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tv   KPIX 5 News Sun Morn Edition  CBS  May 22, 2016 7:30am-8:31am PDT

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and i'm phil matier. in a le more than two weeks-- califa becomes a right-to-die stat good morning, it is 7:30 am on may 22, and thank you for joining us. and just a little more than two weeks, california will become a right to die state. >> i would like to see all americans have the same access to health care rights. >> the end-of-life lawgiving terminally ill patients the right to in their life, and we will explain who will be ineligible. there's only one person left in the race to vote for that has proven the ability to make good things happen.>> our vision is the future.
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>> campaigning's crisscrossing a calls -- across california, and hillary clinton says there's no reason to debate with bernie sanders. over budgeted and behind schedule, the high-speed rail, project planners want your input. with a lot coming up in the next hour, and first let's check in for the forecast. >> there may be a drizzle out there, showers yesterday, but not today. a few scattered showers to the north, but we may actually see the sunshine. as you can see most of the shower activity as well to the north, and the bay area is mainly dry. we may see a drizzle or a few sprinkles driving along the coast or by the bay, definitely on the cool side in the low to mid 50s area-wide. 47 in santa rosa, a better
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chance on seeing the showers later today, a chance of showers in the north bay, and partial clearing with your full forecast coming up. a double shooting in the san francisco north beach neighborhood, and two people were injured and are expected to be okay and no arrests have been made. the crews in san jose are mopping up after the fire started in a popular bakery just after 3 am. the firefighters entering the housing as the smoke poured from the roof, and the bakery is attached to a strip mall on ready in and hamilton avenue. there is heavy fire damage, and extensive water damage as well, and no word on how the fire started. the missing millbury man that was found murdered, the police have arrested his ex- girlfriend. the s.w.a.t. team raided the home in hillsboro and the house is a link to the tiffany lee, the ex-
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girlfriend of the victim, 27- year-old keith, a father of two found dead in sonoma county earlier in the month.>> when we drove by we would see this guy, and we did not know that he was connected to the woman that lived here. we had se his picture a few weeks ago saying that he was missing.>> the family of keep the said that lee was the mother of his two kids, and she is booked for homicide charges. new details in the investigation into the crash of egyptair flight 804, smoke was detected in the bathroom and the cockpit windows were compromised, the black boxes have been found and recovery efforts are underway, and the crash occurred last thursday with 66 people on board. secretary of state john
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kerry praising the joan strike -- drone strike that killed the taliban leader, sending a clear message about the commitment to afghanistan. hit near the border of afghanistan and pakistan. president obama will arrive in vietnam, and the voters are heading to the polls casting ballots for this country's 500 seat national assembly, and also the first stop on the 10 day trip for the president to asia, lying to japan to visit hiroshima where the world's first atomic bomb was detonated. he will become the first serving american president to visit that site. the solar impulse 2 will land in dayton ohio, flying around the world. it text in the bay area a few weeks ago, and the ohio stop is the milestone, the birthplace of the wright brothers, the pioneers of aviation.
