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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  May 20, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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for major changes. that process had begun under suhr but didn't happen fast enough for the mayor. >> we are accelerating the number of those reforms together with the commission and the chief, particularly around use of force. >> reporter: on that topic, there will be a town hall in the bayview next week where the acting chief will meet with community members about this most recent shooting and promises this will be a transparent investigation. the reforms is a broad topic as far as what he is expected to do and what he says he is going to do. when it comes to the specifics of that, there are two things he has highlighted, the first of those that he wants to put body cameras on the officers. the second of those is that he wants to really look hard and take a strong look at their "use of force" policy and potentially changing that which most likely it will change. live at city hall, emily turner, kpix 5. >> emily, you mentioned the woman who was shot yesterday it was driving a stolen car. do we know anything more about
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her? >> at this point, we know absolutely nothing more than we knew yesterday at 10:00 just that she is a 27-year-old woman who was in that stolen car. we don't know her name or anything else about her. hopefully, we'll be getting that information -- i mean, at least within the next 24 hours. but the, um, the acting chief says we know as much as he did. he was supposed to be briefed this afternoon so maybe this evening we'll be getting some more information. we'll be checking in with the police department to make sure we get that too. >> all right. emily turner live at city hall, thank you. the shake-up at the top of the sfpd temporarily caused some confusion on the agency's website. this is the homepage of san francisco earlier today there was a link above toney chaplin's picture that directed users to an error page. the link is removed. ahead at 6:00, the challenges ahead for chaplin as interim chief and the key support he is already picking up. a fast-moving fire tore through an apartment building in bay point displating nearly
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30 people. it started at around 2:00 this afternoon at the river shore apartments on shore view court north of willow pass road. when firefighters got there, they found intense flaming in one building in the complex. at first they had to take a defensive approach to try to keep the fire from spreading to other buildings. >> the fire was well advanced with the middle unit of that side of the building fully involved and spreading to other units of the building. after they initially got in here, they realized that they needed more units so they called a second alarm immediately. >> they had it under control within about an hour and all residents got out safely. but now 27 people still need a place to stay. the cause of the fire is under investigation. strong winds definitely helped fan the flames in that fire. you can see the leaves blowing in san rafael. >> now rain could be on the way. kpix 5's chief meteorologist paul deanno is looking at that. paul. >> we'll talk about the rainfall, which is in your
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weekend forecast, what's going on right now is that wind. and temperatures running up to 15 degrees cooler than average. 20-mile-per-hour sustained winds or stronger in livermore, fremont, sfo, san francisco, oakland, berkeley, vallejo, novato, san rafael, napa, fairfield and antioch. that's a lot of places. it's windy all throughout the bay area right now. there is rain and some thunderstorms to our north and east. guess what, folks? right now, it is snowing heavily at donner summit, snowing heavily at lake tahoe with a lake wind advisory as well and some of that precipitation will be heading here. a winter weather advisory for the western slope of the sierra right now with the snow level as low as 5500 feet, some parts of the sierra getting half a foot of snow tonight, one weekend away from memorial day weekend. we'll talk about our rain chance because it's critical. we'll have the typing coming up. a brutal attack in san francisco. a group of teens blamed for a
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vicious beat-down leaving a man unconscious overnight on harrison streets near a parking lot behind the hall of justice. kpix 5's da lin says the beating victim had yet another injustice. >> reporter: dry blood on the harrison street sidewalk marks where the beat-down took place. it happened around 2:40 this morning. san francisco police say 6 asian teenaged boys and girls -- >> anywhere between 15 to 18 years old. >> reporter: -- attacked a 29- year-old asian man. >> mostly it was punching and kicking that led to a brain injury. >> reporter: they drove off in two cars. after the victim was left bleeding and unconscious on the ground, police say two bystanders took his wallet and other valuable items. >> it's cold, heartless. you know, you were raised better than that. at the very least call 911 so we can get an ambulance to treat him right away because at this point he suffered from severe brain and head trauma.
