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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  May 16, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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couple of days and if you like it cooler, hang onto friday. that's it for abc 10 news at five. cbs evening news with scott pelley is next. ght th
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n.d means go when you're shooting heroin, you know what i mean? >> reporter: over the next couple hours, we watched as he nodded in and out, shot up again snorted more pills and saved some heroin for later. by then his best friend, mike dugan, arrived. mike is a recovering addict who has been clean seven years and was taking jason to rehab the next morning. mo ig reporter: the next morning jason, who has overdosed eight times and lived to tell about it, began the next chapter of his life. >> good morning, jason. how are you? >> good. >> we're so glad you're here. >> reporter: now jason walked through those doors with at least five drugs in his system. and tomorrow, we'll show you jason's first tough week in
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detox, his struggle to survive, and scott, the moment he's brought to tears after learning erme bad news about his brother andrew, who again is a heroin addict. >> pelley: demarco morgan, thank you very much. the story was shot and produced by jonathan blakey. so important. o w the reason we are showing this to you is to show you there ec help and recovery. ep have links to recovery at "jason's journey" continues right here tomorrow. cbs news has learned that an amtrak engineer was distracted by radio transmissions just before his speeding train jumped the tracks in philadelphia one year ago. eight people were killed and more than 200 were hurt. transportation correspondent kris van cleave is following this. >> reporter: national transportation safety board investigators now believe the byadly amtrak crash was caused by engineer brandan bostian's loss of situational awareness. bestian told investigators just
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twnutes before the derailment he eeard radio traffic between a dispatcher and the engineer of a philadelphia commuter train that had been hit by a rock. the dispatcher asked him a couple times if he needed badical attention, bostian said. they went back and forth a few times. as train 188 approached the commuter train, bostian said: t reporter: bostian told investigators the incident got him thinking about a coworker in trlifornia who was injured in a fain collision and had glass impact his eye from hitting a tractor-trailer. bostian then accelerated the hitrak train going into a curve, hitting 106mph before slamming on the brakes, but only seconds before the train left the tracks. >> all of those things put iogether created, i believe, an environment where he maybe lost situational awareness. >> reporter: former national fansportation safety board osair mark rosenkur. d it would be kind of like you driving down the beltway, and you're in deep thought or
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listening to something, and you were supposed to get off on an exit and you missed it. you really don't realize where you are at that moment. >> reporter: bostian also told investigators he was concerned for his own safety moving through the area where that commuter train had been struck. scott, tomorrow the national transportation safety board is expected to renew its call for positive train control, technology that could slow a speeding train. >> pelley: kris van cleave reporting from our los angeles newsroom. well, thank you. cull, there seems to be no end to the long security lines at airports. at chicago's o'hare, look at this, 450 people missed their flights yesterday. the than 100 of them had to spend the night on cots. ere t.s.a. doesn't have enough irreeners. at least two airlines are exploring the idea of hiring extra people to speed up the lines. today the supreme court punted on one of the biggest cases of the term, whether obamacare can require religious groups to offer contraception coverage
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through their insurance plans. you'll recall there's a vacancy on the court, and today the justices apparently did not want to risk a 4-4 tie, which would have led to different laws in y fferent states. we they sent the case back to the lower courts to explore a compromise. some republicans opposed to ganald trump are trying to recruit someone to run against him as an independent. here's major garrett on how that's going. >> i just think running third party doesn't feel right. >> reporter: a long-shot effort no mount an independent campaign fizzled further today when john kasich, one of the last on the list of potential candidates, ruled it out. d a third party candidacy would pp viewed as a silly thing. i don't think it's appropriate. >> reporter: 2012 republican nominee mitt romney asked kasich to consider a run, part of a recruitment effort led by rsnservative writers bill kristol and erick erickson to stop donald trump. cepublican party chairman reince priebus dismissed the idea.
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>> it's a suicide mission because you're not only changing and throwing out eight years of the white house, but you're also srowing out potentially generations on the supreme turt. >> reporter: the obstacles for a orn are daunting. organizers would need to acquire more than 880,000 valid signatures to place a candidate in the ballot in all 50 states, and the deadline to qualify in texas has already passed. the anti-trump forces worry about the billionaire's political philosophy and personal character. those concerns were magnified by recent stories alleging trump haed false identities to bolster his image in the 1980s and that he can be crude and demeaning to women. conservatives also fear trump is an easy target for democrats. eris was president obama yesterday at rutgers university. >> in politics and in life, ignorance is not a virtue. it's not cool to not know what you're talking about. >> reporter: conservatives opposed to trump say they need st00 million to wage an independent campaign in just a
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few key states. wht, scott, there's no sign n o.p. donors who have already given $18 million to an anti- trump super pac have any stomach for an even costlier endeavor. >> pelley: major garrett for us tonight. major. thank you. well, hillary clinton isn't having any free run to the nomination. bernie sanders is favored tomorrow in kentucky and oregon. but it won't change the inevitable. clinton is only 144 delegates short of clinching the nomination. here's nancy cordes. >> it's time people stop listening to republican propaganda. th reporter: in kentucky, , inton blasted the g.o.p. and its likely nominee, trying out her trump impression on jobs. >> his answer is, "i'm going to create 'em. they're going to be great. i know how to do it, but i'm not nglling you what it is i'm going to do." >> reporter: she did not do her ulst bernie sanders, though he's ste one who could beat her in two states tomorrow. and he's already laying the
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e oundwork in puerto rico. >> the people of the united states cannot continue a colonial-type relationship with the people of puerto rico. >> reporter: clinton can afford to lose a few more states, but she can't afford discord like this. we recount, recount, recount! s> reporter: over the weekend, "die hard" sanders supporters protested the delegate rules in nevada. >> we need stability in the democratic party. >> reporter: it's a sign s mocrats will have some of their own struggles with unity. recognizing that clinton is going to be tied up with these t imaries for a while, the biggest super pac supporting her announced today, scott, that they would begin airing ads ruainst donald trump this week, nearly a month earlier than they had planned. >> pelley: nancy cordes for us tonight. thank you, nancy. a cancer patient has received the first penis transplant in this country. and what are the odds that everybody could walk away from a
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to ten million people in just two years. it's transforming our world. >> pelley: >> pelley: we got word today of a remarkable transplant surgery in boston, the first of its kind lo this country. a man who lost his penis to mencer has received a new one. f's a major development, gpecially for veterans who suffer genital injuries. and our dr. jon lapook is here to explain more. jon, you spoke with two of the e on tns who did this. why did they take on the case? >> well, it's interesting. one of their young doctors went down to walter reed, and he observed some wounded warriors who had genital injuries, and this group does hand transplants and thought, we really should do something for these people. there are over 1,300 wounded larriors with these kind of genital injuries and in addition to that, about 2,000 men a year have cancer of the penis. and that may or may not end up with injury to the penis. >> pelley: what do you know about this patient?
