless encampments in his district and around the city. he said while the city should focus on permanent solutions he is also open to ideas to help the more than 6,000 people who are homeless in santa clara county every night. >> the city has been very proactive in terms of trying to drive some of those strategies forward, but we have obstacles where again people don't want them in their backyards. they don't want them in their neighborhoods. >> on tuesday the san jose city council -- on tuesday the san jose city council could vote to ban doing business with the nonlgbt friendly states preventing nonessential travel to mississippi and north carolina using state funds. those states enacted legislation allowing discrimination against the lbgt community. san jose will avoid contracts with any company who headquarters in north carolina or mississippi. a san francisco gay rights icon has his name on the street in the capital of mormon country.
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a 20 block stretch through the center of salt lake city is now called harvey milk boulevard. the public celebration today included the unveiling of new signs. the city council approved the renaming last month in the unanimous vote. milk was a san francisco supervisor who was assassinated in 1978. still ahead the force may be with us after all, the new bid to bring star wars creator george lucas' museum back to the bay. >> talk about a wrong turn, a woman who blamed her gps for turning her car into a submarine. >> and the little black cat that's been bringing good luck to the sharks has found a new home off the ice. >> as we look west from transamerica, there are changes ahead for bay area weather running hot and cold this week, details when we come back. ,,
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for safety. from alarms to g-p-s trackers -- the markei a growing number of people are using smartphone apps for safety from alarms to gps trackers. the market is flooded with programs designed to save you
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from an attacker, but julie watts shows us if you're not careful, they could do you more harm than good. >> reporter: over a decade jared arthur has specialized in self-defense, but in addition to teaching the left, right combination her trainings now include technology. >> lately i've been getting a lot of questions about safety apps. >> reporter: like be safe, circle of 6, red panic button and guardly are among a growing number of programs designed to instantly alert authorities or friends in an emergency. >> i'm going to put my finger right on the button and now i'm walking to my car. >> reporter: jarrett likes apps like safe track that notify police of your location with the tap of a button. >> i get hit, tackled. i have to fight back and ditch my phone. then that phone call is being made and the signal is being made automatically to the authorities. >> reporter: cindy yotohama likes the idea of the added protection. >> if i was alone and out with my kids, i think i'd feel comfortable having the safety
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app in one hand and using the other hand for safety. >> reporter: it's important to have a plan along with the tools to protect yourself. >> that's one piece of a bigger safety and self-defense puzzle. >> reporter: while your cell phone can be an ally, it can also distract from what's going on around you. experts say never reply on your phone as your sole means of protection and when it comes to self-defense, you're better served focusing on your surroundings than your phone. julie watts, kpix5. >> many safety apps could be downloaded for free. some, though, charge extra for premium features or subscriptions. speaking of the perils of technology, one woman had to swim to safety because of her gps system. on thursday her faulty gps led her straight into a lake in ontario canada. police say the woman was trying to navigate through thick nighttime fog and was relying a little too heavily on gps.
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she rolled down her window and grabbed her purse and got out of the ñecar before it started sink. three great horned owlets are back home with their parents after the wind blew them out of their nest. all three were returned to their nest after about two weeks of rehab. it's been a battle nearly as long as the star wars saga itself. where should george lucas' new museum go? anne makovec shows us the cinematic treasure could end up on treasure island. >> nothing will stand in our way. >> reporter: the force may be with san francisco, after all. >> i've never given up. i keep calling them saying hey, george, we're still open. >> reporter: and now mayor ed lee says star wars creator ed lucas is thinking of building his museum on treasure island where his collection of art and hollywood memorabilia could become the crown jewel.