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it is destined for the middle east later this year. the warriors are on the road with game three this afternoon, against the thunder, each team has one win in the western conference finals series, and in the last game, steph curry led golden state in an explosive third quarter and they beat okc, 118-91, and game three will started 5:00. big watch parties, one at the hunters point powerplant site, you can also take the 2015 nba championship photographs at that party. on the campaign 2016 and the race for the white house, two weeks until the june 7 primary in california, hillary clinton making a final push holding events in riverside, orange county and san jose. >> former president bill clinton laying the groundwork for that rally and campaign.>>
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bernie sanders will meet with the boaters during a rally in southern california, and in a speech yesterday he emphasizes the war on poverty, and saying that if we build the crumbling infrastructure, we could create as many as 13 million jobs. >> we need a massive federal jobs program to put our people back to work at decent wages. >> hillary clinton is declining to participate in a debate before the california primary with bernie sanders, and considers the democratic primary essentially over with her as the presumptive nominee.>> she is calling it herself. >> there will be a lot of push for registration of voters, 850,000 people have added their names in anticipation of the primary. on the republican side, the vetting process and donald trump is expected to start this way, and some of the names that
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have been floated by include newt gingrich, mary fallin and chris christie. the clock is ticking to register to vote, change or party status ahead of the june primary, and if you are registering as a democratic, republican or independent, you can only vote for candidate in that party, but if you register as having no party preference, you can vote in the democratic contest as well as others. to register or make party changes online, we posted a link to our website, . it is do or die for the proposed law ending drunk driving, and it must be passed by the senate appropriation committee by friday in order to be voted on, and would require the ignition interlock devices for all convicted drunk drivers, and it will prevent the car from starting if the
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driver blows a limit over the legal limit.>> we want to make sure that everyone convicted of the dui is not only kept off of the roads, but also that they had the opportunity to change their behavior so that the repeat offenses are minimalized. you cannot start your car, you >> it is not just the fact that have to install this and pay for it. >> depending on the number of convictions, the driver will be required to have the device in the vehicle anywhere from five months to three years. the high-speed rail authority moving forward with the high-speed rail project. >> running from the central valley and san jose beginning in 2025, but that is three years later that initially planned, and 50 miles shorter than was originally planned. the real authority want your input on the project, and the opening meetings in san
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francisco, san mateo and mountain view, and the first meeting is tomorrow at 5 pm. this comes at one week after the federal transportation officials signed off on an updated grant for the project, and we have a little bit of money coming in, $2.5 billion in matching federal funds. more bay area news, san jose could soon be the next city to get the google high- speed fiber optic internet service, and they expect to have a final say on the project this tuesday. begin trenching streets, and the plan involves building nine fiber hubs, a said like shelter to house the equipment. >> probably where you see this newspaper ban. >> it will reaching the 40,000 households, and if approved, google will need the green light on the funding agreement to pay for the permit thing and inspection, estimated at $7
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million. still ahead, just weeks before the end of life law goes into effect, and we will have the doctor joining us live to explain who will be ineligible, and address the concerns being raised. cloudy and cool on this sunday morning with breaks of sunshine and a few showers, details coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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their own path. the controversial end-of-life law... takes ef june ninth. it was y brittany maynard, in less than three weeks, terminally ill patients will be of the choose their own path is the right to die law takes effect on june 9. it was inspired by brittany maynard who diagnosed with brain cancer, moved to california -- from california to oregon where it is legal to take their own life.>> and we have a doctor here to join us and tell us who is eligible. it starts on june 9, and is there still questions?>> the law is in place, and there are
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still questions to be answered because it is a brand-new law. were waiting to find out what the medication will be and what pharmacies will dispense it, but it will go ahead on tonight. >> is anybody saying they will not do this, or are there any roadblock?>> so far looks like it will start right on june 9. >> and we are pattern -- patterning this after oregon. >> in order to a bill yourself under the act, you have to meet the criteria, less than six months prognosis, and the second is that you have the decision-making capacity around the law so that you can decide in understand the law, and the third is that you can self administer so that you can take the medication yourself. >> that will leave a lot of people out, those with dementia or those physically incapable of doing that. and why was that put in?>> you can understand that there are
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risks when you take someone unable to make the decision themselves or not able to take the medication themselves, they could be taken advantage of. these are safeguards the california put in place and other states as well to ensure that it is the individuals conscious decision to take the medication. >> in oregon, many people request it, but they don't take it but they want it there is an option and can you explain that. can you walk us through what goes on?>> we don't know what california will be like, but if it is like oregon, most people do not choose to participate in the act. those that do may request the medication and not take it. who knows why, but a lot of it is feeling like you have some sort of control. just knowing that you have the option, that may be enough
