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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  May 20, 2016 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. forced out, san francisco's top cop has resigned tonight after police shot and killed an unarmed black woman. >> kpix5's joe vazquez is at city hall tonight. joe, a stunning turn of events today. just yesterday the mayor said that he had the chief's back. what happened? >> reporter: yeah, ken. it was very stunning, very emotional at city hall today. you can actually hear it in the mayor's voice as he announces he decided it's time for a new
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chief. mayor ed lee made the announcement in his office just before 5:00 hours after an officer fired into a stolen vehicle in the bayview killing a 27-year-old african american woman, the latest in a series of police shootings prompting reforms from the mayor and chief. >> the progress that we've made has been meaningful, but it hasn't been fast enough. that's why i've asked chief suhr for his resignation. >> reporter: the mayor named toney chaplin as acting police chief. up until now the mayor had stood by sur even as pressure to fire him increase -- suhr even as pressure to fire him increased dramatically in the past few weeks. >> power to the people! >> reporter: this evening the frisco five were among the small crowd going to protest but instead celebrated their victory. >> it's taken too long. the people have spoken too loudly and it's about time. >> we can only implement reform
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quickly if we have a new leader and we have leadership that is about uniting our city. i did not think the current leadership was capable of that even with best intentions. >> i'm sad to see him go. i think this is a loss for the department and i don't think it's going to make reform move any more quickly. >> reporter: and i'm told the police chief greg suhr himself expressed some emotion today. he met with bayview community leaders and shed some tears not just because he lost his job, but apparently he was upset that he found himself in this situation yet again, ken, another shooting at the hands of a police officer. >> tragic. what do we know about the acting chief, the guy who is going to step in now? >> reporter: 26 years with the department. he worked with homicide and recently has been working on these reforms with the police chief. last year we found this video clip. he spoke with a conference of law enforcement personnel and
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talked about some racial bias that he himself experienced at the hands of police officers. take a listen. >> i had a real bad incident prior to coming to the police department and it was down in the south belgian army and we went clubbing in san jose. i won't go into details about it, but it almost stopped me from being here siting in front of you. >> reporter: toney chaplin went on to tell the crowd about his management style. >> some people get it right away, not a problem. some people get it sooner or later. we need to train them and some people never get it. they need to be fired and sent packing. >> reporter: toney chaplin will be the acting police chief. the mayor says he and the police commission will do a nationwide search for a new chief. reporting live i'm joe vazquez, kpix5. >> greg suhr was police chief for five years. it was rocky, two racist texting scandals, a string of shootings and the list goes on. the woman who was killed today was the final straw. andria borba was at a memorial
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for her tonight. >> if we could take a home of silence. >> reporter: with candles lit and anger boiling a crowd of nearly 200 hiked up al maya street to honor the -- elmira street to honor the live of the 27-year-old woman shot and killed this morning. underneath the freeway the crowd here was implored to say her name to remember the name of the woman shot here today. multiple sources have identified her as jessica nelson. standing at a microphone this afternoon, greg suhr conducted what would be his last news conference. >> we want no contact ever to result, if ever possible, in an officer-involved shooting, let alone a fatal officer-involved shooting. >> reporter: the public defend are jeff adachi said the tide turned on now former chief suhr december 2nd with the fatal shooting of mario woods in the bayview not far from today's shooting. >> i think at this moment in time we needed the police chief to say that's not the way this
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should be done. >> reporter: suhr defended the actions of officers that day, even when video of the woods confrontation hit social media. >> i always believed that chief suhr cringed when he saw what happened in the mario woods shooting, that if he were there at the scene, he would have done everything possible to make sure that didn't happen. yet that's what happened. >> reporter: then just last month officers killed transient luis gongora in the mission fatally shooting him, 32 seconds after arriving on scene. in adachi's mind today's shooting of an unarmed woman in a car by a sergeant was the final straw. >> i think this shooting is endemic of what's wrong with the san francisco police department, that we have a police department that is out of control. >> reporter: in san francisco andria borba, kpix5. >> here's a look at front page of tomorrow's examiner. it features a picture of the former police chief with the headline no suhr.
