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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  May 16, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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this man is one of several now in custody for a running gun battle across two cities and along highway 4. arrested near martinez. police collected a gun that apparently was used in the wild shoot out. here is where the whole thing started. an argument escalated and led to gunfire in a parking lot in antioch. take a look. the back window of a honda was blown out. police say two suspects in a black jaguar opened fire with arrivals. the scene more dramatic, at least three bullets hit the windshield on the driver's side. no one hit. to give you a better idea, the first shots in that honda is a parking lot in antioch. then exchange of gunfire on the freeways and ended with more arrests at the shell station in bay point. the battle that spill on the highway left behind a trail of
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evidence and now a large section of the freeway is a crime scene and officers have been walking along that highway looking for shell casings and other evidence but the most amazing part with those bullets flying, no one was hurt at any of the locations. but the major fallout is a traffic nightmare. chopper five giving you a live look. all westbound lanes of highway 4 are blocked in pittsburg. late word from c hp, the lanes will remain closed for at least another 30 minutes. we are live in the traffic backup along highway 4. juliette. it is a mess out there. >> reporter: it is. one of the detours, you can see the police cars are blocking the entrance on highway 4. moving traffic along in different areas and it is going to take a long time for the folks to get home. you know this comes at a time when tonight the pittsburg city council wants to bring up a vote of adding cameras along highway 4. this after a series of freeway shootings.
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last week a pregnant mother of 4 was murdered when someone opened fire along highway 4 in pittsburg and no suspect. the police chief and the mayor says they have an answer to add cameras, four to six cameras along highway 4 as extra eyes and they say that a lot the shootings are happening on the highway because gang members realize that they are too hard to catch. >> i think they are shooting because they know there aren't cameras there. >> i think they are shooting because of a lot of reasons including there are not cameras and people don't hear gunshots and casings are definitely -- they stay in the stay in the car or fall out at 70 miles per hour. >> now the cams will cost one hundred thousand dollars but the city says that they will have the funding. where will it come from? it will come from the police department and that money will have to be reallocated to have the cameras.
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that vote is tonight. back out here live in pittsburg where you will see the road closures. it will take us awhile to get out of here. juliet goodrich. >> you can see the massive tie- up, westbound cars being diverted at loveridge road in pittsburgh. >> in an hour the san mateo city council will meet to decide whether to keep the red light cameras. the cameras generated more than $200,000 in revenue but the city had to wipe out about one thousand tickets because yellow lights were set too short. the city is about to vote on the extension. new at six the fight over plans to dump garbage in a san jose neighborhood. devon feely on why some say the deal stinks. >> that's one of my biggest frustrations, i don't like to be taken by surprise and i was.
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>> reporter: maybe not the toughest trash talk but make no mistake city council man is mad for deciding to dump their trash into his proverbial backyard. >> it took me by surprise. you usually in form the city that is receiving the garbage. >> reporter: in march the city decided to use a different landfill and in september of next year the city will dump its trash in south san jose. 20 miles from the current location. residents there aren't help you.
