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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  May 17, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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parts of the east bay today. when i left it was over 90. >> yeah, ken. 93 degrees at sycamore valley park. we have lacrosse and baseball games coming up. it is that time of year, the sun angle is as high right now as it will be in late july and when you don't have the onshore flow it gets toasty. it is toasty right now with widespread 90s away from the water 10 to 15 degrees above average. take a look at the temperatures. mountain view 89 degrees. pleasanton 92. sfo was 80 at the airport. napa 90. novato 90 degrees. and santa rosa 91. if you are not a fan of the heat, i have good news for you! as soon as this time tomorrow, the onshore flow comes back into the bay area moving through the golden gate and the other gaps to the ocean and by the end of the week forget the 90s, highs will be only in the 60s. but today it's all about the heat one of the hotter days
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this year. it's only mid-may. we'll get hotter. no records were set. things are drying out and heating up in danville. yes, we made it to the 90s, but changes are coming. we'll talk about how long the cooldown sticks around coming up in a few minutes. a dramatic rescue off the california coast. two bay area boaters in a life- or-death situation as flames engulfed their vessel. they had only minutes to react and call for help. the trouble happened off the coast near malibu as the two men were headed back to half moon bay. kpix 5's devin fehely on how they kept their cool and helped with their own rescue reporter: the fast-moving fire sent a column of thick, black smoke off the fishing boat near malibu in southern california. >> they were on the way to half moon bay. and they smelled smoke. when mr. gentry went down to check it a lot of smoke came out of the engine compartment. >> reporter: when the fire first broke out, there were two people on board. captain john burris a well- known fisherman and driver from
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half moon bay his passenger, and his dog rocket. but in a matter of minutes, the flames would chase all three into the sea. >> the fire came out of there and into the cabin. the captain, mr. burris got a mayday call out. they were picked up by a good samaritan close by at the time of the start of the fire. >> reporter: the only thing to spread faster than the flames was the news of his narrow escape at home in half moon bay. >> he is definitely a survivor. he had a well maintained boat. >> reporter: david bloom says he has known john for 25 years. he is sad for thloss of his boat and livelihood but relieved his friend and everyone else on board were okay. >> he was so peaceful and calm. so peaceful and calm, he probably even repelled evil people. >> reporter: in half moon bay, devin fehely, kpix 5. new at 5:00 a hot air balloon goes down in napa and the chp is there to pick it up. high winds blew the balloon
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carrying 16 people off course across the napa river. it landed safely but the passengers were stranded there. there was no road access to the area. lucky for them the california highway patrol was doing a helicopter training exercise nearby spotted them and called in rescuers to help them out. a bay area police department is expanding the crime-fighting camera network. pittsburg police putting more eyes on the freeways, where there have been dozens of shootings. >> kpix 5 reporter juliette goodrich is live with a rare look inside the command center, where police are watching right now reporter: we got access inside the pittsburg police department where they have their surveillance cameras set up. you can see them directly behind me. all the activity going on that large monitor you can see is the intersection of leland and loveridge. they have 100 cameras set up throughout their city and now, they have the green light to deploy 10 more cameras along ghway 4.
