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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  May 20, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> i'm kenny choi. san francisco's police chief is out of a job. but the work of reforming the department is just getting started. fix 5 reporter anne makovec is -- kpix 5 reporter anne makovec is live outside the police department with more on chief suhr's resignation and what happens now. >> reporter: a lot of officers here still have raw emotions about what happened yesterday. it was a bit of a bombshell. but today is a new day. there is new leadership for the sfpd. mayor ed lee made the announcement at about 5:00 yesterday that he had asked chief greg suhr it resign and suhr agreed. so that came just hours after an officer shot and killed a car theft suspect in the bayview. the latest in a series of deadly police shootings that have had people calling for reforms within the department. >> the progress that we've made has been meaningful. but it hasn't been fast enough. that's why i have asked chief suhr for his resignation. >> reporter: and with that, the
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mayor introduced suhr's replacements, interim chief toney chaplin. he is a 26-year veteran of the sfpd. he is the head of a new bureau on community oriented policing. and we heard from him at a previous event about his management style. >> some people get it right away. not a problem. some people get it sooner or later. we need to train 'em. and some people never get it. and they need to be fired and sent back. [ applause ] >> reporter: the search for a permanent police chief in san francisco is ongoing both within the department and nationwide. concurrently there's an investigation going on by the federal department of justice. that investigation has been going on for months. that was prompted at the request from now former chief suhr and mayor ed lee. live in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. >> what are we hearing from the protestors who had been demanding suhr be fired? >> reporter: including some of the people that went on a
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hunger strike for several weeks earlier this month. they said that they have won a battle but the war is not over. they want any police officer who has been involved in a fatal shooting to be charged with murder and fired. back to you. >> thank you. for public defender jeff adachi yesterday's shooting of an unarmed woman by a sergeant was the final straw. >> i think this shooting is endemic of what's wrong with the san francisco police department. that we have a police department that is out of control. a crowd of nearly 200 held a vigil at elmira street last night for the 27-year-old woman though died. sources have identified her as jessica nelson, the 27-year-old who died. she was spotted in a stolen car in the bayview yesterday morning. she fled and crashed into a truck. police say they tried to pull her from the car to arrest her but she was still trying to drive away. so a sergeant fired one shot and killed her. california lawmakers are trying to prevent chaos in the
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skies by finding ways to regulate drones. kpix 5's keit do is live at mineta international airport this morning in san jose to explain why regulating drones has become a top priority. >> reporter: good morning. the faa says you cannot fly any drone within five miles of an airport. that's a law that's been on the books for years. so imagine what happened when there is no law about flying a drone at the scene of a fire. last year, a couple of drone pilots did that in a couple of incidents. in placer county a drone caused cal fire to stop aerial firefighting operations in an area that burned homes and then in san bernardino, another drone pilot caused cal fire to pull planes and helicopters off a fire that burned several thousand acres and 20 cars. as a result that fire burned right up to interstate 15. >> we saw a dramatic increase in the number of hobby drones that were interfering with our firefighting operations. >> reporter: so the state assembly just passed a bill that would prohibit interfering with first responders at the
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scene of an emergency. using a drone to deliver contraband into a jail prison or stalk harass or violate a restraining order. this drone bill has bipartisan support. heads to the senate for debate and vote. back to you. it is 6:04. time to check the roads with elizabeth. >> thanks. everything looks okay right now. i know it's bad overnight with two separate fatal accidents including one on the lower deck of the bay bridge. everything is long since cleared. and now we are just seeing the usual commuter traffic on a typical friday morning trying to get into the city. the metering lights were turned on a half-hour ago and you can see the backups now extend almost to the maze. so it doesn't look like it but this is actually kind of "friday light." another big improvement at 880. we were watching an earlier wreck near fifth. that has now finally cleared. traffic is also finally recovered. no longer any delay near the oakland coliseum northbound. this evening we have a couple of ballgames including one there at oakland a's new york
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yankees first pitch at 6:35. another one on the other side of the bay at at&t, giants. here's a live look now at the golden gate bridge. a gorgeous morning. and no delay in either direction. only let's see, 14 minutes between san rafael and the golden gate bridge toll plaza. let's get a check of this gorgeous morning forecast. here's roberta. >> so elizabeth, what do you call the leaves on a palm tree? are they fronds? they're pretty big? >> no idea. >> i'll go with fronds. i'll go it leaves. we are taking a look out there at the embarcadero this morning. good morning, everyone. you can see the fronds on the wave right there. they are waving back and forth. gusty winds this morning. when you factor in a wind that's been up to 20 miles per hour in san francisco with an air temperature of 51, that means you need a jacket heading out the door on this 20th day of the month of may. 18-mile-an-hour winds in hayward. 22 oakland. 20 san francisco. i think you're getting the feel for it. it's windy.
