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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  May 25, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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and i'm kenny choi. we're continuing to follow breaking news in santa clar where a huge fire broke outa shopping center this mornin kpix 5 reporter kiet do is good morning. breaking news in santa clara. a huge fire at a shopping center. kiet do reports. what an effort it has been. they have been at it now for more than 3 hours. we now have chopper 5 on the scene. this is a live picture from the air from the helicopter t shows the extent of the five-alarm fire that's destroyed now 7 businesses. they are trying to hold the line at the corner of this l- shaped building here in santa clara. this is a view from the ground at our location. firefighters are standing watch on the roof of neighboring businesses to make sure they keep the flames don't spread to neighboring businesses. they are focused on keeping the fire from getting any bigger so they are cooling down the edges while the middle of the fire is a total loss. the winds are shifting and we are getting a good smell of the plume of the smoke that's got
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an acrid plastic smell to it. the good news is the chief says in 30 minutes it will be under control. take a look at the video shot this morning. people called 911 at around 2:45 a.m. they believe it started next to a restaurant called [ non- english language ] in the rancho shopping center. not in that indian restaurant itself as first believed. this is on el camino real near lawrence expressway. it destroyed about 7 neighboring businesses. it's hard to tell which one since the signs are gone. this is a strip mall with a dozen collection of korean and indian businesses. the chief says one of the challenges is access to the building. it's had renovations over the years like facades and extra walls and rooms added making it harder to get inside. >> we have fires up to 7 alarms in my career here. four alarms on the scene now and one to help us cover the city. we have department of public safety and county fire
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department here in santa clara to help us out. >> reporter: the chief says they called aid in early so firefighters are rotating out. it's been an exhausting morning but they are getting help from neighboring cities. in the past couple of minutes we have seen this smoke plume just grow and darken so we are not sure what's going on there. but they are going to be here at least a couple more hours. if you are heading here this morning for work or school stay away. the el camino real is closed between nobili and flora vista. live in santa clara, kiet do, kpix 5. in san francisco today officer shootings are taking center stage at an annual justice summit because the topic this time around is use of force. anne makovec reports from police headquarters on the event that could change the way police patrol. >> reporter: this comes at at a pivotal time for the san francisco police department.
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several deadly police shootings over the past year have brought criticism to the department when it comes use of force. they can't carry tasers. their deescalation tactics are coming up short. the shooting of mario woods caught on camera last year, officers say he was coming at them with a knife and they had no choice but to fire dozens of rounds. >> i always believe that chief suhr cringed when he saw what happened in the mario woods shooting, that if he were there at the scene, he would have done everything possible to make sure that didn't happen. yet that's what happened. >> reporter: he referenced chief suhr, chief greg suhr, who resigned under pressure last week, following the shooting of an unarmed car theft suspect in the bayview. the new interim chief toney chaplin vows to implement reforms. live in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. >> use of force is a broad
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term. what specific points will the summit focus on? >> reporter: today they are going to break down all of those controversial shootings or at least four of them. what may have officers done instead and they are also going to talk about racism in the wake of this racist text scandal. several controversial texts being sent within departments within the -- officers within the department here at the police department. back to you. >> thank you. an attorney is requesting an earlier hearing in the move to extend california's voter registration deadline. a federal judge set an august 18 hearing date in the lawsuit filed by bernie sanders supporters but, of course, that would come after the june 7 primary. plaintiffs say that the election official failed to notify unaffiliated voters they are allowed to request a ballot in the democratic contest. them to clear things up and extend registration all the way to primary day. it is 6:04. let's check the roads with liza battalones. >> it's been a busy commute out
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there. good morning to you, michelle and kenny. we'll start off in hayward. i want to tell you about this major accident affecting traffic on 880 a five-car pile- up. it's on the side. traffic is very slow. it is backed up beyond 238 heavy past 92. that accident in the southbound direction. now, more on that problem in santa clara we have been talking about that fire at the strip mall. this is affecting vta bus line number 22. if you normally take that bus to get to work on school this morning, you may be delayed. right now it's just a short detour around the closure. >> altamont pass, two separate accidents this morning. both of them in the commute