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a suspected burglar in fremont ignored warning signs and minutes later he was dead. only on five tonight kpix5's maria medina spoke to the woman whose home was broken into. >> i can't believe that person who was in our apartment is dead. >> reporter: melissa jenberg and her family feeling a mix of emotion. >> kind of heartbroken over the guy. >> reporter: after learning the burglar that broke into her apartment died after trying to get away. >> went through the kitchen. >> reporter: this is the mess she escape home to today. >> he tore up the drawers. >> reporter: every room ransacked, irreplaceable belongings gone. >> now we don't have that to pass down to my son. >> reporter: the thing is not only was the burglar not supposed to be in the familiarity, there were warning signs no one was to be there. >> it says danger, poison. you'd think that would tell someone to stay away. >> it seems like a very unusual
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set of circumstances, very tragic. >> reporter: investigators say the burglar entered the complex on fremont boulevard that was being fumigated for bedbugs and was covered with a tent. when the unidentified man finally finished his crime, he began asking for help. >> he had some labored breathing and he was sweating. >> reporter: the man died soon after at a nearby hospital, a crime melissa says was not worth it in the end. >> it makes me sad i mean to lose your life over petty little trinkets. >> reporter: and the coroner plans to do an autopsy to figure out exactly why the suspect died. police found a backpack of stolen goods that melissa hopes belongs to her and her family. maria medina, kpix5. >> police say there may be more burglary victims who didn't know their apartments were broken into until they were allowed back in today. this november california voters could decide the future of the death penalty in the state. supporters of the death penalty
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submitted 5,903,000 signatures today for -- 593,000 signatures today for a ballot measure that would speed up the appeals process. opponents already submitted a second ballot measure to get rid of executions. the state senate passed several bills today to make background checks mandatory, to prohibit possessions of magazines that hold more than 10 rounds and to require a gun owner to report a lost or stolen fire arm in five days. those bills now head to the assembly. if approved, they could end up on the governor's desk by next week. how do you stop gunbattles at 70 miles per hour? that's what a lot of bay area drivers want to know after a string of freeway shootings. cbs5's betty yu went on a high stakes ride along tonight. >> reporter: on a ride along with sergeant william hatcher we saw just how pittsburg police are trying to keep highway 4 from turning into a
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shooting range. >> well, that's what scares me. regardless of a stray bullet which is always a danger, but then you'll have a car which is careening out of control at 70, 80 miles an hour and where it's going to come to rest, it's going to hit something. that's what concerns me. >> reporter: that's why the pittsburg police department is getting tough. there have been two suspected gang shootings this past month, the most recent gunfight killing a mother of four. shanequa marie, and there is a trend of 20 plus shootings reported on freeways in contra costa and alameda counties since november. this week the city council unanimously approved spending 100 grand to install a half dozen security cameras. this stretch of highway 4 that we're on right now that runs through pittsburg is about 7 miles long. the new cameras will go up on public and private property and be able to see across all lanes of traffic on both sides of the highway and potentially capture license plates and give 360
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views. >> do you have a license, id? >> reporter: on the streets hatcher is beefing up his team dedicated to preventing gun fights on the freeway and it also means more enforcement on highway 4. >> we drive these unmarked cars which allow us to be able to observe people coming and going without them necessarily seeing us and identify behaviors that might be indicative of gang activity. >> reporter: the cameras are expected to go up in the coming months. in pittsburg betty yu, kpix5. a bizarre attack in san francisco, a man shot in the eye with a paintball gun. this happened last night here along mission street in bernal heights. police say a white sedan pulled up alongside the victim and a passenger inside the car shot the man after trying to start a conversation with him. the suspect is still on the loose tonight. was it terrorism or mechanical trouble? tonight those questions are at the center of the investigation into a midair mystery. cate cauguiran on what we know
