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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  May 16, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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,, captioning funded by cbs captioning funded by cbs it's monday, may 16th, 2016. this is the "cbs morning news." new trouble for donald trump. making headlines not for his attacks on the campaign trail but allegations on the way he's treated women over the last few decades. while his campaign deals with that, an independent candidate could be plotting a presidential run of their own. a woman survives a shark attack on the florida coast, but the shark did not. the unlikely end to a bizarre day at the beach. and base-brawl. benches clear between the blue jays and the rangers.
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good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at cbs news headquarters in new york. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. donald trump says the media launched a witch hunt against him. the chairman of the republican party says trying to launch an independent candidate to stop trump would be a suicide mission, and the democrats are trying to secure votes for tomorrow's big primary in kentucky. hena daniels is here in new york with our story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. all this as contenders are making a final push for votes ahead of tomorrow's primaries in kentucky and oregon. presumptive gop nominee, donald trump, is looking to add to his delegate count in oregon but still faces a challenge in getting republican leaders to unite behind him. donald trump kept a low profile at his daughter's graduation ceremony in pennsylvania sunday. as the campaign to build republican unity rolled on. >> who is going to blow up the system?
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who is going to get the change that people want done? that's what this election's coming down to. >> reporter: rnc chair reince priebus took to the airwaves sunday to defend the party's presumptive nominee against a "new york times" report he mistreated dozens of women in the past. trump has called the report a lame hit piece. reince priebus panned a movement by some conservatives seeking an independent candidate to block the billionaire businessman. >> what people should do is take the paul ryan approach which is to work with donald trump and find out whether or not there's common ground. >> reporter: campaigning in kentucky sunday, hillary clinton focused most of her jabs at her likely republican opponent. >> he is a loose cannon who has said keep muslims out, let's withdraw from nato. the list is long. >> reporter: the former secretary of state still faces a primary challenge from rival bernie sanders. >> if they want the strongest candidate to defeat donald trump, bernie sanders is that candidate.
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[ cheers ] >> reporter: clinton leads sanders by more than 700 delegates going into tuesday's contest and is on track to clinch the democratic nomination by next month. hillary clinton will campaign in kentucky again today, while bernie sanders heads to puerto rico which holds a democratic calk on june 5th -- caucus on june 5th. republicans have more meetings planned to work on party unity. >> hena daniels, thanks. coming up on "cbs this morning," we will speak with "the new york times" reporters who wrote the article about trump's behavior with women in private. it is their first tv interview. the texas company that owned a bus involved in a deadly rollover this weekend had faced vehicle problems before. oga charters only owns two buses, but back in may of last year, it was ordered by louisiana state inspectors to take one of those buses off the road to fix brake and exit door problems. eight people died in saturday's crash, and the ntsb is
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investigating. jamie yuccas has our report. >> reporter: in video taken at the scene on a remote stretch of highway nearly 50 miles north of laredo, texas, you can see it raining heavily. the conditions were the same when the driver of the bus lost control and rolled over. federal investigators are trying to determine if weather was a factor in the deadly crash. 52 people were on the charter bus headed to a casino. seven people died at the scene of the crash. another died later at a hospital. 44 others had to be treated for their injuries. the driver of the bus is among the survivors. >> this is a very serious accident. >> reporter: cbs news transportation safety analyst mark rosenker. >> were there problems with the highway itself, were there weather issues, was the driver fatigued, was there a medical incident with the driver, was the drive distracted? lots of questions before the ntsb will understand exactly what happened. >> reporter: the majority of patients were treated at doctors
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hospital in laredo. extra staff had to be brought in to deal with the chaotic scene. chief nursing officer damon mott -- >> we immediately put our disaster plan to place. staff started pouring in immediately both from inside the hospital and from outside the hospital to mount our response to the disaster. >> reporter: investigators have not released the identity of the driver or any passengers. according to the associated press, last year the owner of the bus, oga charters, was ordered by louisiana inspectors to take one of its carriers off the road to fix brakes and emergency exit problems. jamie yuccas, cbs news. the ntsb is also investigating the crash of a stunt plane at a weekend air show. the single-engine plane crashed saturday afternoon near atlanta while performing aerial acrobatics. the pilot has been identified as greg connell, a veteran of air shows. the father and son suspected in a strange utah kidnapping case are under arrest. the son walked up to a roadblock and surrendered. his father turned himself in
