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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  May 16, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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and i'm kenny choi. today -- one bay area city consider drastic action in response to a . good morning, everyone. it's monday, may 16. >> i'm kenny choi. one bay area city will consider drastic action in response to a string of highway shootings. jackie ward has more. >> kenny, the plan would be to put up four to six cameras, not on the freeway itself, but on the property next to it. in less than a year, there have been 6 shootings along a four-mile stretch of highway 4 within the pittsburgh city limits. that includes the murder just last week of a pregnant mother of four. now the mayor and police chief are calling for a new plan to spend 100,000 taxpayer dollars to install freeway cameras.
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they want drivers to feel safe again. >> it's just unfortunate that we have to go through that extreme. >> the camera proposal is on the docket tonight at the city council meeting. in the newsroom, jackie ward, kpix5. >> jack si, is this something the police department has been wanting to propose for a while? >> the department has been talking about this for a while now. police chief says when a shooting happened on april 19th and killed a 28-year-old man from antioch, that's when he knew they had to take a proactive stance. back to you. >> thank you. san mateo will decide today whether they will keep red light cameras in the city. city council is set to vote on a two-year contract extension with the camera operator. the cameras generated nearly $230,000 in revenue last year. time is 6:01.
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let's check our roads. >> we're going to start off on 580 this time around. delays due to a stalled big rig in the second line at grant line. it's causing an extra busy ride out of tracy this morning. it gets slower and slower from 205 to 580, 9 miles an hour in spots. once you get past the big rig, it looks better. 680 better out of pleasanton. metering lights on on the bay bridge. busy conditions there and the east shore as well, as well as westbound 580. if you're headed towards the golden gate bridge, southbound 19th avenue at holloway, we have reports of a pretty serious accident causing a backup there. the bridget self looks prety good. pretty good -- pretty good.
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are you seeing any windy conditions on the bridge? >> we have been having wind conditions. we have breezy conditions around the peninsula. let me show you right now. this is what our computer models are picking up. winds in the city of san francisco as well as we get ready to load that up. this is live data coming in to our weather center. it's kind of stagnant. doesn't want to go anywhere quickly. trust me, these winds are blowing up to a good -- now we have 11 miles an hour in oakland, 14 in san are fran and 17 in fairfield -- in san francisco and 17 in fairfield. the marine layer is breaking up. as we look towards the west, temperature shows us 54 degrees in san francisco. 49 in santa rosa. when you factor in a bit of a breeze, there is a chill. 60s beaches, full on sunshine around the rim of the bay into the 70s. 80s around the peninsula. high 70s. 70 degrees in san jose and
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willow glenn. mid-80s to the east. 86 degrees towards brentwood and discovery bay. this is nothing. we have 90s to talk about and that report coming up at 18 minutes after the hour. a tragic weekend for a family in sonoma county where a four-year-old drowned in an apartment complex. the boy was swimming there yesterday and he was with his families. investigators say after the boy went under water, it took several minutes before anyone noticed. in southern california, a pilot was killed in a small plane crash. it happened yesterday in the angeles national forest about 15 miles northeast of los angeles. the plane was traveling from san diego to santa monica. at the time of the crash, are there was thick fog, giving the pilot about 20 to 30 feet of visibility. >> it has no time to react once they see the hillside. there is no way they can avoid
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an oncoming obstacle like that. >> the identity of the pilot has not been released. today the senate appropriations committee will take up a ban on possessing large capacity magazines of 11 rounds or more. another would require owners to report lost or stolen guns. and anyone who makes a homemade gun would have to get a background check and register it with the state. lieutenant governor has started a campaign to put some of the same proposals on the november ballot. the warriors marching towards the nb a, championship series tonight. >> kit is live at oracle and says if you're going, go early, right, kit? >>reporter: yeah, absolutely. when you come through the tunnel here and you see 19,500 seats covered in gold t-shirts, i
