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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  May 17, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm kenny choi. today san jose is stepping into the national debate over the bathroom laws. kpix 5 reporter kiet do has the latest. >> reporter: good morning. dozens of state, county and city governments are already banning travel to north carolina and get ready to add san jose to that growing list. later on today the city council is set to ban travel -- nonessential travel and business to north carolina and mississippi for conventions, meetings and other events. it will may san jose the latest in a long line of entities piling on the pressure for north carolina for passing house bill 2. yesterday hundreds of demonstrators flooded the north carolina state capital over the "bathroom bill" that forces people to use public restrooms according to their actual gender. the department of justice says the laws were discriminatory and violated federal laws and they threatened to withhold
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billions in federal funding. president obama wrote to schools suggesting children be allowed to use the bathroom of their choice. supporters of the bill say the president went too far. >> this is an incredible overreach by the obama administration like none we have ever seen! >> reporter: some big name bay area companies have taken positions against the "bathroom bill" including apple, google, lyft and paypal. north carolina has some big events coming up. they are hosting the national league of cities convention next year and these travel bans are certain to get their attention. the san jose city council set to take up this issue during the morning session beginning at 9:30 a.m. live in downtown san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. san francisco police are searching for the man who stabbed another passenger on a muni business. the men were riding on the 14 line around 1:30 this morning. they had some sort of interaction before the stabbing. but it's unclear what was said. the victim is expected to survive. presumptive republican nominee donald trump is uncontested in today's primary
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in oregon. but he is facing questions about character and attack ads from a super pac that supports democrat hillary clinton. more on the campaign from hena daniels. reporter: hillary clinton is looking to snap a losing streak against rival bernie sanders today. yesterday, she made a last- minute push for votes in kentucky. >> i was here in 2008, the day before that primary, and i hope it gives me the same positive victory that we had before [ screaming ] ! >> reporter: despite her significant delegate lead, clinton is locked in a primary battle with the vermont senator. on monday he began laying the groundwork for a win in puerto rico in june. >> it is time for the people of puerto rico to be allowed to take charge of their political future. >> reporter: a pro clinton super pac is looking forward to the general election and is now air ads against donald trump. >> you know, you can see there was blood coming out of her eyes, um, blood coming out of her wherever. >> reporter: this priorities usa ad features some of his comments against women
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including megyn kelly. in a one-on-one interview on megyn kelly presents airing tonight on the fox broadcast network, trump responded to questions about his character. >> i have been saying during this whole campaign that i'm a camera puncher. you understand that. i'm responding. >> reporter: the presumptive gop nominee runs uncontested in today's republican primary in oregon. hena daniels, cbs news. >> there are 28 republican delegates and 74 democratic delegates up for grabs in oregon. >> tomorrow bernie sanders will hold a couple of bay area rallies. the first in san jose at 1 p.m. at santa clara county fairgrounds. tomorrow evening, at 7:30, he will have an event at waterfront park in vallejo. the town of pittsburg has approved a new strategy to deal with a string of highway shootings. >> it is a 4-0 "yes" vote. >> last night the city council
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unanimously voted in favor of a plan for six more cameras along highway 4 where there have been 7 shootings in the last year. yesterday, a shootout between two groups of men shut down highway 4 traffic for nearly three hours. during the evening commute, police recovered two weapons made four arrests. no one was injured. it is 6:05. let's see how the roads are doing. >> highway 4 westbound as you work your way out of antioch into pittsburg. we are seeing traffic moving at okay speeds in some spots. business as usual as you work your way through the pittsburg area with an 11-minute drive time now from hillcrest to 242 but no accidents or incident right now. 242 to 680, slow making the connector into walnut creek. 680 southbound near gold hill out of fairfield, reports of a car fire over to the right shoulder. you have fire crews and chp on scene with a backup at least to
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80 at this point. debris in the road southbound 680 at sunol. we are seeing delays southbound 680. busy pleasanton to the sunol grade. westbound 580 a struggle this morning. you are slow 205 to greenville. good morning. official sun-up at 5:58. it's now 6:05 and we are getting a good view of what's going to be an unseasonably warm day in the bay area. our live weather camera features -- boy, look at this view towards the ocean. you can see the golden gate bridge there. not a cloud in the sky as we are looking west. temperatures 62 degrees in santa rosa. wow! that's as you step out the door this morning. 53 right now in livermore. 24 hours ago, yesterday morning, we were just picking up some pretty gusty winds. this morning the winds are all relatively flat under 5 miles per hour.