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20% increase. i spoke with the mayor of mal pedas that says it was completely legal and the idea that the city was under any obligation to give a courtesy call was garbage. that's trash talk. devon feely. more than 5000 people have signed a petition to oppose it. they claim it will damage the environment, lower property values and cause odors. new at six, newly released body cam video first obtained by the east bay times sheds lights into the moments leading up to a man's death during a traffic stop and raises questions about the department's use of force. >> hayward police pulled over 46-year-old james greer on suspicion of dui in may of 2014. his family claims that he was clearly not the aggressor. in the video james keeps asking officers what are you doing as
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they try to restrain him. you can hear a taser being deployed as he screams, he later died at the hospital. a dog groomer is facing felony animal cruelty after a dog died in his care. 38-year-old juan zarate of san francisco was working on a dachshund yesterday. three minutes in the animal started to bleed. it was taken to the on-site vet but too late. the dog had two broken ribs and a punctured lung. pet smart customers are shocked but they can't imagine the groomer did it on purpose. in a state pet smart says any incident of animal cruelty goes everything everything we believe as a company and pet parent. pet smart has launched its own internal investigation. a san francisco appeals court rules in favor of three men that weren't allowed to
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open a gun store. limiting where guns could be sold was too restrictive amounting top outright band on firearm sales. the owner of don's outdoor store thinks it may signal the court's intention to slow down efforts to band gun sales by local governments. the court's opinion says the rights to purchase a gun goes hand in hand with the right to own one. >> it seems like they made a strong case to say if you were going to have the ability to own them you should have the ability to by them and there shouldn't be boundaries. >> while he doesn't expect it to change people's mind the owner says it may make city's concern the use of zoning laws to stop the sale of firearms. a gun store sued daly city after the town prevented him from relocating his south san francisco shop to a place omission street. he claims he was discriminated because he was required to get a special use permit while
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others could operate without one. tesla will invest gate reports that it's the subcontractors paid factory laborers less than $5 an hour. it comes after mercury news reports about a laborer that was injured on the job. the paper's investigation revealed that the company doing the subcontracting employed 140 laborers and paid them substandard wages. today tesla ceo tweeted sound like the wrong thing happened on many levels. we will invest gate to make it right. >> a 4th oakland police officer is on administrative leave in connection with a sexual misconduct investigation. the d.a. is looking into whether dozens of officers slept with this woman. a 19-year-old that calls herself celeste. it started with officer o'brian committed suicide and left a note saying that he september inappropriate texts. two guys bust into a
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chinese restaurant in santa clara but not to eat. investigators say they smashed into the frost door of joe's chinese fast foot joint on great american park way last month. surveillance camera got a clear shot of one of the suspects in a raider's what and a white sox jacket. not clear what the two men made off with. berkeley police need your help in finding a veteran actor accused in serious drama. an arrest warrant is out for hanes for driving under the influence of drugs, a felony. police say that burrwick hit a woman with his car on bank croft way next to the cal campus. she suffered internal injuries and broken bones. he was arrested that day and later released pending an investigation. police believe he was under the influence of marijuana. if convicted he could go to prison. san jose state is getting the hollywood treatment. winchester mystery house. a lot of people think it is
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haunted but it is going to star in a horror film. >> reporter: it is not going to star in a horror film but in a film shortly. i'm in the venetian dining room and glad that right now it is not friday the 13th because this place is strange and weird but in a fun way but now it will be on the big screen. thousands drive by the winchester house every day but to many it is still a mystery. now hollywood is about to shine a spotlight on the story of sarah winchester. a bay area legend that famously hated cameras. academy award winning actress helen mirren may take on the role. >> sarah was a special talented lady and to hear that award winning actress is interested is going to do gangbusters. >> famous for building the victorian mansion to ward off spirits with trick doorways
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that lead to nowhere and a lot that people don't know about the heiress to the rifle fortune. >> she spoke several languages. she played several instruments and she had a lot of interest including obviously design. so i think we will learn a lot more about sarah winchester, the person. >> the film will feature much of the house from the grander of the era to the low rise steps for the 4'10" sarah that had arthritis. one visitor from london is excited to see helen mara take on the role. >> she is good and played our queen loud like you said and i think she will be great at this. >> reporter: now this is still not a done deal. helen maren has not signed on the dotted line but interested in the project. this will be filmed in san jose and in possibly in australia filmed right here, possibly in this very dining room and also they are going to rebuild part of the house in australia on
