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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  May 25, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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and i'm kenny choi. breaking news... firefighters right now the scene of a l good morning, everyone. it's wednesday, may 25. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. breaking news now. firefighters right now are on the scene of a large fire in santa clara. kpix 5's kiet do joins us live from el camino real with the latest. reporter: the fire chief are getting it under control in the next couple of minutes. multiple crews have been spraying water on it for two hours although you can see flames. they are trying to keep it from spreading to neighboring businesses so they have been spraying water on the far side of the fire. some of the video we shot this morning when the fire started around 2:45. they believe it start in a restaurant called the [ indiscernible ] , the rancho shopping complex off el camino real. it has destroyed at least three
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or four neighboring businesses. there are about a dozen in the complex. it's hard to tell what is what because of the signs burned down. this building is older and there are access issues, trying to cool down the building so it doesn't spread to neighboring businesses, as well. i did mention that this is five alarms. they have four alarms now actively fighting the fire and the fifth crew here, the fifth alarm, is here to support the firefighters who are now getting very tired fighting this fire holding these hoses it's been taxing. it's accupuncture active situation. this is a significant fire. but they will continue to stay here on the scene. we have road closures. there's a closure here at el camino real in between nobili and flora vista. avoid the area. kiet do, kpix 5. >> obviously causing a mess in traffic there because of those
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closures. >> certainly. we have that closure. if you take el camino real, this is just east of lawrence expressway adjacent to the shopping center, closed between nobili and flora vista. we just checked in with vta. none of the lines or rude are affected as of this point but this could certainly changes. if it does we'll pass it on. the bay bridge toll plaza still looking good. so it's a light drive leaving oakland heading into san francisco. no delays there. before you get there, 80 through berkeley and emeryville, westbound traffic flowing well. no major delays there approaching university. that's a look at "kcbs traffic." now to roberta. >> so many people asking me what the heck is going on with our weather? it's so cool. it's so blustery. right now gray slate towards the city by the bay, the city of san francisco where the temperatures aren't really bad. 55 now in san francisco and santa rosa. otherwise 58 apiece in oakland
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and in redwood city. it's 57 in san jose where the winds are kicking up out of the southwest at 6 miles per hour there. otherwise, 10 in pleasanton. when you factor in the 10-mile- per-hour wind or that 15 in fairfield, feels chilly as you step out to begin your "hump day." today's temperatures mostly cloudy in the 50s, 60s, a few 70s. these temperatures are still averaging about 2 to 5 degrees below average. we are going to talk about the memorial day weekend forecast later on. happening today in san francisco, a justice summit puts a topic in the spotlight that people feel strongly bushes the issue use of force. kpix 5's anne makovec is live at police headquarters on the event that may spark major change in san francisco. anne. >> reporter: yeah, this is actually an annual event put on by the city's public defender but this year's event is certainly taking on new urgency
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in the wake of several deadly police shootings over the past couple of years. they brought a lot of criticism to the department when it comes to use of force. officers right now are not allowed to carry tasers and their current deescalation tactics have been coming up short. for example, mario woods caught on cell phone, officers say he was coming at them with a knife and they had no choice but to fire. then there was last week's shooting of an unarmed car theft suspect in the bayview. >> i think this shooting is endemic of what's wrong with the san francisco police department. that we have a police department that is out of control. >> protestors called for change in the department's policies and culture have been growing louder. police chief greg suhr stepped down last week and the new interim chief toney chaplin says he will implement a number
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of reforms. today's event may help advise some of those policies. live in san francisco, anne makovec, kpix 5. homicide detectives are looking for answers this morning after a body was found in golden gate park. a gardener discovered the body near a lake north of kezar stadium yesterday. investigators aren't saying much but say it's a suspicious death and there may have been a struggle. 49ers management is opposing north carolina's restroom law during a national football league meeting in north carolina. they said: the legislative session." yo 's n-f-l team is the fi to speak out a law... nsidered discriminatory against transgender people. n-f-l commissioner rogert >> york' nfl team is the first to speak out about the law
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considered discriminatory against transgender people. roger good dell asked about it. >> the panthers operate and play here and we want to work were the community. we are not going to threaten them. we are going to work with them to effect changes. >> york made a donation to a north carolina group that's an advocate for the right to homosexual people. state investigators are now looking into the cause of a pipeline rupture that leaked more than 20,000 gallons of oil near the town of tracy. eight months earlier the same pipeline broke nearby. shell oil crews are still cleaning up last weekend's leak which is not far from 580. some relief for the people of concord who fear that bees stinging with a vengeance were true killers. [ yelling ] >> sucker! the bees have been on a stinging spree since early this month. they struck at all kinds of people, stung all kinds of people, and two dogs. experts worry they were africanized killer bees but dna
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tests came back negative. they are just european honeybees. scientists say their bad behavior may have started because their hives were moved. kpix 5 has learned a brand- new san francisco park that's been finished for months is still closed because of red tape. parents in mission bay say this children's park was supposed to open last year. in effect, residents say bolt cutters were used to break open the lock to let people in. the problem even though the park is ready, the surrounding area isn't. the developer has to get streets ready for traffic. >> they get to decide whether they want to do the park or streets first. >> there are a lot of things that need to happen and they should have happened before they completed the park. >> the city now says the park should open in late july or early august. san francisco supervisor jane kim just introduced legislation to get the city's approval process rolling.
