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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  May 24, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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what a beautiful view, tuesday, may 24. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm kenny choi. how's the weather shaping up out there? looking good with a little bit of drizzle and showers and a whole lot of a little. that's what is happening. we fired up the kpix 5 doppler to prove no rain yet. but there could be this afternoon. how about traffic? over at the bay bridge toll plaza, wide open to kickstart your tuesday morning. no traffic delays getting into the city and bart was on time. it was a rough commute yesterday and we'll continue to keep the latest on kpix traffic. >> all right. thank you. a vallejo neighborhood is mourning a little boy who died in a fire and it's believed that his own father set it. what neighbors think about the
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suspect now. >> reporter: a suspected arsonist on the run. vallejo police believe this man, darrylone shuemake, set fire to a house and the victim, his own 5-year-old child. >> he killed a child. that makes him dangerous. >> i heard about it and i knew who did it. >> reporter: witnesses saw him get into a fight with the boy's mother a couple of weeks ago. >> he was pushing her and calling her terrible names and she was saying get away. she was going to call police but he couldn't stop. >> reporter: he was seen back at the house as recently as two days ago. policesay it's clear that the fire was no accident and it was set near the master bedroom using an accelerant, something
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that this neighbor found out when he tried to save the boy. >> it was so hot. it was like an oil fire. >> it would be wise to turn yourself in. >> i hope they catch him and justice will prevail. >> the boy's mother and brother survived the blaze but the mom is still recovering in the hospital. police consider darrylone armed and dangerous. two prison guards are charged with assault accused of beating a shackled inmate. these are booking photos of phillip abecendario and tuan le, accused with attacking the inmate. >> we interviewed 24 inmates, witnesses, and they traveled down to the prison on the california-mexico border and interviewed a witness. >> the guards face three years in county jail if they are
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convicted. and three other guards had been accused of beating inmate michael tyree. the guards in that case pleaded not guilty to murder charges. one of the suspects in the murder of a millbrae man is tiffany li, his ex-girlfriend and mother of their children, and the other suspects, olivier adella and her current boifer, kaveh bayat. >> detectives have not confirmed a motive. this case is still ongoing. >> the missing persons case became a murder investigation what green's body was found. happening in sacramento, a rally to back a bill helping
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save dogs in months allowing people to rescue a dog from an overheated pet. the person would have to wait until emergency personnel show up. >> three of us sat in the car and within 10 minutes, it got up to over 100 degrees and one thing to remember is the fact that humans can sweat to cool down, but dogs can't. >> tennessee, florida, and michigan have passed similar laws. >> you certainly want to be careful with your pets. don't leave them in a hot car. >> good advice. >> good advice. hey, good to see you. >> good to see you, too. been several years. >> time flies. certainly does. we have a new showers around the bay area this morning but there won't be much as the day goes on, and after that, a warming trend on the way for the bay. as we look at the bay bridge,
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here is how the numbers are shaping up, 54 for san francisco and 57 in san jose and 48 in santa rosa. the futurecast giving us an idea of how the clouds will play out. there could be a few pop-up cells over the higher elevations, and a shower wouldn't be a surprise today. generally cloudy, and then increasing sun and temperatures as well, so to sum it up, we'll start out with mostly cloudy skies and drizzle around the shoreline and finally later in the week, it will warm up. so it's all looking pretty good for tuesday. that's weather. how about traffic? >> hey, brian. good to see i. you. traffic is moving along very well moving into oakland heading into the city, no delays just yet and once on the bridge, the sensors are picking up the 16-minute drive time
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between the carquinas bridge and maze in oakland and a tough stretch along west 580 with a commuter with a flat tire. you can see from the yellow traffic was slow anyway from beyond the 205 interchange approaching the altamont pass and we are picking up relatively good traffic with a lot of room between the headlights which is the westbound commute. highway 92, bridge traffic is flowing well leaving hayward to foster city. that's kpix traffic. here's michelle. >> liza, thank you. and sign -- signs that community leaders and police officers can find common ground, nobody yelling and everybody listening. >> reporter: acting chief toney chaplain sitting down talking about how to mend fences with
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outreach workers. thursday's officer-involved shooting in bayview was still fresh in people's minds. these meetings after shootings can dissolve into shouting but this was on a path forward. >> i thought it was a start in the direction that we need to go. we have a lot to do and a lot to be done. >> the message i'm taking away -- and it's a good message -- is they are ready to work with the police department to restore trust. but obviously, we have to show them that we're deserving of the trust. >> reporter: chaplain said on friday his first three prioritys were reform, reform, reform and said that the report would speed up the roll out for getting officers back on the beat. >> proactive policing to me is not going out and arresting
