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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  May 16, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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let's get a look at weatherd traffic. here's roberta gonzales . let's have a look at the bay bridge this morning. it's looking beautiful as always. >> and it's going to warm up compared to this weekend. we had a substantial breeze kick in last night. this morning we're pretty much in the 50s except for oakland, due east of the bay bridge is now at 60 degrees. good morning, everybody. this is the scene looking at downtown jose. behind the airport, levi's stadium where the beyonce forecast is coming up a little later. bey in the house. i'm still trying to get over the super bowl, her performance. i hold a little bit of a grudge. daytime high today in oakland 70 degrees. livermore at 83 degrees. got your full forecast coming up
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at 18 minutes after the hour. let's send it over to traffic. let's check the roadways. if you plan on taking 880 down to hayward from 238 and down to 84, traffic is clear. cutting across the san mateo bridge, shouldn't have any problems as far as delays go, but there is a high wind advisory in effect for the san mateo bridge. use caution as you work across. right now your drive time is only 12 minutes, travel between 880 and 101. once you get on 101 towards sfo, north 101, 92 to the 80 split takes you all the way into san francisco, 18-minute drive time. northbound 280 no trouble this morning. east 92 out of half-moon bay, traffic is clear. no troubles into san mateo towards 101. westbound 580 accident has been cleared out of lanes. traffic is a little heavy still, slow and go conditions westbound
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580 out of tracy. seeing extra volume westbound 58 out towards the dublin interchange as well. more cars on the roadway making the connector on to 680. happening today, a push to stop shootings along highway 4 in pittsburgh. the city council is looking at a new plan to add cameras. city leaders, including the mayor and police chief, are backing the plan. >> that's right, michelle. the plan would be up to put up four to six cameras not on the are freeway itself, but on the property -- not on the freeway itself, but on the property next to it. six shootings along a four-mile stretch of highway 4 have happened in the last month. the mayor and the chief are saying enough and calling for a new plan to spend 100,000 taxpayer dollars to install freeway cameras >> the money has been wasted for
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other stuff. i think that's something that's worthwhile. >> is this more big brother? everywhere you look there is cameras. they have people, they identify them, they don't incarcerate them. what good is it going to do? >> the camera is on the docket for tonight's city council meeting. the chief of police will officially request the money to install the cameras to hopefully stop future shootings. >> is this something the police department has been wanting to propose for a while or was it the shooting from last week that gave them the idea? >> the department has been talking about this for a month. the police chief said when a shooting happened on april 19th and killed a 28-year-old man from antioch, that's when he knew they had to take a proactive stance. the search is on for vandals responsible for a window smashing spree. they broke windows on five cars on jennings avenue and peterson
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lane. police think they used large rocks to do the damage. more than 100 people attended a meeting to address the problem of chronic homeless. the meeting was held in san jose yesterday, organized to address the concerns of residents who say homeless even campments have been popping up in neighborhoods. the city's policy of cracking down on homeless has scattered them across the city. >> we could provide them service, security, could provide them with dignity. what the city really needs to do is look at safe, sanitary, secure, high jen i can places on public land for people to camp. >> there are roughly 6500 homeless men, women and children in santa clara county. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg will host a meeting to explain
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the social network's trending policies, coming on heels of reports that workers suppressed news items covering conservative topics. the meeting is happening in menlo park and includes glenn beck. new rules for pot growers go into effect today. commercial growers have been buying land in the golden state, but starting today they have to pay a $5,000 registration fee to apply for a state license. a moratorium on new pot farms also starts, lasting until the county can work out more permanent regulations. the obama administration said the tide is turning to the fight against isis >> they're very much on the defensive. they have not retaken any territory really since their operations in ramadi going all the way back to may. >> he spoke in jordan's capital, saying isis is losing control
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over territory in iraq and syria. he says their support is shrinking as a result. the president used his commencement speech this weekend at rutgers to slam donald trump's position on immigration, trade, and muslims. the president said in politics and life, quote, ignorance is not a virtue. >> it's not cool to not know what you're talking about. that's not keeping it real or telling it like it is. >> the president also told the graduates to stand up to those who say that america was better in the past and to dismiss the idea of building walls. campaign news now, over the weekend some interesting news regarding donald trump and his past. despite reports that he object ifies women, republican insiders say he'll get a pass from voters. >> donald trump faced a weekend
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filled with questions about his past. but on the talk show circuit, supporters said voters don't care if trump breaks all the political rules. on reports that years ago he posed as his own pub li sift >> why the media is spending so much time going back 25 years to talk about people magazine. >> the tax return issue is an issue that the media is interested in. >> i wouldn't be surprised if people don't care. donald trump has rewritten the traditional playbook in politics and i don't know if anyone else could have p pulled off what he's pulled off over the past year >> gop leadership has not asked him to tone it down. >> he was not asked by the leadership to change and there is no reason for him to change. he just won the primary process with a record number of votes.