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direction of westbound 580. one-hour delays leaving tracy bound for the livermore valley. that's a look at your "kcbs traffic." here's roberta. it's a gray slate out there again this morning. good morning, everyone. almost looks like june gloom. we do have low clouds, areas of fog, in fact, the fog is producing some drizzle along the coast into the bay a good 40 to 50 miles inland. it's going to take a while to see burnoff and then once we do, another deck, another layer every clouds, will produce mostly cloudy skies and sunny breaks locally today. 54 to 58 degrees stepping out. clouds all associated with this area of low pressure right here enhancing the marine layer. and then again once the marine layer scrubs out we have another layer of clouds associated with that low pushing into the bay area. temperatures very similar today to yesterday. 50s beaches, 60s around the peninsula to 72 degrees in the santa clara valley in los gatos. average high temperature in san jose right around 75, 76 degrees, instead 70 swinging
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around to the eastern portion of our bay area, topping off at 73 in brentwood when we should be about 77 degrees. a robust sea breeze west 10 to 20 in stinson beach in the upper 50s to upper 60s in sonoma. we'll talk about the memorial day weekend forecast and how all this fog will affect it coming up at 18 minutes after the hour. san francisco's board of supervisors has agreed on an update to the city's sanctuary policy for illegal immigrants. police will only have to notify immigrations and customs enforcement if a defendant has been convicted of a violent crime in the past 7 years. it's after the kate steinle shooting. the sheriff blamed the city's sanctuary law from preventing him from holding the man for deportation. swastika and references to white power were painted on sir
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francis drake high school in san anselmo on may 17 and 18. the graffiti didn't contain specific threats but a school resource officer will spend more time on campus. a family in san leandro is mourning the loss of a mother and daughter after an accident with an amtrak train. it happened yesterday afternoon on the tracks at washington and chapman. 30-year-old vanessa enriquez and her 3.5-year-old daughter were stuck in traffic. police believe that the vehicle behind them may have forced them onto the tracks before the train slammed into the suv. >> it was trapped under the front end of the train and the best way to describe it is the car itself was not recognizable as a vehicle. >> a relative told us that vanessa was rushing to pick up her young son from school at the time. sonoma voters will get to decide whether to ban genetically mod modified crops
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and seeds in the unincorporated part of the county. so say it's fear, not science. only voters living in unincorporated areas will be allowed to vote on the proposal in november. federal and state prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for the man accused of gunning down 9 people inside a south carolina church. investigators say that dylann roof spent an hour in a bible study class at the emanuel ame church before opening fire then confessed saying he wanted to start a race war. he pled not guilty. climate change is altering the landscape of the sierra. why scientists say the trees are moving. >> chaos in new mexico when demonstrations get completely out of hand. >> from the kpix 5 weather center, good morning, we are waking up again to a very deep marine layer. i'll talk about the effect that will have on your monday forecast. >> it's another rough commute
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i'll have your complete fort in just a few minutes. severe storms are expected continue today, in kansas a other good morning. welcome to your wednesday. time check 6:13. this is an interesting view of our live weather camera atops the transamerica pyramid. we can't see anything. visibility is unlimited -- actually, restricted. more coming up. severe storms are expected to continue today in kansas and other plains states. yesterday, two people were critically injured in ford county. the storms damaged homes and toppled trees and power lines. tornadoes were reported in several parts of the sunflower state, as well. crews from the national weather
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service will expected to survey the damage today. another sign of climate change, key species of tries in the sierra are shifting to higher elevations to find cooler temperatures. from south of lake tahoe to the northern sierra, the areas where trees are growing has moved an average of nearly 500 feet higher over the past 80 years according to researchers from the california department of fish and wildlife. chaos in alburqueque, new mexico, as protests outside a rally turned violent. demonstrators threw things towards police officers and some jumped on cars. cbs reporter hena daniels reports. >> reporter: this was the chaotic scene outside a donald trump rally in new mexico tuesday night. protestors through barricades at police on horseback, some threw rocks and plastic bottles. others burned t-shirts. officers by firing pepper spray and smoke grenades.
