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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  May 17, 2016 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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tonight: the move to combat the string of shootings on our roads. . this car is blasted by bullets. this bay area freeway is shut down for hours. tonight the move to combat the string of shootings on our roids. >> joe vazquez what is going on? >>reporter: that's 7 shootings just the last year on this stretch of highway 4 that's within the city limits of pittsburgh. it's gotten so bad one city council member said his wife doesn't even want to get on the highway anymore. just as they are poised to vote
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on a law enforcement solution today, more mayhem. the wild west gunfight began in a convenience store parking lot in antioch. >> this one guy
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cruelty after a dog died in care. 38-year-old juan zarate of san francisco fac felony charges. police say he was working oa one-year-old dachsund at th petsmart in san mateo yeste. three minutes into the visi the dog started bleeding fr the mouth. the pup, named henry, had 2 broken ribs ana punctured lung.
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petsmart issued this statem any incident of animal cruey goes against everything we believe as a company and individual pet parents. the 'peninsula humane socie is investigating the cause death. a bay area man goes out to y lotto tickets.. police pull him over... minutes later... he's dead. kpix five's andria borba has the video of a d-u-i stop.. thaa hayward family wants everyoo see. i'm rolling by e way this is body cam video from 23, 2014. the man you see took her 18 months to bring herself to look at the vide and 46-year-old james greer. >> the lieutenant told hill he was being pulled over for driving goofy. >> relax. relax. >>reporter: just a few minutes
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greer is swarmed by officers and the field sobriety test goes sideways. >> next thing you know there's over 17 cops and he was wrestled to the ground tased. >> you need to stop resisting or you will be tased. >>reporter: he was held to the ground for minutes and tased multiple times. greer was dead thought long after. >> his lips were blue and discolored and they still continued to put the wrap on him with his head slumped over and unconscious. at that point it took almost 7 minutes before anybody tried to give him cpr. >>reporter: dena a below is greer's ex-wife they have two children and two grandchildren together. she wants to see a change in use of force am may today county the district attorney is not notified when someone is killed other than when it's a shooting when they get that changed looked into to hold
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police officers accountable for what they have done. >> tina told us it took her 18 months to bring herself to look at the video she decided to release it because of the spaeth of officer involved shootings and deaths. we reached out to hayward police they say they are deferring comments to the city attorney's office due to the lawsuit. bart police did not get back to us. in the newsroom andrea bosch a kpix5. another police officer is on administrative leave in connection with a sexual misconduct scandal. that brings the tally to four officers the da believers were involved with this woman. a 19-year-old who goes by the name celeste. the investigation started with officer brendan o'brien's suicide note last year he said he sent celeste i appropriate texts and other officers had sex with her starting when she was 16. opd says it holds all employees accountable for their actions on and off duty. and it will not tolerate misconduct of any kind.
