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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  May 17, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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the building is lit up with blue and gold. but i think the sharks are playing tonight so teal, right? >> yes, teal. >> teal for the sharks. >> all right. >> too bad, though, the golden state warriors lost last night. it was shocking! >> a bummer. they were slow close. but that could be their one fluke, the one game they lose. the rest they will have to win. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. let's check traffic and weather. >> i think it's a great thing. i don't think it's a great thing but i think it reminds everybody how difficult it is to win a championship. i think we're starting to take it for granted that they're supposed to win every time. they have to pull up their big boy pants and keep going. >> the sharks had to go to game 7 and then win it. >> no game 7. good morning, let's step out this morning. these are the numbers that will greet you. claudia our traffic producer walked in and said, did you see the moon!! no, she said, did you see the moon? [ laughter ] >> temperatures are currently in the 50s and later today, we
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love claudia, lots of sunshine going up to 94 degrees. we have the full forecast coming up but first here's gianna. >> we have been watching the moon this morning. westbound 580 at truck scales an accident over to the right shoulder. we are seeing some slow-and-go conditions anyway as you work your way westbound 580 out of tracy. other than that we also have some roadwork along the bay bridge upper and lower decks affected. up deck should be cleared by 5, lower cleared by 6:00. in the east bay bullets shatter the back window of a car and police say the same gunman turned highway 4 into a crime scene and it wasn't the first time officers were left hunting for clues on the roadway. now pittsburg city council has decided enough is enough. joe vazquez on the step they are taking to put worried drivers at ease. >> boom, boom, boom reporter: the wild west gunfight began in a convenience store parking lot in antioch. >> this one guy walked from here and he shoot back this
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way. >> reporter: he just started shooting the other car? >> yes. >> reporter: he shot up several cars in the process and took off chasing another car onto highway 4 right in the middle of rush hour. that's where witnesses reported gunshot being traded between two vehicles. police gave chase, recovered two weapons, made four arrests. incredibly, nobody was hurt. >> we are going willing to take money out of our tight general funds and put them into something that makes the freeways safer. >> reporter: the pittsburg now wants to install cameras along highway 4 in pittsburg. last week's freeway shooting killed a mother of four. that gunman got away. >> the cameras were up in the location that we're looking at, if they were up, we would have captured the vehicle. >> reporter: pittsburg has more than 100 cameras all over the city. they voted to fund a project to put 6 more on the highway. >> it is a 4-0 "yes" vote. >> reporter: it's not just the
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violence. today's shooting shut down the already congested freeway for nearly three hours while police searched for suspects. a contra costa supervisor says he hopes pittsburg's decision tonight will be just the beginning. >> i want to stand in support of the cameras for highway 4 and i'm going to be suggesting that other areas within the county also install cameras on the freeways. >> reporter: joe vazquez, kpix 5. new this morning, santa clara police want your help finding these men. the two burglary suspects are seen breaking the glass of joe's chinese fast food at 3 a.m. on april 21. one of the suspects is wearing an oakland raiders hat. they may have played a part in a second burglary that also happened on great america parkway the same night. in concord, police are looking for 26-year-old erick lamar nelson, armed and dangerous and the main suspect in a homicide case.
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someone found the remains of a woman in a duck pond in newhall yesterday morning. they think he is driving a black kia spectra and they say he knew the victim but no word on a motive yet. another oakland police officer is on administrative leave in connection with a sexual misconduct connection, bringing the number involved to 4. they were allegedly involved with a 19-year-old woman known as celeste guap. the investigation began with officer brendan o'brien's suicide note last year. he said he sent her inappropriate text messages and that other officers had sex with her starting when she was 16. opd says it holds all employees accountable for their actions on and off duty and won't tolerate misconduct of any kind. the family of a man who died during a confrontation with hayward and bart police has released officer body cam video of the incident. the family has filed a lawsuit