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police locked down the alburqueque convention center. the aftermath shows smashed glass windows and doors. >> get 'em out of here! get 'em out! >> reporter: inside the presumptive republican nominee was interrupted repeatedly by demonstrators. >> this is so fighting, isn't it? ! >> reporter: it took several officers to drag this woman out of the arena. trump told the crowd he expects to pick up democrat bernie sanders's supporters. >> the system is rigged against bernie sanders. so he can't win. but i'm hearing we're going to get close to 40% of his supporters. maybe not these people. >> reporter: while campaigning in california, hillary clinton also dealt with her share of hecklers. >> some people are just allergic to the facts. cheers. >> reporter: she attacked donald trump. >> you know, you gotta sorta pinch yourself when you hear some of what donald trump is saying. it may have started out as entertainment but now it's
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really, really -- concerning. >> reporter: today clinton, sanders and trump will hold campaign events in california. hena daniels, cbs news. >> california and new mexico are among six states holding primary elections june 7. the nfl commissioner is addressing the future of the raiders. roger goodell said all the talk of moving to vegas is premature and all parties need to work together to try to find a way to keep the team in oakland. >> the raiders have been very open about the challenges to get a stadium built. it's not fair to shift all that responsibility to the raiders. they bear some. but public officials, the private sector, the raiders, the nfl, we all have a responsibility, it's a shared responsibility and it's not one for standing there and saying it's somebody else's responsibility. we all have to work together to find that solution. >> the only thing we know for sure the raiders will play the 2016 season at the coliseum. two bay area students with a knack for big words are ready
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to spell the longest ones of all. >> they are competing at the scripps national spelling bee. [ non-english language ] has been studying 23 hours a week for the big meet. he won the cbs bay area spelling bee in march. another student from san ramon will be competing, as well. the bee runs through thursday. okay. we have all been exposed to the cbs spelling bee. but you have not. are you a good speller? >> uhm -- in elementary school i was. [ laughter ] >> but not anymore. >> i haven't really been tested recently but i'm looking forward to it. >> we'll tell you. >> oh!! >> i'm going to be studying. not 23 hours a week like route vic but i'll be studying. >> your mom gave you a dictionary for christmas. >> the worst gift i ever got. when i was in elementary school. plus a synonym finder. so it was a disappointing christmas. >> so we are getting words ready for kenny. >> good morning, everybody. "sig alert," that is an easy one. [ laughter ] we are going to
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talk about this morning's commute where it just spells long delays for folks heading into santa clara area. we have been talking about this major fire burning at that strip mall, el camino real shut down both ways between nobili and flora vista. this is affecting local transit in the area. we just heard from vta, valley transportation authority, that it is expected to delay -- possibly delay bus routes 22 and 522 as they are forced through the detours as people who normally take busy el camino real. alternates: >> expect possible delays on those bus lines on vta. the rest of the local transit scene is looking okay with no delays reported for bart, the ace train or san francisco's muni metro. as we talk about the bay bridge reports of an accident near the
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bay bridge toll plaza so near the metering lights westbound 80. you can see right here from these live pictures the toll plaza backups are now lengthy. it extends beyond the 880 overcrossing. it's going to be slow as well for the san mateo bridge this morning because of earlier accidents. that's "kcbs traffic." i'm looking at our live weather camera looking out towards sfo. i see some movement on the planes but those are ones that are going to be departing but on some arriving flights we have delays over 1 hour and 30 minutes on some arriving flights due to this slate of gray. low clouds and fog and drizzle at the coast into the bay and inland. temperatures into the 50s but when you factor in a wind that's been blowing easily up to 8 to 10 miles per hour, in throughout the tri-valley, 9 miles per hour in antioch, 15 in fairfield, it adds a bit of a chill. you will require a light jacket out the door. area of low pressure about
