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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  May 23, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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griego. and i'm kenny choi. this morning -- investigato are at a home in vallejo wha young boy was killed in a fe good morning. it's straight-up 6:00 on monday, may 23. i'm anne makovec in for michelle. >> and i'm kenny choi. jackie ward is live outside a home in vallejo with more on a fire deemed suspicious. jackie? >> reporter: kenny, police have been here guarding the home and then set up the barrier from investigators. investigators just arrived. we saw them scoping the area out. the house caught fire just before 10:00 on friday morning. they learned that a child was trapped inside and a second alarm was called before they got to the house. by the time that firefighters got to the boy, he was already
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dead. people in the neighborhood are very shaken up. >> traumatized, very hard. he was getting ready to start school saying i'm going to kindergarten, miss v. >> reporter: neighbors have cuts on them from breaking glass. the home is a total loss. jackie ward, kpix 5. >> jackie, was anyone else injured in the fire? >> reporter: his brother received minor injuries and his mother, second and third-degree burns and sent to be treated at the hospital. back to you. >> jackie, thank you. and today is the last day to register to vote for political parties for the primary election. kiet do is live from the voter
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registrar's office with more. kiet? >> reporter: today is the last day to register to vote, and an oakland attorney is filing a lawsuit saying that the rules are confusing. if you register as a no party preference, you will get a ballot with no presidential candidates at all. you have to say that you want a democratic party ballot. the lawsuit said that officials did a poor job of getting the word out. california will not be equipped to do same-day voter registration until 2018, and republicans have a closed primary so you cannot vote unless you are registered as such. while this lawsuit is winding its way through the system. clinton and sanders are
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battling. >> i say to all the delegates going to the convention in philadelphia, if you want the strongest candidate to make sure that trump does not become president, we are that campaign. >> reporter: hillary clinton will be back in san jose on wednesday and time and location still to be announced. bernie sanders has no immediate plans to return to the bay area any time soon. >> for those procrastinators, kiet, what is the easiest way to register? >> reporter: registertovote. on your computer or phone. back to you. >>thank you, kiet. and former president bill clint son laying the ground work for his wife with events in sacramento and stockton and a fundraiser ticket starts at $500. this after president clinton spent the week in southern california and spoke with the
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united farm workers convention. >> the first major national politician to stand up and support california's effort to end the decemination against farm workers. some annoyances on your monday morning. george, how's it going? a little better now, anne, but the number is increasing. a new accident reported at el portal drive. this was a 22 to 26 minute drive time from the carquinas bridge to the east shore. expect that to climb. a new accident in fremont, 880 southbound at the turn off for
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the dumbarton bridge. and this is the commute direction for the nimitz freeway. southbound is where we see the heavier traffic in the morning hours leading through the corridor. because of early on morning transcribes here at the toll plaza, we have a bigger than usual backup for the westbound bay bridge. here is the drive time from the carquinas bridge. that will continue to climb for your westbound ride. the weather center next. here's elizabeth with a look at the forecast. the monday morning crunch. thank you, george. let's all take a look at this picture. sunrise, looking beautiful this morning and temperatures are actually below average once again this time of year. the temperature, 53 in concord right now out the door and 53 in san francisco and a cool 48 degrees in santa rosa. high def doppler showing the low pressure system and rain showers at the coast and later this afternoon, a pop-up shower especially in the north bay.