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set so they can continue to film while this place can continue to have tours. it is opened every day for tours. reporting live in san jose. kpix 5 news. oakland buzzing with excitement but what will happen when the warriors live town. a scarier kind of buzz. could killer bees be invading the east bay? new theories on what could be provoking bees to attack. nothing but sunshine in concord, coming up in weather, which few days will be in the 90s away from the water? and which few days you will have highs in the 60s. get ready for a roller coaster. i will have your forecast
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coming up. sponsored by mancini sleep world. visit right now the atmosphere inside oracle arena is electric
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as the warriors start the series against the oklahoma thunder but the big question what happens when the doves move to entrance. we sent phil matear to find out. >> reporter: there is no doubt about it, the warriors and their presence in oakland has been a tremendous boost for the city and the county of alameda and their exit is not going to affect only the morale but the pocketbooks. it is one of the oldest and largest nba arenas in the country and in some ways one of the best. >> our location is one of the best in country. >> every mode of transportation with the exception of greyhound bus comes in the coliseum. >> what it doesn't have is san francisco's star power. >> that's where they want to be and that's where they are going to be. >> a move that could cost taxpayers tens of millions of dollars. not only in lost jobs. >> only a thousand jobs
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generated by the game. >> the idea would be to book in other sports and concerts to make up for the loss. >> >> concerts, to pursue a wmba basketball team. >> the basketball tournaments and perhaps a franchise. more high school kinds of tournament. >> it will put them in direct competition with the new arena in san francisco. the warriors new home in mission bay will be state-of- the-art and number one in sports and number one in entertainment. >> who pays off the 60 million- dollars still owed on the arena's last renovation? and that is where basketball could turn into hardball. >> we want to make sure the warriors if they leave san francisco won't leave the taxpayers of alameda county with this debt. >> do you want them to pay it? >> the lease agreement clearly says they are responsible for that. >> the warriors don't see it that way. >> that's obviously part of the
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context but the lease is the lease. it ends next year. >> that could be and interesting. talking with officials today and they bubbled up with the idea if for any reason san francisco's move doesn't work out, maybe they just try to get the warriors to buy oracle and rechristian it whatever they want. it could be interesting move in oakland, one that maybe mentions what is going on in the court. phil matear kpix 5. governor brown is seeking 10 million-dollars to create an earthquake warning system. >> the u.s. geological survey and university researchers are developing this system which would provide several seconds of warning after a fault ruptures. limited alerts could begin by 2018. brown has supported the creation of the system but previously argued that money should come from only private and federal sources. >> a finds at folsom prison ends in gunfire as a guard shoots an inmate after a
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stabbing incident. at least four in mates involved in the fight before the guard opened fire. one in mate was rushed to the hospital with stab wounds and the inmate shot is expected to survive. a one hundred thousand dollars reward for anyone with information leading to an arrest and a 22-year-old cold case. 26-year-old matthew flores was shot execution style in 1994. it happened in a santa clara parking lot. police believe it may have been a case of mistaken identity. the strongest clue authorities had to go on is that a 90s model ford explorer was seen on surveillance video around the time of the murder. >> a firefighter suffered minor injuries after fire ripped through two homes in san francisco's sunset neighborhood. firefighters in that neighborhood called it in after spotting smoke on 35th street. 13 people displayed. investigators looking into whether the homes were over occupied. new theories about the aggressive bees in concord.
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the insects went on the attack killing two dogs and stinging several humans. some believe they could be africanized killer bees and the first such attacks so far north. not all experts agree that killer bees have taken over the bay area hive. >> bees can get mad because they are ants and they can get mad if people are manipulating things. >> dna tests will be done to determine if killer bees have made it to the bay area. there was an unconfirmed report one made it here last year but that was never authenticated. you know, i have seen a lot more bees around the yard. i was thinking it was a good sign that the bees were on the come-back. >> the health of bees is the health of the eco system, why are the trees doing well we get water and there is more bees and that is a good thing. the good kind-now things are drying out. you can see it looking towards