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the solar-powered plane took off from dayton. the solar impulse 2 had bright lights and launched a few hours ago from dayton's tarmac. it will next go to lehigh valley in pennsylvania. it's using no fuel. with warmer months ahead, the fight to prevent the spread of zika is ramping up. what you can do. >> plus they nearly put down their dog after it was paralyzed only to find out it was a bug causing the trouble. the warning to all pet parents this morning. >> 5:08. from the kpix 5 weather center this morning, we have drizzle due to a very deep marine layer. i'll talk about that marine layer and how it's going to affect beaches for the holidays. >> and if you plan to make the golden gate commute, so far, so good. no big traffic delays here but i'll give you an update on the bay bridge and information on this morning's street closures in santa clara coming up.
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good morning. welcome to your wednesday, may 25. time now now, 5:11. -- time check now, 5:11. take a look at sunrise in the mount vaca area. we'll have the forecast coming up.
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forecasters expect severe storms to continue today across the plains region. yesterday rough weather injured two people and damaged homes in kansas. tornadoes were reported there. in oklahoma, one family got an emergency alert on their phone and ran with some of their pets to shelter. >> we heard the wind pick up and glass breaking. then i heard all the lumber ripping apart and i knew what was going on. >> national weather service crews plan to survey the damage today. new video this morning of a motorcyclist extremely close call. a heavy duty truck overturns on a busy highway in china. the motorcyclist passes on the right side barely avoiding getting hit. the truck spills its load. in arizona, one driver hit another wounded in a carjacking and patrol car hit by a bullet
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and now police near phoenix have a suspect under arrest. officers say it all started late last night. someone opened fire on a passing car and hit a person inside. then the suspect went toward a nearby casino shooting another person while taking the car. police chased the suspect and their car was hit. they eventually made the arrest. with summer just about here many are worried about zika virus. federal health officials are not expecting transmission in the u.s. they are advising everyone to protect against mosquitos. here's don champion with more reporter: temperatures are heating up and so are concerns about zika. the mosquito-borne virus hasn't been locally transmitted in the u.s. southern states including texas and florida are high risk. >> it's inevitable there will be cases of zika eventually. >> reporter: to protect from mosquitos, the cdc says choose an insect repellent with deet,
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ir35, 35 or oil of lemon eucalyptus. if using sunscreen, apply repellents. clear standing water. >> they like to live and breed in close proximity to human habitation. >> we usually think of mosquitos biting at dusk or dawn but health officials say that the ones who spread zika bite during the day. pregnant women are at risk because the virus may caught birth defects. new orleans resident kelly gherkin is pregnant and being pro-active. >> wear your sunscreen and your, um, bug spray at the same time. >> reporter: so far, there have been more than 500 travel- related cases in the u.s. officials say those travelers can possibly transmit the virus to local mosquitos. >> those mosquitos could transmit the virus to other people. so in particular, those individuals need to take extra precautions. >> reporter: experts say anyone
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returning from zika-infected areas should also be careful. don champion, cbs news, dallas. >> doctors recommend you don't apply it on the hands of any child or anywhere on a infant. today is national wine day. >> all right. i like that. whether you prefer red or white, it's a reason to raise your glass. but it's possibly a bad idea to use it as an excuse to drink at work. yeah, not a good idea. also, a national drink wine day falls on a saturday, february 18 next year. you can bring the wine to work but not drink it. >> coworkers, but yeah, definitely don't -- uncork it later. [ pause ] >> i always have a little bit of wine ready to go. [ laughter ] we are going to talk about this morning's commute where we have a couple of things to tell you about. we are going to begin once again in the south bay where we have a major street closure to tell you about because of this
