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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  May 25, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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later for the morning news and cbs this morning. from the broadcast center here from the broadcast center here ininin or captioning funded by cbs it's wednesday, may 25th, 2016. this is the "cbs morning news." >> just destroyed something. it's moved toward that house. uh-oh. oh, no. this about to be bad. >> a string of tornadoes touches down across the plains with stormschasers inching closer to the chaos. hey! >> another trump event, another violent protest. while the presumptive republican nominee gave a speech inside, protesters raged on the outside, launching bottles and rocks at police and police horses. and bill cosby is heading to
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trial. a judge ruling a jury should hear the sex assault case against the embattled entertainer. good morning from the studio 57 at cbs news headquarters here in new york. glad to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. a batch of bad weather including a string of concerns rumbled across the plains injuring an unknown number of people and damaging homes and other buildings. yesterday, at least 30 tornado warnings were reported in the plains. this is part of an ongoing storm system expected to last the rest of the week. tornado watches are posted in kansas, colorado, and nebraska. hena daniels has details. there's three tornadoes on the ground at the same time! good night. >> reporter: more than 30 tornado sightings were reported across the plains yesterday. sto stormchasers captured at least one tornado that ripped up buildings near dodd city,
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kansas. >> there's a structure hit. >> reporter: this crew ran into an overturned propane tank, spewing gas along the roads. >> there was gas everywhere. it was very dangerous. >> reporter: the national weather service says at least one tornado touched down outside of bristow, oklahoma, ripping the roofs off of houses and bringing down trees. the roberts family got an emergency alert on their phone and frantically ran with their pets to the cellar. >> we heard the wind pick up a little bit. we heard glass start breaking. then i heard all the lumber start ripping apart. and i knew -- i knew what was going on. >> reporter: they run a community animal rescue and say they lost dozens of animals. heavy rain also triggered flash flooding in arkansas. a 13-year-old boy was swept away into a drainage pipe by high water and found alive about two hours later. severe weather is expected to plague the great plains for much of the week. the possibility of more tornado in the forecast for texas,
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oklahoma, and kansas. and this same storm system triggered rain and large hail in colorado, as well. anne-marie? >> hena daniels, thanks a lot. a protest outside a donald trump rally albuquerque turned violent overnight. several officers were hurt when demonstrators launched rocks and bottles at cops and police forces. and while the protests heated up, donald trump picked up an easy win in washington state and possibly the endorsement of speaker paul ryan according to unconfirmed reports. craig boswell with the latest. >> reporter: cbs news project donald trump won the republican primary in washington state. >> look at this crowd. >> reporter: trump campaigned in new mexico tuesday which votes on june 7th. the billionaire is expected to have enough delegates on or before that date to officially clinch the nomination. >> i'm going bring back jobs. we're going to have a strong border. we're going to have the wall. >> reporter: anti-trump protesters gathered outside the convention center in albuquerque.
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some set fires, and police in riot gear used smoke canisters to disperse the crowd. >> we are not here to start a fight. we are here to create peace! >> reporter: trump is already in general election mode, while his democratic opponents for the white house are still in a contentious primary race. >> thank you, riverside! >> reporter: hillary clinton isn't focusing on bernie sanders but instead is turning up the heat on trump. >> right now, people are listening to donald trump, and they're wondering what is going on in america. >> reporter: clinton and sanders are battling for california's 475 delegates. sanders says he'll spend the next two weeks sweeping the state. >> we're going to be speaking to over 200,000 californians. sanders has a very narrow path to the nomination and is dismissing claims he's dividing the party. craig boswell, cbs news, the white house. another democrat, massachusetts senator elizabeth warren, is escalating her attacks on donald trump. speaking in washington last night, she talked about a
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comment from trump back in 2007 when he said he was excited about making money during the real estate crash. >> what kind of a man does that? i'll tell you exactly what kind of a man does that -- it is a man who cares about no one but himself. a small -- [ applause ] -- a small, insecure, money-grubber who doesn't care who gets surt so long as he makes -- hurt so long as he makes a profit off it. >> trump and warren have been waging a war of words. in an interview with week he'll attend a
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group of seven economic summit and visit hiroshima friday. bill cosby's lawyers say thatis n bill cosby's lawyers say that he is not guilty of any crime. but the comedian will stand trial on sexual assault charges. the charges stem from an incident 12 years ago. coz subsidy free on $-- cosby is free on $1 million bail. kenneth craig has more. >> reporter: bill cosby left a suburban philadelphia courthouse after a judge ruled the entertainer will stand trial in a felony sexual assault case that's more than a decade old. prosecutors say cosby drugged