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sometimes. i think there is a lot of fear about what death will be like, and if you have good management and hospice involved, a lot of times you don't need to interject.>> what is the talk of those on the front line about this? this is such a departure from the history of medicine and even in our society.>> hospice has the philosophy not to hasten the death or prolong it, but to help people with managing the symptoms and psychological, spiritual and medical component of the dying process. but we don't want this law to get in the way of things that we do, only .3% of the people in oregon took advantage of the law, and the majority of the people are ineligible because they either do not have the decision-making capacity, or the fiscal ability to self
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administer the medication.>> you see the next couple of years expanding this to include people that are ineligible now, or what would be the next step? >> there are many people that say that i would like to decide now in case i get alzheimer's disease. i will be surprised if that changes, and oregon has had this law for over 20 years. they have not chosen to go there because of the risk of taking someone that is no longer able to decide to take the medication, and who will have to have someone do that for them. >> thank you for joining us, in june 9 will be a landmark day and we will see how this happens, and it will be interesting. thank you for joining us. let's take a look outside and see how the rest of the day is going. >> not too bad if you have outdoor plans, most of us will not see rain outside today, cloudy and cool with current
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temperatures in the upper 40s and low 50s. satellite perspective shows the upper lobe moving to the northeast, and we may see residual showers at the backend of this for those in the northern portion of the state, a few sprinkles and the north bay. as we possis futurecast at midday, a few sprinkles in the bay area north of santa rosa, a few stray showers and clearing into the evening hours. and then another chance of showers in the north bay on monday, 20% up north and a 10% chance for the bay area, and just the sprinkle or two. similar for tuesday, slight chance of rain but more sunshine in store on tuesday with a few sprinkles. be prepared for the sprinkles, but i would not cancel my outdoor plans. travel weather today, showers to the north and temperatures in the 50s and 60s, partly cloudy skies for most of the
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day with temperatures in the 70s for the central valley and 60s along the coast, 50 at lake tahoe today. running just below average for this time of year, upper 60s in south bay, and a similar temperature and the east bay, topping out near 70 long the warmest spots. up north, temperatures in the upper 60s to low 70s. what to expect, partly cloudy and cool, unsettled through midweek, your extended forecast showing us drying out through monday in the midweek, warming trends by the middle and beginning of next week. the political insiders next, wayne in on the exit of san francisco police chief greg suhr, and the mayor is taking on the hit himself, calling for him to step aside. ,,,,,,
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so-called "frisco five". ta down san francisco's police chief... now want to recall mayor. the strikers the former hunger strikers that sought to take down the san francisco police chief want the mayor, and they have spent weeks demanding that the police chief greg suhr resigned over the deadly police shootings, and he step down that she stepped down hours after a woman shot driving the stolen car.>> we are tackling this is well, and it is not just the officers, it is also mayor ed lee. >> we will continue to work
7:52 am
together in unity will bring us the justice we are seeking for.>> pushing a recall petition. >> we sat down with the former mayor willie brown and our political analyst melissa caen for their take on how the mayor is handling the situation.>> it has been handled relatively poorly, and i think that greg suhr wanted to leave some time ago, and a have to wait around for one more incident is a bad show.>> it seemed like one week ago that and it lee was saying that he had his full support. >> it was even earlier this week he said that.'s back and the turned on a dime before the investigation is even completed and say that is it. that did not look well. >> anytime that a policy should -- a politician says i 100% behind you, you are finished.
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>> did mayor ed lee or greg suhr even have a choice in this?>> the minute that the news hit that there was another shooting of a black person in the bayview neighborhood, greg suhr should have left town and so should have and lee. -- and lee -- ed lee.>> it is says that 60% of the san franciscans will have trust in the police department, but i'm not sure that if this were put to a vote weather greg suhr would have had to resign .'s back most san franciscans trust the san francisco police department, and their experience with the san francisco police department has been a positive one under the leadership of greg suhr and before him . there is not a rejection by the general population of san francisco, this was a specialty, and the specialty is reflected in
7:54 am
almost american -- in almost every american city between law enforcement and the communities of color. san francisco is clearly no different.>> if we cannot come to a consensus in the great liberal progressive san francisco, where can we do this?>> i agree, things like tasers are caught up in the police commission, and trying to make progress, and it is a slow going.>> many of these reforms are rejected to buy the civil liberties types that believed that that kind of thing -- >> and also the police officers union. >> that is correct, a weird combination of people creating problems for someone that wishes to be the chief. i have often said and i repeat that once you make police chief, what you should do is cut your appointed authority loose and become the people she.