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mound diablo. the beautiful green in march and april have turned to a golden brown color because we are now in the dry season. no widespread rain in the forecast but we will go on a roller coaster ride. warmer today. santa rosa and concord, 83 and oakland 71 and san jose 79 degrees. beyonce taking the stage in one hour and 20 minutes. levi stadium there for the super bowl and there tonight. if you know someone hiding down to santa clara the weather should be perfect with beginning the kickoff of the concert but no time. here is the weather headlines, patchy fog along the coast line. otherwise clear and watch the temperatures. they will be very mild. we are talking overnight lows and starting tomorrow around 60s and oakland, vallejo and napa. and livermore 53 and san francisco and redwood city, 55. we have a mile start and the winds will be offshore tomorrow. coming from the northeast. the ocean is chilly and the air
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above it is chilly and an offshore wind it doesn't matter and watch what happens. warm to hot as temperatures rise into the 90s. livermore 91 and concord 92. and vallejo and martinez 90 and napa around 90. santa rosa 90s. oakland 84 and along the coast line cooler. let me show you the first five day of the seven-day forecast. look at the 90s tomorrow and wednesday. highs in the 60s a way from the water. friday and saturday, you may be wondering why? the transition day will be thursday. watch future cast. big broad area of low pressure will park itself over southern oregon and that will crank up the overshore flow and that means markedly cooler weather. a tale of two climates. the next two days sweating and by friday you may need a sweater. it is going to feel so much
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different and the biggest change, it will be different at the beach by 10 degrees and different by the bay at 15 degrees and different inland 20 degrees. wednesday to friday. pretty significant. they are the must-see attraction. hump back whales and they may be around for an extended
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engagement. a pair of whales putting on a show. we have been loving it. let's give you a picture. tourists line up to try to get a glimpse of those whales. don forbes find out why the whales may be sticking around for a while. they are still here and this weekend they put on quite a show. folks on the marine mammal center in sausalito say easy to see if you go to the right spot. >> five whales under the golden gate. they were probably feeding.
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they were diving and there were two groups. one of three animals and one of two. >> the scientists are photographing and recording the whales hoping to identify them from their fluke patterns. there are thousands of photos and it will take some time to study them all but the scientists are not surprised the whales are in the bay. >> hump back whales will come back from being threatened and one of the whale operations that are recovered. >> tourists are starting to come to for the baker to see the whales. >> i hear that they come here and visit san francisco. >> what do you think they are doing here? >> on the way back up to the summer feeding ground and they are focused on getting that food. >> anchovies by the millions are in the bay. the whales are here to stay until the food runs out but hump backs are not the only ones around. >> we have hump back whales and the gray whales and we have the blue whales and we have the killer whales. >> some of those are staying
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just outside the golden gate bridge. no one knows how long the whales will stay. but one scientist says it is the beginning of the whale migration and they may be here all summer near the golden gate bridge. that will be nice for us. >> wouldn't that be cool? >> such a show. coming up, beyonce in the bay area. her super bowl performance did not win over any police officers. what they are planning tonight. donald trump defends himself against accusations that he treats women poorly. the former girlfriend that now says the new york times is lying. tainted tap water flowing. not safe to drink but we found fast-food restaurants still using it. the startling test results.
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you're watching kpix 5 news. we are still following breaking news in the east bay. westbound lanes of highway 4 remain closed after a series of shootings. all traffic being diverted at lovage road. commuters trying to get around the backup on side streets.
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several people including this man taken into arrest for custody. police collected a gun that was used in the shoot out. with the bullets flying, we are told that no one was hurt. pet smart has an internal investigation after a dachshund died at a store in san mateo. three minutes into a grooming session the animal began to bleed from the mouth. the groomer is facing cruelty charges. fans pouring into levi stadium to see beyonce, her first time back since the super bowl. maria has the story. >> reporter: if you remember back in february beyonce asked for a ch p escort to the spell and then she performed her formation show during the half- time show offending a lot of law enforcement and sources say that many of them are not happy
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that she is back. >> very excited. >> there is no doubt that beyonce is adored. >> fans filed into the stadium for her formation tour. >> this is my first time seeing her. it is a big deal. >> but not everyone is excited about the artist's return to the bay area. >> several sources from different law enforcement agencies in northern california say that they don't care for beyonce and her political stance. >> the controversy started in the bay area when she performed her song formation at half-time and makes insinuations towards the black lives matters. >> and then shows pictures on social media as they paid homage to the black panthers and held a sign saying justice for mario woods. just last week a group of law enforcement in houston
