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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  May 24, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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and i'm kenny ch c1 good morning, everyone. it's tuesday, may 24th. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. an emotional debate reignited. today, the sanctuary policy for undocumented immigrants goes back to the board of supervisors. jackie ward has details on the hearing. jackie? >> reporter: kenny, this was supposed to happen a couple of weeks ago and calls for laughter to notify i.c.e. only if the person was charged with a violent crime or convicted of a violent crime in the last 7 years. a woman was killed by a man last year who was deported 5 times and was in the country illegally. >> it has moved itself to the
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point where almost every politician fears uttering a word against it. as a matter of fact, most of the politicians want to slightly expand upon it in hopes of impressing all the newcomers. they may not vote but have relatives who do. >> reporter: the suspect, juan lopez-sanchez was held on a 20- year-old marijuana conviction and the sheriff was following policy of not sharing the information with the feds. the only violent past we could since was in 1997 on an assault charge. some are saying he would not have been affected by the policy change. >> jackie, what does the sheriff think of the proposal? >> reporter: sheriff is opposed to it and it's because it's not clear for he would have been held on the the policy.
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back to you. on to the presidential race, bill clinton is expected to appear today at a bay area fund raiser. there are no details on the location. the 42nd president was campaigning for his wife, democratic presidential frontrunner, hillary clinton. bernie sanders, clinton's primary opponent is criticizing her decision not to debate him in california. >> i think it's a little insulting to the people of california. >> clinton said she is better off focusing on donald trump. let's get another check of the roads and traffic with liza. hey, guys. good morning, everybody. we'll start off once again on the approach to the altamont pass with a crash backing up with two-hour delays, west 580 at north flynn, blocking at least one lane, blocking a
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truck and another car. and traffic is jammed up solid beyond mountain house and stays heavy through the livermore valley. you may want to hop on an ace train if you can. the altamont commuter express trains are on schedule with no big delays. the bay bridge commute is moving fine on the bridge but it's slow at the toll plaza that you can see here from the picture, and the metering lights are on. 880 through oakland, southbound traffic is looking okay leaving oakland bound for hayward, and once you get into hayward, traffic is okay on the approach to the san mateo bridge. west 92, flowing okay with a brief delay approaching mid- span. now to brian. good morning, tuesday morning, and the hi def doppler, we might need that
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later today but it looks to be a mostly cloudy start and some sunshine in the afternoon. but right now, not much showing up except for the sunrise. looks nice for mount vaca. and later in the day, we'll be looking at partly cloudy conditions and a shower once one more day. complete details coming up. san francisco's acting police chief is continuing to try and mend fences with the community. toney chaplain and outreach workers gave their opinions on the best way to create a positive relationship between the department and city residents. the meeting comes in the wake of thursday's the shooting in the bayview that killed one person and led to police chief greg suhr to resign. >> i thought it was a good start in the direction that we
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need to go. we have a lot to do and a lot to be done. >> chaplain said that they will speed up implementation of bias training for officers and getting officers back on the beat. the san francisco police department is going digital. you can request public records using a new web-based system. it will help police better track and process requests and you can still mail, e-mail, or fax your request, and they will be entered manually into the new system. today, the city council will decide if google's lightning-fast internet is worth the construction hassles. kiet do has more on the pros and cons. kiet? >> reporter: that's right. the city council is set to clear a major hurdle to bring google fiber to the city, and they have been working on construction plans for two years and are ready for approval. it's not a guarantee but it would be a huge major step.
