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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  May 18, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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most dangerous places in the world. we sent mike sugerman to find out, is that remotely true? mike? >> reporter: well, allen -- [ stuttering ] i don't think the warriors would draw so well if they were playing in mogadishu, somalia, caracas, monterrey, mexico, of the top 50 most dangerous cities in the world, oakland doesn't make that top 50. however, in the united states, it's up there. >> steph curry electrified this building. >> reporter: as oakland basks in the glow of positive national news about the warriors, now people are talking about this, in an interview to be published in the "new york times" sunday donald trump was asked if he had been to iraq. no, he says. but there are places in america that are among the most dangerous in the world. you go to places like oakland or ferguson. the crime numbers are worse. seriously. really? mayor libby schaaf shot back
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upon twitter, the most dangerous place in america is donald trump's mouth. >> well, i don't think donald trump knows anything about this great city that i live in. >> reporter: but numbers show oakland is dangerous. court theaccording to the fbi in 2013, east st. louis leads the nation with its murder rate. oakland is number 2 in overall crime. the 9% of99% of america's big cities are safer. >> for most people i think the way that you live can be something that can be dangerous. but for me, um, oakland is beautiful. >> reporter: crime is centralized in certain oakland zip codes. and police do say most killing involves people who are involved in some kind of crime. >> extrapolating from a statistical data is inappropriate for somebody's living experience, right? the news says a lot of things to promote that sense of fear by playing a lot of dangerous images and showing, you know, dangerous decisions of people of color and situations.
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>> reporter: oakland is gentrifying and getting much more expensive to live. the last couple of years have seen a decline in crime in oakland. not associated with the latest fbi numbers. >> contra costa has [ indiscernible ] not in oakland so you just have to be careful everywhere. >> reporter: several of the people we talked with today thought trump should come to see oakland the way they see it. >> i would like to invite donald trump to love our neighborhood day june 4 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. to see the vibrant community of oakland at its best. >> reporter: we called trump's campaign. they haven't returned our calls yet. so compared to iraq, well, in baghdad it's 32 murders per 100,000 people of the population. that's the way they measure it according to the state department n oakland, it's 25 per 100,000. 32 versus 25. so baghdad, oakland, not out of the ballpark according to statistics. in oakland, mike sugerman, kpix
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5. tens of thousands of people feeling the berne in the bay area today on one of the hottest days of the year in the south bay. bernie sanders making campaign stops at the santa clara county fairgrounds in san jose, san francisco's justin herman plaza and the vallejo waterfront park. over in the east bay right now, bernie sanders supporters are gathering at the vallejo waterfront. this is a live look at the campaign event for the democratic candidate who is fresh off an oregon win. the rally there starts at 7:00. we'll check in with cate caugiran later in the show. now, before vallejo, bernie sanders made a surprise stop in san francisco. >> bernie! whoo! [ applause and cheers ] >> yeah! >> he walk with people in the financial district including our very own andria borba and gave a speech in justin herman plaza. no shortage of cell phones among the cheering crowd. an estimated 10,000 people showed up to his rally today in san jose. and it was sweltering. some had the sunburn to prove it. sanders told supporters there he is hoping for a high voter
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turnout in the june 7 primary. >> and my hope is that this great state one of the most progressive states in the country -- >> yeah! whoo! >> -- will make it loud and clear and say to the american people, and the world, california is on board for a political revolution! >> sanders spoke for an hour on familiar themes like fixing income equality and making healthcare and education free. you can watch the speech on our website, new at 6:00 our exclusive poll giving san franciscans a chance to weigh in on embattled police chief greg suhr. we asked simply, should he stay or go? 50% said the chief should stay. 31% want him to resign. 19% are not sure. kpix 5 reporter phil matier says the numbers were almost evenly divided when we asked if chief suhr is doing a good job.