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it doesn't end there. in san franciscan officer was arrested for overtime fraud. dean lee is 41 years old and has been with the force for 15 years. internal fairs got wind of the alleged fraud from an inside source. in a statement sfpd is saying the public's trust is of the utmost importance. and the department will continue to work hard to build and maintain this trust. the officer has been suspended without pay. this comes on the heels of a racist text scandal and a string of high profile police shootings. . in concord a woman's body found in a duck pond. tonight her death is being investigated as a homicide. so someone spotted the body at new hall park after 2:30 this morning. detectives identified this man 26-year-old eric lamar nelson as a suspect. he is contract armed and dangerous. investigators believe nelson might be driving this black kia spectra. police say the suspect and the
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victim knew each other. the motive is unclear. i guess the golden state warriors short on a three-point attempt and that will do it. >> bit of a disappointment in the nation tonight. golden state warriors fell short in game one of the western conference finals at oracle arena. kristin airs is outside. there was an upshot cheap particular you could get in without spending an arm and a leg. >>reporter: absolutely. this is really the first time we've seen ticket prices like in this in this series for the warriors a tough loss but for fans looking for a cheap ticket to a high profile game, big one. no fireworks outside of oracle arena warriors fans left the game did he jerked after falling to oklahoma city in game one. >> we got robbed. >> it was a tough one but we still believe in it. >> we'll be back we're come come back with a win wednesday. >>reporter: the stakes have
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never been higher for the warriors but prices have never been lower. >> we paid less than what we normally pay. >> i was actually surprised to see today there was such afford ability for today's game. >>reporter: shawn pitt a spokesperson for game time told us ticket prices took an unexpected nose dime for this game. some were going online for as low as $150 part of the reason the game's early start time. >> with 6:00 start times it makes it tougher for people to get here from work. that's when you see people having to let their tickets go at prices they don't normally do. >>reporter: ticket prices will like highly rise but game 2 will give fans a shot at a good deal if they know when to buy. >> the last minute tendency is when you'll find the value. >>reporter: once game one had started sideline club level tickets stopped 80% from 1150 to 188. if you're willing to take the gamble and wait to buy your
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tickets after tipoff there were certainly deals to be had tonight. you could also see some discounts when the warriors are back here at oracle on wednesday. >> kristin airs live at okay alabama reason a thank you. tesla motors says it will look at allegations of underpaid factory workers. according to an investigation by the mercury news 140 subcontractors who were hired to build a paint shop at the fremont factory were paid less than $5 an hour. those employees were all hired through a german company which is also accused of misusing foreign visas. tesla ceo 0 elian music tweeted sounds like the wrong thing happened on many levels we will investigate to make it right. san mateo will keep using red light cameras despite costly glitches of those cameras brought in more than $200,000 in revenue last year. but the city had to refund nearly a thousand tickets because yellow lights at two
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intersections had been set too short. tonight the city council unanimously approved a two-year contract extension with the camera operator. the number of collisions from red light violations has dropped sharply since those cameras were installed. bees we've heard about killer bees for years but here in the bay area we haven't seen anything like this before. >>reporter: there are tens of thousands of bay area backyard with bee hives. >> i wasn't sure what to think. i was kind of surprised. >>reporter: there has never been a report of africanized bees so far north in the united states yet but in fact maybe there still isn't. >> i'll bet you a cup of coffee and a donut. >>reporter: he doesn't know of course dna tests will have to
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be made but he says it could be something else too. >> you know bees can get is he because there are ants bees can get is he anybody who is manipulating the take place starts killing a bunch of bees. >>reporter: a bunch of bees went on the attack killing several dogs and stinging sever humans. about 50 of the dead bees in concord were collected they have taken and sent to the department of agricultural for tests and test results should come back in the next several weeks. mike sugar man kpix5. >> when a concord man saw this in his yard he wasn't taking any chances. he lives about a mile and-a- half from where that aggressive high was. he sent us this video and told us he called in a pro to remove the hive from a tree in his yard. the beekeeper child a ladder and cut a branch down to take those bees away. governor jerry brown is seeking ten million dollars in