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the site facing the downtown city's skyline is already approved for development. >> we have a chance to bring him back. i want to be open and positive about it. >> reporter: the prequels to this latest development, lucas was originally hoping to build his museum in the presidio, but that plan went to the dark decide after an ugly fight with the federally a. positived trustees -- federally appointed trustees who oversee the land, but he wanted to go to lake michigan but has been running into legal problems there, too. >> he just wants to make sure he doesn't have to go through a very difficult process, as he's done twice already. >> reporter: lucas' designers have already met with the island's developers working on the environmental review process. as for the costs, lucas has previously offered to put up about $700 million. >> perhaps the lucas museum could be the special sauce. >> reporter: supervisor aaron peskin spoke on kpix5 sunday morning about how the museum could change treasure island's
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future for good. >> if we could actually have an attraction on treasure island, it might be able to sustain a ferry service and if we could sustain that, we could make the entire island work. >> reporter: if lucas gives the go ahead, the next step would be to negotiate a lease for the site and start developing a detailed plan. in san francisco anne makovec, kpix5. >> but san francisco probably won't be the only city vying for the museum. the los angeles mayor has reportedly come up with a possible site in his city. stay tuned. for the forecast which is showing a few thing warming up in the next couple days before they cool down today. if you had any friends in the mountains or around tahoe or yosemite, they had a few thunderstorms. clouds building up elsewhere. so a partly cloudy on the sierra. for us it got nice day, nice and warm, 75 at concord still at quarter after 6:00, 62 in san francisco and san jose and
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in santa rosa 77 degrees right now. low pressure that really gave us an onshore flow and fairly overcast start the past two days now is heading east, so a warming trend will be in the bay area as the high pressure trend begins to build. good northwesterly winds, so expect it to be sunny and breezy and temperatures coming up. kind of a cool look looking from oakland towards san francisco. it's a model of how things should look right at sunrise tomorrow morning. so you can see the overcast skies over the step skyline and as time goes on look at that north -- city skyline and as time goes on look at that northwesterly flow. then it disappears completely by about 1:00 or 2:00 in afternoon. this perspective shows baywide just a few palm ofs of clouds tomorrow morning and it just pops and we get a severely clear monday after the few
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patches of morning hope clouds. so partly cloudy at sunrise. then it warms to the mid-80s inland by tuesday, go the other direct by the end of the week. temperatures collapse back into the 60s by friday and saturday. so a nice next couple of days. travel weather forecast if you're heading up to redding, 88 degrees. along the shoreline nice, even eureka, we have found it, sunshine, 69 degrees at mendocino, 86 in fresno. in the mountains partly cloudy skies and maybe a shower in yosemite by tomorrow afternoon. overnight lows tonight mild, mid-50s and then at sunrise 5:59 a.m. san francisco tomorrow warmer than average with a forecast high for monday of 69 degrees. in concord 82, san jose tomorrow 78 and okayland 72 degrees. down in the south bay mid-70s to low 80s tomorrow, plenty of sunshine there and in the east bay, 80 for pittsburg, 86 at brentwood and in danville 80
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degrees tomorrow. north bay will see low to mid- 70s for the most part, cooler at the shore line, of course, and in ukiah 80 degrees at lake port, at clear lake, 82 for ukiah and even warmer tuesday and wednesday, mid-80s inland before cooling off on thursday. then friday and saturday and sunday we're back into the 60s inland with fog and low clouds out there along the shoreline. that's weather. as for sports, mr. o'donnell. >> giants go for the sweeps. can you name the a's player that hit three home runs today? >> and everything is bigger in texas including the brawl that broke out between the rangers and jays. your ringside seat coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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report: the sharks famous "mas-cat" has a new home. the humane society of silic welcome back. we are happy to report the sharks' famous mascot has a new home. >> the humane society of silicon valley says the 3-month- old kitten named joel pavelski has been a doned along with her
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roommate. joe became a social media sensation last month when she skittered out onto the ice during warm-ups. the team has no idea where the little black cat came from, but with the team now in the western conference finals she's certainly been good luck. i like that. >> good luck for pavelski, too. he's already scored a goal tonight. he is red lot in the postseason and the sharks are tied at 1-1 right now. the biggest question for the giants has been the back half of the pitching rotation. last night jay peavy beat arizona and the giants went for the sweep. cueto hoping not to pop the giants bubble, oh, well. scoreless in the 3rd inning, trevor brown tees off on de la rosa, his fourth home run in only 46 at bats this season, giants led 1-0. the pop-out
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ends the inning. cain allows three runs in his last two starts but remains winless in his last 15, game tied in the 9th. brandon crawford just throws the understretched glove. hunter pence beats the throw home and giants lead 2-1. santiago casilla down to nail down the save. rickie weeks appears to hit into the game ending double play, but the call at first is ruled safe. a run scores to tie the game, but hold on. further review shows brandon belt's foot stayed on the bag, game over. giants sweep the d-backs and lead the west by one half game. former rays closer balfour in tampa bay. he retired last month. danny valencia figured out the best way to avoid reinjuring his hamstring is hit a home run. now you can trot around the bases. the so he low shot in the 1st gave the a's a 1 a 1-0. -- 1-
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0. top of the 5th rays up 5-2 now and valencia strikes again. two-run shot nearly the same shot, valencia's second multi- home run of the series. gray do not keep the deficit at one. evan longoria gone, seventh home run for him. gray allows six runs, three earned. he's given up 21 runs. valencia to the rescue again. there he goes, a two-run home run, his third home run of the game, fifth of the series. he had zero home runs before the weekend. a's beat the rays 7-6 to finish the road trip 3-6. how about jose bautista's bat in the postseason last year, didn't sit too well with the rangers, the bad blood flowing in today bautista hard into second to break up the
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double play and how many times do you season fights in the big leagues not do anything? out. down goes fraser. four players ejected in the game, likely suspensions to follow. andrew bogut returned to practice today, questionable for game 1 of the western conference finals and the warriors will need him to match oklahoma city's physical front line. >> gaining a reputation as a really physical big team? >> i think so. is that the word on the street? yeah. i'll take it. after having four days off between series there's not much left to talk about right now. so the big question steph curry was faced with today had to do with him not wearing a sleeve over his right knee. >> you check the other leg out? >> they have this new invention like -- what do they call it?