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>> reporter: that's right. but it's also interesting. when we drilled down a bit and went to the neighborhood to find out that he might have even more problems that have been the subject of the media lately. here's the story. >> he needs to go. >> reporter: why? >> um, too much bull going on. >> most of the problems are created by other individuals. i'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt. >> reporter: those sentiments reflect the split that the a new kpix/surveyusa poll found among residents when it comes to the future of police chief greg suhr. >> we don't governor by the polls but at the same time i'm sense -- we don't govern by the polls but at the same time i'm sensitive to what people think. >> reporter: 42% approve of the chief's performance in the wake of the mario woods shooting and the racial text scandals but 36% disapprove. >> i only hear the outrage in the streets. >> reporter: his biggest support comes from whites and asians. but that support drops among
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blacks and really tumbles among latinos, with 62% saying he should go. >> you are already prejudging what happened in this case. [ applause ] >> reporter: supervisor david campos is unwith of four board members who have -- one of four board members who have called for him to resign. >> i don't think he will be in a position, unfortunately, to implement needed change. >> reporter: blacks are split with 41% saying this chief should stay, 38% saying he should go. >> your reaction to the numbers? >> well, i mean, i -- obviously, i'm encouraged that there's more people that want me to stay than go. >> reporter: it's not just the question of police shootings or the racially charged texts driving the numbers. there's another problem even among supporters. >> there have been several break-ins in this area. my car has been stolen twice. >> we are going to get crime down. >> what does this tell you? >> this tells us that the chief does have support as long as he is doing his job. >> reporter: as far as the mayor is concerned, chief suhr is doing his job.
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he doesn't think anybody else is ready to take over for him. it's interesting to note that while 50% might not sound that impressive, compared to some polls i have seen on politicians in san francisco, actually, he is doing better than most. at the hall of justice in san francisco, phil matier, kpix 5. oakland police are addressing the sexual misconduct investigation rocking their department. two of four officers allegedly involved resigned. they had been on administrative leave. >> this department has taken a quick and aggressive action, whether an officer resigns or not the investigation is going to continue. and we're going to see where that investigation leads. >> by resigning they avoid participating in the investigation. it's unclear whether they will face criminal charges. a shooting in the east bay. pittsburg police officers opened fire and shot three people instead of one.
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kpix 5's anne makovec with the story. >> reporter: you can see the bullet holes there in the door where a father and two brothers were shot last night by police. this was the scene just after 9:00 last night when three family members were being loaded into ambulances on kingsley drive. >> the officers reacted as they were trained. >> reporter: it started with a mother's call to 911 about her 20-year-old son rigoberto gutierrez she says was waving a gun. >> he was acting irrational according to the mother and pointing the firearm directly at the father and family members. >> reporter: those family members were standing behind this locked security screen door when police showed up to confront rigoberto. >> given commands to show his hands. he immediately reached for the firearm. >> reporter: they shot at him five times hitting him in the leg and through the door accidentally hitting his father in the torso and his 17-year- old brother in the leg. >> unfortunately, they were struck as a result of his actions. >> reporter: all three men are
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expected to survive. rigoberto faces charges of assault with a deadly weapon. >> and when the suspect is released from the hospital, he will be transported to county jail. >> this shooting is under investigation by the pittsburg police department and the contra costa district attorney's office. in pittsburg, anne makovec, kpix 5. students suffering because of a substitute teacher shortage. the challenge for a district where subs are actually turning down jobs. >> even our robbers have to go. a grandma describes the moment a gunman forced her out of her own bathroom and then took off in her car. >> a bay area homeowner's very bad day when 60 cows destroyed her backyard. >> 98 in the bay area today or was it 62 in the bay area? it was both! one of them is going to win out. get ready for a significant change in temperature and some rain. find out which day is looking wet coming up. ,,
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neighborhood... suffering fa subtle form of discriminati. kpix 5 reporter joe vazquezs new at 6:00 we found out students in one bay area neighborhood suffering from a subtle form of discrimination. kpix 5's reporter joe vazquez says it happens when their teachers call out sick. [ sirens ] >> they are getting more and less. >> reporter: many of the children in the historically black bayview section of san francisco are already dealing with poverty and violence in their neighborhoods. now san francisco unified school district officials say the schools here are also struggling with finding enough substitute teachers. >> i don't feel that it's right. if you want to teach the kids education, it shouldn't matter where you teach 'em at. >> reporter: in the last two years, substitute teachers only have been accepting daily job offers at public schools in the bayview 81% of the time. that's compared to 91% in the rest of the district. >> these kids, they sense
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things. they sense when they're being neglected. when their school is not like the other schools. you know, they see -- they see the disparity. >> reporter: i talked to one substitute teacher who didn't want to go on camera. she says when she gets the call to sub out in the bayview, she turns it down. in her case, she says, she doesn't have a car so it's a transportation issue. but she says she is also heard other subs talking about concerns that this is a high crime neighborhood and also rumors about how there might be behavioral problems since the schools in the bayview have a higher teacher turnover. >> the reality is that we have a perception that is unfair and in a lot of ways in my opinion untrue that those schools are more challenging to teach in. our substitutes get to choose the jobs that they accept and so there are other schools that we see subs more willing to go to than -- than some schools. >> reporter: the district says part of the solution could be incentive pay which of course could help the larger problem of retaining even full-time teachers in all the schools in an economy that continues to push them out of the city.