7:55 am
-- chief. almost to the point where you respond more to the need to the people they you are to either the police officers or to your appointed authorities, and if you are trying to do the job. if you build the relationship with the people, as the people did in new york, you will be better off.>> hearing from the interim teeth, tony chaplin talking about doing a lot of the things that -- the interim chief, tony chaplin talking about doing a lot of things that the former police chief wanted to do, and will he be anymore successful? >> that remains to be seen because the gridlock remains the same. we will sit down with the police chief union president and talk to him about it, and talk about the shakeup and changes going on from the rank- and-file perspective.>> okay,
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and test showing your child's car seat may expose them to cancer-causing chemicals, the new details on this exclusive investigation, and some say the government is to blame. we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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i welcome back to kpix five
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this morning. the san francisco acting police chief is bowing to take charge and to make changes. this after the former police chief, greg suhr steps down, and still ahead, the president of the police union will talk about the challenges that lie ahead of the department. this is a matter making elected officials do their job to keep our children safe.>> very different visions of gun control policies in the race for the white house, the new gun control laws in california could be on the governor's desk this week. trying to stop the new push on pulling the plug on the land lines, and the phone company behind it is rallying against it. and not a bad day for the outdoor plans, my daughter will go to her friends birthday party today, and if given outdoor birthday party, don't
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worry, no worries in the bay area. taking a look at where it is raining, most showers near eureka to the north, and the bay area is mainly dry. we cannot rule out drizzle from time to time around the bay, temperatures on the cool side, so grab the jacket. temperatures in the mid 50s, 48 in santa rosa, later today we will see partial clearing, and your weather headlines, cool and cloudy, partial clearing for later today, the full forecast is just ahead. the missing man found murdered, they have arrested the ex-girlfriend, and they raided the home in hillsboro on the house of being linked to tiffany lee, the girlfriend of the 27-year-old keith green, the father of two found dead in sonoma county earlier in the month. and they say that lee was the
8:01 am
mother of his two kids. sifting through what is left of the stripmall, and it took them five hours to put out this huge fire that destroyed eight businesses at macarthur boulevard, flames reaching up to four stories high, and the billboard also caught fire and collapsed. no injuries and the cause is still under investigation. the egyptian submarine is on its way to recover the black box of the egyptair flight 804, and no one has claimed responsibility for the crash that killed the 66 people on board last thursday. french investigators say there was evidence of smoke coming from several areas of the plane moments before the jet to gate sharp turn and then plummeted into the sea. new details this morning on the death of prince, the report says that prince was hospitalized the day
8:02 am
before his death and given fluids. the publicist says that prince had the flu, and the tribune says that that fair-minded -- the paramedic said that prince could've been dead for up to six hours before his body was found. the campaign at 2016 in the race for the white house, the voters heading to the polls in washington, 44 delegates up for grabs on the republican side, and democrats delegates are based on the caucuses, and bernie sanders wins over hillary clinton. the guns are setting up to be the flashpoint issue for the general election matchup this weekend, clinton and triumph -- donald trump mapping out very different policies, and they promise not to let down the nra, and clinton spoke to the mother's that have lost children to the gun violence, blaming the nra for blocking
8:03 am
the laws.>> we already had the popular support, and this is a matter of making the elected officials do their job to keep our children safe. >> new gun reform laws could be on the governor's desk this week.'s back assault rifles with detachable magazines, and the so-called bullet buttons, a no -- supposed to law on the way to the assembly that would require background checks when you acquire him edition as well -- when you acquire ammunition as well.>> i would feel safer knowing that the safeguards are in place. >> they would also require registration of homemade guns, and tube reported when they are laws, and restrict guns from being landed to friends. all of a sudden there is these dumping of these gun control measures that they were talking about, and the lieutenant governor is putting a measure on the november ballot that
8:04 am
will do the same things, so explain to us, why not let the voters decide?>> under the changes in the initiative process, we did this legislature the chance to see if they can do what the voters want them to do it. >> why can we not just decide it? >> the idea is that it costs millions of dollars to put it on the ballot, and if you give the legislator time to do it, you can take it off. if they do what they are asked. >> i think there is fear that maybe a lot of the people that are pro-gun would turn out for the election specifically, maybe they thought it would not turn out the way they wanted to, and decided to push it to the legislature. >> i would have to agree with you, but i'm not sure that gavin newsom is happy that the state is preempting his ballot since he wanted to make some political leeway with this.