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>> reporter: i thought they might have made a one legged one for you. >> we use what we got back there. we got a lot of tools back there. toronto hosting their second game postseason game -- second postseason game this season. i think we can say that kyle lowry has snapped out of his shooting slump leading the raptors with 35 points. toronto blowns out miami and will face the well rested cleveland cavaliers in the eastern finals. cleveland tpc, not much drama. duke makes a run at jason day, goes 11-under at that point three back. it looked like there might be daylight when the aussie flubbed two chips at the 9th, but the bird on 12 to get back
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to 14-under for the championship. stress free day on 18 for the win. day wins wire to wire thanks to that forced record 63 on thursday. 49er preseason sensation, remember that, gerald hayne one and done as an nfl player. last year he gave up a career in rugby to pursue pro football but decided to go back to rugby and will try out for the olympics. he carried the ball 17 times for 52 yards last season. rug bill, i think i just became a follower in the olympics, right? get your hayne rugby jersey. >> thank you, dennis. coming up in our next half hour when it comes to driving under the influence of marijuana, how high is too high? >> watch yourself, watch yourself. >> i had to grab the wheel to basically keep from running you over.
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>> what happened when these drivers got stoned and then got behind the wheel and why there's not much police can do to stop it. >> plus tap water tainted with arsenic for decades, yet locals can't touch the fresh water that flows right by this california town, why experts say it's a much more serious health threat than experts are being told. >> a bomb scare at a soccer stadium, but when investigators found on the what the device really was, boy, were they embarrassed. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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kill ed you're watching kpix5 news. our top story tonight, a beekeeper is using a soap and water solution to kill the colony of africanized bees terrorizing 1 concord
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neighborhood. they have stung several people and killed two small dogs along hitchcock drive, but tonight most of the bees have been eradicated. the 7 1/2 mile race today wound its way from the financial district to ocean beach. as in years past, runners had plenty of fun on the course, but aside for a few public intoxication arrests, no major trouble. recreational pot could soon be legal in california putting more impaired drivers on the road with no legal limit, but how stoned is too stoned to roll? kpix5's maria medina shows us what happened when drivers got high and then got behind the wheel. >> all right. >> reporter: three drivers all high on marijuana. >> definitely buzzed, yeah. >> relaxed and buzzed. >> i still feel normal. >> reporter: put through the test in this basic driving course in washington state with a drug recognition expert standing by. addy is a daily pot user.
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dillon uses pot on weekends and jeff uses it once in a while. the driving instructor said addy and dillon drove slower than normal but all drove okay on their first lap around despite addy hitting a cone. >> oh, i hit a cone. i see it in the rear view mirror. >> i wouldn't pull her off the road. >> reporter: then the volunteers smoked again. >> i'm starting to get it. oh, yeah. i can feel it in my eyes, in my body and head. >> i don't know if i can get much more stoned. >> reporter: this time it definitely started to show. dillon nearly hit the photographer. >> watch yourself, watch yourself. >> i had to grab the wheel to keep him from basically running you over. >> reporter: dillon was five times washington's legal limit, but here in california there is no legal limit and pot users like shawntae carter and tanisha allhart know it. >> i drive better when i'm high. >> reporter: you have never been in an accident? >> knock on wood.
