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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  May 23, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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and i'm kenny choi. . good morning. it's monday, may 23. i'm anne makovec in for michelle. >> and i'm kenny choi. a live look from the pyramid looking at the financial district. time to get back to work, everyone. it's 5:00. >> oh, wow. >> let's get through it. >> it's monday. that's right. get out of bed. if you are getting out of bed, a chance of rain showers in the afternoon, parts of the north bay. it won't feel like a nice may day around the bay, a lot of clouds. 53 in pacifica and 55 in oakland and low 50s in fairfield. that's the low pressure system we're watching, bringing us cooler temperatures all weekend long, and it's not budging for
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at least another day. showers mayly in the north bay hills and a chance of showers possible the later half of the day. highs on the cool to mild side, close to 70 inland and only in the upper 50s along the coast. so it depends on where you are along the bay area what it will feel like. that's your weather. here's george. a quick check from the cbs traffic center, elizabeth, looking at the golden gate bridge. the crews have realigned the lanes with 4 lanes available southbound. and light traffic with an under 15-minute drive time from 580 in central san rafael, and the bay bridge, fast track lanes are moving through just fine. they don't have all the toll takers in place yet and that's the reason for the short delay here and the ride on 92, an easy trip of under 15 minutes
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west from foster city and san mateo. more traffic coming right up. guys? in vallejo, police are trying to pinpoint the cause of a house fire that killed a 5- year-old boy, and the neighborhood is heartbroken that the the boy is develope. jackie - - b oy is gone. jackie ward has more. jackie? >> reporter: there are questions that are unanswered like who did this and why? investigators are trying to get the answers. just before 10:00 yesterday morning, firefighters got a call here on stella street and got word that a boy was trapped inside. this prompted a second alarm before they even got to the scene. by the time firefighters got at that time scene he was dead. >> he was real energetic, a real smart little boy.
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he would always be respectful and come up to me and ask how's your son doing? how are you doing today, miss v? that's what he would say to me every day. >> reporter: the boy was trapped in a back bedroom. and neighbors tries to save him, but the fire was so big that fire engulfed several rooms and the house is a total loss. today, investigators will be back on scene trying to find out what happened. this fire was deemed suspicious. jackie ward, kpix 5. >> and jackie, some of the boy's family members were hurt as well? >> reporter: yeah. that's right. he has a brother who got minor injurys and the mom, second and third debris burns and neighbors were cut by glass. back to you. a well-known and popular bakery in san jose will begin
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rebuilding today after fire ripped through dick's bakery. ownerssay that they will possibly be out of commission for weeks but plan to rebuild. >> i was in shock and terrified. i threw on my clothes and came down here. i was hoping it wouldn't be as bad as it was but it was pretty bad. i started crying. >> it has been in business for half a century. a missing millbrae man was found dead and the s.w.a.t. team raided a home in hillsborough over the weekend, linked to a woman named tiffany li, 27 years old and seen in a picture we are about to show you with keith green who was found dead earlier in may. green and li were broken up, but a neighbors say that she saw green at the home plenty of times. >> when we drove by, we would
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see this guy and we didn't know that he was connected to the woman that lived her. we had seen his picture on burlington avenue saying that he was missing. >> the sheriffs department has not officially connected li to green's death but li is in custody on homicide charges. this is the deadline to vote or change party affiliations for the primary in california. kiet do is live with details of the lawsuit intended to delay today's deadline. keit? >> reporter: talk about last- minute maneuvering. today is the last day to register but a group is filing a lawsuit to give would-be voters more time to register saying that the current process creates mass confusion. if the people do not tell their registrar anything, they will likely get a ballot for the primary election without presidential candidates on it.
