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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  May 23, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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this time, green said it was just an accident. >> nobody can go in my head and say draymond was kicking about kicking him and he kicked him. >> did he try and kick you in the groin? >> reporter: it was the talk of sports radio today on kmbr, the sports leader. >> intentional. >> reporter: and at sports bars like pedros in the city. >> yeah. that looks intentional. >> that's unnatural. >> that's not intentional. he is trying to push the ball up. >> you have to win by any means necessary. >> there is no thought process that would have him suspended. >> reporter: fitzgerald is the announcer and doesn't think it was necessarily clean. >> that was a flagrant 1. >> reporter: well, now, it's a flagrant 2 if they adult and that means if he gets another
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flagrant foul, he is out of the game and will be suspended for the game after that. mike sugarman, kpix 5. >> on facebook, we are asking you if green intentionally kicked adams. 44%say, yeah, totally. 42%saysay, an honest mistake and 14% can't tell. we are following breaking news from the hayes valley. you can see firefighters up on the roof there and have gotten the fire under control. there is visible damage and a rather large hole. ladders are extended from the truck at two angles. no word on any injuries. the fire is out. new at 5:00, a fire in vallejo turns into something more sinster. a search is on for a man who police say killed his own 5- year-old son by torching the
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house. 53-year-old darrylone shuemake, senior is wanted for murder for the fire on stella street. the child wound up trapped in the burning bedroom. juliette goodrich is in vallejo to tell us why investigators believe this is a case of arson. juliette? >> reporter: ken, we're outside the vallejo police department, and this case has gone from arson to a fire-murder investigation and police are looking for the little boy's father. they can't find him. vallejo poli confirmed the unthinkable, the house fire that killed 5-year-old darrylone was no accident. police believe that his father, intentionally set the fire that killed his son. >> he is on the run and expected to be dangerous. we're asking for the public to assister us in located him so that we may bring him to justice in regards to this case.
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>> reporter: police believe that the fire was set in the back master bedroom where the child and his mother were at the time. >> used an accelerant and that the fire recently was in the master bedroom. >> reporter: the little boy's mother and 13-year-old boy suffered severe burns. jeff ames lives across the street and tried to rescue the boy. >> heard the woman, the mom, out front, hollering her baby was inside. >> reporter: jeff said he got halfway into the burning house and had to turn around. >> the smoke was horrible, i mean, thick, toxic, thick, thick black smoke like an oil fire almost. and i got low and was hugging the floor. i was able to go a few feet mother and that was it. >> reporter: when firefighters arrived, it was too late. the little boy was dead in a back room. as for a motive, police don't know. their main job is to track down the little boy's father. ed for arson and murder, and as
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for the little boy's mother, she is in the hospital, suffering severe burns and the 13-year-old was released. police are asking anyone with information on the boy's father to contact them immediately. we are learning more in the murder of a millbrae father. tiffany li and her new boyfriend and friend are behind bars. the three were arrested over the weekend. 27-year-old keith green was reported missing last month and his body was found a couple of weeks ago. we have more now on how authorities unraveled this murder mystery. >> reporter: arrests typically bring you answers and tells you who investigators believe committed the crime, planned or carried out the murder but many of the details in the death of keith green remains frustratingly a mystery. we now know who police think is
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responsible for the death of keith green. the sheriffs office raided a home in burlingame and this home in hillsborough, arresting tiffany li, kavaeh bayat and olivier adella. >> we are not going into detail into how he was killed. detectives have not confirmed a motive. this case is go going report of report -- this case is still ongoing. >> reporter: it went from a missing person's case to a full-fledged investigation. and the former couple has two children, so detectives say it's a double tragedy, losing a
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father to murder and the mother to the justice system that is determined to prove she committed the crime. investigatorssay that the children's mother had physical custody of him and they are currently staying with the family but child protective services are also involved. some scary moments for passengers on board a flight headed to sfo. a virgin american plane had just taken off from denver about 11:30 this morning and pilots declared an emergency after reporting a bird strike and returned to the airport. passengerssay they felt what they thought was turbulence. >> we are very grateful that he turned around and did the right thing and kept us informed as did the crew. they were great. >> on the ground, we saw the crews checking the plane's wing for damage and passengers are booked on other flights. we are getting word of a deadly plane crash in hawaii during a skydiving tour.
