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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  May 22, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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family, trapped inside a bug home. but a five-year- old frantic moments as firefighters and neighbors rush to save a family trapped inside a burning home but a 5-year-old boy did not make it. >> find out why a lawsuit has been filed over next month's presidential primary in california. good evening, i'm brian hackney. >> i'm juliette goodrich. we begin with the investigation in to a deadly house fire in vallejo. firefighters got the call before 10:00 this morning in the 800 block of stella street. reporter john ramos spoke with neighbors who tried to help. >> reporter: at about 10 a.m., neighbors in this working class neighborhood in vallejo saw smoke billowing out of a house on stella street. >> that's when all the flames came. i got to the backyard and the
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windows started busting in and everything. >> reporter: weiss shot this video of neighbors battling the blaze even as firefighters were arriving and the effort became more frantic because of what those who fled the house were saying. >> they said there's a 5-year-old baby in there. >> the fire department was met by many neighbors trying to assist in getting the one victim out who was found in a back bedroom. >> reporter: the fire department confirmed one death. and late this afternoon identified the victim as the 5-year-old boy. the family members who escaped said to be the boy's mother and teenage brother were hospitalized with burns. >> must be hard to hear. >> it does hit hard. i have a 5-year-old. >> reporter: well after the fire was out, the yellow tape stayed up, looking very much like a crime scene. police and fire investigators were here to investigate whether this fire was really an accident at all. meanwhile, the neighbors who fought to save a child's life
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were left stunned. >> it makes me want to go home and love on my kids more, be more understanding and just show them more love. tomorrow is not promised to anyone. >> the woman who was taken to the hospital suffered second and third degree burns. several of the neighbors were cut by broken glass. a fire destroyed a beloved bakery. dick's bakery was considered a favorite. devin fehely with the search for what caused the fire. >> it was billowing smoke. flames coming mostly from the backdoors. >> reporter: the brick facade gives but the smallest hint for what caused the raging fire. >> i was shocked and terrified. i just threw on my clothes and drove down here. >> reporter: once you step inside the beloved family business, the damage is impossible to ignore. the smell of smoke hangs heavy in the air. the walls were blackened and the
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display cases with the signature pastries still inside were stained with soot. >> it was pretty bad and i started crying. >> reporter: the three-alarm blaze broke out about 3:00 in the morning. firefighters say it started somewhere in the back of the building. they were able to prevent the flames from spreading to neighboring businesses but smoke and water damage will likely put them out of commission for days if not weeks anyway. >> it's going to shut it down for a little while but given that it's such a close knit community, i think it will come back just even stronger. >> reporter: famous ironically for its burnt almond cake, dick's bakery has been at this location since the shopping center first opened in 1957 and its owners even now are vowing to rebuild. >> it's been a blessing. i love this place. our employees are like family. our family works here also. all of our children have worked in the bakery. >> reporter: in san jose, devin fehely, kpix 5. >> investigators say the fire does not appear to be arson. new video of a church bus
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that overturned in the san bernardino mountains. it happened about 2:0060 miles east of l.a. two people were critically injured and airlifted out. four others have moderate injuries. 20 were treated at the scene for scrapes and bruises. in campaign 2016 a lawsuit filed over next month's presidential primary in california. an oakland civil rights attorney filed the suit which claims widespread confusion over the state's presidential primary rules. the lawsuit asks that voter registration be extended past tomorrow's deadline until the day of the primary on june 7th. so far no decision from a judge. the race for president is heating up. hillary clinton and donald trump now in a virtual tie in the polls. bernie sanders is not backing down as he campaigns in california this weekend. >> reporter: hillary clinton and donald trump are in a statistical dead heat. one new national poll shows clinton up 3 points in the general election match-up.
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another has trump up 2. both polls are within the margin of error. just last month clinton enjoyed a double-digit lead. >> that has tightened up principally because of the coalescing of the republican party and the failure to coalesce of the democratic party. >> reporter: bernie sanders continues his long shot democratic bid with two rallies today in california. he polled better than clinton against trump and argued that both have historically high unfavorable numbers. >> i don't want to see the american people voting for the lesser of two evils. >> reporter: clinton is increasingly looking ahead to trump, calling his proposals dangerous. >> my campaign is not going to let donald trump try to normalize himself in this period. >> reporter: one gop group trump has struggled to unite, big money donors. he told fox and friends that fully self-funding would require selling off assets. >> to finance a billion dollars, i'd have to sell a building, do something like that. will i do that? i could.