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>> the rnc chairman says they'll let trump be trump. >> he's been winning more votes in the primary than any republican nominee in the history of our primaries. donald trump tweeted about the new york times article detailing strange relationships with women, calling it dishonest and a hit feed and accused the media of going on a witch hunt against him. today it's back to business for the warriors >> game 1 tips off tonight for the western conference finals. >> have you been warming up for the 3, kit? >>reporter: in my mind, yes. i'm 1-5. i'm not going to get embarrassed today. i'm determined to at least hit the rim, maybe make it in later today, but i'll be practicing through the show. here we are at oracle arena, 19 thousand t-shirts are out here.
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strength in numbers. as you know, that's been the call sign, the theme that we've been going with all season. sold out game tonight. if you're lucky enough to come today, there could be a traffic headache. the a's are playing tonight at 7:05 p.m., about an hour after warriors tip off. do give yourself extra time tonight. draymond green looked great at practice. he has felt better and improved every day since game 5 in portland. he leads in postseason technical fouls. if he hits seven, he'll get sus spebded. he needs -- suspended. he needs to cool it and not let oklahoma draw him into one. >> he's got to go through warm up tomorrow before the game. >>reporter: the other not so
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good news, that was coach talking about boget listed as questionable. he suffered an abductor strain. practiced on sunday, but not saturday. he'll be a game time call. this early in the series with the warriors defense and playing at home, it would not be shocking to see coach play it safe and leave the big man on the bench to rest. we're live at oracle arena, a p pix5. thousands of us use apps on the smartphone to keep possible attackers away. next why they could actually put you in danger. how a woman's gps led her down a wrong path and into a lake. wow. we have the week ahead weather
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forecast straight ahead as well. right now traffic is quiet on the bay area bridges. but that could change as the morning heats up. details coming up.
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circle of 6, red panic butt and guardly. but if you're not cautious -- they could good. self- . you might use smartphones apps for safety, be safe, circle of safe, and red panic button are some. but they could do more harm than good. you should never rely on your phone as your sole means of protection and it is important to have a plan, say experts. >> that's one piece of a bigger safety and self-defense puzzle. >> many safety apps can be downloaded for free, though some charge extra for premium features or subscriptions. google's annual conference is this week in mountain view starting on thursday. the tech giant will showcase new gadgets and mobile apps, including two new htc nexxus smartphones and the latest version of the android operating system. the company is expected to share
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updates on its self driving car project as well. as that announcement is expected, we're already learning that google is hiring people to help road test the self driving cars in phoenix. it includes sitting behind the wheel, taking control if necessary and sending reports. workers will be able to bring in $20 an hour. researchers say it could lead to more traffic congestion. they say mobility on demand will be like having uber or lyft without the drivers. researchers predict double digit increases in travel by people over 65 and people 16 to 24. they say the added miles across the country could be in the trillions. it is 5:15. how are the roads looking? >> not bad. we've got bright spots and spots starting to see a few delays. if you're working along 580, highway 4, those are our hot
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spots. we'll start with highway 4 right in the concord area, getting word of an accident. no lanes are blocked and the activity is over to the right shoulder, but you might see slight spectator slower as you pass the scene. your drive times traveling westbound at hillcrest, that's only a seven minute drive time. traffic still pretty light despite the accident. not the case on 580 westbound. usual stop and go conditions out tracy making the connector from 205 to westbound 580. there is a lot of red there, speeds down about 13 miles an hour in some spots. stays heavy until northglen and then it gets a lot better towards the dublin interchange. 17 minute volume from the altamont pass to 680. another part of 580 in castro valley, westbound at 164, reports of an accident in the gore point. not blocking lanes, but chp is on scene. we're not seeing too much
