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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  May 24, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm michelle griego. let's take a live look at san jose. last night's big win, the sharks, only one game away from the stanley cup finals. >> that's right. the first trip if they can get one more win. one more. >> they can do it. >> the weather looks good for them. >> okay. it's cold inside. it's cold inside but it will be chilly outside too, to start the day. but not bad as we look towards the bay bridge, numbers in the mid-50s, and they will skyrocket into the mid-60s today and by this afternoon, mostly cloudy skies and maybe a sprinkle or two, that will be about it, and the complete forecast in a few minutes but first here's liza with a z. >> he's -- liza with a z?
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thank you. we have a solo vehicle crash blocking the middle of the roadway, so be advised we may have delays southbound 29 at highway 121. cars are getting around that on the shoulder. westbound traffic is fine leaving oakland heading into the city and all of the bridge commutes are so far holding steady. more kcbs traffic in a few minutes. today, leaders in san francisco will consider changing policy on undocumented immigrants. jackie? >> reporter: good morning, kenny. this was supposed to happen a couple of weeks ago and it calls for i.c.e. to be notified only if a person has been charged with a violent crime or convicted of a violent crime within the last seven years. they are reexamining the sanctuary policy after a person
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was murdered by a man who was in the country illegally and was deported several times. >> it has moved itself to the point where almost every politician fears a word against it. as a matter of fact, most of the politicians want to slightly expand upon it in hopes of impressing the newcomers. >> reporter: the suspect was held on a 20-year-old marijuana conviction and the sheriff was following the follows of not sharing information with the feds. the only violent crime we could find was in 1997 on an adult charge. some argue he would not have been affected by this proposed policy change. jackie ward, kpix 5. >> jackie, what does the sheriffs office think about the proposal? >> reporter: the sheriff is opposed to it and has been and one of the reasons is because
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it's not clear if he would have been held for federal pick up under the proposed change and said he is happy to continue the conversation. back to you. >> jackie, thank you. a bill aimed at protecting police officers is moving to the state senate for a vote after the september unanimously approved it. it would give officers seen in video three days' notice to fight the video's release to prevent people from harassing or harming the officers, but groups are concern it could thwart access to public records. more work scheduled for today and tomorrow to demolish the span of the bay bridge. it will be transported by barges to the port of oakland where it will be disassembled. the bicycle and pedestrian path will be closed for safety reasons during the project. and a look at if google's
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super speedy internet will outweigh the downside. kiet do has a look at the pros and cons of bringing the high- speed internet. >> reporter: that's right. i skimmed through the memorandum of the google fiber project, and they have been working on this for many years and it's not guaranteed but this is a 64-page document, one of the longest i have ever seen and it's ready for approval. if google fiber comes, it will not be easy or quick. they will be digging trenches and laying lines to hundreds of customers. they have promised to do outreach and providing timely updates and offering customer support lines. the pay off is significant with
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download speeds of up to 1000- megabytes per second, and store two tera bites of content, and we have been watching google fiber unfold for five years. back in 2011, they were testing fiber at stanford university and it was impressive back then at 300-mega bits for second. san francisco is listed, but san jose is listed as just a potential city. when will it be done, well, who knows but it could take a few more years. we're live in downtown san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. >> kiet, how much it will cost? >> reporter: kansas city was the first to get it and they are on the order of $130 a month, top of the line everything, hd premium channels and the land lane for land --
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landline for $10 a month, competitive with comcast. >> kiet, thank you. and we'll get an update on the volkswagen emissions cheating scandal after a tentative deal was announced last month. under it, the company would give owners the option of selling them back to the company or getting the cars repaired. the oakland police department today will be watching the roads closely, part of a two-day motorcycle operation to reduce fatal collisions and injuries. officers will be looking for moving violations by riders and drivers that can lead to crashes. leading into the busy memorial day weekend, there will be a seat belt operation enforcement operation throughout the bay area and across the country. the click it or ticket campaign kicked off yesterday. the highway patrol will be looking for people not wearing seat belts. in california, roughly 50% of