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other cities withing goo -- with google fiber are showing it's a long slog, threading the lines to homes one by one and crews would impact 2400 miles of streets and 3 years, 3 years of construction zones to block streets and traffic. and they have been working for clearances since 2014, part of the construction impact mitigation plan and google promises to provide customer support lines and answer questions in a timely manner of the infrastructure. and if it's built, goggle fiber promises download speeds of 1000 megabits for a second and you can download a full movie in 7 seconds, and they promise to deliver what they say is next generation tv. and we heard they were laying fiber near stanford university and we went to check on it and we found out that fiber was
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blazing fast at 300 megabits per second, and that was five years ago, and it looks like to has vastly improved. san francisco would be the first california location to get it, and san jose is still officially listed as a quote, potential city. the city council is set to vote at 1:30 m. today. live in downtown san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. >> and kiet, how does this compare to comcast? >> reporter: at my house, i am getting 100 megabits per second, and google fiber, if it's indeed cheaper and faster will be a major competitor to comcast. >> kiet, thank you. and happening today, the san jose city council is expected to make a decision on an opportunity to work initiative and force employers to offer more hours to part- timers before hiring additional staff. there are a few options. they could place the measure on the november ballot, adopt it
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out right or conduct an impact study. it's a growing problem in the bay area, rising rent prices, and the oakland city council will take up what is next. the ballot measure would expand rent control and create eviction protection. the group save oakland sports are stepping up to keep the warriors in the city. the warriors are looking to leave the area for a new stadium in san francisco. there will be a rally and viewing party today at 5:30 at the new parkway theater on 24th street with the know if as able to watch the playoff game against the thunder of oklahoma city. $40 will give passengers 18
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and under unlimited rides on samtrans summer routes. riders can buy until july 15th. the time now is 6:09. the tsa has removed its security chief as lines are longer and longer. how airports are scrambling to get ready for the rush. and some people are not too happy with a program that allows you to reserve space at a popular bay area park. and today, we'll starting out with mostly cloudy skies. we'll look at the finish and all the way into the holiday weekend. delays approaching the caldecott tunnel, westbound with an accident blocking multiple lanes. traffic is already slow. information on this and delays with the altamont pass with kcbs traffic. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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police may have a bit of an easier time making an arres the latest bay area freeway shooting. the sunshine this morning is where you find it from high atop mt. vaca. but it's not quite working its way here. the forecast is coming up. police may have a bit of an easier time making an arrest in the latest bay area freeway shooting. two drivers were cutting each other off in emeryville on the way to richmond. one gunman hit a post and the front bumper and license operate was left behind, 7 enk 356 is the plate number and it's from a gray volvo sedan. the tsa has removed it's
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security chief. kelly hogan received about $90,000 in bonuss during a period when the tsa was failing to detect smuggled weapons and fake bombs and since then, there have been long lines at screening checkpoints. >> reporter: for weeks, air travelers have watched as tsa security screenings have gotten longer, longer, and longer, and now, officials are taking steps to reduce the wait times and travel delays. >> people are sick and tired of waiting. we can do better. >> reporter: new jersey officials are offering new officers at newark and the manager of hartsfield-jackson was fired, the busiest airport in the world. kasim reed said that the long lines were featured on a broadcast. >> they led with a photo of
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georgia's line. and that's not something we can stand because our airport is the biggest economic generator in the state. if it's a tsa, if it's homeland security, let's partner together but come forward with the most aggressive approach that we can have. >> reporter: the homeland security chief is working on the security as well. >> we are aggressively bringing on and expediting the hiring. >> reporter: but officials worry if problems aren't solved soon, passengers could start to avoid air travel especially for shorter trips. i'm kim hutchison reporting. here in the bay area, oakland international airport is hiring 30 new private security guards to clear up the long security lines. an investigation is under way after a small plane with sky divers on board crashed yesterday in hawaii. all five people on board died.
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the faa and ntsb are working to determine the cause. >> there is a little bit of the frame of the aircraft still on the ground. what i know is the aircraft had taken off and during takeoff, something had happened. >> on board was a pilot, two instructors, and two sky divers. we are waiting to learn their identities. fitbit users may not be getting an accurate picture of their health. a class action lawsuit claims that it could be off by at least 20 beats per minute. fitbit is calling the suit nothing more than a money grab. ands a new program to let residents research patches of delores park. the fee is up to $260 and then
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there is a $200 security deposit, and some spots are already booked through july. wow. we have a traffic alert, and let's get to it. a traffic advisory for highway 1 in pacifica where the signal lights are out approaching linda mar boulevard, very long delays in both directions as crews work to repair the signal lines and expect delays out there for at least 30 minutes so plan accordingly if you normally take highway 1. it will really be just a long morning for you. better news for highway 24, the accident we have been reporting inside the caldecott tunnel, just cleared there, and traffic is backs up approaching the orinda area, and we had a truck
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accident west 580 at north flynn, still backed up on 205 from mountain house and stays heavy beyond the accident through the livermore valley so set aside extra time for those commutes and the bay bridge, stacked up beyond the 880 over crossing. that's a look at kcbs traffic, and now to brian. liza, we're starting out with gray skies and numbers on the chilly side. 57 in liver concord and livermore, 56, and we'll have clouds around the bay area and a few sprinkles in the north bay later in the afternoon. it wouldn't amount to much but it's the last chance of activity up to midday today. we shall see. here's what it looks like to sum it up, a cloudy start to the day and later in the week, increasing sunshine. as we head into the holiday weekend, numbers will approach
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80 degrees inland. the futurecast shows pleasant holiday weather as the ridge that has been hanging offshore gets closer to the shoreline. in the meantime today, continuing below average, 62 in the city and in concord, 68, and san jose, 69, and oakland, 65. all below average, and we'll start with cloudy skies and finish with partly sunny skies and in milpitas, 67, and 68 at morgan hill and campbell, and in the north bay, upper 60s to low 70s, and san ramon, 68 and north bay, a scattered chance of showers, and petaluma, 68 and some sun but mix manage -- mixing in with a few clouds, and the forecast for today, starting with clouds and finishing with some sun.
