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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  May 24, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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would go down. >> reporter: now investigators say it is not entirely clear how or why that car and driver got trapped inside that tricky intersection. now the police department says that this is the second day in a row in which an amtrak train killed someone. there was another fatality yesterday that one involved a pedestrian about a mile from this intersection. in san leandro, devon feely, kpix 5. >> california cracking down on wrong doers with disabled parking. and it's not just drivers. tomorrow, state lawmakers are announcing an audit of the dmv and the entire disabled placard program. new at 5:00, as kpix 5 reporter juliette goodrich tells us, this comes after news reports by kpix 5 exposing this abuse. jewels? >> reporter: liz, we've done a number of investigative stories about people abusing the placards. now directly behind me you can see a row of parking spots here where they have the handicapped signs and throughout the day
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today, people were legitimately using them. correctly. but in other cases they don't. and lawmakers say it's time to crack down. thousands of cars and motorcycles with disabled placards park for free all over the bay area. but are they genuinely disabled drivers or are they abusing the system? >> there's been times when i've actually wanted to go up to people and say can you please move your car? my dad can't walk. >> reporter: today, state lawmakers said it's time to to crack down on the dmv. >> this strictly is an audit with wii going to be take -- where we're going to be making the dmv a little uncomfortable. >> reporter: why this crackdown now? lawmakers credit several news investigations including ours at kpix 5 where cheats have been exposed and people abusing disabled parking placards belonging the friends and relatives including some who are deceased. >> there is twice as many placards as there are san francisco parking meters. >> is there abuse in the
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disabled placard community? >> absolutely. there is. unquestionably widespread throughout. >> reporter: disabled activist bob flanhold was on a grand jury which investigated abuses and found them rampant. last year, the dmv started cracking down on drivers who improperly applied for disability parking placards and even launched operation blue zone which had investigators searching applications that didn't seemly mitigate but law make -- legitimate but lawmakers say more needs to be done. >> if the you take a visit you'll see -- make a visit, you'll see dozens and dozens of disabled placards and several of people -- several of the people that are use them are abusing the program and we don't think the dmv is doing enough to crack down. >> reporter: so right now, the minimum fine is $250. but some people that we talked to said why not have that fine be double? and maybe people will take note. but right now lawmakers are taking note on dmv and going to audit them. in livermore, juliette
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goodrich, kpix 5. new video just out of fatal police shooting in palo alto. this happened last december and now we are learning why officers have been cleared. kpix 5's allen martin on the confrontation that was captured from multiple angles by police dashboard cameras, allen? >> ken we're not showing the entire video but still a warning because images are disturbed. chris gnat might when a -- christmas night when a 34-year- old man called 191 reporting a fake emergency -- 911 reporting a fake emergency. >> whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. >> code 3. he has a knife. put the knife down. >> reporter: william rat had a history of mental illness in that video he can be seen hopping around in the street and despite repeated warnings to drop the knife that he was holding, rath refused. one officer shot him with a taser but when he sprinted directly toward the other officers they opened fire. >> drop the knife! drop the knife -- [ sound of gunfire ]
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>> reporter: the prosecutor's report concludes he was intense on dying at the hands of police officers. he died in the street in front of la silva an inpatient psychiatric care facility where he'd been living. this is first time the santa clara valley county district attorney released video of the officer-involved shooting the da says the video supports the decision to clear those officers and it comes at a time when police agencies are under increased scrutiny for use of lethal force. liz? >> allen thank you. san francisco police are investigating a suspicious death in golden gate park. caution tape surrounds the area near alvord lake. police the tell us -- tell us a gardener called them around 7:00 this morning after he found a man's body face down if the water float -- in the water floating. no word on how long it had been there actually. >> at this point, all the homicide can say is that it does appear there may have been a struggle. they don't have any further information at this time.
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other than an adult male that was found deceased. >> at last check investigators were in the process of drinking pond in hopes of finding any evidence -- draining the pond in hopes of finding any evidence that would help determine the cause of death. in vallejo a december plat plea. his -- desperate plea. his message turn yourself in. a multicity manhunt is underway for this man. he is accused of tour torching a house with his 5-year-old son trapped inside. the neighbors and firefighters were unable to save him. well, now another soon is speaking out and he says his father used to threaten him. and he spent his whole life in fear. now he has a message. >> have some common decency for once in your life. and just turn yourself in. because there's no point in running. there's nowhere you can go, there's no one who's going to help you. because you're at a point now where you've killed your own child. >> the neighbors who knew the boy say he loved steph curry.