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earlier in the day. they're accused of luring a woman and four of her daughters into a house last week. caped and got help. a memorial was held for singer prince at a church near his minnesota home. last night's service at a jehovah's witness hall was an invitation-only service. prince worshipped there. authorities are still investigating his death. he was found dead at his home last month. and the search for a missing cruise ship passenger in the gulf of mexico has been suspended. samantha broberg fell early friday about 200 miles off the coast of galveston, texas. the coast guard confirms to cbs news there is video of her going over the rail. shell has begun cleaning up an oil spill 90 miles off the louisiana coast. the coast guard estimates more than 88,000 gallons of crude oil leaked from an underwater pipe
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since thursday morning. the leaking pipe carries oil from the gulf floor to a production platform. in south america, colombia says it seized eight tons of cocaine, possibly the largest drug bust in colombia's history. the drugs were confiscated along the border with panama in an underground hideaway on a banana plantation. three people were arrested. colombia says the drugs belong to a notorious gang. the u.s. has offered a $5 million reward for the gang's leader. a u.s.-led coalition reportedly struck isis targets in northern syria. the strikes reportedly killed 27 militants near the town of aleppo. it's not clear when the strikes took place, though. the obama administration's representative to the anti-isis coalition says the islamic militants are losing ground. bret mcgurk says the tide has turned against isis and that its perverse caliphate is shrinking. yesterday, isis launched a coordinated attack at a gas
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plant north of baghdad, and at least 14 people were killed. officials are trying to figure out just how a fake bomb forced police to evacuate a 75,000-seat soccer stadium in britain. old trappard is home it manchester united. the very real-looking bomb was found in a toilet before kickoff saturday. the stadium evacuated. the fake bomb was a training device accidentally left by a private firm. the match was postponed. the week-long celebration of queen elizabeth's 90th birthday is over. the finale last night was a horse pageant in a park near windsor castle. there were 900 horses and 1,500 performers. elizabeth has been queen for 64 years and is the oldest monarch in british history. coming up on the "cbs morning news," an actor from "the wire" is arrested. wendell pierce is accused of roughing up a couple over politics. and fortunate rescue. stranded fishermen get hauled in by a tugboat with some precious cargo. this is the "cbs morning news." tugboat with some precious
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can help prevent another one. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. bayer aspirin. a 23-year-old woman was rushed from a florida beach to a hospital yesterday with a shark attached to her arm. the two-foot-long shark wouldn't unclench its teeth even when it died. the baby nurse shark was a familiar site at the boca raton beach. >> the shark that's been in our park for some time. although we're -- had compassion for the victim, we're also sad that the shark is not going to be there anymore. official. >> officials say the victim is in stable condition. a space shuttle component that never flew still accomplishes a major mission. a boat that was towing the fuel tank rescued four fishermen thursday. their boat sank off the mexico coast. the huge tank is headed for a
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los angeles science center. an actor from "the wire" is arrested in an alleged fight over bernie sanders. and possible exposure to a toxic chemical at an air base. those are some of the headlines on the "morning newsstand." "the miami herald" reports the hospitalization of 12 airmen who may have been exposed to a toxic chemical. they were doing routine maintenance on a fighter jet at the homestead air reserve base in florida. the treatment was precautionary. no serious injuries were reported. the "washington post" reports disagreements are stalling the pentagon's plan to allow openly transgender service members. a report from a panel that's planning the change is four months overdue. it is estimated that there are nearly 13,000 transgender service members in the u.s. military. the "atlanta journal constitution" reports that actor wendell pierce is accused of attacking a couple at a hotel
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bar. pierce is a hillary clinton supporter and reportedly argued early yesterday with a couple who backed bernie sanders. the former star of "the wire" faces a battery charge. the "los angeles times" reports that red hot chile peppers singer isn't feel too hot. the band canceled shows in california after he was hospitalized with complications from intestinal flu but is expected to recover quickly. "the east idaho news" reports some yellowstone visitors put a baby bison in their car because they thought it was cold. the tourists, the father and son, were ticketed for breaking rules about contact with wildlife. the bison was released and unharmed. still to come, baseball heavy hitter. the blue jackets' jose bautista on the receiving end of a brutal punch that starts a big brawl. of a brutal punch that starts a big brawl.