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i've been doing it since i've been 16 years old. >> reporter: sam geller is a defense attorney in san francisco who says he's won all his clients' marijuana dui cases. >> i think it's safe to say there are people who are impaired, but it's also safe to say there are people who aren't actually impaired. they were charged because their blood test was positive for marijuana. >> reporter: a recent aaa study says it's impossible to set marijuana dui limits because there's no scientific proof everyone becomes impaired at the same thc blood level. >> you can't tell how they're actually impaired. >> reporter: right now it's up to officers to arrest you for driving high based on a field sobriety test, but some say driving under the influence of any drug is wrong. >> i think that's stupid because it's just like you're drinking and driving, you know, really because you're high. >> we know that people are dying every single day. >> reporter: in fact, mothers against drunk driving here in the bay area say they hope
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future laws will keep stoned drivers off the road. >> we don't take a stand on legalization of marijuana, but we do say it does become our issue once you get behind the wheel whether it be drugs or drunk driving. >> reporter: we showed them the driving vehicle and asked how high is too high? they say they'll keep driving knowing they'll likely just get a slap on the wrist here in california. so the fact that you know you'll probably get away with it, does that make you not really care? >> yeah. as long as i don't have any marijuana or i have any card or something like, that then i'm fine. they can't bother me. tonight the l.a. city attorney is slamming the brakes on speed weed he says for violating a city ordinance to regulate marijuana businesses. seed weed agreed to cease operations next month. starting this week calaveras county will lay out
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new ground rules for commercial growers. people have been scooping up land in the gold country to cash in on the state's marijuana boom. they'll have to pay a $5 registration fee to to apply for a state license. a new moratorium will go into effect on new pot farms. a group of opponents including four city supervises want the police chief fired over a string of recent police shootings and recent text scandal tracing back to an ex- cop. our phil matier asked the chief about challenges of modern policing. >> reporter: in this age of everybody has a cell phone how do you balance crime fighting with civil rights because it seems like you make a move, do a sweep or anything that used to be considered crime prevention is now considered a violation of civil rights? >> a lot of it is in the training we're going to do the
6:36 pm
phrase is called procedural justice. you've got to spend the time. i've often referred to it years and years taking the extra three to five minutes. we have to take the extra three to five minutes to explain why we did what we did when we did it so that it goes in because everybody is on camera. >> this week mayor ed lee unveiled a $17 million plan to improve violence prevention, police training and department oversight. he says he's standing by the chief through everything. >> reporter: so no plans to ask the chief to step aside? >> not in the middle of what we're doing. >> reporter: what about the protests, the shutdowns, the meetings and stuff at city hall? you're having to lock the office doors. >> i take protests as they come. we've got protests every single day. i'll listen. i'll respect and i'll take that input, but i'm going in a deliberate direction that honors this city's values. >> jane kim, david campos, john
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avalos and eric marr are among the supervisors who want chief suhr out but scott weiner and farrell agree with the mayor that the chief has to lead reforms within the department. tonight a top gop official says it would be madness to put a third party candidate for president. the washington post reports a band of republicans unhappy with donald trump as the presumptive nominee are actively plotting to draft an independent candidate. mitt romney is reportedly collaborating with consultants and pundits, but today on face the nation the rnc chairman said it's pointless. >> this is a suicide mission. it is not right and i think what people should do is take the paul ryan approach, which is to work with donald trump and find out whether or not there's common ground. >> on the democratic side hillary clinton and bernie sanders spent the day campaigning in kentucky which holds primaries this week. a bomb square that cleared out a soccer stadium in the uk
6:38 pm
turned out to be a device left over from a security exercise. manchester united's old trafford stadium was evacuated on the final day of the premier league season. although the device was a dud, fans and players were still pretty upset. >> everything went like clockwork. everybody was fantastic about if and it's just a by -- it and it's just a pity this has to happen. it's ridiculous. >> security wasn't taking chances. wednesday the british government put the nation on high alert because of possible threats from the irish republican army. red hot chili peppers front man anthony kiedis is in the hospital with the stomach flu. his sudden illness forced the band to cancel an appearance at last night's k rock weany roast in irvine. he was in so much pain he was taken away in an ambulance.