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>> reporter: other witnesses called 911. paramedics took the hayward man to sf general where he is in critical condition. >> as of why it happened, weigh don't know yet. we haven't been able to interview the victim. >> reporter: police aren't sure if the vic knows the original six attackers. they say if the victim pulls through he may not remember what happened. he was drunk at the time. walking by himself. there's a bar about a block away from the crime scene. aside from the six teenagers, police are looking for the two men who robbed the victim while he was unconscious. in san francisco, i'm da lin, kpix 5. a google earth car was burned when someone lit two firebombs ne it around 11 p.m. last night on the google campus on salado drive in mountain view. now, nothing exploded but there was some superficial damage to the car and part of the building a black spot in the dirt next to the car shows where the devices were lit. those twice have been sent to a lab for testing to figure out that exactly what they were and
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what kind of accelerant was used. no suspects have been identified. new details on the crash of egyptair flight 804. there were smoke alerts on the plane minutes before it went down in the mediterranean sea. reporter jonathan vigliotti has the latest from the greek island of crete. >> reporter: liz, today's wreckage was found off the coast of egypt. it still is unclear if terrorism played a role. there's still no credible claim of responsibility. an egyptair official says the egyptian military has discovered body parts, luggage and airplane seats from flight 804. the european space agency spotted what could be a mile long slick where the plane went down. 66 people were on board the jetliner which went down into the sea early thursday after swerving wildly. [ crying ] >> reporter: victims' relatives gathered at this mosque in cairo for a prayer service. this man's cousin was on board the flight. [ non-english language ] >> reporter: he says, this is
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very hard for the families. egyptian authorities believe terrorism brought down the plane but cbs news has learned so far there's been no credible claim of responsibility. egyptair's chairman says the search area encompasses a 40- mile radius in the mediterranean about halfway between here and crete and alexandria egypt. paris investigators have begun to check and question all ground staff at charles degaulle airport who may have a link to flight 804. the u.s. and several european countries are also helping in the search effort. transmissions sent just before the plane disappeared now indicate that smoke may have been on board. a source tells cbs news that smoke could have come from an engine. in crete, jonathan vigliotti, kpix 5. new at 5:00, the hot housing market in sillicon valley just reached a record high. the median price for a single- family home in santa clara county is now $1 million. so what will 7 figures get you
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these days? kpix 5 reporter maria medina is in sunnyvale with the answer. maria. >> reporter: the challenge is finding a million-dollar home. once they hit the market they go quickly. if you do, here's what it might look like. this is what a seven-figure home in sillicon valley looks like these taste. >> the kitchen has been updated. >> reporter: four bedrooms, 1600 square feet, built nearly 40 years ago. >> it sold after one week for a sale price of $1,015,000. higher than the asking price. >> reporter: are you surprised? >> i'm not surprised. it's just a lot of demand. >> reporter: the median price is a record high for santa clara county last month. other nearby counties also saw an increase. gary shapiro a realtor for more than three decades says a few reasons are driving prices up. one of them, low inventory. >> real estate is supply and demand. when there's less supply,
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there's more demand for each house. >> there isn't a lot out there. >> reporter: this person wants to buy a home for a million dollars or less. she says she has come to accept 7 figures won't even come close to buying her dream home. >> to buy a dollhouse for a million dollars is crazy. >> i have a sign on my desk that says the best time to buy was yesterday. >> reporter: still he says buying a home is the right move even in sillicon valley if you can afford it. but that's the million-dollar question. >> i don't think it's impossible. i think you have to kind of persevere and be patient. >> in general, when you can afford to buy a house, if you are going to stay living in the bay area you should buy a house. >> reporter: and there is a bit of good news. gary believes the housing market should level off if it hasn't already. live in sunnyvale, maria medina, kpix 5. well, move over, "judge judy." > judge nancy is asking for your vote. >> coming up, why some say her campaign signs are extremely misleading. >> plus, for the first time in
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20 years, nutrition labels are getting a major overhaul. we'll break down the changes. >> and a bear sighting in the bay area. the search for this little guy seen jumping neighborhood fences. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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running through a bay area neighborhood. and it was all new at 5:00 it's not something you see every day a bear in a bay area neighborhood. and it was all caught on camera. now, take a look at this. it happened in vacaville this afternoon. a driver took out a cell phone and you can see the bear running down the street. it crosses a driveway, eventually hops over somebody's fence. no word yet on where the bear wandered next. new at 5:00 the judicial race in marin county is heating up. one candidate is being criticized over her controversial campaign signs. the banners display the word,