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>> reporter: polling shows that roughly half of clinton and trump supporters will vote for one because they so strongly dislike the other. president obama hopes to build stronger economic and security ties during his trip to asia. he arrived in vietnam earlier today. the president is trying to pass a trans-pacific trade agreement among 12 countries. it's currently stalled in congress and facing opposition from the current presidential candidates. later this week the president will head to japan for a g7 summit meeting. now to the latest on the egypt airplane crash. egypt is sending a robotic submarine to help find remains in the deepest waters of the mediterranean. >> reporter: recovery teams were scouring for wreckage from egypt air. >> we've been recovering wreckage, hupen remains, and other parts of the plane and
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it's now in the hands of our army operation. >> reporter: the u.s., britain, and france have sent military ships and planes to assist in the search. 180 miles north of alexandria. the u.s. navy says its t3 surveillance aircraft has located 100 pieces of debris from the doomed airliner. a u.s. intelligence source also tells cbs news that the black box data recorders were located by their pings. >> we haven't recovered them yet. >> reporter: search teams are narrowing in on a 40-mile radius. they're using a submarine capable of reaching depths up to 10,000 feet. they gathered for a memorial for an air stewardess who died. while terrorism is the leading theory, egyptian officials said the investigation will take time. >> today the president of egypt
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said they're researching. monitoring marine life in the bay. we'll give you a tour inside the special ship being used by scientists. >> learn which county just hit a record high. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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hoisting special cargo. a vintage helicopter flew low over san francisco, hoisting special cargo. sounds more common for the 1960s. filled the air around the embarcadero. the chopper delivered a generator to the top of a building that's under construction. under that mission was done a worker disconnected the line from the bottom of the aircraft. a group of scientists just got back today from a research
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trip in the fair lawns marine sanctuary. it's the 13th year for this voyage. scientists tell kpix 5's mark kelly this time they saw more whales than ever before. >> all the rock stars were out. we had an orca, fin whales. >> reporter: they even spotted a mother humpback whale and her calf. researchers say to see a large number of whales this early in the year is also pretty unusual. >> we're monitoring these things to determine what we may be seeing as a result of climate change and what may be a result of natural variability in the ocean. >> reporter: crews from several marine sanctuaries tasked with managing the fragile ecosystem off the coast teamed up for this exhibition. for nine days they lived on this ship known for quietly navigating the waters without disturbing the wildlife. >> it's a great ship for this research. >> reporter: they checked on marine life and the water
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conditions. >> we take these little snapshots of data through the air to pull the whole picture together and capture what a great ecosystem this is. >> reporter: why are there more whales this year? too early to know for sure. the summer exhibition will paint a picture. researchers are optimistic. >> whales are here and they're feeding. that's a good sign that the ocean is productive. >> reporter: in san francisco, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> over nine days researchers sailed all the way to salmon creek near bodega bay. coming up, two days after this shooting outside the white house, we're learning about another lockdown. how today's scare was caused by balloons. >> and the all important back to work forecast which includes a chance of rain. details coming up.