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morning's fire. kiet do is live at the scene and will have more on this shortly. in the meantime, keep in mind that el camino real is shut down between nobili and flora vista. take cabrillo or granada south of the closure as an alternate. south bay freeways are still okay. northbound 101 okay, 10 minutes between 280 and 237. 11 minutes along northbound 280 in downtown approaching highway 85. no delays along the guadalupe parkway. bay bridge commute westbound five 580 fine. golden gate bridge southbound fine. weather is affecting traffic talls does. this morning a little foggy. roberta says it's not too bad. you can tell from the live pictures it's not affecting visibility. 880 as it rolls through oakland, roadwork in place
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along the nimitz southbound 880 approaching 29th. it's not causing much of a backup. caltrans is out there in the left-hand lanes so stay to the right if you normally take the nimitz to move out of oakland for hayward. once you're in hayward, keep in mind we are seeing some delays for the san mateo bridge westbound traffic looking good at the toll plaza with just a brief delay approaching midspan. 13 minutes is the drive time between hayward and foster city. the sillicon valley freeways are looking okay. no delays on mass transit. vta no big delays resulting from the closure on el camino real. that's "kcbs traffic." here's roberta. always good to see you, liza. good morning, everybody. our live weather camera this time around at 5:17 featuring official sun-up in the mount vaca area. officially the sun comes up at 5:52. boy, but that's glorious. just wanted to share that with you because everywhere else we're totally socked in with areas of low clouds and fog, some drizzle along the coast
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into the bay even had some drizzle as far inland as pleasanton this morning. it's condensation from the marine layer. factoring in the wind it feels cooling stepping out. winds are up to 15 in fairfield. these wind will blow out of the west 10 to 20 miles per hour. our weather watchers, known as my bffs, 50s and 60 from antioch to napa into benicia. okay. right there it's the core of the center of the area of low pressure that tips to spin its wheels and bring in some precipitation in a counterclockwise rotation. we have the thick overcast as a result of the enhancement of the marine layer. we have clouds because of the area of low pressure. we'll see gradual warming pressure. so there you have the low sagging to the south ejecting to the east. in its wake we have high pressure building in providing
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with us a warmer holiday weekend. futurecast illustrates at lunchtime we are socked in around the san mateo coast and lifting into the santa cruz area. this is what i'm concerned about. this hit and miss instability, the chance of a thunderstorm or even a spotty scattered shower around the delta towards the evening commute. otherwise, mostly cloudy skies overnight. now, statewide, thunderstorms the possibility in throughout the high sierra back through yosemite. 60 from the mountains to the coast in monterey. our numbers 50s, 60s to mid- 70s. about 2 to 5 degrees below seasonal averages. here's your extended forecast. we call for sunny and warm on thursday, mild over the weekend. big day across the bay area especially the santa clara valley. our san jose sharks drop the puck at 6:00. street rally at 3:00. 70 degrees. what a game it's going to be. >> yes! we'll be watching. in portland a little collie named ollie suddenly became paralyzed and vets why sure it had to be put down but with
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only minutes to spare an intern discovered the secret to his troubles. turns out that ollie had a tick stuck behind his ear. doctors say that the [ indiscernible ] have a new toxin in their saliva and when they latch on to an animal it sparks paralysis. so vets say that the confusion comes because it's very rare for ticks to do this. >> anything from cancer to trauma a fracture of a vertebrae or a spinal fracture, any one of these things could have caused similar signs. >> it that happens people found something and decided to check it out. >> ollie is back to his normal self 10 hours after the tick was removed. it's key to check your pets for ticks if they get sick. and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, the defending nba champions have met their match. how would they respond to that game 3 loss? the answer and reaction coming up. >> and what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at
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we may come and feature your school on the show. play o' the day from major introducing the completely redesigned mercedes-benz c-coupe, with its athletic prowess and sleek new body. it doesn't just raise the bar... completely crushes it. the all-new c-class coupe. mercedes-benz.
