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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  May 18, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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it's wednesday, may 18. this is live look at oracle, and in 13 hours or so it will be "roar-acle" as the warriors play the thunder to tie up the series. "roar-acle," we like that. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. my voice is not "roar-acle" today. >> i had a lot of cobwebs due to the allergy. the game starts at 6:00. we thought they were a lot of empty seats the game before. that is that they were late arriving because everyone thought it was a 7:30 start. 6:00. as you make tracks out the door, 6:00 this morning for your commute, we have some mild temperatures. yes, it is 70 degrees in san rafael at this very early hour. it's 61 in concord. 68 vallejo. not much of a cooldown, not much great sleeping weather at all. later today numbers coming down from comparison to yesterday but still well above average. 60s coast, 70s bay, 80s peninsula up to the low 90s inland. we are talking about a big cooldown and rain. that's coming up a little later but first here's gianna.
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>> less check traffic on this wednesday morning. altamont pass a few brake lights already westbound coming away from tracy gets better when you hit greenville. roadwork on the upper lower decks of the bay bridge so both east- and westbound should be wrapped up in a half-hour. couple of cars backed up in the cash lanes. pretty easy heading into san francisco. no delays on the san mateo bridge. we'll check the golden gate coming up in just a few minutes. in san jose, three police officers are seen on video beating a construction worker with batons. now the man who took the blows is suing the department. kpix 5's joe vazquez with more on the surveillance video the worker hopes will prove his case. >> he just calmly sat there. >> reporter: the dark surveillance video shows construction worker sitting calmly there on the right side of the screen talking to police for quite a few minutes. his attorney says it gets ugly once the man realizes he is about to get arrested and he yells to his father in spanish to lock up his truck. >> at that point, one of the officers tells him to shut up
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and gets closer to mr. paulino. mr. paulino then tries to explain to the officer that all i'm doing is telling him to lock my truck up and then the officer tackles him to the ground. >> reporter: in a federal civil rights lawsuit he alleges the officers began to hit him with their batons. >> strikes him approximately according to video what you see is about 14 or 15 times as mr. paulino is face down on the ground and not trying to fight. he is defenseless at that point. >> reporter: in their written report, the officers said they used force because paulino was combative and they thought he might have a weapon in his waistband. >> mr. paulino at no point was struggling. he was basically on the ground and the only thing he said when he was on the ground to the officers who were assaulting him was i'm sorry in broken english because he does not speak english well. he didn't know what else to say. >> reporter: he was badly bruised and required staples on his charge. he was initially charged with resisting arrest, drunk driving and driving without a license.
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but after this video surfaced, the prosecutor dropped the charges. the d.a. also declined to file charges against the officers. in san jose, joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> city attorney richard doyle said he can't comment until he has time to review the lawsuit carefully. developing news in alameda county where grief counselors will help high school students cope with the loss of a classmate. a football player from encinal high school collapsed on the school last night during practice. the teen was taken to the hospital where he died. no word on the cause of death. but it was 78 degrees outside during the team's practice. you can call it the ride of their lives after a scenic tour turned into a rescue mission more tourists in a napa valley hot air balloon. one flight officer noticed the hot air balloon stranded on a remote levee near the napa river. the balloon pilot told chp he didn't have enough fuel to lift off so the chp made multiple trips to rescue the 16 tourists
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and pilot. >> i know they were taking a lot of selfies and videos of us flying over. i'm sure they have good memories there. >> the hot air balloon belongs to the napa valley balloon, inc. company representatives say the strong winds forced the pilot to land on the levee. today state water officials will decide whether to ease up on drought restrictions. this past season near average rain was not enough to end california's drought. but the state water resources control board may decide to give local water districts control of setting their own conservation targets. the board is set to meet this morning in sacramento. crews this morning are set to resume their search in in the sierra for a missing hiker and his dog. placer county sheriff's investigators say that cody michael of rockland was hiking with his german shepherd bauer over the weekend in the lock levin area. he sent a text message monday to his family but hasn't been
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heard from since. his vehicle was found at the trailhead. it is 4:34 right now. earlier you mentioned it wasn't good sleeping weather? it was so hot. >> i was up all night. >> i was sound asleep. [ laughter ] >> it was great last night. [ laughter ] >> temperatures really after highs in the mid-90s, temperatures were 90s but locally overnight -- at this very early hour it's 70s in san rafael, 63 in redwood city. it is 64 degrees in san jose. average high for san francisco this time of year is 64. right now it's 57. our temperatures will still be well above normal today. but it stays warm and mind. we'll see the beginning of a cooldown today. 60s at the beaches out of the mid-70s. we'll see 80s around the peninsula where yesterday we saw 90s. it will be 88 degrees in san jose. east of the bay still climbing to the low 90s. we'll see a wind rotate around during the afternoon hours up