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judge and nancy together in large letters. many think the signs are inappropriate and misleading. kpix 5 reporter juliette goodrich joins us live from marin county with more on what the candidate is saying tonight. juliette. >> reporter: boy, the candidate nancy mccarthy has a lot to say and so do her opponents. they say she crossed the line. check it out. you be the judge. does it election sign seem misleading? let me first introduce you to the candidate herself, attorney nancy mccarthy. >> my goal was to focus on nancy, nancy, nancy, nancy, nancy, nancy. that was it. and also have the position of judge so people knew what i was running for. >> reporter: but critics say nancy mccarthy is not a judge and the placement of the words judge and nancy separated by a thin line suggest she is running as an incumbent. >> i don't understand how anybody could not get that. >> reporter: just ask one of her opponents renee marcel. >> she should bringing her
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signs down that are not appropriate and she should bring her youtube ad down that says, um, marin county judge. >> reporter: she says she isn't the only one seemingly misleading. >> you have here david shane who says david shane, judge. >> reporter: there are nine other candidates. are you a judge and is anyone running in this race a judge? >> i'm not a judge. nobody in this race that is running is a judge. and who would want to be? i certainly wouldn't wan to be identified as a judge because if you are a judge, and you have 8 people running against you, you have to be a real loser of a judge. >> under the state elections code, 18350, it is a misdemeanor when a candidate misleads voters or assumes pretends or implies he or she is an incumbent of a public office when that's not the case. you think her sign is a little misleading? >> i don't unless you are educated under "common core"
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and you don't understand it. >> reporter: so we'll definitely say on top of the race. someone will be elected judge for the judge who is vacating the seat come december. so stay tuned. in marin county, juliette goodrich, kpix 5. donald trump wins a key endorsement ahead of the election. the nra announced today that they are backing donald trump for president. trump spoke to the nra today saying that he is honored to receive the endorsement. he has consistently argued throughout his campaign that he is very strong on the second amendment. >> gun-free zones. we are getting rid of gun-free zones, okay? i can tell you. [ applause and cheers ] >> we're getting rid of those. >> while trump has argued throughout his campaign that he supports the right to bear arms, he has supported gun control measures years in the past. he supported a ban on assault weapons in the 1990s. he also praised president obama's gun control proposals
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following the sandy hook shooting. meanwhile, democratic front- runner hillary clinton taking a stance to support gun control. trump accused the democratic front-runner of wanting to abolish the second amendment earlier today. clinton says she supports the right to bear arms but is calling for universal background checks and stricter controls on guns. she will speak at an event in florida tomorrow with the mother of trayvon martin and other parents who have lost children to gun violence. meanwhile, former president bill clinton is campaigning on behalf of his wife this weekend. today he spoke at a rally in south dakota. when asked about rival bernie sanders, mr. clinton said he thinks the democrats will be able to, quote, be together in the end. meanwhile, bernie sanders is not giving up. he will be campaigning in southern california this weekend. in the polls he is trailing behind clinton by single digits. a scary situation at the white house today. a shooting outside the residence triggered a lockdown
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that lasted about 45 minutes. a secret service officer shot a man who walked up to a white house checkpoint raising a gun. the man refused repeated commands to drop the weapon. he is now in critical condition. the president was not home at the time. but vice president joe biden was at the complex during the shooting. we are following breaking news. a brush fire has spread to a neighborhood in fairfield. this is a photo from firefighters there. we were told the fire has burn 3 homes. ten other homes had to be evacuated. as paul said we are dealing with strong winds, helping this fire jump house to house. again, three homes burning in fairfield. we'll bring you more information as it comes in. the flames erupted at a popular southern california pier today leaving it heavily damaged. black smoke filled the sky as crews battled the fire at an abandoned restaurant on the seal beach pier in orange county. crews used some fire boats to attack the flames from the ocean side. one firefighter slightly injured after being hit by
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water from the boat. he is expected to be okay. no word on the cause of the fire. a late spring storm bringing fresh snow to the sierra. this afternoon, dark clouds over the snow-capped mountai range. carry chains this weekend. one to three inches of snow are expected above 5,000 feet. so they just opened the mountain passes. they closed them again this afternoon. >> there you go. >> because there's too much snow. >> so many people have outdoor plans this weekend. >> yeah. >> been asked today about a swim meet. little league baseball. outdoor barbecue. soccer tournament. and an outdoor wedding in tahoe. >> oh. [ laughter ] >> all of which will be impacted by the potential for rain, gusty winds, if you are in tahoe snowing tomorrow. sorry, blake. we are looking outside right now and showing you the golden gate bridge. it's a mixture of sun and clouds. it is windy everywhere. and look at these temperatures.