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good morning, everybody. the warriors had not lost back- to-back games all season so better close your eyes this morning. draymond green not suspended
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for game 4 but only 6 points. very ineffective in the last two games. 21 turnovers for golden state. curry gives it away. russell westbrook dunks it. 16-0 launch. klay thompson gets the warriors afloat scored 19 of his 29 in the 3rd quarter. warriors within 6 but russell westbrook refused to let his team lose. dives on the floor, lose ball, the three is nailed. 12-point lead. this was steph curry's night in a nutshell coming up. misses the layup. he was just 6 of 20 from the field. russell westbrook had 36 points. oklahoma city won, forcing the warriors to the brink of elimination. >> this really sucks right now and terrible feeling to not even get one here. got to play desperation like our live's on the line on thursday. >> it's the first time in my life that i didn't respond to critics.
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and that's what kind of been my story. i haven't done that. so i got do that. >> i think we are a special team that, um, this isn't how we're going to go out. so we're going to figure out, you know, how we can take care of these next 48 minutes on thursday. and then we'll talk again. >> oracle you better bring it tomorrow night. the warriors' season is on the line. the sharks, they can be in the stanley cup finals for the first time ever if they beat st. louis at the tank. giants win, a's lose. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. the play of the day from major league baseball, milwaukee at atlanta, check out this defensive play for the brewers. watch quickly for terrific diving catch by aaron hill. another look, look at that diving catch. milwaukee beats the braves 2-1. after battling the flames for more than two hours, crews are now finally getting a 5 alarm fire under control in santa clara. i'm kiet do. we have a live report coming
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up. >> it is a critical moment in criminal justic reform. that's what the public defender says about the use of force meeting going on today. we'll preview it next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ otests outside a don massive flames engulf a strip mall as san jose fire crews work to contain the blaze. >> and protests outside a donald trump rally turn violent as dozens of doppler radarrers clash with police. >> good morning from the kpix 5 weather center where i'm watching the fog. i'll talk about how all that will affect your holiday. >> and the morning rush is on
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over at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights are activated. i'll have details. >> good morning, it's wednesday, may 25. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. kiet do reports from a massive fire from el camino real. >> reporter: this is a stubborn fire in santa clara, they are holding the line at this dance studio. multiple crews have been spraying water on this nonstop for 2.5 hours. but flames keep popping up through the roof. they are trying to keep the flames from spreading to the neighboring businesses and as a result, firefighters have been cooling down the far edges in advance of the fire. video this morning the fire started around 2:47 a.m. people called 911 with reports of smoke in the building. and at that hour the fire probably spread for some time before erupting. they believe it started in a restaurant in a rancho shopping complex on el camino real here at lawrence expressway. it has destroyed at least three
5:31 am
or four neighbors businesses although it's hard to tell which ones since the signs have burned down. the mall is a collection of businesses. firefighters can't get around as easily because the building is owner. witnesses say the flames are so intense they can feel the heat from across the street. >> i couldn't see the flames at first but about half-hour later morsiens are and help comes in. so i walked about a block over and see all the black smoke which you couldn't tell from the distance and you get closer you feel the warmth and the flames. >> reporter: this is five-alarm fire. the first four are fighting the flames, the fifth alarm is here as support. they have seen fires go up to 7 alarms here in santa clara county but certainly not the biggest but certainly
5:32 am
significant. avoid the area for at least a couple of more hours. in hercules a driver has another scare on i-80 after somebody started shooting on the highway. the chp says at least one person had bullet wounds when the suspect opened fire around 9:15 last night. it happens west of highway. traffic backed up after the chp closed multiple lanes. the shooting is one of nearly 20 on east bay highways since november. the suspect is still on the loose. happening today in san francisco, a justice summit puts officer shootings in the spotlight because the topic this year is use of force. kpix 5's anne makovec is live at police headquarters on the event that could change the way officers run their beats. >> reporter: this summit comes in the middle of a big shake-up here at the san francisco police department. as of last week, there's a new interim chief in charge and he is charged with implementing a lot of reforms within the