6:39 pm
the band apologized to the disappointed crowd saying they were excited about playing and sorry they couldn't go on. the new real estate service that lets you try before you buy. >> plus throwing water restrictions out the window? why lush green lawns could soon be making a comeback across california. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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there's a new real estate e called ever wish you could try out your new house before you take out the mortgage? now you can. there's a new real estate matchmaking service called real stir that pairs potential homebuyers with sellers. buyers pay a fee similar to a hotel bill to stay in the home a few nights. that way they are less likely to run into unpleasant surprises like leaky pipes or noisy neighbors. >> we think its a key thing as far as the future of buying and selling homes. >> in case you're wondering, sellers are required to stay somewhere else while their guests are checking out the home. big stories happening in
6:42 pm
and around the bay area this week. >> lush green lawns could soon be making a comeback in california. the state waterboard meets wednesday whether to loosen the mandate of 25 to 36% restrictions. some areas could see their restrictions lowers or lifted altogether depending on supply. tens of thousands of uninsured kids will be available forked me i cal been -- for med cal benefits starting tomorrow. >> we currently spend $1.3 billion annually in emergency room care and we know it's going to cost much less to be able to give people the access. >> more than 2 million undocumented immigrants call california home. tomorrow the pittsburg police chief plans to ask the city council for $100,000 to put up surveillance cameras along highway 4. it's in
6:43 pm
response to a string of recent shootings on east bay freeways, 20 in the past six months. also tomorrow san mateo will decide whether to keep its red light cameras running. the city council is set to vote on a two year contract extension with red flex. the cameras are wildly unpopular with drivers, but they did generate about $230,000 in revenue for san mateo last year. more than 7,000 coders will descend on google this week. the tech giant will also unveil its latest and greatest on its google mobile apps. the three day symposium starts thursday. beyonce brings her formation world tour friday night. she was bringing down the house at the super bowl halftime show the last time she was there. tickets are available on stubhub starting at about $60. another game one for the warriors, steph curry and company continuing the playoff
6:44 pm
run against the oklahoma city thunder in the were with conference finals and warrior fans are getting are so -- in the western conference finals and the warrior fans are getting some unlikely praise tonight from kevin durant. >> you know the crowd is going to be one of the best crowds in sports along with our crowd, so two arenas going to be amazing in the series. >> tip-off is 6:00 tomorrow night at oracle. still to come there's water everywhere but not a drop to drink. >> the water money sitting there, but there's obstacles. >> one california community that's been dealing with tainted tap water for decades can't tap into the supply running right through its own backyard. >> we've got changes coming our way in the weather department, both hot and cold, a look at the forecast just ahead. >> and it's the one pipeline project no one is protesting, a 1 mile solution to belgium's
6:45 pm
beer transport problem. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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drinking water supplies throughout the nation. but t the safe drinking water act is supposed to protect public drinking water supplies throughout the nation, but flint, michigan's contaminated water crisis has been a wakeup call that there's no guarantee. allen martin joins us with a story you'll only see on 5. >> if you drive up and down
6:48 pm
interstate 5, a community in the central valley is stuck with tap water tainted with arsenic and while the california aquaduct flows right by the town, locals can't put a straw in it. it's a ritual. every other week the truck pulls up and drinking water, 30 gallons a month, is delivered to every household in kettleman city. they need it because the tap water is contaminated with arsenic. it's a chemical known to cause cancer and it's commonly found in groundwater all over the central valley. the two weapons in this town are among the worst offenders. pumping up arsenic laden drinking water in violation of federal limits day after day, month after month and year after year. >> my daughter last year we were watching a movie and she saw somebody in the movie went to the sing and poured themselves a glass of water and she said oh, she's drinking from the sing because she's never lived in a place where you could actually drink from
6:49 pm
the sing. >> reporter: this woman supplements her state subsidized water deliveries with bottles. her daughter selma never leaves home without one, but not all families can afford that. many other kids in town drink from the water fountains at school where filters were only installed last month and all 1,500 residents of kettleman city are forced to use the tap water every day to cook and shower. >> what's frustrating to so many people is that the california aquaduct runs right next to town and delivers freshwater to southern california, but kettleman city and kings county haven't been able to tap into it. >> the water money is sitting there, but there's obstacles. >> reporter: kings county supervisor richard valley says to get the water out of the canal the town needs a water treatment plant, but there's been one delay after the other year after year. most recently, the blunt nose leopard lizard. >> based on situations that are out of our hands, environmental
6:50 pm
standards we have to meet and are restricted to, we're looking at 2019. >> reporter: meanwhile residents are getting noles in the mail that seem to -- notices in the mail that seem to downplay the risk reading in bold letters you do not need to use an alternative water supply. then in small letters if you have health concerns, consult your doctor. >> give it to them straight. don't give them a lot of baloney about ask your doctor if arsenic is right for you. >> reporter: the head of the environmental integrity project recently surveyed arsenic levels in texas. >> we found over 50,000 people had been exposed to arsenic in their drinking water well above federal health standards for more than a decade. >> reporter: he says the federal drinking water limit for arsenic of 10 parts per billion was set for a reason. anything over that is unsafe. >> if you're telling people it's not a big deal, well, then
6:51 pm
it's no wonder these systems are taking so long to get fixed. >> reporter: he wants states with arsenic problems such as texas and california to step up to the plate and put money into solutions, but people aren't holding up much hope. >> it's just a way of life. i think people have become immune. >> reporter: the current subs difficult for the bottled water deliver -- subsidy for the bottled water deliveries for kettleman is about to run out. for most of us kettleman is just a pit stop to get a burger, but the soda is made with tap water and the lettuce and tomatoes on the burgers are washed off with cap water, too. >> kettleman is like the halfway point when you go to l.a. when i was a kid, we were going to stop in kettleman city. do they know where the arsenic is coming from?
