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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  May 17, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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bridge. blue and gold and teal for the sharks and warriors. >> what time does the game start in st. louis for the sharks? >> around 6 p.m. >> but there's a watch party. >> no, 5:00. the watch party at britannia arms. go sharks, for sure. good morning, everybody. as you step out here the scene in the santa clara valley home of the sharks. we're looking at levi's stadium, big night last night with the concert. mineta international airport no delays. 52 in livermore. 60 in santa rosa. 24 hours ago we were at 49 degrees. high temperatures today from 68 degrees in pacifica we'll go up 30 degrees. the heat wave is on. we'll talk about how long it will last at 18 minutes after the hour. >> let's check the roads right now. if you are heading towards the
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bay bridge this morning, you're in luck. no delays, we are seeing extra volume but easy out of oakland, emeryville into san francisco. roadwork should be clearing. bay area bridges fine no troubles on the san mateo bridge, 880 to 101, 14 minutes. the golden gate bridge off to a great start this morning. all of marin county looks good as far as traffic goes. we haven't seen any delays along southbound 101, at least the portion from 580 down into san francisco. that's only about 14 minutes. altamont pass to 680, 15 minutes. east of there we'll see brake lights westbound coming away from 205 at least to greenville but past there easy towards the dublin interchange with no delays. no delays on mass transit. uber can't seem to shake a
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lawsuit over the way it classifies drivers. the man who first called the company out says the settlement doesn't sit right with him. kpix 5's jackie ward is live in our newsroom on the driver's change of heart and the possible fallout. jackie. reporter: last month uber agreed to a $100 million settlement. but the plaintiff douglas o'connor says that's not enough and he was pressured into quickly signing the settlement. it's a case that's gone on for three years. he says uber is misclassifying its drivers as independent contractors rather than employees. in april uber announced a settlement agreement but o'connor says after fully reviewing it, it is shortchanging uber drivers billions. our kpix 5 legal analyst says uber is lobbying congress to create a different legal framework. >> it's going to be really difficult. one of the things they are looking to do is create a new legal definition, somewhere in between independent contractor and full employee. >> reporter: she referenced germany because there, companies provide some benefits
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to employees but not all. o'connor says the amount of money uber agreed to give to drivers is equivalent to a tank of gas. a hearing on the settlement is in june. >> has uber commented? >> no. but one thing that's interesting o'connor's former attorney says the things he is saying are untrue and he wasn't the lead plaintiff in the case. back to you. >> thank you. in a few hours, san francisco lawmakers plan to announce a solution for rising rent costs. supervisor aaron peskin with several local groups will hold a news conference at 11:30 this morning. peskin is expected to propose a 100% affordable alternative proposal along with the housing and small business preservation. under the plan, there can be no demolition of existing housing or small businesses. this afternoon, the protect oakland renters coalition will call on leaders to find
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solutions for rising rents. they will plan to serve eviction notices to the city council. the group will be outside oakland city hall after noon. this san mateo petsmart employee is accused of animal cruelty. 38-year-old juan zarate of san francisco faces felony charges after a dog died while in his care. police say that he was working on a 1-year-old dachshund at this petsmart in san mateo yesterday. three minutes into the visit he started bleeding from the mouth. henry had two broken ribs and a punctured lung. petsmart released a statement saying, any incident of animal cruelty goes against everybody we believe as a company and individual pet personalities. they are trying to determine how the dog died. protests in north carolina over a state law known as the bathroom bill.
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a dozen demonstrators were arrested yesterday as they rallied outside and marched into the legislative building. they are demanding the repeal of the law which limits use of public restrooms to the gender on a person's birth certificate and today the san jose city council will consider taking a stand against such states with such laws. kiet do reports reporter: the city of san jose has a long history of supporting equal rights and given the intensifying national pressure on north carolina looks like san jose wants to join the movement. they will slow to ban noneevention travel and business to north carolina and mississippi -- noneevention travel and business to north carolina and mississippi. it was sparked by house bill 2 the bathroom bill which overturned existing laws which had protected people from discrimination. now, since then there's been intense pressure on north carolina. everyone from street protestors to paypal, google, apple and lyft to the department of justice and now president obama.