5:33 am
department. they have been talking about them all year long. the city is trying to change to change its 20-year-old policy of use of force. officers have no taser or shields so in several recent confrontations they have used to deadly force, firearms, as they did with mario woods last year, a suspect armed with a knife. >> a knife is a deadly weapon. you show up on scene, you're giving commands to persons noncompliant so automatically everything escalates up to a new level. >> don't shoot, don't shoot! >> reporter: protestors have been calling for changes in the department. the calls are growing louder. they want criminal charges against officers involved in at least four recent deadly shootings. as for today's summit, they are planning on breaking down basically what happened before, what happened after, several recent controversial shootings. and they are also going to be
5:34 am
talking about racism in the wake of several racist texts being found floating around between officers. live in san francisco, anne makovec pictures. let's check weather. a warmup? >> a gradual warmup. not so much today, but tomorrow. we'll be feeling lots of heat today. as a 25-year season ticketholder for the sharks, this is the closest we have come to the final play-offs. they are five wins away from winning the stanley cup. the only california hockey -- [ overlapping speakers ] >> we do have the street party and that's coming up at 3:00 this afternoon. we'll have that forecast for you at 48 minutes after the hour. but right now, this is a really interesting -- the embarcadero all lit up in teal and gold for the sharks right? >> yes. >> and the warriors. okay? but i have been noticing the
5:35 am
fog rolling in. it's been overcast and now fog is rolling in. temperatures in the 50s. onshore winds today west 10 to 10 to 20 miles per hour, mostly cloudy skies. 50s at the coast. 77 inland. 73 brentwood. north of the golden gate bridge 72. we have the full forecast coming up at 48 minutes after the hour. here's liza. >> good morning. starting in the south bay because of the fire burning at that strip mall we have el camino real shut down. it is closed between nobili and flora vista. some alternates include cabrillo and granada and if you would rather take a major street outside of there take homestead or central expressway to get around. we are keeping in close touch with vta. no major delays reported as a result of that closure of el camino real.
5:36 am
but take a look at the altamont pass. that's jam-packed again this morning. no accidents. 205 slow. west 580 heavy approaching and passing vasco. the bridge commute just the bay bridge clocking in with a slow drive. right now the metering lights are on. and traffic is backed up from the 880 overcrossing. that's a look at your "kcbs traffic." police are trying to figure out -- investigating an amtrak crash into an suv with a mother and daughter inside. the accident happened yesterday on the tracks at washington and chapman. 30-year-old vanessa enriquez and her 3-year-old daughter were hit as the train passed. officers are reviewing footage from businesses to learn how it happened. another ugly incident on the presidential campaign trail. this time, outside the site of
5:37 am
a donald trump rally in alburqueque, new mexico. protestors clashed with police even throwing barricade, rocks and bottles at officers. police responded by firing pepper spray and smoke grenades. there was also some damage from vandalism inside the venue. trump also dealt with protestors. >> get them out of here. >> it took several officers to remove one woman from the arena. hillary clinton will be in the bay area for a couple of days today. the democratic presidential front-runner will join her husband former president bill clinton for a fundraiser in atherton. a rally is planned tomorrow at downtown san jose's parkside hall. president clinton is already in the bay area yesterday. he made stops in fremont and san francisco including this fundraising appearance at the merchants exchange building. president clinton also made a surprise appearance at the washington bakery and restaurant in san francisco. there he is, president clinton enjoying all the food. >> there you go. down three games to one, as the warriors fight elimination
5:38 am
against the oklahoma city thunder in the western conference finals. there's another war related to the team being waged in oakland. people are trying to keep them from going to san francisco. chris done bishops is from "save oakland sports" and says a new arena in mission bay isn't the way to thank fans. >> ultimately we want mr. lacob, mr. gruber to see that the real fans, the fan base, the city that's really supported them since 1972. >> dobbins says it's not just about bragging rights, nba titles and hoops but also jobs are on the line. the sharks need just one more win to reach the stanley cup finals for the first time. it can happen tonight in san jose as they host the st. louis blues in game 6 of the western conference finals. the sharks lead three games to two. the puck drops this evening at 6:00. whole foods is trying to make sure you can go organic without break the bank. jill wagner of reports.