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in the upper 50s to mid-60s check the winds at travis air force base. gusting to 34 miles per hour with a sustained wind at 26. it is windy in and around fairfield right now. we'll get more information on that fire. new lightning strikes popping up in el dorado county. the closest rain to us is just to the east of clearlake and lakeport and upper lake. you may have heard some thunder around 4:15. that rain is pushing to the south and east barely missing clearlake. we will have an opportunity for some rain tomorrow. can you believe it? this is may. the weekend coming up will be wetter than all four weekends in february and it will be colder than two of those weekends in february. so a little taste of late winter right here one weekend before memorial day. we have baseball tonight. it will be breezy and cool. but it often is that even in the summertime in san francisco. cubs are in town. cubs giants 7:15 first pitch 55 degrees for that first pitch. tonight upper 40s low 50s. oakland 52. vallejo 5. napa 47. fairfield windy overnight
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temperature of 50. so what's going on? why does it feel like february outside with the wind, cold, rain and snow that right there, a big strong area of low pressure over the gulf of alaska a few days ago now squarely over northern california. we are just missing out on the rain right now. but it's cold. it's windy. it will stay cool and windy over the weekend. that's the guarantee. futurecast 7 a.m. tomorrow morning, up and at 'em early, scattered showers, noon scattered showers. showers decrease in the afternoon. it will be cloudy all day long, breezy all day long and even on sunday now we're trending a little bit cloudier. partly sunny skies at best by sunday afternoon. so tonight, an evening breeze, breezy to windy with partly cloudy skies. showers are possible tomorrow. it's not going to be an all-day washout but there will be showers. they could be heavy at times. we'll be dry on sunday but cooler than average into next week. mid 60s that's it tomorrow. livermore 65. san rafael 65.
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san jose 67. san francisco only 61 degrees. sunday is a couple of degrees warmer. it will feel better with less wind and more sunshine. there could be a few more showers in the north bay monday and tuesday. and we are going to stay below average all the way through next week. and if you're heading to the mountains, it will snow about 5500 feet and above, today, tonight and tomorrow. february in may. >> it will be a cool wedding, snowshoes. >> it will be beautiful. >> you just will lose the bride because she is in white. >> no, the pictures will be fantastic. >> you guys are thinking positive. >> the lighting is always great when it's a little stormy. >> there you go. >> all right. liz and i love cats. there are kelly loves cats. but maybe not this much. [ laughter ] >> why this couple traveled 3,000 miles to get married with hundreds of california cats. ,,
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how food nutrition labels a changing. the old label e new on the healthwatch we're giving you a special look at how food nutrition labels are changing. the old label here on the left, the new one on the right.
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the key changes calories are now listed in a big bold font at the top. also, serving sizes now accurately reflect how much a real person eats. there will also be a new line listing added sugar, which can be especially unhealthy and difficult to track. whoo! >> first lady michelle obama says the new label also make packaged food information more transparent. >> very soon, you will no longer need a microscope, calculator or a degree in nutrition to figure out whether the food you're buying is actually good for you. >> we're not encouraging individuals to eat more of these foods. but we really want them to be informed about exactly how much they are consuming and what they're consuming, when they do eat a normal portion size. >> the new labels will also list vitamin d and potassium. nutrients americans often lack. food companies have two years
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to comply with the new rules. nutritionists say most of the healthiest food won't have labels at all. that's because they are fruits and vegetables. well, from the vineyards of napa valley to the pristine california coastline, there are countless places to get married in the golden state. but for one couple, the purr- fect dream wedding involves saying their i dos before 1,000 cats. the newlyweds from canada traveled hubs of miles to tie the knot at the cast house on the kings. it's the first-ever wedding at the cat sanctuary in fresno county. >> people say, cats, animals, but when i start talking with that, i saw we were sharing the same values because these are values. these are the basic of our relation our love for animals. >> yeah. we first told but this cage- free no kill cat sanctuary last month. the owner estimates that she
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and her volunteers have saved more than 24,000 cats over the years. >> wow. cute. happy they are. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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you probably know him as nebacker. i'm allen martin in the kpix 5 newsroom. new at 6:00 tonight you probably know him as the legendary 49ers linebacker. patrick willis speaks out about a new career in tech. that and more at 6:00. thank you. >> we got a little weather? >> it is snow so heavily i-80
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is closed right now in both directions heavy snow and multiple accidents in the sierra. captions by: caption colorado >> rose: security sc >> rose: security scare at the white house. gunfire erupts outside. ironically, just minutes after this pledge from donald trump to the n.r.a.: >> we're getting rid of gun-free zones, okay, i can tell you. >> rose: also tonight, searchers find the first remains and debris from egyptair 804, but the crash remains a mystery. georgia deputies are caught on video-- >> stop fighting! stop fighting! >> rose: tasing a handcuffed man, who then died. and steve hartman with a college custodian-- >> there was never a question of if we would go to college-- >> rose: and five degrees of jubilation. >> so they could have a better life than i had. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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