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last week mr. obama wrote a letter directing public schools to give transgender students access to bathrooms and locker rooms that they want to regardless of their birth certificate identity. >> i think it's part of the obligation of our society that everybody is treated fairly and our kids are all loved and that they're protected and that their dignity is affirmed. >> reporter: this kind of movement worked to overturn some laws in georgia. north carolina has been pushing back hard filing some counter lawsuits of their own. san jose will take up this issue in the morning session at 9:30 a.m. kiet do, kpix 5. today san francisco's cable car number 24 will be officially dedicated to giants legend willie mays. 24 is the number he wore on his jersey. the city held a ceremony last week on may's 85th birthday but today the board of supervisors
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will adopt a formal resolution. time now 5:06. whales are back in the bay and here to stay for a while. how much longer you may be able to see the wonders of the water. >> and 70 years after she started her college career, she finally has her diploma. what 90-year-old lois plans to do with her degree next. >> out the door, we have clear skies but wait we'll tell you about rain. >> and it's the usual hot spots this morning. bay bridge and the altamont pass, details coming up.
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good morning. 5:10. looking out towards levi's stadium, it's currently 58 degrees, going up to a high of 88 degrees. we have the microclimate forecast coming up. it is may but it doesn't seem like it in maine. look at this new video of cars covered in snow. they saw 7.5" in perham during a spring snowstorm this week and 4.5" was recorded in caribou. that's a new record for the most snow this late in may. >> they are used to the snow there but in may, i mean, by may, you just want to be done
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with it right? >> after all that salt and all the snow blowers. wow, what a mess. hillary clinton heads to the white house next january, if she does -- former president bill clinton won't be just relaxing by the fire. marc sandalow reports. what does hillary clinton have in mind for bill clinton? >> reporter: michelle, it's already been a fascinating election season. if hillary clinton were to become president we'll have a fascinating transition because for bill clinton, she says he will be in charge of jobs. that's a big deal. that is a big political issue. and what's fascinating about this is, so bill clinton certainly has experience with the economy. what's fascinating is, for years, due to classic roles some would say misogynist roles of men and women, the white house social office is in the first lady's office. we're talk about who sits wear at state dinners what kind of flatware they use, how you set up the decorations at
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christmas. bill clinton might well as "first man" be in charge of jobs but that office is there, too. it's hard to picture bill clinton choosing silverware. >> no doubt. so is the former president a political advantage or liability going forward? >> reporter: both. clearly. but that's always been the question as to who hillary or bill has pushed the other. it recalls a story of the two of them driving through illinois. [ indiscernible ] >> she said if i had married that man, he would have been married to the president of the united states, not a gas station attendant. >> it's the chicken and egg. >> anything to watch for as
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oregon and kentucky hold primaries today? >> only that hillary clinton, who is still way ahead in delegates, has lost 10 of the 12 primaries to bernie sanders. there's raw feelings about the fact that he got the votes, she got the delegates in nevada. so kentucky, oregon, oregon looks good for bernie sanders. if she continues to lose, it really puts pressure on her to do well in california. and california could go either way at this point. >> all right. it's wrapping up -- sort of. marc sandalow from washington, dc, thank you. there is a growing concern about bees in the bay area after an aggressive swarm killed two dogs and injured some people in concord. bee experts are not sure if they were so-called africanized or killer bees. there's never been a confirmed report of them so far north in the u.s. while dna tests will determine that, experts say there are other possible explanations. >> you know, bees can get [
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indiscernible ] if there are ants or if whoever is manipulating the frames is doing a rough job and starts killing bees. >> that's a way to explain it. the bees from the swarm has since dispersed. they will keep an eye on them as temperatures get warmer. a pair of whales continues to swim by the fort baker pier. folks from the marine mammal center in sausalito say that the pair is easy to see if you go to the right spot. the scientists are photographing and recording the whales hoping to identify them from their fluke patterns and they are not surprised whales are in the bay. >> whales come back from being critically threatened. they are one of our whale populations that's recovered. >> anchovies are here by the millions and the whales will stay until the food runs out. not bad, typical hot spots on the road this morning. you're used to it on 580