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right here. you see the counterclockwise rotation around the core. that's been enhancing our marine layer plus tossing some other clouds into other forecast. bottom line is we have drizzle this morning. we have the mostly cloudy skies during the day with a few sunny breaks and then gradual warming after today. satellite and radar, there's an area of low pressure sagging to the south before it goes east allowing high pressure to build in from the west. we'll provide ample sunshine over the weekend because of this high and some warmer conditions. if you want to plan out your lunch hour today, you see the clouds linger along the san mateo bridge coast also the santa cruz beaches and then during the afternoon hours, we'll be watching this very carefully. a chance of a pop-up shower or thunderstorm at the delta or in the far reaches of the north bay from the instability associated with the area of low pressure dragging it south. 79 sacramento. 60 monterey bay. sun-up 5:52. by the time it sets, 50s beaches, 60s base, 60s peninsula, up to 77 in
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cloverdale. warmer thursday, friday through the memorial day weekend. 3 p.m. we have a street rally for our san jose sharks game time at 6:00, 70 degrees. go, sharks! ♪[ music ] ,,
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different at the grocery ste star good morning, everybody. the warriors had not lost back- to-back games all season. so better close your eyes this morning. draymond green not suspended for game 4 but only 6 points. very ineffective in the last two games. 21 turnovers for golden state. curry gives it away. russell westbrook dunks it. 16-0. klay thompson gets the warriors afloat 19 of his 29 in the 3rd quarter. warriors within 6 but russell westbrook refused to let the team lose. nails the three. 12-point lead. this was steph curry's night in
6:25 am
a nutshell misses the layup. he should have made it. doesn't miss those. he was just 6 of 20 from the field. westbrook polished off an incredible night with 36 points. okc, 118-94. they force the warriors to the brink of elimination. >> this really is bad right now. terrible feeling to not get one here. got to play desperation like our lives on the line on thursday. >> think it's the first time in my life that i didn't respond to a critic and that's what kind of been my story. and i haven't done that so i got to do that. >> i think we're a special team that, um, this isn't how we're going to go out. so we're going to figure out, you know, how we can take care of these next 48 minutes on thursday and then we'll talk again. >> oracle you better bring it tomorrow night. the warriors see some is on the line. hey, the sharks they can be in the stanley cup finals for the first time ever if they beat st. louis tonight. that's at the tank. giants win, a's lose.
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that's it. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. it is 6:25. you may notice something different at the grocery store starting this week. why the requirements for labeling meat have now changed. >> and firefighters have been on the scene here in santa clara battling a five-alarm fire that's destroyed 7 businesses. we have a live report coming up. ,, introducing the completely redesigned mercedes-benz c-coupe, ,, with its athletic prowess and sleek new body. it doesn't just raise the bar...
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program that had visitors ae bay area park up in arms. linda macdonald is captioning for you in real time. a sudden change of heart on a program that had visitors of one bay area park up in arms. >> and muni is cracking down on bad behavior among a small number of its drivers. >> good morning from the kpix 5 weather center, where the low
6:30 am
clouds and fog are affecting air travel. the effect on your afternoon coming up. >> it's a busy commute with a problem in san jose. i'll have details. it is wednesday, may 25. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. time now 6:30. it's been quite a battle for firefighters in the south bay this morning after a shopping center went up in flames. kpix 5 reporter kiet do is live at the scene in santa clara with the very latest. kiet. >> reporter: good morning. for the first time this morning we are finally seeing firefighters start to pull back and stand down. it looks like they are finally getting it under control after a nearly four-hour battle on el camino real in santa clara tehran choe shopping complex. still a huge plume of smoke continues to rise above the wreckage. the winds are shifting and blowing the smoke this way and it smells horrible. the video was shot earlier this morning when witness called 911 around 2:47 a.m. they believe it started next to
6:31 am
an indian restaurant. no one was there. it probably smoldered for some time before raging out of control. santa clara called for mutual aid and the fire went to five alarms. seven businesses are destroyed although it's hard to say which ones since the signs are burned. the building was older with multiple additions and a facade that collapsed making it risky for firefighters to battle from the inside. we caught up with the owner of the ballet studio. she was anxiously watching the firefighters hold the line at her business. >> probably at least the most dang at this point, i'm not sure what else, i don't know if it's water. they are trying to hold the unit in front of me. so far they have been successful. but it will be several hours before we can go in and evaluate the building. >> reporter: we have had a couple of fires over the years here at channel 5 and i can tell you that the smell of the smoke is probably something like, um, um, plastic or some