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heme -- people in fatal crashes are not buckled up. donald trump has said all along he doesn't take cash from big contributors. >> but he will be in albuquerque today to do just that. mark, why do this now? >> reporter: it's expensive.. there is a reason he is doing this. last week, he was in washington for a behind the door meeting? those meetings, the republican party said clearly, you need to raise money. so a lot of the money he is raising is going to the republican party for the other candidates. $10,000 tonight to see him in albuquerque and $20,000 to see him in los angeles. it's cheaper than a degree from
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trump university. >> mark, by doing this, doesn't he run the risk of looking hypocritical? >> reporter: kenny, a simple way to put it, he is hypocritical, no other way to put it, but in fairness, there are a lot of hypocritical politicians on this. you look at the time that hillary clinton spent railing against money in politics and look at the money she has raised here. bernie sanders is the only one who can claim he hasn't had to pay fundraisers. barack obama has been here hundreds of times to california and has raised a lot of monday me -- money in san francisco. he can say these are the issues i care about, and now i have to go to nob hill and tell them about it but they don't do that, just fly out of the area with their pockets full of money. >> is it like an atm for
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national elections? >> reporter: it is. it's fascinating. $74million californians have given. in san francisco, $6 million this is keened of interesting. hillary clinton, $4 million from san francisco, bernie sanders $1.6 million donald trump, $9,189 from the people of san francisco. he may be at the top of nob hill at some point in the near future. >> marc sandalow from washington, d.c., thank you. 5:09 and is the answer to deer population control sterilization some. >> and lyft's new program that they are testing out in san francisco. >> and we have the kpix doppler fired up. we might need it later. 880 drivers, light
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conditions, no delays so far, but through oakland, bound for hayward, we are getting a report of an accident at 580 near livermore. i'll have details.
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introducing the completely redesigned mercedes-benz c-coupe, with its athletic prowess and sleek new body. it doesn't just raise the bar... completely crushes it. the all-new c-class coupe. mercedes-benz. right now, in monterey couna burning wildfire is more th 50 a bit of a cloudy start to early tuesday morning and later
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in the day, it doesn't change much, maybe a peek or two of the sun and temperatures in the 60s. details coming up including a warm up. kenny? >> thank you, brian. in monterey county, a wildfire is contained. there are no threats to homes and no one was hurt. two air tankers and a helicopter were helping 200 firefighters take on the fast- moving flames. winds have been the driving force behind the fire. in the north bay, deer are roaming everywhere they want to go on belvidere island but residents have a drastic plan to stop them. the deer have no qualms about crossing the road and eating but locals are now saying that the solution would be to sterilize them. it would cost $1200 per deer, but there are concerns not
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including the money. >> if you are considering putting animals under the considerable stress of surgery, releasing them back in the wild, you would be surprised how many die after they are released. >> there will be a meeting to discuss the issue june 13. and people will be coming out today for the adopt a beach cleanup event organized by the marine science institute at 10:00 a.m. if you want to call uber, you may want to look at your battery. the company sees a correlation between surge pricing and low batterys. if your phone is almost dead, you are probably more willing to accept the surcharge prices. that's one of the things uber can use through the app. theysay they don't use the information to jack up the rates, but it's just data that they collect.
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lyft is letting you schedule rides ahead of time. they launched a new feature yesterday. you can update or cancel a scheduled ride up to 30 minutes before pickup without getting charged. for now, the schedule a ride option is only available in san francisco. it's 5:15. how are the roads looking, liza? they're looking pretty good. good morning, kenny and michelle and everyone. we had an accident highway 121 southbound 29 interchange, and chp hopes to clear that accident up in the next few minutes. 880 looks good, the headlights southbound leaving oakland bound for hayward with no traffic delays as of yet. we are seeing some traffic begin to bunch up for the northbound 880 commute leaving oakland. but the bay bridge, very quiet and light traffic with the
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metering lights off leaving oakland heading into san francisco. the bottom line, all bridge commutes are moving well, and southbound traffic are looking good and approaching ma -- marin at golden gate. but we have very, very heavy traffic approaching and passing vasco, and the 580 commute is thickening up approaching the dublin interchange. and local transit, a nice commute for bart, no delays for caltrain or muni in san francisco. here's brian. all right, liza. we are starting out with a little drizzle, no big deal, mostly cloudy skies and then if you like warm weather, next week doesn't look too bad. out the door this morning, mostly cloudy skies and spotty drizzle and patchy fog as well. the numbers to begin the day,