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temperatures today will be unseasonably cool. 50s at the coast. partly cloudy skies. clouds at the peninsula in the 60s. a few days ago san jose was 90. today 68. concord only in the mid-60s. 68 in brentwood and concord, clayton and walnut creek. 68 also in santa rosa. we have rain in the forecast for the weekend. i'll tell you when to expect it coming up. police in san francisco are looking for the person who shot a man in the eye with a paintball gun. officers say a white sedan pulled up alongside the victim wednesday night. this is along mission street in the bernal heights area. a passenger inside the car tried to start up a conversation and then shot the man. a wave of freeway shootings has one bay area department getting tough on a ride-along with a pittsburg police sergeant we saw just how the department is trying to keep highway 4 from turning into a shooting range.
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they are beefing up patrols and using unmarked cars to spot suspicious activity. they approved installing security cameras. the sergeant has never seen so many freeway shootings in his 10 years on the force. >> that's what scares me is, you know, it's -- regardless of a stray bullet, which is always a danger, but then you're going to have a car that's careening out of control at 80 miles an hour and where it's going to come to rest is it's going to hit something. that's what concerns me. >> there have been two suspect gang shootings this past month. the most recent gunfight killed a mother of four. the cameras are expected to go up in the next few months. new this morning big money in the bids for yahoo but it may be less than what the company was expecting. the "wall street journal" reporting that verizon and others are expected to bid around $2 billion to $3 billion in the auction for yahoo's core business. last month projections were up to $8 billion.
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many consider verizon the front- runner. according to the faa, california is the drone capital of the united states. we got a look inside a drone place in fremont. the pilots view the race through special goggles. they have to make every turn and clear every marker on tracks that change from race to race. this time, colby won finishing in just over 19 seconds. >> i just tried to keep my lines nice and tight, nice and smooth. not going too far or too fast. you can fly like a superhero. >> drone racing is a very new sport. most of the 60 pilots competing have been racing less than a year. you can get a glimpse of history today at moffett field. four world war ii bombers and fighter planes will fly in from monterey part of a tour honoring those who contributed to the war effort. planes arrive at 2 am for an eight-day stay. >> some nice music to go along with it. >> in san francisco, a 92-foot sculpture is missing a pretty
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important piece. >> but in just a couple of hours, the likeness of venus will finally have a head. the crews will use a big crane to place this head on the nearly complete statue. it's located at a new midmarket apartment complex. the sculpture is part of a within acre piazza that will be a permanent collection of ." 6:09. new discovery this morning in the hunt for the wreckage of missing egyptair flight 804. >> a family who lost their home during wildfires in western canada will get a chance to take their minds off things today thanks to the san jose sharks. >> good morning, everybody. we clock a wind gust up to 60 miles per hour at sfo. i'll tell you just how windy it will be today. >> and taking a check. south bay, a few delays on northbound 101 coming into san jose. but for the most part, the south bay commute has yet to pick up. we'll have the full report coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the california assembly wilw take up a package of strict gun good morning. welcome to your friday. it is 6:13. it is may 20th, we're taking a look out at the transamerica pyramid due east over the bay waters where at least a small craft advisory. we'll talk about the forecast coming up. the california assembly will take up a package of strict new gun laws. yesterday they passed several bills to make background checks mandatory. ban the possession of magazines that hold more than 10 rounds, and requiring owners to report lost or stolen guns. if those bills get through the assembly they could end up on the governor's desk next week. campaign 2016 now. puget sound preparations for the nr -- final preparations
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for the nra meeting. donald trump will address the convention of the nra. he will also meet with members an republican leaders with the hopes of patching up a splintered party. guns represent one of the sharpest policy contrasts between him and democratic front-runner hillary clinton. and clinton will be in florida tomorrow with the mother of trayvon martin and other parents who have lost children to gun violence and public for stronger gun control. developing news in the medical train where they found wreckage -- mediterranean where they found wreckage and packages from egyptair flight 804. >> reporter: navy vessels made the discovery which includes passengers's belongings north of the coastal city of comes as crews continue racing against time in search of wreckage of the missing plane. >> the first 24 hours is really focused on search-and-rescue or recovery, trying to really nail down all the perishable evidence. >> reporter: yesterday, airline officials were forced to retract claims that debris