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tomorrow, a bit warmer. thursday, a bit warmer. by the time we get to friday, sunshine inland and 80 degrees and we'll keep it warm right through the holiday weekend, and things in the weather department are looking pretty good. have a good one. and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, one of the best bay area sports days guaranteed.
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c1 good morning, everyone. 25 years ago, the sharks played their first game at the cow palace. they never played in the stanley cup finals and that streak could end. st. louis leading 2-1 and early in the 2nd, joe ward tip its in on the power play and the game tied at 2-2. the blues retake the lead at 3-2 and with 90
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seconds left in the period, another power play goal, joe pavelski lights the lamp, 3-3, and the game featured 4 lead changes 3 times and pavelski again. the sharks added two late empty netters and lead 3 games to 2 and are a win away from the first-ever trip to the stanley cup finals. johnny cueto pitched a completely game last night in san diego. hunter pence, oh, misjudging the baseball and it drops, and brandon bell scores all the way from 1st base, and the giants win, cueto's complete win. and oakland wins 5-0. and if that's not enough good news, how about draymond green?
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he is not suspended and will be in the lineup tonight as the warriors try and even that series at 2-2. a great day. promise delivered. see you tonight. play of the day from major league baseball, st. louis horsting the cubs, and take a look at matt carpenter on defense. >> 1-1, anthony, and that's going to be a double play as carpenter makes the catch and a soft liner doubles off third. >> carpenter with a do-it- yourself double play and st. louis wins, 4-3. the time is 6:25. and new protection should be on the way in california for good samaritans who help pets in distress. and san francisco has long been known as a sanctuary city for undocumented immigrants. today, the board of supervisors will look at the controversial changes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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board. weather ad libs traffic good morni new evidence from the wreckage of the downed egyptair points to an explosion on board. comcast may be getting a new competitor as there are plans to bring doingle fiber high-speed internet to the city. and a cloudy tuesday morning for the bay area with maybe a chance of a few showers. the forecast coming up for you. and the accident is gone but delays continue for 580 westbound leaving tracy. i'll have the details. >> good morning. it's tuesday, may 24. i'm kenny choi.