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problems over to that castro valley y. southbound hayward, so far traffic is looking pretty good. if you're taking the san mateo bridge, there is a wind advisory in effect. it is a pretty breezy morning. thank you. 5:17. and i'm totally amazed how fast our marine layer is breaking up. when i came in, i had a little drizzle are from the condensation associated with the very deep marine layer. our cameras looking due east here, broken clouds. 50 in santa rosa. 55 livermore. 60 degrees in oakland. steve, one of my favorite weather watchers, he's up bright and early every single morning and checks in. he's reporting light breeze and the pollen count still pretty high. you're spot on. you can blame it on the oak,
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mulberry, grasses and olive trees are coming into play. we are picking up winds at sfo at 14 miles an hour, 11 in san francisco. steve is around the mountain view area where the winds are calm. 11 in san ramon. we have a 15 miles an hour wind in fairfield. the winds get breezy late day, west and southwest at 15 and fwent. marine layer is breaking up early, though. there is a really strong onshore flow, winds increase, temperatures drop, and that's moving out. we've got a warming trend coming in in from the pacific. the clouds are way out over the open waters. tomorrow morning at this time it's going to be stellar. sunrise clear and clear skies through wednesday before clouds increase on thursdays leading to a slight chance of rain showers at the end of the week.
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this morning just before 6 a.m. and our temperatures are are going up. mid-80s into the inland areas. we're talking 90s inland tomorrow. pretty similar on wednesday. then we begin to cloud up by the end of the workweek. oakland a's, we got ourselves a baseball game tonight. clear skies and 66 degrees. just in case you're wondering, 69 -- and carla is going to the concert tonight. >> they're huge beyonce fans >> and that's a huge picture. my apologies. it's the formation world tour. everyone is going to be there >> she looks good up close, far away, doesn't matter. >> queen bey in the house. >> what's your favorite beyonce song? >> all the single ladies? that's the only one i can think of. >> what's yours? >> i think i like that one too. the world's largest cruise
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ship is on the move, headed to the uk today. it's more than 1100 feet long and holds 6300 passengers. 20 dining rooms, 23 swimming pools. the titanic was 882 feet long and carried just over 2,200 people. this is a big ship. the u.s. coast guard suspended its search for carnival cruise line spaeng passenger. she was sitting on the tenth deck railing when she fell backwards into the water. the carnival liberty was on a four-day cruise of mexico. crews spent 20 hours searching 4300 square miles looking for her. a driver in canada took her gps directions literally and took an unexpected swim. she took a wrong turn and accidentally drove down a boat
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launch and into the harbor. the woman was able to roll down the window and swim to shore. she wasn't injured, but she's going to need a new car. coming up, could panic at the back end of the giants rotation finally be over? and whatever happened to the sharks' dominance on the road and did it return for game 1 of the western conference finals? we'll drop the puck coming up. and bhas cool about your what is cool about your school? email us and we may feature your school on the show. on his legendary quest, jack created a breakfast worth waking up for. the triple cheese and hash brown breakfast burrito. with provolone, cheddar, pepperjack, and a crispy hash brown. then he announced it to the world in the most legendary way.
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ah-hem. ♪triple cheeeeeese! the triple cheese and hash brown breakfast burrito. hurry in before it's gone. "hello?" "yeah!" ♪ "a new friends coming here to sesame street."♪ if you're looking for freinds... "hi!!!" "hi everybody" "cookie" all-new it's sesame street live make a new friend! "hello everybodeeeeee!" no matter where you're from or where you've been... ♪"bakkaaaa ♪"count" ♪"me" ♪"in" sesame street live make a new friend playing the only bay area performances city national civic
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. good morning. the warriors tip off tonight against oklahoma city. last night it was the sharks in their western conference finals opener in st. louis. don't tug on super man's cape. sharks down 1-0. burns shot turned away. third goal in the layoffs. second period, fires off jones into the net for what turns out to be the game winner. blues take game 12-1. johnny cueto, don't do it now. back at catcher, trevor brown connects for the fourth home run of the season.