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including life jackets found near the greek island of karpathos blocked to the doomed -- belonged to the doomed flight. a greek defense minister said it veered wildly before crashing into the sea. as crews focus their search south of crete, what brought the plane down remains unclear. egyptian aviation officials believe terrorism may be to blame. cbs news senior security contributor mike morrell says there is no evidence terrorism brought down the aircraft but that nothing can be ruled out. >> i think there's two possibilities, right? one is a bomb placed on the aircraft somewhere in north africa where the plane had been earlier in the day or it could have been an individual on the plane even a pilot or copilot who became radicalized. >> reporter: clues as to what caused the crash could come from the plane's flight data and cockpit voice recorders which may well be at the bottom of the sea. jonathan vigliotti, cbs news, crete. north of the border, crews continue to battle a massive
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wildfire in alberta. the flames have moved into the neighboring province of saskatchewan. but cooler temperatures and rain is forecast giving firefighters the chance to make progress. the fear has burned more than 1900 square miles and destroyed more than 1900 homes and other buildings in the fort mcmurray area. of course, the fire area is hockey country and in san jose, the sharks foundation has been collecting funds to help the people affected by the fire. members of one family who lost their home are sharks fans so the team is flying them to san jose putting them up for the weekend and giving them vip treatment at tomorrow's stanley cup play-off game. tomorrow's game against the st. louis blues starts at 4:15. >> that's nice. >> remarkable. the general manager learned of this family, they were wearing sharks jerseys as they fled. they get a lot of attention. they will participate in the
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street rally. we have that forecast coming up, as well. >> oh, okay, good. that's so nice. how about traffic? >> it's okay. we had some earlier problems but everything is pretty much clear. out to the bay bridge, still see that spiderweb that has been there for more than a year now. i'm waiting for the spider to make an experience. charlotte is out there! yeah. you can see behind the web you can see the traffic. it's not too bad. it looks probably worse than it is. it's backed up toward the foot of the maze so we can call this "friday light" and the drive from the carquinez bridge to the maze is only 19 minutes so that's pretty clear. also clear along the peninsula. no big delays from sfo all the way into san francisco. redwood city, 63 miles per hour there. we found a slow spot on 4 into pittsburg bay point and concord a few tapping of the brake lights approaching willow pass and along southbound 242 but no
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major hot spots out the door. we have a couple of wind advisories in effect. san mateo bridge and right here this is the altamont pass. this is actually the dublin interchange. but the drive time shows you from the altamont pass to 680, it's still great. 16 minutes. so yeah, a few brake lights as you come through livermore but overall, looking pretty good for 6:18 a.m. here's a look at the san mateo bridge. a little fuzzy but you can see a little traffic right there on westbound 92 the commute direction heading out of the east bay right now up and over the high-rise no delay. and that drive time is 15 minutes between 880 and 101 or you can take bart. everything is on time. they have more than 50 trains good to go in all directions. that's your latest drive and ride to work. let's get an update on your friday forecast with roberta. >> i keep favoring this particular live weather camera because we're looking out at the embarcadero and can see the palm trees, they look like they're waving good morning to
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all of us. okay, maybe not. [ laughter ] >> it gives me a good barometer how breezy it is. factoring in the wind with an air temperature of 51, it feels raw. you require a jacket as you head out the door. those winds are blowing up to 20 miles per hour in san francisco. 22 in sfo. we now have 40-minute delays on some arriving flights because of these gusty winds. westerlies at 17 in san jose, 16 in vallejo through american canyon. 16 in the fairfield area. you got the idea. it's a windy start to the day due to this right here. area of low pressure. you can tell the core is right here. we have the wraparound moisture around the core. we have an inside slider track with the rain showers moving into the let's say sacramento area. even the high sierra. we have some snow this morning. okay cooler today. west-northwest winds 20 to 30 miles per hour backing off west 10 to 20 later this afternoon. and we have a chance of rain this saturday.