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>> and i'm michelle griego. the sanctuary policy in san francisco will go back under the microscope today. jackie ward has more. jackie? >> reporter: michelle, a murder last summer has caused the reexamination of the policy. a woman was killed walking on a pier with her dad by a man who was in the country illegally and was deported 5 times. the policy is thafer to notify i.c.e. if the defendant is convicted of a violent crime. it's not clear if the shooter would have been held for federal pickup under this
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proposed change to the sanctuary policy. the sheriff said that her office receives 5 requests a week to notify i.c.e. jackie ward, kpix 5. police are looking for a man who allegedly set his home on fire killing a 5-year-old inside. >> it appear appears that he -- appears that he killed his own son. >> police sigh that they saw the suspect, darrylone shumake, get into a fight with the boy's mom and call her names in front of their home. phillip abecendario and tuan le are prison guards charged with attack being an
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inmate last year. if convicted, they face three years in jail. crews plan to start lowering a 504-foot truss span and then be transported to the port of oakland to be disassembled. the bike and pedestrian path will be closed for reasons today and tomorrow. i always like it when brian hackney joins us in the morning. rare for me as well. i'm sorry. i can't wait to say happy birthday! >> oh, thank you. >> happy birthday! >> thank you, thank you. it's my birthday, and you are not going to say the number? >> i am not going to say it. >> 29? >> you don't look a day over, my dear. happy birthday. good to see you again. >> thank you, brian. you, too. >> and we are off to a chilly start. there's the numbers as we look over the bay bridge, and only
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in the 50s for the most part. as we get high pressure building in for the weekend, things will warm up, and today, one more chance at showers early this afternoon in the north bay, and the forecast highs, though, for the vast majority of the bay area, dry today and peeks of sunshine and temperatures in the mid to upper 60s, not bad at all, and temperatures as we look ahead to the weekend, climbing into the 80s, so it looks nice and warm and sunny by the time we get to saturday and sunday. that's the weather. how about the road ahead? here's liza. a slow one for the drivers leaving the tracy area. and we are clocking 1.5 hour delays. this is tracy where it's been backed up beyond the 205 interchange to mountain house. you can see the red there. traffic is down to 9 miles per hour for stretchs and stays heavy into pleasanton because of an earlier accident. pacific a the chp has issued a
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sig-alert, a traffic advisory approaching linda mar. traffic lights are out and traffic is heavy in the area and expect to have the delays in place and they don't expect the traffic lights to be repaired for another 30 minutes or so. keep that in mind. and over at the bay bridge toll plaza, the metering lights are on and traffic is backed up from the 880 over crossing. now to michelle. happening today in sacramento, lawmakers are announcing a bill that would stop dogs from getting trapped in hot cars. the right to rescue bill would allow someone to break into a car to save overheated pets. the person wouldn't be sued but would have to wait until emergency crews show up. three people sat in a hot car firsthand to prove how miserable it is.
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the state senate approved a measure to dispense 12 months of hormonal contraceptives, a boost from the three-month limit. insurance companies would be required to pay per it. lawmakerssay it would prevent unwanted pregnancys. facebook's mark zuckerberg is creating a major change to his property. he plans to tear down the homes he build bordering his home. these are renderings from the project's architect. according to the application, the new properties would take up 20% less space and neighbors are split on the plans. >> mark's a valued member of the community and he should be allowed to do whatever he wants. he owns all 4 of the homes and has every right to do what he wants with them. >> it should be up to the neighbors as well, you know.
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the people across the street probably bought their house because of what the neighborhood looked like and now he is just going to change it? it doesn't seem right. >> zuckerberg bought the home a few years ago after he learned about a developer's plans to build next door tall enough to see into the master bedroom. happening in san jose, councilmembers will decide if google's ultra fast internet will continue construction. kiet do has more all the facts that they will consider before giving the city its speediest internet yet. >> reporter: kiet, >> reporter: kenny, it turns out that building a network from scratch is not easy, and google is hard at it, digging ditches and laying might beer
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operatic cables to hundreds of homes. it would take three years and affect 2400 miles of streets. google is doing outreach and providing timely updates and offering customer support lines but it will be a pain but the pay off is significant with download speeds of 1000 1000 megabits a second. and we have been watching this unfold for five years. in 2011, google was experimenting at stanford university and one homeowner let us check the speeds, and it was hitting 300 megabits a second, , and that was several years ago, still blazing fast by today's standards. san jose is listed as a, quote, potential city. so the vote today, a huge step
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to bring google fiber here. kiet do, kpix 5. >> that sounds great. how much will it cost? >> reporter: certainly, competitive with comcast and top of the line, including a landline, $140 a month. >> kiet, thank you. and investigators are releasing little information on three arrests connected to a man's murder. one of those arrested, tiffany li, the mother of his two kids. and also arrested oliver adella and kaveh bayat. keith green's body was found earlier this month in sonoma county. an alameda county deputy is under the microscope for his involvement with the woman at the have of a scandal, and internal a fairs is checking to
6:39 am