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calm winds at sfo also in novato. calm winds to be noted around the napa area. but the winds will blow today out of the west and also northwest 10 to 20 during the afternoon hours. temperatures going up. in fact, when you look at this temperature of 94 degrees in concord, that is 18 degrees above where we should be for this 17th day of the month. 93 to the north. 88 to the south. 10 degrees above average in san francisco at 74 degrees. we are going to talk about this warming trend, when it's going to end and introduce the possibility of rain. that full forecast is still straight ahead. in june, san francisco voters will make a decision on a charter amendment. it would guarantee funding for city parks and recreation for proposition b adding a total of $3 million a year for the next 10 years to that budget. the measure was introduced in response to a report released showing city parks need an additional 40 to $45 million in annual funding to meet needs
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which include maintenance. an independent think tank says federal and state governments would make billions in revenue if marijuana was legal nationally. the tax foundation says states could make a combined $20.5 billion a year and the federal government could make $7 billion. the los angeles unified school district is paying $88 million to settle sexual abuse lawsuits involving two veteran teachers and 30 elementary school students. in one case children's parents accused the school district of failing to take complaints seriously when students confirmed that one teacher was kissing boys and girls in the classroom. a family has released video of their loved one getting tased at the hands of bart and hayward police hoping to force a change in policies regarding in-custody deaths. this is body cam video from may 23, 2014. the man being questioned by
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bart and hayward police for dui is 46-year-old james greer. just a few minutes, he is swarmed by officers and the field sobriety test goes sideways. he was held to the ground for minutes and tased multiple times. he then died shortly thereafter. >> his lips blue and discolored and they still continued to put the wrap on him with his head slumped over unconference. then it took 7 minutes before anybody tried to give him cpr after he was unconscious. >> the case was never sent to the district attorney. the d.a. is only notified when someone is killed by police in a shooting in alameda county. deanna has filed suit against hayward pd and bart pd in her ex-husband's case. hayward police said they couldn't comment and directed us to the city attorney. the hayward city manager told the east bay times, he couldn't comment due to the lawsuit and we have not heard back from bart pd. in santa cruz county the sheriff's office is asking home and business owners to help
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them solve crimes. the department is seeking video sharing from videocameras on a voluntary basis to give police a database of video resources to investigate crimes. anyone interested in taking part can register with the sheriff's office. 6:09. slow down. one bay area city is keeping red light cameras despite problems which invalidated hundreds of tickets last year. >> uber wants to pay drivers $100 million in a settlement agreement. one plaintiff is asking for billions. he says he is speaking for drivers in california. >> good morning, everyone. today plan on it being the hottest day of the workweek. i'll tell you when we should expect rain in the forecast. >> and our traffic hot spots are out of the east bay this morning. i'll tell you what freeways to avoid. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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san mateo will keep using r light cameras. unanimously welcome to your tuesday. we have air temperatures at 48 degrees in napa. 62 degrees, wow in santa rosa. we are taking a live look around the city of san francisco, due south towards the peninsula, where today's high will top off at 82 degrees in san mateo. full forecast coming up. san mateo will keep using red light cameras. the city council unanimously approved a two-year contract extension with the camera operator last night. the cameras brought in more than $200,000 last year. but the city had to refund the money from nearly 1,000 tickets because yellow lights at two intersections had been set too short. crashes from red light violations have gone down sharply since cameras were installed. uber felt victorious after a settlement kept drivers as
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independent contractors but now the one of the plaintiffs is challenging it. jackie ward reports. >> reporter: last month uber agreed to a $100 million settlement but the plaintiff douglas o'connor says that's not enough and that he was pressured into quickly signing the settlement. it's a case that's gone on for three years. he says uber is misclassifying drivers as independent contractors rather than employees. in april, they announced the agreement. but o'connor says after reviewing it it's shortchanging uber drivers billions. our kpix 5 legal analyst says uber is lobbying congress to create a different legal framework. >> it's going to be difficult. one of the things that they are looking to do right now is sort of create a new legal definition somewhere in between independent contractors and full employee. >> reporter: melissa referenced germany because there companies provide some benefits to employees but not all. o'connor says the amount of money uber has agreed to give drivers is equivalent to a tank
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of gas. a hearing is scheduled for june 2. in the newsroom, jackie ward, kpix 5. >> has uber commented. >> reporter: no. o'connor's former attorney says the things he is saying isn't true and he wasn't a lead plaintiff in the case. twitter is looking to change its 140 character policy. sources say the social media site will no longer count photos and links as part of the links. right now links take up 23 characters even after twitter automatically shortens them. bloomberg reports the change could go live in two weeks. twitter is not commenting on the news. the next time you run through san diego's airport, watch out for the clown. >> even if the clock is ticking don't crash into the man on stilts. these kids were shocked that the airport has become a circus. clouds, jugglers and musicians will be roaming the airport making anxious travelers break into smiles, i guess.