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people but engaging in the community. get out of the car and find out who lives in the neighborhood. >> we have learned that so far, no one has filed a formal complaint about the shootings. the nation's 42nd president bill clinton is expected to attend a fundraiser in the bay area today. no specifics have been released yet. yesterday, he was in stockton and sacramento campaigning for his wife, hillary clinton who is getting criticism for deciding not to take part in a california debate against fellow democrat bernie sanders. here's hannah daniels. >> reporter: in front of a crowd of thousands in california, bernie sanders is blasting rival hillary clinton for rejecting his invitation to a debate ahead of the state's june 7th primary. >> i think it's a little insulting to the people of
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california that she is not prepared to have a discussion with me about how she will help california address the crises that we face. >> reporter: only 90 delegates away from clinching the nomination, the clint ton campaign said that her time is best spent meeting with voters and focusing on her likely opponent, donald trump. she attacked trump's position on the economy. >> what little we know of his economic policies would be running up our debt, starting trade wars, letting wall street run wild. he could bankrupt america like he bankrupted his companies. >> reporter: the presumptive gop nominee fought back and spoke about his recent personal attacks including on bill clinton. >> i don't like doing that, but when he hits me on things, dirty play, i have to fight
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back the way i have to fight back. >> reporter: donald trump is running unopposed in the republican primary. cbs news. >> trump has a campaign rally planned in new mexico and clinton and sanders are in california today. president obama is talking human rights as he continues his first visit to vietnam. the president said nations are more successful when people can freely express their thoughts and a symbol without harassment. >> i come here mindful of the past and focused on the future and the prosperity and security and human dignity that we can advance together. >> the president said no nation is perfect and clarified that the u.s. is not trying to impose its form of government
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on vietnam. still to come, not what you expect to find under your home. ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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vazquez... with a story yo'l see only on k-p-i-x five. a san francisco homeowner w having her childhood home nr rossi park renovat when contractors stumbled onto ay unusual sight under the gar ericka karner / sf homeowne said do you have any idea wt this is? we think it's a cat ... er idaho while the a disturbing discovery, a child's casket under a home. here is joe vasquez. >> reporter: a san francisco homeowner was having her childhood house near rocky park renovated what they stumbled upon a sight under the garage. >> they said it's a casket. >> reporter: she is living in idaho while the work is being done and told me it's a casket believed to be pureed 125 years ago. there was no identified marks so they named her miranda, and it's believed that she was left behind when the cemetery was moved. back in the 1930s, the rest of
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the oddfellow cemetery was dug up and all the bodies moved but some were left behind and every now and then turn up in residential construction. erica said that the city won't reclaim the remains because miranda was properly interred so she couldn't get a death certificate to have another burial. >> this is just a small child. this is awkward. >> an organization provides burials for unidentified children and the group hopes to find miranda's true identity and bury here this summer. a virgin america flight from denver was forced to return and make an emergency landing around noon yesterday because of a bird strike.
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passengers were booked on other flights. the tsa head has been fired and fined after massive security lines at airports are causing people to miss flights. the lines are not the only problems. tsa inspectors missed explosives and guns in 95% of covert tests. the tsa is adding more security officers at major airports across the u.s. in monterey, unusually warm water is bringing grabs to beaches and sending squid far away. el nino is making the water warmer than normal and the temperature brought them to monterey when they are usually farther south but this is bad news for squid who don't do well in warm water.
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>> it hurts us really big especially in the fishing community and anybody that makes their living off the ocean. >> we buy from the same company that we always buy from but they are coming out of china but it's not desireable. monterey squid is top notch. >> they are paying now about double the price for pound for squid. we will see both warmth and cool weather coming up, summertime weather at least inland. summertime in the city is freezing your teeth here if you are not careful. we have a little drizzle along the shoreline, just drizzle in spots and mostly cloudy skies, bay and inland, mid-50s, and high-def doppler, not showing much sensitivity.