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all right. here's the area of low pressure. it's also drawing down that cooler air mass in place. it's going to be unseasonably cool through the week. saturday hit-and-miss scattered showers possible very light fog really as far as accumulation is concerned. this is your afternoon, thunderstorms in byron and brentwood late day. there's the possibility of that at least. dry skies for your sunday. 82 state capital today with a stray shower. we do have snow and a winter weather advisory in effect for the high sierra down to 5500 feet. 6" of snow. there's your sun-up and sundown for today. smack in between numbers 50s, 60s and up to about 70 degrees at best. the extended forecast does call for the chance of a stray shower on saturday. i would not can sell my outdoor activities on saturday. sunday, a little bit more
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sunshine a little bit more weather. make it a great friday. ♪[ music ]
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good morning, everybody. with a win last night in the western conference finals the sharks had a chance to do something they did not do in their previous three western final appearances and that is lead the series. just look at troy brouwer's stick to see how the blues night went. second period up 1-0. logan couture scoring from the slapshot. fourth of the post-season. 2-0 sharks. early third period, brian elliott early shower. for the second straight game the sharks goalie martin jones let nothing pass him. 22 saves becoming the first sharks goalie to have back-to- back post-season shutouts. san jose wins 3-0. they lead that series two games to one. from the sharks to the shark.
6:25 am
giants jeff samardzija one run in eight innings last night in san diego. the giants led 2-1 in the 7th inning when brandon crawford connects for his second home run of the series. the giants win their 8th straight 3-1. bad news for the a's. josh redick fractured his thumb last night against the yankees, out four to six weeks. top of the 6th, the go-ahead run. new york wins 4-1 snapping oakland's four-game winning streak. but again, the big news there is that josh redick is out four to six weeks. so sharks will play again on saturday with the warriors tipping off on sunday in oklahoma city. i'm dennis o'donnell. have a great weekend. it is 6:25.
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a scathing new report points to multiple failures from the pipeline company responsible for spilling more than 120,000 gallons of oil off the coast. >> reporter: it is a new day for the sfpd. new leadership after now former chief suhr steps down. we'll meet the new man in charge next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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weather ad libs a burglary attempt in the bay area ends when the thief is overcome by toxic fumes. >> we are talking about a new proposed drone law that cleared a hurdle in sacramento that would give a big boost to firefighters. >> good morning from the kpix 5
6:30 am
weather center. we had up to 60-mile-an-hour winds at sfo. i'll tell you just how hard the wind will blow today. >> and around the bay, we are seeing a lot of green on the sensors. a towards the bay bridge toll plaza. -- a few disease toward the bay bridge toll plaza. >> reporter: this certainly was a bombshell within the -- good morning, i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. san francisco's mayor decides the police department needs new leadership. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec is live outside police headquarters with more. >> the community still reeling from this decision that came down yesterday. we had jut put out a kpix 5 poll this week saying that chief suhr now former chief greg suhr had more than 50% support in the city. but today is a new day. there's new leadership within the sfpd. mayor ed lee made the announcement late yesterday afternoon that he had asked now former chief greg suhr to
6:31 am
resign and that suhr had agreed. >> greg suhr is a dedicated puck servant who has given more than three decades of his life to the bayview and to this city. >> reporter: that announcement came just hours after an officer shot and killed a car theft suspect in the bayview. the latest in a series of deadly police shootings that have had a lot of people calling for reforms within the department and the man now in charge of implementing those reforms interim chief toney chaplin a 26 year veteran of the sfpd head of a new bureau on community oriented policing. we heard from him at a previous event. he spoke candily did the path that led him here. >> i had a real bad incident prior to coming to the police department. and it was in the army and we went clubbing in san jose. i won't go into details about it but it almost stopped me from being here sitting in front of you. >> reporter: the search for a permanent chief is ongoing both within the department and nationwide.