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the collaboration is part of the airport's performing arts program. it lasts through october. >> it's really there to cool people's tempers because when you're waiting, you get -- [ laughter ] >> you know, you get a little stressed out. >> i guess. >> there are some long waits. >> especially in the summer. >> some airport bring in the dogs, they are bringing in the clowns. >> i'm totally afraid of clowns. >> are you serious. >> and you make fun of me for being afraid of mountain lions? [ laughter ] >> clowns? >> i'll take a mountain lion over a clown. >> i'll take my chances with the clown any day. >> if they are entertaining the kids i have a 2.5-year-old, and you can kind of step back, i'm all for it. >> a little mommy and dadty time. not a bad idea on the roads southbound 680 looks like they are clearing this vehicle fire out of fairfield this morning. traffic sluggish but it's clearing. so this should have that wrapped up in the next couple
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of minutes. elsewhere business as usual southbound 680. debris at sunol cleared out of lanes so 35 minute drives time from 580 to 101 so it's a little improved. >> east of tracy a car fire westbound 580 near corral hollow . it busy. 205/580 is slow towards the altamont pass, typical. no delays from the altamont pass to 680, 17 minutes to make the connector at the dublin interchange. stop-and-go conditions at the eastshore freeway. we are seeing some slightly slower speeds westbound coming away from highway 4. stays sluggish but you're moving at least through richmond and then you're going to at that particular time brakes as you head through oakland and emeryville so give yourself a few extra minutes if you are headed towards the bay bridge. no accidents but you are backed up into the maze with the metering lights on.
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looks like the carquinez bridge to the maze is 26 minutes. over to oakland we go northbound nimitz near the coliseum right now so far, so good no delays there. tonight you have the a's taking on the rangers again so you will see some busy conditions on 880 this evening. let's check your forecast. here's roberta. >> our live weather camera from the transamerica pyramid looking due east. we are getting the glare of the morning sunrise. visibility is unlimited at this hour. we have no reports at 6:18 of any airport delays. currently temperatures we are in fact 50s and 60s. it's 62 degrees in santa rosa. we're starting off mild as indicated by the temperature in santa rosa. today and tomorrow, the warmest of this workweek. then a cooldown on thursday bringing us back to seasonal levels and friday additional cooling. we have a slight chance of rain showers saturday and sunday. here's the deal. this is high pressure.