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if you are a no party prmps preference and you want to choose between hillary clinton or bernie sanders you have to say you want a democratic ballot. but the group is saying that was not made clear and they are suing to extend the deadline to june 7, the day of the election. by the way, the republicans did not open their primary to unaffiliated voters. both the sanders and clinton campaigns are spending a lot of time in california. >> i do not want americans to start to believe this is a normal candidacy. it isn't. >> reporter: and hillary clinton will be back in the bay area sometime on wednesday. we're live here in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. >> kiet, can people register to vote online? >> reporter: it's really easy, back to you. in a few hours, mothers
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against driving will be pushing for a bill requiring ignition interlocks for all convicted drunk drivers. it won't allow a car to start if it blows a reading over the legal limit. the bill has to pass friday before it can move forward. the high-speed rail project will hold open meetings, the first starting at 5:00 this afternoon at uc san francisco mission bay. the plan calls for trains to run between the central valley and san jose in 2025, three years later and 50 miles shorter than the original plan. federal transportation officials signed off on an updated grant for the project that was $2.5 billion in federal matching funds. new this morning, a swrer -- german company is making a $62 billion offer to build
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monsanto. monsanto said it's reviewing bayer's proposal. google's high-speed fiberoptic service could become a reality in san jose after the tech company released a three- year plan to install the cables and 9 fiber huts. if approved, they would need the green light for the funding agreement. it's the end of an era in san jose as a bowling alley has closed permanently, ending the run at midnight. the new owner plans to tear down the plaza to new development. they were going to stay open
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for another year but cambrian bowl decided to go ahead and shut down and neighbors are feeling the loss. >> it is just so sad to see it all go away. >> cambrian bowl was home to league tournaments and casual bowlers since 1961. residents are reaping the benefits of capitol records. a peek inside, next. and a local student will represent the bay area in this week's national spelling bee. grab the sweaters. we have another cool, below average day on the way. but a warm up is on the way, we'll tell you when. and a slow commute for westbound 580 for the dublin interstate and problems with an accident at doherty road before 580 and 680. a complete traffic check for you when the kpix morning news
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people got a rare look insi hollywood landmark. wow. a beautiful shot. a live look over san jose, a near full moon with clouds. it will actually remain dry in the south bay and it will be a different story if you are in parts of the north bay. a chance of a pop-up shower or
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two is possible. a look at the 7-day forecast is coming up. this weekend, a few hundred people got a rare look inside a hollywood landmark. it costs $50 for shorter tours and $100 for vip. the money goes to a nonprofit. >> totally. i would pay more. it's the only recording studio with in-ground echo chambers with reverb for recording. more whales are appearing off the california coast than in years past. crews teamed up for an expedition. for 9 days, they lived on a ship that can navigate waters without disturbing wildlife. they saw an orca, fin whales and a humpback with her calf. >> they are here and feeding
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and that's a good sign that the ocean is productive. we are monitoring this for what may be the result of climate change and what may be just variablity. in berkeley, very brave birds had 1 place in mind for a sunday stroll, straight down i- 80. they started their work out at 9:00 yesterday, and the chp had to stop traffic on the i-80 to get them from the far left lane to the right shoulder as you can see there. it took several vehicles to get the plucky birds off the road and back in the water. this is one of my favorite. she became an internet sensation for trying on a chewbacca mask. >> in case you haven't, here it
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is. [laughter] >> this video has been viewed more than 133 million times since last week and now even better news, she purchased the mask from the kohl's store, and this weekend, the retailer surprised her with $2500 in gift cards and star wars toys for her family. you never know. create a viral video and the retailer can gift you. you love that. >> i do! >> so do 133 million other people. let's get a check on traffic to get you through that this morning, george. there used to be the laughing lady at playland at the beach years ago and that's exactly who she reminds me of. it's so contagious, you can't help but laugh, and we are not laughing this morning but we're not crying either.
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westbound trip, heavy leading into the altamont pass out of tracy. this seems to be the newer pattern, but we are concerned about west 580 at doherty road. this could affect the ride and snag things up for the westbound commute into the dublin-pleasanton interchange and just checked in with the highway patrol, and they say they think the accident has cleared up on highway 84 at skyline, one of the eastbound lanes that was blocked there. here's a look at the ride to the bay bridge, and there is word here at the bay bridge toll plaza of an oversized vehicle that was stuck in one of the toll lanes. they may have to spin that around and that could account for delays and an earlier backup than usual. let's get a look at the weather with elizabeth. thank you, george. and you can still hear her
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laughing now. let's go out the door and show you what it's like outside. it will feel a little cooler. you will want to grab the jackets and sweaters. 53 in pacifica and 54 in fremont so once again, we'll be below average temperatures. you can see even a little rain off the coast and move inland and parts of the north bay later this afternoon. here's the reason why, low pressure is in place and it will stick around for part of the day. below-average temperatures for this time of year, and a pop of a shower in the north hills but we could see a chance of a thunderstorm with the low pressure system. the rest of the bay, partly cloudy skies and coastal fog, afternoon clouds and cool tomorrow. so it's not going to be really, really chilly in parts of the bay area. in fact, some areas will see
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70. 66 in union city and 65 in hayward and the temperatures are 5 to 7 degrees below average for this time of year. 70 in brentwood and 67 is the high in walnut creek and checking numbers around the bay, mid-60s in alameda, and 61 is the forecasted high in san francisco. we are not going to stay cool forever. it will warm up eventually. another chance of showers in the north bay tomorrow, and we'll see a repeat of today and tomorrow with the low pressure system, similar rain chances and temperatures and it looks like the middle to the end of the work week, we'll see a bump up in temperatures, more reasonnal for this time of year. we are used to mid-70s and you can see by friday, saturday, that's what we are right on target. if you like the more mild temperatures, you got it by the weekend. >> it pays to bring a jacket today. >> especially in san francisco i could feel it. >> all right.