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north bay hills are your best bet. and thundershowers are possible with the system. temperatures, mild to cool and afternoon highs anywhere from the upper 50s along the coast in pacifica to near 70 or 70 degrees in fairfield and napa. a check of when things will warm up with the 7-day forecast coming up. back to you guys. happening in the south bay, the trial for a man accused of killing sierra lamar will start. prosecutors expect it to be delayed because defense attorneys are scheduled to be in a trial other unrelated cases. garcia torres was allegedly linked to the case. and assembly members get their chance to weigh in on a package of new gun bills. the senate has approved several
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measures. among them, a ban on sales of assault rifles with detachable magazines and the so-called bullet buttons and would require background checks. >> it's horrible. it has no affect on crime whatever. >> i would feel safer knowing that those safeguards in place. >> the senate passed bills requiring the registration of homemade guns and reporting lost or stolen guns. san francisco sees all kinds of protests, and today, it's about landline phones. the group would demonstrate against the bill to eliminate copper phone line service. at&t is pushing for the change saying that customers could keep land lights light -- landline s like voice over phone protocol. >> the profit margin is very
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small in the landline business. >> how much money has at&t spent in support of this bill in california? >> i don't know. >> a lot? >> we don't spend money in support of legislation. >> a kpix investigation sos that at&t has invested more than $750,000 in lobbying. the stanley cup playoffs with game 5 in st. louis today. the western conference finals are tied at 2 games a piece. the blues and sharks today, and the sharks will hold a watch party downtown. as search teams continue to look for the black boxes from an egyptair plane, new evidence shows that pilot error wasn't to claim. >> and the san diego padres are apologizing after an lgbt pride
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event goes off the rails. >> and umbrellas are a possibility for parts of the bay area. we'll tell you about the 7-day forecast coming up. >> a bigger backup than you expect for the bay bridge due to a problem that is now clearing. look for slowing on 580 to the maze westbound. a complete traffic check when the kpix morning news returns. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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♪ four people have died over a four-day period on mount everest. two other climbersr good morning. of gray skies right now over san francisco and hugging the coast. it will feel cooler than what we're used to for this time of year. and it will stay cool tomorrow but i promise things warm up. stay tuned for the 7-day forecast. >> elizabeth, thank you.
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several people have died over a 4-day period on mt. everest. president obama lifted a 50- year-old ban on selling arms to vietnam in an effort to help vietnam with the territorial dispute with china. the u.s. is welcoming the peace corps in vietnam. in the mediterranean, teams are looking to find the black boxes of flight 804. jonathan vigliotti has all that is being done to find that plane. >> reporter: planes on the way and a submarine enroute to
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scour the sea floor. the navy is using surveillance aircraft to help with the search. >> we can stay out for 6 hours looking for people with a lot of windows in the aircraft and everyone is looking out the windows. >> reporter: the newly released audio recording captured a standard check in between flight 804's pilot and control in switzerland, and then the aircraft began acting erratically before plunging into the ocean. the black boxes will ping for 30 days, and it's report that does -- reported that smoke was detected minutes before the plane went out. >> there was no help man error that would just trigger smoke alarms. >> reporter: airline officials say it could take weeks to identify human remains that have been collected, adding to
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the grief of relatives searching for answers. jonathan vigliotti, cbs news, crete. >> so far, no terrorism group has claimed responsibility for the attack. this morning, the padres are saying sorry to the san diego gay men's chorus. the mlb team is also disciplining an employee saying they are no longer working with a contractor after 100 singers took the field at petco park on saturday night to sing the national anthem but never got the chance. instead, fans heard a recorded voice of a woman singing. >> the padres, 40,000 people there and the gay men's chorus but a woman was singing over us. >> a special lgbt pride event was held at the stadium. the padres said their investigation shows no evidence
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of malicious intent but the employees didn't intervene and correct the situation. and a pride celebration in concord brings hundreds together. about 300 people were enjoying live music, dancing, food trucks and a beer garden. the rainbow community center has been organizing this every year since 2008. and it provides support from cross contra costa county. believe it or not, it's been 30 years since ferris bueller decided he was too cool for school. >> and his fans decide they were not too cool to have celebrate. that was a lively scene in chicago, the city where ferris did anything but homework. the 3-dayfest celebrated the movie including visiting the set locations and meeting the actors and a screening of the movie with critic richard
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roeper. >> that was one of the best movies of all times. >> was he driving a ferrari in that movie? >> and sadly almost crashing that car. but hard to believe that many years has gone by. >> i know. we're getting old, guys. [laughter] >> i think the older you get, the faster things go. >> that's true, actually. >> so ferris was able to drive that ferrari at high speed. what about traffic? you would be wasting your ferrari on the drive this morning but a nice segue. and let's s e g -- segway. and let's look at el portal, the drive time, 26 minutes as you head down the east shore freeway to the macarthur maze and 880 southbound at the
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turnoff for the dumbarton bridge, things are good in the milpitas corridor, drive time, 16, 17 minutes, not too bad. and we started off with a rougher than usual ride at the bay bridge toll plaza, and the backup, no longer here on the 880 approach. it's starting to thin just a bit with a disabled big rig at the right side of the toll plaza and held things up for so long and slower than usual, 680 down at the sunol grade. we have been incident free but heavier than the usual traffic. here's elizabeth with your weather update. thank you, george. if you like temperatures on the cooler side, you'll like today. santa rosa, napa in the upper 40s and 53 out the door in livermore. the temperatures are below average for this time of year. you are not fooling -- you are not -- i don't know what i am trying to say. here is a look at the low
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pressure off the coast but mainly a pop-up shower or two possible, not a huge wash out and that brings a chance of a possible shower that is sticking around tomorrow as well. this is why, an area of low pressure that was in place since this weekend. notice shower activity on saturday? this is the reason why. cooler than average on sunday and monday and tuesday, we'll warm things up by the middle of this week, and this is what is going on it won't feel like the usual may day. partly cloudy to start with areas of coastal fog as well and afternoon clouds with the north bay showers and sunrise, just before 6:00 at 5:54 and this morning, the sunset at 8:20. take a look at some of the numbers from later today. it will be a mix of sun and clouds and 65 in hayward and upper 60s in pleasanton and livermore and in the north bay, 70 in fairfield and 70 in napa.