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as it builds in it's allowing some wind advisories to go into effect from about the san luis obispo area all the way across the southland into los angeles. we have an area of low pressure upstream. that's the one that's going to bring us that chance of rain. also, bring us some cooler air mass by the end of the workweek. my pick city happens to be along the coast. don't forget the sunblock. 82 degrees in santa cruz. the surf is low and it is going to be a pristine beach day. in the mountains we have a slight chance of a thunderstorm during the afternoon hours in the high sierra. otherwise, 93 degrees in sacramento. we're already in the high 50s going up to 70 in monterey bay with pristine conditions today. sun-up at 5:58. by the time it sets tonight, we are taking on an additional 1 minute 14 seconds of available daylight and still not enough time for me. it's going to be a great day! get out and enjoy it. temperatures 70 in pacifica. 70s, 80s in the bay today. 90 mountain view. when you look at the concord
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temperature, that's 18 degrees above average. nearly 90 in napa and sonoma. oh, pollen report still high. pretty -- just awful. just terrible. everyone sneezing and wheezing. it's going to be that way through the weekend. here you go with your extended forecast. dry weather slightly cooler on wednesday. we begin to see increasing cloud cover and seasonal highs on thursday. cooler friday. that chance of rain over the weekend, meanwhile, we have some baseball action tonight. it's jesse hahn, he got the call for the a's after taking one from the rangers last night. clear skies in that first pitch at 7:05, 73 degrees. enjoy your day. and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, from oracle this morning, we'll take you inside the warriors locker room after the stunning second half collapse. highlights and reaction straight ahead. ,,,,,,,, thanks man.
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good morning, everybody from oracle where it's got to be somewhat of a foreign feeling for the golden state warriors, who have not lost a game one in three post-seasons. it was very easy for the oracle crowd to curb their enthusiasm especially in the second half. warriors have all the momentum in the halftime. curry buries the off balance three at the buzzer and a 13 point golden state lead but russell westbrook scored 24 of 27 in the second half bringing the thunder within 2 points. he didn't get help from kevin durant. this shot with 30 seconds to go broke a street of seven straight misses by him. oklahoma city up 5. 15 seconds to go thunder up 4, curry's jumper from the wing is off the mark. and that is your ballgame. okc wins 108-102 out scoring the warriors by 19 in the second half. curry and thompson were combined one for ten in the 4th quarter. >> i think our defensive game
6:25 am
plan was good. and offensively, we sucked. >> we got rushed a little bit and tried to go for the home run plays. sometimes it works. >> i think they were, you know, maybe the more poised team tonight. um, you know, as far as asserting their will. >> our players know that to win the next one, you know, would be --would be good, right? [ laughter ] >> it's not supposed to be easy. i'm not going to lay down and be happy just because they beat the spurs. it's good for to us get punched in the mouth come back and step up. >> cold shooting by golden state and russell westbrook three points in the first half finishes with 27 points, 12 assists and 7 steals. what a great game for the guard for the thunder. now, the good news, the warriors have not lost back-to- back games all season. so game 2 wednesday night, thunder lead it 1 game to 0. at oracle, i'm dennis o'donnell, kpix 5.
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claims that workers at the company's fremont fact only making 5 dollars an ho. it is 6:26 right now. tesla's ceo is responding to claims that workers at the company's fremont factory were only making $5 an hour. >> and san jose is set to join the long list of governments that are banning travel to north carolina over the "bathroom bill." we'll explain coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,
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that's the excitement of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you.
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and teens all over the souty will have a cheaper way to t . a bay area pet groomer is facing prison time after a dog died in his care. >> and teens all over the south bay will have a cheaper way to
6:30 am
get around this summer. >> hey, good morning from the kpix 5 weather center. today is going to be hottest day of the workweek and i will share with you where it's going to be the hottest. >> and from the traffic center, we are getting first reports of an accident along 101. details right around the corner. >> good morning, it is tuesday, may 17. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:30. this morning, the san jose city council will consider a travel ban in the name of civil rights. kpix 5's kiet do joins us live from city hall to explain. >> reporter: certainly no stranger standing up for equal rights. north carolina getting a lot of pressure from all directions on this issue now san jose is set to join that movement. city council set to vote to ban nonessential travel and business to north carolina and mississippi for convention. yesterday, hundreds of protestors descended on the capitol building in north carolina to protest house bill 2 the "bathroom bill" which forces transgender people to
