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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  May 16, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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good afternoon, a mystery outside east bay senior center, what lead to gun fire and a homicide. new at noon police investigating the city's homicide of the year, it happened last night in front of a senior center, this doesn't
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appear to be random. >> reporter: police say a first communion reception was being held when this reunion happened. police responded to reports a gun fire shot is be front of the senior center. we do not believe at all that this was a random act of violence. >> when they arrived they saw a minivan and a car collided in front of the center, the people inside the van had fled. now police are searching for the passengers through surveillance video. >> including the routes of the people in the van could have fled we do not know whether or not they were involved in this homicide or whether or not they fled when they heard the gunshot. >> reporter: what police do know the other car involved in the crash was an innocent bystander. in front of the center one man was pronounced dead. police are are not releasing histoid hity and are not telling us if he was associated with the first communion
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reception taking place in side. police can't say if this is gang related but they did say that the victim was targeted. jackie ward kpix 5. concord police are investigating the discovery of a woman's body in be a duck pond spotted about 2:30 this morning. no information yet on her identity and no word whether police suspect foul play. a renewed plea for answers in a 22-year-old cold case, police chief, wrapped up a news conference offering $100,000 for anyone with information about the 1994 murder of 26- year-old matthew flores of rhode island. >> $100,000 is a lot for a name. but for matthew flores' family, for me and for all of us, that name means justice.
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and that's priceless. >> flores was shot execution style in a parking lot while he was getting out of his car, the only major clue is a 90 model ford oaks morer was seen on video around the time of the murder. the driver suffered minor wounds as the pittsburgh city council meets to talk about installing cameras along east bay highway, there have have been 20 shootings the cost about a hundred thousand dollars. it's gist unfortunate that we have to go through that extreme. >> four people have been killed including a pregnant mother of four. police suspect that the shootings are gang related and not random. a decision on red light cameras is planned for tonight. the cameras generated $200,000 in revenue last year but they have their critics. the city counsel is voting on a two year extension tonight. building across the bay
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area as warriors get ready for game one. >> kpix cup dough where fans will be welcomed earlier. >> eight wins away from another championship. we are going to take this one at a time. everyone of the 17,000 seats covered. there could be a traffic headache today for anybody coming out to the game. about an hour after a the warriors tipoff so do yourself extra time. >> both the warriors and a's are encouraging fans to take part. typically warriors fans park in front of the coliseum on game day. a's fans who park in front of the arena. to encourage fans to come earlier the warriors are opening the doors earlier than usual at 2:30 p.m. greg brown is trying to get tickets for the game, if he is
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successful he will take bart. >> it was like that last week but it is going to be all right, a little congested but we are championship city we know how to handle it. >> seth curry looked great. >> we are ready to get out there and compete. it's going to be a tough task, a tall ended team, we have a good game plan. we have to execute it and focus on every possession. >> they do have a timeout. curry right bonitassing. bang. >> the warriors beat oklahoma city with one of the games going into overtime. there is a lot of mutual respect on both sides of the team. warriors games are must see tv. this is going to be a fantastic series, tipoff at 6:00 p.m. tonight. here is a look at the schedule for the series, game one starts at 6:00 tonight. game two scheduled for
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wednesday. and then the series heads to oklahoma city for game flee and four which are set for monday and next tuesday. if necessary, game five will be played on may 26th. on may 28th and game 7th on may 30th. do you have that all straight this. >> got it. >> okay. another traffic headache, beyonce ace world tour tonight. the last time she was there was for the super bowl 50 half time show. concord neighborhood is quiet again this noon after a viscous killer bee invasion, two hives were found behind a house, multiple people were stung multiple times and two dog were killed. a resident used soap and water to kill the wings because it melts their wax coat. >> these bees are is really close to you. >> yeah, which because i have a phobia of bees, it's a lot more
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terrifying, too. >> the homeowner says now that the queen bee is dead he expects the few remaining bees will die off soon as well. the cause of a fire remains under investigation, an eyewitness shot this video of last night's fire. firefighters couldn't get inside the building since it was in danger of collapsing. crews were able to prevent the flames for spreading to an apartment building next door, no word yet on any injuries. it looks like the annual beta breakers race stayed mostly on course. >> chopper five tens ever thousands made their way to ocean beach. no -- not everyone made it to the finish line because it's more about the party than the workout. san francisco police say that they made seven arrests and issued 16 citations related to yesterday easy september. she had a hit song written by prince and then she got hit with a lawsuit related to his
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death. why a friend called police to find her. this patient is recover ing from a first ever surgery in the u.s., we'll tell you about the delicate transplant just completed by doctors on the east coast. good afternoon everybody, the coast is clear, we have sunny skies around the bay. isn't that beautiful? we have a combination of a warmup and a good chance of rain, we'll spell it all out for you as the news comes after this brief timeout. ,,
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police near chicago new at noon, the search for a missing musician sinead o'connor, police near chicago say o'connor went for a bike ride and never returned. a friend called police asking if they can do a welfare check.