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mostly in the low to mid-50s. hi def doppler, we might have a need for it later in the day, but aside from that, we'll get away from clouds and the sun. i s n 't that a beautiful sight? santa rosa, chilly at 49 degrees. in the city, it's 54 and look at what's happening out in the eastern pacific. it shows high pressure building with low pressure over the bay area, and the low pressure, it's not that low. as a result, breezy with northwesterly breezes and maybe a few showers coming in. see the futurecast and green blobs? it indicates the potential for shower this -- showers this afternoon, but the vast majority of us won't get that, just variable clouds which means variable sun and a slight
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chance of an afternoon shower. as we get toward the weekend, we'll see more sunshine and temperatures warming up, near 80 degrees by the weekend, inland anyway. concord, 68, and san jose, 69 and oakland, 65 which is below average but it's been a cool may and it will stay that way today. temperatures in the mid-60s in the south bay with sun and clouds and campbell, 68, and morgan hill at 68 as well, and san jose, 69. in the east bay, variable clouds and temperatures in the upper 60s for danville and pleasanton and brentwood, 69, and same as travis air force base at fairfield, 69, and in the north bay, a slightly elevated chance of showers this afternoon. you heard it here first. 68 in petaluma, and mill valley, 67. warmer for cloverdale, 70 there and 68 for st. helena, and 68
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at rohnert park. and the sun will come out on thursday and friday as well, and mid-70s around the bay as we approach the weekend which looks nice, by the way, and monday, things warm up, and a week from today, we should be around the 80-degree range inland and it will get warmer if we have just a little patience. showers? carry an umbrella if you are in the north bay. otherwise, not a bad tuesday. kenny? >> thank you, brian. disney is setting new records. >> you just start aid war. >> "captain america, civil war" is up over $300 in the domestic box office and the same for
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"jungle book" and "utopia." no company has had 3 movies top $300 million let alone at the same time. >> you love that movie. and here is another one. star trek beyond is going above and beyond. the next film in the franchise will hold the world premiere in july in san diego at comic com. it will be shown outside doors with a performance by the san diego symphony. it's billed as the first ever outdoor imax premiere. and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, one of the best bay area sports days of the year guaranteed. we'll drop the puck ahead. and e-mail us your cool school at ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning, everyone. we have an accident that may be getting attention on the other side of the freeway. it happened in the non- community direction east 580 at north flynn. we are seeing backups for the westbound commute leaving tracy i don't understand the 205 interchange.
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we'll keep a close eye on this and give you a complete look at your drive into work on k cbs traffic. good morning, everyone. 25 years ago, the sharks played their first game at the cow palace and never played in the stanley cup finals but that could end tomorrow night. the blues and sharks in critical game 5. joe ward tips it in on the power play and it's tied at 2-2. the blues retake the lead at 3-2 and with 90 seconds left in the period, another power play. the game had 4 lead changes and 3 ties but pavelski again here and the sharks win 6-3 and lead 3 games to 2, a win away from their first-ever trip to the stanley cup finals. johnny cueto pitched his third complete game against san diego last night but would he
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get a win? hunter pence, misjudging the baseball and it drops and brandon bell scores all the way from 1st base. the giants win 1-0. as starter hill had his 7th win of the year, and i believe in vogt. they win 5-0. okay. if that's not enough good news, how about draymond green? he will be in the lineup tonight. he is not suspended as the warriors try and even that series. i'll see you tonight. the play of the day from major league baseball, the chicago cubs at st. louis, and check out the cardinal's matt carpet or defense. >> and a 1-1, and that's going to be a double play as carpenter makes the catch and a soft liner, doubles off third. and that will be --
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>> check it out again. carpenter with a do-it-yourself double play and st. louis wins, 4-3. comcast will soon be getting competition in san jose. the city council is set to clear a major hurdle to bring google fiber high-speed internet to the city. it was in the spotlight for years and now, they want to change sanctuary policy. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ and a shocking discovery. wt was found beneath the garag this san francisco home? weather ad libs