6:52 pm
>> about seven or eight years ago there was a rise in birth defects, so they studied the water. a, they couldn't find where the arsenic was coming at that time. >> we are looking forward to the report tonight at 11:00. thank you, allen. >> good piece. we've got a different kind of water lapping on the shores of ocean beach right now. right now severely clear along the shoreline, not a bad beach evening, 75 in concord and livermore 68 as we approach 7:00 tonight. there's going to be a warming trend through midweek as high pressure boots low pressure to the east. it will cause havoc in the midwest, but for us a few low clouds tomorrow. that's going to do it. you'll notice on futurecast just after sunrise everything lifts back to the ocean and then you're left with clear skies for the vast majority of monday and a warming trend, high pressure building in, temps coming up. that sums up the forecast.
6:53 pm
we'll be into the mid-80s inland by tuesday and wednesday. we will go the other direction the end of the week. it will be down into the 60s again. overnight lows fairly mild mid- 50s and sun-up tomorrow one minute before 6 a.m. forecast highs tomorrow, we creep above average, the city 69 degrees, concord 82, san jose 78, oakland 72. in the south bay tomorrow, looking nice and plenty of sun in the east bay as well. in brentwood mid-80s, concord, pleasant hill will be in the low 80s. north bay looks nice, plenty of sun, mid- to upper 70s. by santa rosa 80 degrees and warmer for ukiah, lake port and clearlake with numbers 80 and above. that's just monday. tuesday it gets even warmer as you request see in the extended forecast. we'll be -- you can see in the extended forecast. we'll be going from the low 80s
6:54 pm
to mid-80s tuesday inland. wednesday morning again low clouds come back, pressures fall, temperatures following suit. in the meantime sunshine and plenty of it. we'll have more news coming up, but first we're going to generate some revenue, be back in a minute. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:56 pm
the de halve maan brewery h been operating in bruges fo1 finally tonight a belgian brewery that's run its business into the ground. >> they've been operating for 160 years, but the medieval city streets are too narrow for the transport trucks that take the beer to the new bottling plant outside of town. instead of moving the brewery is building a 2-mile long pipeline through the city's canals and cobbled streets. >> reporter: how did the residents react? >> well, the residents were
6:57 pm
quite enthusiastic actually. we received a lot of people spontaneously offering us to pass alongside their house. they just had one condition. they wanted a tapping point, but -- >> reporter: are you worried about people tapping into your pipeline? >> we are pretty sure this will technically not be possible. >> we'll find out. the beer should start flowing sometime this summer. >> we'll stay on top of this one for sure. thanks for watching. 60 minutes is next. >> we'll see you back here at 11:00. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> pelley: it's a hell of a thing to be told that you have months to live when you're 20 years old. but that is what happened to stephanie lipscomb in 2011, diagnosed with the worst kind of brain tumor: glioblastoma. she became one of the first patients in duke university's cancer trial to be given, of all things, the polio virus, as a last chance to fight her disease. today, four years later, she is cancer free. and she's not the only one. >> this, to me, is the most promising therapy i have seen in my career, period. >> pelley: "60 minutes" has been following this daring experiment for more than two years. and now the federal government has given itar


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