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protested outside her concert. >> we have to be professional. we have to set our own personal feelings aside. we have a job to do. >> santa clara police chief says they are staying out of the controversy and their concern is keeping everyone safe. >> there's situations when you are faced with situations that you may or may not agree with but you have a job to do and that is to create a safe environment. >> beyonce's return to the bay area may be hitting a sour note and 44,000 fans say they are here for support and good fun. >> i think it is ridiculous to be honest. it is art and music and it is important that we have celebrities and speaking on things that affect real people. >> the police chief has not heard of any planned protests. the concert starts at 7:30. live at levi stadium. kpix 5. a familiar voice is headed
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back to the bay area radio. the accuse is sun waves returns. rosaly will host it. she was fired last month in a restructuring effort. the evening problem acoustic sunset will not return. donald trump is taking aim at the new york times after an article outlined a history of his alleged mistreatment of women. donald trump is calling it a dishonest hit piece. he pointed out that interview with an ex-girlfriend featured in the piece claims she was misquoted. >> they did take quotes from what i said and put a negative connotation and spun it to where it appeared negative. >> true or not it brings attention to a high profile issue that most female voters are not fun of trump. polls show 64% of women surveyed had an unfavorable view of the billionaire. democratic voters head to the polls in oregon and kentucky. bernie sanders is on a roll having defeated hillary clinton
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in the last two primaries. he is also expected to do well tomorrow. today sanders campaigned in puerto rico. scrounging for every vote possible while clinton made a final push for votes in kentucky. this fall voters may get the chance to decide whether to raise a cigarette tax by two cents a pack. it is being backed by billionaire fund manager tom sayer. his mother was a long time smoker that died of lung cancer. >> state health officials are working to spread the word to get hundreds of tens of thousands of people enrolled in media cal. it will cost the state 132 million-dollars a year. if you have driven to la you have probably stopped in kettleman city to grab a bite to eat and drink. you may not realize the town's
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water is so contaminated residents have not drunk it for decades. laced with arsenic linked to bladder and liver and kidney cancer. we found arsenic at unsafe levels when we tested the water in kettleman city. it is one of the busiest fast food strip malls along i- 5. hundreds of people stopping to eat and drink and the next time you press the soda tab there is something you may want to knockeddalman's water us contaminated with arsenic at levels above the federal limit and so bad that local residents like this woman gets drinking water delivered every two weeks courtesy of the state. >> people have become immune to the fact that our water quality is so poor that you can't actually drink it. >> but fast-food restaurants use tap water to prepare food
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and they pipe it into the soda fountains. is it safe, we decided to check it out. we took samples of water from carl's, jr. and taco bell and took a sample from maricela's sink and brought the four to be tested in a lab in san jose and they came back above the epa limit for arsenic ten parts per billion. >> what we can do ... >> we took the results to an arsenic expert at berkeley. he has been studying the effects of long term exposure to arsenic in a region of chile where levels are at least ten times higher than what we found in kettleman city. >> we have seen four to five rates of bladder cancer and 11 more increase rates in kidney cancer. if you take the risks and
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extrapolate down to the estimated risk, that risk is fairly high. >> reporter: he says stopping once or twice at the fast-food restaurants on i-5. >> your risk may not be zero but it is going to be close enough to zero. >> but he says you may want to think twice before making a habit out of it especially if you are pregnant or have kids. >> the problem is that exposure over a long period of time. >> eric schaeffer a former head of enforcement for the epa take that advice further. >> if that is a problem that persists in those fast-food chains, you do need to tell people because you got folks around the area that may depend on those restaurants for a lot of their diet. >> he says humor health inspectors should be checking arsenic levels in restaurant water. something that we confirm is not happening now. >> if you got a problem this is a more than once or twice at a restaurant and your arsenic persists you should have to put up a sign. >> as for people that live in kettleman city and use the water every day to cook and
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shower it could potentially be much more serious. >> kind of like cigarette smoking it is not like you smoke a cigarette and get lung cancer, it takes 20, 30 or 40 or sometimes 50 years. >> these communities vulnerable. it is easier to forget about them and make it seem like it is our fault to be here. >> maricela knows the risk but doesn't see a way out anytime soon. >> we aren't doing anything wrong, what is wrong is the water situation that needs to be fixed. >> we contacted the restaurants. as a result of the findings the company has installed what it calls a more substantial filter at the kettleman location. taco bell is investigating and will provide only bottled water, carl's, jr. has no comment. >> we posted the company's responses on our web site. a new company renting like
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ebay but will it hurt renters. hundreds of stranded travelers forced to sleep on cots. the nightmare at one of the
6:40 pm
nation's busiest airports.