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pittsburg police and the chp say they are stepping up patrols along highway 4 after the recent rash of freeway shootings with added manpower and the addition of 10 new cameras. >> the locations we're looking at are going to be really close to the freeway. so we expect to easily be able to identify the color of the car, the model of the car, and, um, depending on where they're placed maybe license plates. >> reporter: the most recent shooting happened yesterday in the middle of rush hour. last week's highway shooting killed a mother of four. the gunman still on the loose. police admit they can't capture everything on the highway cameras but they can get crucial information to help in an investigation. >> we are not going to be able to cover the freeway with cameras. but where we're going to place them strategically, it should cover all the entrances and exits into our city limits. >> reporter: the additional cameras cost $100,000 and will come out of the police department's funds. the police chief is hoping
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other cities will install cameras down the road. >> we think there's a time urgency to get the cameras up and even more important that the cameras -- hopefully, the more people know there's cameras there, we want to prevent the shootings from happening in the first place. >> reporter: what's the timeline? the pittsburg police department is working with a vendor to purchase the cameras. they should have them in the next couple of days. it will take a couple of months to get them up and running on highway 4. in pittsburg, juliette goodrich, kpix 5. coming up at 6:00, another factor contributing to the crime on the highway and this one is linked to the high cost of living in the bay area. breaking news in the race for the white house. polls closed in kentucky about an hour ago. 55 delegates are at stake and right now, the race is too close to call. here the results. with 55% of precincts reporting hillary clinton and bernie sanders are neck and neck. clinton has 94% of the delegates needed and is on track to securing the nomination next month. she is hoping to steal momentum
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away from sanders. the vermont senator is on a role having won the last two primaries. meanwhile presumptive republican nominee donald trump handy little won the kentucky caucus in march and today his campaign revealing his net worth more than $10 billion. that's according to a financial disclosure form filed with the federal elections commission. his annual income? a reported $557 million. trump called the filing, quote, the largest in the history of the sec. voters in oregon also casting ballots today. polls there don't close for another three hours. sanders is holding two bay area rallies tomorrow one in san jose the other in vallejo. doors open at 10 a.m. for the 1:00 p.m. event at the santa clara county fairgrounds. from there, sanders will head to a rally at vallejo waterfront park. that starts at 7:30. an animal cruelty arrest in san francisco. a man is accused of kicking a small dog causing it to run away and then get hit and
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killed by a car. the suspect charles moore was a security guard at a safeway in the mission. he allegedly kicked the chihuahua mix twice during an argument with the dog's owner two months ago. moore was arrested yesterday on felony animal cruelty charges. a relative of a san mateo groomer accused of killing a dog is speaking out in his defense. the groomer is now out of jail. he bailed out soon after his arrest. kpix 5 reporter maria medina is live in san mateo with more about what the groomer's uncle is saying about this case. maria reporter: the suspect's uncle says he just started here at petsmart. he was excited about his job and now he is devastated about the allegations. is that him right there? >> yeah. that's not a good picture of him. >> reporter: his nephew's mugshot and the allegations against him a far cry from the man gustavo zarate describes.
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>> i know he is innocent. he just went out and [ indiscernible ] for grooming and stuff. that's something he really liked. >> reporter: san mateo police arrested juan zarate for allegedly killing a puppy. the owner told investigators just three minutes after he dropped off his dog to get groomed at this petsmart on sunday, zarate came out with the dog bleeding and trouble breathing. >> the dog's ribs were broken and a punctured lung. how do you explain that? >> i can't. >> good boy. >> reporter: jeff pelley is a long-time groomer. >> there's people that shouldn't be grooming. they end do have the temperament. >> reporter: his business opened since the '80s just down the street from the petsmart. as a groomer could you see an accident happening. no, the dog got scared and the guy overreact. it's bad for business. people are already worried about dropping their kids off with us and that makes it harder for us. >> reporter: but the uncle insists his nephew is innocent. he says he trusted his nephew
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to groom his own dogs. >> i don't know what happened. i don't know the true story yet. i haven't had a chance to talk to him. but i know he is devastated being accused of this. >> reporter: some of the customers say they are shocked about these allegations. a spokesman for petsmart says zarate is suspended pending the outcome of the investigation. he will be back in court next month. maria medina, kpix 5. new at 5:00 road rage leads to gunfire on the interstate and now a livermore man is facing charges. sayer was arrested -- john sayer was arrested at his home for allegedly shooting at another driver on i-5. a bullet hole was found on the passenger side of the car. the alleged victim got a picture of sayer's license plate and turned it over to the chp. inside his home detectives found 7 guns and thousands of rounds of ammo. all the guns were legally registered. getting burned by your
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sunscreen. are those spf numbers legit? what you're really getting for you money. >> are you ready? are you ready? [ revving ] >> what happens when a day in the sun goes off course? we'll take you inside a bay area trail rescue. >> then bay area wildlife like you have never seen before. the project capturing animals in their natural habitat. ,,,,
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but just how effective are those products that are supposed to protect us from it's that time of year when people stock up on sunscreen but just how effective are they that are supposed to protect us from the sun? a new study finds consumers may be getting burned reporter: consumer reports tested 65 lotions, sprays and sticks, all labored with spf30 or higher. and it found many did not live
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up to that promise of protection. 43% failed to meet the spf claim on the label. two marketed for children failed by a huge margin. banana boat kids and cvs kids both advertise as 50 spf actually were 8 according to consumer reports. another finding? sunscreens with chemicals provided better protection. >> those mineral based sunscreens overall in our tests didn't perform as well as the ones with other chemicals. >> reporter: the study found 26% of products advertised as natural or mineral-based met their spf claims. while more than half of chemical sunscreens were labeled accurately. >> the fact that the mineral- based didn't do as well as the chemical-based doesn't surprise me. >> reporter: this dermatologist says that's because they work differently. >> mineral sunscreens are physical blocks.