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westbound. slow-and-go coming away from 205 right to greenville then past that traffic is moving better from the altamont pass to 680 towards the dublin interchange. 680 no delays southbound into the sunol grade. a closure on great highway both directions shut down between sloat and lincoln for sand removal. we'll let you know when the lanes re-open but you definitely want to use an alternate. they have detours to get around the mess. elsewhere traffic is light. no delays right now along the peninsula. if you have a flight at sfo no troubles working your way through there northbound 101 an easy ride from 92 to the 80 split. 19 minutes this morning. 280 also off to a great start. 92 out of half moon bay no delays yet. extra volume but traffic is clear into san mateo. 280 to 101 that's only five minutes this morning. southbound 101 out of marin so of no accidents or incidents. so everything is clear as you head out of novato this
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morning. across the richmond/san rafael bridge traffic light there, as well. it14 minutes across the golden gate bridge. extra volume at the bay bridge. no metering lights yet, traffic nice speeds out of oakland off the eastshore freeway through berkeley no delays along 580. so if you are traveling into san francisco this morning right now is a great time to be on the roads traffic is clear through there. same for the san mateo bridge business as usual. no delays between hayward and foster city on the westbound side. of course if you want to skip the roads take mass transit, all on time. no delays for ace train. caltrains muni, ferries off to a good start. drive times out of the south bay, san jose north 101, 280/680 to 237, only 11 minutes right now so very quiet. might see extra volume northbound south of there out of morgan hill but right now no
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delays on 87 or 280. here's roberta with a heating trend. >> did you see the moon out there this morning? >> i saw it on my way to work. i meant to say something. it was just beautiful. >> it's about 84% full on the way to becoming a full moon, just glorious. we can see it because of the clear skies. this is the view looking out towards the embarcadero this morning. visibility is unlimited. the temperature already 60 degrees in santa rosa. very mild in san francisco at 55. san jose, wow, look at the embarcadero. blue and gold honoring our san jose sharks and dave to the north in napa says clear tuesday morning should be a hot afternoon. go sharks. the puck drops at 5:00 against the blues and western conference finals. clear start to your day. today and tomorrow will be the warmest of the workweek then a big cooldown. rain chances over the weekend. just a slight chance but we have to mention it. right now we have this huge ridge of high pressure that continues to encompass the state of california. we have wind advisories anywhere to the south from
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santa barbara all the way to los angeles. we'll be the recipient of a slight offshore breeze. otherwise, this area of low pressure will build back into the bay area, will swing through on thursday and friday dropping our temperatures to seasonal levels thursday but additional cooling takes place on friday through the weekend. here's our futurecast. what do you see? absolutely nothing going on. the coast is clear. stays clear inland. not a cloud to be seen. this time tomorrow morning, equally as clear with the unlimited visibility. then by thursday, we start to see some approaching clouds from the west and from the south. that's from an area of low pressure that will enhance our marine layer again and also bring in that cooler air mass. until then, our temperatures anywhere from nearly 70 in pacifica to 74 in san francisco. that's 10 degrees above average. 81 degrees in oakland backing through berkeley and into alameda. nearly 90 in napa today and also to the south in san jose. it will be in the low in the
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tri-valley. 90s in brentwood and discovery bay so that's where we have the warmest air. we'll begin to cool wednesday. seasonal highs thursday. cooler with chance of rain over the weekend. here we go. jesse hahn takes the mound for the good guys. tonight 7:05. a's tonight against the rangers clear skies 73 degrees. >> perfect baseball weather. >> we have been everything going on basketball, hockey and baseball. >> thank you. in alabama, a woman named lois with a head of white hair just graduated college. >> yes. and the 90-year-old was all smiles as she crossed the stage with the help of a walker. on saturday, lois finished her degree 70 years after she started it. life wasn't always easy. the cancer survivor became a widow when her daughter was 6. now she has big plans as she graduates from stanford.