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the warriors and was looking forward to his upcoming sixth birthday. s.w.a.t. teams and police dogged swarmed the tarmac today at l. a. x. after a threat was made against the flight. the american eagle flight en route from houston when the threat was reported. the plane landed and pilots were ordered to taxi to an isolated part of airport. s.w.a.t. teams did sweep of the aircraft and the exact nature of the threat not released. the fbi is now looking into who was behind it. developing news, a criminal sexual assault case against bill cosby will go to trial. the entertainer is accused of drugging and sexually assaulting a former temple university employee at his home back in 2004. cbs reporter kenneth craig attended the hearing in norristown, pennsylvania. >> reporter: bill cosby left a suburban philadelphia courthouse after a judge ruled the entertainer will stand trial in a felony sexual assault case that's more than a decade old.
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prosecutors say cosby drugged and sexually assaulted form eroteme examine university employee andrea constand at his mansion. a detective read her 2005 statement to police in which he says cosby sexually assaulted her after giving her pills. she says everything was blurry and dizzy. i felt nauseous. >> it was intoxicating to her and that she was unage to con -- able to consent. you know, that's -- that's the crime. >> reporter: at the ebb end of hearing -- end of the hearing here the judge set the arraignment for july then wished the 78-year-old good luck. dozens of women accused entertainer of sexual assault. but this is the only criminal case against him because the statute of limitations has run out in the other cases. in a 2005 statement to police that was read in court, cosby claimed the sexual encounter with constand in his home was consensual and she never said no. >> if the consistencies that plagued this investigation from the beginning continue to
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plague it now. this case should end immediately. >> reporter: if convicted in this case cosby could face up to ten years in prison. kenneth craig, cbs news, norristown, pennsylvania. new at 5:00, an amazing sight in monterey bay the beaches have all turned red. people flocked to the bay to see what it was all about. kpix 5 reporter hen len ramirez is live with the story. >> reporter: i'm on the beach here in monterey one of the beautiful sand beaches around here. but if you look closely, you'll see that this beach is littered with the dead and decaying bodies of these little tuna crabs, they have been washing up here for the past couple of days. turning the sand a different color. it's a red tide on the monterey bay. but the splash of color on dell monetary beach is caused by the
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lifeless bodies of tuna crabs, they are turning up dead on arrival in california. >> it looked like a battlefield of crabs that would here. >> reporter: so many little bodies littering the ground. >> i had to watch my step everywhere i was going. i don't want to step on the shells that's kind of gross. >> reporter: this is what the invasion of the tuna crabs also known as red crabs looks like underwater. monterey biologist caitlin taylor recorded the video in the monterey harbor two days ago. >> they seem to have swarmed here in the bay because of the el nino. >> reporter: they are up to ten degrees warmer than normal because some of the native species to shift further north and others like tuna crabs which are from baja to come here where they get stranded. >> now that they're here and they're close to shore, the current pushed them into the beach. and now they're stuck. they're getting too hot, they don't have enough oxygen, there's nothing to eat. so they end up dying. >> reporter: now the tuna crabs
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are still washing up although not in -- as big a number as they were before. in fact, there's one that just washed up right here, there were apparently not very good swimmers and you can see it flapping around here, i have to hold him kind of carefully but apparently they can't get back out. going to give this one another shot and hopefully, he'll do a little bitter. reporting live in monterey, hen ramirez, kpix 5. you're stuck on the bus while the driver pulls over to take a meal break. how muni is explaining these bogus breaks. >> people stung and pets killed now a surprising discovery after some bay area bee attacks. >> then, a simple purchase leads to a ridiculously long receipt. how you can end the paper madness. >> it is raining right now in parts of the bay area. i'll have live doppler radar to show you where and another chilly and breezy day. that's five in a row. we'll talk about when we hit
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driver suddenly decides, i' new at 5:00, you're on the bus heading for home when your driver suddenly decides it's time to take a break. kpix 5 reporter mike sugerman is live with some horror stories from riders, mike? >> reporter: well, as muni says it's trying to put the brakes on what it calls excessive breaks by drivers. but privately the drivers i talked with say they feel like they're getting thrown under the bus. every regular rider has some complaint about muni. >> sometimes drivers will not let you in. they're taking their break when it's pouring rain. and they'll just say i've got five more minutes, they just don't care. >> reporter: muni rules about breaks are very specific. sometimes it's up to individual
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drivers. >> somebody actually stopped and said, taking a break. and he actually got off the bus and went into the market. and got a drink or maybe used the bathroom. i'm not sure. >> reporter: bathroom breaks in the middle of a run have been negotiated into the contract. but sometimes those breaks can be abused. like there was one case when this number 9 bus driver apparently stopped, went in a mcdonald's to get dinner, and came back 20 minutes later with passengers waiting inside. >> it's very rare and it's only done by a small amount of operators. >> reporter: paul rose of muni says though, there have been complaints so the agency is taking a hard look at such breaks. using video from the buses. >> you know another example of an operator who got out of the full bus to use hid cell phone while -- his cell phone while the passengers were on the bus watching him on phone and that's not an appropriate stop. >> reporter: they're looking at video sometimes overdriers who take excessive breaks.