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mid-60s in the north bay, 65 in san rafael. here's a look at the 7-day forecast i was talking about. we'll see a repeat tomorrow and hit repeat in the forecast for today, temperatures below average and getting more seasonal slowly as the work week continues, reaching the peak we friday, the end of the work week and temperatures, looking nice and more seasonal, average by this weekend. more after the break. and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, the giants go for the series victory over the chicago cubs, the as try and avoid the sweep and draymond's kick could have consequences for the warriors.
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good morning, everyone. last night, the warriors suffered their worst depete in
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the steve kerr er a the warriors down 8 when draymond green was tangled up with steve adams and kneed him below the belt. green was called for a flagrant foul and the thunder, they just took off and combined for 63 points. oklahoma city goes on to win 133-105 and they lead 2 games to 1. the cubs pull into san francisco with the league's best record but that didn't seem to faze madison bum beganner -- bumgarner who struck out 6 and lined to left to provide the game's only run. the new big 3 in oakland, the yankees took the lead for good with 2 runs in the 6th and tweaked the 4-game series at
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the coliseum. and big news, big implications for the warriors. we'll find out perhaps later today -- well, definitely later today on whether or not draymond green will be available for game 4 on tuesday. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. the play of the day at that time puerto rico for an exhibition match. puerto rico's luis bettancourt with an amazing shot at the top of the net. puerto rico's only goal as the u.s. went on to win 3-1. goal! 6:25 and the closure of a popular san francisco park is not going as expected. how people are simply ignoring the warnings. investigators are back at a home in vallejo this morning after a fire yesterday that killed a 5-year-old boy. ,,,,,,,,
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i'm kiet do. we are live in san jose. today is the last day to register to vote. however, a bay area attorney is suing to extend the deadline. >> san francisco's police chief is talking about radically changing the response to police shooting. >> and we have seen a pop up shower or two in the north bay. what to expect for the afternoon is coming up. >> and a new accident popped up where 980 and 580 come together. a completely look at traffic straight ahead. good morning.
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it's monday, may 23. i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm being anne makovec in for michelle. a 5-year-old boy is dead after a fire in a home in vallejo. jackie ward is live where the investigation is under way this morning. >> reporter: anne, this is a very sad story and big questions remain unanswered, who did this and why? investigators are back on the scene and you can see vallejo fire just showed up and have this area blocked off. the police presence was here all night to guard the home. and we are trying to get answers today. before 10:00, the fire department got a call of a structure fire on stella street. while crews were on their way, they learned that a 5-year-old child was trapped inside and prompted them to call a second alarm before they even got to the house but the 5-year-old boy was dead. a neighbor shared memories.
6:31 am
>> just engulfed in flames, and she is yelling for the neighbors and everybody to just get her son out. please, get my son out. he's in there. >> reporter: the fire was so big that flames engulfed several rooms and the house is ruled as a total loss. anne, you mentioned earlier it was ruled suspicious. jackie ward, kpix 5. >> jackie, thank you. it will be quite sometime before the dick's bakery will re-open their doors. there was a fire over of the weekend with smoke and water damage keeping them closed for weeks. the bakery has done in business for more than half a search in willow glen. crews are battling a wildfire in southern monterey county.