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arsenio hall sued o'connor after she accused him of furnishing drugs to prince. columbian police have seized 8 tons of cocaine. these are photos of the prepackaged bricks of drugs, police say they found the cash belonging to the clan near the pan main jan border. three suspects were arrested and another three escaped. one of the most powerful criminal gang. donald trump on defensive again over a new york times expose on his treatment of women. craig boswell on the latest distraction. donald trump is defending himself against accusations that he treats women poorly. the new york times interviewed more than 50 people from sunday article that claims the businessman in the past has shown a pattern of unwelcome
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passes. a shrewd reliance on ambitious women and unsettling workplace conduct. trump responded on twitter calling it a hit piece and pointed to an interview with one of the people quoted in the article. >> they did take quotes from what i said and put a negative connotation, spun it to where it appeared negative. >> it could cause trump so have more problems with female voters, 64% of women had an unfavorable view of the businessman. hillary clinton has promised to play up the so called womens card and made female quality a centerpiece of her campaign. >> we have to guarantee equal pay for womens work, that is something that is long overdue. >> before clinton can take on trump she has to defeat bernie sanders,. >> if they want the strongest candidate to defeat trump, bernie sander is that candidate. >> sanders is poised to do well
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in to rose' debate-tomorrow election. the clinton campaign thinks that it will be competitive in kentucky, she has three campaigns scheduled in the blue grass state today. a proposal for tighter gun laws considering a package of new restrictions, they include a ban on large capacity magazines, back ground checks and registration they have enough signatures to put it before voters in november. the proposal would increase the tax on cigarettes by 2-dollar as pack. a tragic scene on mexico's baja california peninsula, two
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dozen pilot whales have died. all the efforts failed. they were able to return three to deeper water. marine experts say the whales appeared disor generalled and no signs of injuries. let he get a check on weather, i went out for a little bit today and it was pretty warm. >> did you? >> you didn't invite me? >> no. >> got out for ten minutes. you are always wanting to trying to get away from me. looking due north, somewhere over there can you see the beautiful span of the golden get bridge, visibility is unlimited. albeit a little hazy, boy is that glorious, temperature wise 66 in san francisco. 77 redwood city also in santa rosa. sfo 16. san francisco 11. light wind right now in san ramon at 9. this afternoon my
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weather watcher today robert says it's another beautiful go to day. so let's go to it right now because the coast is clear, pushed offshore after deeing in the overnight hours and penetrating in the open air, this area of low pressure out of here, inity wake high pressures building into the bay area strengthening overnight resulting in warmer weather for your tuesday, by tuesday at this time clear skies from the north bay to the south by and all points in between, it will be the warmest day of the work week on tuesday. wednesday clear, then we start to see the clouds gather on thursday and cool us down significantly. today's temperatures in the 60s at the coast. upper 60s, low 70s around the by. these temperatures are averaging 4-7 degrees above where they should be for this time. 84 degrees in santa rosa, 96 in
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brentwood and discovery bay. pollen is on the low side. there is your sunset at 8:14, smack in between today 60s coast, 86 inland, areas 90s tomorrow. very similar on wednesday. chance of rain by the end of the work week. we have a baseball game tonight. clear skies 66-degree. there she is queen bee in the house, levi stadium at 7:30. tum willing to the low -- tumbling to the low 60s. >> can't get it out of my head. well a new tool for renters gets off the ground tomorrow, rent berry is a new online auction site which would be a tenant's bid to secure an apartment. with the highest one it is, it's designed to compete with craigslist and similar services. the services launch tomorrow in the by area and new york. apple stock getting a boosted to thanks to news of a