6:32 am
kind of manmade materials. it's horrible. it tells you the sort of shifting nature of what's happening here as the smoke kind of drifts our way so they are going to be out here for hours. and if you are headed this way, stay away for some time because el camino real is closed in between nobili and flora vista. live in santa clara, kiet do, kpix 5. a desperate search in sacramento for a dad and his baby girl who have been missing since sunday. kyler jackson and his daughter were last seen in antioch. they took off for a drive to sacramento but never made it. the coast guard is now searching the sacramento river along the highway. jackson's cell phone has gone to voicemail since sunday. police believe that he is driving a silver sedan. it didn't take long. san francisco is reversing course on allowing visitors pay for a reserve spot at dolores park. the city parks and rec department had been charging up to $260 depending on the size of the group. that system generated a huge public outcry and the agency put it on hold so it can get
6:33 am
public input. time now 6:32. a little warmup, and the sharks are heating up. >> if you were going to say they would be in this position at the beginnin of the season, you might not believe it. there's not one person on the sharks team who has won a stanley cup including the coach except for the goalie martin jones who won it with the kings and he was backup goalie at that time. they're hungry! >> let's do it! >> they say win tonight, they advance to the finals. they have a big party at 3 p.m. people are all happy and excited for the game. the rally at 3:00, 70 degrees under mostly cloudy skies. puck drops at 6 p.m.
6:34 am
in the santa clara valley right now mostly cloudy skies. no delays at mineta. but here due to the low clouds, we have delays at sfo over 1 hour on some arriving flights. it's in the 50s and everybody is reporting overcast conditions. later today remaining mostly cloudy with a few sunny breaks. very similar to yesterday. 50s beaches, 60s at the points, 70s inland. 73 brentwood and discovery bay. 72 santa rosa. i'll have your full forecast coming up. it's been a crazy commute out there, roberta. we now have a new accident in san jose. it's on 880 northbound. we'll go to a map right now and i'll show you where this accident happened involving several vehicles. northbound 880 just before the alameda, at least two lanes of traffic are shut down. you can see it is at a crawl from at least stevens creek.
6:35 am
a new problem also cropped up. this time on 101 in san jose. northbound at story, an accident off to the right-hand shoulder. you can see it is causing a backup. right now we are looking at a two-mile backup approaching the accident scene and, of course, we continue to watch that fire burning at the strip mall in santa clara, el camino real shut down both ways between nobili and flora vista. this is also affecting vta service in the area. they are being forced to reroute and this is affecting bus lines 22 and 522. again, this is on vta. alternates: too avoidavoid the neighborhood entirely by taking homestead and central expressway. altamont pass is tough. two separate accidents, one at grant lines the other at flynn, 1 1/2 hour delays now leaving the 205 interchange. so if you normally take this stretch to leave tracy and get into the tri-valley, you may want to think about taking the ace train. so far the ace train has been on schedule. the bay bridge toll plaza is
6:36 am
doing okay. it's an average commute interest with the backup extending to the foot of the maze. there was an earlier accident reported near the toll plaza. that's just been cleared up from lanes. heading for the san mateo bridge, that crash we had on the nimitz that's just been cleared up. westbound 92 now heavy across the san mateo bridge. marin county will start charging to park at muir woods. county supervisors have given initial approval to a new parking reservation system. the number of spaces will be reduced from 400 to about 100 and parking along the roadside will be eliminated. the system will take about two years to put into place. muni is looking into reports of bus drivers taking excessive breaks. they are investigating a handful of abuses like drivers taking dinner breaks while passengers sit and wait. one man told us that a driver made him stand outside the bus in the rain until his break was over. muni says it's reviewing
6:37 am
whether some drivers are abusing the system. >> it's only done by a small amount of operators. so it's something we want to make sure we're looking at it as we improve the system. >> no comments from the drivers. in san francisco today a justice summit centered on officer shootings and use of force. kpix 5's anne makovec is live at police headquarters on the event that could bring reforms to sfpd. >> reporter: this comes at a critical time for the sfpd and it's a big shake-up here. of course, the old chief stepped down last week. there is a new interim chief in charge of implementing department wide reforms. the department's use of force policy is 20 years old right now and the city is in the process of updating it. but as things stand officers have no tasers, no shields, so in several recent confrontations which will be analyzed today, officers have resorted to using deadly force.