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in san francisco, joe vazquez, kpix 5. bay area home prices hit a record high last month. the median home price in april $686,000. but it is short of the 2007 peak of $665,000 when you consider inflation. so which counties are the most expensive? san francisco, still the tops with a median sales price of $1.3 million. number 2 is san mateo at $990,000 and then marin at $960,000. two men are under arrest following a bizarre robbery in berkeley. it happened just after 7:00 this morning along 7th street. police say a man pointed a gun at a guy as he was getting out of his car. then it got weird. he forced the victim upstairs so he could use his bathroom. now, the victim's grandmother was in the restroom at the time. so the suspect held her at gunpoint while he used the toilet. >> when he came out he was very
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polite. he thanked me for letting him use my bathroom and he said nice meeting you. >> officers arrested the man about an hour later at a car wash. 25-year-old joseph skyler was booked into jail on suspicion of robbery and carjacking. >> police were surprised to find this 2-month-old puppy in the car. the pup is now in the care of animal control officers. other bay area headlines. foul play not suspected in the disturbing discovery in that san jose pond. neighbors found a body in the water near the van. the pond near berryessa road and morrill avenue. not clear how the man died or how he and the van ended up in the water. in the case of the missing millbrae father of two, investigators now say he was murdered. 27-year-old keith green was last seen back in april. his phone turned up in golden gate park. last week his body was found in a field near healdsburg. daly city police are asking for help finding this man. he is suspected of robbing the first national bank on mission
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this morning. he was last seen wearing a tan long-sleeved t-shirt with the words, levi strauss on the front. developers of a san francisco apartment complex have a new incentive to get people to ditch their cars. it will affect all new residents in the park merced complex south of san francisco's state university. the plan is to give a $100 monthly credit to use towards transportation. that means uber, muni or bart. part of the subsidy is due to limited parking. but it's also part of a larger plan to wean the city off dependency to cars. uber agreed know to charge more than $5 for one way shared rides between the apartments and nearby bart and muni stations. water restriction rules are changing in california. the state water board voted today to allow local water districts to set their own conservation goals. the ruling also lists a statewide order that requires 20% savings. california of course we have been in a drought for the past five years. however, near average rain and
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snowfall in the northern part of the state this winter lifted the reservoir levels. here's something you don't see every day. 60 cows bulldozing a backyard. this is what a morgan hill resident found in her yard. the cows broke down her fence to trample her garden and munch on trees and shrubs. she says the mess they made is heartbreaking. but she is giving thanks officer jason lorenzo of the morgan hill police department for chasing the cows out. >> where did they go? >> he is going to the rodeo next! [ laughter ] >> the cows left her yard, that's 60 cows on the loose in morgan hill. >> they have to be grazing somewhere. >> we need to dig deeper. >> grazein in the grass. >> morgan hill hit 93 today. >> they were looking for shade and a cool drink. morgan hill some cool weather coming your way maybe even some showers as we head toward the weekend. look at the temperatures today. these are a few of of your highs today. -- these are a few of your highs today. concord 95. livermore 93. san jose 88. tomorrow, really not that much
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of a change in san francisco. 4 degrees cooler big deal. it is a big deal! look at concord, 20 degrees cooler. livermore 22 degrees cooler. a significant temperature drop tomorrow and it gets even cooler toward friday. weather headlines over the financial district a coast and bay fog alert. it's going to return. when it does it will be dense tomorrow morning. overnight lows in the 50s. not as mild as it was this morning. but uniform temperatures. we always talk about the temperature spread from places like pacifica and fairfield but at night we all cool to pretty near normal temperatures. mid-50s. fremont 56. and napa 56 degrees. we have been talking about the cooldown. let me he show you some more highs for tomorrow. it will be markedly cooler. san jose from 91 to 71. vallejo, from the 90s to 78. oakland from near 90 to 70. so a big change. the areas away from the bay and water will see the most significant change tomorrow. there's also rain coming. this low pressure system will
