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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  May 21, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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accepts all responsibility for what happened to megan sheahin in 2014. this is a megan admittedly drunk waiting for the train. she didn't appear as if she could care for herself and was arguing with officers who found her on bench in the station. officers arrested her on suspicion of public intoxication and resisting arrest. despite her behavior, megan said nothing she did justifies what happened next at the santa rita jail. >> doesn't touch me like that. >> oh! >> in these videos we see a bart police officer slam her face first into the floor. that officer said in a police report megan turned towards him and violently punched his face and to protect himself he used a, quote, armbar, takedown and guided her to the ground, i had a gash above my left eye and i had a few stitches there. i had four broken bones around
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my orbital socket. stitches in my lip. they knocked out a tooth and chipped another one. >> megan said the surveillance and police body camera video told a different story. she filed a federal civil lawsuit last year claiming officers used excessive and unreasonable force. in a statement, bart said over the past six years the bart police department has undergone tremendous organizational change and has worked to reshape and reform its approach to training and policing to better meet the needs of the communities bart serves. . an oakland commercial building is in ruins after a fire. it started around one this morning at macarthur and 72. the damage left behind. >> reporter: burning out of
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control and gutting this one- story commercial building. it happened at 1:00 in the morning on the corner of macarthur boulevard. >> the flames were four stories high. the billboard on top of the building, you know, once that thing collapsed, she just -- the flames just spread to all of the businesses. >> reporter: an alarm company alerted ismaaiyl. by the time he rushed over here t too late. the fire had already gone into the attic. he watched his check cashing business burn to the ground. >> devastated. you know, kind of at a loss of words really, to be honest with you. we just started this business from, you know, from the bottom grassroots. >> reporter: this was how the structure looked on google earth before the fire. eight businesses occupying 11 units. a restaurant, a tattoo parlor and other mom and pop stores. this is how it looks now. unrecognizable. the building destroyed. >> feel like i am in a third
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world country someplace given the way that this looks. >> reporter: no one was hurt. firefighters say it took roughly five hours to put out the flames. >> does it look suspicious? >> can't really say right now. like i said, it's under investigation. >> hopeful and i'm gonna bounce back up. it's all about picking up the pieces now. >> reporter: while investigators look for the cause, the building owner has hired contractors to secure the remaining wall and what's left of this building to make sure they don't fall onto the street. a few hours later an antioch apartment building went up in flames. it was on lone tree way. six units were badly damaged leaving more than two dozen people without place to stay. two of the victims were treated on scene for smoke inhalation. the cause of the fire is under investigation. it might be late may, but it looks like the dead of winter in the sierra this weekend. a late spring storm dumped more
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than a foot of snow that caused major accident adding to the already slow traffic. eastbound i-80 was shut down several hours last night. placer county had about 20 snowplows clearing the road. it's also been an unsettled day around the bay area. a few showers popped up earlier in the day. right now the kpix 5 high-def doppler is just showing we're just about dried up for now unless you head east. that's where a few cells are still showing up around stockton and parts of the central valley. there is still a chance of lingering showers as the night wears on tonight. as for the rest of the weekend, we will see what changes are in support when we cover the forecast in a few minutes. and new at six the former hunger strikers who called for the takedown of san francisco's police chief now want to recall the mayor. today the so-called frisco five got an award from a filipino group in the city. the strikers demanded chief