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five people were killed when the plane went down in kauai today. the engine caught fire causing the plane to take a nosedive outside port allen airport. the ntsb is investigating. and investigators are looking into what sparked a house fire in mill valley. take a look at this one, intense. southern marin sharing photos from the front of the house and crews from several agencies works to contain the fire to just one home, and they tell us that the house was not opened at the time and nobody was hurt. meanwhile, a grass fire burned next to a south bay freeway this afternoon. two lanes were blocked at berryessa road. there was quite a bit of smoke but traffic was allowed through in the other lanes. just two weeks until the california primary and hillary
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clinton is holding on to her status as democratic frontrunner. by double digits, 57-39%, and 4% are undecided. today is the deadline to register to vote in the primary, but allen martin says that this sanders' reporters want to give people more time. >> reporter: an oakland attorney has filed suit to extend the deadline until election day. he said that the rules are just too confusing. here is how it works. if you are registered as no party preference, you will receive a ballot that is blanket. you can exchange that on voting day. bernie sanders file that does suit, and senator sanders
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appeared at this rally in l.a. and appealing to women voters. >> millions of women from this country work for 79 cents an hour compared to what men make. women want the whole damn dollar and they're right. >> former president clinton is making stops campaigning for his wife and is hitting hard on a familiar theme, donald trump's promises. >> nobody cares about you. i will build a wall, and send the chinese products home and i'll make it like it used to be. >> we'll be seeing more candidate this is week, and hillary clinton and donald trump are expected to be here in california. ken? >> thank you. and president obama's trip to vietnam is coming with controversy. he announced that he is lifting the arms embargo against the
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communist country that has been in place since the vietnam war. he is sending a message to china, their neighbor to the north. >> this will ensure that vietnam has the equipment it needs to defend itself. >> at the same time, boeing announced that it signed an $11 billion business deal with vietnam. it will sell 100 passenger jets to viet jet. and tourists, why they are willing to break the law for the painted lady. >> for the 4th consecutive day, we did not see the 70s in the bay area. another chilly day and breezy day and a few showers on the radar. i'll share that with you. there is a lot of the low cloud cover returning once again and we'll talk about how long the cool weather will stick around and when 80s return. >> and you don't like nosey neighbors? what mark zuckerberg is doing to make sure he has a little privacy. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the embattled santa clara cy jail. two ail guards arrested. new at 5:00, new trouble for the embattled santa clair county jail, two more guards have been arrested. phillip abecendario and tuan le are booked under felony of assault under the color of authority, accused of beating a shackled inmate last year leaving his jaw permanently disfigured, and this happened about a month before a mentally ill inmate was beaten to death. the three guards in that case have pleaded not guilty to murder charges. and since then other guards have been accused of using a criminal database and the
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other, compensation fraud. a man is lucky to be alive after falling on to bart tracks in san francisco at the embarcadero station. according to rescue crews, the man fell right as the train approached. he was trapped under the train but crews were able to slide him out. he suffered minor injuries. in san leandro, a pedestrian was fatally struck by a capitol corridor train on davis street between alvarado and orchard avenue, prompting road closures. another fatal accident on the caltrain tracks in burlingame at the oak grove crossing. this marks the sixth fatality this year. and new housing options for transgender students. the point is to allow transjeopardier and gender fluid kids to live in the same
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area. so-called transinclusive housing will be available in a group of apartments. a shakeup in an agency trying to speed up the long airport security lines. the tsa's head of security was fired. the oversight committee tweeted that kelly hogan was dismissed. there were complaints of bonuss that he received as millions of passengers suffered at massive lines around the country. and we're getting a look at excerpts from bill cosby's deposition. in it, the actor admits giving the women he planned on having sex with sedatives and admits to an inappropriate encounter with a girl who was only 17. tomorrow, the judge will determine if there is enough everyday to send decades old assault accusations to trial. a baltimore police officer was cleared in the freddie gray
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police brutality case. six officers faced charges buoyed ward nero was acquitted of assault. a judge ruled in a non-jury trial that nero acted as a reasonable officer would. a fence surrounding one of san francisco's most iconic park isn't doing much to detour tourists. >> but many people are still finding a way to snap a pic of the famous painted lady. >> reporter: san francisco's row of painted ladies victorian homes have always made for a fabulous photographer but it was the opening sequence of "full house" that made alamo square park a tourist destination. >> came to see where full house was filmed. didn't know the fence was going to be here. >> reporter: the fence is up because the park is under going renovation. but that's not mentioned in the
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brochures, so tourists just come, and most settle for the overhead snapshot but recollects sneaked through a hole in the fence. the fence has been repaired, sort of. if you raises an ethical dilemma. >> i hope that i wouldn't do that, but after traveling a few thousand miles, it might be tempting. >> reporter: eric mcfarland brought his family from louisiana to see the spot even if his daughter isn't as excited about it. >> it was in tv shows, and that's about all i know. >> reporter: this vancouver resident was jazzed to be here but the family didn't seem to appreciate the historical significance of this place. >> my wife and kid are in the car and they don't bother getting out. what are you going to see?