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thank you. one san jose middle schooler knows bigger words than everybody on his block and is ready to spell them in washington dc. >> rutvik ganhasri won the cbs bay area spelling bee right here, and since then, rutvik has practiced 23 hours a week with one goal in mind: crush the best spellers in america. >> the spelling on stage itself and meeting the top spellers from around the country. >> the spelling bee runs wednesday and thursday and the first prize is $40,000 and a bones us bone -- bonus for those who don't take home the top prize, a free dictionary.
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one uc irvin socialologist looked into how physical attractiveness help us make more money, but others say there is more to it. >> that could be true not because of the way you look but the way you feel about yourself and if you feel better about yourself, you feel i'm worth it. give me what i deserve. >> but good grooming was found to make less of a financial difference for men. and coming up, the giants go for the series victory over the cubs. the as try and avoid the sweep, and consequences for the warriors. coming up. what's cool about your school? e-mail your nominations for us at coolschools@k ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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soccer... team u-s-a at pueo rico, in an exhibition matc welcome back to the kpix morning news with a live look from the bay bridge toll plaza. on the left side of the screen, you can see a bigger than usual backup. it could be the result of a wide load that got stuck going through the toll plaza earlier. they were trying to turn the vehicle around in the wrong
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direction to get it around the pay gates, the only problem for the westbound ride. good morning, everybody. last night, the warriors suffered their worst defeat in the steve kerr er a draymond green got tangled up with steve adams, and green is called for a flagrant foul and could be suspended. from there, the thunder just took off, oklahoma city going on to win, 133-105 and lead 2 games to 1. the cubs pull into san francisco with the league's best record but that didn't seem to faze madison bumgarner, striking out 6 and provided the game's only 1, 1-0, the giants win and take 2 out of 3 for the cubs and 10 out of 11 wins in all. and the new big 3 in
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oakland, the yankees took the lead for good in the 6th and new york went 5-4 to sweep the coliseum for the first time since the jay carter administration. and big aism big -- implications for the warriors, and we'll find out perhaps later today on whether or not draymond green will be available for game 4. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. and team usa and puerto rico for an exhibition match. bettancourt with an amazing shot into the top corner of the net, and here is 1 more look at it. puerto rico's old goal as the united states went on to win 3- 1. and a bay area attorney has filed a lawsuit trying to extend the voter registration deadline today.