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greg suhr's resignation. thursday he stepped down after officers shot and killed a woman driving a stolen car. strikers and supporters now are focused op-ed lee. >> he is not doing his law. he is part of the phase we are attacking too. it's not just the officers. it's ed lee. >> lits continue to work together. and the unity will bring us the justice we all are seeking for. >> plans are in the works to circulate a recall petition. the frisco five accused mayor lee of selling the city to the highest bidders. tomorrow on kpix 5 sunday morning our political insiders weigh in on mayor lee's decision to turn on the chief.. >> i think greg suhr really wanted to leave some time ago. and to have to wait around until one more incident is just a bad show. >> and it seemed like a week ago ed lee was saying, no, he has my full support, he is
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someone i trust. >> the police union president wills be in studio to discuss the big shake-up in the department. that is tomorrow morning at 7:30. zuckerberg general is treating patients tonight. it was move in day. mark kelly takes us inside. >> johnny is suffering from a collapsed lung. but moving into his new hospital room today, he is grinning from ear to ear. >> the halls are just amazing. >> reporter: hospital staff had to move that are than 200 patients across this pedestrian bridge from the old 1970s era hospital to the new one. it's a monumental task that all happened in a single day. >> i have been waiting for this day forever. >> reporter: dr. marks says the new building along with its many windows and fancy artwork alsoable doublings the number of emergency beds, can withstand a major earthquake,
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and allows just about every patient to have his or her own room. >> a big guiding principle in the design was to as much as possible bring care to the patients, not the patients to care. >> reporter: on top of the $887 million voter approved bond to build this new hospital facebook's ceo mark zuckerberg and his wife dr. priscilla chan, a pediatric here at sf general, donated $75 million of their own money. >> unprecedented gift for a public hospital in this country. >> reporter: and after eight years of work zuckerberg san francisco general hospital and trauma center opens its doors more than 100,000 patients every year, and some just might not want to leave. >> might stay a couple more days. this place is amazing. that's all. >> reporter: in san francisco, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> sf general is the only trauma center serving san francisco and northern san mateo county. and new at six hundreds of
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bay area student athletes got a check-up today ahead of the summer sports season. kpix 5's anne makovec found out it to be a life saver. >> follow the light. >> reporter: this is the kind of medical test you might remember to qualify for high school sports. but these local high school athletes are going through advanced cardiac screening that at ucsf. >> it's trying to find the needles in the haystack. >> reporter: the otherwise healthy student who my have a heart condition lying in wait. this week a 15-year-old student died following football practice in alameda. his cause of death has not been released but it's giving a lot of parents pause. >> reporter: bruce's 15-year- old son plays water polo. one of 750 kids going through heart tracing this weekend.
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this electrocardiogram wouldn't normally be used on kids with no sign of heart problems, but it can detect hidden dangers in shape, size, or rhythm. >> i have never worried about these things. >> reporter: only about 1% of the athletes are found have any abnormality at this event. for that 1%, this could be a life saver. >> there have been a few happy families we were able to detect something and get them immediate treatment and then get them back playing their sport safely. >> reporter: dr. anthony luke says experts are now debating whether all athlete screenings should include an ekg. right now the california interscholastic federation only requires a basic medical exam. >> just like knowing you are healthy is a good sign. >> reporter: in san francisco, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> knew, all the doctors, nurses and organizers at today's event were all volunteers. police in san jose have a gruesome homicide case on their hands tonight. a man's body was found before 7:00 yesterday stuffed in a
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trash bin on bonita avenue. right now no word on who the man is or how he died, but police tell us it was no accident. an hour later a teenager was shot and killed in north richmond. deputies found the 19-year-old lying on a sidewalk. a second shooting victim, a 23-year-old man, showed up at the hospital a short time later. he was treated and released. the san bernardino massacre could trigger sweeping gun control laws in california. hot button bills that could be on the governor's desk by next week. >> reporter: tony chavez owns a semi-automatic rifle with what's known as a bullet button. it allows him to use a small tool like a screwdriver to quickly reload the magazine and start shooting again fast. >> pull out the magazine. that takes, i don't know, like five to six seconds. >> reporter: the california senate passed bills banning sales of assault rifles with detachable magazines as well as