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51-year-old nick menza died apsing on stage du fans are mourning the loss
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for the former drummer of the band mega death. he died after collapsing on stage during a performance in southern california last night. a family spokesman says it's believed the musician died of a massive heart attack. mensa was mega death's longest serving drummer and left the group in 1998. several balloons from a nearby party drifted on to the property, leading to a scare. the all clear was given about 10 minutes later. the scare came two days after a man was shot outside the white house. the secret service says the man pulled out a weapon at a security checkpoint and an agent shot him in the stomach. he's in the hospital in critical condition. in consumer watch, products containing sunflower seeds are under a voluntary recall in at least 2014 states because of -- in at least 24 states because of a listeria outbreak. they were processed between
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february 1st and april 21st. the products should be returned or thrown away. the median price for a single family home in santa clara county is now $1 million. maria medina shows us what you can get for seven figures. >> reporter: this is what a 7-figure home in silicon valley looks like these days. four bedrooms, 1600 square feet built nearly 40 years ago. >> it sold after one week for a sale price of $1,015,000. $65,000 higher than the asking price. >> are you surprised at all? >> i'm not surprised. there's just a lot of demand. >> reporter: the median price hit the record high last month. other nearby counties saw an increase. gary shapiro, a real estate
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agent for three decades -- >> when there's less supply, more demand for each house. >> reporter: she wants to buy a home for $1 million or less. she said she's come to accept seven figures won't even come close to buying her dream home. >> trying to buy basically a doll house for a million dollars is kind of crazy. >> i have a sign on my desk that says the best time to buy was yesterday. >> reporter: still, gary says buying a home is the right move, even in silicon valley, if you can afford it. but that's the million-dollar question. >> i don't think it's impossible. i think you have to persevere and be patient. >> in general, when you can afford to buy a house, if you're going to stay living in the bay area, you should buy a house. a pride celebration happened in the center of concord. some 300 people came out this afternoon to santos plaza. they took in live music and dancing and enjoyed offering from a food truck and beer
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garden. representatives from local businesses and agencies were there to interact with the community. part of the reason for this event is there's nothing similar to the castro district in the suburbs. >> so many people out here. we live far apart. it's really difficult to get to know each other. so this is the day where hopefully we reduce isolation and increase the sense of community. >> the rainbow community center has been organizing the celebration every year since 2008. the center provides support for lgbt people from across contra costa county. we've got a few showers in the forecast for the bay area. might be happening tomorrow afternoon. you'll see that in a minute. for tonight, partly cloudy skies. beyond that looks dry for tonight. kpix 5 hi-def doppler, just a few little echoes may not even be hitting the ground. on the backside, west side of the low, you can see moisture
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coming down out of the gulf of alaska. that will serve to keep us under mostly to partly cloudy skies right through tuesday and maintain a chance of showers, especially in the afternoon in the north bay for tomorrow and for tuesday. but as we look live from the transamerican pyramid, looking south over the city, doesn't look too bad. temperatures range from 67 at concord. unusually cool day. in fact the week ahead looks unusually cool. below average for this time of the year. until we get to next weekend at least. cool clouds, chance of a shower or two. mainly focused on the north bay. much of the bay area will have a dry day tomorrow and a day like today, variable clouds, variable sun. futurecast from the perspective of oakland over to the san francisco skyline and the top third of your screen should look familiar. it's kind of like what we saw today. low clouds will head from north to south and the clouds way up top under the influence of a northerly flow. so futurecast, we'll look at it from this perspective. you'll notice there's plenty of clouds around. the green echo suggesting when
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we might get a few showers. look toward the end of the day tomorrow. 24 hours from now, look at the showers developing up in the north bay. that's the greatest likelihood for any rain coming down tomorrow. so tonight partly cloudy, a little on the breezy side. slight chance of an afternoon shower favors the north bay for monday. then late in the week, thursday, friday, saturday. then we get increasing sunshine and get to thaw out. it's been bone chilling these 60s. travel weather forecast heading to tahoe and yosemite. the temperatures are going to be in the mid 40s, low 50s. they'll get rain tomorrow afternoon. here in the bay area, variable clouds. and overnight lows tonight will be in the low 50s for the most part. cooler at santa rosa. 48 degrees. 49 for napa. 49 for san rafael. tomorrow the sun is up at 6 minutes before 6:00 and forecast highs for tomorrow finds them well below average for the inland areas. concord, 6 degrees below average. in oakland, 65 degrees. south bay tomorrow, variable clouds. mid 60s. that will hold true for the east bay for the most part.