5:25 am
he ties buster poesy in just 46 at-bats. giants beat the d-backs 2-1. the former a's closer, grant balfour, oakland down to the last out when danny crushed the go ahead home run, third home run of the game, fifth of the seriesment he had series. he had zero before the weekend. 49ers preseason sensation is retiring from the nfl. he's returning to rugby and will pay for fiji in the olympics. now we're the official station of the fiji rugby team. game 1 tonight at oracle, go warriors. and game 1 of the conference finals is happening tonight. we're live at oracle arena and
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have a preview coming up. leaders in pittsburgh want to spend $100,000 on freeway cameras, the police chief is hoping to prevent deadly shootings in the city. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ was able to save his neighbs from . fire engulfs an auto shop. propane tank explosions at a concert in california sending people fleeing for their lives. happy monday morning from the kpix weather center. i'll share with you which day
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tops off in the 90s. good morning, everyone. it's monday, may 16th. i'm michelle >> i'm kenny. developing this morning a homicide investigation in san leandro. witnesses say they heard shots by the bay fair rentals banquet hall next to the hospital. they didn't want their faces on camera. >> looked out the windows and we seen that people were running and then all of a sudden one of the nurses said somebody was shot. >> san leandro police confirm it was a homicide and we'll have more details later today. san jose investigators are looking for the cause of a fire at an auto shop. an eyewitness shot this video of the blaze that started in the auto shop in the city's washington neighborhood just south of downtown. firefighters say they had to take a defensive stand against the flames because there was a threat the building could collapse. some power lines caught fire, but crews were able to keep the fire from spreading next door.
5:31 am
a resident was able to help neighbors all get to safety. >> my neighbor was the first one who saw it. he saw it and called 911 and let me know. and then i grabbed the extinguisher from the apartment and i tried to get it, but it was ablaze. i ran back to the apartments and started knocking on doors. >> no word on any injuries or a cause at this point. east bay drivers are cautious as freeway shootings continue to happen pittsburgh is considering a new crime fighting tool, cameras. jackie ward is live with the new plan. >> they want to take $100,000 of taxpayer money to installed the new cameras. there was six shootings on the stretch of highway 4 within the pittsburgh city limits including the murder last week of a pregnant mother of four. now the mayor and police chief are saying enough and calling for a new plan to spend $100,000
5:32 am
of taxpayer money to install freeway cameras. >> we solved a lot of crimes and saved a lot of of lives with those cameras. >> it's on the docket for the city council meeting at 7 p.m. the chief of police will officially request the cameras to install along highway 4. >> and are other cities considering installing cameras as well? >> the mercury rows spoke to the chief about this. between interstates 580 and 80, there would be more than 12 miles of freeway to have cameras. for richmond that's not possible. but he thinks it's a great idea. in campaign 2016, two more presidential primaries tomorrow. voters in kentucky and oregon go to the polls. donald trump is looking to add to his delegate count, but the presumptive gop nominee is trying to get republicans to rally behind him.
5:33 am
the plan to find an independent candidate to block the billionaire would be a disaster. >> people should take the paul ryan approach and work with donald trump to find out whether or not there is common ground. >> he's defending trump against a new york times report he mistreated dozens of women in the past. trump called the report a lame hit piece. hillary clinton campaigns in kentucky while bernie sanders heads to puerto rico. happening today, lines no more in san jose at a restaurant cutting its no reservation policy. of the new food stop opened at the valley fair mall this month and lines have been adding up each day and now it's reservations only. however, don't think you'll be able to satisfy your cravings now. the next available table is mid-june. >> at least you won't have to wait in line. you wait at home.