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those so-called bullet buttons. >> oh, yeah, it's horrible. i mean, we are like one of those strictest gun states in the nation. it has no affect on crime whatsoever. >> reporter: the proposed laws came from outrage over december's mass shooting in san bernardino. the two rifles recovered after the attack are sold with those bullet buttons. >> they want the guns, they are going to get them illegally. >> reporter: at a shooting range you have no need to change that ammunition. if that gun was stolen, you are putting a lot of people in change. >> reporter: she has a friend who lost a loved one in the movie theater shooting in aurora, colorado. she says enough is enough. >> i would feel safer. >> reporter: another proposed law on its way to the state aa assembly would require background checks had when buying ammunition. >> why not? >> by no means do any of these guys go to a gun store, go into a sporting goods store and buy ammunition. >> reporter: now, the senate also voted to require registration of homemade guns, reporting of lost or stolen
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guns, and to restrict gun owners from lending firearms to friends. the bill is now in the assembly. still to come, what happens in vegas apparently starts in california. at least that's what police there claim. why sin city is pointing the finger at us for the sudden spike in crime. plus, only on 5 we ride along with the elite new task force playing cat and mouse with san francisco car burglars. why auto solid case doesn't always guarantee justice. a bizarre animal cruelty case that landed this california dog in detox. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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afte a bizarre case of animal cruelty in southern california. a small dog is detoxing after police found it at an orange county hotel high on drugs. the terrier mix named bubba was rescued in a drug raid. police say the animal was high on both heroin and meth. it's unclear if the dog actually ingested the drugs or
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just breathed in secondhand smoke. >> this is horrible. this is the first time we have heard of someone reporting that an animal has been under the influence. >> that's terrible. yeah, that's really bad. >> bubba's owner was arrested for a parole violation and drug possession. the dog will be put up for adoption one it's healthy. las vegas is blaming california for a sudden spike in crime. why police in vegas say new laws here are sending more law- breakers there. >> reporter: crime scenes like this one in las vegas are now being traced back to california. the sheriff of las vegas claims that laws in california that lead to early release for certain offenders are now impacting his city. >> individuals we are able to identify, and also the victims of those crimes, we seen a significant increase in individuals that have gang affiliation, gang association directly related to california. >> reporter: the sheriff blames
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ad109 which allows for early release of certain inmates and prop 47. that's the voter approved measure that reduces non- violent crimes like drug offenses to misdemeanors. overall crime is up in vegas this year by 22%. homicides are surging by more than 60%. sexual assaults is up 9%. robbery is up 21%. the sheriff's officials tell us they can prove some of these crimes are a result of ad109 and prop 47 based on the criminal histories of the offenders, which traced back to california. >> that seems like a far stretch. >> reporter: long beach resident cedric believes prop 47 is helping, not hurting, the state. he questions the claims being made by the las vegas sheriff. >> it's very simple minded. we got to think bigger. >> reporter: l.a. city attorney tells us he believes prop 47 is broken and needs to be re-evaluated and questions how vegas authorities can draw a direct connection
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between their spike in crime and california's laws. vegas police also blame it on the fact that they say they don't have enough police patrolling the streets. in downtown los angeles, tom wait, kpix 5. meanwhile, san francisco is seeing a big spike in car break- ins. a 77% increase in just the past five years. so what are police doing about it? only on 5, jeffrey schaub rides along with a new elite unit on a mission to curb the epidemic. >> reporter: this video clip says it all. a thief smashing out a car window in broad daylight. in just seconds making off with $4,000 worth of stuff. last year this scene played out 25,000 times in san francisco. auto break-ins happen 70 times a day here. that's about one every 20 minutes. and what are these thieves looking to grab? >> laptops.