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state funds to create an earthquake warning system. the u.s. geological survey and university researchers are developing the system which would provide several seconds of warning after a fault ruptures limited alerts could begin by 2018. governor has supported the creation of the system but previously argue that money should come from only private and federal sources not state funds. beyonce' is back in the bay area tonight. the pop star took the stage at levi stadium on santa chara on her formation world tour. this is her first performance here since her super bowl l halftime show that got a lot of people talking. ray medina is outside levi stadium tonight. >>reporter: you know she offended some local law enforcement for her halftime performance. especially after she asked for a c hp escort but her fans are
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coming to her defense. beyonce on her formation tour. >> no matter what race you are you can enjoy the song. >> do you think it's offensive? >> i do not. >>reporter: the controversy heated up during the super bowl . sources say she offended local police. the song formation makes partial references to police brutality and the black lives matter movement. the dancers posted pictures on social media of them paying homage to the black panthers and holding a sign reading justice for mario woods a man armed with a knife and shot by san francisco police last year. several sources from different law enforcement agencies say many don't like beyonce' for her political stance and just last week a group of law enforcement protested outside her concert. >> i think it's crazy. >>reporter: but beyonce' fans they have got her all wrong. >> i don't think she's anti-police i think she's staning up for what she believes in. >>reporter: many fans believe
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the music video which shows police holding up their hands proves beyonce' is anti-police brutality and not anti-police. >> so i believe that like she's showing that we can stand against the police and in the end the police raise their hands it's a you mutual respect rather than one over the other. >>reporter: get this, she was selling t-shirts that said boycott beyonce' fans say she was poking fun at herself. by the way we did not see any protests. >> little bit of controversy always helps with those ticket sales too i'm sure. thank you. campaign 2016 bee learned tonight that bernie sanders is coming back to the way area. the democratic presidential candidate is going to host rallies in san jose and vallejo on wednesday. tomorrow democrats in oregon and kentucky head to the polls. sanders is favored in both those states. but he still trails hillary
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clinton by nearly 800 delegate votes. hillary clinton is only 144 delegates short of clinching the nomination. on the republican side donald trump is blasting the new york times tonight an article in the paper detailed accusations of poor treatment of women. trump tweeted this, the new york times is so dishonest their hit piece cover story on me yesterday was blown up by a form er girl friend rosanne brewer who said it was a lie. >> they did take quotes from what i said and they put a negative connotation an spun it to where it appeared negative. >> true or note a recent cnn poll 64% of women have unfavorable view of the presumptive gop nominee. hundreds of travelers stranded at one of the nation's busy airports. about 450 passengers got stuck at o'hare in chicago last night. they say the long security lines kept them from getting to
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their gates on time. the airport offered them could its to sleep on overnight. the tsa says it plans to hire 800 new screeners next month to ease the wait times nervous the time you've been watching this newscast someone died of an opioid over do's it happens every 18 minutes. there are more than 29,000 overdoses in 2014 according to the cdc. many of those deaths from prescription painkillers. tonight alan martin reports california has a new plan to crack down on the doctors who are feeding the epidemic. >>reporter: dr. richard rand arrested in san francisco three weeks ago returning from hawaii. the reno family physician faces federal drug conspiracy charges. >> this kind of abuse is not going to be toll rathbun rated. >>reporter: the feds say dr. rand was writing prescriptions for oxycodone for no legitimate medical reason. the prescriptions were filled and the drugs sold. now there's a way to catch
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patients who get too many pills. >> nor could percocet or oxycontin morphine dilaudid. >>reporter: according to the cdc since 1999 a number of unintentional overdose deaths has quad rupped. >> we were taught as part of our training to treat pain at any cost. >>reporter: doctor sameer aware took part of the prevention conference. >> these medications are designed for cancer pain we ended up using them for any type of pain. >>reporter: they are also highly addictive and led to an increase in patients who doctor shop one patient getting different doctors to write multiple prescriptions for the same drugs. in a too weeks a new state program designed to prevent that will be mandatory for every doctor in california who prescribes thighs painkillers. it's called cures 2.0 which stands for controlled substance utilization review and evaluation system.