6:32 am
there is also a department of justice investigation going into the department started at the request of former chief suhr and mayor ed lee. live in san francisco, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> did this resignation come as a big surprise to a lot of people? >> reporter: yeah. it really did. just earlier this week, both mayor ed lee and greg suhr said there were no intentions on having him step down. and the city leaders have been sort of split on it. but it did seem like everybody had really kind of dug in their heels within the matter of a few days. so this flip-flop certainly was led by that shooting yesterday morning. >> thank you. the san jose police department is going island hopping to find some new recruits. a team is in hawaii this week holding job fairs and testing potential applicants. thesalary starts at $84,000 a
6:33 am
year. about 25,000 more than honolulu police. but the sjpd is really targeting hawaiians because they may not get sticker shock when they see san jose rents and home prices. that's an attractive combination for a police department desperate to fill its ranks. >> there is the first time that we brought the testing here. we know it's not easy for applicants to fly back and forth to the testing so we are coming out here and bringing it to them. >> hawaii is home to military members who can now use their service to satisfy some of san jose's college requirements. it is 6:33 right now. let's check our weather. you and i are a funny duo because we're coughing and sneezing. >> something west of this desk. [ laughter ] >> something is going on. >> the wind is blowing the pollen around. it's blowing a lot of things around. this morning as i was making my trek this morning in the middle of the night i think, 2:45 a.m., and what i saw on the
6:34 am
road is a lot of debris. be mindful especially cyclists in the bike lane, when you see things like this downed tree branches it will force you into the next lane and there could be cars so be careful. lots of debris on the roads due to 60-mile-an-hour winds. wind swept blue skies. delays at sfo due to windy conditions, up to 48 minutes to 1 hour on some arriving flights. when you have air temperatures in the 50s, like livermore at 50. it's 51 degrees in san jose and you couple in the wind, it feels raw. 20-mile-an-hour winds in san francisco. 22 sfo, 10 in livermore. winds gusting up to 30 this morning and less this afternoon out of the west-northwest up to 20 miles per hour. today cool 50s partly cloudy at the seashore. refreshing in san jose 68. do you remember on wednesday we
6:35 am
topped off at 95 in concord? today's forecast high only in the mid-60s. so you feel the difference. just open the windows today! 6 8 degrees in santa rosa. next time at 8 minutes after the hour we'll talk about chance of rain for the weekend. but first elizabeth is in the house! >> thank you, roberta. refreshing. i like that forecast. let's go outside. if you are about to go on the road this morning, got to get to work on time, i mentioned some delays heading to the bay bridge toll plaza. it's backed up to the maze. yellow sensors on 580 backed up to 24, 33 miles per hour and here's a live look. the metering lights were turned on about an hour ago at 5:32. so yeah, just kind of your usual commute heading into san francisco. but we haven't seen any stalls or accidents on the western span. so here's a live look at some other sensors in the east bay. if you are heading into concord, that southbound 242 ride is pretty heavy right now leaving concord heading into walnut creek. san jose not much of a delay.
6:36 am
maybe a few brake lights on northbound 101 just past capitol expressway. back to you. the suspect in the paris terror attacks is refusing to talk to anti-terror judges. abdeslam was set for questioning today. but his lawyer says he was invoking his right to silence. his lawyer says he was disturbed by the 24-hour video surveillanced in every in his maximum security cell. last month abdeslam was extradited from belgium and wanted to explain all he said egypt's military found wreckage from egyptair flight 804 and passenger belongings floating in the mediterranean. talk about the plane and what happened to it dominated the campaign trail thursday and into the evening. le had hill slammed donald trump for assuming -- hillary clinton slammed donald trump for assuming it was a terror attack before investigators made conclusions about the cause. trump fired back.