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ipads. cell phones. cameras. any devices like that is what they're looking for. >> reporter: san francisco police department lieutenant luke martin heads up a newly formed special task force. >> yeah. they are going the other way, guys. >> reporter: made up of highly trained officers, experts in surveillance going day and night. >> trying to think of new ways to blend in, to do surveillance, to be undetected by the criminal. >> reporter: by car, bicycle, and on foot, playing cat and mouse with robbers. >> they are going to get this car. his hand is poking against the glass right now. >> reporter: task force officers spot these two suspects checking out cars up and down the embarcadero. and these two doing the same near fisherman's wharf. a lot of types the thieves target unsuspecting tourists driving in their rental cars. especially suvs like this one that have cargo areas in the back. any tourist will tell you a
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smash-and-grab is not a great welcome to the city by the bay, you feel violated. your personal property has been gone through. it's been taken. >> reporter: and oftentimes suspects arrested don't spend time behind bars for very long. even though the task force team and prosecutors build what they believe are solid cases, judges will reduce felonies to misdemeanors. >> is that frustrating for you? >> yes. we're, you know, oftentimes putting together fairly solid cases on them where we watch them commit the crime. >> reporter: so martin waits it out. videotaping suspects breaking into cars multiple times. building evidence before an arrest is made. but even then getting justice can be tough. >> they go into the court system and come out very quickly and we see them out committing the same crimes. >> reporter: martin turns his frustration into motivation. the san francisco native says he will be on the job until the break-ins stop. >> i take it personally. i don't like people taken
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advantage of. >> reporter: on the streets of san francisco jeffrey schaub, kpix 5. >> all right. and now let's switch to the brighter elements around the bay area, including the weather. we have got temperatures that are on the mild side and sunshine even out at the beach. in san francisco numbers have cooled to 59 degrees. but that's not bad at the shoreline. oakland 59. livermore 62. san jose 61. santa rosa 60 degrees. and here's how it locks on the kpix 5 high-def doppler. mostly dried up over the immediate bay area. a little in the central valley. that's just about it for now. could be a rogue shower or two overnight as that low pressure begins to head towards idaho and so on the top side of that low we could get a few showers tomorrow. if we did get any, it would favor the north bay. unsettled through the early part of next week. some sun. some clouds. maybe a drop or two. futurecast spells it out. tomorrow morning, sunday, about 7:00 we've got plenty of clouds and maybe a shower or two
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around. roll the clock to later in the day on sunday and you can see that over the santa cruz mountains a drop or two. clouds and maybe a drop or two at times. it's not going to be severely san antonio any time soon. even by monday afternoon, which is what we are showing you now, north and east of santa rosa a few drops. here's what we're expecting. partly cloudy skies and windy tonight. warmer for tomorrow and only a shower or two possible, but if you are right under the shower then it's a sure bet for you. but in general much of the south bay and east bay are okay. north bay a little bit water. travel weather forecast heading out of the bay area and north to mendocino, 69 degrees. eureka 57. redding 71 degrees. up in the central valley partly cloudy skies from sacramento down to fresno. up in the mountains get some sun tomorrow. temperatures near 50 degrees. overnight lows tonight, the sun up tomorrow morning at 5:55 a.m. that's just about the time we
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will see overnight lows of 46 degrees at santa rosa. fairfield 49. same for livermore. 51 fremont tonight and san jose will be down to the low 50s. so a little bit on the chilly side for tonight. for tomorrow we are close to average in san francisco, but a little bit cooler than usual in the east bay. concord just 70. oakland 65. south bay tomorrow 60s for the most part. variable clouds. not much in the way of showers. in the east bay the same with 69 at walnut creek, 73 brentwood and of the at livermore. north bay tomorrow could be a shower or two. numbers in the mid 60s. so no heat wave here. but very pleasant sunday on tap. same goes for clearlake and lake port and ukiah. extended forecast. variable clouds through monday. a drop or two possible and then partly cloudy skies through thursday. numbers near 70 all week. by the time we get to the weekend looks like sunshine. >> thanks. still to come, if a fire was bearing down on your house,
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what would you say? well, for this family their san jose sharks jerseys were a must. tonight the team is going out to thank them for their loyalty. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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today.. in the biggest pro-cycling race in the cou. they covered 109 miles aro cyclists peddled through wipe country today in the big e pro cycling race in the country. they covered 109 miles around santa rosa in stage 7 of the amgen do you remember. the eight day race covers nearly 800 miles. tomorrow is the final stage. cyclists will race to the capitol to determine the oner. meanwhile, the warriors are also hitting the road. klay thompson and company flew out this morning for oklahoma city. they face the thunder tomorrow in game three of the western conference finals. the series is tied at one game apiece. tip-off tomorrow at 5:00. hopefully, they fair better than the sharks. they are trailing the blues by three at the tank right now. one canadien super fan forced out of his home by a fire in
6:26 pm
alberta is happy just to be there. he went to great lengths to save his beloved sharks jerseys as the fort mcmurray fire bore down on his home. when the team got wind of the story they decided to fly the game down for game four. it included a tour of the sap center and zamboni rides. we caught up with him during the first intermission. >> i knew i wasn't going to make it. i texted my girlfriend to tell me to -- or tell her to bring my five sharks jerseys. >> he has one more jersey to add. they head back to canada tomorrow. >> he just saw joe pavalski score. it's early in the third. so sharks getting on the board. it's a game. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> we will see. the other trending story today, that is the 2016
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preakness. second jewel of the triple crown. in baltimore, maryland. they were singing. my maryland, my maryland. 134,000. boy, i have done a lot of live shots from in infield. this is a shot at the triple crown. >> it is exaggerator. no. nyquist switches back to the outside. exaggerator. nyquist is coming at him in second. and then exaggerator has turned the tables. he has won the preakness stakes! >> no triple crown this year. exaggerator trained by his brother. cherry wine was second. nyquist the kentucky derby winner suffered a first career loss, was third. >> no you that you have won the preakness with your brother, what does it mean to you? >> i haven't thought to my brother one time. i thought about exaggerator and his second win.