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about the final minutes of the egypt air flight that crashed. >> a u.s. official told cbs news so far no signs of an explanation have been detected. no one has claimed responsibility and there's been no chattedder so far from isis. crews are searching the mediterranean sea for the wreckage of egypt air flight 804. the jetliner was headed from paris to cairo with 66 people on board. the plane was at its normal cruising altitude in greek airspace over the eastern mediterranean when sometime after 2 a.m. local time something catastrophic happened. greek radar showed the plane going into a series of violent irregular maneuvers first turn ago abruptly 90 degrees to the left, then swinging through a tight 360-degree circle 209 right all while dropping like a rock one official said down to 15,000 feet and then at 10,000 feet disappearing off the radar. there had been no distress call
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from the crew, although the egyptian said an emergency beacon may have been activated. >> you don't assume terrorism just because a plane falls out of the sky. however, the airbus 320 is a very reliable plane and history has shown that planes just don't fall from 37,000 feet. >> reporter: retired fbi assistant special agent in charge jeff harp says it's too soon to use the t word. however, egypt's aviation minister says he does suspect terrorism. >> again, it's not a statement from the government. it is what i think. >> reporter: if egypt air flight 804 was destroyed by a bomb, harp says it's not clear where or when it could have been put on board. in the past days the plane had flown to aritria to tunisia to paris. a device with a timer could have been loaded anywhere harp said. >> but it's possible there was
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someone who decided to plant a device on the plane in one of these stop overlocations. >> earlier today debris was found in the mediterranean sea. late tonight a senior greek air safety official says it did not belong to an aircraft. cate cauguiran, kpix5. speaking of flying, mile long security lines, missed flights and a warning that it could only get worse tonight oakland airport is enlisting outside help to keep people moving. the plan hired 30 security guards to help beat the rush. oakland is the first bay area airport to do. this those new security guards start in mid-june, the price tag $42,000 a month. home prices in the south bay just hit a $1 million milestone. for the first time ever the median price for a single family home hit seven figures in santa clara county and in alameda county the median price is now up to $750,000. the giants hit a milestone of their own tonight, something they have not done in 103
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years. they have now won seven consecutive games on the road with a victory over the padres tonight, actually a winning streak of eight games. that kind of streak hasn't happened since 1913. woodrow wilson was president and you could buy a house in the bay area for about $2,000. a hiker missing for nearly four days in the wilderness in placer county is alive tonight. 23-year-old cody michaels carved the word help into the rock so rescuers could spot him. search crews including the national guard have been searching for cody since monday. reporter jennifer mcgraw spoke to him in the hospital. >> he just set up camp and i hoped for the best, hoped that someone would find us. >> reporter: after three days of searching for cody michael and his dog crews found them, agonizing relief for cody who was starting to give up. he began to slowly rely on faith that he'd see his family again and from the hospital bed he said it was an emotional
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reunion. >> that's all i wanted the whole entire time was just seeing my mom again, my family, my dad, brothers and sisters, friends, family, everyone that cares about me. this whole experience has been kind of crazy to see how many people were out there trying to fine me. it's unbelievable -- find me. it's unbelievable. i didn't expect anything like this. i thought maybe a helicopter or two and they didn't find me, that's it. it took a few days and they just kept going. >> reporter: cody packed into the woods with bower for the night sunday. his phone died monday and was supposed to return home by noon that day. cody said the trail was washed away and he ended up turned around having no idea where he was. with no food and dazed in the woods cody said even bower didn't want to push on and all they could do is sit and wait and hope and pray. >> those guys are unbelievable. they saved me. i couldn't say thank you enough to those guys and everybody that was involved, all the countless hours. from the bottom of my heart thank you guys.
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you saved my life. i owe you everything. >> reporter: cody was released from the hospital healthy in good spirits all things considering. jennifer mcgraw, kpix5. state lawmakers taking steps to make clear where drones can and cannot go. fire season is upon us. authorities want to avoid any incidents like last year where lives and property were endangered by some of the hobbyists. during the fires in placer county a drone in the area where homes were burning stopped aerial firefighting operations. the same thing happened a few days earlier near san bernardino. planes had to be waved off from a wildfire that consumed thousands of acres and at least 20 cars on interstate 15. so a bill working its way through the assembly would prohibit interfering with first responders at the scene of an emergency, using a drone to deliver contraband into a jail or prison, seems pretty obvious, or to stalk, harass or violate a restraining order.