6:31 am
use the public restrooms that match the gender on that's right birth certificate. intense pressure since then on north carolina to repeal the law. paypal, google, apple and lyft have all taken public positions against t last week the department of just filed a lawsuit and now president obama has even written a letter directing not sure public schools to give transgender students access to bathrooms and locker rooms that match their chosen gender identity. >> our obligation as a society is to make sure that everybody is treated fairly and our kids are all loved and that they are protected and that their dignity is affirmed. >> reporter: now, house bill 2 is putting lowe's and bank of america in a tough spot. both are headquartered in north carolina. both companies have publicly opposed house bill 2. we'll have to wait and see how this shakes out. san jose set to take up this issue during their morning session which starts at 9:30 a.m. live in downtown san jose, kiet
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do, kpix 5. this petsmart dog groomer is facing the worst charges of all for his profession. 38-year-old juan zarate is accused of animal cruelty because a young dog died in his care. he was working on a one-year- old dachshund at this petsmart in san mateo on monday. three minutes into the visit, the dog began bleeding from the mouth. the pup's named henry suffered two broken ribs and punctured lung. a sexual misconduct investigation in oakland appears to be widening. a fourth police officer is now on administrative leave and prosecutors are investigating others. the four suspended officers are accused of being involved with a young woman who goes by the name of celeste guap. she is currently 19 years old. the investigation began with last year's suicide of officer brendan o'brien. he left a suicide note admitting he had sent the woman inappropriate text messages and alleged that other officers did more than that. governor jerry brown is reversing course and asking for
6:33 am
state funds to create an earthquake warning system. usgs and academic researchers are developing the system which would sound an alert when a fault ruptures. limited warnings could begin by 2018. the governor has supported a creation of the system but previously argued that funding should come from only private and federal sources. he now wants $10 million in state money. >> you haven't felt an earthquake yet since you have been here. >> not yet but when i was in college in california i did. i woke up and went right back to bet. >> is that northridge. i believe it was. i was in westwood at the time. but i went right back to bed and the next morning i watched some college football and then they said, yeah, earthquake in california this morning in l.a. >> okay. >> i think i have experienced -- reported all the big ones here in the bay area. something to take very seriously and always be prepared. this morning you want to be prepared for the hottest day of the workweek. good morning, everybody. our live weather camera is
6:34 am
looking out from sutro tower looking out towards the marin headlands. mount tam is out there somewhere but look at the golden gate bridge. notice not a cloud in the sky. 62 in santa rosa. it's a mild start to a warm day. san francisco 10 degrees above average, 72 sunshine in half moon bay, nearly 90 campbell and cupertino. nearly 90 in los gatos and saratoga. east of the bay up to 94 degrees in brentwood, tracy, oakley, discovery bay, byron, as well. low 90s around the tri-valley with a northwest wind in the afternoon up to 20 miles per hour. the closer you get to the bay the numbers begin to get a little bit cooler. for example, 81 degrees in sausalito. and 82 degrees in alameda. while we go upstream to 86 in petaluma, you get the feel for this. some of these temperatures 18 degrees above average.
6:35 am
chances of rain in this direction for your weekend, the details coming up. >> thank you. >> at candlestick an injury accident on the off-ramp where we're checking our sensors around 101. it's not affecting the main lines. there are injuries reported so it may cause spectator slowing as crews arrive on scene north 101 near candlestick. your drive time so far though not too bad. 19 minutes if you are heading northbound 92 to the 80 split. no delays on 280 and 92 out of half moon bay into san mateo eastbound so far an easy ride. 21 minutes. now we are starting to see a bit of a backup on the san mateo bridge. extra volume 21 minutes from hayward to foster city and, of course, slow at the bay bridge. slow at the bay bridge with the metering lights on. vta is offering low fair
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summer passes for kids and teens. the summer youth pass allows unlimited rides on light rail trains and buses that can be used from june 1 until august 31. the pass costs $75 for anyone 18 and under, $60 less than -- $60 less than a three-month pass. you can buy them until july 15 online. tesla is looking into allegations of underpaying factory workers. this comes in response to an investigation by the "mercury news." it found that 140 subcontractors hired to build a paint shop at the fremont factory were paid less than $5 an hour. those employees were all hired through a german company which is also accused of misusing foreign visas. in response, tesla's ceo elon musk tweeted out, sounds like the wrong thing happened on many levels. we'll investigate to make it right. concord police are looking for 26-year-old erick lamar nelson. officers say he is armed and dangerous and the main suspect
6:37 am