6:32 am
cal fire said that the blaze has scorched nearly 3900 acres near soledad. the fire began yesterday afternoon. there are no reports of injuries, and no homes are threatened. >> people are posting pictures of the fire on social media, looking at the smoke, and here is a picture from ruthie boyd. this fire was 20% contained according to the most recent report. it could be a taste of things to come for fire season but we aren't finished with the rain season yet. yeah. it feels cool and it's kind of cool in the studio [laughter] yeah. you feel that? okay. it's a girl thing i think. let's go outside and show you what it looks like, a lot of clouds especially along the coast, and looking from the transamerica pyramid looking east from the bay bridge, and yeah, the current temperatures, a lot of 53s, concord, oakland, livermore and cooler in santa
6:33 am
rosa coming in at 48. we have the high def doppler out, and as anne mentioned, it's the area of low pressure with the below average temperatures and you may have caught a sprinkle or two on saturday. the similar story in the north bay hills and pop-up showers in clear lake that will continue in the afternoon hours and we'll hit repeat on that tomorrow, by the way, and this afternoon, mainly in the 60s, 70 in inland spots, and it's already busy on the road, george. elizabeth, we have an update on a problem at the macarthur maze, first reported on 980, a continuation of highway 24 from the maze down to the nimitz. the accident was coming from highway 24 on to 580 westbound. so it's adding to the delays heading into and through the
6:34 am
macarthur maze. slow traffic on the upper east shore from below willow road and highway 4 with the accident westbound at el portal. we have problems on 680 and 242. they are both reported northbound but they are adding to the southbound commute direction delays and while seeing some improvement here for the 580-205 commute, it's a heavier than usual ride out of tracy into the altamont. in about three hours, mothers against drunk driving are planning a rally at the capitol, wanting lawmakers to pass a bill requiring ignition locking devices for convicted drunk drivers. >> we want to make sure everyone convicted of a dui is not only kept off the roads if necessary but also that they
6:35 am
have the opportunity to make it better. >> the bill has to pass by friday to move forward. and police are looking for suspects in an east bay shooting forcing officers to shut down three lanes of 580 at regatta boulevard. nobody was hit. the san francisco acting police chief is saying that transpatiencey is -- transparency is part of the plan. >> we have a lot of things we are working on, and we are looking at alternatives to officer involved shootings or oiss to make sure that the public understands it's clear and transparent and they don't think anything is covered up. >> chief toney chaplain spoke with the naacp yesterday stressing that most cops want
6:36 am
to do good work and bad behavior won't be tolerated. and the use of force will be the focus of a justice summit on wednesday, hosted by a public defender who has been known to criticize the department and is especially concerned about the shooting last week of a woman in a stolen car. and if you plan to vote in the california primary election today is your last chance to register. kiet do is live at the santa clara county registrar's office with word that a lawsuit could post -- post bone -- postpone that deadline, kiet? >> reporter: that's right. an oakland attorney is filing a lawsuit, and he's trying -- it's a long shot -- but trying to delay it by two weeks saying that it's confusing. right now, people with no party preference get a ballot for the june primary election without
6:37 am
any presidential candidates on it. of unless they tell the registrar how they want to vote, it will be blank. but the lawsuit wants to hold a public awareness campaign and extend the deadline until june 7. expertssay that's impossible because california does not yet have the technology to do that and while this is going on, the clinton and sanders are campaigns are duking it out in california. >> if the democratic party wants the strongest candidates, it will be our campaign that will defeat donald trump. >> reporter: all right. you do have options. you can bring in your vote by mail ballot to a polling place and the workers can exchange it for whatever eligible ballot
6:38 am
than you want. back to you. and the democratic race for president is still on. and some of the candidates might be returning to california? >> reporter: hillary clinton in san jose on wednesday, time and place, tba. bernie sanders, no immediate plans to come back to the bay area just yet. >> okay. thank you. and visitors to san francisco are trying to capture a way to see the iconic home, the painted lady. you can see the visitors entering and exiting through a fence at alamo square park. the area is closed for renovation. in san francisco, a sculpture of venus has been all body but today, she gets a head. last week, strong winds prevented crews from planting the head on the 92-foot sculpture. it's part of a mid market complex and part of a collection of intriguing artwork. 6:38 and more problems in
6:39 am
one california community where a methane leak forced thousands to evacuate their homes. >> and a fond farewell to a south bay institution that has entertained families for decades. >> oh, and the market opened about 10 minutes ago. a quick check on the big board, down a bit on monday. coming up, we'll give you an update from jason brooks.
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good morning. let's go flying around the bay area, checking the highs for later today, 60s and some areas are posting 70. the temperatures below average, 5 to 7 degrees below for this time of year. 69 in pittsburg and you could see a pop-up shower or two in parts of the north bay.