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>> according to the faa california is the drone capital of the united states. in fact, there are more commercial drones in menlo park than anywhere else in the country. tonight maria medina takes us inside the invitation only drone race in fremont. >> let's get ready, pilots. >> definitely very scary. >> it's like a fast car race. >> hugging that wall. >> it's beyond exciting. >> three, two, one, go! >> reporter: it's fast, furious. >> coming in hot. >> reporter: and fun. >> the national qualifier. >> reporter: in an east bay warehouse a group of maverick pilots are taking drone racing to a whole new level. >> a huge amount of adrenaline. your heartbeats really fast. you might sweat a little. >> reporter: it's a very new sport. most of the 60 pilots competing here today have raced less than a year. >> this is still my second race really. so i guess we'll see how it goes. prepare only five will qualify for the drone national
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championships in washington d.c. huge nets installed along the track keep the 250 drones from flying into the crowd. runners use shields to keep from getting pelted by the 60- mile an hour flying machines. the invitation only competition is intense. >> going around track and going around the flags and through the gates, hard. doing it fast, really hard. >> reporter: pilots don't fly line of sight. they view the race through specialized goggles and they make it look so easy, but it's not. >> you're in the air. >> oh, my god, okay, wait. >> throttle down. >> oh, my god. >> that's okay. >> i crashed your drone. [ laughter ] >> reporter: i'm not the only pilot who crashed today. >> it's all on the judge. >> reporter: speed does count, but so do the rules. >> each pilot has one judge watching their flight. we're actually seeing the same speeds that the pilots are seeing and we are making sure
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that they're doing what they're supposed to be doing. >> reporter: pilots must make every turn and clear every marker on tracks that change from race to race. in the end colby cortola killed it finishing in just under 19 seconds. >> i try to keep my lines nice and tight, nice and. >> the, not going too fast -- nice and smooth, not going too fast. about. >> reporter: a win he can share with everyone here. >> these racing drones are custom made. a basic setup costs about 1,300 bucks. we're going to bring this weathercast in on a drone tonight. >> i like that. >> you know what's flying at 60 miles an hour today? anything around sfo. 60 mile-per-hour wind gusts this evening. it was 30 mile-per-hour or stronger in santa rosa, oakland, half moon bay, concord and novato, windy and chilly night. the breeze will stay elevated through tomorrow. 40s out there, santa rosa and
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napa 49, believe it or not, the onshore flow gets stronger tomorrow. some of you lost 20 to 25 degrees today. it will be 5 to 10 degrees cooler tomorrow because of a big strong area of low pressure to our north, thorns in seattle today, rain now -- thunderstorms in seattle today, rain now up toward mount shasta working its way toward us. cool air is first. breezy conditions last through tomorrow and we could see a few showers for the north bay and mountains tomorrow afternoon. it's saturday is the day with the best rain chance, scattered showers when you wake up and start your weekend. the one hour that looks the wettest is 11:00 saturday morning with widespread light rain showers clearing out by saturday evening. sunday is the drier choice over the weekend. it will be wet at times saturday. the same thing that gave us the wind tonight will give us the wind saturday. partly cloudy tonight, breezy, slight chance of a shower tonight, better chance saturday. nobody hits 70 tomorrow.
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two days removed from 98 in lafayette. 68 tomorrow for concord and san jose, vallejo 67. scattered showers into the early afternoon. sunday we get the shine back. next week is sunny -- sunshine back. next week is sunny and only the low 70s inland and mid-60s through the bay. forget the heat for a week. it's going to be the ocean breeze headed right toward us. a woman went to this san jose water store and then something incredible happened. tonight we'll tell you what ,,,,
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well, a big win for a bay area woman. she took home 750,000 bucks from a california lottery scratchers ticket. >> that's a mouthful. >> yes, it is. >> the winning ticket was sold at the water store. >> that's where you buy water. william purewater is considered a california lottery lucky retailer. >> that's right. >> the win came as a surprise to one store employee. >> and then i didn't know till about a week later i saw on the monitor the sale somebody win over here. so i was happy. >> pretty amazing. the store employee says the woman came into the store regularly to play the lottery,
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a water store where you buy water. >> that should be enough to get that woman a courtside seat for one warrior game and a bottle of water. how about it. two bay area baseball streaks on the line tonight. >> and the tank is all of a sudden very friendly water for the sharks. can they move within two games can they move within two games of their first ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the nissan sports report coming up next on kpix5. >> with a win tonight the western conference finals the sharks had a chance to do something they did not do in their previous three western finals, lead a series. look at troy brouwer's stick to see how the blues night went. st. louis turns it over. logan couture sets it up for the slapshot. it's 2-0 sharks. early 3rd period tomas hertl finds the back of the net the second time in the game. that had the blues goalie brian elliott headed to the showers early. martin jones will let nothing past him, 22 saves becoming the first sharks goalie to have back to back post season shutouts. san jose wins 3-0 and lead that series two games to one.
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>> two wins away from the stanley cup final? >> it's a long ways to go. it really is. we're worried about this next game. we'll take it from there. got to center that same kind of energy. >> -- have that same kind of energy. >> the series is 2-1. got to have four games, so this is nothing. from the sharks to the shark, the giants jeff samardzija, pitching is contagious, ken. giants win their eighth straight as news told you earlier, 3-1 the final. ace josh reddick out four to six weeks, fractured his thumb. top of the 6th, aaron hicks doubles to left scoring dustin ackley for the go ahead run. new york wins 4-1 snapping oakland's four game winning streak, but the big news there, josh reddick out four to six weeks, that finger. you see that stuff happen all of the time sliding into the
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late show with stephen colbert is next. >> our next newscast tomorrow morning at 4:30. we'll see you bright and early of don't forget to bring your ,,
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