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never get tired of it. really kind of hits you in your gut if you're a true warriors fans. there is an a's game happening at 7:05 p.m. as well. the warriors are advising fans to use bart, get here as early as possible. they're opening the doors earlier than usual, 2:30 p.m. the raining mvp steph curry looked great at practice. he came a stunning performance against portland after sitting out for two weeks. he's a master at giving sound bites that don't give away too much or fire up opponents >> i would just say he's questionable sxr tomorrow. he's got to go through his warm up tomorrow before the game. >>reporter: the warriors boat oklahoma city in all three of their regular season matchups with one of the games going into overtime. a lot of mute you will respect between the two teams. coach kerr saying they have a
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good defense. kevin durant saying warriors games are must see tv. tip off at 6:00 tonight. officially the game is sold it. but tickets are still available on the secondary market for about $185 that i saw on stub hub. this is not starting off well. >> kit, we know that you can do it because you just did it in a tease earlier, like about a half-hour ago. we know you can make that shot. >> these are layup drills. >>reporter: i got my lucky tie on and check this out. >> we love the socks. they're awesome. try one more time. >> reporter: i'll get working on that. >> kit, i don't even want to see a jump shot. >> okay. we'll give you that. good job, kit. >> next up free throw line. >> we love the socks. happening today, organizers
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of the plan to raise the state tax on tobacco will announce they have enough signatures to put it on the ballot. they're planning a news conference in corn california to announce the push to hike the tax by $2 a pack. it's moving forward. just last month the governor signed legislation making california the second state in the nation to raise the legal age to buy tobacco from 18 to 21. tens of thousands of undocumented children will be eligible for medical benefits starting today. expanding the program will cost the state more than $130 million, but advocates say it will save a lot more than that. >> the most conservative numbers show we spend $1.8 billion annually in emergency room care and it's going to be less to give people access. >> more than two million undocumented immigrants call california home. time is 6:08. the bay area's biggest city could jump into the debate over
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state laws that critics say target the lgbt community. donald trump responds to a new report claiming he has a history of mistreating women. good morning from the weather center. have you been sneezing and wheezing? are your eyes itching? pollen report straight ahead. your morning commute is in full swing. windy conditions might affect your drive. details coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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♪ san jose could join the gro boycott of states with laws targeting the l-g- b-t community. . 6:12, looking towards levi's stadium. we have clouds and 57 degrees. we have an east wind at 5 miles an hour. and tonight at 7:30, it's a formation world tour. it's beyonce in concert under clear skies. concert time, in the upper 60s, tumbling to the low 60s. san jose could join the growing boycott of states with
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laws targeting the lgbt community. tomorrow the city council will vote on a plan to ban non essential travel to north carolina and mississippi using city funds much. those states passed laws opponents say legalize discrimination. the resolution calls for san jose to avoid new contracts with any company that has headquarters in north carolina or mississippi. a street in the heart of mormon country bears the name of a san francisco gay rights icon. salt lake city held a renaming celebration for the new harvey melts boulevard. they approved renaming it. he was the first openly san san francisco supervisor assassinated in 1968. cbs news magazine honored a
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seasoned veteran last night. he was with 60 minutes for 40 years. he had a report that helped change public opinion on the vietnam war. to campaign 2016. the presidential hopefuls are out campaigning today with one day to go until the primary contest in kentucky and oregon. hannah daniels shows us donald trump is still working to rally republicans to unite behind him. >> donald trump kept a low profile a at his daughter's graduation ceremony in pennsylvania sunday as the campaign rolled on. >> who is going to blow up the system? who is going to get the change that people want done? that's what this election is coming down to. >> rnc chair took to the airwaves sunday to defend the party's presumptive nominee amid a new york times report he mistreated dozens of women in the past. trump called the report a lame
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hit piece. he panned a movement by conservatives seeking an independent candidate to block the billionaire businessman. >> they need to work with donald trump and find out whether or not there is common ground >> hillary clinton focused most of her jabs at her likely republican opponent. >> he is a loose cannon who is said let's withdrew from nato. the list is long >> the former secretary of state still faces a primary challenge from rival bernie sanders. >> if they want the strongest candidate to defeat donald trump, bernie sanders is that candidate. >> clinton leads sanders by 700 delegates going into tuesday and is on track to clinch the democratic nomination by next month. hannah daniels, cbs news. donald trump won the kentucky gop caucus in march.