in a murder case. police think he hid a woman's body in a duck pond. she was found in newhall park at 2:30 yesterday morning. detectives think nelson could be driving this black kia spectra. police say nelson new the victim but still trying to determine a motive. this morning a 31-year-old man is dead following an argument at a sacramento concert attended by us this and the search is on for another man wanted in connection. it was attended by thousands. this happened with nearly a dozen park rangers. at least 80 private security officers and 39 sacramento pd officers were in discovery park during the concert. police hope that one of the thousands of concert-goers has video or information to share. >> even the smallest detail or piece of information we need to break a case like this. >> the victim's name hasn't been released. in addition to the suspect the authorities are looking for a woman seen with the attacker. a hearing is just getting under way in washington where federal safety regulators will
6:38 am
discuss the cause of a deadly a.m. training train derailment. >> passenger train has rolled over. >> the accident in may of last year killed 8 people in philadelphia. engineer brandon bostian was distracted by radio transmissions by other trains about being hit by projectiles. there is no evidence of alcohol, drugs or cell phones involved. a yellowen to tourist tried to play here -- a yellowstone tourist tried to play heroes with a baby boy son. they took the animal for a ride to a ranger's place because they feared that the baby was cold and in danger. but the ranger soon brought it back to the wild and the mother refused to take it back in. the small animal had to be euthanized. now rangers are warning yellowstone visitors, stay away from wild animals! hollywood decided one san jose home has all the makings of a motion picture. the winchester house is prime tourist territory with
6:39 am
thousands of people driving by it every day. it was the home of sarah winchester an heiress who might soon be played by helen mirren. she was really a renaissance woman. >> she spoke several languages, um, she played several instruments. and she had a lot of interest including obviously design so i think we are going to learn a lot more about sarah the person. >> an ironic twist, she was famous for hating cameras. time now 6:39. starting today, people living in a few of the bay area biggest cities will have a new option for super fast internet service. >> and after years in court, uber reaches an agreement with one of its drivers. he says it's still not enough and drivers would be shortchanged billions if he accepted this offer. ,,
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good morning. time check 6:42. these are the numbers you can expect around the bay area today. let's take you for a ride around the coast topping off at 72 degrees at half moon ba mid- 80s in sunnyvale, east bay numbers warmest at 94 degrees in brentwood and discovery bay. danville high temperature 92. a west wind 10 to 20 in stinson beach up to 80 degrees. in the mid-80s in petaluma and san rafael, santa rosa 93. hello, lakeport! your high temperature 89 degrees. a san francisco company has received a grand jury subpoena. joining us now is kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. >> reporter: good morning. the heat is certainly on lending club. the company has disclosed that
6:44 am
it received that grand jury subpoena from the feds. this in regards to an improper loan sale that led to the resignation of founder and ceo renault la plan of over a week ago. the company is dealing with a potential inquiry from the securities and exchange commission and says it will fully cooperation with the ftc and the justice department. it says its internal investigation found controls deficiencies. investors don't like it, shares down 50% since the story broke a week ago. a couple of key economic signals. the housing market when it comes to new home sales is promising. housing starts in april up 6.5% a nice rebound after a dip the month before. building permits were also up indicating more activity coming our way. inflation also showing signs of life. consumer prices up .5% in
6:45 am
april. that's the strongest gain in over three years much of it from higher gas prices. it's further evidence that do push the federal reserve to a rate hike in june. that's sending stocks down this morning. let's check the big board after the big gains on monday. dow down 80. nasdaq down 17. s&p down 7. back to you. >> thank you. uber had reason to feel that a recent settlement was a major victory but a driver is trying to throw a wrench in the plans and unravel the suit that was launched. kpix 5's jackie ward reports. >> reporter: the bottom line is douglas o'connor one of the people who filed the lawsuit in 2013 wants to be classified as an employee of uber. the sf-based company is willing to dish out $100 million to
6:46 am
settle his claim. but he wants more. he objects on behalf of himself and hundreds of thousands of uber drivers in the state of california. in april, uber announced a settlement agreement but o'connor says he was rushed into signing it. he believes they are being shortchanged by billions. >> willie brown weighed in. >> you have people who genuinely are working and they need the assistant. they need healthcare. they need all the kinds of things that goes with real employment. and you cannot be giving them directions and not having them under your control. >> brown says people in organized labor are raising serious questions about independent contracting because contractors don't show up for labor rallies and don't pay dues. a hearing is scheduled june 2. in the newsroom, jackie ward, kpix 5.