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now that's a treat! light & fit crunch. feel free to enjoy. what backache? what sore wrist? what headache? advil makes pain a distant memory. nothing works faster stronger or longer what pain? advil. here's here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. senator chuck schumer says dogs could ease security delays at new york city's airports. he says k-9s that stiff out drugs and bombs would get people through screening faster. schumer want the transportation security administration to
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borrow trained dogs from local police agencies. on the cbs "money watch," facebook talks with conservatives about trending topics, and a smartwatch that might use your hand for extra screen space. jill wagner is at the new york stock exchange with more. >> reporter: strong retail sales sent the dollar to its highest level in over a month. but downbeat earnings reports sent stocks lower. the dow lost 205 points for the week. the s&p finished ten points lower. the nasdaq finished down 18. facebook chief mark zuckerberg plans to meet with prominent conservatives to discuss allegations of political bias at the network. last week the website reported facebook workers often left out conservative political stories from facebook's trending list. facebook said it found no evidence that the report is true. wednesday, zuckerberg will meet with political leaders. google could face a record antitrust fine of nearly $3.5 billion from the european commission.
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the e.u. began investigating google six years ago claiming that google unfairly prioritized its shopping services over those of its competitors. the british newspaper, "the sunday telegraph," says the find could come in weeks. general motors has halted sales of its most popular suvs because the fuel economy listed on the window stickers is incorrect. about 60,000 suvs are affected including the buick enclave. the e.p. estimates listed are one to two miles higher per gallon than they should be. "captain america civil war" was tops at the box office for the second week in a row. despite dropping about 59% from its opening week. "the jungle book" remained in second place, and "money monster" starring george clooney and julia roberts opened in third place. and samsung has filed a patent for a smartwatch with a
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real trick up its sleeve -- actually your sleeve. the technology lets the watch project information on a surface like the user's hand or forearm. you can use the larger space to write or interact with apps. the patent doesn't mean that samsung is actually developing the technology, but there is some industrywide concern about the size constraints of smartwatches. >> good idea, i think. just make sure you're projecting it on to your body and not someone else's. that could get awkward. >> that would be interesting. >> jill wagner at the new york thanks a lot. still to come, president obama takes aim at donald trump. the president uses a commencement speech at rutgers to knock down the presumptive republican nominee. ck down the presumptive republican nominee. and i'm doing just fine. claritin provides 24-hour relief of symptoms that can be triggered by over 200 allergens. yeah, over 200 allergens! with claritin my allergies don't come between me
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dumplings in san jose. but w you'll be waiting weeks! wel explain. and donald trump says the m has launched a witch hunt against him... while the democrats are trying to sece votes for tomorrow's primarn kentucky. join us for kpix 5 news this morning... beginning at 4:3 good morning. it's monday, may 16th. i'm kenny choi. ,, here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country.
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♪ giving his second of three commencement addresses this graduation season, president obama took on donald trump's proposed policies blasting the presumptive nominee. >> the plans for 2016, let me be as clear as i can be. in politics and in life, ignorance is not a virtue. [ cheers ] >> the president mostly took on trump's immigration policies from his ban on muslims to building a giant wall between the u.s. and mexico. president obama will give a commencement address at the air force academy. despite only spending a year at the university of wisconsin, quarterback russell wilson gave the commencement speech to badger nation this weekend.