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the san jose sharks came up short in game 1 last night. >> but the team's new un official mascot scored big time. the humane society says the 3-month-old kitten has been adopted along with her roommate. last night, the team wasn't sure where the little black cat came from, but he's found a home. beyonce will lead fans that formation at levi's stadium. her world tour stop is coming to santa clara. last time she was there was for the super bowl halftime show. there are still tickets available for $85. >> christine is so excited about this. she started asking me last week what the weather forecast for
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the concert would be because she had to plan her cute outfit. >> of course. i hope it's glittery. >> i don't think she'll disappoint. >> beyonce has to figure out her clothes also. >> i hope she's not watching. >> we have beyonce, we have the a's, we have warriors. >> traffic nightmare. yes. but this morning is not too bad. 237, 880 looking good. heads up, cal train will be running one extra train off the concert. expect to leave 75 minutes after the concert is over. round trim excursion passes are recommended if you plan on taking vta light rail down to see kwa bey in concert at levi's. that will help as well. northbound 101, there is an accident in the clearing stages. busy along 101 coming away from 286 out of san jose. stays sluggish to 880 and gets
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better towards 230. drive time is 12 minutes, not to bad through that portion. south of there, we do have brakes lights into morgan hill. stays sluggish through there. all the way to 85, you'll see about a 30-minute drive time. 11 minute delay for ace train number 3, so plan for that. the rest of mass transit is on time, including bart, cal train and muni. good news, the stalled big rig cleared out of lanes in tracy. everything over to the shoulder and gets better at dublin, 680. >> jenna, what's your favorite beyonce song? >> single ladies. i love it >> i love crazy in love. and i was just kidding about the clothes. all right? good morning, everybody. this is our scene looking out from your studios in san francisco. looking due east towards the port of oakland. mostly cloudy skies, but we have the clouds breaking up sooner
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and temperatures respond as a result. we dip into the high 40s in santa rosa with areas of low clouds and patchy fog. san francisco is at 54. 60 in oakland now. we are picking up a breeze as you step out. san francisco at 14. oakland is 11. same in san ramon. fairfield, southwest winds at 17. winds pick up to 20 during the afternoon hours at times. here is that bank of low clouds and fog, hanging very tight to the shore, but will retreat today. we'll have ample sunshine and a warmer day compared to yesterday. feel that cool shot of air that worked in late in the afternoon hours and early evening. it was all that that brought rain to the high sierra. we have it building in from the western pacific and have a warming trend. go ahead and pack a lunch and eat outdoors, it will be stellar. we'll wipe away all the low
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clouds and fog. we'll have a clear sunrise. and then we start to see the clouds gather on thursday, potential of rain shower on friday. it's slated to 7:18. 60s and se ents through the beaches70s. concord, clayton and walnut week week, 80s. brentwood, tracy, discovery bay. low 80s. here is your pollen report. olive trees are blooming as well. if you suffer from allergies, blame it on the tree count. 90s on wednesday, equally warm on thursday. a rain drop or two on friday. make it a great monday. . coming up, could panic at the back end of of the giants rotation finally be over? and whatever happened to the sharks dominance on the road and did it return for game 1 on the
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western conference finals? we'll drop the puck coming up. ,,
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"..." play of the day from major league baseball -- the dodgs and the cardinals... yasiel puig hi one deep . good morning, everyone. the warriors tip off the western conference finals tonight against oklahoma city. now, last night it was the sharks in their western conference finals opener in st. louis. don't tug on super man's cape or joe borton. first period, sharks down 1-0. burns shot turned away, but hardel, equalizer. third goal of the playoffs. second period, fires one off jones into the net for what turns out to be the game winner. blues take game 1, 2-1. johnny cueto, not now. back at catcher trevor brown, connects for fourth home run of the season. ties buster posey in 46 at-bats.
6:25 am
giants beat the d-backs 2-1. the former a's closer, grant balfour, oak hand down to the last out when danny crushed the go ahead home run, third of the game, fifth of the series. he had zero before the weekend. beat the raise 7-6. the train has come to a screeching halt. 49ers preseason sensation is retiring from the nfl and going to play for the fiji olympics in rugby. the play of the day from major league baseball, dodgers and cardinals. puig at the dish, smacks it deep to center.