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>> maybe a ceo offer would come across. [ laughter ] >> i'm open. i'm open to that. >> i think she can do it. her cancer is not gone but she is not letting the uncertainty faze her. and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, from oracle this morning, we'll take you inside the warriors locker room after the stunning second half collapse. highlights and reaction straight ahead. >> what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at we may come and feature your school on the show. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back. we are getting reports of slight delays for ace train number one. we are reporting about 6-minute delays this morning. the rest of mass transit is on time, 40 trains on bart. no troubles on caltrain or muni metro. good morning, everybody from oracle where it's got to be somewhat of a foreign feeling for the golden state warriors, who have not lost a game one in three post-seasons. it was very easy for the oracle crowd to curb their enthusiasm especially in the second half. warriors have all the momentum in the halftime. curry buries the off balance three at the buzzer and a 13
5:24 am
point golden state lead but russell westbrook scored 24 of 27 in the second half bringing the thunder within 2 points. he didn't get help from kevin durant. this shot with 30 seconds to go broke a street of seven straight misses by him. oklahoma city up 5. 15 seconds to go thunder up 4, curry's jumper from the wing is off the mark. and that is your ballgame. okc wins 108-102 out scoring the warriors by 19 in the second half. curry and thompson were combined one for ten in the 4th quarter. >> i think our defensive game plan was good. and offensively, we sucked. >> we got rushed a little bit and tried to go for the home run plays. sometimes it works. >> i think they were, you know, maybe the more poised team tonight. um, you know, as far as asserting their will. >> our players know that to win the next one, you know, would be -- would be good, right?
5:25 am
[ laughter ] >> it's not supposed to be easy. i'm not going to lay down and be happy just because they beat the spurs. it's good for to us get punched in the mouth come back and step up. >> cold shooting by golden state and russell westbrook three points in the first half finishes with 27 points, 12 assists and 7 steals. what a great game for the guard for the thunder. now, the good news, the warriors have not lost back-to- back games all season. so game 2 wednesday night, thunder lead it 1 game to 0. at oracle, i'm dennis o'donnell, kpix 5. play of the day, let's look at a bright spot in the warriors' nba play-off loss to oklahoma city. check out steph curry in action. >> four straight his next curry gets to step on durant and scores! [ applause and cheers ] >> off the glass again. game 2 tomorrow in oakland. san jose set to join the
5:26 am
national movement to, um, ban travel against north carolina in response to its bathroom bill. >> and in the case that started in 2013, uber says it has reached a settlement but one of the plaintiffs disagrees. he thinks drivers deserve billions rather than millions. ,,,,,,
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loow you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. mmmm, yoplait.
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that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ suspec o burglaries. plus, who police are looking for, dead in a new surveillance video this morning as police search for suspects in two burglaries. >> plus, who police are looking for after a woman is found dead in a duck pond. >> good morning, everybody, from the kpix 5 weather center.