6:37 am
>> she won't use the term radical islamic terrorism. you know why she won't? because her president won't use it. that's why. >> the kind of positions he is stating and the consequences of those positions and even the consequences of his statements are not just offensive to people, they are potentially dangerous. >> it's unclear what caused the crash. egyptian officials believe that terrorism is to blame. but french investigators say that there's no evidence of that at this point. federal regulators say a pipeline company responsible for spilling more than 120,000 gallons of oil along the santa barbara coast failed to prevent corrosion in its pipes. they also say the company didn't respond fast enough. the final investigation report shows operators working remotely from texas had turned off an alarm that would have signaled the leak. the company could be fined or prosecuted in federal court. fremont police say a
6:38 am
suspected burglar died when he entered an apartment building. investigators say the man broke in a building on fremont boulevard yesterday as it was tented and being fumigated because of bedbugs. there were signs warning people to stay out. california lawmakers are putting their collective foot down to get dangerous drone operators under control. kpix 5's kiet do joins us live from mineta international airport in san jose with some new rules that may be on the way. kiet. >> reporter: good morning. current drone laws are patchwork of regulations across all levels of government. so until the faa sorts this out a new drone bill in california looks to solve an immediate problem. and it just cleared the state assembly. this proposed bill would prohibit interfering with first responders at the scene of an emergency, also it would ban using a drone to deliver contraband like drugs, weapons or cell phones know a jail or prison and it also prohibits use of a drone to stalk, harass or violate a restraining order. this kind of bad behavior is already going on.
6:39 am
during the fires in placer county last year a drone buzzing the area of some burned homes forced cal fire to stop aerial firefighting. then a few days before that in san bernardino, tanker planes had to be waved off a wildfire that burned thousands of acres and 20 cars on interstate 15. cal fire says they have seen a dramatic increase in the number of hobby drones at fires scenes. >> to make sure that hobby drone operators n stand when you fly, we can't -- understand, when you fly, we can't. >> reporter: the new bill has bipartisan support. it heads up to the senate for debate and vote. if it passes, it could go to governor brown this summer. hundreds of students will have to retake their advanced placement exams all thanks to a mistake by the school. >> and we'll hear from the man who was rescued from the tahoe national forest after being lost for days. wilderness ,, ,, hey pal? you ready?
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we made it to friday! [ applause ] >> these are the temperatures you can expect today. 50s and partly cloudy at the beaches and yes some gusty winds there. partly cloudy and breezy ease of the bay. good morning, san ramon at 65. it will be 67 in pittsburg. and hello, petaluma, 67 degrees. we do have increasing cloud cover in cloverdale also in the 60s. it's 6:43. time for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." gayle king joins us from new york. >> good morning. >> reporter: i'm with whoever said give yourself a round of applause. we made it to friday! wahoo! i like that. who was that who was talking that said that. >> that's roberta our
6:44 am
weathercaster. >> reporter: tell roberta i like her. yeah! goods to you, kenny and michelle. we are in egypt and france. sorry we have to start with this news, though. with the latest developments after a wreck was found from egyptair flight 804. we'll also talk with michael morrell and john miller about what investigators are looking for as they try to determine if it is in fact terrorism. and we are honoring the life of cbs news legend and master storyteller morley safer. he died yesterday. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you at 6:00. >> thank you. we are going to talk finance now. the local economy in san francisco-based clothing chain plans to shut down dozens of stores. here's kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks with more. >> reporter: good morning.