6:38 am
their guns as they did with mario woods last year, a suspect armed with a knife. our kpix 5 security analyst says that these kinds of situation can quickly turn deadly. >> could we do more training in deescalation? i'm sure we could. we could do more training with everything we do in life because, you know, we get better by doing training. you show up on scene with somebody who is going to try to kill you, it can turn ugly really quick. >> reporter: we have heard from a lot of protestors over the past few months calling for change in the department, the calls have been growing louder. they actually want criminal charges as well for the officers involved in at least four recent deadly shootings, which will be analyzed today. this use of force summit an annual event. anne makovec, kpix 5. alburqueque, new mexico, dealing with the aftermath of the latest political protests that some say has gone mad. protestors clashed with police
6:39 am
last night outside the rally for presumptive republican nominee donald trump. they threw rocks and bottles. police fired pepper spray and smoke grenades. there was also vandalism. hillary clinton will be in the bay area for two days today. she will join her husband former president bill clinton for a fundraiser in atherton. and tomorrow she will speak at a rally at parkside hall in downtown san jose. meanwhile her democratic opponent senator bernie sanders has released a television ad in california. >> california, it's a long way to washington. but you can send them a message they can't ignore. i'm bernie sanders. and i approve this message. >> what choice do californians have? >> the 30-second ads shows farm workers and college students in sharp contrast to images of wall street. the sanders campaign will spend $1.5 million airing the ad in
6:40 am
los angeles, fresno and sacramento markets. you will see you in labels on beef at your stores warning about the dangers of extra tender meat. the usda requires all sellers to label meat that's been mechanically tenderized. that's when blades or needles cut into meat to make it easier to chew. it may transfer bacteria to the inside of meats and make people sick. the usda also requires labels to include safe cooking instructions. the cdc has tracked 6 outbreaks of food-borne illnesses linked to mechanically tenderized beef since 2000. a bay area finance company has ruffled some feathers in the community. why some are calling their new ads insensitive. >> and hulk hogan is in the spotlight this time over reports of a secret alliance with one of the cofounders of paypal. ,,
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♪ hey! ♪ they go ooh ooh. ♪ hey! ♪ they go oh-ooh-ooooh. ♪ sitting, watching, waiting, wishing. ♪ ♪ i tell you one thing, you never knew it. ♪ ♪ at the back of the bus ♪ there is so much to give, so dream big. ♪ ♪ yeah. ♪ and when they screaming get out, get out. ♪ ♪ all i wanna hear is get down, get down. ♪ ♪ yeah. ♪ and when they screaming get out, get out. ♪ ♪ all i wanna hear is get down, get down. ♪ ♪ get down, get down.
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,,,, york. good morni
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buquerque with t time for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." >> gayle king joins us now from new york. always good to see you, gayle. of. >> reporter: i think it's always good to see you, too, kenny and michelle. we're in alburqueque where the violence broke out at a rally. plus, the new action to fix collapsing seat backs in your cars. and only on "cbs this morning," the climbers that we have been following up mount everest tell us about the emotional journey after one made it to the top. the other one had to turn back and he was this close. mark phillips takes us to the island known for months that's now being invaded by "star wars" fans. how the force is reawakening you could say on this historic land. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you a 7:00 on the dot. michelle, i have heard from some very reliable sources that you turned 40 yesterday. >> i feel 45. >> she looks like she is 35, though, 30? >> i feel -- >> listen to this.