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the fence is up. >> take a picture, do what you need to do, and i'll wait for you. >> reporter: tourists are disappointing but they will continue to come because how it looks now probably won't end up in a guide book. in san francisco, kpix 5. that's probably true. >> so many wonderful neighborhoods in san francisco, restaurants, museums, parks. we could go to uncle jesse's house and stand there all day. >> it is john stamos. i want to know about the guy who charges $20 for a stool to get over the fence. >> it's like the golden gate bridge. you stand in front of that, and you have to the shot. >> we live in a gorgeous area and take it for granted. >> yes, we do. >> but it was cooler today but clear. chilly again and we were below normal for the 4th consecutive day and after tomorrow, it will be a full 5. a few of you barely made it to
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70, santa rosa and concord right at the mark, and low clouds invading sfo. radar is still active and, folks, it's still snowing in parts of the sierra. if you heard thunder in morgan hill or gilroy in the past hour or so, thunderstorms over the diablo arrange away from the bay area like new man -- newman and patterson, i-80, moving away property san jose, you may hear them there. and we have a new lightning strike picked up by the radar. it was a gorgeous day and looks warmer than it was, and we had partly sunny skies and low cloud cover streaming in from the ocean because the onshore flow is prevalent. overnight lows, vallejo, 53, and so we've had this area of low pressure since friday sitting over southern oregon and northern california. it's now monday evening, and it's still there. tomorrow, it will still be
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there continuing to feed in the unstable air and on shore free throw keeping us relatively cloudy and cool and temperatures running 5 to 15 degrees cooler than average. a look at futurecast. tomorrow, much like today, there will be a few showers out there and widespread cloud cover tomorrow, and look at the afternoon, the north bay mountains like you saw earlier today and over the weekend, and you may see higher elevation showers and a slight chance of a severe thunderstorm, and then it's done. the low moves as we head from the holiday weekend, and high pressure is building in, and it won't sit over the bay area giving us 90s or 100s, and it will be pleasantly warm and that transition begins on wednesday and thursday. there will be north bay showers tomorrow and sunny and warmer on thursday. 60 tomorrow, and 67 in fremont and 68 for livermore and 65 for redwood city and napa, 69 with
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a slight chance of a shower up highway 29 and san rafael, 66 tomorrow, and milder with no rain wednesday and sunshine is back on thursday setting the stage for what will be a fantastically, pleasant weekend. saturday, sunday, monday, 70s at the bay and 60s at the beach and 80s inland so warm stuff but not hot stuff and rain, raining 4 out of the 5 months of this year. >> bonus. thank you, paul. a san francisco landmark. >> and why the moment was bittersweet for one bay area woman.
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he scooped up four houses o in 20-13.. facebook founder mark zuckerberg isn't looking to make many friends in his neighborhood. he scooped up four houses near his home in palo alto in 2014 for a total of $30 million. chopper 5 shows the area of e
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dgewood drive, and now, he wants to knock down the smaller homes. why the downsize? zuckerberg learned that a developer was planning to build a house next door tall enough to peer into his master bedroom. in burlingame, a couple and their dogs had to be rescued by police everywhere a close encounter with a coyote at mills canyon park. the couple said they were hiking when the of coyote cornered them with particular interest in their dog. officers arrived and scared off the coyote, and they say this is a good reminder to keep your animals on the leash. major headway in a massive art installation in san francisco. crews painstakingly installed the head of the 92-foot sculpture of venues. strong winds delayed the phase of the project last week. the daughter of the developer who commissioned it, fought
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back tears as she watched it all unfold. >> it's actually very emotional because my dad built this venues. venues. it was his dream to be the gift of san francisco, the size of a football field and art everywhere. so, yeah. i am very proud of my dad, really proud. i miss him. >> the polished stainless steel work of start just a few feet shorter than the statue of liberty and is now the tallest statue in the city. and we are back after a quick break. >> stay with us. ,,,,,,,,
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tonight: you see a dog trapped in a t i'm allen martin in the kpix 5 newsroom. new at 6:00, you see a dog in a hot car, and you want to help but breaking the window can get you sued. legal cover for people who jump in to rescue pets, and hungry deer out of control, the bay area city divided over the extreme measure to rein them in. >> all right. thank you. that's it for kpix news at 5:00. nora o'donnell fills in for scott pelley on the evening news. >> and the latest on our website.
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>> o'donnell: a baltimore cop is cleared in the death of freddie gray. the first case against six officers to reach a verdict. >> it's wrong. it's injustice. it's not right. >> o'donnell: also tonight, the v.a. secretary draws fire for this comment about long waits for health care. >> when you go to disney, do they measure the number of hours you wait in line? >> o'donnell: our special series, one family's battle against heroin addiction. >> i'll never give up on him, never, ever. ed o'donnell: and they challenged everest, and lost. >> death by drowning on a mountain 29,000 feet above sea level. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> o'donnell: good evening. scott is off tonight. i'm norah o'donnell.


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