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a little bit warmer as you head out to brentwood. clouds and mid 60s tomorrow. a little on the chilly side for late may. we'll be in the mid to upper 60s for ukiah and lakeport. extended forecast calls for a chance of a sprinkle or two coming in on monday or tuesday, north bay. wednesday, thursday, friday, we'll begin to dry it out and warm it up very slightly in to the mid 70s by next weekend and so far high and dry for tonight. as for what's happening in sports, there's a lot. you said warming up. a war of words is heating up between the head coaches of the sharks and blues. you'll hear them next. and can the as avoid a sweep against the new york yankees? cast your vote. the a's ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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"strained trap" layma' terms, he has muscle pain fm his shoulders the as will play sonny gray on the disabled list with a strained trap. in layman's terms, that's his muscle pain that extends from his shoulders to his neck. gray has allowed 24 runs in his last starts. 6 earned run average this season. not good. tied at 1 with the yankees, 2nd inning, jacoby ellsbury crushes the fastball. look how far this goesment -- goes. yanks take the lead. stephen vogt comes through with a clutch hit, off the track in left for a double. both runs score. the as have a 3-2 lead. hahn was pulled with two outs in the 6th inning.
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watching as john axford tries to get out of the jam. this is how it's going for oakland right now. mark teixeira beats out a ground ball. gardner races around from second to score the tying run. next up, starlin castro rips a single to left center field. beltran scores and the yankees have a 4-3 lead. bottom of the 8th. chris davis off the bench with a chance for more late game magic. but not today. he grounds out on the first pitch to end the inning and the yankees win 5-4 for their first four-game sweep at the coliseum since jimmy carter was in the oval office. >> what's the overall sense of the team after starting off the home stand with a sweep and finishing it? >> doesn't feel good. >> we have a lot of things that can bring us down. right now i think we're doing all right. hopefully we can get out of here with injuries and losing four in a row, it was a tough stretch for us overall.
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>> i don't know that we could have fought much harder. hang with them, we'll get them tomorrow. after being shut out in back-to-back playoff games for the first time in franchise history, the st. louis blues exploded for six goals last night. it's heating up on the ice at the microphone. >> what we're relying on is for the officials to do their job. regular season end playoffs. >> we're told not to whine for calls so we're not going to whine for calls. >> the jabs continued between blues coach and sharks' last night. hitchcock inserted goalie jake allen in to the starting lineup for the first time in over six weeks. there was some disagreement over how big of a difference that really made in the outcome. >> i'm sure hitch will tell you he made all kinds of great adjustments and every one of them worked tonight.
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hats off to them. >> did you almost feel like a mad scientist? >> i hope not or else he'd be a golf instructor. i kind of think i know what i'm doing. >> i'm not sure jordan spieth knew what he was doing after a final round 74 in the byron nelson. needing this putt to win on 18, didn't go. they go to a philosophy and the formalities didn't last long. right toward the water and that is where the ball went. first playoff hole. smartly laid up right. that sets up an easy two putt there. he would get it. ninth career win, tying steady. 50 european tour wins and five majors. it was his first pga tour win since 2012. how about across the pond in ireland. rory mcilroy trailed by a stroke with three holes to play.
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at the irish open, look at this shot on 18. 250 yards over the water. the roll from the hole 3 feet to the money. he taps in for eagle and a 3-shot win. u.s. open tees off in less than four weeks. rory is on that board. the cavs won't go undefeated in the playoffs. the raptors won game 3 in toronto last night to snap cleveland's 10-game win streak. despite the loss, the cavs aren't exactly feeling the pressure north of the border. >> we the south are going to be okay. we're going to be just fine. >> a lot of us all went down to dinner together and that's the first time in a month the dinner conversation wasn't joyous and excited and having fun. >> having fun. warriors in action. packed game day tonight. 11:30. >> a lot of hard work going on right now. >> in the sports department.
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>> thanks for watching. see you back here in half an hour for a full hour of news at 6:00. >> quijano: death by drone, a u.s. air strike reportedly takes out mullah akhtar mansour, the leader of the taliban. cso tonight, a new cbs news poll shows how donald trump and hillary clinton match up in two key battleground states. we're in vietnam for president obama's historic visit. trouble at the top of mount everest-- altitude sickness kills two climbers, dozens more are struggling. and a tragic day at the races. two horses lose their lives at the preakness stakes, reigniting concerns about the sport. te captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs weekend news." >> quijano: good evening, i'm elaine quijano. this is the western edition of the broadcast. five years after the rth


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