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claiming officers used excessive force. more on the video from kpix 5's andria borba. >> i'm rolling, by the way. >> reporter: this is body cam video from may 23, 2014. the man being questioned by police for a suspected dui is 46-year-old james greer. >> the lieutenant told him he was being pulled over for driving goofy. >> wait, what did you say? >> hey, relax. >> relax. [ yelling ] >> hey, you touched my arm! >> reporter: in just a few minutes he is swarmed by officers and the field sobriety test goes sideways. >> next thing you know, there's over 17 cops and he was wrestled to the ground, tased. >> you need to stop resisting or you're going to be tased. >> reporter: greer was held to the ground for minutes and tased multiple times. [ screaming ] >> reporter: greer was dead not long after. >> his lips were blue and discolored and they still continued to put the rap on him with his head slumped over and
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unconscious and at that point, it took almost 7 minutes before anybody tried to give him cpr. >> reporter: dina avelo is greer's ex-wife. they have two children and two grandchildren together. she wants to see a change in use of force and investigation policies surrounding in-custody deaths. >> in alameda county, the district attorney is not notified when someone is killed by police other than when it's a shooting. so when i want to get that changed and looked into and to hold the police officers accountable for what they have done. >> reporter: andria borba, kpix 5. >> the coroner ruled the death an accident with the caused listed as pcp intoxication associated with physical exertion. the hayward police department is deferring comments to the city attorney's office because of the lawsuit. bart police have not responded yet. time now is 4:36. here's roberta with our weather forecast. >> we have interesting weather pattern because today we'll heat up dramatically. you will feel the difference
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from the coast into our inland spots with the outside number between 93 and 94 degrees. meanwhile, the coast will be flirting with nearly 70. right now it's our live kpix weather camera looking towards sfo. we have the abundance of clear skies, unlimited visibility and air temperatures mild in the 50s. we are now seeing 54 in livermore and nearly 60 in san jose and santa rosa. so to the south and to the north. these numbers typically average high san francisco 64 but instead today 82 degrees. it will be 88 degrees in san jose up from the average high 75. so bank on 60s and 70s at the seashore, 80s around the peninsula, 88 in morgan hill. outside number 94 towards brentwood and tracy and also discovery bay. 80 degrees in stinson beach and 990 in napa. we are going to talk about the chances of rain and when you should expect it coming up a little later but first here's gianna. >> they are doing sand removal
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on great highway so a closure in effect both directions completely shut down between sloat and lincoln. use an alternate. we have reports of an accident westbound 580 at the livermore truck scales. good news it's not blocking lanes. it's over to the right shoulder minor fender-bender but you have spectator slowing passing the scene. of course, traffic busy for "super commuters" making their way out of tracy westbound 580 slow to greenville and then sluggish just past there. once you get to the dublin interchange, traffic is light connecting over to 680. new this morning, you will soon be able to pick up liquor at trader joe's in denver san francisco. they have filed a license application for its new manned and 4th street location. you can get liquor at trader joe's in downtown san francisco at the basement of old navy. the new store will be welcomed by many. bernie sanders will be at a
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couple of bay area rallies tomorrow. the first will be in san jose at 1 p.m. at santa clara county fairgrounds. the second will be at 7:30 tomorrow night at waterfront park in vallejo. sanders is favored to win today's oregon and kentucky democratic primaries. but presumptive republican nominee donald trump has no active republican challengers in oregon's primary today. still, trump is facing questions about his character and the start of attack ads interest a super pac that supports democrat hillary clinton. hena daniels reports reporter: hillary clinton is looking to snap a losing streak against rival bernie sanders today. yesterday, she made a last- minute push for votes in kentucky. >> i was here in 2008, the day before that primary, and i hope it gives me the same positive victory that we had before [ screaming ] ! >> reporter: despite her
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significant delegate lead, clinton is locked in a primary battle with the vermont senator. on monday he began laying the groundwork for a win in puerto rico in june. >> it is time for the people of puerto rico to be allowed to take charge of their political future. >> reporter: a pro clinton super pac is looking forward to the general election and is now air ads against donald trump. >> you know, you can see there was blood coming out of her eyes, um, blood coming out of her wherever. >> reporter: this priorities usa ad features some of his comments against women including megyn kelly. in a one-on-one interview on megyn kelly presents airing tonight on the fox broadcast network, trump responded to questions about his character. >> i have been saying during this whole campaign that i'm a camera puncher. you understand that. i'm responding. >> reporter: the presumptive gop nominee runs uncontested in today's republican primary in oregon.