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>> every prescription that a parent has filled in the last 12 months and who the prescriber was. >>reporter: dr. kayman is among those who say this will cut on patients who doctor shop and reduce number of doctors who write too many brinings for dangerous narcotics because pharmacists will also be part of cures. >> a pharmacist can call the provider back and say do you really want to fill this prescription. i see this patient has been going to a lot of different providers. >>reporter: if patients get the medicines they are addicted to, they might just turn to treatment. >> if people are not able to get their-yets and also getting pressure from the community around they will they hopefully will be seeking more treatment. >>reporter: in san francisco alan martin kpix5. >> kentucky launched its online drug georgia a base it showed a decline in number
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prescriptions for commonly abused medications. a reduction in doctor shopping and increase the number of people seeking treatment for prescription medication addiction. no need to wait in line for hours anymore. this new dumpling restaurants in santa clara is so popular it's doing something it has never done before. requiring reservation is. we checked the next available reservation is isn't until mid june but bar seating is available on a walk in basis. >> walk right in. >> as many dumplings as you want. we have mainly clear skies in san francisco rye now it's still 6 in oakland mild night. concord 63. san jose 6 o. we'll stay pretty close to the 60-degree mark we're getting the morning started off warm. we will finish the day warm as well. some of you hot. fremont 57. san rafael 54. something is a given here in the bay area. the ocean to our west is always
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chilly. the air above it is also always chilly if the win comes from the other direction coming from the north northeast or the east that influence of the ocean is gone it's called an offshore win it gets cranking tomorrow. that's why tomorrow afternoon will be experiencing weather 10 to 15 degrees warmer. 15 to 20 degrees warmer than normal. '90s in the bay because of the offshore wind but only hangs out for two days. tomorrow and wednesday dominated by this. big ridge of high pressure that north to northeast wind little if any ocean influence. the low goes from the gulf of alaska to southern oregon far northern california. that country they are clockwise flow brings it the opposite wind direction. we're going to go from the 90s on wednesday to the 60s for highs inland on friday. cool weather to finish the week but next few days it's all about the heat. clear fog along the coastline otherwise clear. clear during the day big changes coming up later this
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week. it will get much cooler. oakland how about 84 for you tomorrow. livermore 91. 90s for fairfield vacaville martinez. walnut creek vallejo. >> san jose 88 degrees. your extend forecast hot for two two days. thursday transition day friday nobody hits # 0. the week will stay cooler than normal as well. that's your forecast time for sports. dennis live from oracle. >> that's right paul. a stunning second half collapse for the golden state warriors tonight. what went wrong we'll take you inside the locker room for reaction and highlights straight ahead. dennis o'donnell has tonighs sports report from oracle arena.. dennis,,,, dennis o'donnell has tonighs sports report from oracle
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its gotta be a very foreign . dennis o'donnell with any's sport report live from oracle arena. >>reporter: golden state warriors have not lost a game one in the postseason in the past 3 years. now it was easy for oracle crowd to curb their enthusiasm in the second half. warriors had all the momentum at halftime. curry buries a off balance three at the buzzer whenever brook scored pulled the thunder within two. westbrook didn't get a ton of
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help from kevin durant. oklahoma city up by five. 15 seconds to go thunder up four. jumper from the wing off the mark that is your ball game. okc holds on to win 108-102 they out score the warriors by 19 in the second half. curry and thompson combined one for 10 in the 4th quarter. >> i think our defensive game plan was really good. and offensively we sucked. >> we got rushed a little bit tried to go for the home run plays. sometimes it works. >> i think they were maybe more poised team tonight. as far as their inserting their will. >> our players know to win the next one you know would be good. >> it's not supposed to be easy. not going to lay down and be happy because they beat the spurs. so you know it's good for us to get punched in the mouth come
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back and step up. >> again russell westbrook line after 3 points in the first half 27 points. he finishes with 12 assists and 7 steals. he's got two days to figure it out. up next the ba,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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. bad boy a baseball brought his swag tore the coliseum next- door earlier today. yesterday in arlington rangers second baseman odor named jose bautista square in the jaw in a brawl. odor could be suspended tomorrow. marcus semien fails his 10th home run of the season. solo blast too help the rookie shown monday a pick up his first major league win. giants are off it seems tim lincecum will not be returning to san francisco. the an yells will sign him to a contract and eventually put them in their rotation. the giants were apparently only interested in having the two- time cy young winner in the bullpen. the warriors got two days to figure it out. the good omen they have ,,,,,,,,
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tomorrow morning at 4-30.
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. next newscast tomorrow morning at 4:30 we'll see you bright and early. good night.
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