5:30 am
i will share with you where we'll top off at 94 today. >> if you take the bay bridge you're used to it. metering lights are on and the backup has started. details coming up. good morning, it's tuesday, may 17. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. uber's facing more pushback in a quest to call drivers contractors. that's because the man who first filed suit says the recent settlement isn't fair. kpix 5's jackie ward is live in our newsroom. >> reporter: douglas o'connor the man who filed this lawsuit in 2013 wants to be classified as an employee of uber. the company is willing to pay $100 million to settle his claim but o'connor wants more. he says he is objecting to this on behalf of himself and hundreds of thousands of uber drivers in the state of california. in april, uber announced this settlement agreement but o'connor says he was rushed into signing it. now, he believes uber is shortchanging uber's drivers
5:31 am
billions. former san francisco mayor willie brown weighed in. >> there are a combination of things going on here. you have people working and need the assistance. they need healthcare. they need all the kinds of things that goes with real employment. and you cannot be given them directions and not having them under your control. >> reporter: brown says people in organized labor are raising serious questions about independent contracting because contractors don't show up for labor rallies or pay dues. in the meantime, uber is lobbying congress to create a different legal framework. a hearing on the settlement is june 2. jackie ward, kpix 5. new this morning, santa clara police hope you recognize these men. they shattered the glass of joe chinese fast food around 3 a.m. on april 21. one suspect was wearing an oakland raiders hat during the theft. police suspect both men have been behind a second burglary that also happened on great america parkway the same night. deadly shootings on highway
5:32 am
4 have one east bay city pushing for some change. scenes like this are common on the roads. cars were backed up for miles yesterday as investigators hunted for clues in a shootout between two groups of men. now, after seven shootings there in the last year, pittsburg city council has just voted to install cameras along the highway. >> want to stand in support of the cameras for highway 4 and i'm going to be suggesting that other areas within the county also install cameras on the freeways. >> the vote was unanimous but it will take months before the 6 cameras are up and running. as for the rush hour shooting yesterday, four men were arrested. police took in two weapons. but the gun violence shut down the highway for almost three hours during the evening commute. somehow, nobody was hurt. >> there is growing debate
5:33 am
nationwide over laws considered discriminatory against transgenders. now the san jose city council may take a stand. kiet do joins us live from city hall where the council will consider a ban this morning. >> reporter: get ready to add another name to the list of governments and organizations piling on the pressure on north carolina. later on today the san jose city council set to vote on a travel ban on north carolina and mississippi. it would block all nonessential travel and business for conventions, meetings and other events and joins a list of states, counties and cities that are doing the same. hundreds of demonstrators rallied outside north carolina state capital yesterday. some of them arrested. they protested the "bathroom bill" which forces transgender people to use bathroom on their birth certificate. the movement includes some bay area companies like apple, google, lyft and paypal as well as the department of justice and now president obama. transgender people say house bill 2 is humiliating and
5:34 am
dehumanizing. >> it's not only personally hurtful and very insulting. it is hurtful insulting the entire trans community and it is wrong. >> reporter: now, hard to say how much of an impact a travel ban would have but government leaders know that it's only a symbol. san jose set to vote on this issue during their morning session at 9:30 a.m. kiet do, kpix 5. a sexual misconduct investigation now has four oakland police officers on administrative leave. prosecutors say that the four officers were involved with a young woman now 19 who goes by the name celeste guap. the investigation began last year after the suicide of officer brendan o'brien. the suicide note indicated that he had sent guap inappropriate text messages and other officers had sex with her beginning when she was only 16. the oakland police department says it holds all its employees accountable for their actions on and off the job. concord police are looking
5:35 am
for 26-year-old erick lamar nelson the main suspect in a homicide case. but officers warn he is also considered armed and dangerous. officers believe he hid a woman's body in a duck pond. the remains were found at newhall park at 2:30 a.m. yesterday. they say nelson is driving a black kia and they believe he knew the victim. no word on the motive. 5:35. how's the weather shaping up this morning? >> it's very cool that i'm able to use many of my weathercam was at this hour because sun is coming up earlier and now before 6 a.m. and we can obviously tell that we have clear skies when we call on this our live weather camera looking towards the embarcadero. it's lightening up. it's brightening up rapidly and warming up quickly. san jose, you're at 58 degrees going up to a high today of 30 degrees warmer than that. 60 right now in santa rosa climbing to the 90s. in fact, the typical average high this time of the year in
5:36 am
