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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  May 23, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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bridge. it's may 23. >> and it's 4:30 on this monday morning. and we have a check of the weather. that's right. and we have a full house today, george with traffic. >> indeed, we do. >> tell feel cooler today, the weekend was a little cooler with the clouds out there, and we have partly cloudy skies right now and we have a chance of showers for one part of the bay area this afternoon. we'll tell you where it is coming up. and in traffic, we're tracking an accident in the hills above woodside. first, road work upper deck and lower deck on the bridge, and a quick look at the ride true oakland -- through oakland, the nimitz, and you will find road work in both directions.
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i'll have a complete traffic check coming right up. >> george, thank you. in vallejo, police are checking out the home where a fire killed a 5-year-old boy. >> reporter: you could see heavy smoke billowing out of the back bedroom window and from the front of the house, you could see flames. trapped inside was a 5-year-old boy. on the outside, his mother, desperate for help. >> the house was just engulfed in flames, and she was yelling for the neighbors and everybody to just, please get my son out. he's in there. >> reporter: neighbors dropped everything to help and another neighbor took cell phone video of those trying to battle the flames. >> the fire department was met by many neighbors trying to assist in getting the one victim out. he was found in a back bedroom.
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>> reporter: by the time firefighters found the boy, he was dead. >> she was frantic, burned really, really bad. her face was just black. >> reporter: firefighters said that the boy went to the hospital with burn. >> traumatizing. it's very sad, very sad. and he was getting ready to start school. he said i'm going to be in kindergarten, miss v. >> reporter: miss v said she called him little man. >> a very smart little boy and respectful, and would come up and say how is your son doing? how you doing today, miss v? that's what he would say every day. >> the neighbor told us that the boy just celebrated his 5th birthday last week and his mom is still in bad shape at the hospital. crews are trying to contain a wildfire in southern monterey
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county that has burned almost 3900 acres near soledad and started at 3:30 yesterday afternoon and there are no reports of injuries and no homes are threatened. firefighters are worried about transmission lines. if they go down, there could be a major power outage. people have been posted photos on social media, twitter. check out this smoke. this is posted by rupie boyd. at last check, it was 20% contained. no one was hit yesterday evening on richmond on 580 near regatta boulevard, but police shut down three lanes of the highway for 3 hours after a shooting while they searched for gun casings. no more information at this time. the police chief of san francisco police department said they are working on rebuilding trust with the public. >> reporter: three at as after
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he was appointed police chief, toney chaplain went to the church facing questions from the community and promised that he would work hard for reform. >> there are a lot of officers wanting to do the good work. we are talking about a small minority doing things they have no business doing. those are the ones that we will isolate and identify and recommend they are separated from the police department. >> reporter: mayor ed lee appointed chaplain on thursday after another officer-involved shooting. this time, an sfpd sergeant shot an unarmed african- american woman as she was driving aggressively in a stolen car. chaplain said he can't elaborate too much on reforms in the works but i ask body a
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report that san francisco may no longer investigate shoot -- shoot wrings their own officers fired the shot. >> we are working on it and looking at alternatives top officer involved shootings or ois to make sure that the public understands it's clear and transparent and they don't think anything has been covered up. >> reporter: joe vasquez, kpix 5. >> some of those who pushed for greg suhr to step down attended that meeting. a topic will be hosted by a public defender who was a critic of san francisco's saying that last week's deadly shooting of a woman driving a stolen car was the last straw. >> this is what's wrong with the san francisco police department and we have a police department that's out of
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control. >> it will also include a panel discussion on whether san francisco police should be equipped with tasers. time to find out more about what we should be wearing today and how many layers, elizabeth. you may need an umbrella if you're not north -- in the north bay some bay areas reaching 70 but thundershowers this afternoon. here's a live look at the airport and a little chilly out the door with temperatures in the upper 40s to mid-50s. 55 in oakland and only 48 degrees if you're waking up in santa rosa. here is the high def doppler for later this afternoon. these are the chance of showers possibly moving in. it looks like your best bet is in the north bay mountains with a slight chance of