5:39 am
it's opening affordable stores today and more trending topics. >> reporter: good morning. good morning. the markets opened this morning -- [ laughter ] -- the markets opened up to their best day since march. investors were in a buying mood as oil prices rose and strength in the housing market. dow up 213 yesterday, nasdaq up 95. futures pointing to another higher open. new home sales jumped to their highest level in more than 8 years up 16.6% last month. whole foods will be opening its first 365 store today in california. it is the less expensive and scaled back supermarket to attract millennials. the california store will have prepared foods, craft beer bar and a vegan restaurant. toyota is investing in uber. the japanese automaker will let uber drivers lease toyota cars with money they make from rides. gm recently invested in lyft,
5:40 am
the rival. >> there's a new twist on smartphones? >> so now you don't have to worry about breaking your cell phone. you might actually be able to bend it. believe it or not. a chinese company is making a smartphone that bends into a bracelet and goes back to a rectangle shape. the bendable one is $765 when it hits the market. it reminds me at least looks like those snap bracelets. remember those? >> back in the '90s, right? >> right. '80s, '90s. >> neon colors. >> but they were cheaper than $700. >> yes. a lot cheaper about a dollar each. >> thank you. time now 5:40. he is back to getting belly rubs and running around after an intense detox. bubba used to be addicted to heroin. first recovery. we'll explain next. -- his recovery, we'll explain next. >> a live look at 880 in
5:41 am
oakland. a lot of cars on the roads this morning. traffic report coming up. ,, ,, ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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and his baby girl haven't bn seen since sunday. now, family and this is a live look from chopper 5 at a fire in santa clara at a strip mall the rancho shopping center on el camino real. you can see that the crews are still trying to battle the flames. this has been going on for a few hours now. it is a 5 alarm fire which there are several crews out there trying to douse the flames. you can even see some crews on the roof there trying to get it from the ladder the roof and the ground. many crews on the scene there many trucks kiet do will give
5:44 am
us a report in a little bit. this bay area dad and his baby girl haven't been seen since sunday. now family and friends are desperate to find kyler jackson at his daughter. they took off from antioch sunday night heading for sacramento. the coast guard is now searching the sacramento river along the highway. things were normal the last time she saw kyleer. >> put him in the car and said i love you, and that was it. >> relatives say kyler wasn't the kind of guy who would just leave. police say he was last seen driving a silver sedan. the family has been calling jackson's cell phone but ever since sunday it's gone to voicemail. an update on an orange county dog that's detoxing. bubba is doing well now two months after police say his owner got him high on heroin and meth. police found that the dog was lethargic during a raid at a tustin motel. >> i would say looking at the video today his prognosis is
5:45 am
excellent. i think that if he can avoid being exposed to additional drugs in the future with his new forever home, things will be fine. individuals are seeing more dogs being brought in high as more dog owners use drugs especially opiates and marijuana. new this morning, a bay area assemblyman is saying that we won't be seeing major road repairs anytime soon. plans to boost funding for repairs across the state won't happen as part of the state budget deal. the doesn't have the votes to pass -- it doesn't have the votes to pass. no progress since last summer. a new move to people every keep people honest when using disabled parking placards. there will be an audit of the entire program. several news investigations have uncovered people cheating the system using other people's
5:46 am
placards or using them incredibilitily. >> we'll make sure they are doing things right when it comes to disabled placards. >> last year the dmv started cracking down on people who illegally applied for those placards. just a short time ago we showed that you fire in santa clara causing some traffic disruptions. >> we have a block of el camino real closed down between nobili and flora vista. el camino real is shut down. if you want to take a major road to get around the area, an alternate would be to take cabrillo, granada, homestead or central expressway. we are keeping close tabs on this. so far those alternates look good. as the morning progresses that could change. at this point, alternates will
5:47 am
get crowded as the day progresses. south 880 approaching 92 i'll have more on that with my next traffic report in the meantime we have the big game tonight at the shark tank. do remember we are going to have streets shut down just out of the shark tank because of the street valley beginning at 3:00. so far all sillicon valley freeways are moving well with no major delays being reported in the area. it's beginning to crowd up a little bit approaching northbound 101. now, i want to tell you more about that accident we have working now in the hayward area. it's southbound 880 approaching highway 92. a five-car accident blocking the slow lane. once you pass that accident, traffic does okay approaching the nature is toll plaza right here. the red taillights you're looking at would be the westbound commute. we are finding that accident on the nimitz is metering off the traffic normally bound for the
5:48 am