san francisco 64. we are forecasting 74 degrees. look at concord up 18 degrees. there you have the san jose reading and the forecast high of 81 degrees in oakland. the coast will be clear. you will need the sunblock heading to the beaches today. 70s and 70s common. 80s around the peninsula jumping to nearly 90 in los gatos. willow glen alum rock all the way into alviso in the mid- to high 80s. 84 in fremont through union city. east bay numbers 94 degrees in brentwood, byron and discovery bay. 80 today in stinson beach with a strong wind up to 20 miles per hour out of the west. northwest wind 10 to 20 and clearlake at 90. full forecast still coming up at 48 minutes after the hour. gianna? >> thanks, roberta. bay bridge metering lights are turned on so we are seeing a backup now at the toll plaza as you commute out of oakland, emeryville into san francisco. you're backed up to the foot of the maze at this point. so it is about. your approaches though still moving over -- so it is building. your approaches though still moving. westbound 580, we are getting first reports of an accident on the flip side eastbound 580
5:37 am
looks like it may be blocking at least one lane, reported right around 35th. so give yourself a few extra minutes. right lane blocked for a two- car crash. ace train 1 still dealing with about 6 to 8-minute delays but not too bad but might be a better choice than the altamont pass which is slow. the rest of mass transit is on time. on capitol hill, house republicans are unveiling a $622 million measure to fight the spreading of the zika virus. it's one-third of the money president obama requested. the measure will be voted on this week. and it's financed to cuts by unspent funding two years ago to fight ebola. it will control mosquitos that spread zika, tests to detect the virus and international mosquito control. democratic candidate bernie sanders will be back in the bay area tomorrow with a rally in san jose. it's set to begin at 1 p.m. tomorrow at santa clara county fairgrounds. he will hold another rally
5:38 am
tomorrow night at 7:30 at waterfront park in vallejo. and polls suggest that sanders is favored to win today's democratic primaries in oregon and kentucky. democratic front-runner hillary clinton will be off the campaign trail today after stuffing for votes yesterday in kentucky. >> i was here in 2008, the day before that primary, and i hope it gives me the same positive victory that we had before [ screaming ] >> meanwhile, donald trump the presumptive republican nominee is criticizing the latest allegations that he made inappropriate remarks about women. beyonce returned to the bay area to perform at levi's stadium in santa clara where she caused controversy during her super bowl halftime performance. sources say some local law enforcement felt offended by the video for her song formation. it makes partial references to police brutality and the "black lives matter" movement but many beyonce fans say they have her
5:39 am
all wrong and that her music video proves she is anti-police brutality, not anti-police. >> i don't think she is anti- police. i think she is standing up for what she believes in. >> so i believe that, like, she is showing that we can stand against the police. i think it's a mutual respect rather than one over the other. >> last week in houston, a group of law enforcement protest the outside her concert there. levi's stadium formation concert was sold out and it didn't appear any protestors showed up. high school students may feel less financial strain the next time they take a college class. jill wagner of shares the push to extend pell grants and more. >> reporter: apple shares jumped 4% on word that warren buffett's berkshire-hathaway made a more than billion-dollar investment in company. apple had been trading at its lowest level in two years as
5:40 am
iphone sales slowed. the obama administration is launching an experimental program extending pell grants to high school students taking college courses. federal pell grant given to low income students they don't center to be repaid. and regrets americans have many especially when it comes to finances. in a survey from found that the number one regret not saving early enough for retirement. millennials say their biggest regret is too much student loan death. no surprise. >> not surprised. all right. so ben & jerry's is scooping up a new flavor. what can you tell us about that? >> all right. it's infused with politics. it's called for the people. they are launching it today in a couple of hours from now. they say america's democracy is shower but they say don't worry that's not reflected in the flavor. >> thank you. >> jill wagner of, thank you. time now 5:40. next, could a trader joe's be
5:41 am
coming to downtown san francisco? >> plus, late, late show host james corden gets a hand from a few friends in his latest carpool karaoke. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning. a look at the transamerica pyramid. visibility is unlimited. temperatures 18 degrees above average. we'll show you the hottest locations coming up. new details now on a wildfire burning out of control in canada. huge amounts of smoke are filling the air around fort mcmurray. at least 8,000 workers at nearby oil camps were ordered to evacuate last night. 80,000 people have already been out of their homes for over two
5:44 am
weeks. the fire has destroyed 2,400 structures so far. a year after a deadly amtrak train derailment in philadelphia federal investigators plan to reveal details of the cause. it killed 8 people. engineer brandon bostian was reportedly distracted by radio transmissions about projectiles hitting other trains in the area. investigators say that they did not find any evidence that bostian was using alcohol, drugs or his cell phone. today, california's high- speed rail authority will hold an open house in san jose to discuss the latest plans regarding the project. more specifically, they will be giving an update on the san jose-to-merced portions of the plan. the meeting is at berryessa community center starting at 5:00. new this morning, a new trader joe's is coming -- may be coming to downtown san francisco. sfgate says the store has filed a liquor license application for its new market and 4th street location. it will be in the basement of old navy.