-- affairs is determining if he crossed the line on social media with her. oakland pd is checking into whether any officers had sex with her while she was underage. one officer has committed suicide, and two officers have resigned. human remains pulled from the crash site of egyptair flight 804 suggests there was an explosion on board. the new information comes as the search continues to find the black boxes that may explain what brought the flight down. >> they are up against the clock. if they don't find the black boxes in the next 30 days, the job of finding them will be much harder because they may no longer be sending out a sonar ping to help them identify it. >> terrorism is the working
6:40 am
theory from egyptian investigators. 6:40, and scary moments when a bird hits a plane bound for sfo. >> and millions of red crabs wash ashore in monterey county. what is responsible for the unusual scene? and the markets opened up about 10 minutes ago and the dow is up, look at that, 162 points. coming up, an update from jason brooks. ,,
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you. good morning on this tuesday morning. we have a mostly cloudy start
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and it continues cool. we'll have more sun in brentwood and antioch and mid to upper 60s today with a chance of showers at midday and novato topping out it's 68 and 69 for santa rosa, and 67 in mill valley and ukiah, mid-60s with an enhanced chance of a few showers. i'll have the complete forecast looking into the holiday weekend in a few minutes. first, let's get the latest. word of a raid at a major google facility overseas. >> joining us is kcbs financial reporter jason brooks. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. google has its hands full in paris where the offices were raided by 100 french authorities and police dealing with the cash arrangement. google and several other big
6:45 am
tech firms such as apple and amazon and facebook are under fire with the tax arrange that tends to be friendly for the companies. google is already dealing with the right to be forgotten rule when it comes to the internet in europe and they are facing record fines over the european union's anti-trust investigation into the search business. best buy is the latest big box chain to report disappointing results for the first quarter and same-store sales are down by 1% with a lot of weakness overseas and best buy pulling back on the forecast for the current quarter and joins a list of macy's and norm strom and kohl's who have struggled in the past few months. after losing ground in the stocks yesterday, we are heading to higher going. the dow rising by 160 points
6:46 am
and nasdaq gaining more than 40 and the s&p 500 up by 17 points. michelle and kenny, back to you. >> jason brooks, kcbs radio. thank you. and facebook is deciding to change trending topics over concerns from conservatives. it will no longer allow news outlets to nominate trending topics. facebook was accused of intentionally stifling conservative views. the company conducted a 2-week internal investigation and found no evidence of political bias. a scare in the air after a bird strike caused a flight bound for sfo to make a landing. >> they said, what was that? it was kind of a grinding noise. >> the flight returned to denver shortly after takeoff and passengers were booked on other flights and at denver
6:47 am
international airport, huge problem there, bird strikes. >> not what you want to hear about. >> it's a common problem. do we want to check the roads? >> liza? >> first, michelle, happy birthday. >> oh, you are so sweet. thank you. >> happy birthday. all right. the commute, the bay bridge toll plaza, slow for you with westbound traffic backed up from the macarthur maze and metering lights are on, and it's 40 minutes to make the commute from the carquinas bridge and the maze in oakland. and a terrible drive for the commuters out of the livermore valley. there was an accident, west 580 through livermore and that accident has been cleared and in pacifica, the chp has issued a sig-alert, so they expect the problem out there for at least 30 minutes. and highway 1 at linda mar, big
6:48 am
delays there with the light out. and no problems as of yet getting into hayward but the hayward, slow approaching the interchange with heavy traffic across the san mateo bridge. now to brian. liza, starting out with cover cast and drizzle, and later in the day, more sunshine, and the kpix 5 doppler is fired up, not showing too much now but later in the day, wouldn't be surprised to see a few echoes. the sun up at a few minutes before 6:00 and sunset at 8:20 p.m. a look at the bay bridge with mid-50s to start out tuesday and santa rosa, cooler at 49 and we have clear skies in
6:49 am
spots, and napa reporting clear skies. elsewhere, cloudy, and the ocean breeze continues keeping us on the cool side with winds out of the west to 10 at the airport and here's how it looks from high atop the west coast and low pressure over northern california maintaining the chance for showers for one more day, mostly in the north bay and mostly in the early afternoon. and you can pick that up on the futurecast as we roll through and look at the north bay. you can see the geo thermal shield with a few showers popping up. most of the bay area, dry and increasing sunshine as we get towards the afternoon, and a mostly cloudy start and a slight chance of an afternoon shower and it will warm later in the week and speaking of later in the week, holiday weather on tap, back to near 80 inland and getting back to near- average highs for this time of year, unusually cool and that continues today. 69 for santa rosa, and san francisco, 62, and oakland, 65,
6:50 am
and livermore, 68. and in the extended forecast, ever so slightly warmer tomorrow and by thursday, friday, and saturday, back in the 80-degree range inland and we'll maintain the nice, warm, fuzzy feeling as we get into early next week, and now, the birthday girl will talk about crabs. crabs of all things, brian. all the red crabs are loving the warm water off monterey. el nino raised the temperatures, luring the crabs farther north than they travel but squid aren't so hot on the warm conditions. they miss the nutrients, and now, restaurants owners are sometimes paying double the price for pound to get squid in their kitchens. and investigators are trying to figure out what caused a pipeline rupture that led to an oil leak in san san joaquin county. shell oil first reported the
6:51 am
problem on friday when a line lost pressure. a rohnert park police officer caught on camera pulling a gun on a man is facing a civil rights lawsuit. a suit was filed against officer dave rodriguez after the encounter outside his home, alleging that rodriguez violented his rights to free speech by threatening him with a gun and accuses the city of failing to train officers. bernie sanders is blasting rival hillary clinton's approach to the california primary. what he is calling, quote, insulting. and san francisco's sanctuary policy is under the microscope. the board of supervisors will vote on the measure that would improve communication between levels of law enforcement.