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the dow closed up 175 points. about one percent thanks in part to oil prices hitting fresh highs for the years. apple closed more than three- and-a-half percent higher. the best day since march. apple has been shaky so far and today they got a big boost. billionaire investor warren buffet reported in the sec filing that his hedge fund has a billion dollars stake in the cupper tino company. reported owning ten million shares of apple since march 31st. it follows carl icon that sold his stake in the company. there is a new tool for renters in the bay area but some are worrying that it may hurt more than help.
6:42 pm
rent bury allows prospective tenants to bid for apartments like ebay. the service shows how many people are placing offers and what the highest bid is. designed to keep with sites like craigslist but worries that higher prices may come from tenants but they say bidding wars happens anyway. it launches tomorrow in the bay area and new york. car broken down, call the tow bike. you can be a two wheels maybe. temperatures, 80s and i believe the 80s coming up tomorrow. look at the highs, gilroy, 84 and pittsburgh 83 and sunnyvale 83. 90s are coming, for how long and when temperatures crash. a little bit of fog. i will have the forecast coming up.
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this is not fun. hundreds of travelers furious after missing their flights out of one of the nation's busiest
6:46 pm
airport. 450 passengers stranded in o'hare because of the security gates. the airports offered cots. the tsa will hire new screeners next month, maybe 800. triple a has a new way to serve customers in san francisco. roadside service by bike. the service will be available to aaa members. includes flight assistance like flat tire assistance and car lockup and serve in embarcadero and fisherman's wharf and opened 7 days a week. won't tow your car but some part of the day the bike will get to you a whole lot quicker than trying to get there with a car or tow truck. a mild night and depend on where you are. 60 in san francisco but 78 in santa rosa and 79 in concord and 75 in livermore.
6:47 pm
everyone gets warmer. watching storms in the sierra. in those spots it is still snowing up north. tonight mild and vallejo 58 in napa 57 and fairfield 59. we are starting off mild because of the offshore winds and basically here is the deal. forget the wind direction. ocean cold, air above the ocean, also cold. if the flow comes from there, we will be chilly and if the win is a different direction coming from land, pushing that air further out to see, a whole different ball game. that means without the ocean influence it will be in the 90s. in the east bay like antioch and discovery bay. we are looking at temperatures, 91, 92 and 93 tomorrow. this is a the setup for the next two days. high pressure to the west and north to northeast winds and minimal ocean influence and as soon as it changes by moving a low weather pressure from seattle to northern casual by friday we will get the 90s and
6:48 pm
forget the 80s, we will be in the 60s for highs because now the flow is from the ocean. markedly cooler in the second half of the week. hot for a couple of days and cold for a couple of days. could see a few specs of fog along the san mateo coastline. otherwise futurecast says no rainfall or color. everyone is sunny. take the kids out tomorrow the weather will be fantastic. warm to hot and significant cooler changes coming up later in the week. how much above normal is 92 in concord? the answer is 16-degree above average. san jose 88 is 13 degrees above average. we will get close to 90s in loss gats to and free month you are high 84. fairfield 83 and 82 in alameda. 82 at the ferry building in san francisco or outside.