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i am going to think about a beer in a little while and then i might get to him later. >> thank the good lord bob for raining on us today. it rained in some hundred dollars bills and some rain. >> all right. we'll have the rest of the sports day in 20 minutes or so. >> i saw the brothers hugging after he mentioned that comment. i was checking it out. i was like, give the brother some credit, you know? >> they had a moment. they did. all right. thanks, vern. coming up in our next half hour, talk about a white wedding. the couple that nearly got snowed out of their spring celebration in the sierra. >> if i went any further through, it would have have landed on my car. >> an advertising blimp crash lands on the interstate. >> and it could be the key to unlocking the mystery of the egyptair disaster. the critical clue investigators just found in the ocean next.
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you're watching kpix 5 news. our top story tonight, human flames rip through a row of business inside oakland destroying eight of them. the three-alarm fire broke out around one this morning at macarthur and 73rd. it took five crews five hours to put it out. no word on the cause. a rare spring storm pummeling the sierra this weekend. traffic slowed to a crawl on 80. at least one major accident added to the traffic. snow is expected through sunday. and egyptian investigators say it's too soon to make a judgment about what brought down egyptair flight 804, but tonight they may be closer to
6:32 pm
finding the truth. the black box has been found. >> reporter: some of the items search teams have recovered from egyptair flight 804. investigators found the doomed flight's black boxes 180 miles north offal edges andrea. it could help determine what caused the plane to plummet wildly into the mediterranean sea thursday morning killing all six six people on board. technology played a critical roll in tracking down the wreckage. radar on board this c-130 found debris from the missing planes. the u.s. navy sent a p 3-0 ryan to join in the search t detects wreckage from under the ocean's surface. greece, the u.k. and france have sent teams as well. the aviation harold and aviation industry website published automated transmissions from the plane minutes before it vanished from radar. they showed smoke was detected
6:33 pm
in the bathroom near the cockpit and avionics bay. no terrorist group has claimed responsibility for bringing down the airbus 320. jonathan vigliotti. >> many u.s. airports are not taking any chances. officials at lax are restricting airport employee access at more than 150 doors within passenger terminals. they are adding more police officers to focus on potential vulner acts. the security jitters come as the tsa struggles to address staffing shortages and long checkpoint lines. >> i think we need to increase the staff size of tsa to meet all the demands of the growing travel population as well as the potential changes that we might see as we learn more and more about what might have -- might have happened to the egyptair. >> last year an undercover test by the department of homeland security found that tsa screeners failed to catch 95%
6:34 pm
of mock explosive devices brought through security checkpoints. since then at least two aircraft overseas have been bombed. and when it comes to terrorism, how far shoot cia go to protect america? later tonight "48 hours" presents the spy masters. >> all 12 living cia directors talk openly about the tough calls, the controversies and what it takes to be a master spy. >> i found that i was making decisions on life and death. >> yeah, direct hits right there. >> have you ever killed someone? >> the cia's war on terrorism. >> everything that we hold dear was at risk. >> the 12 living directors. >> let me bear my soul just a little bit months. >> their secrets. >> what are the rules for american spy masters? >> we have people chopping the heads off christians. i would bring back waterboarding and i would bring
6:35 pm
back a hell of a lot worse. >> if some future patient is going to decide to waterboard, he better bring his own bucket. the agency is not going to do this again. >> has the cia become a secret army? a killing machine? now the dark side. there is collateral damage. >> have they gone too far? >> if it's cruel, we shouldn't be doing it. >> or not far enough? >> god forbid this country faced another 9/11. the first question would be, why the hell did you let this happen? >> the spy master sigh in the crosshairs airs tonight at nine right here on kpix 5. and coming up tonight at 11 only on 5, a 12-year-old girl snatched off the streets of oakland, lured into sex trafficking. she is one of thousands. tonight we look at the nationwide scope of this criminal enterprise and what's being done to get victims home and safe for good. now to campaign 2016. donald trump is taking the weekend off, but brook silva-