6:45 am
that news coming from gap. the company continues to struggle in its turnaround efforts. it's going to close 75 old navy and banana republic scores all outside of north america though. it does include all 53 with old navies in japan. old navy which had been a star performer for many years for gap has fallen on hard times including seeing same-store sales fall by double digits in the month of april. gap reporting poor results, expected as sales are weakening. the company not yet seeing the turnaround bear any fruit. its shares are up though on the plan to shut down some stores as it will save them money, quite a bit of money. yahoo not attracting as much money as expected in its bidding process for its core web business. the "wall street journal" says that most of the bids are coming in around 2 to $3 billion rather than the expected 4 to $8 billion for the core web business. yahoo is expecting as much as
6:46 am
$10 billion when it entered into the process. verizon is still believed to be the leading contender as well as a host of private equity firms and the second round of bidding is expected to close within two weeks. dublin based roth stores also reported earnings and it came in on the weak side of things as far as sales. shares in ross are down in the early going this morning. overall, though, stock market is looking to rebound after another rough day. let's go to the big board and see how we're doing so far. the dow is up by over 70 points. nasdaq gaining 35. s&p is up by 11 points. shares in yahoo are down on word that its bids are coming in low. michelle and kenny, back to you >> thank you. a big lottery win for one bay area woman. >> she is taking home $750,000 thanks to a scratcher she bought at a water storm. william pure water in san jose is considered a california lottery lucky retailer and an
6:47 am
employee tells us the woman regularly bought tickets at that store. and we're hearing from the hiker who was missing for almost four days in the tahoe national forest. >> just see my mom again. my family. my dad. brothers and sisters. friend, family, everyone that cares about me. >> 23-year-old cody michael and his dog got lost while hiking. search crews have been out since monday looking for him. michael carved the word help into the rock so rescuers could spot him. he was then taken to the hospital but michael and his dog will be okay. let's check traffic and weather. elizabeth, is it still "friday light" out there? >> yes. it's actually looking good. we don't have any big slowdowns to tell you about. just a few brake lights out there. not totally day that free but in the negative for hot spots right now. out the door in the east bay 880 in oakland near the oakland coliseum, looking good all the way out to your downtown
6:48 am
oakland exits. later on this evening there is an oakland a's game. they play the yankees first pitch 6:35. it will affect the evening commute. out the door if you are heading to the bay bridge the toll plaza, it was backed up to the maze. but it's improved. it's in the green there on the approach to 580. a few slowdowns coming through emeryville if you are heading on the eastshore freeway but the drive time is still good for friday. 2 3 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze. blue skies and gorgeous picture out there traffic moving okay in all lanes but it is backed up you can see it to at least the foot of the maze. we are see brake lights from the altamont pass to north livermore avenue and then picks up to the dublin interchange which you're looking at live there. san mateo bridge, we are seeing some slowdowns now. look at that. that changed here in the last 10 minutes or so. the drive time is yellow now. 19 minutes between 880 in the
6:49 am
east bay take you out towards 101 and the peninsula and roberta says it's kind of a dirty camera so no major fog to slow you down. or you can ride bart. it's looking good this morning with all trains on time. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." here's roberta with your forecast. >> elizabeth, we do have some areas low clouds and fog next to the coast but we have a dirty camera lens over there at the san mateo bridge. this is the scene looking out from our transamerica pyramid looking due -- oh, look at that -- east at this time. we have low clouds and windy conditions at sfo so we have delays on some arriving flights up to 40 minutes. temperatures out the door 50 to 54 degrees. including the winds you will need a jacket. a wind now 14 miles per hour in santa rosa. linda in napa has a 12-mile-per-
6:50 am
hour wind but everybody else like peggi and ray and darrell reporting flat winds from alameda into mountain view. this is an area of low pressure. remember yesterday i was talking about just spinning its wheels outside the pacific northwest? it is just hanging out over the extreme northern portion of the state. that's the core. then you get the counterclockwise rotation around the center. precipitation is taking an inside track so we are not going to see any rain showers today only a slight chance by later tonight. cool breezy winds later today west 10 to 20 but this morning we are picking up some 30-mile- per-hour winds. the cooler air mass is drifting south. futurecast does illustrate rain to the east. some rain showers offshore. we take you to saturday morning a hit-and-miss shower around santa cruz. could see thunderstorms in the afternoon. all clear by sunday. state capital, a stray shower. winter weather advisory in effect for the high sierra.