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the super bowl-winning qb recalled being told by a former coach at nc state he'd never make it as an nfl quarterback. >> he said, listen, son, you're never going to play in the national football league. you're too small, there's no chance. got no shot. give it up. of course, i'm on this side of the phone saying, so you're telling me i'm not going to come back to nc state? i won't see the field? >> wilson told students to take every no and turn it into a yes. that's what he did, transferring to wisconsin and taking the badgers to the rose bowl in 2012. from there, he was drafted by the seahawks. and in his second season, he helped the hawks win super bowl 48. [ chants ] whoa! >> man. a slugger gets slugged. jose bautista of the toronto blue jays was punched yesterday after sliding into second base. his opponent was angered by the takedown. it sparked a brawl and six ejections. i'm anne-marie green. d base. his opponent was angered by the
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here's another look at this morning's top stories -- donald trump says a report in "the new york times" that he mistreated women is a "lame hit piece." the chairman of the republican national committee says the movement by some conservatives to find a candidate to challenge trump is a suicide mission. meanwhile, democrats hold primaries tomorrow in kentucky and oregon. the texas company that owned a bus involved in a deadly rollover this weekend had faced vehicle problems before. oga charters owns just two buses. back in may of last year, it was ordered by louisiana state inspectors to take one of its buses off the road to fix brake and exit door problems. in health news now, there's
4:26 am
new evidence that what you eat might actually slow the development of dementia. molly hall reports on so-called brain foods. >> reporter: krista stassey is making a healthy choice at the grocery store. >> i'm making an effort to eat more greens and grains. >> reporter: greens and grains are on the list of foods associated with lower rate of decline. leafy green vegetables, blueberries, nuts and seeds, fatty fish, and olive oil have all been associated with a lower risk of alzheimer's. so have whole grains, lentils, and legumes. >> the foods have different component that are neuroprotective, others give our brain fuel. >> reporter: the so-called brain foods are also elements of the mediterranean diet which includes less red meat and processed foods. nine out of 12 recent studies found a link between that diet and a reduced risk of alzheimer's. more than 100 million adults worldwide are expected to develop dementia by mid century. that's adding a surge of urgency to this research.
4:27 am
the alzheimer's association has evaluated the evidence and says it does point to a link between heart-healthy foods and a lower risk of cognitive decline. dietician alissa rumsey says those foods are an easy addition. >> it's about trying to take refined carbohydrates and higher sugar foods and the saturated fat sort of out of your diet slowly and adding in foods to replace them. >> reporter: it turns out what's good for the body may also be good for the brain. cbs news, new york. former foes shared the stage. vice president joe biden and former house speaker john boehner were honored by notre dame. long-time political foes, but they're fighting irish together. biden and boehner received the highest honor, the letter a medal, for service to the catholic community. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," a man arrested after spending
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nearly half a century as a fugitive. we'll speak with him in an exclusive interview. plus, cutting down high-speed police chases. we'll show you gps that helps track suspects. a program to help young entrepreneurs launch their big business ideas. that's the "cbs morning news" for this monday. thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day. ,,,,,,
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i'm kenny choi. and i'm michelle griego. time is 4-- here's roberta good morning. it is monday, may 16th. this is a live look at levi's
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stadium where there is a big beyonce concert. the warriors are playing, and also the a's. it is a busy day in the bay area >> it's going to be fun tonight, though. it's going to be great weather if you're heading out to oracle later this evening. leading up to that, we have a warmer day slated. but when that sea breeze kicked in last night, did you guys feel the difference? the marine layer has pushed in a good 50 miles. temperatures are in the 50s. we have a wind increase today 20 miles an hour. later today we're going to be talking about temperatures topping off in the mid-80s, but that's nothing. wait until you see the 90s. i'll tell you which day to expect that. let's say good morning to giana >> delays in both directions on 580 already starting. other than that, road work on the upper ander


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