6:47 am
>> will this jeopardize what happens in court? >> it might. some believe that o'connor's rejection could lead to the federal judge handling this case to also reject it which means it may drag out longer. >> thank you. 6:47. let's check traffic and weather. >> it's busy. your morning commute busier out of san jose and on 101 on the peninsula. first off northbound 101 at taylor. looks like there are reports of an accident blocking at least the right lane. chp heading to the scene with stop-and-go conditions as a result. so give yourself a few extra minutes. north 101 also busy this morning as you head out of san jose with delays back to about capitol expressway, stays sluggish to 237. 16 minutes now for your drive time along 101. and northbound 87, 85 to 101 will take you 14 minutes. extra busy due to the wreck. we have an accident northbound 101 at candlestick. the good news is it's on the off-ramp but injuries are reported. you will see activity not
6:48 am
affecting the main linesof 101, no problems south city into san francisco 92 to the 80 split only 20 minutes. south 880 nimitz freebiescy out of hayward. you will see delays down to fremont also busy across the san mateo bridge where you have brake lights from 880 towards 101. 26 minutes now for your drive time towards foster city. westbound eastshore freeway, also starting to see a lot of slow-and-go conditions coming away from highway 4. seeing slower speeds into richmond and then bogging down at the bay bridge with the metering lights on and a backup to the maze. that's a look at traffic. here's roberta. >> a beautiful view this morning. a bird's-eye view from the transamerica pyramid. we're looking towards alcatraz and angel island. we have a little bit of sea haze out there this morning. otherwise visibility is unlimited. we are off to a clear start and a mild start. 62 in santa rosa. it is now 57 degrees in san jose, oakland and redwood city, low 50s in livermore. san francisco, 55.
6:49 am
but george hughes says it's 58 degrees in san francisco at his house. and i love this. he sent me a picture of a rose to show me how his gardens are doing. love to see how your gardens are doing. keep those pictures coming to or go to our facebook page, too, kpix tv. a nice start to the warmest day of the workweek. possibility of rain on the weekend. we have this area of high pressure. and it's building into the bay area. look how tightly close these lines are as they veer south wind advisory in effect from the san luis obispo area into los angeles. we just have some light winds this morning. northwesterly 10 to 10 to 20 this afternoon. cooler thursday and friday and rain over the weekend. until then, santa cruz my pick
6:50 am
city today 82 degrees. there's a chance of a thunderstorm around the high sierra late this afternoon into yosemite. 90 degrees in fresno, merced, modesto, manteca. 70 pristine conditions along the seashore in monterey bay. our numbers anywhere from nearly 70 in pacifica, moss and montara beaches, wow, 74 degrees in san francisco. that's about 10 degrees above average. 93 in santa rosa. 88 in san jose when we should be at 75. this is 18 degrees above average in concord at 94 degrees. pollen report suggests we're still sneezing and wheezing and eyes are itching. we'll be so all the way through friday. you can count on the grass count for that one there. all right. here's your extended forecast. cloudy thursday, friday, chance of rain over the weekend. we have baseball action with jesse hahn on the mound for the good guys. game time 7:05. at&t is expanding the reach
6:51 am
of its gigapower service in the bay area. starting this morning, anyone who lives in santa clara, san ramon, mountain view and dublin, will be able to sign up for the internet service. san francisco and san jose are also included. according to at&t, it offers download speeds up to one gigabit per second. it's $70 a month for a one-year contract. a new tool for renters launches today in the bay area. rent berry allows prospective tenants to bid for apartments through an auction. it shows how many offers and the amount of the highest bid to compete with sites like craigslist. critics worry it will increase rent prices. the massive wildfire that has devastated western canada over the week is prompting new evacuations. >> reporter: and the san jose city council is set to vote on a travel ban to north carolina. this is all over the so-called "bathroom bill." we'll explain coming up. ,,
6:52 am
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♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪