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crank up the onshore flow will get close enough late friday into saturday that we have a rain chance. watch futurecast tomorrow. the temperatures drop but no rain. a little cloud cover. it will still be sunny. friday a few scattered showers. we'll stop the clock here. saturday lunchtime, going to be pretty wet. some wide spread lied rain around there. i don't think futurecast is 100% accurate when it comes to the amount of rainfall. but we'll see a widespread chance of showers coming up on saturday. so there it is. some weekend showers a couple of days removed from sunshine and 98 degrees in lafayette. and even when the rain leaves, which it will on sunday, next week is looking cooler with highs in the 60s to low 70s. the heat hangs out for a couple of days. this is a weird spring. >> yeah. >> things changing so quickly, now it's going to be cold for a week. cold for us. >> right. >> caveat. >> okay. a kpix 5 investigation exposes the state putting millions at risk for identity theft. we have learned it's still
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happening months later. how one man is taking measures to keep his mail out of the wrong hands. >> plus, barry bonds furious at his daughter's elite california school. the racial controversy over a rap video. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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compromised. the problem: an employee fell for a phishing scam. officials aren't suref any information has the social security numbers of 7500 city college of san francisco students may be compromised. an employee fell for a phishle scam. officials aren't sure if any information is used from the phishing scam but they are taking precautions. they are offering students a year of identity protection service as well as training employees on how to avoid phishing scams and he they plan to encrypt new and old laptops as well as make changes to the website. and keeping social security numbers out of the wrong hands certainly an ongoing battle. >> following a series of reports by kpix 5, california has stopped printing the numbers on millions of documents. consumerwatch reporter julie watts with the update.
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>> reporter: after a rash of mail thefts in his neighborhood, whitney was horrified to scoff the state printing his full social security number on his disability documents. >> i was upset. >> the edd was jeopardizing my identity. >> reporter: he recently began collecting benefits and said he was shocked to see the number on state mailings more than 6 months after first seeing our investigation into the issue. california passed a law that prohibits printing the number on any materials that are mailed. >> reporter: last year, one of california's largest agencies committed to changing its ways after we revealed it was violating state privacy laws by printing full social security numbers on millions of documents sent out in the mail and repeatedly sending the sensitive information to the wrong address. >> how in the world does this piece of paper get into an envelope addressed to me? >> reporter: the agency first told us federal law which supersedes state law requires it use social security numbers in the administration of benefits. although the social security administration later confirmed there is no federal law requiring or prohibiting the number on mailed documents.
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>> this is an important issue. >> reporter: congresswoman jackie speier wants to change that. >> this bill was introduced before and when you first drew attention to this issue, we called the office. >> reporter: after seeing our reports the democrat reached across the aisle asking republican dennis ross to reintroduce his safeguarding social security numbers act that would finally prohibit government agencies from displaying and mailing full social security numbers. >> it's really negligence. >> reporter: and we discovered, the edd is not alone. only 8 states say they redact social security numbers on automatic mailed documents. like california, 17 admit they still mail full numbers to claimants and employers. and another 17 states mail them to employers only. >> the government puts that personal information of millions of americans at risk by sending out so many documents. >> reporter: today the congressional committee in charge of social security questioned the inspector- general about his recent report on the overuse of social security numbers. but house ways and means says that bipartisan bill that could
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put an end to the practice is, quote, not moving right now due to other legislative agendas of a concern for whitney, who is now invested in a locking mailbox while he waits for california to keep its promise and remove the number once and for all. >> at least i'm protected. >> reporter: now, the edd says it has removed social security numbers from most unemployment documents but has no eta on when they will be removed from disability mailings. they are encouraging californians to sign up for its new online system which would limit the number of sensitive documents that you receive in the mail. >> it frustrates people to no end. bureaucracy and government, it takes so long to make changes that seem obvious. >> i think every lawmaker believes this should be a law. you shouldn't be allowed to do this. >> absolutely. >> yet nobody is willing to pass it. >> they have to step up to the plate. thank you. coming up in our next half- hour, swimmers and surfers on alert. there's something under the water. what's new this year about the