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check this out. blasts the leather, makes a beautiful catch, saves a couple run. st. louis wins 5-2 and the red bird gets the play of the day. 6:26. a swarm of bees is blamed for killing two dogs in one east bay neighborhood. what's being done to get rid of the killer insects. the city of pittsburgh's mayor and police chief have had it. they want to put an end to the shootings on their freeway and they believe they have the answer to do that. ,,,,,,,,,,,, hey pal? you ready?
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. a push is underway in california to make patients aware when doctors make medical
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mistakes. we're live at oracle arena previewing oklahoma city tonight against the warriors. >> kit, i hope you flash us your warriors socks again. hi from the kpix weather center. warmer today, but not as warm as tomorrow. and from the traffic center, we're getting word of a new accident along 880. busy ride on the nimitz. details coming up. good morning, it is monday, may 16th. i'm kenny choi >> police in san leandro are reviewing surveillance video and talking to witnesses hoping to find the gunman in a deadly shooting near a hospital. officers arrived at the city's seen xwror community center on east 14th -- senior community center just after 7:30 last night. they found a man outside the community center with gunshot wounds. the facility was rented out for a private event, but it's unclear if the victim was at that event. shootings are a growing problem in the east bay. today, pittsburgh city council will look at installing cameras
6:31 am
to curb the crime. kpix5 reporter jackie ward live in the newsroom with details on the plan, including the cost. >> kenny, the proposal comes with a hefty price tag. we're talking about $100,000 of taxpayer money. that's how much city leaders believe it would cost to install the cameras. some drivers are concerned to drive through pittsburgh right now because in less than a year there have been six shootings along that four-mile stretch of highway 4, including last week's murder of a pregnant mother of four. the mayor and mees chief are saying enough and -- police chief are saying enough and calling for $100,000 to install new cameras >> i think that's something that's worthwhile. >> everywhere you look there's cameras. more and more cameras. they have people -- they identify them, they don't incarcerate them. what good is it going to do? . the proposal is on the docket for tonight's city council meeting at 7 p.m.
6:32 am
in the newsroom, jackie ward, kpix5. >> jackie, are other cities considering installing the cameras as well? >> between interstates 80 and 580 in richmond, there would be more than 12 miles they'd have to install cameras on and they don't think it's possible, but it's a great idea. the cause of a fire in an auto shop remains under investigation. an eyewitness shot this video of the fire in the washington neighborhood. firefighters couldn't get inside the building since it was in danger of collapsing. crews were able to prevent the flames from spreading next door. no word on any injuries. the numbers are in and it looks like the annual bay to breakers staed on course. 17 arrests and 16 citations were issued related to the event. chopper 5 was overhead as the race wound from the financial
6:33 am
district to ocean beach. tens of thousands of runners started the race near the embarcadero yesterday morning. it was less crowded at the finish line as many runners stopped for a costume party and a couple drinks. >> it started out okay, but then got hot. >> it was warm. when you run distances, you want it to be a little cool. we had forecast overcast conditions and it was there, but then the forecast was bust and we saw ample sunshine, no wind. a lot of people got overheated very early in the morning hours. today the heat is on. the temperatures are going up, but not as warm today as it will be tomorrow. do you remember just minutes ago we were socked? >> yes. >> the clouds are retreating. you can see the golden gate bridge. is that just stunning? live weather camera right now featuring mount tam looking in a
6:34 am
due north direction. 55 in livermore. 60 in oakland. it's breezy this morning. we've been picking up winds and clocking them at 14 in san francisco, 11 in oakland, 11 in san ramon. 17 in the fairfield area. the winds will blow today, up to 20 miles an hour. temperatures are going up. we should be at 64 in san francisco, but we're at 69 degrees. 60s coming and with the clear sky, the coast will be clear. 70 to around 80. 86 degrees in brentwood. full forecast is still coming up at 48 minutes after the hour. let's go to the bay bridge. metering lights turned on about an hour ago and traffic is backed up. business as usual, slow from the maze with all approaches taking a hit. carquinez bridge, half an hour for your drive time. pockets of slowing into berkeley. and south 880, look out for an accident over to the shoulder.