5:34 am
>> yeah. plan ahead. >> can you get them to go? >> i don't know. you probably have to wait until august for thatment of . >> do you think they'll deliver 60 miles away to san francisco? >> if you way for the uber fee. >> uber does deliver food. >> there you go. >> i saw a couple people at work doing it. hi, good morning. our weather camera from san are fran located in -- san francisco. we can see the marine layer is relatively low, but breaking up earlier. 50 degrees in santa rosa. 60 degrees in oakland. 54 in san francisco. a little breeze this morning. some of the winds kicking up out of the southwest at 15, continue during the day. marine layer is going out. average high temperature in san francisco 69. 60s on the shore. 78 degrees in san jose. and that is pretty much spot on
5:35 am
for this time of year. due east, numbers all the way up to 86 degrees in brentwood and discovery bay, well above average. 80 degrees in walnut creek and pi nol eshgse. brisk wind and 70s in san rafael. topping off in 80 degrees in santa rosa and sonoma. 83 in windsor. that's nothing. we have temperatures in the 90s coming up. i'll feature that forecast a little later in this broadcast at 48 minutes after the hour. good morning. let's go to the south bay. we have first reports of an accident northbound 101 at hellier. it's over to the right shoulder, but traffic is really start tog fill in around the 280/680 connector. drive times towards 237, along 101, 12 minutes, so bearable. 280 looks good. south of there along 101,
5:36 am
traffic starting to get busy through morgan hill with a 24-minute ride from monterey street to 85. don't forget tonight beyonce is at levi's stadium. extra busy conditions along 880 and 237. do plan for that if you're wedded to the concert. we have an accident here, heading through the castro valley y. another bay to breakers in the books. tens of thousands of runners took over the street on sunday in a rolling party that started at the bay and ended at ocean beach. police made 70s arrests and issued 16 citations related to the race. the race is more about the spectacle than the actual competition. the race became more of a kos assume party as the -- costume
5:37 am
party as the day went on. presidents and a few who would like to be president and a lone guy feeling the bern. as for the runners who finished with their own flair, 28 man from texas won the men's race, crossing the finish line in 35 minutes and 23 seconds. the fastest female runner was from kenya, finishing in 40 minutes and 36 seconds. a sacramento area concert turned to chaos when a propane tank exploded and caught fire. the blast led to a stampede in the crowd to get away from the flames. this happened yesterday at discovery park. the tank was being used by a food truck. one man tried to turn that tank off desperately. >> the started leaking again more. i ran over to get help to shut it off. put my hand on it and as soon as i turned it, it blew up in my face. >> several people suffered burns and broken bones. but the festival continues.
5:38 am
in a separate incident, a man involved in a fight at the park died. police are investigating. tonight beyonce fans will pack levi's stadium for her formation world tour. even if you're not going, expect traffic in the area. but if you want to and don't have tickets, there are still some for sale on stub hub starting at about $85. last time she was in the bay area was for the super bowl 50 halftime show. the warriors are getting ready for the game tonight. >> it could be a nightmare getting to the arena. >> you look pretty relaxed, kit. but drivers aren't going to be, are they? >>reporter: yeah. if you're coming here, give yourself extra time. these are thunder sticks. they're giving these out to the 4,000 fans that sit on that side of the stadium behind the basketball court, and then 4,000 on the other side. that's 8,000 total. of course you know this is to
5:39 am
distract anybody who is trying to do any free throws, trying to score points against the warriors after making fouls here. these are the free give away for fans later today. as you know, the crowd of 19,500-plus definitely a factor here at oracle. hearing experts saying it can get as loud as a chainsaw or jet engine during take off, often demoralizing for opposing teams. both teams looked in good practice, getting three and four days of rest after advancing from round 2 of the playoffs. oklahoma city and healthy and getting due respect. >> we know exactly what we're up against. >> just about every game they played in was amazing. >> they have a timeout. >> the warriors beat oklahoma in all three regular season games, although one of them went into overtime. on paper it's looking good for
5:40 am