6:45 am
go ahead, michelle. >> i'm listening. you go. >> no, no, you said you feel what? i want to hear. >> i feel good. i feel good about this birthday. i thought i was going to be a little scared. 40 is fabulous! >> let me just tell you this. 40, you are just getting started! so continue to soar! [ laughter ] >> happy birthday to you. >> thank you so much, gayle. that's very sweet. thanks. >> thank you. "cbs this morning" starts at 7:00. all right. a sillicon valley giant that recently split into two is about to shrink some morning. joining us now is kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. >> good morning. >> kenny, you're a wise man and good new partner with michelle. [ laughter ] >> there's for sure. hewlett-packard just keeps getting smaller. less than a year after it spun off with a split with its one company making printers and pcs, the other focusing on enterprise customers, hewlett- packard's enterprise is now spinning off its technology services division and merging
6:46 am
it with computer science corporation based out of virginia. that's an $8.5 billion deal. computer science corporation will run the company, although hp enterprise will maintain a 50% stake in that firm. and that services technology group represents two-thirds of hp's sillicon valley workforce and more than 100,000 workers. shares in hp enterprise are surging higher on that news. i had to and uber are getting much closer together. toyota is making a strategic investment into uber. neither is saying how much but it's close to $100 million. they will start off with a new leasing program for uber drivers who can lease their vehicles through toyota over a flexible period and also apply some of their earnings from uber to those lease payments. they plan to develop this partnership even further down the road. wall street coming off a big day on tuesday. strong gains, the dow up more than 200 and off to a good start again this morning.
6:47 am
let's go to the big board and see how we're doing so far this morning. at the moment, the dow is moving higher by about 100 points. nasdaq is up 11. the s&p is up by 10 points. michelle and kenny, back to you. >> thank you. a sillicon valley billionaire is reportedly footing the legal bill for hulk hoe began. a florida jury awarded him $115 million back in march. hulk hogan has sued the website gawker for posting a sex tape. now forbes is reporting that during the high-profile legal case, paypal cofounder peter till secretly paid his legal costs. in the past, gawker has also run some scathing pieces about him. time now 6:47. let's check traffic with liza battalones. >> it's been a stressful commute especially in the south bay where we have had multiple accidents. the newest problem is northbound 880 just before the alameda. this accident involving several
6:48 am
vehicles blocking two lanes of traffic. you can see our sensors are picking up those delays. now extending to the 280 interchange. so we're watching that accident. and just east of there on 101, there's an accident northbound 101 approaching story. it's off to the shoulder. traffic is backed up for a few miles approaching and passing the accident scene. stays heavy to about great america parkway. meantime, santa clara, that's also a major problem right now where el camino real has been shut down for several hours right now because of that accident. the strip mall shut down between nobili and flora vista. alternate cabrillo, gran nada, homestead or central expressway. lawrence expressway as well, which is adjacent to the closure, that's beginning to slow down as folks try to find their way around the closures this morning. altamont pass has been a tough drive. we are now looking at 1.5 hour delays, combination of both those
6:49 am
things has traffic backed up beyond the 205 interchange from mountain house. so those are some of the problem areas. the bay bridge toll plaza still holding steady with traffic delays extending to the foot of the maze. it's a 33-minute drive time between the carquinez bridge and the maze. now, san mateo bridge we haven't had any accidents on highway 92. all the problems have been at the feeder freeways. south 880 approaching 92 is cleared from lanes. so it's slow as you make the commute out of hayward bound for fremont. marin county leaving the north bay, south 101 fine approaching and passing the golden gate. no traffic delays approaching novato. that's a look at your traffic. bart is on time. >> liza battalones in the house! thank you very much, dear friend. good morning, everybody. 6:49. i want to go ahead and get right to it on what you can expect today right here in the bay area. very thick overcast, areas of
6:50 am
