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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  May 16, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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gunfire. the freeway is a major crime scene. traffic is a mess. allen martin is following that part of the wild story. >> a major melt down to say the least at this hour. we have seen the officers out there walking highway 4 collects the evidence. that means no traffic is getting through. all westbound lanes of 4 are currently blocked at love ridge road in pitsburg. traffic is being diverted off of the highway. the access roads just jammed up with traffic. let's go live to chopper 5, you can see the backup, stretching out there for miles. no true alternatives the this time. we have no estimate on when they will open the freeway. allen martin, kpix 5. this latest shoot out comes on the very day that the city of pittsburgh is ready to say enough of this. at least 20 shootings have occurred since november.
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along highway 4 in pittsburgh and antioch anointers 80 from panol to richmond. the city council is voting tonight on crime stopping cameras. >> reporter: what timing, they want more eyes on this specifically using cameras. there are cameras throughout the the street and cameras behind me but they want cameras along the freeway entrances along ohio 4. case in point, because of the recent string of shootings. today makes seven freeway shootings along ohio 4 in the last year. last week a pregnant mother of 4 murdered when someone opened fire on highway 4 in pittsburgh. still no suspect. >> i can tell you that the last two shootings or murders that occurred in the city, the cameras were up in the locations that we were looking at i do think we would have captured the vehicle. >> the chief of police and mayor have a plan to deter the shooters. more cameras, specifically four
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to six cameras along the highway. a hot topic tonight at the city council meeting. >> we will vote and say we want cameras. >> currently the city of pittsburgh has more than 100 cameras and every police officer has access to cameras using their smart phone. they can tap in and zoom in and see what is going on. the police chief says the highway needs added protection. they believe the shootings are not random and the victims targeted and that gang members are waging the war off city streets and onto the highway. >> you think they are shooting on the free ways because they know there aren't cameras. >> i think there is a lot of reasons. people don't hear gunshots and they stay in the car or they fall out of the car at 70 or 80 miles per hour and can be difficult for law enforcement to locate. >> the cameras will cost $100,000 but the city says it has the money.
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and so where would this money come from, that one hundred thousand dollars? the police department says they have it. they would just reallocate the funding to put it towards the camera. we will be at the meeting and have the latest at 11:00. the big story new at five, a dog groomer that is supposed to take care of people's pets is under arrest accused of animal cruelty. we are at a pet smart store. andrea. >> reporter: liz, this happened around 5:15 yesterday when the san mateo police department showed up out here. now a man brought his three dachshunds to be groomed. but three minutes later the dachshund came out and having trouble breathing. it was taken to a vet at pet smart in san mateo. the groomer brought him to the doctor but it was too late. the dog had reached a point of
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no return and the dog was dead within a few minutes. san mateo police determined with the vet here that the dog -- dog's injuries were due to the groomer's problems. the groomer's actions. they have arrested 38-year-old juan zarate for felony animal cruelty. they are looking into what happened. the results though are not yet available. some new developments in the ongoing sex scandal investigation that had the oakland police concerned. the internal affairs division place add 4th officer on administrative leave. the d.a. is investigating whether dozens of officers slept with this
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woman, 19-year-old that calls herself celeste. this started with this officer that committed suicide. he said he sent her inappropriate texts and as well as other officers. killer bees sounds dramatic but aggressive african bees killed two dogs. in the bay area we haven't seen anything like that. kpix mike sugerman on what may behind the sudden aggression. >> i am here with new friend. concord, the streets are clear and the bees are gone. we understand that they have been either killed or taken away and things are back to normal. we came to danville because we wanted to talk to beekeepers and experts about the so-called africanized bees and what we learned surprised us. there are tens of thousands
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of bay area backwards with beehives, this one is in george chavez's and he is concerned with the news out of concord. >> i wasn't sure what to think. i was surprised. >> reporter: there has never been a report of africanized bees so far north in the united states but maybe there still isn't. >> i will bet you a cup of coffee and a do nut it is not africanized. >> mike says he doesn't know. dna tests have to be made. >> bees can get problems if there are ants or whoever is manipulating the frame is doing a rough job and kills the bees. >> they went on the attack in concord killing two dogs and stinging several humans. it is unnerving to people who keep bees. >> i'm a neighbor and hearing this and i am thinking i don't want a beehive. >> the beekeeper will recognize it and not do it in the
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conditions that were met. >> and considering the benefits of pollinating backwards and making honey and keeping the planet healthy, bees pollinate 89% of crops. there is a good argument for keeping backyard beehives. i mentioned that there is going to be dna test. they collected 50 of the dead bees and they are sending it off to the department of agricultural and it will take several weeks before we get the final answer. in danville for cbs news, i'm mike sugerman. kpix 5. it somehow looks natural in that getup. after a cool weekend it may be time to put away some of those layers. >> paul has more news on spring heat. >> things changing rapidly. in two or three days it will
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bebe different. the concert if you are a beyonce fan, levi stadium, 7:30, 72 degrees. mild night leading to a hot day for many of you tomorrow. pittsburg 91 and campbell 88 and cora madeira 85 degrees, the warmest weather we have seen in three weeks. we will talk about how long the warm weather sticks around in about 9 minutes. back to you. new at five, investigators in san francisco are looking into whether two homes that caught fire in the sunset district were overoccupied. firefighters driving near by reported the fire when they noticed smoke on 35th avenue. about 11:00 this morning, the flames quickly spreading to a home next door and crews had the fire out about 40 minutes later. 13 people including two kids
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were displaced from those two homes. overcrowding and the task force is looking into the investigation and if there is overcrowding it will be given to the police. three people including a firefighter suffered minor injuries and are expected to be okay. the cause of the fire is under investigation. police are a homicide. a first community reception was being held. bliss noticed a minivan and car collided. a man shot to death outside the center. police can't say if this was gang related but they do believe the victim was targeted. meanwhile police in concord are looking for a man accused of killing a woman and leaving her body by a pond. officers found the 25-year-old victim's body at new hall community part this morning. the suspect has been identified as a 26-year-old eric lamar nelson.