6:43 am
68 in novato and seeing a pop- up shower near clear lake already. and 67 in clear lake and 69 is the forecasted high in clover dale. we'll warm up by mid week. stay tuned for the 7-day forecast coming up. a multi-billion dollar offer is on the table. >> and joining us is our financial reporter jason brooks. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, anne and kenny. wheeling and dealing always gets the attention of wall street. german giant bayer is offering $62 billion for st. louis-based monsanto. this comes as a wave of consolidation has gripped the form supply business including a deal between dow chemical and dupont and bayer is taking a chance. a number of major shareholders has argued against this move
6:44 am
and called bayer's ceo an empire builder by trying to buy monsanto for so much money. another deal is not looking so certain in the u.s. newspaper industry. tribune publishing is turning down a second offer from the usa today owner ganette, saying a turn around plan is a better fit for companies like the chicago tribune and l.a. times. stocks are off to a flat start. let's go to the big board. the dow moving higher by 12 points and the nasdaq gaining 16 and the s&p up by 1 point. anne and kenny, back to you. >> jason, thank you. a clean up of the homes in the porter ranch area affected by a gas leak has stopped after the health department ruled that the senator california gas temperature contractor was not properly trained. the clean up was ordered after
6:45 am
115 wells started leaking in october. an estimated 100,000 metric tons of methane was released before it was plugged in february. it's still unclear how a driver of a church bus lost control before it overturned in the san bernardino mountains, winding up on its side blocking the road about 50 miles east of l.a. it sideswiped a mountain wall and overturned. six people were seriously hurt and 14 others were tan -- taken to the hospital with minor injuries. the thieves behind a smash- and-grab in san carlos are still on the run p they smashed through the imbert and smithers gun shop this morning. residents were unsettled. >> if someone has the gall to do that, drive a vehicle
6:46 am
through a plate glass window, it's nerve-racking. >> just protect yourself the best you can. >> investigators would not say how many weapons were stolen. in berkeley, a bunch of baby geese went for a walk but the trouble is they took the walk on i-80, and the chp heard about their workout from the worried driver yesterday and began a slow-speed chase. three highway patrol vehicles stopped traffic and got the guys from the far left lane to the right shoulder there and finally back to safety. >> make sure they don't do that in the morning or evening commute. and we do have slow spots for the commute, and george tracking them. it has happened indeed that we have had animals in the roadway but that's not the case this morning. we have a problem with caltrain 305 northbound. it's rapted stopped in downtown burlingame. it was near the oak grove
6:47 am
overcrossing that we got word of this incident. this is not yet confirmed although the assignment desk is checking on it. it might have been a pedestrian struck and major delays are building for caltrain. we have an accident in the macarthur maze, westbound 580 connecting to westbound 580 right in the heart of the mcarthur maze from 24, and that will mean slow going, and here for the ride, the bay bridge, we can see the drive times, 38 minutes now coming down from the upper east shore freeway to the lower east shore. this is due to early morning problems with the toll plaza, long since cleared and also due to an earlier occurring accident. but here is the ride on 92 as you can see westbound looking great, no problems although right at 630, things slow down, and that's what's happening here. the ride out of marin county forecast golden gate bridge, a light and easy ride, 15 to 20
6:48 am
minutes for the trip time out of downtown san rafael. here's elizabeth in the weather center. thank you, george. a monday morning on the roads and unfortunately, gray as well. here's a live look right now from the camera where you can see the bay bridge and low clouds and temperatures on the cooler side. this weekend, it was feeling cooler than usual, and today is a repeat. 50 is what you are waking up to in san jose and a lot of 53 degrees from san francisco to concord. so we are watching high def doppler as well especially for the north bay and north bay hills with a chance of a pop-up shower or two likely this afternoon, but i want to zoom into clear lake where a few showers that way. and a thundershower is not out of the realm of the possibility as well. this is why, an area of low pressure that is bringing us temperatures that are slightly below seasonal for this time of
6:49 am
year, 5 to 7 degrees below average for this time of year and bringing a few showers in the north bay, and it will stick around for the next couple days. what to expect, partly cloudy to start with and coastal fog and afternoon clouds and a north bay shower or 2, highs on the cool to mild side and here's a look at the highs around the bay, a lot of 60s. some places, though, pushing 70s. as i step out of the way, pacifica reaching 69 degrees so it will feel differently around the bay. you'll feel the microclimates today. this is what the next story is for the next several days, a chance of showers in the north bay and we'll hit repeat on that tomorrow and then the warming trend begins around mid week and looking like it's reach the peak by thursday and friday and temperatures inland reaching to more seasonal for this time of year, upper 70s. and it should be a nice weekend as well. that's the weather. kenny and anne, back to you guys.