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sharks spotted near northern california beaches. >> and that bay area school in shock. new details on a football player's sudden death during practice. >> and baby got backlash. a hollywood actress slammed for her social media post about oakland. ,,,,
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braving the heat across the supporters.. braving the he across the bay area today. ten-thousand p our top story tonight. bernie sanders supporters braving the heat across the bay area today. 10,000 people estimated have shown up at a rally a santa clara fairgrounds in a warmer- than-average san jose. the later the democratic presidential candidate surprised people in san francisco. he gave a quick speech at justin herman plaza then hit the streets with union workers. our cate caugiran live at the vallejo waterfront a rally there going to kick off soon. >> reporter: we are an hour away before the u.s. senator will take the stage but get a look at this crowd. they have been here for hours. some of sanders' supporters waiting an hour as to get inside the park to hear him speak. organizers say they are expecting anywhere from 10,000 to 18,000 people filling the park. a lot of his fans were all over
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the bay area told me they took the day off or half day for this event. >> he is like a voice of truth i haven't heard all my life. to get this far up in popularity, that's what's amazing. >> he is addressing a lot of the social needs that a lot of presidents haven't addressed. >> reporter: it was a first come, first served here in vallejo with people still in line waiting to go through security just to get in. supporters were told to bring just your keys, wallet and if you wanted to bring a sign, it couldn't be attached to a stick because security is certainly tight. but get a look back out live at this crowd here all packed waiting for the u.s. senator to take the stage. senator sanders was in carson yesterday, stockton last week, and vallejo tonight. it appears he is making it a point to hit towns usually skipped along the presidential campaign trail. we'll see in three weeks if these rallies stick when california's primaries take place which could be a make-or-
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break for the sanders campaign. live in vallejo, cate caugiran, kpix 5. more sharks are swimming in waters off santa cruz and bay area scientists think they know why. kpix 5 reporter emily turner on the change that's driving them further north. >> reporter: it's that time of year that tourists and swimmers go out into the ocean but it's also the time of year that sharks make it right here to capitola and santa cruz and hang out right off the coast. there's also a new type of shark right now. >> got to swim, i guess. sharks got to swim. >> reporter: they may be hanging out offshore but the sharks are the talk of the town. >> just came out to take a look. heard they were out here so came out to take a look. >> reporter: it's that time of year when sharks populate the waters off santa cruz. but there's a new visitor this year, shark pups, that have never been seen here before. >> we are doing aerial surveys since 1990 in the bay so we have a good sense of what's normal and what's typical and this is definitely atypical.
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>> reporter: he runs the research foundation. he says warmer ocean water is to blame. that temperature change has begun a northward migration bringing sharks here instead of southern california. there haven't been any major incidents since 2012 when a kayak was bitten. these sharks are hardly the size of one of those. >> some of these sharks are yearlings. you know? like barely 6 feet long. and they have an entirely different menu. they are eating little leopard sharks, you know, um, and things like that, bat rays. they are not going to bother humans. >> reporter: so while those new younger sharks are safe, experts still urge anybody who sees one in the ocean to tell a lifeguard just so they can be aware. in capitola, emily turner, kpix 5. shock and sadness in an alameda high school after a football player died after practice last night. 15-year-old giovanni pulido died after he was rushed to the hospital. officials with alameda unified are looking into the policies
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surrounding practice during hot weather. however, they say all student athletes have to pass a physical and sign a medical waiver before going out for sports. as student returns to school at encinal high school today school officials are doing what they can to help children deal with the loss of a friend and fellow student. >> the kids and staff are just reeling when a student dies it is a huge, huge blow to the school site community. we are providing psychologists today and throughout the weekend into next week if need be both for the students and for the staff. >> some students are sending condolences through social media using the hashtag, rip gio. san francisco police hope a $10,000 reward will help them find a missing girl. -year-old arianna fitts and -- 2-year-old arianna fitts and her mother nicole were reported missing in april. a few days later nicole was found dead in mclaren park. she worked at a local best buy store. today the retailer announced a $10,000 reward for information to find arianna.