6:35 am
but the damage is done. you're backed up beyond 238 at this point with your drive time. 21 minutes down to 84, the done barton bridge. use the san mateo bridge. it's not bad. they canceled a high wind advisory from earlier. traffic is normal. 18 minutes between 880 and 101. bart on time and cal train as well. authorities are in texas trying to figure out what caused a deadly charter bus crash. eight people died after the bus left the highway saturday and rolled over in laredo. ntsb officials say every angle will be investigated. >> we'll look at the highway, the vehicle, the driver, and company operations. we will look at all of those areas, not only at the time of
6:36 am
the crash, but these areas at the times prior to and after the crash. >> the charter bus was headed to a casino at the time of the crash. investigators believe the driver may have lost control, but it's unclear why. today the california senate will begin discussion to force doctors accused of making medical mistakes to disclose that to patients. the bill is sponsored by jerry hill. it would require doctors to notify patients when they are put on probation for a serious offense by the state medical board, including negligence, substance abuse and sexual misconduct. the killer bees terrorizing one east bay neighborhood appear to be on their way out. they were in two hives behind a home in concord, believed to be responsible for killing two dogs and sending two people to the hospital. the homeowner's son is an experienced bee keeper, using soap and water to kill the bees. neighbors are ready to see the
6:37 am
aggressive bees 100% gone. >> these bees are really close to you. >> yeah. because i have a phobia of bees, it's a lot more terrifying. >> the homeowner says with the queen bee dead, he expects the few remaining bees will die off soon as well. tragic scene on mexico's baja, california peninsula. two dozen whales have died after being beached. marine sperpts experts say the whales appeared disoriented and there were no signs of injuries. the golden state warriors get back to business tonight. >> game 1 of the western conference finals is at oracle and that's where kit is live with a basketball in hand. i know you've been practicing those three pointers. i know you made a few, and i
6:38 am
have faith you can do it again. >>reporter: i appreciate the sentiment. we have a lot of crew members here showing up a little under 12 hours before the game starts. 17,000 seats are covered in the gold strength in numbers t-shirts. the a's are playing at 7:05, about an hour after the warriors tip off. if you are lucky enough to come tonight, give yourself have a time. the reigning two time mvp steph curry looked great at practice. gave a stunning performance in round 2 against portland after sitting out for two weeks with a strained knee. >> prakctice is fun, but games are better. we're ready to get out there and compete. it's going to be a tough task. they're a talented team. we have a good game planned.
6:39 am
we have to execute it and stay focused on every possession. >> the warriors beat oklahoma city in all three of the regular season matchups with one of those games going to overtime, there is a lot of mutual respect. kevin durant saying warriors games are must see tv. this is going to be a fantastic series. tickets are still available on the secondary market starting at about $185 for the nose bleed seats. >> no three point attempts this time, kit? >> he's going to do it. >>reporter: here we go. how many chances do i get? >> one. that's all we have time for. do it one more time. he can do it. >> if you hit it you have to do the shimmy.
6:40 am
>> go ahead, one more time. hurry. he can do it. >> for three -- oh. >> kit, you keep practicing. >> next time, kit. >> you looked good during practice during the commercial break. >> that's true. and you have pretty cool warrior socks. the sharks came up short, but the night wasn't a total disappointment. thousands of fans were treated to a batch party at the shark tank. fans snagged all 16,000 free tickets within 24 hours when they became available online and fans were given a full production as if a real home game was going on. the concession stand was open and sharky made an appearance. >> it feels like a home game except you're watching on the big screen instead of on the ice. >> the last time the shark tank was opened for this was about a
6:41 am
decade ago. foodies are flocking to a new dumpling spot in the south bay. why the restaurant has been force today make a policy change. there is a new hope in the effort to convince george lucas to build his museum in the bay area.
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. good morning, everyone. 6:44. temperatures today will average four to seven degrees above where they should be for this date. how about 60s and sunshine along the coast, approaching 70 in pacific a. it will be 80 in willow glenn. good morning los gatos at 78 degrees. east bay from the 70s to 80s, about 86 degrees in brentwood and discovery bay. a bit of a breeze, west, southwest 10 to 20 miles an hour. 60s in citizen beach.