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and sexually assaulted former temple university employee andreaconstand at his mansion. >> reporter: at the end of the hearing here, the judge set cosby's arraignment for july, then wished the 78-year-old good luck. dozens of the women have accused the entertainer of sexual assault, but this is the only criminal case because the statute of limitations has run out in the other cases. in a 2005 statement read in court, cosby blamed the sexual encounter with constand in his home was consensual and she never said no. >> there was no evidence of a crime. the inconsistencies that plague in investigation from the beginning continue to plague it now. this case should end immediately. >> reporter: if convicted in this case, cosby could face up to ten years in prison. kenneth craig, cbs news, norristown, pennsylvania. cosby is also fighting several defamation lawsuits from some of his accusers who claim he called them liars. he is free after posting bail of $1 million. and the justice department will seek the death penalty against dylann roof, charged in
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the charleston church massacre. he's charged with killing nine black parishioners last year. he's also charged by the state. and south carolina will pursue the death penalty. roof's lawyers in the federal joo -- roof's lawyers in the federal case say that he would plead guilty if the death penalty was taken off the table. this morning, the taliban confirmed that its leader, mullah akhtar mansour was killed saturday in pakistan. the new leader is a deputy known for justifying the taliban's existence. in a statement the taliban called on all of its followers to pledge their allegiance to him. this morning in kabul, at least ten people were killed by a suicide bomber who attacked a bus carrying court employees. the casualties included both court workers and civilians. no one has claimed responsibility. a threat against an american airlines jet was deemed non-credible yesterday morning.
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the twin engine jet with 80 on board was flying from houston to los angeles. the threat came via a phone call to houston. the jet landed safely in l.a. and was moved to a remote location as a precaution. the nfl commissioner says he hasn't seen a congressional report saying the league tried to improperly report effects of concussions. >> to make progress, to make the game safer for our employers at the nfl level but also future players and at all levels of football. we have to do it for our retired players. >> meanwhile, doctors say former nfl star bubba smith had a degenerative disease linked to trauma. 90 players studied had cte. coming up on the "morning news" now, scientists weigh in on the deflategate scandal.
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and run your business. legalzoom. legal help is here. well, with the help of a bionic suit, a paralyzed dad in the u.k. defied the odds by walking his daughter down the aisle. the man lost mobility after battling an aggressive cancer several years ago. the company that makes the suit loaned him the device which normally costs $130,000. he made his daughter's dream come true on her big day, and you can bet there was not a dry eye in the room. quarterback tom brady is getting support from professors in his deflategate case, and the v.a. secretary under pressure to quit. those are some of the headlines on the "morning newsstand." the "washington post" reports that at least two senators want the veterans affairs secretary to quit. robert mcdonald is taking heat
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after comparing veterans waiting for medical care to amusement park visitors. mcdonald says that he meant that wait times are only one factor in rating veteran satisfaction with their health care. "the st. louis post dispatch" reports the resignation of the city attorney in ferguson, missouri. stephanie karr was criticized in a federal report that found racism in the city's law enforcement system. the report followed the shooting of an unarmed black teen, michael brown, by a white police officer two years ago. "the new york times" reports that a stunt bike star had a chronic brain disease linked to head trauma. 41-year-old bmx rider dave mira fatally shot himself in february. doctors say repeated concussions probably caused the disease om
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here's a look at the forecast in some cities around the country. ♪ some adventurers an african trip decided to stay in their tent rather than greets greet their visitors. they awoke to lions liking moisture off the tent. the camper called it a privilege. you can't blame the big cats for being parched. they live in the bone-dry cal hairy desert. better -- kalahari desert. better thirsty than hungry. on the cbs "money watch," toyota hitches a ride with uber, and a record college sponsorship deal. jill wagner's at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. apple and other tech stocks led a buying spree here on wall street. the markets had their biggest gains since march. adding to the good feeling, sales of new homes reached an
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eight-year high last month. the dow gained 213, the s&p picked up 28, the nasdaq finished 95 points higher. toyota's investing in the ride-hailing company uber. uber drivers will be able to lease toyota cars with money they make from rides. it's not clear how much toyota will invested. earlier this year, general motors invested $500 million in lyft. monsanto rejected a $62 billion takeover bid from bayer but said it would consider a higher offer. it called the offer from the german drug and chemical chemical incomplete and financially inadequate. bayer said monsanto didn't look at regulatory risks and looks forward to future talks in completing the deal. if you use google's mapping service, you may start seeing more ads when getting directions. the ads are called promoted pins. they'll show up inside the directions map as google sends you to your destination. the pins will appear for a small test group. the new adds will be targeted to
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keeping the team in the cit join us for kpix 5 news this morning... beginning at 4:3 good morning. it's wednesday, may 25th. i'm kenny ch,,,, here's a look at the forecast in some cities around the country. ♪
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it goes to miami in 2020. in 2021, los angeles will host its first super bowl since 1993. the stadium there yet to be built. a police department in europe is experimenting with an innovative way to keep illegal drones out of the sky. officers are using eagles to do their takedowns. jonathan vigliotti went to the netherlands for a test flight. >> reporter: the dutch national police department's newest recruits have wings and an appetite for drones. hunter the bald eagle is the world's first bird trained to take down drones that cause trouble in the sky. >> during training, they have proved to be the best bird of prey to take down drones.