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thundershowers along with the low pressure system moving away. high temperatures, it will feel nice, a nice spring day but cooler than what we're used to. so 70 degrees in fairfield, pretty good there, upper 60s in places like concord, livermore, and along the coast. pacifica, a high of 59. that's your latest kpix weather and let's get a check of your traffic with george. i gotta get that right [laughter] thanks, elizabeth. a quiet start to your monday morning. so if you're heading out the door, no incidents to be concerned about. i mentioned an accident in the hills above woodside occurring on highway 84 at woodside near skyline boulevard, highway 35. last week, we had a similar problem in a similar location. i don't think we'll see lanes obstructed here. no reports of injuries in this accident. and tracking a delay already for interstate 580, westbound. look at the ride. it used to be highway 4, the first commute that badly backed
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up 580 every day. look at the slow going from 205 out of tracy with speeds down to 20 miles per hour. the drive time, 18 minutes over the hill from the altamont pass. even with construction here through fremont on the nimitz freeway, limit speeds both directions 880 northbound and 880 southbound from milpitas to highway 237. guys? president obama continues his 3-day visit to vietnam. today, he lifted a half century old ban on selling arms to vietnam in an effort to help vietnam in the territorial dispute with china. >> with all our defense partners, sales will still need to meet strict requirements including those related to human rights. but this change will ensure that vietnam has access to the
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equipment it needs to defend itself. >> some activists urged the president to press for greater human rights freedoms before lifting the embargo. there will be events in san jose for hillary clinton wednesday and thursday and former president bill clinton will be in stockton and sacramento. hillary clinton is calling donald trump unfit for the oval office. >> i do not want americans to start to believe this is a normal candidacy. it isn't. >> new polls show that hillary clinton and donald trump are in a statistical tie in the potential general election ballot. the new cbs poll shows them in a tight race in two key battle ground states, virtually tied in florida with clinton 1 point ahead, and bernie sanders is
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beating trump by 9 points helped by young voters and independents. and bernie sanders supporters are showing up in big numbers as his campaign crisscrosss southern california. >> i think the objective evidence is very clear that in virtually every national poll and every state poll, we defeat trump by larger numbers than does secretary clinton. >> sanders will make stops in los angeles and santa monica today. in the mediterranean, rescue crews are doing everything they can to find the black boxes from egypt flight 804. >> reporter: an egyptian submarine is on the way to scour the sea bed looking for the data recorders belonging to
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egyptair 804. >> we have a lot of windows from the aircraft, and everyone is looking out the windows. >> reporter: this newly released audio recordings captured a standard transmission between the pilots and air traffic control over zurich, switzerland. >> thank you so much. good night. >> reporter: two and a half hours later, the aircraft acted erratically before plummeting into the ocean. they are looking for the black boxes with the ping for up to 30 days, smoke detected on board minutes before the plane went down. expertssay that alone could rule out human error. >> there is no human error that could trigger smoke alarms. >> reporter: adding to the grief of relatives that are still searching for answers.
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jonathan vigliotti, cbs news crete. >> egypt has not ruled out terrorism and no group has claimed responsibility. and back in egypt, some travel agents are worried. many faced cancellations after a russian plane crashed over the sinai peninsula in october, and now, they are worried flight 804's crash could do more major damage. there is already a 5% drop since the incident. a group of scientists doing its for the save the world, next, what goes into protecting us from asteriods. ,,
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tonight. it comes after another hearing earlier this month.. where some said they were disappointed to see the anti- fracki c1 a community group calling to an end to fracking some
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saying they were disappointed to see it stalled by one vote. fracking is injecting chemicals thousands of feet underground and has caused contamination for many parts of the country but oil companies said it relies on it to keep the prices low. >> this is a crisis, nothing less. some bay area researchers are trying to save the world. the threat and the science that is intended to halt it explained by scientists. >> reporter: it's truly the stuff of hollywood. >> our missiles have failed. >> reporter: morgan freeman is president and tea leoni makes good with her father and all are in danger with a threat from the heavens.