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to 20 miles per hour. we did have some gusty afternoon winds yesterday as forecast. 87 santa rosa. upper 80s in windsor. chances of rain coming up. good morning. so far if you are hitting the roads early you're in luck, not too many problems right now. bridges quiet. golden gate bridge, no delays out of marin county. southbound 101, no delays. 580 to san francisco, that's 14 minutes. no troubles there. bay bridge, a couple of cars in cash lanes. they cleared out quickly. things moving okay with no delays into san francisco. keep in mind though there is roadwork on east- and westbound bay bridge now so lower and upper decks affected. should be wrapping up in the next half-hour. first look at 580/680 dublin interchange. extra volume on the westbound side traffic still moving. you won't see any delays
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connecting to 680 itself. coming away from the altamont pass. but you will see some slight delays east of there. and again, roadwork coming off the bay bridge will affect your drive on the skyway. in san francisco, the company behind a messy tour business crash still isn't getting good markets when it comes to safety. only on "5," andria borba has the report that may vindicate a driver in the hot seat reporter: remember the city sightseeing bus that went careening out of control down post street in november? well, we have a copy of the company's latest chp inspection report. it can be summed up by this word at the bottom of the first page. unsatisfactory. the report dated april 11 cites city sightseeing for daily vehicle reports on their buses that do not match up with the actual condition of the vehicles as well as the driver with an expired license and another that isn't enrolled in a mandatory drug and alcohol program. but the eye-opening citation is on page 12 where a 2000 bus
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nearly identical to the one that crashed has a brake hose that's chafed and kinking. the attorney for the bus driver in november's union square crash: >> when you make findings like this it shows a pattern in this company which would indicate that these brake lines are corroded, the compressors are leaking, there's kinks in the brake lines, the same kinds of things that we claim occurred in this accident. >> reporter: cartwright filed a $5 million claim against the city of san francisco on behalf of malvar. back in a march news conference,sfpd blamed the crash on operator error mixing up the gas and the brakes. not mechanical failure. >> we have stated since the beginning that there was a mechanical failure, that the accelerator was stuck wide open that the brakes were not operative. and we think that the reports that came out today on the most recent inspections support that. >> reporter: among the allegations in the claim, destroying evidence, failing to inspect the bus, and defamation
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of character. >> they can't find the mechanical failure, maybe they are embarrassed so the easiest thing to do is to blame the driver and it's really wrong. >> reporter: andria borba, kpix 5. >> we reached out to city sightseeing for comment but have not heard back. the presidential race comes to the bay area today as democratic candidate bernie sanders holds a couple of rallies. first in san jose, 1 p.m. this afternoon at the santa clara county fairground. and this evening he is set to appear at waterfront park in vallejo. that event is scheduled for 7:30. sanders spoke in southern california last night in the city of carson after winning the democratic primary in oregon. >> we just won oregon. [ applause and cheers ] >> and we're going to win california. [ applause and cheers ] >> i am getting to like the west coast! [ applause and cheers ]
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>> but hillary clinton is the apparent winner yesterday's kentucky primary. in oregon, sanders defeated clinton 54-46%. as for the delegate count, clinton is 89 short of the number needed to clinch the nomination when including superdelegates. on the republican side, donald trump's win in oregon's primary puts him 77 delegate away from clinching. more on the race for the white house from hena daniels. >> reporter: if last night is any indication, bernie sanders isn't backing down. the vermont senator pulled off a narrow victory in oregon tuesday and had a message for those calling for him to give up his campaign for president. >> we are in to the last ballot is cast! >> reporter: in kentucky, hillary clinton appears to be the likely winner. the former secretary of state claimed victory on twitter and then thanked supporters for, quote, having her back in the state. sanders bashed her for not
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doing as well in kentucky this time around. >> where secretary clinton defeated barack obama by 250,000 votes in 2008, it appears tonight that we're going to end up with half the delegates. >> reporter: clinton is now less than 100 delegate shy of clinching the democratic nomination making a general election matchup against trump even more certain. the presumptive republican nominee easily won oregon's uncontested republican primary last night. in a one-on-one interview with fox news host megyn kelly, he defended the tone of his campaign. >> actually, if i were soft, if i were, you know, presidential, okay, i don't think i would have been successful. >> reporter: the presidential candidates now turn their attention to the remaining nominating contests including the biggest prize, california. hena daniels, kpix 5. >> and today clinton is off the campaign trail. trump will meet with former secretary of state henry
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kissinger to discuss foreign policy. today facebook's ceo mark zuckerberg is set to meet with some well known conservatives. they include radio talk show host glenn beck, dana perino of fox news and arthur brooks. in all a dozen conservatives will meet with zuckerberg at facebook's menlo park campus. it's all about reports that say facebook has suppressed conservative news stories from its trending section. in an online post, zuckerberg said there is no evidence of political bias but he is taking the allegations very seriously and has launched a full investigation. time now 4:42. las vegas crime is through the roof. and now police there are blaming california. we'll tell you why. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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tomorrow... the agency is so on p-f- california's epa is about to take a closer look at a toxic chemical. tomorrow, the agency is set to announce new guidelines on pfc's. as kpix 5's wilson walker