5:45 am
in the stanley cup play- offs this evening, the sharks hope to even up the series with the blues after falling in game one of the western conference finals. game 2 is in st. louis. in san jose, the team will hold another watch peter. it will be at the britannia arms downtown. the game starts at 5:00. >> the warriors also loves the first game in the nba -- lost the first game in the nba western conference finals. the team fell to the oklahoma city thunder 108-102. the game opened to a surprising number of empty seats. they were less expensive than recent play-off games. it circles the earth every 90 minutes and now the international space station has now orbited the globe 100,000 times. it's taken 17 years to get there. in total, it has traveled 2.9 billion miles which equals 10 round-trips to mars. by the way, astronauts inside
5:46 am
iss get a sunrise or sunset every 45 minutes. must be hard to sleep up there. >> just thinking that like your circadian rhythm would be off by a lot. let's check the roads. >> it's moving. we have an accident blocking a lane, it's noncommute direction. not too much delays but at least one lane is closed. westbound 580 is where you will see some slow-and-go conditions as you work your way towards the bay bridge this morning. south 680 at sunol, chp headed out to the scene. we'll get you more information once they arrive. also on 680, in solano word of a car fire over to the right shoulder near gold hill. other than that business as usual along westbound 580 altamont pass and 680, east of there we typically see some stop and go conditions. there is an accident though
5:47 am
westbound 580 at corral hollow. that may be causing a snag too as you work your way out of tracy this morning heading towards that altamont pass area. so you will need extra time there. it bogs down at the 205/580 connector and easing up past greenville no delays toward 680. at the bay bridge metering lights are on backed up to the maze. slight delays at the approaches through emeryville off the eastshore freeway and westbound 580 approaching the maze. traffic busy, northbound filling in 280/680 as you head towards 880. past there still in the green with okay speeds heading towards 237. no delays into the peninsula right now. northbound 280/680 to 101 to 237 will take you 14 minutes this morning. 280 might be the best bet traffic still light through downtown san jose no delays on guadalupe parkway. looks like southbound nimitz starting to get busy.
5:48 am
delays coming away from 238. you're sluggish down to about 84 with a 15-minute drive time. no accidents in the area. once you get on the san mateo bridge though you're doing okay no delays between hayward and foster city. 880 to 101, 13 minutes. so far, so good out of marin one of our bright spots with no delays south 101, 580 down into san francisco. mount vaca into the highest temperatures today in the 90s. it's 2800 feet one of a couple of mountain ranges in the bay area that gets winter snow and in the springtime, the visibility is unlimited. right now, we have jumped up to 60 degrees at this very early hour in santa rosa, otherwise low 50s in throughout the tri- valley. the winds are relatively flat in oakland at 57 degrees. here's what you need to know on this tuesday. clear, mild as you get ready to
5:49 am
get the kids ready for school. today and tomorrow warmer. then a slight chance of rain on saturday and sunday. but today, high pressure right here. area of low pressure upstream. this is the key component that's providing us with the dry weather pattern and the wind advisory anywhere from the san luis obispo south into los angeles. an area of low pressure begins to approach on thursday. we'll cloud up, cool down, and then introduce that chance of rain showers on saturday and sunday. here's your futurecast. plan lunchtime outdoors today. it's going to be stellar. can you imagine 79 degrees in santa cruz today? wednesday morning at this time 24 hours from about now, nothing but clear skies, again. then the clouds increase thursday. the cooler air mass aloft. meanwhile today we are talking about nothing but clarity and sunrise. 5:58. by the time it sets at 8:15 tonight, temperatures are going up by a good 18 degrees above average in the concord, clayton
5:50 am
and walnut creek area. that will be 94 degrees. otherwise, low 90s in fairfield in throughout the tri-valley. 88 degrees in san jose when the average high is 75. 10 degrees above average in san francisco approaching 70 in pacifica. 93 degrees in santa rosa. here's your extended forecast. a splash of sunshine today and on wednesday. we begin to see partly cloudy skies on thursday and friday. slight chances of you needing an umbrella over the weekend. jesse hahn on the mound for the good guys. clear skies, 73 degrees at first pitch. enjoy your day. last night two more big stars jumped into the car with james corden for the "late late show." jamie and nick jonas joined the "late" host. ♪[ music ]
5:51 am
>> i love these karaoke sessions. they are so much fun. before this one, the trio stopped to make a few dollars on the sidewalk by playing music using drums and a guitar. i'm sure they made money. >> james knows all the songs. >> he is very knowledgeable. >> very talented. >> we are going to do this one day, right? >> one day. time now 5:51. how would you like to show up to your favorite fast-food restaurant and punch in an order through a computer? next workers respond to the idea of self-service. ,, look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about,
5:52 am
but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. mmmm, yoplait.