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he is considered armed and dangerous and last seen driving a black kia spectra. golden state warriors ready to go and ready to face the oklahoma city thunder for the first game of the western conference finals. kpix reporter kristen is there as the crowd pours in the arena where the game will start in under an hour, kristen. >> reporter: we got warmup time in oracle arena. the players warming up on the court. here are a few words that you never rarely hear in the same sentence, cheap warrior tickets. it is crazy but the tickets prices have taken a nose dive. we talked to a spokesperson for the 3rd party ticket seller game time. he told me there are a couple of reasons why the prices are so low. why, the start time tonight as you said it starts at 6:00 p.m. until of 7:30, a lot of people not home from work and they are having to upload the ticket as
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cheaply as possible. the quick turnaround time could be a factor, what does that mean? right now with less than an hour you can buy tickets from 3rd party apps for half of what the team sold them for. >> this probably could be and will be the most affordable playoff day for the remainder of the run. we are looking at ticket prices at 130. as we get to game two and five and certainly nba finals cross your fingers that ticket will escalate substantially. >> we are looking at the apps. tickets at $154 in some of the higher areas. further down, about 300 or so dollars. some of the tickets going for double that in previous games. it could be a good deal for tonight and game two, we will keep our eye on it. ken and liz, back to you. thanks, kristen. beyonce takes the stage at
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levi stadium in a few hours. her super performance levis did not win over police officers. what the police have to say about beyonce tonight. the first of its kind transplant just performed in the united states. how the procedure could help injured war veterans. a recipe for trouble. parents upset peanut powder being added to popular snacks. kpix weather is sponsored by mancini sleep world. save up to $1000 on the mattress sale. visit sleepworld.
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com. beyonce's performance, first time in the bay area since the controversial half- time performance as super bowl 50. it has police unions calling for beyonce boycott. kpix maria is at the stadium. >> reporter: the fans behind me and lining up for the concert set to start at 7:30.
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if you remember back in february, beyonce asked for a c hp escort to the superbowl and then during the half-time show she performed her formation song which offended a lot of law enforcement and safe to say many are not happy she is back. >> i am excited. >> isaiah woolly is among 44,000 fans expected to fill levi stadium. >> i have been a fan of beyonce my life and i have never saw her in concert. it is a big deal. >> but not everyone is excited about the artist return to the bay area. >> this performance, remember this? she sang formation during the half-time show that makes partial references to police brutality and the black lives matters movement. then these pictures were shared as they
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paid homage to the black panthers. several sources from different law enforcement agencies in november california -- northern officers don't care for her and they protested outside of her concert last week. >> the number one priority is security. >> michael sellers say they are staying out of the controversy and their main concern is to keep everybody safe. >> we have to be professional and we have to set our own personal feelings aside. we have a job to do. >> the question is will beyonce's formation tour in the bay area create a formation of protests tonight? >> and so far it is nice and quiet out here and the police chief says he has not heard of any planned protests but if there are, he is prepared. live at levi stadium kpix news. a cancer survivor recovering after going pretty amazing and first of its kind
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surgery here in the united states. thomas manning smiling giving a thumbs up. he has received a penis transplant from a deceased organ donor. his doctors are optimistic. >> there are different tissues involved and we will have to take it day by day. >> there has been one earlier successful transplant. the procedure could mean hope for hundreds of men including soldiers wounded in war. a major food company changing the ingredients in popular products. >> julie watt says some parents are worried this is a recipe for disaster. >> reporter: sharon wong does everything she can to insure her kids never come in contact with a peanut. >> just being around peanuts can cause a severe react for him. >> reporter: the bay area mom and food blogger is worried that an old snack could pose a new threat. last month kellogg's announced
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it would add peanut flour to 8 varieties of keeblers and crackers. products that did not contain peanuts before. >> won't be expecting peanuts and that is a risk. >> if you a peanut allergy this is a big deal. >> peanut flour is the last ingredient listed and the amount so small it is inconsequential unless you are allergic. >> if every food company does the same thing we could have a crisis. >> a concern for david bloom that speculates the change is due to a new law. >> i believe they are doing this because they don't want to comply. >> the food safety modernization act takes place in september and requires food companies to do more than allergens like peanuts are not in products that are supposed to be aller gen free. >> it is easier for them to add a trace amount. >> kellogg's calls that false and says it complies with the new law and admits the change is because the products are