the warriors for game 1. but kevin durant and russell looked great in the series against san antonio. the game is sold out, but you can find tickets for $185 on stub hub. these tickets right here are $4,500. >> tonight there is also an a's game and it's going to be are pretty crazy in oakland. >>reporter: yeah. tip off here 6 p.m., a's game starts at 7:05. the warriors are advising fans to take bart and they have opened the doors at 2:30 p.m., trying to encourage more people to come early to ease the congestion out here. but they don't think it will be that much of a problem, but you know how bay area traffic is. give yourself extra time. >> and pack a lot of patience. kit, thanks. warren buffet may be interested in a silicon valley
5:41 am
tech giant and amazon is expanding selection. >> jill wagner joins us with more from the new york stock exchange. we'll see if the markets can turn around this week. on friday the dow fell 185 points and the nasdaq dropped 18. amazon is getting ready to sell more items, laundry detergent and food to prime customers in the next few weeks. yahoo is on the market and warren buffet could be a buyer. there are reports that he and a team of investors are in the second round of bidding. yahoo has struggled against google. still no word on the ceo. gm telling dealers not to sell certain suv models because there is a wrong sticker on the window that gives information that's not correct about the gas mileage, one or two miles an hour too high. gm says this was an inadvertent
5:42 am
mistake. >> jill wagner, thank you. time now is 5:41. trying to determine what caused a charter bus to roll over, killing eight people. one of the deadliest accidents in texas history coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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5:44 am
. good morning. taking a live look -- isn't this good morning us? we have a sea of low clouds around the bay area, but it's low level, so we can see the tip top of mount tam and clear skies. we're kick starting a warming trend. we'll pinpoint the warmest day. that's coming up at 48 minutes after the hour. an investigation is underway into a deadly bus crash in texas. safety investigators are looking at the operations of oga
5:45 am
charters which owns the bus involved. last year the company was ordered by louisiana state inspectors to take one of its buses off the road to fix brake and exit door problems. this weekend when the driver lost control and the bus rolled over, eight passengers were killed. investigators have requested the inspection and maintenance records. >> there is the brakes, the suspension, the steering. this is in an effort to rule out any mechanical failure that may have contributed to the crash. >> records noted the company reported no crashes in the prior two years. a boy is is safe following a successful rescue after he was stuck in this narrow, dry well. firefighters sent a member down the well upside down to get him out. he was taken for the hospital after a small injury to his forehead. the board covering the hole was missing and the boy fell in.
5:46 am
three u.s. fishermen are thankful for a tugboat that came to helped them after their boat sank off the coast of mexico. one mexican national who was rescued was taken back to mexico by a military vessel. this video shows their return to san diego last night. >> very happy family members to greet him. 5:46. let's check weather and traffic. how are the roads looking? >> some good, some bad. we're going to start with the bay bridge. we've got stop and go conditions, metering lights turned on about 5:30 this morning and traffic is starting to back up through there past the metering lights. 101 northbound we have an accident and chp working on
5:47 am
another report at motegue. looks like we're starting to fill in on 880 with our drive times in the yellow. northbound 280 looks pretty good. you can hop on that for the meantime if you're headed towards peninsula. guadalupe parkway, 85 towards 101. westbound 580, altamont pass to 680, that's a 17-minute drive time. most of our delays are east of there, the typical slow and go conditions out of tracy this morning. westbound 580 at grant mine, we have reports of a stalled big rig. it's stuck in the number 4 lane, the right lane. you're going to see delays with speeds down to 11 miles per hour. slow and go away from 205. taking a look at the nimitz freeway, both directions are pretty light northbound into oakland and southbound into
5:48 am
delays. tonight that will change. you have the warriors playoff action tonight at oracle. making matters worse, the a's are also in town, so traffic is going to be tough along 880, but it should be fun if you're heded to either game. -- headed to either game. looking north here, you can see the sea of low clouds and fog and lots of clear skies. we have the return of the onshore push, but the clouds are burning off, retreating to the golden gate bridge. in san francisco, 54 degrees. oakland sporting 60. 50 in santa rosa and breezy as you step out this morning. sfo, west, southwest at 14. across the bay in san ramon at 11. same in san francisco. up through fairfield it's 15 miles an hour.