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traffic ad lib a massive manhunt underway for a man accused of murdering his own son. >> and what was found under this garage in this san francisco home some. >> we may have a few showers and the numbers, we are beginning chilly. the complete forecast in a few minutes. >> and an accident right off the altamont pass, eastbound 580. good morning. it's tuesday, may 24. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm kenny choi. a manhunt is underway for a vallejo man with a history of violence. police are investigating as to whether darrylone shuemake, senior is responsible for setting the fire that killed 5- year-old dayleon. a neighbor witnessed a fight between him and the boy's mother. >> she was yelling at him and
5:31 am
saying she was going to call the police, and he doesn't stop. >> crews said that there was an accelerant used in the fire and police are asking for any information. shuemake is considered dangerous. jackie ward has more in the newsroom from the sanctuary laws in the area. jackie? >> reporter: michelle, a woman was shot in the back on pier 14 walking with her dad, killed by a man who was in the country illegally and was deported 5 times. under the proposal, law officers would be required to notify i.c.e. only if a defendant is charged with a violent crime and the felony would have had to have
5:32 am
happened within the last seven years. it's not clear if the shooter in this case would have been held under this policy. the sheriff said that her office receives about 5 requests a week from i.c.e. for status. jackie ward, kpix 5. two jail workers are charged for allegedly beating a shackled inmate. these are booking photos of phillip abecendari and tuan le. each could face 3 years in county jail if convicted. about a month after that incident, three other guards allegedly beat inmate michael tyree who died of his injuries. a child casket was found under the home in san
5:33 am
francisco. the homeowner said she was renovating the home when the discovery was made, and it's believed to be the casket of a little girl from 120 years ago. the homeowner said she was not able to arrange a burial because there was no death certificate. >> so it really put us in a position of unfortunately having the individual in our backyard and feeling awful as a mom knowing this is a small child. >> a group called garden of innocence provides burials for unidentified children. happening in sacramento, lawmakers are announcing a bill that would keep dogs safe in very warm weather. it would make it okay for someone to break in a car and save an overheated pet. they would not face a lawsuit but they would have to wait until officials show up. they experienced how it felt to
5:34 am
sit in a hot car. >> three of us were in a hot car and within minutes, it got up to 100 degrees and humans can sweat to cool down. dogs can't. >> several other states have already passed pet safety laws. and brian, we will have to wait a few days to warm up? probably. the weekend looks pretty good and the next week, warmer. compose in patience [laughter] >> how do you do that? >> it's not easy for me. the numbers will recover in the upper 60s today and a few 70s, high and dry on the doppler radar so far but early in the afternoon, we might get a sprinkle or two, not a surprise. and look at that, the bay bridge, the sunrise a little ways away, and san francisco, 54 and santa rosa, 48. the ocean breeze continues
5:35 am
today. it will stilling brisk along the shoreline and winds at 20 to 25 miles per hour, and the high temperature forecast, unusually cool for may but not bad. 62 in the city and 69 at fairfield and 68 at livermore. in the extended forecast, we will gently warm it as we get towards the weekend, near 80 by friday and mid-70s around the bay and by the weekend, mid-60s at the beach but today, maybe a few sprinkles in the north bay. a look at the roads ahead. hi, brian. we'll begin at the altamont passed with an accident involving a big rig and another car in the non-commute direction eastbound 580 approaching flynn. you can see the green on 580. westbound, we have the lookyloo factor, and it's jammed up
5:36 am
solid beyond mountain house. very heavy traffic approaching and heading to and through the livermore valley and more delays now. it's getting crowded driving through pleasanton and the same with the bay bridge toll plaza, no longer light traffic with a backup extending to the 880 overcrossing. it will cost time at the pay gates with the metering lights on, and once you pass the metering lights, traffic is okay heading into downtown san francisco. if your commute into the city by way of golden gate, 101 has been fine. no issues so far leaving highway 37 in novato, moving well to san rafael and approaching sausalito. that's a look at kcbs traffic, guys. >> liza, thank you. and a council will decide if google's high-speed internet will bring more pros than cons to the city. kiet do has all the factors that the councilmembers will be
5:37 am
mulling over. kiet? >> reporter: that's right. and we are just hours away from a vote on construction plans to bring blazing-fast internet here, and it's hard, dirty work but that's what google wants to do, lay brand new fiberoptic cables to every home that wants it and qualifys to get it. once approved and if google gives the final thumbs up, crews will work on 2400 miles of san jose streets taking three years to finish, and google has been through this with other cities and appear to have stream lined the process and the light at the end of the tunnel, crazy-fast internet of speeds of 1000 mega bits per second and you can download a whole movie in seconds.