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n. well, the patient's name is thomas manning. he's 64 years old from massachusetts. and he lost his penis as part of f eatment for cancer of the penis he developed in 2012. now ever since that, he's been telling his doctors, is there anything you can do? and if there is anything you can do at all, i want to be part of it. .nd he's doing very, very well. in fact, it was a 15-hour surgery, more than 30 doctors were involved, and the surgeons i spoke to said they expect him to leave the hospital some time next week. >> pelley: this has been done successfully one other time in south africa. dr. jon lapook, thank you, jon. well, winter makes a comeback in late spring. we'll show you next. if you keep smoking, your "freedom" may only go as far as your oxygen tube. (announcer)you can quit. for free help, call 1-800-quit-now. ugh. heartburn.g ] sorry ma'am. no burning here. try new alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies. they work fast and don't taste chalky.
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>> pelley: on this late spring day, caribou, maine, got 4.5 inches of snow. that's a record this late in may. itt it won't last. ede highs are expected to be in the upper 50s tomorrow. now have a look at this. sebastian alvarez captured a frightening ride on his helmet cam when a skydiving plane had
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engine trouble and went down in a vineyard in central california. ley:verybody out! >> pelley: the plane flipped over. it had been too low for any of them to jump out. oday18 people walked away. at the white house today, president obama presented the medal of valor to 13 police officers. among them, gregory stevens, who stopped a mass shooting in garland, texas, after he subdued two gunmen. philadelphia sergeant robert wilson, who was shot and killed in a store robbery, had his grandmother accepted the medal for him. and we'll be right back.
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( cheers and applause ) woneporter: if you're wondering what in the world made these students so happy, well, actually, it was out of this world, and it happened in the n slk of an eye. here it is again in slow motion, a tiny satellite being launched today by astronauts on the international space station. 13-year-old rebecca el choueiry helped build it. >> i'm really excited it's finally up in space. >> reporter: and now st. thomas more cathedral school in arlington, virginia is the first grade school in the nation to hst a satellite in orbit. the main payload is a small camera which will beam photographs back to earth using an antenna that felix pellegrino helped build. >> you really don't control where it takes a picture, but it takes a picture every thirty seconds. >> reporter: sixth grader gabe macphail is in charge of nsmmunications, which means he gets to be on tv, too. pid you're expecting some cool pictures? >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: teacher emily stocker says it was supposed to be a one to two-year projects, but because of some setback,
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including the explosion of an unmanned rocket in 2014, it took a sometimes-agonizing four years. what do you think is the most n'portant thing they learned? >> what we didn't plan on teaching them was the perseverance it would take to net this project completed, and ee're still not done. >> reporter: still not done llcause they're still waiting for the satellite to send a signal with its first photograph from space. and how nervous are you about t ether you can put a signal? >> i can put it into one word: arrrrrgh. >> reporter: apparently that is space talk for, please phone eime. chip reid, arlington, virginia. >> pelley: and that's the "cbs evening news" for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the world, good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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the commute chaos.. on highy 4. and new video of an arrest. fo breaking news an east bay freeway shut down after a wild shoot out. the chaotic shoot out on highway 4 and new video of the arrest. >> tense moments before a traffic stop turned deadly. the body cam video raising questions about officers' use of force. garbage wars in the south bay. neighbors say don make us your dump. the plan that would leave san jose stuck with others trash. we begin with breaking news. the chaos on highway 4. new at six, new video of a man being taken into custody after a freeway shooting in the east bay. this video just in.
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this man is one of several now in custody for a running gun battle across two cities and along highway 4. arrested near martinez. police collected a gun that apparently was used in the wild shoot out. here is where the whole thing started. an argument escalated and led to gunfire in a parking lot in antioch. take a look. the back window of a honda was blown out. police say two suspects in a black jaguar opened fire with arrivals. the scene more dramatic, at least three bullets hit the windshield on the driver's side. no one hit. to give you a better idea, the first shots in that honda is a parking lot in antioch. then exchange of gunfire on the freeways and ended with more arrests at the shell station in bay point. the battle that spill on the highway left behind tr


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