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the egyptian governmen it appear five things to know at 55. a forensic investigator says it appears that an explosion took down egyptair flight 804. the official said he personally examined remains recovered from the wreckage and saw burns consistent with an explosion. bill cosby is in court for a preliminary hearing for a sexual assault case. in november, he was arrested and charged with assaulting a temple university employee in 2004. the comedian maintains it was consensual. and bernie sanders is criticizing hillary clinton for refusing his invitation to debate ahead of the california primary calling it insulting.
6:56 am
clinton's campaign said she needs to spend time meeting with voters and focusing on donald trump. a man accused of setting a fire in killed his 5-year-old son remains on the run, seth fire on this home in vallejo on sunday. a neighbor said she witnessed darrylone shuemake get into a physical fight with the boy's mother. a giant trust from the old bay bridge will be taken out today. it could be all done today if the weather cooperates. and i'm jackie ward. the board is expected to vote on a new proposal that would change the sanctuary city
6:57 am
status. the sea is re-examining that policy after a woman was killed by a man who was in the country illegally and was deported five times. former mayor willie brown gave us perspective on the issue. >> it has moved itself to the point where almost every politician fears uttering a word against it. as a matter of fact, most of the politicians want to slightly expand upon it in hopes of expressing newcomers who probably don't vote but have relatives who do vote. >> reporter: the suspect was held on a 20-year-old marijuana conviction and the sheriff was following policy by not notifying the feds. it's unclear if he would have been held urged the new policy. jackie ward, kpix 5. and word of a new accident
6:58 am
in terralinda. an accident near lucas valley in the left lane, southbound 101 and traffic lights are out at highway 1 at linda mar, and chp has issued a sig-alert, and 1-hour delays leaving tracy approaching the altamont pass and heading towards the bay bridge toll plaza, the delays extend into the macarthur maze, a 43-minute drive time, brian. liza, we have the on shore breeze continuing and a chance of showers later in the day for the north bay and the rest of us, a peek or two of sunshine later in the day, mid-50s and 60s, so we continue cool but heading into the holiday weekend, members will be near 80 degrees by the time we get into friday and saturday and sunday, and it's looking good around the bay, and we'll be in
6:59 am
the mid-60s today but by the weekend, mid-70s and around the shoreline and plenty of low clouds and 60s so looking good for tuesday. all right. one of the bay area's most peculiar annual events will take place in piedmont. [laughter] >> it's the 51st bird calling contest. students in the top 3 would have appeared on the tonight show with johnny carson or the late show with david letterman so there are no appearances scheduled for this year. at least not yet. >> maybe james corwin you will call them. >> do bird calls in the car [laughter] >> get a lot of hits on youtube. >> the nextlogy update at 7:26.
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>> cbs this morning is coming up next. have a great day. in the west. it is tuesday may 24th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." a major shake-up at tsa after seemingly endless security lines anger passengers and congress. >> hillary clinton uses donald trump's own words against him. the billionaire responds with personal attacks. trump's campaign manager corey lewandowski is here in studio. legendary comedian and writer is also here with his latest leading lady. together they are lighting up broadway with their new musical, bright star. but first today's eye-opener, your world in 90


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