6:51 am
six inches of snow down to 5500 feet. there's your sun-up and your sundown and today's numbers 60s and up to about 70 degrees. 50s at the beaches. the extended forecast calls for a dry stable weather pattern next week. make it a great friday. a huge letdown for hundreds of students at palo alto's gunn high school. they will have to retake their ap exams bus the school didn't follow guidelines like closeness of students during the test. 200 exams were tossed out. the principal says it was a mistake. time now 6:51. all across the country, air travelers are getting stuck in seemingly endless security lines. so official at one bay area airport are taking matters into their own hands. >> and it is a new day for the san francisco police department. the big shake-up and the new man in charge. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ remains, suitcases, and two seats as they try five things to know at the :55. search teams have found human remains suitcases and two seats as they try to locate debris from the missing flight 804. 66 people died when the jet crashed into the ocean yesterday. the cause of the crash is under investigation. this morning, the suspect in the terrorist terror attacks refused to answer questions during his first court appearance since returning to france. salah abdeslam was arrested in belgium. he allegedly played a key role in planning the paris attack and transporting the attackers. the presidential front- runners are putting gun control in the spotlight today. donald trump will speak at today's nra convention in louisville as the presumptive republican nominee tries to rally conservative support. hillary clinton will appear in florida today with the mother
6:56 am
of trayvon martin to push for stronger gun control. oakland international airport is bringing in reinforcements to clear up security lines long security lines. the airport is hiring 30 private security guards to help out. they won't screen passengers but instead will help keep things moving along by doing things like telling people to take off shoes or collecting bins. the san francisco zoo holds a big event. the kidsfest fundraiser features musicians and other things. the money will support educational efforts. you need a special ticket for the event. it starts at 5:00. i'm anne makovec live in front of the san francisco police department where there is new leadership this morning. mayor ed lee made the announcement at around 5:00 yesterday that he had asked now former chief greg suhr to resign and suhr agreed hours after an officer shot and killed a car theft suspect in
6:57 am
the bayview. the latest in a series of deadly police shoot that have people calling for reforms in the department. >> the progress we have made has been meaningful but not fast enough. that's why i have asked chief suhr for his resignation. >> reporter: toney chaplin is a 26-year veteran of the sfpd. >> some people get it right away, not a problem. some people get it sooner or later, we need to train 'em. and some people never get it and need to be fired and sent packing. >> reporter: the search for a permanent chief is ongoing within the department and nationwide. live in san francisco, anne makovec, kpix 5. and a final check of traffic. just coming into the newsroom we are hearing about a new wreck in lafayette. westbound 24 acalanes in the commute direction in the center divide.
6:58 am
we are seeing slowdowns heading out of walnut creek. let's go outside live look at the bay bridge toll plaza backed up to the foot of the maze. not as bad as the usual commute. it is "friday light." but still busy trying to get into the city. and the golden gate bridge looks great so far out of san rafael. we decide to end with it just because it's so pretty out there. >> you know what? look at this weather camera shot. if somebody were to pop this up and say where is this? i would have no idea. do you have an idea? >> no. >> mount vaca cam. looking in a different direction than usual. but i like it also because it shows off the low clouds. 50s across the board. winds up to 25 miles per hour. we'll begin to dial back a bit later west 10 to 20 miles per hour. temperatures are cool. 50s and 60s outside number 70 in santa rosa. slight chance of
6:59 am
showers and thunderstorms with small hail. then a benign weather pattern monday through thursday. got a couple of baseball games tonight. the shark's street rally on saturday. have a great weekend. >> a lot going on. >> apples is opening a store in union square to have a more relax the atmosphere with 42- foot sliding glass doors, a 6k video screen and instead of the typical genius bar the customer support section will be a genius grove lined with trees. apple hopes that you will stay a while and make this location a meeting place rather than just a place to troubleshoot and buy products. okay. thanks r watching, everyone. stay tuned for "cbs this morning." john blackstone will have much more on the fire of san francisco's police chief and what's next for the city. >> and "cbs this morning" is coming up next. have a great day. captions by: caption colorado
7:00 am
in the west. it is friday may 20th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." breaking news, egypt's military finds wreckage and passenger belongings from the missing egyptair flight. counter-terrorism and intelligence expert john miller is here with how investigators are piecing the mystery together. new technology could track a plane in realtime and help find wreckage much faster. why are airlines slow to adopt it. plus donald trump is focusing his attacks on bill clinton's past. our new polls reveal that could backfire. we begin with a look at today's eye-opener, your wormed in 90 seconds.


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