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being manufactured on the same lines at food made with peanut ingredients. allergy aware peanuts have started a petition hope that kellogg's will reconsider. >> i am concerned that they may add peanuts to more products. >> until now the snacks have been popular with kids and schools because they are peanut free. they worry that some may not get the word. >> they will not add the peanut flour to the austin crackers, just the keebler ones. >> we are on this trend for the weather or what will happen? >> a roller coaster, the first half hot and then by the end of the we won't hit the 70s. the theme of whatever the weather is monday, it will be absolutely different coming up on friday. and that will be the case because we are kind of warm. current temperatures, 81 in concord and 79 in livermore and you will be in the 90s tomorrow away from the water and right near the bay and the coast, it
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is marketly cooler. 20 degrees cooler in san francisco and 61 and santa rosa 63 degrees. we do see a couple of showers. even a few thunderstorms in the sierra and that pink that you see just below the high def icon is mixed precipitation and with the new lightning strike it is still snowing above 9 thousand feet in elevation. suspect that wonderful? in some isolated spots added to the snow pack in mid may. mild night, we will be around 60 tomorrow morning in vallejo and 56 for san jose and san francisco 65. something is changing and that is a change in the wind direction, an offshore or northeast wind. look at it coming from southwest and that eliminates the influence. near the water in the 70s and low 80s and inland, that is where it will get hot. 90s are likely for two straight days away from the bay. here is why? big strong ridge of high
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pressure is giving us that wind for the next couple of days. wednesday to friday the low will go in the perfect spot to eliminate the offshore winds and bring back the ocean influence. we will talk about highs in the 90s and tomorrow and wednesday and highs will be in the 60s inland by friday. about a 25-degree temperature drop from wednesday to friday. away from the water. clear tonight, it will be fog along the coastline. lots of sunshine and we will be warm to hot everybody running above average and big changes coming up. highs tomorrow, concord, 92. nowhere close to a record but warm santa rosa nice and san francisco 82 degrees. toasty for the next few days. 90s away from the water and 80s in the bay. we change on thursday and look at friday through the weekend. no widespread rainfall but much cooler with nobody hitting 70s.
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more news in two minutes.
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new at five. a new billboard has california drivers scratching their head. the billboard for cosmetic surgery center shows two different sized coffee cups with the caption size matters. a high school student got so upset she started a petition to have it taken down. so far she has received more than 500 signatures. there is people from all over california, you can see how other people in the community, not just me feel about this and they are
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offended. they think it is degrading. the clinic says it is prowoman and its goal is to help women feel better about themselves. sinead o'connor has been found. police located her this afternoon. they haven't said where she was found. former late night host arsenio hall file a lawsuit against her earlier after she accused him of supplying prince with drugs. a new dumpling restaurant in the south bay is so popular it is doing something it has never done before require reservations. this is what lines looked like last week when the restaurant first opened in santa clara. the wait was a couple of hours. we checked and the next available reservation is not until mid-june. the bar seating is still
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available on a walk in basis. we are back after a quick break. first the markets closed up. here is a look at the closing
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numbers from wall street.
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i'm allen martin in the kpix newsroom. new at 6:00 we will continue to follow the breaking news where a massive traffic backup is happening on highway 4. the chaos after another gun battle spills out on the highway. new at six, a battle is brewing over garbage in the south bay. neighbors are raising a stink
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over leaving them with another city's crash. of course we will have more on the shooting that has been going on, on highway 4 including a report from julia goodridge at 6:00 and the pittsburg city council talking about the funding in place to put cameras, security cameras on highway 4 in the corridor that seems to be attracting a lot of trouble and law enforcement has suggested that cameras and video could be a helpful thing in that situation. >> they are estimating it will cost one hundred thousand dollars and they have the money. so maybe we are seeing a trend that will be the norm. >> and later on this week, we will see a change in the weather. warm today but ... >> we will go up with the roller coaster and then down. seven-day forecast, 90s away from the waters. some of the warmer stuff this year, about 15 degrees warmer than average and ends wednesday and by friday we don't hit 70s.
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so you like it warm the next couple of days and if you like it cooler, hang onto friday. that's it for abc 10 news at five. cbs evening news with scott pelley is next.


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