8:05 am
the public defender's office will hold a meeting on the force, this coming in the wake of the shooting that left this unarmed woman dead, and that was the final straw for police chief greg suhr who resigned hours later, and sure to be a hot topic at the justice summit, and hosted by this guy.>> it is what is wrong with the san francisco police department, that we have a police department that is out of control. >> the justice summit will include a panel to decide whether the police department should adopt the use of tasers. the new details on the plan protest in san francisco by the say the landline telephone coalition. >> demonstrating against the bill that would get rid of the traditional landline service for the entire state, and the defense bill says that customers could keep the landline if the bill passes,
8:06 am
but they would utilize alternative technology like voiceover internet protocol. the opponents say that the alternative services are not reliable in an emergency like an earthquake, and they say the real motive behind it is money. >> this is very small and the landline business. >> how much is atp spending in support of the bill in california?>> i don't know. we don't spend money in support of legislation. >> the investigation reveals that the references filed with the secretary of state says that at&t has invested more than $750,000 in lobbying at the capitol on these recent bills.>> one of the bills that you mentioned that they were lobbying on is the bill that they said they did not spend the money on. basically at&t is defending its saying that they are not necessarily taking the lines of the ground, and you can have a landline but with different technology, and the concern is
8:07 am
whether the technology will hold up in case of an emergency. >> what makes the difference between a cell phone and landline in an earthquake situation?>> look at katrina or any natural disaster, cell phones do not work because the systems get overloaded and crash. the bigger question is do you need the old copper wire, stain powered for up to two weeks by virtue that the copper, the new technology may not perform as well. coming up next, the president of the san francisco police union talk about the shake off, and rank-and-file, and basics in we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,
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two things toney chaplin sae wants to focus on: the orce a developing story, the acting police chief of san francisco promising major changes, and tony chaplin was to focus on the department use of force policy and body cameras. mayor ed lee has appointed him as acting chief after former chief greg suhr resigned last week. and joining us is martin, the president of the police
8:11 am
officer association, and out of the gate, should greg suhr have gone ?>> eventually would have to of left the department, 35 years for a job and the most innovative cheap. i don't think -- innovative chief. i don't think he should've gone under this, and he had already had policies in force about body cameras and looking into the excessive force. we were taking this to the mayor incompletes -- and become taking that to the mayor that day before the shooting. >> everything is been before the city hall and commission for years, and we can treat you -- we continue to hit the gridlock and what is changing?>> we can move quickly if the police commission will follow the policies we have put forth, and that would help.