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reports, the damage is done reporter: when disaster strikes on a runway, fire suppressing foam can be a lifesaver. but for decades there was a hidden danger in the foam. >> turns out there are chemicals called fluorinated chemicals. >> reporter: the same used in product like teflon and scotchgard now considered a health threat by the epa. >> we know it's linked to several types of cancer. >> reporter: before the public was warned about these chemicals, we used a lot of them. >> it will fill a hangar up with foam in about 2.5 minutes. >> reporter: airports around the world, military and civilian, trained with that toxic foam over and over again. >> they just used a lot of the firefighting foam and really didn't think about it and just washed it into the water supply and into the creeks. >> reporter: and sure enough, the foam is still with us. >> once in our system or once they are in the bay or once they are in the environment, they last for a long time. >> reporter: recent testing has found elevated levels of pfc's in the water treatment facility
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near san francisco international airport. and just up the bay from moffett field, contamination was found in the water at cooley landing in east palo alto. we can even trace those chemicals to the marine mammal center where state researchers have found harbor seals with some of the highest pfc levels in the world. but the biggest problems are yet to come. >> there's a lot more contamination in drinking water than we know about, we're concerned about that. >> reporter: they are testing sites used in crash training in california. >> there's 1.5 million people in california that we know of that are drinking this stuff in their drinking water. >> reporter: in fact, california's department of toxic substance control is now tracking these chemicals from the contaminated water right into the blood of the people who live nearby! >> we have some elevated levels in the drinking water and ground water. i'm sure it will affect the levels in human bodies. even in california. >> reporter: we're still
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waiting for test results from the former alameda naval air station where fire training was done from 1973 to 1987. here that foam would have come right off the tarmac right into the bay. but at sites all across california went straight into the drinking water and only now are we realizing the scope of the problem and how difficult it's going to be to clean up the mess. >> and i think it's going to be a big clean-up. i have heard public health officials say they think it is going to be the next "big one" like pcbs. >> reporter: wilson walker, kpix 5. >> the state epa currently doesn't have the authority to ban them or make companies disclose where they are manufactured. new this morning, california is getting the blame for an up particular in crime in las vegas. the vegas area has seen 70 homicide since the start of 2016. the sheriff there is partially blaming california's early inmate release law, ab109. he says some of those released
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prisoners are coming to his city. >> individuals we're able to identify and also the victims of those crimes seeing a significant increase in individual that is have gang affiliation, gang association, directly related to california. >> a los angeles deputy chief who works with parolees says that the vegas sheriff shouldn't make assumptions. earlier studies show no direct correlations between crimes and ab109. happening today a whole bunch of baby salmon heading to half moon bay. they won't be swimming there. 160,000 chinook salmon just 4" long will be taken by truck to pillar point harbor. the tiny salmon will spend a week getting acclimated before braving the ocean. the coastside fishing club that's behind the delivery says the sal mop will mature in the wild for -- the salmon will mature in the wild for two years before they can be caught by commercial fishermen. mcdonald's entire supply of
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gilroy garlic fries are gone. but they are back after a trial run that overwhelmed its bay area chain. mcdonald's gathered up more gilroy garlic. the popular fries are on the menu again at four restaurants in san jose and santa clara. i hope they bring it up here to san francisco. i know you can get it at the ballpark and other places but it would be nice to go right through the drive-through and get it. >> everyone loves mcdonald's fries and everyone loves garlic fries. >> it's a good snack. i'll let you know if i have some tonight at the game. [ laughter ] >> save some for tomorrow morning. >> i don't think i need to tell you. >> we'll know tomorrow morning. [ laughter ] good morning, everybody. getting ready to begin your "hump day," your wednesday, here's what you can expect. we have some very mild conditions. you can go jacket-free. you might want to have a sweater. the winds are pretty calm throughout most reporting stations. i'll share that information. but look at the numbers. 63 degrees in redwood. it is 57 degrees in san francisco as our high temperature of 82 degrees. average high is 64. the winds are out of the west-
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southwest at 7 in san francisco. but under 10 around the peninsula. and our inland areas the wind are calm. 6 in fairfield. winds will pick up later today, 10 to 20, and become variable. the coast is clear but we are seeing the return of the stratus creeping towards the monterey bay area and then you see monterey bay there. then we'll have the return of over cast conditions tonight. it's all going to be enhanced by this area of low pressure to the north of bay area pulling down some cooler air mass. we'll see some cooler temperatures in comparison with yesterday with significant cooling for your thursday. across the state, thunderstorms in the high sierra and yosemite. 90s in the central valley. 70 monterey bay. 90 ukiah today. sun-up 5:57. by the time it sets tonight, temperatures a couple of degrees off the mark from yesterday. then the return of the marine layer later on tonight. 60s beaches, 60s, 70s bayside, 80s at the peninsula.
