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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  May 24, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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mented immigrants now at noon, an emotional debate about to be reignited. the changes san francisco's
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undocumented immigrants are facing. good afternoon. it's may 24. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm kenny choi. jackie sword -- ward is in the newsroom withdetails. >> reporter: this vote was supposed to happen a few weeks ago. a death last summer is one of the cases that is causing the reexamination of the policy. the killer was deported 5 times and in the country illegally. under this, i.c.e. and federal officials would have to be notified if an undocumented immigrant is charged with a violent crime. in the newsroom, jackie ward, kpix 5. >> jackie, what does the sheriffs office think about the proposal? >> reporter: the sheriff is
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opposed because it's not clear whether the suspect would have been held for federal pickup under this proposed change to the sanctuary policy. back to you. >> jackie, thank you. new at noon, san francisco police are investigating a death in gold own gate park. a gardener found a man's body in a pond around 7:00 this morning and they are calling the death suspicious. no further details available at this point. three people arrest inside connection with the murder of a millbrae father will be in court in an hour and a half from now. oliver adella, kaveh bayat, and tiffany li have been arrested and held without bail. li was the mother of keith green's two kids. his body was found on may 11. right now, there are no details
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on the alleged murder. a manhunt is underway for a vallejo father accused of setting a house fire that killed his son. policesay that darrylone shuemake, senior started the blaze that killed his son, dayleon. morgan hill police are looking for two men who stole a case of beer and beat up a clerk friday night at a safe way. a photo shows one of the suspects holding the case of beer. policesay he and another man left the store with the suds. and when a closuring confronted them they punched the clerk in the head several times and got away in a pt cruiser. now to campaign 20 escape, the race for the white house. bill clinton attended a fundraiser for his wife
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hillary. and hillary campaigned at a foster center to meet with voters. tomorrow, she will son in orange county before traveling to san jose on thursday and hold an event at parkside hall. senator bernie sanders also making campaign stops and is warning that the party convention could get messy. >> we are bringing a lot of new people into the political process, people who have never gone to a convention before and hope much -- very much that their voices will be heard. >> clinton will not take part in a debate with sanders. >> and on the republican side, donald trump is also on the campaign trail making several stops across the west coast and will headline at the first official fundraiser his campaign is running in confunction with the republic
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national committee tonight. the albuquerque event requires a $10,000 donation to attend, and later this week, he is expected to stop in california. we are seeing record numbers of voter recommending administration. hundreds of thousands of people have signed up to vote between mid-march and mid-play. 220,000 were democrats and 70,000 registered republicans. in about an hour and a half from now, the oakland city council will decide what's next for the renter's act. it would expand rent control and just cause eviction protection. several people impacted are expected to speak during the meeting. and an initiative would force employers to offer more hours to part-timers before hiring additional staff. the council has a few options, place it on the november ballot, adopt out right, or
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conduct an impact study. caltrans is continuing the demolition of the original eastern span of the bay bridge. crews will be lowering the third of the 504-foot span and then be transported to the port of oakland where it will be disassembled. this is a live look at the work underway. the bicycle and pedestrian path is closed due to safety reasons while the project is going on. the fastest internet in the world is about to hit one bay area city but before things up in san jose, things will slow down. kiet do has more. >> reporter: they are finally ready for approval here and it looks like there are enough votes to pass. san jose is listed as a, vote, potential city, and the mayor is optimistic. do you know something that we don't? >> we are still dating but i'm looking forward to the wedding. >> reporter: google is
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literally building a high-speed network from scratch, and the work is long, hard, and dirty, laying down fiberoptic cables to the hundreds of homes that want it and get it will take time, 3 years and 2400 miles of san jose streets. google seems to have refined the process over the years and promises outreach and updates and customer service teams that are highly trained. they will also use a technique called microtrenching. >> rather than tearing up an entire street, finding a narrow area in which to lay a very thin cable in a relatively shallow location so it won't require as much investment and destruction to the neighborhood. >> reporter: expect download speeds of a thousand megabits per second. you can down load a full move
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full -- move -- -movie in 7 seconds. >> if they can come up with internet speed that's faster, i'm there. >> reporter: the mayor said to look for some official announcement by the peak of summer. people are looking at $140 a month for the top-end package. kiet do, kpix 5. trustees are considering ratifying a contract for the faculty this week across the california campus system. timing could be an issue, forever. the csu system is asking for an additional $101 million in funds to expand enrollment. turning to the court now,
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the warriors are hoping for redemption in game 4 after a disappointing showing in game 3 against the thunder and unsportsmanlike conduct. coach steve kerr is hoping for a more disciplined team on the court. the tip-off at 6:00. while the team is on the road, the group save oakland sports, is stepping up efforts to keep the warriors in the city. oakland fans are still holding out hope that they will stay with a rally and tv viewing party today at 5:30 at the new parkway theater on 24th street. fans will be able to watch the play-off game against the thunder in oklahoma city. a major ruling on bill cosby. why he will have to stand trial and how much time he could face behind pars. >> and the google maps app, when the new version rolling out and what to expect.