6:50 am
a san jose middle schooler is spelling his way to glory. >> that's right, and rutvik gandhasri won the cbs spelling bee in march and since then, he has been practicing 23 hours a week for the national showdown and he could win $40,000 and maybe time off from the dictionary. good luck to him. the record number of humpback and blue whales continue to block off the coast of san francisco. marine scientists say they counted between 30 and 60 60 humpbacks a day and 30 blue whales. that's much higher than usual for this time of year. and scientists at livermore laboratory are working to prevent a disaster like the one depicted in the
6:51 am
movie "deep impact." and workers are dealing with relatively small meteorites that have drifted through space for billions of years and then fell to earth. >> nobody has worked with meteorites before. >> the research team is working with ways to deflect a larger asteriod that could collide with the earth in the future. and it's the end of the era for the cambrian bowl. the new owner will demolish the plaza. a huge rent increase forced the bowling alley to shut down earlier than planned. the place has been a popular gathering spot for bowlers since 1961. the time right now, 6:51, and we should have a winner over a long battle over a
6:52 am
proposal over fracking in 1 bay area county. investigators are back on the scene here at stella street where fire destroyed a home and killed a 5-year-old boy. ,,
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spokesbox: ♪ go paperless, don't stress, girl ♪ ♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ rranean for more wreckage air flight 804. 5 things to know at 6:55. crews are looking for more wreck wreckage from egypt flight 804, working to recover the date and voice recorders which could show what led to the crash. and president obama is in vietnam working to ease relations between the two countries. the president announced that the u.s. is lifting a 50-year- old ban on selling equipment to vietnam. and today is the last day
6:56 am
to register for your party for the primary. you can check your registration status online or at your county elections office. the sharks in st. louis today for a crucial game 5 against the blues. the series is tied at 2-2 after game 4 on saturday night. the series will head back to san jose for game 6 on wednesday. tonight, the alameda county commission is supposed to vote on fracking which involves injecting water laced with chemicals thousands of feet underground. the ordinance was delayed after falling 1 vote short of passing. i'm jackie ward in vallejo where fire investigators are back on the scene of a home that caught fire yesterday, destroyed the home and killed a
6:57 am
5-year-old boy. just before 10:00, the fire was reported and neighbors could see smoke billowing out of a back window where the boy was trapped. the mother tried to get him out, and she was badly burned herself. >> she was yelling for the neighbors and everybody to just get her son out. please, just get my son out. he's in there. >> reporter: the 5-year-old was dead by the time he was found. his brother has minor injuries and the mother has second and third-degree burns. today, they will try and determine a cause and it was deemed as a suspicious fire. jackie ward, kpix 5. and here's a quick check of traffic as we are monitoring major delays now for caltrain on the peninsula, northbound train number 305, stopped. and so are all trains behind it stopped. a pedestrian was struck in burlingame near the oak grove overcrossing. we are getting word that a bus
6:58 am
bridge is being setup between the -- set up between the two stations. elizabeth some. we are looking at 53 in livermore and santa rosa, 48 degrees. so it's going to feel on the mild to cool side by later this afternoon. san francisco reaching a high only in the low 60s and upper 60s farther inland, concord, livermore, and a chance of showers today and tomorrow and warm up for real, more seasonal temperatures wednesday and thursday and into the weekend. >> thank you, elizabeth. the grateful dead may be no longer but former members of the band are new touring as defend and company with singer-
6:59 am
songwriter john mayer. the tickets for the show at the fillmore have been distributed. i guess you can any. go. you have the day off. >> and there is something of a purple haze rising above the show. [laughter] a contact high. it was mild, you know. i'm a morning girl so i'm off by noon. and everyone is still -- yeah. a little later, things got out of control. we hope you enjoy the concert if you are heading out there. thank you for watching kpix 5 news this morning. and avoid the raindrops in the north bay? >> north bay hills especially. >> all right. cbs this morning is coming up next. have a good one. >> have a good day.
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captioning funded by cbs good morning to our viewers in the west. it is monday, may 23, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." history in hanoi. president obama lifts an embargo on weapons sales to vietnam. the deepening ties or a show of strength against chinese intimidati intimidation? what is donald trump's true value? a lawsuit reveals questions about the real estate mogul's wealth. plus, madonna and stevie wonder's tribute to prince from last night's billboard awards. today's "eye opener: your world in 90 seconds." " i said he was unqualified to be president.


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