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>> reporter: the program, guard from above, contracts eagles out to police. the second the hood is off and hunter spots a drone, he is off. and with flight speeds of up to 80 miles per hour, there's no escaping his talons. benda kaiser is the trainer. how do you go about training your eagles to go after drones? >> how? >> reporter: yeah? what's the secret? >> yes. >> reporter: he's talking, but are you? he will only say it's a mission that requires daily training for at least a year. he says the eagles' naturally protected claws allowed them to safely catch any drone. until now there was no safe, quick way to capture the drones. >> we expect there to be more drones. people buy them as toys. some will use them in the wrong place, in the wrong way. >> reporter: these recruits have another month of test flights before theycan take off and take down the real thing. cbs news, the netherlands. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," the ceo of wework.
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here's another look at this morning's top stories -- last night hundreds of protesters clashed with police outside a donald trump rally in albuquerque. there was property damage, and police used smoke grenades to break up the crowd. demonstrators blocked streets with their cars and trucks. a string of tornadoes swept across the central plains. in kansas, at least two people were critically injured. homes were damaged, and power lines knocked down. tornadoes also touched down in oklahoma and texas. at least 30 tornadoes were reported in the plains yesterday. as summer approa, test. test. test. test. test.
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test. test. test. xas and florida are considered high risk. >> it's inevitable that there will be cases of zika eventually. >> reporter: two to protect from mosquitoes, the cdc says choose an insect repellant with deet, ir-3535, or oil of lemon eucalyptus. >> they like to live and breed in close proximity to human habitations. >> reporter: mosquitoes that spread zika tend to bite during the day. pregnant women are at highest risk because the virus can cause birth defects. new orleans resident kelly
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gerkin is pregnant and being proactive. >> wear sunscreen and bug spray at the same time. >> reporter: so far there have been more than 500 travel-related cases in the u.s. health officials say the travelers can possibly transmit the virus to local mosquitoes. >> those mosquitoes could transmit the virus to other people. so in particular, those individuals need to take extra precautions. >> reporter: experts say anyone returning from zika infected areas could also be careful. don champion, cbs news, dallas. a new study shows that living with parents is now the most common arrangement for millennials. researchers say nearly one-third of americans ages 18 to 34 are still at home. it's the first time more people in that group are with the parents rather than with a spouse since recordkeeping started in 1880. and twitter made it official. it's making over tweets to allow for longer messages. the 140-character limit remains, but user handles, photos, gifs, and videos no longer count against the 140-character limit.
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twitter says that this will allow for longer tweets and make it easier for users to communicate about what it's like to live at home with your parents at 30. coming up on "cbs this morning," more on the silicon valley billionaire who's secretly funding hulk hogan's lawsuits against the blog gawker. plus, new developments in a cbs news investigation into dangerous seat back collapses in vehicles as lawmakers take action. this is the "cbs morning news." i'm anne-marie green. have a great day. ,,,,,,
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. this is a live look at i-80 in berkeley the cars with the
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brake lights heading toward the bay bridge this morning. traffic looks decent. that could change in an hour or so. good morning, it's wednesday, may 25. i'm kenny choi. >> look who's back. >> liza and roberta. >> welcome back. >> you, too, except you had a birthday yesterday. you came back just for the cake? >> i did. >> and the muffins you brought. >> oh, yes. good morning, everybody. i think the most notable thing is the commute is beginning earlier and earlier. bundle up. we have a cool breeze with temperatures in the 50s. kind of mild outside but when you factor in the wind up to 15 miles an hour, it feels raw. today slightly warmer than yesterday, 2 to 5 degrees above average for this time of the year. not bad at all. 50s to low mid-70s. we'll talk about the memorial day weekend forecast. here's liza battalones. ro we are going to talk about


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