6:36 pm
braga shows us the democrats plan to fight their way down the campaign trail right to the end. >> reporter: if the democratic race for president is over, bernie sanders still hasn't gotten the message. he rallied supporters in new mexico today ahead of their primary next month. >> secretary clinton has supported almost every one of these disastrous trade agreements which have cost of millions of jobs. >> reporter: but with an all but insurmountable lead, hillary clinton has all but declared victory. >> i will be the nominee. that is already done in effect. >> reporter: but new financial disclosure data showed the clinton campaign was slightly out raised and widely out spent last month by sanders. >> there is still a race going on, and she would like to turn her attention to donald trump. >> reporter: the presumptive gop nominee is using the time to consolidate support, especially with independents. the most recent cbs news poll has clinton's lead down to six
6:37 pm
points. other national polls show trump slightly ahead. yesterday the gop favorite picked up the nra's endorsement and attacked clinton. >> we are getting rid of gun- free zones. >> reporter: at an event tonight she will call for greater gun control. brook silva-braga for cbs news new york. president obama also on the move today. he left this morning for a week- long trip to asia. first stop vietnam where he will meet with the country's president, prime minister and civil leaders. from there to japan for the g-7 summit. this is the president's tenth trip to asia. he returns to the u.s. next saturday. coming up, a driver has a dangerous overreaction to a traffic ticket. dash cameras were rolling as she speeds off with a deputy clinging to her car. and it's like a scene out of "mission impossible." a pleasure boat speeds to the rescue as a hot air balloon descends towards disaster. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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tonight's prime time line- up is sponsored by cresco u.s. with a sheriff's deputy clig
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some dramatic dashcam video out of wisconsin tonight where a driver sped off with a sheriff's deputy clinging to her car. it initially pulled her over for a minor traffic violation. when they realized her license was suspended she threw it in reverse, slammed into a squad car and took off sending two deputies and her own passenger flying. one of those deputies caught up with the 23-year-old driver a short time later. she was only facing a ticket for her initial violation, and now she is facing up to 45 years in prison. cell phone cameras were rolling whether a blimp made an emergency -- when a blimp made an emergency landing on a philadelphia freeway. the advertising airship took off from camden, new jersey. it was trying to land in philadelphia when the engine began to overheat and lose power sending it sailing right overpassing cars on i-95. >> as i was getting to this point of the accident, the blimp started to come down. if i would have went any further through, it would have
6:41 pm
landed on my car. >> it landed in the northbound lanes and because it was still inflated it blew into the middle of delaware avenue. >> the pilot and panel walked way from the crash unhurt -- passenger walked way from the crash unhurt. a dramatic rescue off the coast of australia when a hot air balloon with nine tourists on board was swept over the ocean. cameras were rolling as pleasure boat chased after the wayward balloon. wind kept flowing it further out. the driver was able to catch up with it and start off loading the passengers. >>en amazing job just trying to get us low enough pretty much like sitting on the deck of the boat and then we just started off loading each other. as soon as one came off, like we just would fly back up again, losing the weight. >> the pilot was then able to gain enough altitude to steer the balloon to the shore and land safely. right now precious cargo is making a slow motion move to its new home in southern california.