8:12 am
>> he faced as much trouble with you guys as well. >> i disagree. we have shown the police commission and the chief that we have policies in place, draft policy on cameras, excessive force, and the police commission change this at the last minute in february, and we were almost signed off, and they changed it and did not send it to the working group, and now this is happening. >> all of this is going around and around in circles while people are getting broke into, cars are getting broken into, and people are getting shot, and now the police chief is out the door, and something has to change in san francisco, otherwise you are throwing them in the deep into the pool.>> i agree. the government officials in the city need to support the interim chief, tony chaplin. he is in the deep into the pool, and are the city officials going to throw him a
8:13 am
lifeline or the bag of rocks. i called him on wednesday night and toting that he has our full support and that we want to work with him and get these things done now. >> in the final months of the resignation and in his changing too fast and bending to the will of city hall as well.>> there were rumblings of the rank-and-file, and i quelled those rumblings and i spoke with our members reminding them that we worked very well with greg suhr over the past five years. the mood now is that the members out on the field out there day in and day out what true leadership. they were caught off guard and i was caught off guard and the mayor dismissed the chief greg suhr. and now we have tony chaplin we want strong policy we want these body cameras now. >> tell us what they are feeling. >> we do not feel like certain
8:14 am
members of the board of supervisors have our back, and four of them came out against greg suhr the way they came out against the day of remembrance for mario woods. in the next six months, real quick, will we see body cameras?>> i say yes if in fact tony chaplin follows what greg suhr did . on a limited basis. more training for crisis training? >> that is taking place now.'s track a reduction in crime? >> that is being worked on now with a task force. thank you for joining us, and now we will take a look at the weather. we are beginning to see some breaks in the clouds, and outside right now partly cloudy with temperatures in the mid- 50s for the most part, a few spots warming up into the mid-
8:15 am
50s. the future cast showing clearing by midday, chances of scattered showers mainly to the north and south, but a sprinkle or two possible in the bay area. clearing throughout the day today, and this evening more clearing as we head through the evening hours. monday we have cloud cover in a chance of showers, but overall just unsettled with the possibility of scattered showers continuing through tuesday with a 10% of showers in the bay area. running below average on temperatures, topping out in the upper 60s near 70 in the warm spots, a similar temperature range in the east bay. around the bay today, topping out in the mid to low 60s along the coast. mainly upper 60s for those up north with the best chance of showers. the extended forecast on a possible chance of showers with most of us staying dry, the same over the next couple of days, and a warming trend heading into next weekend. bernie sanders falling behind hillary clinton when it
8:16 am
comes to the fundraising and delegates, and has been saying for some time, but he is showing urgency in california with two weeks before the primary, 425 pledged delegates added by the congressional districts, and sanders rallying in southern california. former president bill clinton is making another stop in southern california to support his wife. later this week he heads to san francisco while hillary clinton travels to riverside, orange county in san jose. a race not only for the candidacy, but for the democratic party, and we ask our political analyst melissa caen and the san francisco mayor willie brown about the game plan, and is it about the winning of the nomination or changing the entire party structure to stop hillary? >> it is far more focused on the nomination, but now about changing the system, the way
8:17 am
that the democrats nominate people and the way that the primary works. it is interesting that we thought the republican convention will be the exciting one with the millions of dollars and the right gear being purchased, and in cleveland. but it may end up philadelphia is the more interesting convention.>> is it policy between these two or getting personal? >> clearly there is a disk like apparently between sanders and the clintons, and it is showing itself repeatedly, and it has escalated. i remind you that the democratic convention is always the more interesting national convention. remember chicago, 1972 in miami. remember all of those and new york. but the confrontation, and believe me, the democrats always have an active body.>>
8:18 am
how important is california to this convention?>> california is just another breeding ground for the expression of views and ideas, and we don't really count.>> does how they score here count?>> it does not matter. by the time you get to california, the deal is usually already done for the democrats. >> but it seems like bernie sanders is counting on california to give him that stamp of approval.>> i think you guys are way off, and the california is more important from the nancy below shut standpoint -- and were looking at people running for the job of going back to congress, off of the job of trying to gain a seat in certain areas of california that the democrats do not now have. were looking at harris and sanchez in that crowd, and were not looking at the national
8:19 am
picture in the global sense of the word.>> but everybody else is. >> i am not willing to give up the california is important, and we are going to say it until it is true. >> we are a blue state, and the dress you are wearing is symbolic of where we will be.>> thank you for joining us this morning. it is interesting because in california we have eight semi open primary, and most people call this independent, you can vote in the democratic election. >> the deadline to change that is tomorrow, and they are filing suit to change that saying that it is disenfranchising, and there is a big fight about bringing in the independent for the democratic primary which could change the outcome. whether counts as far as delegates remains to be seen, and a big showing in california with this much interest, believe me it is telling.