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-- of drivers who take excessive breaks. >> never heard of it. >> reporter: drivers either didn't know -- >> no comment. >> reporter: no comment? all right. no comment. no comment. or didn't want to talk about it and their union didn't return our calls. >> we want do make sure that we're looking at it as we improve the system. >> reporter: these things are called 702s because that's the code the driver uses to call central when they're going to take a break and privately one driver said we get the breaks, they're part of the contract and even if you find that we're abusing them, you can't discipline us anyway. it's in the contract. in san francisco, mike sugerman, kpix 5. right now, caltrans is continuing its demolition of the original eastern span of the bay bridge. now we've got a live look at the process it's underway from yerba buena island. it's the third of five trusses that will come down eventually. you can see it down in the water there. copper 5 -- chopper 5 overhead this afternoon, the span will
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eventually be vice presidented by barges to the port of -- transported by barges to the port of oakland. the bicycle path is closed during the project for safety reasons. on the health watch tonight new labels for mechanically tenderized meat. often blades or needles are used to break down the meat. the usda says that raises the risk that harmful bacteria could be passed from one piece of meat to another. new labels will recommend cooking toyota an internal temperature -- it to an internal temperature of at least 145-degrees and about 11% of all meat is tenderized mechanically. ever bought one item at c it's and left with a mile long receipt? a cashier probably handed you one of these. so long, one guy even made himself into a mummy using them. cvs says we hear you. they'll soon offer a paperless option to customers. but you'll have the -- to opt into the program using the
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company's extra care card. well, your google maps directions may soon lead you to more ads. google announced today that it's now allowing advertisers to pay to put what's called promoted pins into a user's route. for example, if you're an avid starbucks customer, you could see discounts popping up in the app and more detailed information from the coffee giant. now this comes as marketers shift their focus from desktop ads to mobile ones. the bees that terrorized one neighborhood and killed two dogs in concord weren't killer bees at all. just regular old honey bees. experts originally thought the bees were perhaps africanized killer bees so the california department of food and agriculture tested their dna. others say they were agitated when the hives were moved. call it a pig in a blanket of hail. so check this out. a little pig named hamlet made
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a hail mary escape during a storm saturday. hail pounds the road and across the street little hamlet is trotting along trying to get out of the way. we're told that little hamlet get it ham-let. made it back home safe. >> we got it ken. >> with the help of some treats. that's how they got him in the house. hamlet runs. >> this little piggy got stuck in hail. poor little guy. so we're not going to see any more of this type of stuff. >> yeah, our weather is so much less of here, it's been rocking and rolling. texas, oklahoma, kansas. for us, much much calmer and actually the rain chances gone. once we wrap up today. what's beginning on outside right now -- going on outside right now? a shot of san jose with a lot of sunshine and didn't start that way but we are finishing the day off with sunshine. here at 68 comfortable degrees and still breezy though. santa rosa you hit 70 but the rest of us are in the 60s. concord 66 and liver more 65 degrees, still some rain out
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there. the sonoma and mendocino -- sonoma and mendocino county line seeing some showers and still heavy showers between clear lake and middletown in lake county. look at all action in the sierra, mainly rain today the snow levels quite high but numerous thunderstorms to the west of tahoe. along interstate 80 and u.s. 50 and numerous thunderstorms southwest of redding and up toward lake shasta. we can take every drop of crane there's more rain in northern -- rain and there's more rain in northern california today. differences in the weather for tomorrow. 50s for lows. concord 52 and san francisco 52. napa and santa rosa you will fall below 50 degrees tonight. now low pressure area we been waiting to lee to get a -- leave to get a change in the weather, not gone yet. still there. now it's to our south and you see the unstable air with some snow in nevada. for us that low finally begins to move after tomorrow. another cloudy start. some drizzle is possible. and some parts of the bay area. especially along the coastline. we'll get the sunshine in the afternoon. but watch out if you're going to be in far northern napa