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investigators will be here in vallejo this morning trying to figure out how this fire started. it killed a 5-year-old boy. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ and sa acting a grass fire is burning just south of the bay area as fire crews work to top the flames from spreading. >> san francisco's acting police chief plans to talk about how to keep officers in line. >> and we have a chance of rain around one part of the bay. that's coming up. >> tracking the potential for big problems at the bay bridge
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toll plaza, a big truck stuck in toll lane 16 and they are waiting for the chp to arrive. good morning. i'm anne makovec in for michelle. >> and i'm kenny choi. police are trying to figure out how a deadly house fire started. a 5-year-old boy was trapped and couldn't get out. vallejo is mourning the upbeat little boy. jackie ward has more. jackie? >> reporter: kenny, police have been here to guard the area and the area is roped off. we're expecting investigators to be here. the fire started yesterday morning and witnesses said they could see heavy smoke billowing from the back window. neighbors were trying to get him out as the mother stood
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outside, badly burned and desperate for help. >> just engulfed in flames, and she's yelling for the neighbors and everybody to get her son out. please, just get my son out. he's in there. >> reporter: just an absolute nightmare. the 5-year-old was dead by the time he was found and his brother has minor injuries and the mother, second and third- degree burns. today, investigators will return to the scene here on stella street in vallejo to figure out the fire. the home is a total loss. in vallejo, jackie ward, kpix 5. and a wildfire continuing to burn near soledad in monterey county. it started yesterday afternoon, and no reports of injuries or homes threatened but firefighters are worried that transmission lines could go down and cause major power
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outages. people have been posting pictures on social media. look at all that smoke there. and another photo there from ruthie boyd. the fire is about 20% contained. drivers in the east bay are vigilant after another shooting on the highway. luckily, no one was hurt. this happened in richmond near 380 580 and regatta boulevard. no one was injured in the shooting. acting chief of the san francisco pd toney chaplain stressed something about his new force saying that most of them want to do go work and it's the outliers he won't tolerate. >> we're talking about the
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small minority out there doing what they got no business doing. we want to isolate them and separate them from the police department. >> he said he needs just three words to frame his hope for the department saying that officers need to, quote, respect all lives. a summit focusing on the use of force by san francisco police will happen on wednesday. officials are especially concerned after last week's shooting of a woman who was driving a stolen car. >> i think this shooting is indicative of what's wrong with the san francisco police department that, we have a police department that is out of control. >> it will also include a panel discussion on the use of tasers. and today is the deadline
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to register to vote. but a lawsuit could buy voters time. good morning, kiet. >> reporter: that's right. an oakland attorney is suing trying to get more time to register saying that the current rules are confusing. if you are registering as a no party preference, listen up. this affects you want if you want to choose between hillary clinton or bernie sanders. if you don't say so, you will get a ballot with no presidential candidates on it. the lawsuit is asking for the judge to extend the voter registration deadline until june 2, the day of the election. and the republicans did not open up the primary to unassociated registers. the primary is now just 15 days away. >> if the democratic party wants the strongest candidate,
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it will be our campaign to defeat donald trump. >> reporter: clinton will be back in san jose wednesday. the location and time will be announced. bernie sanders does not have immediate plans to come back. >> for those who registered as no party preference, what are some of the options on election day? >> reporter: bring in your mail- in ballot to a polling place and a worker will exchange it for one with the candidates. >> kiet do live in santa clara, thank you. and the latest polls show hillary clinton and donald trump, neck and neck in a potential battle. the new cbs news poll shows them in tight races in 2 key battles, but virtually tie inside for the record, and clinton leads trump by 5 points, 44% to 39% and bernie
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sanders is tied with trump in florida and in ohio, beating trump by 9 points, helped by young voters and independents. it will be quite the election. it's 5:36 and a check of weather with swreafnlt how's -- elizabeth. how's it shaping up? we are seeing areas of fog along the coast, and i want to show you what it looks like around the airport. dry skies and cooler, and the temperatures will remain below seasonal for this time of year. santa rosa, 48 and 54 in concord and 53 in livermore and san francisco. so we are bringing out the high def doppler, a slight chance of rain showers, a few pop-up showers in the north bay, and the rest of the area, remaining dry with clouds out there as
5:37 am
well, and the low pressure system will bring another chance out to the bay tomorrow. the temperatures, relatively mild but inland, you can see 70 degrees, close to 70 in concord and livermore and san francisco, a high of 61. we'll take a check of the 7-day forecast and show when you things will finally warm up. meantime, george is talking trouble at the bay bridge. indeed we are, right at the toll plaza, and elizabeth, it was 35, 40 minutes ago that the chp reported that there was a wide load and a large truck trying to get through the toll plaza. you can see how things are backing up on that side. they're waiting for the chp to try and turn the truck around and perhaps get it through the open toll lanes at the extreme right-hand side. so already starting to slow here westbound. and tracking other issues this morning, let's take a look at
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this new incident, a car fire in san jose, southbound 880 in alameda and blocking the off- ramp. the heaviest traffic on the northbound side, and we continue to track a heavier than usual commute 580 westbound out of tracy and into the altamont pass and still have an accident blocking the off-ramp here westbound on interstate 580 at the dublin interchange. the last exit is doherty road. guys? >> thank you, george. crews are scouring the water for wreckage from egyptair's flight 804 and they are also working to find voice recorders. meantime, it was determined that smoke was detected on the plane minutes before it crash. expertssay it rules out one possibility. >> there is no human error that
5:39 am
would trigger smoke alarms. >> search teams say that black boxes from the flight will emit pings for 30 days. after making a massive cut, twitter's ceo has a plan to cheer up his staff. >> on jack dorsey's expensive apology and much more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, kenny and anne. the markets will open after a mixed week with the dow jumping 65 points on friday but overall it finished lower, and the nasdaq, 57 lower today. apple, microsoft, alphabet, ciscoe systems and oracle are looking at the data, and twitter's jack dorsey wants to give a third of his stock to employees worth $100 million. he wants to boost company
5:40 am
morale and retain workers. and navigating packaged foods will get easier. the new information will be in bigger, and bolder type. and one bag of potato chips, one serving, not 2 or 3. >> oh, that is always the trick. you can just ignore that. >> reporter: exactly. >> and the euro 2016 soccer tournament, we have a unique opportunity with housing? >> reporter: that's right. not only can you visit the eiffel tower but you can stay in it. home away will transform it into a vacation home. you have to write a short, say about what you would do if the apartment was yours for the night. kenny and anne? >> i'm going to start working on my essay right now. >> brush up on the writing skills.