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billionaire's big buy. warren buffett hedge fund reported owning 10 million shares of apple as of march 31st, stake was disclosed in a filing of quarterly requirement of invest the i don't remembers managing $100 million. google is expanding its traffic navigation app allowing 25,000 bay area workers to hitch a ride with waves drivers after downloading the freeway rider app there they will be able to request a ride from users who share a similar commute. the tech giant has been testing wave riders from its own employees. checking the big board right now, see how stocks are doing on wall street. big jump for the do you up 203 points right now. if have you a little extra cash or a lot of extra cash this beauty is up for auction. the so called unique pink diamond is more than 15 carts,
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the bidding begins tomorrow in geneva, estimated value between 28-30 million. >> you always get what you want. >> not that. that's too much. one of the by area's hottest new restaurants changes its rules, how you can now get in without even waiting for hours in line. and if you have pet question, e-mail them to pets at web -- bloop e water every day. sodastream.
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we have an update on a story we just brought you, we told but my six sinead o'connor, she went for a bike ride and never returned, we are just hearing reports she has been found somewhere near the chicago area and been taken to the hospital. right now that is all we know at this point and keep you updated. you can always go online at massachusetts general hospital says that a 64-year- old cancer patient is recovering after receiving the first ever penis transplant in the u.s. >> we are cautiously optimistic that mr. manning will do well, he is an amazing patient and courageous person. we are thankful to the done or's family. >> the patient gave a thumb's up after the surgery. the organ was transplanted from
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anonymous donor who die. tens of thousands of undocumented children will be eligible for medical benefits starting today expanding the program will cost the state more than $130 million a year. but advocates say it will save more than that. >> even the more conservative members $1.3 billion annually in emergency room care and we know that it's going to cost us much less to give people the access. >> more than 2 million undocumented immigrants california call home. in the south bay the dumping dash. >> listing no reservation policy starting today, the taiwan niece restaurant at valley fair mall is changing its policy to reservations only, still a wait, the next available table was mid june, have to wait awhile but we are doing it. after morning show we would go online and do it, we gotta do it. >> we are doing it.
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well for now, snacks, salads and smoothies we have the perfect ingredients, some shopping tips for strawberry lovers. >> it's spring time going into summer, strawberry season is in full peak, number in full peak, number there. but flavors are fantastic. so select them in the store, if you don't you are going to bite into it and it is going to be air, taste like cardboard and you don't want, if you select it in the store right why gee right through. when you buy it make sure it's red all the way through with no green shoulders, they don't get sweeter they just get riper. then you watch to make sure look at the tray, if there is no moisture that is a telltale sign that decaying strawberries and that you don't want. when you bring them home in the refrigerator right away. when you buy them flee ripe two
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days at the very most. and don't wash them before you store them, always wash them above you enjoy them. strawberries loaded with vitamin c, great for us and do you know what, i'm tony, your fresh grocer. remember eat fresh and stay healthy ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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interrupted by weather... b what about a homeless encampment?? where homeless tents are invading a bay are
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seball field... you have heard of little league games interrupted by weather, homeless tents are invading a baseball field, later today on kpix at noon. that is going to do it for us. not at 7:30. >> at 6:00 and at 7:00 we have. >> big sports day. >> a lot going on. >> have a great day. ,,
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>> quinn: please, liam. don't let them do this to me. >> come on. stand up. >> quinn: please. they want to put me in jail because they think i hurt you. but we know the truth. tell them. please tell them how you feel. [ pop music playing ] >> caroline: oh, hey, sasha! >> sasha: oh, hey, caroline. [ chuckles ] uh, going for a swim? >> caroline: yeah. uh, trying to get back into it after the baby. >> sasha: girl, you look fabulous. >> caroline: [ sighs ] thank you. and you look like you're waiting for someone, someoneha


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