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>> and we could see a sprinkle or two. then big changes for the weekend. ,,
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pennsylvania.. where bill cosby has been ordered to s trial on sexual assault cha. the entertainer is accused developing news out of pen pep -- out of pennsylvania where bill cosby has been ordered to stand trial. a judge ruled today there is enough everyday to bring the case to trial in the sex assault case. it was re-opened last year after the deposition in the lawsuit was made public. cosby claims that it was consensual sex. new details in the crash
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investigation of egyptair flight 804. a top forensics official said that human remains suggest an explosion on board but no traces of explosives have been found. all 66 people were killed when the plane crashed last week traveling from paris to cairo. there was reports that smoke was detected on board minutes before the plane went down. >> there is no human error that would have triggered smoke alarms. >> a french navy ship has arrived to help recover the black boxes. an investigation is underway into a possible threat at the los angeles international airport, a phone threat made to a call center in houston. the plane landed safely and was moved to a remote location. a s.w.a.t. team with a dog went through
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the plane. the passengers are due to be on their way shortly. for years, the white house has taken issue of the vietnamese government of human rights activists. a couple of the invited guests today were absent. the white house said that they were bullied out of attending. fury on above the sky in oklahoma. this happened last night. the ominous gray sky spat out half a dozen deadly tornadoes in the past week and more are expected. luckily this, one didn't cause any injuries. now for the forecast. let's check in with brian. good afternoon. we started with drizzle and we'll finish with increasing sunshine but a little unstable ripple comes through the atmosphere and could produce a
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sprinkle or two. the sunset tonight at 8:21 and tomorrow, not that many of us will see it, clouds and the bay, mild. the high pressure ridge in the bottom left hand corner of your screen will begin moving towards the west coast. after the low kicks out, we have a shower chance for one more day and then increasing sunshine with a lot of low clouds and drizzle and upper elevations around skyline, drizzle. otherwise, look at tomorrow. plenty of low clouds to start out, but today, a mix of clouds and sun and a slight chance of an afternoon shower and later in the week, it will warm up. the forecast highs for today, low to mid-60s and in spots, 10 degrees below average, and in the south bay, mid to upper
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60s, and we'll repeat that for the east bay. near 70 at brentwood and in the north bay, a chance of a sprinkle, not a surprise. 68 at petaluma, and for ukiah and lakeport and clear lake, numbers in the mid-60s and a shower chance. we shall see. the extended forecast, partly cloudy skies today and tomorrow, and thursday and friday, friday, near 80, and inland through the weekend, it looks like pretty good weather. have a good tuesday afternoon. it's now official. twitter is giving users more room. in the next few months, photos and videos and other media won't count against the 140- character limit. we told you about the change a few weeks ago, but twitter confirmed the news today. the number of people using twitter is less than 1/5 actively using rival facebook. a new line of rival
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technology hit kickstarter and has already breezed past the fundraising goal, two smart watches and a wearable fitness tracker through pebble. if you are an avid starbucks customer, you could see discounts pop up in the new google maps. this comes as marketers shift their focus from desktop ads to mobile ones. and bank of america released interesting new data from small business owners. 70% of owners thank a minimum wage hike could have a positive impact and 1% think that education is the most important factor in hiring and more than half expect higher revenue