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facebook's mark zuckerberg is talking about today's meeting he held with conservative leaders to address allegations of editorial bias. more than a dozen leaders gathered at facebook's campus in menlo park including tv personality glenn beck. the social website is accused of downplaying news from conservative outlets. the facebook post zuckerberg said he wants to make sure that his company continues to be a platform for all ideas across the political spectrum. well, when was the last time you logged into linkedin? the professional networking site is telling users today you may want to change your password. the company says a breach from 2012 was worse than first thought. the number of leaked user names and passwords ballooning to 117 million. instead of 6.5 million. this comes amid news that a dealer on the "dark web" has started selling stolen information. tesla is selling $2 billion worth of stock to help pay for
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the production of its new model 3 sedan. the company is offering about $1.4 billion of shares. the rest will be sold by ceo elon musk to cover taxes, associated with his exercise of stock options. stocks down on word the federal reserve is leaving the door open to an interest rate hike in june. the dow was down 100 after the news but bounced back closing down 3. nasdaq was up 23. s&p was basically flat. barry bonds accusing his daughter's classmates of racism. the outrage surrounding a rap video at an elite california school. >> calling our deadheads. the original members of the grateful dead holding a free concert for fans. what you need to know to get tickets. this... after students from
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♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette)
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from bank of america to buy a new gym bag. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time and 2% back at the grocery store. even before he got 3% back on gas. kenny used his bankamericard cash rewards credit card to join the wednesday night league. because he loves to play hoops. not jump through them. that's the excitement of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you. school. this... after students from brentwood schl posted a video of them rappa popular song and using the barry bonds says there's racism at husband daughter's school after students from --
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his daughter's school after students from the school rapped a popular song using the "n" word. [ rap ] >> the clip was posted by brentwood students against racism. bond saw the video said on twitter that he was sad to see his daughter's school. he called the video racist and is asking for those students to be suspended. school officials say they are investigating that video. actress blake lively is in hot water after sparking outrage from an instagram caption with a reference to oakland. lively posted this photo from the red carpet at cannes film festival with the caption l.a. face with an oakland booty. those are lyrics to sir mix a lot's 1992 hit baby got back. [ song ] >> sir mix a lot and a lot of mixed reactions. one tweeted another day another rich white woman using women of color's bodies as a punch line
6:39 pm
and commodity as if blake lively wasn't the worse already. this user defended her saying blake lively accused of cultural appropriation after posting a pic with a caption of baby got back lyrics. you all really have nothing to do. attention, grateful dead fans. dead and company is performing a free concert in san francisco. it will be held at the fillmore next monday. the group features three original members of the grateful dead. the band is asking those who receive the tickets to pay it forward in some way. there's also a limit two tickets a person. for more information, you can head to our website, >> those are going to be gone like that. >> going for the gold. how our jefferson award winner is helping low income kids lead a healthy lifestyle and giving them some olympic sized gold. >> antioch, pleasant hill, even san jose making it into the low 90s today but, boy, are things going to change. if you like the heat, it's out of here after today. things are changing and this is where the change begins at the
6:40 pm
beach where we're already going from sunny to foggy. details on how cold we get. when rain is going to fall coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,
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pursuing olympic- sized dre sharon chin joins us to thousands of low income children are learning to live a healthy lifestyle and some are evening pursuing olympic sized dreams. sharon chin joins us to explain it's the work this week's jefferson award winner. >> reporter: that's right. when dr. mark alexander thought about how to help inner city kids become healthier, he enlisted the help of an olympic gold medalist. reporter: more than 1,000 kids aged 4 through 18 parade into uc-berkeley's edwards stadium with their track club. they take the athlete's oath and go for the gold. dr. mark alexander created this track meet in 2002. it's part of the youth movement program he founded for the "100 black men of the bay area." >> we designed this program use using track and field as a hook to get young children involved in embracing healthy lifestyles. >> reporter: as an