5:38 am
we saw them testing it at stanford university, and even them it was 300 megabits per second. san francisco will be the first california city to get it, and san jose listed as a, quote, potential city. so not a guarantee but a huge step in the right direction and the council is set to take up the vote in the 1:30 p.m. session. kiet do, kpix 5. >> what's this about a landline for $10 a month? >> reporter: yeah. they have been doing their homework and prices are competitive with comcast and at&t, so a top of the line package will come out to $130 a month and you can add another landline for $10 a month, very competitive with the other two companies. back to you. >> kiet, thank you. now that college grads have left dorms and opened up all the presents, what's next?
5:39 am
>> that's right. we have advice to make the two words much less scary. jill, what can they do? >> reporter: attack their debt, the highest interest loans, probably credit cards and then work down to the lower interest ones. organize your student loans and determine if consolidation makes sense, and gather 6 to 12 months worth of living expenses. this is where you will assimilate money for a near- term goal, maybe the first couple months of rent for a place of your own or a car or a house down payment and 3 f possible, maximize retirement contributions. i know for a lot of recent grads, you won't get to 18 grand but get up to the company's match level. if there is no employer plan, open and start to furnished a
5:40 am
roth ira. >> and vu -- you have career advice? >> reporter: i interviewed career coaches and hr people and they said it's your first job. so gain the repetition of being energetic, diligent, and collaborative. some bosses tell me they don't want to hear about your ultimate frisbee game and how you have to leave work early. imagine that. but cultivate your time care ofly. and don't be a nudge. and don't jump ship too quickly. it might be growing pains and by sticking to it, you might find that you like it. if it's not a great fit, remember, there is probably just as much to learn from a good job as a bad one.
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for more advice, you request go to >> and hold off on the ultimate frisbee. jill schlesinger in new york, thank you. >> take care. [laughter] >> oh, hold on. hold on. she is known around the world as chewbacca mom, and last night, she got a huge surprise on the late late show. we'll show you the hilarity that ensued next. ,, the new chase freedom unlimited card earns you unlimited 1.5% cash back on everything you buy. that's 1.5% cash back on whatever these billboards are selling.
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ar today, at a fun hey, we're starting out with mostly cloudy skies in the bay area and san jose, mid-50s and a sprinkle or two is a possibility. the details coming up in the forecast but first, here's the
5:44 am
latest with michelle. brian, former president bill clinton is expected to appear at a fundraiser in the bay area. yesterday, the 42nd president appeared in stockton, sacramento, and fresno campaigning for his wife, democratic presidential frontrunner hillary clinton. and the latest controversy for hillary clinton is her decision not to take part in a debate against fellow democrat bernie sanders. clinton's campaign said her time is best spent meeting with potential voters. bernie sanders said he is still in the running. >> i think it's a little insulting to the people of california that she is not prepared to have a discussion with me with how she will help california address the major crises that we pace. >> donald trump h a s n o
5:45 am
opponents. today in vietnam, president obama said countrys work better when people can openly assemble and express their thoughts. >> i come here mind ful of the past and history but focused on the future with the prosperity and human dignity that we can advance together. >> the president made it clear that the united states is not trying to impose its form of government on vietnam. and a happy chew chewbacca last might happen on the late
5:46 am
late show. >> all laughing chewbaccas. and that is jj abrams in the back seat and chewbacca mom had a chance to sit down with james and talk about recording the facebook video in the first place. >> why did you post the video to begin with? >> okay. i'm a stay-at-home mom and i only had a few minutes before i had to get my kids from school, and i wanted to prove to my facebook friends and family that that mask is mine. >> right, and not your children's? >> i knew the moment they would see it, they would take from me, and i was like i didn't buy it for you, little kid [laughter] >> i like her. >> internet sensation, and there was a message from the actor who plays chewbacca and gave her vip tickets to a
5:47 am
convention in her hometown and a meeting with her and her family. she's a star. >> she is a star , and she has set a record viewing it 130 million times making it the most viewed on facebook ever. >> she is so happy, though. she should have her own show, come out with a new perfume. >> a record? [laughter] >> not bad. one post. >> infectious, that's enough. >> all right. how's traffic? looking okay for most areas. and we'll start off once again near the altamont pass, east 580 at north flynn, blocking one lane of traffic and traffic is beginning to slow down in the area for the east 580 commute and 205 is slow approaching the altamont pass, and the altamont pass itself, very heavy beyond 205 from