5:53 am
5:54 am
kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. welcome back to "kpix 5 morning news." we are going to take you for a ride around the bay area. beaches grab the sunblock. 72 half moon bay. los altos 84. 80s and 90s santa clara valley. also east of the bay at 94. hello santa rosa 93 degrees. >> a car fire heating things up through fairfield this morning as you work your way southbound 680 right at gold hill over to the right shoulder with activity on scene and seeing delays away from 80. this morning, fast food workers are opening up about companies adding self-serving kiosk and they are not happy about it because it wouldn't be
5:55 am
an employee taking your order. some mcdonald's, panera are embracing the trend as well as wendy's. the kiosks are needed to combat the higher minimum wage that's law in california. employees say they will be out of a job soon. >> have a hard enough time just taking sodas and not figuring that out. so not to have humans, even with me on drive-through window people have a hard time ordering. >> others say the minimum wage rose to $10 an hour in the golden state and it will gradually go up to 15. could you imagine driving next to a self-driving semi? one san francisco startup can. an engineer who worked on google self-driving car project is behind the idea. it's aimed to equip trucks with software centers and cameras in order for the big rigs to navigate the more than 220,000 miles of u.s. highways on their own. new this morning, the department of transportation
5:56 am
reports that airlines canceled and delayed fewer flights in march and passenger complaints were down. the government said it got 1055 complaints in march down from 1400 the year before. the figures don't include the recent tiles where thousands of passengers have been getting stuck in long security checkpoint lines. 5:56. a bay area family releases video of a loved one who died after getting tased by police. why the case was never reviewed by county prosecutors. >> and the city of san jose is set to join the growing list of governments that are banning travel to north carolina in response to the "bathroom bill." we'll explain coming up. ,,,,,, hey pal? you ready?
5:57 am
can you pick me up at 6:30? ah... (boy) i'm here! i'm here! (cop) too late. i was gone for five minutes! ugh! move it. you're killing me. you know what, dad? i'm good. (dad) it may be quite a while before he's ready, but our subaru legacy will be waiting for him.
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(vo) the longest-lasting midsize sedan in its class. the twenty-sixteen subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru.
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. good morning, everyone. it's tuesday, may 17.
6:00 am
i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm kenny choi. today san jose is stepping into the national debate over the bathroom laws. kpix 5 reporter kiet do has the latest. >> reporter: good morning. dozens of state, county and city governments are already banning travel to north carolina and get ready to add san jose to that growing list. later on today the city council is set to ban travel -- nonessential travel and business to north carolina and mississippi for conventions, meetings and other events. it will may san jose the latest in a long line of entities piling on the pressure for north carolina for passing house bill 2. yesterday hundreds of demonstrators flooded the north carolina state capital over the "bathroom bill" that forces people to use public restrooms according to their actual gender. the department of justice says the laws were discriminatory and violated federal laws and they threatened


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