6:49 pm
san rafael 85 and 70s for montego bay and 92 for windsor. the forecast calls for the cool down. the transition day in saturday and nobody hitting 70s. onlily partly cloudy skies and we will stay cooler than average once we hit sunday and monday. hot and then not. and are the warriors hot? we will have will have the
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answer coming up. we are live from a very busy oakland coliseum. over my shoulder in the arena the golden gate warriors and the oklahoma city thunder in game one of the western conference finals and to my left, the baseball season and the oakland a's against the texas rangers. more on that in a moment. sticking with baseball news. tim lincecum is almost officially a former giant. the two time cy young winner is set to sign with the angels that present him a chance to remain a starting pitcher. the giants were interested in bringing lincecum back but only as relief pitcher and has not pitched since last june. if you are wondering the a's will host the angels next month, a possible for giants fans to see lincecum in action.
6:53 pm
tiger woods hoping to make a come-back and trying to prove he has got the game. >> i guess i asked a lot whether it is great seeing you. i thought you were dead and i am right here in front of you. >> he says he is not dead. >> yes, he is. >> as far as my golf, i progressively getting better. give me some time. >> not quite dead. >> tiger has plenty of rut during a promotional appearance at congressional for his appearance. put all three of his shots in the water. has not played on tour since last august and doesn't know when he will return. the san jose sharks, game one of the western conference finals in st. louis and it is safe to say that blues do not fear the beard. david, was that a beard check that we saw there in the
6:54 pm
first period? there looks like some beard tugging. >> seeing hose was real and whose was glued on. they checked out. >> the blues did more than tug on joe thornton's beard, they committed three penalties and they were just the ones that were called according to shark coach moore that had a message for officials for game two. >> well, we are relying on is the officials to do the job. st. louis is one of the most penalized team in the league. they need to call the game accordingly and we need to make them pay a price for being one of the most penalized teams. >> is he winding for calls. >> whatever you want to say. >> we are told not to wind for calls so we are not going to wine for calls. if he wants to do it, that's his but we are not going to do
6:55 pm
it. i'm predicting a lot of whining for game two as the sharks try to even it up tomorrow night. if you were busy trying to fix your phone this weekend, here is what you missed. >> at number five. keep your eye on the puck off of the stick of joe thornton and it gets stuck inside thornton's short. we got a play at the plate. forget about going to the catcher. leaning over her for a tag. at number 3, got to go to this guy. he hit three home runs with two outside in the 9th inning. five big flies after going homerless after 60 at-bats. meanwhile the rays mascot blind side symptomper. after being hit by a pitch,
6:56 pm
batista slides into second base and did not go over odore. both benches ejected and he is playing against the athletics. a brawl that that occurred on the baseball field. >> i had a hard slide at second base. i could have injured him and i chose not to and i september a message that i didn't appreciate getting hit. >> i was surprised that he threw a punch like that. >> he got me pretty good. i have to give him that. it takes a bigger man to knock me down. ouch. we got to go. we will see you at 11.
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how's everybody? i appreciate y'all. thank you very much. yeah, i do. thank you, folks. appreciate it. thank you very much. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man, steve harvey. look, got a good one for you today. returning for their fifth and final day with a total of 40,910 bucks, from charleston, south carolina, it's the champs, it's the eggerud family. [cheering and applause] and from ann arbor, michigan, it's the zell family. [cheering and applause]
7:00 pm
everybody's here trying to win their self a lot of cash, and remember, today if the eggerud family wins today's game, they're going to drive out of here in a brand-new state-of-the-art ford edge. let's meet the zell family. hi, angie. how you doing? angie: i am doing pretty awesome. steve: wow, that's pretty good. angie: yeah. steve: i like the "pretty awesome." angie: pretty awesome. steve: where you guys from? angie: we are from ann arbor, michigan. zells: go blue! steve: big blue, baby. angie: oh, yeah. steve: jan, what do you do? rev: well, you know, you need to ask her why we're here. steve: why--why are we here, jan? jan: well, this week i am celebrating being cancer-free for a whole year. [cheering and applause] and that's why we're here. it was on my cancer bucket list, and my family made it happen. steve: it was on your cancer bucket list? jan: mm-hmm, that i wanted to go on the "feud." steve: to play "family feud"? jan: yeah, it was. it was, and that's why we're here. angie: she seriously loves--loves "family feud." jan: they made it happen. they made--i love "family feud." i loat


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