6:45 am
80 degrees in santa rosa and sonoma and good morning windsor at 83 degrees. fiezer is putting up big money to buy a local company. >> jace n brooks is joining us. >> good morning keny and michelle. it's a big payday for palo alto company, fiezer is buying it for $5.2 billion. they're waiting approval from the fda for eczema drug. fiezer thinks that drug could be worth dtd $2 billion. they're also the u.s. distributor for a toenail fungal medication. this deal is expected to close in the third quarter sometime. warren buffet is helping send shares in apple and yahoo higher today. his company took a $1 billion stake in apple in the first
6:46 am
quarter, nice sign of confidence for apple after another billionaire investor told his multibillion-dollar stake in apple. it's also being reported that buffet is backing a consortium of investors and possibly putting up a bid for yahoo. former president of yahoo is on the company's board. decker recently on cnbc said yahoo would be better off as private company or part of a larger corporation. that's helping out the tech sector this morning. the market looking to rebound after heavy selling on friday. let's check to see how we're doing so far. nasdaq gaining 17, the s&p is up by seven points. shares in apple and yahoo up each over 2%. >> jason brooks, thank you. talking food in the south
6:47 am
bad, the dumpling dash is not over. >> but the long lines are. the restaurant is lifting the no reservation policy. the taiwanese restaurant is changing its policy to reservations only. but it's still going to be a wait. at our last check, the next available table, mid-june. got to wait a while. >> we have done this story a couple times in the last couple hours and i'm getting hungry. >> is your stomach growling? >> it is. i heard it all the way over here. give this guy some food. >> we're almost there, kenny. reports of a new accident, westbound 80, big rig involved, blocking one lane, possibly two. chp on scene. busy ride out of fairfield. give yourself a few extra minutes. past that it's stop and go conditions. the usual stuff heding towards the bay bridge with slow and go conditions from the carquinez bridge to the maze.
6:48 am
bogz down in berkeley. south 880, at eighth street, sensors went from red to yellow, so it is improving just a bit. still busy, though. san mateo bridge, we're seeing a few extra cars out of hayward. you're almost at 20 minutes for drive times. train number 3 nine minutes behind schedule, but the rest of the mass transit is on time. no problems at all. take a look at conditions out of pleasanton. nogetting to 680 sluggish, though. delays out of the altamont pass with an 18-minute drive time. is that a little haze or fog in my live shot? yeah. we've had a little bit of everything. low clouds, fog, drizzle. i've been calling on this particular camera because it's live and i've watched it from
6:49 am
going from overcast and cloudy to now being able to see the beautiful golden gate bridge span. boy, that is glorious out there this morning. temperatures cooling off to the upper 40s in santa rosa. otherwise we're at 60 in oakland. our weather watchers are reporting temperatures in the 40s and 50s. linda in napa reporting 47 degrees. winds have been increasing during the morning hours. 14 in san francisco of. 11 in san ramon. our wind speeds at 17 in fairfield. high pressure is building in from the western pacific with the departure of an area of low pressure that skimmed past the bay area. did you feel the cool shot of air that worked into our forecast? it cooled down rapidly and we had a robust sea breeze with it. but now we are in a warming trend. we're clearing out. it's okay to pack a lunch and
6:50 am
eat outdoors. lots of clear skies, temperatures going up. this time tomorrow morning through the afternoon hours, not a cloud to be seen. we have the potential of a rain shower, just a chance, by friday. meanwhile, around the state, 90 redding today. low 70s for the high sierra. and 60s in monterey bay. our numbers going up. 60s around the sea shore. mid-80s inland. if your eyes are itching, blame it on tree and grass counts. 91 degrees on tuesday away from the bay, similar on wednesday. chance of rain by late friday. enjoy your monday. will the force be with san francisco? mayor ed lee sure hopes so. this week he plans to send a formal letter trying to convince filmmaker george lucas to build his museum at treasure island.