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this year. and the dow is way up just about an hour before the closing bell. and delores park, you can enjoy the green without spending the green. what changed? that's coming up. and what's cool in your school? e-mail us. ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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♪ hey! ♪ they go ooh ooh. ♪ hey! ♪ they go oh-ooh-ooooh. ♪ sitting, watching, waiting, wishing. ♪ ♪ i tell you one thing, you never knew it. ♪ ♪ at the back of the bus ♪ there is so much to give, so dream big. ♪ ♪ yeah. ♪ and when they screaming get out, get out. ♪ ♪ all i wanna hear is get down, get down. ♪ ♪ yeah. ♪ and when they screaming get out, get out. ♪ ♪ all i wanna hear is get down, get down. ♪ ♪ get down, get down.
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today's tip is dealing with lemons. this time of spring, the lemon crops are coming around. let me tell you, they're beautiful out there, and the price is great. last year at this time, the prices were very lemon. but this year, it's a great crop, and want a quick tip? isay this all the time. you can get the zest from the pure part of the lemon, the white part, but wash them. otherwise, you may get the lemon wax, and that you don't want. make sure they are firm and nice and yellow, and a lot of times, you get the lemons with the nob up here and that means a thick peel. but otherwise, they are nice and heavy. i'm tony tantillo, your fresh
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grocer. always remember to eat fresh and stay healthyy. when life gives you a bowl of lemons, make lemonade. >> great advice. bay area students are cleaning up ocean beach for the adopt a beach clean up event organized by the marine science institute. after vocal outrage, city leaders are temporarily halting renting out space in delores park. you could rent a spot for a fee, up to $260 and a $200 security deposit, and now they say they will allow time for public dialogue before enforcing such policy. and i can't imagine it's popular. >> everyone is contributing with taxes and everyone should be invited. >> just want to go and enjoy the park. >> all right. well, millions of red crabs are showing up on beaches in
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monterey. >> check it out. it's a rare sight for beachgoerers and bad news for fishermen. the problem is the crabs like warm water and el nino has kept the monterey bay warmer than usual, and the conditions are preventing nutrient-filled water from mixing up the surface. as a result, the squid season has been a bust since it open inside april. the marin county board of supervisors is trying to decide what to do at near woods. the board could vote to have have just the 80 spots first come, first serve. about an hour ago, minute clinic announced they are starting a health initiative for veterans. the partnership is the first of
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its kind and affect 60,000 veterans. if you have a consumer problem or question, e-mail our consumerwatch or call 888-5- helps-u. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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what the pharmacy giant is changing -- and what you'lle to do to save paper... comip later today on kpix 5 news five. th k-p-i-x cvs is changing what you will have to do to save paper
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coupons. that's coming up the 5:00. i never know what to do with them. >> never sure what to do, toss them in the garbage or save them. >> right, and they end up in the washing machine tore up. >> and by the way, happy birthday. >> oh, that you were. oh, -- thank you. that was very nice of you, the big 4-0. not hiding it. 40 and loving it. that's it for kpix 5's news. and michelle has great advice for working moms on facebook.
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♪ >> lt. baker: are you ready to press charges? if so, she'll be arraigned before a judge. there'll likely be a trial. if found guilty, she'll probably go to prison for a number of years. so, it's all up to you, mr. spencer. do you want to press charges or not? [ cellphone rings ] [ beeps ] >> liam: lieutenant baker. hey. i-i've been expecting your call. >> lt. baker: i've been expecting


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