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the doppler is cranked up, and you are seeing light showers over the southern end of the diablo range but not much yet except for the drizzle along the shoreline, and maybe a shower or two this afternoon as we look towards the beautiful sight of the bay bridge tuesday morning. concord, 56, and oakland, 57, and the west coast, low pressure over the bay area and a chance for that one more day and then the ridge of high pressure will nose into northern california and slowly warm us up into the mid-70s by the weekend, and a mostly cloudy start and a slight chance of an afternoon shower, and later in the week, we'll warm up. temperatures continue unusually cool, 62 in the city and 68 for concord and 65 for oakland and in the south bay, the numbers, mid-60s will do it with variable clouds, but variable sun. upper 60s for the east bay and sunshine is coming out a bit and maybe a bit of rain but it
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favors mostly the north bay with a chance of showers this afternoon, and 50s near ukiah and lake port and clear lake, the extended forecast, not looking bad. clouds will increase the sunshine towards the weekend and be near 80 by friday and temperatures remain back to moral by the time we get to early next week. that's weather. for traffic, here's liza. drivers leaving the southern marin area, brian, can look forward to light traffic at the golden gate bridge. leaving sausalito, looks good across the golden gate, no delays on lombard. we have a flat tire, west 580 slow there beyond the 205 interchange from mountain house and stays heavy and breaks free approaching 680. no problems for 580 down the dublin grade and the other commutes are doing okay, and
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you have to make the drive into san francisco, fine to take the bay bridge so far and the metering lights are off with just a breeze. silicone valley, 280, 17, 101, moving well, and highway 85 looking good approaching and passing the 280 interchange and mass transit on schedule with no delays for the bart system. that's a look at kcbs traffic. kenny and michelle? >> thank you, liza. when finding nem o debuted a lot of people wanted the clown fish. >> scientists designed these glowing fish for a good cause but most kids care about the pretty color. >> they were designed to look just normal and then when you introduce them in the water, they just pop color.
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[laughter] >> love the colors. so far, the fda has found no reason to regulate these glow fish because they are not used for food. it's 4:50 and mark zuckerberg is buying up homes in his neighborhood, and he is being pegged as a bad neighbor. >> and you can e-mail your cool school nomination to us at ,,
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worthy of the name in crash
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hello. hi, and welcome back. san francisco at 62 degrees and a mostly cloudy day with a chance of afternoon showers. the south bay, mid to upper 60s. the east bay, near 70 degrees and variable clouds. up in the north bay today, drizzle near the shoreline and temperatures, mid-60s and maybe afternoon sprinkles here and there especially by cloverdale and clear lake, and this may 24, if you see bob dylan around, tell him happy birthday, bob. 75 years old. liza? all right. we'll talk about this morning's commute where 580, 80, 880, all feeder freeways looking good heading towards the bay bridge maze. more kcbs traffic still ahead. kenny? a new report shows that muscle cars are not worthy of the name in crash tests. the institute for highway
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safety ran the camaro, ford mustang, and dodge challenger through the crash tests and all three earned a good rating but the camaro earned a low rating for roof strength and the challenger performed the worst. one owner didn't think about safety until she had her son. >> since i had the baby, it was like when are you getting a new car? >> tiffany said she is keeping her car, and the camaro and mustang are more popular than ever before. mark zuckerberg is buying homes near his home and tearing them down because he is worried about his privacy. >> reporter: zuckerberg snapped up four homes near his home on edgewoodbridge and plans to tear them down and rebuild them. the plans call for three single-
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story houses and one 2-story house and will take up about 20% less space. scott alexander lives two blocks away from the ceo . >> mark is a valued member of the community and should be allowed to do whatever he wants. i think he has every right to do what he wants with them. >> reporter: zuckerberg has not made clear what he plans to do with the homes, whether rent or sell. >> it should be up to the neighbors as well, to -- you know, the people across the street probably bought the house because of what the neighborhood looked like and now he is going to come in and change it. i don't know. >> reporter: he first bought the homes a few years ago after he learned about the developer's plans to build next door, tall enough to see in the master bedroom. >> i know enough about the way he has act inside his life that i assume he isn't going to build something with neon
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lights. >> reporter: one resident currently represents from zuckerberg. she was told not to speak to the media but said she would be moving out. betty yu, kpix 5. facebook is making changes to how it chooses trending topics. the social media company said it will no longer rely on news outlets to help decide on the topics. this comes after some accused facebook of stifling conservative views. after an investigation, facebook found no evidence of political bias. if you use fit bit, there are questions about how accurate they are. they are supposed to track your heart rate but according to a lawsuit, the results could be off by as much as 20 beats per minute. but in a statement, fitbit said that the lawsuit is nothing more than an attempt to extract
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a payout. trump university may have failed but college students are getting another shot with a new course, trump 101. it's being offered in the political science department in savannah state university in georgia. professor robert smith said they can look at donald trump's navigation of the primaries and the gop's realignment. it's 4:57 and just ahead, why you'll notice more police on the roads leading up to memorial day weekend. >> and san francisco's space policy is under scrutiny again. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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let's get a good morning. it's tuesday, may 24.
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i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm michelle griego. let's take a live look at san jose. last night's big win, the sharks, only one game away from the stanley cup finals. >> that's right. the first trip if they can get one more win. one more. >> they can do it. >> the weather looks good for them. >> okay. it's cold inside. it's cold inside but it will be chilly outside too, to start the day. but not bad as we look towards the bay bridge, numbers in the mid-50s, and they will skyrocket into the mid-60s today and by this afternoon, mostly cloudy skies and maybe a sprinkle or two, that will be about it, and the complete forecast in a few minutes but first here's liza with a z. >> he's -- liza with


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