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here at livermore positive laboratorys, laboratory -- laboratory, they are working at saving us from a potential doomsday collision. scientist megan bruch syal is working to fight against it, drifting through space for billions of years and fell to earth. >> it came a long way to get here and we're lucky to use them. >> reporter: and that means destroying them. syal and her team are looking at a spacecraft that would ram the asteriod and push it off course. option 2 is messier. >> a standoff nuclear explosion. >> reporter: yes, a nuclear device at just the right distance. >> just the uppermost layers, and the rest of the asteriod
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will recoil in the other direction. >> reporter: but you don't set off nuclear twices at asteriods without knowing the response. these layers are powerful enough to create a high- temperature plasma and annihilate the rock. >> the results will work into the giant cluster of computers here at livermore to inform how an asteriod would respond to the explosion. >> reporter: now, we to have more elegant options for redirecting an asteriod. the so-called gravity tracker that uses just that, gravity and maybe a piece of the asteriod itself to pull the thing into orbit but that would take perhaps several years of planning and execution. so time is short? then going nuclear would be the option in what would be a grim situation. >> we want to be prepared in the event of an emergency and
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act quickly and advise decision makers to the best of our ability. >> reporter: wilson walker, kpix 5 through and the meteorites were donated specifically for this research. >> and we think of things falling from the sky, we have rain as a possibility. i like that. you're right. a chance of showers in parts of the bay and other places will see sunshine. let's show you what's going to out the door. chifly --chilly in napa and 49 in redwood city and 51 out the door in san jose. jackets are necessary if you are with to head outside right now. this is the rain shower chance that anne was mentioning. right now, it's off the coast and low pressure could move
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farther this afternoon with a chance of pop-up showers later this afternoon and it will mainly stay in the north bay if we see it at all and even a chance of thundershowers even though that chance is low. noticed over the weekend, saturday, the showers? it's because of the low pressure, and it's still not budging today or tomorrow. here's a summary of what to expect, a partly cloudy start, coastal fog and afternoon clouds and partly cloudy fog for everyone and north bay showers and high temperatures, cool to mild for this time of year. we are used to seeing 80s inland but not the case today. here's a look at high temperatures for today, 67 would be the high in mountain view, and then in the north bay, 70 in napa, and 68 in novato and a high in the mid-
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60s in san rafael. so grab the umbrellas or a hood. it won't be a huge wash out but the a -- chance of showers in the north bay and then a slight warming trend for the second half of the week with more sunshine and temperatures reaching into the upper 70 inland by friday. and that's your latest weather and get the updated traffic. i have to get that right. here's george. a pretty good ride around the bay area. let's start with a look at the by bridge ride westbound. there is a stall on the old upper deck, the west span of the bridge. it's near the fremont street off ramp but there is no impact and the metering lights have not been activated here. it's a 20-minute trip from the carquinas bridge. a 13-minute drive across the
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san mateo bridge from hayward to foster city, a light and an easy ride, and we continue to monitor this accident in the hills above woodside where we do now have word that one of the eastbound lanes of woodside road has been closed as it approaches skyline -- excuse me, that's one of the lanes on skyline has been closed on woodside at the scene of the accident. and tracking your drive, look at the speeds, 65 miles per hour here for the ride westbound on interstate 80 all the way down from highway 4 in willow, problem free there, and we continue to look at good conditions here for the ride on the nimitz even with the construction. public transit, a quick mention, all on time, no delays. anne? kenny? >> thank you, george. plenty of young stars were on hand for the billboard music
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awards. >> and here are some of the best moments. that is celine dion with an emotional performance of queen's "the show must go on" 4 months after losing her husband. the fans were in tears, and they presented her about the with the billboard icon award given to hereby her son. >> and the go-gos reunited and turned back time with their hit "we got the beat" set for a reunion tour this summer. >> stevie wonder and madonna and the whole crowd singing, closing the show with "purple rain," a tribute to french and the weekend was the big winner
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taking home 8 awards. >> and britney spears received the millenium award. >> so surprised at her comeback, being on top as a classic diva. i'm impressed. 4:53. coming up next, how paying the minimum payment on your credit card could hurt you big time when it comes to buying a home. what's cool about your school? e-mail us and we may come and speak to your school on the show. ,,
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cabinets. hy-vee is recalling six varieties of trail mix due possible listeria contamina. no one has gotten sick y new this morning. check your cabinets. six varietys of trail mix are
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being recalled from possible listeria contamination. nobody has gotten sick yet but they are issuing the recalls out of an abundance of concern. paying the minimum on your credit cards won't be worth much to be when it comes to getting a home loan. fannie mae will favor borrowers who are working to pay down their credit cards rather than just the minimum. it would benefit borrowers on the cusp of approval. general motors is looking to pay suv owners up to $1500 for faulty stickers, down riding the gas mileage for the
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traverse, as acadia and enclave. they will offer the owners debit cards or extended warranties. lundberg said the cost of gas is $2.32 a gallon for regular due to continued low oil prices but the gas remains higher in the local area. here's a look from, 2 cents higher than a week ago. it's $2.97 in san francisco. it is 4:57, and it's the last day to register to vote. bernie sanders supporters are threatening to sue to extend that. it's a terribly sad story in vallejo. a 5-year-old boy is killed in a fire and investigators are trying to find out how this happened. ,,,,,,,, ,,,,
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and i'm kenny choi. . good morning. it's monday, may 23. i'm anne makovec in for michelle. >> and i'm kenny choi. a live look from the pyramid looking at the financial district. time to get back to work, everyone. it's 5:00. >> oh, wow. >> let's get through it. >> it's monday. that's right. get out of bed. if you are getting out of bed, a chance of rain showers in the afternoon, parts of the north bay. it won't feel like a nice may day around the bay, a lot of clouds. 53 in pacifica and 55 in oakland and low 50s in fairfield. that's the low pressure system we're watching, bringing us cooler temperatur


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