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the chemical sunscreens are a filter for the sun and so they are by themselves much more efficient. >> reporter: now, the report did find some good natural sunscreens. among them, coats plus spf 58 and california baby super sensitive spf-30 plus but consumer reports stresses, spf is only one criteria. >> spf only measures uvb activity. equally damaging is uva. >> well, cvs and banana boat stand behind the effectiveness of their products. new at 5:00 a texas oil company facing criminal charges for an oil spill on the santa barbara county coast. california prosecutors indicted plains all american pipelines on 46 criminal counts. last year's spill dumped 140,000 gallons into the water from a broken pipeline. now, if convicted, the company
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could have to pay up to $2.8 million in damages. new at 5:00 a dramatic rescue caught on camera. a helicopter crew saves an injured hiker along a trail in walnut creek. this is video from the contra costa county sheriff's department. it happened last friday in the shell ridge open space. paramedics were lowered down to the scene and were able to airlift the hiker to safety. the victim was later transported to a nearby hospital. well, getting our first look at a photo safari taking place on mount tam. >> it's a kind of candid camera but for animals. kpix 5's john ramos on the creatures roaming marin's wild lands reporter: they say a picture is worth 1,000 words. but the photos they have been getting up on mount tamalpais are leaving everyone speechless. [ camera shutter ] >> reporter: these pictures were taken by motion-triggered cameras placed by volunteers working for something called the one tam wildlife camera
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project. the program is being run by a coalition of mount tam conservation agencies that look after local wildlife populations. >> wildlife data is particularly difficult to collect in a meaningful way. this looked like a solution to a problem. >> reporter: the cameras work day and night on trails throughout the mountains. they have been placed in a grid pattern to cover a wide area. so conservationists can see what's moving out there and how many there are. most common are deer and small animals like rabbits and squirrels. but occasionally there are surprises. like the ghost-like images of a mountain lion and this picture of an extremely rare spotted skunk. and the photos also show animal behavior like this sequence of a coyote carrying off its latest meal. about every six weeks the cameras are downloaded and volunteers search through thousands of images to spot and identify the animals. >> i think we have probably
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collected more than 2 million images. we have only processed about a quarter of that? >> as we collect more data, we can start looking at what we have out there and then trends over time. >> reporter: those trends will give clues about how well wildlife populations are doing and how well we are doing in our quest to live and let live. in marin county, john ramos, kpix 5. >> the program began quietly about 18 months ago and there are about 120 cameras set up now. >> if you would like to volunteer and help look through these photos, you can find a link to the project on our website, i know paul, you can't see it, but man, it's awesome. little coyote staring right into the camera and smiling and waving at us. >> that's nice. [ laughter ] >> tell you what the kids are smiling outside today. they don't mind that it's hot. mom and dad will provide them something cool to drink and
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they can go out to play. we are at sycamore valley park. the mobile weather lab is reporting 89.7 after a high of 93. it is hot. like mother nature turned off the air-conditioning because that's what she did. the onshore flow is gone. the cooling influence of the ocean is gone and very rapidly, we went from the 60s over the weekend to the 90s today. we are still in the 90s in a few locations. there's a view of the golden gate bridge with clear skies. the onshore flow just in the afternoon hitting the city of san francisco, now down to 73. santa rosa 91. concord 92. livermore 89. san jose 88. oakland currently right now nearly 20 degrees above average, your current temperature is 86. it will be a warm night tonight. pretty warm in the city. not much of mother nature's ac. 60 in concord and napa, close to 60 in san francisco, livermore and oakland and san jose tonight 59 degrees. why? big strong ridge of high pressure. in some parts of the country that means just sun but for us it's all about the wind direction and with the ridge to the west, we are getting a
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northeast wind today or an offshore wind eliminating that ocean influence. that's why it was hot today. when does the wind direction change again? it changes a little tomorrow but then, thursday, into the weekend, not only an onshore flow but a strong onshore flow. these 90s will be a distant memory. once we get cooler we are going to stay cooler than average for a week and that begins after another warm day tomorrow although not as warm as today. so we're clear and mild tonight. we'll be warm again for most of the bay area tomorrow. there will be some relief along the coastline. major cooling for the entire bay area dropping well below average. that starts thursday and folks, this weekend, nobody is going to even hit 70 degrees. that's how chilly it will be. tomorrow if you like the warm weather, please enjoy it. livermore not as warm. but still above average. 88 degrees. fremont not as warm, but still above average, 83 degrees. napa 89. santa rosa 87. san francisco tomorrow high of 72 degrees. then temperatures fall off a