8:20 am
>> it will be symbolic at least. still ahead, dreaming big, helping the low income kids stayed moving to fight for the olympic gold. and car seats, information for parents. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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and a kpix invstigation uncovered concerning chemcis in a majority of the car ses tested. car seats are the only product that the parents are required by law to purchase, and we have the kpix investigation covering the chemicals in the majority of the car seats that are being tested.>> we took a closer look at the 44-year-old standard, and basically a requires what manufacturers say required, that they used the flame retardant in the car seats, but the federal standard has never been tested, and regulators admit there is no evidence that it provides any safety, and some say it simply does not. >> instead of protecting the kids, they are introducing poison into their environment. >> the health concerns about
8:23 am
the flyer -- fire retardants date back to the 70s. but the recent investigation repeatedly found that the same flame retardant is inside the allegedly green car seat. it is also inside the child that uses it. >> it suggest that the car she was the primary source of the exposure. back the car seat is the only consumer product required by law in all 50 states. with the help of the national laboratory, we have put the standard to the informal test. >> tonight at 6 clock we will do with the regulators have not, and like the car seats on fire to test the standards, and the results have surprised even our combustion scientists, and the full story is here just before 60 minutes, and you can join me live on facebook live for a q&a on the six-month
8:24 am
investigation, and we will answer your questions at our facebook page, or on the kpix facebook page, and we will spend a good 20 minutes or so answering your questions. too much information to put it here. >> we will over to that tonight. thousands of low-income children learning to live a healthier lifestyle, and even pursuing their olympic sized dreams, the work of the jefferson award winner for this week.>> reporter: more than 1000 kids ages four through 18 parading into the uc berkeley stadium with the track club. they take the athletes old and go for the gold. -- athletes oach -- oath and go for the gold, part of the movement he founded for the bay
8:25 am
area. >> we use this as the book to get the young children involved, and in breaking into a healthy lifestyle.>> reporter: doctor alexander so many children at risk for health problems because they were not getting enough exercise. >> many of these kids have never done a push-up in their lives. >> reporter: dedicating the youth movement program to improve the health and fitness in the low income bay area children, offering mentoring, year-round strength training, good nutrition and character development, developing the track meet as a situation for celebration. he names it after his olympic hero, tommy smith receiving the gold medal for the 200 meter race in the 1968 olympics in mexico city. >> he was a courageous personal icon that decided -- we decided to name the meat after him.>>
8:26 am
you hear all of this in the background, and that is julie and love, a continuous part of something. >> reporter: dr. alexander help kids get a running start in the before a.m. school. >> he helps me with everything in checks up on me. >> reporter: and christopher pierson is helping his first place finishes not his last years back my dream is to make it to the olympics one-day and get a gold medal. >> it gives me goosebumps to see all of these beautiful children.>> reporter: creating a program to teach the inner- city kids a healthy lifestyle, this week's jefferson award goes to dr. mark alexander. unbeatable. will they go all the way. ,,,,,,
8:27 am
have a great sunday. thank you for joining us this morning, face the nation is coming up next. bernie sanders in a face- off that will be interesting. have a good one. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:28 am
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>> dickerson: today on "face the nation." mystery continues about what took egyptair jet out of the i could. democrats brace for a messy fight at the finish line. days after egyptair flight 804 went down in the mediterranean sea, more clues emerge but no answer as to whether or not it was a terrorist act. we'll have the latest on the investigation. plus analysis from cbs news aviation and safety expert, sully sullenberger. then we'll turn to politics as bernie sanders just won't let go despite overwhelming odds against him. we'll ask the senator about fears he's hurting hillary clinton's chances against donald trump. we'll have new battleground tracker numbers about the state that have general election race in two key states. and political 'al cyst.


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