5:48 am
mountainhouse and stays heavy heading through the livermore valley and we are seeing long delays at the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights are on, and expect more slow and go now as you head across the bridge into san francisco. all city streets are moving at speed limit with no delays for 101 and 280 and 80, and the south 101, fine, no problems with the golden gate getting into the city but bear in mind, the accident along 29 is taking chp a while to clear up. it only involved one car but it's still partially blocking that roadway there, and fortunately, traffic is flowing well. and 880, southbound traffic is moving well leaving oakland into fremont. no delays for the fremont milpitas corridor, southbound 880 moving well between dixon
5:49 am
and mission landing, and 2 ached, highway 102, 217, all flowing well, and we are getting reports of an accident highway 85 in the south bay in the southbound direction and mass transit, we are still in good shape with no delays across the board, and bart's on time and no problems with the ace train, and you may want to think about the ace train morning because of the mess along the altamont pass. that's a look at kcbs traffic. brian? time to look at the sunrise, sunset from what musical? >> "fiddler on the roof." >> very good. sunrise, just about there, 5:52 and sunset at 8:20 and a live look from the mt. vaca cam and the sun will be up any minute now, oakland, 57, and livermore at 56 and san francisco, 54 and santa rosa, 48. so a little bit of a chilly
5:50 am
start and an unusually cool finish, mid to upper 60s for the bay area, some clouds, some sun, some showers a possibility. you can see the return of the green blob in the bay area meaning maybe a few sprinkles favoring the north bay and later in the week, we'll completely dry out. consider yourself forewarned. a slight chance of an afternoon shower after a mostly cloudy start and then it will warm later in the week with plenty of sun coming out thursdays saturday and sunday, and here's how it looks on the futurecast with a pleasant holiday weekend on tap with mostly sunny skies and members will warm back to near-80-degree range inland, and meantime, a few clouds and unusually chilly weather, and a couple of degrees back of average, and concord, 68, and oakland, 65, and in the south bay, clouds to start out with,
5:51 am
and mid-60s. in the east bay, numbers in the near-70-degree range. 68 for san ramon and 70 for antioch, and in the north bay, pet lym atopping out -- petaluma, scoping out at -- topping out at 68, and the scattered forecast, looking good with partly cloudy skies today and tomorrow and mid-70s by thursday and warmer as we head into the holiday weekend. that's what is coming up in the weather. for what's coming up in the news, here's kenny. >> thank you, brian. the insurance institute for highway safety puts muscle cars to the test for the first time ever. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. c1 we're starting out with mostly cloudy skies, numbers mostly in the 50s and warming into the 60s for the bay area today. details coming up in a few minutes. it's just a nightmare of a commute for all the drivers leaving tracy, 2-hour delays between tracy and the dublin interchange because of an accident west 580 at north
5:55 am
flynn, involving a car and a truck, and traffic is at a crawl, 13 miles per hour. more traffic coming up in a few minutes, guys. new this morning, muscle cars are getting low ratings in the crash protection report. 2016 cars were ranked for the first time. the camaro earned a low rating for roof strength and the challenge performed the worst. data from the highway loss data institute shows that the powerful cars have high pressure rates. a flight from denver to san francisco hit a bird shortly after takeoff, forcing an emergency landing. passengers and crew were never in passenger. workers are struggling to find travel options, but all the passengers were booked on
5:56 am
other flights. in monterey, unusually warm weather is luring crabs to the coast and making squid miserable. crabs usually go south but the temperatures have brought them all the way to monterey. but the squid, they don't like the hot water since it lacks nutrients, and restaurant owners are having trouble getting the squid and fishermen are paying $4 a pound, double the cost. adjustments to san francisco's sanctuary policy will be put to a vote today. members of the board of supervisors say it would help local law enforcement communicate with the feds. comcast could soon get a major competitor, google fiber's high-speed internet.
5:57 am
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and i'm kenny ch c1 good morning, everyone. it's tuesday, may 24th. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. an emotional debate reignited. today, the sanctuary policy for undocumented immigrants goes back to the board of supervisors. jackie ward has details on the hearing. jackie? >> reporter: kenny, this was supposed to happen a couple of weeks ago and calls for laughter to notify i.c.e. only if the person was charged with a violent crime or convicted of a violent crime in the last 7 years. a woman was killed by a man last year who was deported 5 times and was in the country illegally. >> it has moved itself to the


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