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>> all right. thank you. it's 5:40, and we'll introduce to girls who are quite a force and we'll show you how they are reshaping the world of little league. and traffic is moving along on this monday morning. george is back with much more when we come back. ,, ,, amazing sleep stays with you all day and all night. ,, sleep number beds with sleepiq technology give you the knowledge to adjust for the best sleep ever.
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it's the semi-annual sale! save $500 on the memorial day special edition mattress with sleepiq technology. know better sleep. only at a sleep number store.
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here's a live look at a gorgeous view with the sunrise coming up in just 10 minutes. and we have a chance of showers in the north bay. we'll show you what that is looking like and a check of the 7-day forecast. that's all coming up. president obama made a bold move during his visit to vietnam lifting a ban that was
5:44 am
in effect for half a century. this move is to help vietnam in the territorial dispute with china. >> they will still need to meet strict requirements including those related to human rights. but this change will ensure that are vietnam has access to the equipment it needs to defend itself. >> activists and u.s. lawmakers did not want the embargo lifted until vietnam agreed to human rights issues. a hearing on fracking is planned tonight at 6:00 in hayward. fracking laces water with chemicals thousands of feet underground. the oil industry said it relies on fracking to keep gas prices low. >> this needs to be halted now. this is a public health crisis, nothing less. >> the last time there was a
5:45 am
vote it was stalled by just one vote. and trying to prevent mankind from a potential doomsday collision like that in "armageddon," a meteor that drifts through space for billions of years and then falls on earth. the research team is exploring how to deflect asteriods that could fuel earth -- fall to earth in the future. >> let's make sure they do that [laughter] and the billboard music a warneds -- awards were last night. >> and some of the most
5:46 am
memorable moments came from veterans of the industry with celine dion singing "the show must go on" 4 months after losing her husband. her son rene charles presented her with the award. >> and the go-goes reunited performing "we got the beat." the band is set for a reunion tour this summer. >> and stevie wonder joined forces with madonna and the entire crowd ended up singing a tribute to prince of "purple rain." as for the award, the weekend was the big winner of the night with 8 awards. >> and britney spears took the millenium award and adele took the biggest prize of top artist. hello. >> it's one of those things as a morning anchor, you don't get
5:47 am
to see those. >> primetime tv doesn't exist. >> and the prince song, they got mixed reviews. >> how about that? and the weather? we have a developing problem at the toll plaza, the bridge, so on the right side, they had the wide-open lanes there, the open toll plains. even the width of those lanes wasn't enough to handle the girth of the wide load that was stuck. this is at the left side of your screen, toll lane number 16 and they will try and move that truck over to the east parking lot. they're going to try and stop the traffic and drive it across the toll plaza. that operation should take about 5 minutes. and they activated the metering lights at 5:30 so we expect when it occurs, it will be a bigger problem. the drive time, 13 minutes across the span to foster city
5:48 am
and the golden gate bridge, an easy ride and so through marin county. no delays southbound through central san rafael, and here's a look at the car fire in the south bay. you can see it's still out here and it's affecting the alameda off-ramp from 880 southbound and still tracking a much slower than usual ride on interstate 580. the ride coming in from tracy past the 205-580 interchange, really bogged down. speeds are at 30 as you move into the altamont pass. let's move to the weather center and elizabeth with a check of the weather. thank you, george. with the traffic cameras, you could see the partly cloudy skies to start and temperatures on the cooler side. 52 in san rafael and 51 in
5:49 am