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hena daniels, cbs news. >> there are 28 republican delegates and 74 democratic delegates up for grabs in oregon. nba play-offs the warriors are starting off in the hole in the western conference finals. fans in oakland left the arena dejected last night after golden state fell to the oklahoma city thunder 108-102. the game opened to an unusually high number of empty seats and tickets on the resale market sold for a lot less money than recent play-off games. some in the ticket industry say it was likely because of the timing. >> with 6:00 start times that makes it tough for people to get here from work and that's when you see people having to let their tickets go at prices they wouldn't normally do. >> game 2 is tomorrow in oakland and it also has a 6 p.m. start time the sharks are also down one game to none in the stanley cup play-off series against the blues. game two tonight in st. louis. the sharks will hold another watch party in san jose. it will be at the britannia arms downtown featuring
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raffles, contests and the mascot. the puck drops at 5 p.m. time now 4:41. a california boy and his dog both lucky to be alive this morning after a rattlesnake attack! how man's best friend saved the day. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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medina shows us who's embracing... the queen bee's sting. ((pkg)) ((nats of fans y beyonce grabbed the mic at a stadium. her new tour is political. kpix 5's maria medina shows us who is embracing the queen bee sting. [ singing ] >> reporter: beyonce on her formation tour. >> no matter what race you are you can enjoy the song. >> reporter: do you think it's he offensive? >> i don't. >> reporter: not everyone agrees. it heated up here at levi's stadium during the super bowl and sources say she offended local police. the song formation makes partial references to police brutality and the "black lives matter" movement. the dancers posted pictures on social media of them paying
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homage to the black panthers and holding a sign reading justice for mario woods. the man armed with a knife and shot by san francisco police last year. several sources from different law enforcement agencies say many don't like beyonce for her political stance and just last week, a group of law enforcement protested outside her concert. >> i think it's crazy. >> reporter: but fans say they have her all wrong. >> i don't think she is anti- police. i think she is standing up for what she believes in. >> reporter: many fans believe the music video which shows police holding up their hands proves beyonce is anti-police brutality and not anti-police. >> so i believe that, like, she is showing that we can stand against the police and in the end the police raise their hands and i think it's a mutual respect rather than one over the other. >> reporter: maria medina, kpix 5. >> beyonce was selling shirts that said, boycott beyonce. loyal fans liked that she was poking fun at the controversy.
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meanwhile, nobody protested the event here in the bay area last night. today federal safety regulators plan to unveil details of what likely caused a deadly amtrak train derailment. accident in may of last year killed 8 people in philadelphia. a u.s. official briefed by investigators says engineer brandon bostian was distracted by radio transmissions about other trains being hit by project tiles. they found no evidence he was on alcohol, drugs or using a cell phone, which a former coworker said of him last year. >> never had his phone out. it didn't matter what the situation was. never had his phone out. he doesn't drink. none of that any type of -- none of that stuff. >> the cause won't be officially determined until the national transportation safety board votes today. when it comes to car crashes a new report could save the lives of teens who take the wheel. data shows that teen fatalities in car accidents were dropping
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in early 2003 but "for some reason," in 2014 they found a spike. a report by "safe kids worldwide" shows the best way to keep them safe is to make them sign a safe driving contract. the study shows the signature alone can inspire responsible choices. >> when it comes to teens who have a formal agreement with parents, we found that they are 10 times less likely to drive after they have been drinking. >> children model behavior from their parents, teachers, friends and we have to set a good example. >> safe kids worldwide recommends that teens put in at least 50 hours of supervised driving before getting their licenses. a huge milestone in space this morning after 17 years, the international space station has orbited the earth 100,000 times. in 1988 a russian rocket blasted off into space with the first piece of the
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international space station. since then it has traveled 2.9 billion miles equaling 10 round- trips to mars. the space station circles the earth every 90 minutes and astronauts inside get a sunrise or sunset every 45 minutes. isn't that cool? >> you would be pretty busy up there giving all the updates for sunrise and sunset. >> it's hard for me to wrap my head around a lot of things in space. can you imagine another sunrise every 45 minutes? i complain about my commute to work 85 miles roundtrip but this? wow! clear skies. no winds. under 5 miles per hour. comparison to this time yesterday when we had wind gusts up to 17 and 20. this is the scene looking out towards the embarcadero. we are going to say in teal and goal saluting the sharks. go sharks this evening. meanwhile, right now temperatures into the 50s.