6:42 pm
a space shuttle fuel tank is crawling through the streets of los angeles on its way to its final resting place at the california science center. it's actually the longest trip this tank has taken, by the way. it was built for the space shuttle program but never used in flight. well, still to come, $50 just to get in the door. reservations for this new dumpling restaurant in santa clara are still in demand. people are putting their tables up for sale on craigslist. and here comes the sun just in time for sunset. as for tomorrow, how much sun will we see? we will have it all in the forecast in just a few minutes. and why one member of the thunde and who is the 2016 king of bay area high school boys lacrosse? and why one member of the thunder feels draymond green is great. we will explain next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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today.. as the tech giant ed its newest stor crowds of apple enthusiasts gathered in the heart of san francisco's main shopping district today as the tech giant opened its new store. the giant doors opened on union square. interactive features include the avenue with colorful waldis plays showing how various devices work. an outdoor genius grove provides another place for customers to get information under a canopy of trees. another place that has been
6:46 pm
arguing huge crowds, the dumpling restaurant in oakland a's. it's so popular people are putting reservations up for sale. a seller on craigslist is asking 50 bucks for a table over memorial day. that might be the only way to get in. the next available reservation is mid june. if you are willing to wait a few hours, there is walk-in seating at the bar. if crab is your thing, recreational crab fishing is now allowed along the entire california coast. after the state lifted its last health advisory for dungeness,. things are nice and clear. sunshine at ocean beach. a bit of a contrast to earlier today when showers scattered over much of the bay area. but now looks might by blue out there out on the pacific shoreline of san francisco. here are the numbers in concord
6:47 pm
64 degrees. oakland 59. livermore 62. and here in the city 59 degrees. in santa rosa 60. and here's how it looks now. low pressure is kicking into idaho. so a few showers favor the north bay tomorrow as we could get some moisture pinwheeling in over the top side that have low, but aside from that tomorrow's looking pretty good. futurecast bears that out. you can see variable clouds through sunday. maybe a shower or two. also get some sun and then even through monday maybe a shower or two will pop up. unsettled weather the next couple of days. partly cloudy and a little bit windy tonight. partly cloudy tomorrow. a little bit warmer and just a shower or two possible. forecast highs are close to their average with the south bay in the upper 60s tomorrow and partly cloudy skies. same for the east bay. upper 60s should do it. up in the north bay tomorrow we will see petaluma at 66. in sausalito 63 degrees. knappa nice -- napa 69. a better chance of showers the farther north you head. mid-to-upper 60s for ukiah and
6:48 pm
clearlake. extended forecast after the showers today we are going to be looking for partly cloudy skies, drop or two tomorrow. the rest of the week looks like we have cleared it up for the most part with a drop or two remaining in the forecast in the early going. by latter half of the week we will be sunny and near 80 degrees. baseball. giants and cubs working it. jon lester is knocked out of the game. 5-1 in the seventh. moving pictures on "the late show." at the coliseum this a's fan said no, no, no! i will take that foul ball. from a yankees fan. again it was the yankees' day. carlos beltran and an rbi single to left. beltran has 7 rbi in the series. the damage continued. rob rough schneider called up early this week. found a hole. dropped in for a two-run
6:49 pm
double. new york scored four in the game. won 5-1. they go for a four- game sweep tomorrow. the warriors went straight to practice. have you heard? draymond green likes to have his feelings be known to the refs to, to teammates, opponents. steve kerr will take it. >> draymond, don't ever change if you are watching this. keep yelling at me. i will keep yelling at you. it's the best. he provides the edge that this team needs. without draymond, we would be too quiet and too nase. >> he has wasted no time getting under the opponent's skin in the series. he through a knee to steve adams man zone in game two. adams assured draymond, can't get any more irritating. >> yeah, i mean, i think he reached his peak of annoying, you know what i mean? it's fine. >> he said that you are
6:50 pm
annoying us. can you tell when you are getting under a guy's skin a little bit? >> thanks for letting me know. appreciate it. >> reporter: can you keep pushing him? >> i don't know. i just be me. my goal is not get a steven back-ups hit. if anybody is trying kd and westbrook, you know. golf. jordan spieth bobblehead and the real spieth. outside dallas. byron nelson third round. he is everywhere but the leader boards. brooks koepka nice pitch at 16. tapped in for bird day. a shot of 65 to get to 16 under par. that's some shooting. but he will have to hold off the hometown favorite. rolled in the birdie at 17. spieth shot a 67. he is 2 strokes behind koepka heading into the final round. in cs division i boys