6:44 pm
epidemiologist, dr. alexander saw many children at risk for health problems because they weren't getting enough exercise. >> many of these kids had never done pushups before in their lives. >> reporter: so he developed the youth movement program to improve the health and fitness of low income bay area children. it offers mentoring and year round school click inches and strength training, good nutrition and character development. dr. alexander developed the track meet as a celebration. and he named the events the tommie smith youth track meet after his olympic hero. tommie smith gave the salute while receiving the gold medal for the 200-meter race in the 1968 olympics in mexico city. >> because he was an amazing athlete and a courageous person we decided to name this meet after him. >> reporter: smith has attended all 13 track meets in support of dr. alexander's work >> you hear that in the background? that's joy, love, being part of something. >> reporter: as a leader and
6:45 pm
mentor, dr. alexander helps kids like briona rivera get a running start in sports and school. >> he is like a grandpa to me. >> reporter: how? >> he helps me with everything. he checks up on me. >> reporter: thanks to dr. alexander, christopher pearson hopes his first place finish is not his last. >> my dreams are just to make it to the olympics one day and get a gold medal. >> it gives me goosebumps to see all these beautiful children. >> reporter: so for creating a program to teach inner city kids as healthy life sometime, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to dr. mark alexander. sharon chin, kpix 5. >> this summer the track meet's best athletes will go to taiwan for the international children's games. last year's games were held in the netherlands where the girls brought back gold in the relay. >> excellent. >> the fitness program is a great idea. is anyone replicating it? >> the "100 black men of the bay area" chapters around the country are using his program as a model and dr. alexander is
6:46 pm
helping with tommie smith track meets in louisville, kentucky, in new orleans, in hampton, virginia, and in washington, d.c. >> great. >> really good to the bay area. >> nice, sharon. thanks. >> all right. to get involved with dr. alexander's youth movement use the link on our online story at we want to say good luck to the san francisco gardener one of the final four contestants left on this season's "survivor." he made it through one of the toughest seasons yet. find out if he will be the last one standing when the two-hour season finale airs tonight at 8:00 right here on kpix 5. >> he will do well. >> final four. already doing great. do you want the 60s? do you want the 70s? do you want the 80s? because we have them all. it's 63 and foggy in san francisco. concord now 88.
6:47 pm
low 70s go to oakland for 73. santa rosa 72. very wide temperature spread today. 49 miles separate point raze and lafayette. 36 degrees also separated the two today. lafayette you nearly hit 100. but we barely got out of the 50s right along the coastline. cooler near the water. that cooler air will invade the bay area by this time tomorrow. 50s in the area tonight. so what happens tomorrow? the winds flip. you will keep the sunshine. it will be just as sunny this time tomorrow as it is outside now but it's going to be windy. the wind is now coming from the ocean and with that onshore flow rushing in south bay will be up to 20 degrees cooler livermore 22 degrees cooler tomorrow. there's a reason for that change. this area of low pressure shoving that ridge west. it's not going to slide toward
6:48 pm
the four corners. it's going to retreat and this low working its way down the west coast already some showers for western washington cloud cover for western oregon. we'll see both of those but the fir thing you will notice is the increase in wind and also much cooler temperatures tomorrow. futurecast says looks like today but wouldn't feel that way. 30-mile-per-hour wind gusts tomorrow evening and temperatures running 20-degrees cooler. friday morning cloud cover. friday night scattered showers. saturday morning scattered showers. and saturday about lunchtime, i'm not buying 100% into the total widespread rainfall. but you get the general theme being late saturday morning early saturday afternoon we could see some scattered showers throughout the bay area which will hopefully help out the allergies which are getting me right now. so clouds return tonight near the water. tomorrow much cooler and it will also be breezy and then comes the rain chance friday and saturday scattered showers. san jose below average tomorrow.