5:49 am
breezy afternoon with the west, southwest winds at 20 miles an hour. that temperature dropped last night and winds picked up. a cool breeze came in, but that's out and marine air on shore. that high pressure is going to build in and we have a warming trend. future cast, notice by early afternoon hours, we have cleared are from the coast to the bay to our inland areas. temperatures will respond. going going ever to be warmer today. -- it's going to be warmer this. slight chance of rain showers by friday. in just a few minutes from now, the sun comes up. 8:19 is the sunset. longer days as we approach summer. low 80s peninsula today. santa clara valley, look at that. the computer is out of the mix.
5:50 am
85 degrees in concord, clayton, walnut creek. extended forecast calls for low 90s on wednesday. we have a baseball game tonight. 66 degrees and meanwhile this is what everybody has been talking about in our studio. yes, bey in the house. concert at levi's stadium, 69 degrees. enjoy your monday. san francisco mayor ed lee is making a push to bring star wars to treasure island. >> he plans to accepted a formal letter to george lucas this week, the site is already approved for development. lucas has renewed his interest in the city because his latest museum proposal in chicago became bogged down in legal and political challenges. the it's a go, supervisor says the museum could change treasure island's future for good. >> if we could actually have an attraction on treasure island,
5:51 am
it could sustain a ferry service and make the entire island work. >> the next step would be to start developing a detailed plan >> may the force be with san francisco. 5:51. want to get through security faster at the airport? one leader's ideas and what dogs have to do with it. ,,,,,,
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phone rings "hello?" "yeah!" ♪ "a new friends coming here to sesame street."♪ if you're looking for freinds... "hi!!!" "hi everybody" "cookie" all-new it's sesame street live make a new friend! "hello everybodeeeeee!" no matter where you're from or where you've been... ♪"bakkaaaa ♪"count" ♪"me" ♪"in" sesame street live make a new friend playing the only bay area performances city national civic
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
5:54 am
. good morning, everybody. it will clear out today and then bright sunshine and warmer than yesterday. 60s beaches, 70s bay side. 80s inland. chp on the scene of an accident, northbound 101. look out for activity there of of a vehicle that went off the roadway. northbound 101, that accident cleared. today silicon valley plans to make a push to get more diverse workers. leaders will hold a meet toging to discuss immigration reform. the meeting comes during a tide shift for tech. companies like yahoo, survey monkey and gopro are experiencing major layoffs. the meeting starts at 10 in san jose. dramatic findings in the
5:55 am
study of millennials. they're costing the economy more than $376 billion a year between 2008 and 2015. the economy cost because of decline in spending. trying to find a solution to long tsa lines. wait times are up to nearly two hours. new york senator chuck schumer is pushing for more k-9s at new york airports to speed things up. the tsa has about 900 dog teams working in airports across the country now. >> when you have a passenger screening k-9, it's like precheck where you don't have to take off your coat or your belt or your shoes because they can smell any explosives that might be on you. and it will speed up things dramatically. >> the the tsa is also working on fixing the problem, moving to accelerate the hiring of 768 new security officers it had planned
5:56 am
to brirng on this yearng on this year. california pay z the nation's highest gas averages z, right now $2.79 for regular gas. if you're planning a summer road trip, there is good news. aaa says prices should stabilize as refineries increase production to meet record high demands. here's what you can expect to pay right now. in san francisco the average price is $2.96 for regular gas. oakland it's $2.81. and in san jose, the average is $2.85. in the next half hour, some pittsburgh city leaders want cameras even stalled along highway 4 -- installed along highway 4 after another deadly shooting. but it would come at a hefty price to taxpayers. game 1 tonight of the
5:57 am
western conference finals for the warriors. i have an update for you coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,
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and i'm kenny choi. today -- one bay area city consider drastic action in response to a . good morning, everyone. it's monday, may 16. >> i'm kenny choi. one bay area city will consider drastic action in response to a string of highway shootings. jackie ward has more. >> kenny, the plan would be to put up four to six cameras, not on the freeway itself, but on the property next to it. in less than a year, there have been 6 shootings along a four-mile stretch of highway 4 within the pittsburgh city limits. that includes the murder just last week of a pregnant mother of four. now the mayor and police chief are calling for a new plan to spend 100,000 taxpayer dollars to install freeway


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