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♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ oregon head to the polls. democrat bernie sanders is favored to b five things to know at the :55. presidential primaries continue today as voters in kentucky and oregon head to the polls. democrat bernie sanders is favored to beat hillary clinton in both states. he still is far behind in the overall delegate count. donald trump heads into yet another uncontested primary in oregon. the u.s. senate is expected to vote today on a billion- dollar package to fight the spread of the zika virus. health officials to see cases popping up in the u.s. in the next few weeks. the house picks up a $622 million measure later this week. a massive wildfire in western canada is sparking new concerns this morning. thousands of oil and gas industry workers north of fort mcmurray are moving to safer
6:56 am
areas. high winds and temperatures are causing the fire to expand and smoke is filling the air. today the board of supervisors in san francisco will adopt a resolution to dedicate a cable car to willie mays. the giants legend wore number 24 so naturally cable car 24 will bear his name. the city held a ceremony last week on mays'85th birthday. a plaque was unveiled that will be on the car. cameras will be installed on highway 4 in pittsburg in response to shootings. last night the pittsburg city council approved funding for about half a dozen new cameras along the highway. only hours before the vote, a gunfight in a parking lot in antioch spilled over on to highway 4. i'm kiet do live here at san jose city hall where the city council is set to vote on a travel ban to north carolina and mississippi. this is in response to the "bathroom bill" which has been widely criticized as being state sponsored discrimination. san jose travel ban would block all nonessential travel to north carolina and mississippi
6:57 am
for conventions, meetings and other events. it would also add san jose to the list of dozens of governments and organizations piling the pressure on north carolina to repeal the law. now, yesterday hundreds of people rallied outside the north carolina state capital. some of them led away in handcuffs to demand the repeal of house bill 2 which forces transgender people to use restrooms according to the gender on their birth certificates. transgender people call it dehumanizing. >> it's not only personally hurtle and very insulting, it is hurtful insulting the entire trans community and it's very, very wrong. >> the san jose city council will take up the issue during the morning session at 9:30 a.m. live in downtown san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. on the bay bridge first reports of a broken-down big rig eastbound on the treasure island off-ramp. looks like it may be blocking the off-ramp. chp heading out to the scene. delays on the westbound side upper deck as you work your way out of oakland into san
6:58 am
francisco with the metering lights on at the bay bridge. a backup into the maze. 38 minutes carquinez bridge to the maze off the eastshore freeway. northbound 87 at taylor an accident blocking at least one lane. we have delays as a result with a slow-and-go ride there. also westbound 237 at zanker road over to the right shoulder. 12 minutes on the guadalupe parkway. 85 to 101, that's a 16-minute ride and a quick look at traffic on the nimitz freeway busy southbound out of hayward. we have clear skies in the san jose area. haze in the valley air quality good across san jose home of your san jose sharks. now, currently 58 degrees across the santa clara valley going up to a high of 88. so we're going to jump up 30 degrees there. otherwise concord, you are going to average up to 18 degrees above normal for this time of the year at 94 degrees.
6:59 am
74 degrees in san francisco 10 degrees above average and nearly 70 at the beaches today. slightly cooler wednesday. additional cooling takes place on thursday with an area of low pressure to the north of the bay area that will cool us down additionally on friday and slight chance of rain on the weekend. so a little bit of everything this week. stanley cup play-offs the sharks and blues game 2 of the western conference finals in st. louis today, as well. the sharks will hold another watch party in san jose. a slightly smaller venue than the one they held at s.a.p. center on sunday. today's event will be at britannia arms downtown. the puck drops around 5:00. the blues lead the series 1 game to none. hopefully by tomorrow it will be tied up. >> you said slightly smaller venue. >> but the thrill is there! have you ever been to britannia arms? these people are spirited! they know how to celebrate. >> you might see a former shark
7:00 am
player there. >> aha. >> all right. thank you for watching. the latest news and weather, always on your next local update is 7:26. captions by: caption colorado welcome to "cbs this morning." donald trump a little to launch character particulars in a clinton showdown. >> angry travelers with epic lines across the country. tsa promises new measures to beef things up. >> why the director of "iron man 3" says he was forced to change a female villain to a man. >> we begin with a look at today's eye-opener. your world in 90 seconds. >> this is


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