6:49 pm
normal 75, tomorrow a windy 71. only the upper 60s in los altos and palo alto. union city will be 69. pleasanton 70 breezy. concord 75. antioch will today in the low 80s. richmond 72. petaluma 72. daly city 65. and your high in clear lake tomorrow 75 degrees. so much cooler but the biggest change will be away from the water. scattered showers possible friday afternoon. a better chance at some scattered showers or light rain early saturday. we dry out sunday. but next week even when the sunshine returns, the onshore flow sticks around and we will stay cool. hot are the golden state warriors. dennis live with that and all of your sports coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:50 pm
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6:52 pm
sweep the rangers... bottomf the 1st... danny welcome, everybody, to the oakland coliseum on one hand i have the warriors and okc in game 2. warriors trail one game to none. earlier today the a's, billy beane has taken a lot of heat for the deals that haven't panned out. let me tell you about two players that have. slugger chris davis and starter rich hill. they played against the rangers looking for the sweep. bob melvin and company the bottom of the first. danny valencia doing something other than hitting home runs for a change. two-run single. he has driven in 11 runs in the last six games with the average
6:53 pm
up to .357. the early lead was plenty for that man! rich hill struck out six gave up one run in six innings looking like an all-star six wins for him. last night, chris davis hit not one, not two, but three home runs including a walkoff grand slam! he said he still smelled like whipped cream and gatorade on the drive home. david strikes again solo to dead center field fourth homer in two games, davis with the most in the american league. a's win 8-1. that's their fourth straight win. >> just rats, really. i like, um, the more comfortable [ indiscernible ] than this. just a comfortable feeling. >> i don't like to talk about these things. it seems like every time he puts the barrel on it leaves
6:54 pm
the ballpark. you wouldn't think that the sharks' brent burns has much in common with warriors all star steph curry but it turns out they have quite a bit of similarities in their game. >> i don't know if you noticed he was 0 for 10 from the three- point line last night. he made his 11th and he shimmied down the sideline. [ laughter ] >> i turned to luke, i said, luke, is he shimmying? he's one for 11 from three. [ laughter ] >> yeah. turns out burns also has the green light to keep shooting. he scored two goals last night as the sharks beat the blues to even up the series at one game apiece. unlike curry burns' green light isn't due to consistent accuracy. >> when you have confidence in it, you're more eager to go to it. does it go hot and cold? >> do i shoot more if i feel good. no. shoot, can't pass though. brent doesn't lack confidence. >> there's no place like home. there's no place like home. ♪[ music ]
6:55 pm
>> got in a right. the sharks are headed home for game 3 and 4 after struggling at the tank during the regular season. san jose is 5-1 at home in the play-offs. but the blues have been almost as good on the road winning five of seven games. >> we're just as good as they are. we're 5-1 at home. they are 5-1 on the road. >> i think at times quite frankly we have been fortunate it's 1-1. and we'll take 1-1 right now with the way we've played but we have another level that we can play at. we have seen it but it hasn't come out at home as much as it has in other buildings. lebron and the cavs -- [ signal breakup ] >> leading with john anderson so in the end -- ♪[ music ] >> something in the hole. [ applause and cheers ] >> played in four games -- >> unfortunately, a little technical problem with dennis. but i wanted to see the jordan
6:56 pm
spieth story. jordan spieth hard at work getting his game ready for the byron nelson. he put a marshmallow on the ball and catches it in his mouth. he missed the cut last week. he should practice some smore. >> a former intern of mine shot that video. >> small world. >> he worked for a station in dallas, texas. not the best golfing weather as we head toward the weekend. it's going to be cooler, a little cloudier. a couple of showers out there. even if you don't get rain saturday night, and i hope you don't because it's the weekend it will be a much, much cooler weekend compared to how hot it was today. captions by: caption colorado save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo.
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how are you all? thank you very much. how are you all doing? i appreciate you all. thank you all. yeah, i do. appreciate it. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man, steve harvey. we got a good one for you today. returning for their second day, from lafayette, california, it's the boudreaux family! [cheering and applause] and from birmingham, alabama, it's the seltzer family! [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win theyself a lot of cash and the possibility of driving out of here in a brand-new, state-of-the-art ford edge right there. hey, let's go meet
7:00 pm
the seltzer family! [cheering and applause] woman: hey. oh, lord. [laughter] steve: "kurr-tour-ah"? kerturah: ohh! bam! you got it. steve: i got it? kerturah: you got it. steve: ohh! kerturah: ohh! both: bam! steve: whoa! now, introduce everybody, k.t. kerturah: ok, this is my fashionable sister-in-law, davalyn. steve: davalyn, what do you do? davalyn: when i'm not working as an insurance wholesale broker, i am a referee to an all-female wrestling infant and toddler team. they range from ages one to 5. steve: and they wrestling? davalyn: i got one--baby got a bite worse than mike tyson. [laughter] steve: can they say that on tv? you can't have a wrestling ring with babs


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