6:51 pm
lacrosse plaque, who wants it? they fought to fy to tie it at six. a rebounded shot. but number one in the state for a reason. eight unanswered second half goals. devin spencer with two and a falling down joe scored three. the mustangs never beaten on the field. 23-0ncs champs. and a quick sharks update. they trail st. louis 5-2 in the third. about five minutes to go in the game. this is the western conference finals game four. so if this holds, the series will be tied at two games apiece. >> you know, everytime you walk upstairs they score. >> except for that time. >> well, we will see what happens. all right. vern. thank you. >> thank you. the bride wore white. so did the roads. so did the trees. meet the couple that wouldn't let a sudden sierra snowstorm stand in the way of their
6:52 pm
spring wedding. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:53 pm
before earning enough cash back from bank of america to buy a new gym bag. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time and 2% back at the grocery store. even before he got 3% back on gas. kenny used his bankamericard cash rewards credit card to join the wednesday night league. because he loves to play hoops. not jump through them. that's the excitement of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you.
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that big snowstorm in the sr finally tonight talk about a white wedding. >> that's a big snowstorm in the sierra. it's taking a lot of people by surprise this weekend. but emily turner shows us no one was more shocked than a couple planning on an outdoor spring wedding. >> it's the mid of may. it doesn't look like it. >> reporter: you can hear they are playing let it snow, let it snow, which is totally appropriate because here comes the bride. came and went, and she said yes, which is what really matters today. winter weather isn't exactly what blake and tanya planned for their spring wedding. >> no, we did not. we thought the weekend before memorial day it would be
6:55 pm
beautiful and sunny. no weather issues. and you know what? it keeps it interesting. we wouldn't have it any other way. >> reporter: in tahoe today that's what happened thanks to a late season storm sweeping through the sierra. >> i was stressed out about it. i am not going to lie. not that i was stressed out about it, but i was more worried for her about exactly how this was going to happen. >> reporter: their outdoor wedding went off without a hitch thanks to extra heaters and blankets for the guests along with a tent for the outdoor tables that couldn't be squeezed inside. >> snow in may. it's fun. the bride will have a beautiful setting. she chose tahoe to be in front of the lake. so we are taking advantage of it. >> reporter: other brides aren't quite so brave. >> some events are being canceled or postponed. some events just keep going on because that's the way it is here. >> reporter: which is exactly what blake and her groom did. and considered the confetti falling snow a celebration of
6:56 pm
their new coupledom. >> couldn't ask for anything better. better than rain. i mean, that's what you want, right? you want to get that snowy look, i guess. so worked out well for us. >> if rain is good luck for your wedding day, snow must be the most amazing luck that you would get. especially if it's unexpected. >> reporter: for the ceremony, it stayed dry. right afterwards it started to snow. almost like it said congratulations to them. in the sierra, emily turner, kpix 5. >> what good luck. you forecast that for the family, didn't you? >> i wasn't working this week, but if i was here i would have. they have a good attitude about it. >> absolutely. beautiful up there no matter what. so congratulations. thanks for watching. we will see you back here at 11:00. >> yes. and i propose that for news through the evening the latest is always on we are going to go outside and show you the city. >> have a good evening. we will see you at 11.
6:57 pm
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i feel very happy. i don't know how to explain it. she looks brand-new. >> interpreter: he gets upset when he drinks because it falls out of his mouth. before, he looked so different, but now he looks good, and that makes me happy. he's very handsome now. >> interpreter: people say he was born like a monster. we have prayed for this moment to happen. he's gorgeous, precious - very precious. no one is going to recognize him at home. ♪ >> imagine if your child were born with a cleft lip or cleft palate and you were too poor to afford the surgery to repair it. you'd feel helpless, left to watch your child grow up rejected and bullied. that's the heartbreaking reality


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