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when you look at 90 at livermore that's well above average. 87 santa rosa. couple that up with the wind at 20, that's going to usher your pollen around. so if you are sneezing and wheezing, it's the trees that are going nuts. and the grass count, as well. again, you have that sunset, we just doubled up on, that and more here you go with your extended forecast. you see significant cooling on thursday. but that is more seasonal. then additional meltdown in the temperatures on friday at least the potential of an isolated shower or thunderstorm on saturday. that's a look at your wednesday forecast. here's gianna. thanks, roberta. let's jump to the roads. good news to report. we had a big rig stalled on westbound 4. it's all wrapped up no delays as you make your way across the main lines of 4. traffic is light westbound coming out of antioch worker your way into pittsburg. 65 miles an hour in some spots, only 7 minutes between hillcrest and 242. over to the south bay we go. good morning, san jose. northbound 101 if you are
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jumping on the roadways, so far no delays to report right now. you are clear all the way out of morgan hill, northbound towards san jose. in fact, traffic is light all the way into the peninsula right now with some pretty easy drive times so far this morning on 101. 280/680 to 237, 11 minutes. 11 minutes on 280 as well northbound between 101, 680 and 85. no delays along guadalupe parkway. san mateo bridge off to a great start this morning no wind advisories, no issues, accidents or incidents. if you are commuting from hayward into foster city, right now traffic is very light, only 13 minutes to go between 880 and 101. they just did the lane changes on the golden gate bridge so you have an extra lane southbound side, the commute direction. right now a few cars using it but so far it's quiet out of marin with a nice ride south 101. 580 in san francisco, 14 minutes right now. cash lanes normal. traffic clear across the upper deck. they are wrapping up roadwork
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at the skyway. lower deck has roadwork that should wrap up soon. on a winding road in north carolina, drivers were forced to slam on the brakes because of some bears. >> mama and her four cubs were taking a short cuss no matter what. the bravest cub led the pack but the biggest black bear and her three our kids were close by [ barking ] >> it happened on grandfather mountain. animal experts say the site is rare because while bears can have up to six cubs, they often stop at 2. >> look at that. >> yeah. can yo imagine? >> the space shuttle endeavour will get more fancy after delivery is made in southern california. we'll explain next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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san jose library users owe nearly seven-million dollar 't san jose is delays a decision on potential amnesty for library books. $7million i fines are owed. they don't want the fines to discourage families from using their services. so the city council is considering anamnesty period for a month. it will take up the proposal again in its meeting on june 14. happening today, nasa's last flight capable external fuel tank is set to join the retired endeavour shuttle here in california. the fuel tank will arrive in los angeles later this week heading to the california science center. the take never went to space because the shuttle it was made for columbia disintegrated upon re-entry from the mission in 2003. google has an idea to protect people who get hit by cars. it just got the patent for an adhesive to go on the front of a car. instead of bouncing off when hit, pedestrians woul stick to
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it to reduce injury. it would be tested on self- driving cars. google holds a variety of patents but not all turn into products. no booze for a private club in menlo park for now. owners of the cuckoo's nest say their application for a liquor license is on hold. people living near the club on willow road are worried about noise and traffic. but the owners haven't had any problems in two years. they say they will reach out to the neighbors through open community events over the next few months. 4:57. the first look at self-driving big rigs, why the company behind them says they are completely safe. >> reporter: and we are just a couple of hours away from a big meeting between facebook's ceo mark zuckerberg and conservatives answering claims that facebook is biased towards liberals. ,,
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and i'm kenny choi. let's get a look at weatherd traffic. here's roberta gonzales > it never gets old. definitely during the lunch hour we are looking at the view of san francisco, you can see the marin headlands. it never gets old. there's no fog or clouds. the current air temperature is very mild. it was very uncomfortable sleeping for many of us last night because it just did not cool down that much. today slightly cooler with highs in th


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