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cliff. now that price is right game cliffhanger when the dude falls off the cliff? those are our temperatures coming up. mid-70s inland or thursday. mid-60s near the bay. friday all the way through next tuesday, highs in the 60s and yes, we could see a few scattered showers both saturday and sunday. no weekend washouts but it will be cooler with a slight chance of a shower coming up over the weekend. back out here live in danville, guys, we are baking today but mother nature just has her finger on the ac switch. it gets switched on thursday and it's going to get much, much cooler. back to you. >> all right. it will feel nice. >> thanks, paul. hang out with the warriors superstar at a bus stop. >> how you can snap a picture with mvp steph curry next. >> but first, stocks are down today. new at five... there are some sour apple users takin ,,
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social media... after the latest operating system upde caused some devices t o longer wor there are some sour apple users taking to social media these days after the latest
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operating system update caused some devices to crash and no longer work. owners of the ipad pro and ipad air reported system failures while trying to install the 9.32 software. apple says it's not uncommon for a few bugs to come with the updates. but this latest snafu appears much more widespread than previous ios glitches. a bay area cheese chain is about to go international. just shy of its 20th anniversary, cowgirl creamery will merge with the swiss dairy company emmy. cowgirl creamy founded in point reyes is the latest artisan brands being bought out by big business. the merger comes six months after emmy snagged redwood hills farm and creamery. good news garlic lovers. mcdonald's is bringing back garlic fries to several south bay restaurants. the fries sold out during a
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trial run last week. mcdonald's will resume selling them today at four of their restaurants in san jose and santa clara. the fries are tossed with garlic, olive oil, parmesan cheese, parsley and a little salt. [ laughter ] >> the garlic is grown in gilroy. mcdonald's is considering adding the fries to all of its bay area restaurants. bring it on. >> looks good. >> yeah. sporting events where you find garlics fries. warriors fans, hires your chance to see what it's like to be steph curry. this week brita installed 10 interactive bus shelters in san francisco. you snap a picture of your face on the reigning mvp's body. okay? we were there as people tried it out in the financial district this morning. there are some kinks to be worked out. >> that was fun. >> it needs a little work. i'm a big fan of steph curry so seeing my face watching him dunk is always fun. [ laughter ] >> absolutely. the ad campaign tells people
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you are what you drink. and it encourages hydration. >> you have to hit more than one bucket in the 4th quarter though. check out the latest cover of "sports illustrated." the sports magazine profiles warriors power forward draymond green! for this week's issue, cover line reads, the voice of the warriors dares you to define him. and it hits news stanford tomorrow. we have two stories showing the best and worst sides of baseball. >> first, the negative. a brawl on sunday in texas has led to multiple suspensions. rangers second baseman rougned odor suspended for eight games. he punched a toronto blue jays player in the jaw after a hard slide. the coaches and players from both teams also got suspensions for the brawl that followed. >> and at last night's a's game, a bit of generosity with two foul balls in the 5th inning. a ball went off the glove of a boy in the stands. the girl in the row in on the fro of him picked it up and, watch what she does, hands it
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to him. how nice is that. then in the 6th inning that same boy made a backhanded catch. he returned the favor giving the ball to the girl this time. >> aww. >> how that's? >> good sports. we'll be right back. stay with us. ,, (scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at
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how a late crab season is creating an unusual danger. the cbs evening news with s pelley is next. new at 6:00 rescuers race to save whales tangled up off the coast. how a late crab season is
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creating an unusual danger. the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. see you at 6:00. captions by: caption colorado help fighting zika, but congress lyfers what amounts to a fly swatter. >> it's not going to cost $1.9 billion. li could cost $4 billion or $5 billion. >> pelley: also tonight, a defense of trump, by his daughter. >> i found it to be pretty disturbing. y: pelley: our special series tracks one man's battle against opioid addiction. >> i don't want to die using drugs. like, i don't want my legacy to be this overdose. >> pelley: and dehorning rhinos to save their lives. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this is the western edition of our broadcast. it's a race against time to kill mosquitoes that carry zika, the virus linked to birth defects. today, the senate approved just over $1 billion for the battle,


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