6:51 am
the site facing the city's downtown sky line is approved for development. if it's a go, supervisor says the museum could change treasure island for sure. a tennessee woman's three sons all scored perfect scores on the sat. nearly two million take the test. less than one tenth of 1% get in a perfect score. >> we work hard in school, taken honors and ap classes every chance we get. >> i had a specific kind of pencil called a general test scoring 580, just a really good pencil. i feel like that was good. >> okay. that was the trick. the brothers say their parents always emphasized the importance of getting a i good education. 6:51. buying cigarettes in california
6:52 am
could get even more expensive. details on the big announcement planned later this morning. and the city of pittsburgh is deciding whether to install cameras along its freeway, but it comes at a hefty price to taxpayers. we'll share the details with you next.
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spokesbox: ♪ go paperless, don't stress, girl ♪ ♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ contenders are making a fin push for votes ahead of pri contests . five things to know. the 2016 presidential contenders are making a final push for votes ahead of the primary con tets in kentucky and oregon. hillary clinton is hoping to upset bernie sanders in both states and allow her to turn her full attention to a general election match up against donald trump. federal investigators are trying to determine weather played a role in a deadly bus crash. at least eight people died.
6:56 am
the bus company involved in the crash had been reportedly ordered to fix brake issues on a bus last year. it looks like california voters will decide whether to approve a plan to nearly triple california's cigarette tax. today in san diego, supporters will announce they've collected enough signatures to put the issue on the november ballot. it would raise the tax by two bucks a pack. beyonce returns to the bay area tonight, levi's stadium at 7, the site of her super bowl 50 halftime performance. tickets are still available on stub hub starting at about $85. the western conference finals start tonight. the warriors take on the oklahoma city thunder. the a's are playing next door at the coliseum at 7. happening today, the pittsburgh city council is voeting on whether to install cameras in hopes to stop highway
6:57 am
shootings. they want to take $100,000 of taxpayer money to install the cameras. in less than a year there have been six shootings along a four-mile stretch of highway 4. that includes the murder just last week of a pregnant mother of four. now the mayor and police chief are saying enough and calling for a new plan to spend $100,000 to install the cameras >> it's saved a lot of lives having the cameras in the city. >> the proposal is on the docket for the city council meeting tonight. the police chief is going to officially request the money to install the cameras. good news. west 80 at absenter natsdzy -- a bshgs abernathy is clearing. another wreck reported on south 880 at thornton, south of
6:58 am
thornton. traffic is blocked in the left lane there. motorcycle involved with injuries. you're going to see a lot of activity on scene. slow if you're headed towards the done barton bridge. 20 minute drive time. getting to the san mateo bridge might be tough because of that. delays on the bridge as well, 22 minutes across the span. busy on the bay bridge, but no stalls here. you're backed up to the maze with all approaches starting to slow down. 580 east shore freeway and northbound 880. taking a look at mass transit, bart right on time, and as well as the other two. the coast is clear. you know, kenny, i believe i'm going to go clean the lens on our cameras >> i'll head over. i see surf over there.
6:59 am
50 degrees in santa rosa. 60 degrees in oakland. it will be breezy later today. west, southwest winds 10 to 15, maybe 20 miles an hour at times. nonetheless, it's going to be warmer. 60s beaches, 60s, 70s bay side, low 80s around the peninsula. mid-80s away from the bay into our inland areas. 86 degrees will be out outside number. but wait. it gets warmer. on tuesday, all the way up to the low 90s. similar on wednesday. increasing clouds thursday, slight chance of a rain drop on friday. if you want to see kit nail a three pointer from oracle, i'm going to post-it on our facebook page. >> we have to prove he did it. >> the little train that tried. the public is getting an upclose look at the solar plane circling the globe. the solar impulse two landed in tulsa, oklahoma, last thursday. it's on display today at the tulsa international airport.
7:00 am
it's preparing for a flight from new york to the mid atlantic. that's it for us, everyone. >> have a great morning. good mornin viewers in the west. it is monday, may 16, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." donald trump fires back after reports he posed as his own spokesman and also mistreated female colleagues. "the new york times" reporters who investigated his past are in studio 57. 60 minutes reveals a cancer breakthrough. our dr. david agus reveals the effort it to fast track the new they arapy using the polio viru. only on "cbs this morning" the new technology that could save lives by ending dramatic high-speed police chases. but we begin this morning with a look at "today's eye opener." your world in 9 0


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