fairfield. here is the high def doppler. this blob of green off the coast will continue to move farther inland bringing us a good chance of a pop-up shower or two in the north bay hills and even a thundershower is possible with this one. this low pressure has been in place since the weekend, and that's why we are experiencing the cooler than normal temperatures, and over the weekend, clouds and some drizzle, sticking around today and tomorrow and they will mainly stick to a chance in the north bay. the rest of the bay area, partly cloudy and afternoon clouds and high temperatures staying cool to mild. we really don't see the warm up until mid week. thesunriseat 5:54, so just about any minute and the sunset at 8:30. here's a look at the high temperatures for later this afternoon, a lot of 60s, and a few areas close to 70, and 55 is the high in hayward and
5:50 am
pleasanton and livermore, 68 degrees and temperatures from 5 to 7 degrees below average. 70 in napa and 70 in fairfield. so these are some of the warmer spots, highs in the 50s in places like pacifica. here is the 7-day forecast, a chance of rain continues in the north bay and a few pop-up showers and a repeat of the forecast for tomorrow, and wednesday, thursday, friday, we're warming things up. temperatures are becoming more seasonal and a high of 78 and highs in the low 60s by friday. a nice weekend as well. that's your kpix weather. back to you. in seattle, a group of girls decided that softball is too soft for them. >> so they started play -- playing hard ball. and they are all business on the field. and they took a name from a
5:51 am
woman's team that played in the baseball league in the 40s and 50s. >> no crying in baseball. these girls don't cry. they're tough. >> they think that we are better but i feel we did it better because it proved them wrong finally. [laughter] >> it's not hard to love them. and they don't have the scorecard to prove it, though, because their division doesn't keep score because players are so young. >> girl power. a league of their own. it's 5:51. gm might owe you money. why they are giving out millions to customers who bought their suvs. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. good morning. a live look from the roof cam from the kpix studios. a look at the sunrise over the bay, but in one part of the bay area, a chance of rain with the hi def doppler and a look at the 7-day forecast coming up. elizabeth, better news for the ride at the bay bridge toll plaza. they resolved the situation and the damage is done. the inbound approach to the maze, 580 and the east shore freeway. complete traffic coming up. general motors planning to
5:55 am
pay up for the window stickers downgraded gas mileage 1 to 2 miles a gallon for the traverse, gmc acadia and enclave. the nationwide average for a gallon of gas is about 5 cents higher than 2 weeks ago. the latest lundberg survey said that regular unleaded is $2.32 a gallon mainly because of ongoing rises in crude oil prices. the gas is more expensive in the bay area. a look at the averages here. $2.86 in san jose and $2.97 in san francisco. the prices are less than 2 cents higher than this time last week. if you have trail mix in your cupboard, check it. several are recalled for
5:56 am
listeria. nobody has gotten sick yet but the company is pulling the product out of, quote, an abundance out of caution. a supplier recalled the sunflower seeds prompting the recall. paying the minimum on your credit card won't get you the best home loans anymore. starting in june, fannie mae will favor borrowers making efforts to pay off credit cards rather than just the monthly minimums. it would help borrowers who are closest to getting approved. vallejo police have been here all night and fire investigators are on the scene of a fire that killed a 5-year- old boy. and a bay area attorney is suing to extend the voter registration deadline which, by the way, is today. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,
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griego. and i'm kenny choi. this morning -- investigato are at a home in vallejo wha young boy was killed in a fe good morning. it's straight-up 6:00 on monday, may 23. i'm anne makovec in for michelle. >> and i'm kenny choi. jackie ward is live outside a home in vallejo with more on a fire deemed suspicious. jackie? >> reporter: kenny, police have been here guarding the home and then set up the barrier from investigators. investigators just arrived. we saw them scoping the area out. the house caught fire just before 10:00 on friday morning. they learned that a child was trapped inside and a second alarm was called before they got to the house. by the time that firefighters got to the boy,


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