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55 san francisco. 54 across the bay into oakland. stratus in the central valley but along the immediate seashore the coast is clear with the marine layer backing out over the open waters. it's because we had a dome of high pressure. as it gets closer to the coast, the ridge is expanding and the end result is that it will be much warmer today than yesterday. thursday cooling down significantly so you will feel the difference today with the big warmup. you will feel the difference on thursday and friday with the big cooldown. this is your futurecast if you want to plan your afternoon perhaps pack a lunch and eat outdoors at recess time for the kids no clouds. on wednesday, about 24 hours away at 5 a.m., we have stratus close to the coast. that's about it. then here's your thursday morning when we start to see a wind shift in an approaching area of low pressure. we'll see the return of the marine layer along the san mateo coastline. and this will introduce the chance of rain showers on saturday. until then temperatures going up talking 60s and 70s at the
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beaches today, 80s around the bay, 90 million mountain view, 94 concord. your extended forecast the hottest day of the workweek will bring down the numbers slightly on wednesday and big time cooldown on thursday which is seasonal and cooler over the weekend. we start off with a closure on great highway both directions shut down for sand removal. that's between sloat and lincoln. so plan for that. some delays to be expected. peninsula quiet. no delays northbound 101. clear through to sfo. north there was to san francisco drive times good. 19 minutes 101, 92 to the 80 split. no delays on 280. we have a bike in the roadblocking the two right lanes westbound 4 near hillcrest. look out for that. no delays from antioch into pittsburg. south bay so far, so good. northbound 101 an easy ride out of the south bay in order towards san mateo traffic is
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clear 280. guadalupe parkway off to a good start. northbound 87, 85 to 101, 8 minutes. so far, so good on the bay bridge. roadwork on the upper deck of the bay bridge. hoping to have that wrapped up within the next 10 minutes. lower deck cleared early. traffic free-flowing. san mateo bridge so far, so good. no delays between 880 and 101. and they just did the lane changes on the golden gate adding one more lane southbound side and traffic is clear out of marin. in southern california a mom almost lost her little boy to a rattlesnake bite but the woman's dog took the hit before the child could blink. she was barbecuing on sunday when a rattlesnake approached and as she filled her dog's dish with water. her back was turned when the snake-bit the dog. anabel started barking in time for the stepfather to kill the snake before it could attack
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the child. >> i'm not glad that she got bit. but we live an hour away from a hospital. she could have easily just been gone. >> and rochelle was even more grateful when her community stepped up to pay for anabel's 2,000 antivenin treatment. would you feel comfortable driving on the freeway in a truck driven by a robot? it could become a reality in california. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning. welcome back to "kpix 5 morning news." time check 4:54. it's your tuesday may 17. look at the temperatures. averages 10 as to about 18 degrees above where we should
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be for this time of the year. 60s and 70s at the beaches today. grab the sunscreen for sure. 80s to low 90s in the peninsula. 88 in san jose and swinging around to the eastern portion of our bay area. 88 san ramon, pleasanton 92. 75 degrees in bodega bay to 90 in napa and hello windsor at the 2 degrees. -- at 92 degrees. busy off 580 westbound stop- and-go from 205 to greenville. eastbound roadwork from greenville to north flynn. 680 dublin interchange off to a great start. a new san francisco startup is looking to set self-driving semi trucks on the road. an engineer who works on google's self-driving car project is behind the idea. it's aimed to equip trucks with software sensors and cameras in order tore the big rigs to -- in order for the big rigs to navigate the 220,000 of u.s.
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highways on their own. this way the drivers can nap in the back of the cab. >> tesla is now investigating allegations of under paid factory workers in fremont in response to an article published by the "mercury news" finding that 140 subcontractors who were hired to build a paint shop at the fremont factory were paid less than $5 an hour. those employees were all hired through a german company, also accused of misusing foreign visas elon musk says, sounds like the wrong thing happened on many levels. we'll investigate to make it right. today tim cook will continue his business trip overseas. the apple ceo is going to be in india to meet with the prime minister. they will talk about the tech giant's plan for the country. this comes after cook's stop in china. there he announced a billion- dollar development in the country's ridesharing app. >> travelers flying out of chicago can't catch a break. hundreds of travelers were stranded at o'hare sunday night because long security lines
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kept them from getting to their gates on time. the airport offered them cots to sleep on overnight. the tsa plans to hire 800 new screeners next month to ease some wait times. it's 4:57 right now. a petsmart employee facing animal cruelty charges. what he is accused of doing during a normal grooming appointment. >> and san francisco-based company uber says it will pay $100 million to settle independent place but the plaintiff in this case says it's not enough and that uber is shortchanging drivers billions. ,,,,
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let's get a look at weatherd traffic. here's roberta gonzales good morning. it's tuesday, may 17. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. let's look at the top of the transamerica pyramid. love the shot for the bay
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bridge. blue and gold and teal for the sharks and warriors. >> what time does the game start in st. louis for the sharks? >> around 6 p.m. >> but there's a watch party. >> no, 5:00. the watch party at britannia arms. go sharks, for sure. good morning, everybody. as you step out here the scene in the santa clara valley home of the sharks. we're looking at levi's stadium, big night last night with the concert. mineta international airport no delays. 52 in livermore. 60 in santa rosa. 24 hours ago we were at 49 degrees. high temperatures today from 68 degrees in pacifica we'll go up 30 degrees. the heat wave is on. we'll talk about how long it will last at 18 minutes after the hour. >> let's check the roads right now. if you are heading towards


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