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county and east of clear lake tomorrow. still the slight chance of a thunderstorm. the rest of us will be dry. now to your weekend. holiday weekend. have some outdoor plans? don't change a thing. maybe invite more people over because the weather will be warmer and sunnier and beautiful weather. friday, saturday, or sunday or memorial day week all looking like banner outdoor days. coastal drizzle is possible today. with that warming trend really taking shape beginning thursday. 60s for most of you. livermore 69 degrees and mountain view 67. san rafael 68 and napa you'll make it to the low 70s tomorrow. upper 70s inland thursday. then look at this weather for the weekend. does it get any better? not cold, not hot. upper 60s low 70s near the bay. and low 80s are likely inland should be a gorgeous holiday weekend to get outside all the memorial day services are monday. weather is good for those as well. >> perfect. right. >> looking great. thanks paul. if woman known as the chewbacca mom has gone viral quickly on social media. >> see what happened when the
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woman with the infectious laugh drove james corden and a surprise guest to work. >> that doesn't sound anything like chewbacca. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,
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golden state warriors take the thunder in oklahoma cit in about 35 minutes, our golden state warriors will be taking on the thunder in oklahoma city. warriors are down in the series two games to one after a blowout on sunday night. >> kpix 5 sports director dennis o'donnell here now with how the team is gearing up for a big win tonight. >> reporter: as you guys well know the warriors haven't lost back-to-back games all season. >> it's true. >> reporter: they have overcome 2-1 series deficits before. but if they lose tonight, they'll be down three games to one. that's uncharted territory for the defending nba champion. >> we know what we're up against. obviously a very good team. and tapn'ted team. -- talented team. that took us apart last game. so we've got to correct a lot of things and i'm confident that we will.
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>> reporter: and the key match- up delay monday green and oklahoma city's steven adams whose play gets under green's skin. green is going to have to bottle up his emotions because if he gets lit up for one more flagrant foulers he is suspended and might be the warriors' season. >> wow. key game tonight. you go down 3-1 against these guys? tough. >> who would have thought that the sharks would be closer to the finals than the warriors right you? >> good point -- now in. >> good point. >> that's a great story. >> one away. >> exactly. >> thanks dennis. we're back after a quick break. >> stay with us. newsroom. new at 6:00 tonight:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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i'm allen martin in the kpix 5 newsroom. new at 6:00 tonight, paying big bucks to reserve blanket space at a public park. the outrage over a plan to rent out premium patches of grass. and the north bay is close to snagging its own electric car factory. the tesla rival that could bring a major boost to a city bouncing back from bankruptcy. those stories and much more coming up tonight at 6:00. guys? all right, sounds good thank you allen. >> a stay at home mom achieves viral fame this week after more than 100 million people watched her geek out over a chewbacca mask. well, tonight she teams one james corden and a special
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guest right here on kpix 5. >> this is worth every penny! [ laughter ] >> sorry, i know that you're pleased with your purchase but i have got placidest go like i have got to get to work. -- places to go like i have to get to work. >> wookiee for us we get to see the trio in action as they each try their best clue back coo impression -- chewbacca impression. >> just never know. what's going to set people off. >> it's her laugh, it's so infectious. and just -- it's just oozing jay. makes you smile -- joy. makes you smile. >> chewy wherever you are in a galaxy far far away. >> he's loving it. >> that's it for this edition of eyewitness news at 5:00, coming up next charlie rose fills in for scott pelley on the cbs "evening news." >> i'll see you tonight at 6:00 and remember the latest news is always on our website.
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enough: one city told people they >> rose: a judge orders bill cosby to stand trial for sexual assault. also tonight, cell phone video exposes a gap in airport security. >> you have employees coming in with backpacks, leaving with backpacks. you don't know what they're bringing onto the airfield. you don't know what they're taking off of the airfield. >> rose: are these muscle cars strong enough to survive a crash? and a magazine cover that made edward locke the butt of a joke. >> the townspeople said i was the kid who showed his butt for $5. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> rose: good evening. scott is off tonight. i'm charlie rose. this is our western edition. it is a stunning fall from grace.


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