san mateo bridge at this hour. we are looking at delays beyond the 205 interchange approaching the altamont pass. that's a look at your "kcbs traffic." here's roberta. the puck drops tonight at 6:00, street party for the sharks at 3:00. we'll have that forecast coming up. air temperatures 55. southwest winds at 6 in san jose. 10 across the east bay in pleasanton. when you factor in the wind with the cloud cover and the drizzle associated with that very deep marine layer, feels a little raw out the door, right now fairfield winds at 15, the winds will be robust onshore today 10 to 20 miles per hour, area of low pressure you can tell it's about right here because you can see the calendar of circulation of the rotation around that area of low pressure. we have some drizzle this
5:49 am
morning. in fact, you may need to use your windshield wipers. beginning tomorrow through monday, a gradual warming. this is the area of low pressure that's kept snow in the high sierra and a thunderstorm possible there today. it's sagging south and will eject east making way for high pressure. this will build in for our holidays and we'll have the abundance of sunshine, lots of fair skies, seasonal temperatures. notice the rain in the far reaches of the north bay plenty of cloud cover along the san mateo coast all day into the evening hours. and then as we form ahead towards thursday, it's the same scenario but we'll see rapid burnoff for thursday. meanwhile, statewide, thunderstorms high sierra through yosemite then from the mountains to the coast 60 degrees in monterey bay. high 70s and low 80s throughout the central valley with lots of
5:50 am
sunshine. 5:52 is sunrise. today we'll have 50s beaches, 60s bay and peninsula. mid- to high 70s, 77 in cloverdale. warmer thursday, friday. then stagnant through monday. 3:00 this afternoon outside the shark tank. it's the shark street rally. it's free. lots of great kids games, as well. temperatures 70 with partly to mostly cloudy skies. go sharks! it was a battle of david and goliath when one man decided he would duke it out with a major airline. and alex hamburger took on the fight in the name of his sweet little niece. and here is mia. she is sweet. the niece alex loves to visit. but one time he got sick after buying a ticket to see mia in kansas city. he was grounded in buffalo and canceling his flight would cost him $200 so he wrote this to plead his case. >> i write to you with the hopes of you make afford a little sympathy for this flyer who was taken ill and postponed
5:51 am
his trip to visit his beloved niece. >> they waived the cancellation fee. >> very cute. wort the fight. time now 5:51. getting your own place can be tough and now a new study is shedding light on how many people in their 20s are still living with their parents. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:52 am
5:53 am
giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
5:54 am
millennials appear to be ino hurry to move out of the ho where they we are saturated in the marine layer at sfo. we'll talk about the low clouds and fog and the possibility of delays on air travel as the news continues. >> we have this fire burning in santa clara at a strip mall, el camino real shut down between nobili and flora vista. alternates include cabrillo, granada or homestead expressway. we'll have traffic coming up. a new survey find many millennials are in no hurry to leave home. nearly one-third of people ages 18 to 34 live with their parents because of soaring rents and heavy student loan debt. it's the first time living at home has outpaced living with a spouse for this age group since
5:55 am
recordkeeping began in 1880. with home prices in san francisco, it's no wonder millennials can't get their own place. one finance company is trying to afford a new home but advertisements are falling on deaf ears. bay area-based company put up ads on muni bus stops around the city. they say 10% down because you're too smart to rent. but in a city where the average home price is over a million dollars and renters are being priced out, people we spoke with called the ad insensitive. >> prices are too high. in fact you probably are smart just to be able to rent. >> overall, san francisco is, like, really expense. so i don't know. >> renting is your opening option? >> yeah, basically -- >> so renting is your only option? >> yeah, basically. >> a bart spokesman said the ad is awful. according to the realtors association only 11% of san francisco households can afford a home in the city at median
5:56 am
asking price. we reached out to sofi but the company didn't return our request for comment. $62 billion wasn't enough. one of the world's biggest pesticide companies has rejected the bid from a competitor. monsanto says the takeover offer from bayer is too low. a merger would have competed a giant company with a strong worldwide presence. the same deadly shooting that led to a big shake-up within the san francisco police department will be the focus of a summit today. we are talking use of force next. >> and firefighters in santa clara are busy battling a very stubborn five-alarm fire that has destroyed 7 businesses in santa clara. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:57 am
5:58 am
okay, ready? whoa! [ explosion ]
5:59 am
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and i'm kenny choi. we're continuing to follow breaking news in santa clar where a huge fire broke outa shopping center this mornin kpix 5 reporter kiet do is good morning. breaking news in santa clara. a huge fire at a shopping center. kiet do reports. what an effort it has been. they have been at it now for more than 3 hours. we now have chopper 5 on the scene. this is a live picture from the air from the helicopter t shows the extent of the five-alarm fire that's destroyed now 7 businesses. they are trying to hold the line at the corner of this l- shaped building here in santa clara. this is a view from the ground at our location. firefighters are standing watch on the roof of neighboring businesses to make sure they keep the flames don't spread to neighboring businesses. they are focused on keeping the fire from getting any bigger so they are cooling down the edges while the middle of the fire is a total loss. the winds are shifting and we are getting a good smell of the e


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