drizzle you may need to use your windshield wipers heading out. mostly cloudy with west wind robust 10 to 20 and lindsay patton one of our weather watchers has reported .01" of rain due to heavy drizzle due to the overcast conditions. now to the beach, this is ocean beach. that's drizzle on the camera lens. thick overcast, temperatures are in the 50s. but when you factor in a wind that's been picking up to 15 miles per hour in some areas, it feels chilly stepping out on this wednesday. so we have this area of low pressure that has enhanced the marine layer and after the marine layer tries to scrub out, throw some clouds into our forecast, it's finally digging to the south ejecting east making way for this area of high pressure that will provide us warmer temperatures for the weekend. this is our futurecast, plan your lunch hour. the clouds are still playing tag with the san mateo coast. we have a lot of instability in the atmosphere with the passage of this area of low pressure. so i can't rule out the
6:51 am
possibility of an isolated shower or thunderstorm towards the delta or the far reaches of the north bay towards the evening hours. otherwise, we do become partly cloudy overnight with the areas of coastal fog. 79 today sacramento, stockton and davis. thunderstorms possible in the high sierra back through yosemite from the mountains to the coast. 60 degrees in monterey bay. okay. mostly cloudy, a few sunny breaks. temperatures 50s to 77 in cloverdale. warmer on thursday and friday and sunshine on monday. shark street rally at 3 p.m. on autumn street, mostly cloudy skies, 70 degrees, go, sharks! a bay area finance company is catching some heat for its new ad on muni bus stops around san francisco. the ad reads 10% down because you're too smart to rent. people say the ad is insensitive pointing to the
6:52 am
skyrocketing housing prices forcing long-time residents to leave the area. we'll be right back.
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spokesbox: ♪ go paperless, don't stress, girl ♪ ♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ the great plains today... ja five things to know at the :55. more severe weather could hit the great plains today just a day after a destructive tornado outbreak. multiple twisters overturned vehicles and damaged homes in kansas and two people were critically injured. the severe storm system also hit oklahoma and colorado. a top tsa official testifies about long security lines at nation airports. the tsa administrator is expected to answer questions about staffing issues that disrupted travel. the agency replaced its head of security in response. violent protests erupted outside a trump rally in
6:56 am
alburqueque, new mexico, last night. the crowd was very violent. police fired pepper spray. today trump, hillary clinton and bernie sanders will be in california. the today california lawmakers will announce a new effort to make sure that people using disabled parking placards really need them. the dmv's entire placard program will undergo an audit. last year they cracked down upon illegally applied for placards. police are looking for suspects in another shooting on 80. one person was shot around 9:15 last night in hercules west of 4. right now no word on the victim's condition. this is just the latest in a string of shootings on east bay highways since november. >> i'm kiet do life in santa clara where crews are heading into their fifth hour of battling this fire here. it's a five-alarm fire. it has been a stubborn one but looks like they are finally getting it under control. it started in the middle of the rancho shopping complex on el camino real near lawrence expressway spread in both directions and destroyed 7
6:57 am
businesses including an indian restaurant and a foot spa. firefighters spent much of their time trying to hold the line at their edges trying to keep the line from spreading at buildings. that pushed the fire to five alarms. that allowed crews to cycle in and out for the long slog where the flames are so hot we could feel the heat from across the street. we spoke with the owner of a bali ballet studio who is watching the fire. >> scared, anxious, worried. what can you do? what can you do? >> reporter: it was a thick column of smoke but as you can see it's pretty much diffused out to a wild area. it smells horrible out here as the wind blows the smoke this way. the cause is under investigation. it looks like the street is still blocked off near el camino real and between nobili and flora vista.
6:58 am
back to you it's been a tough commute in san jose. accident north 880 before the alameda. two lanes of traffic shut down. the fire in santa clara as kiet do mentioned shut down el camino real between nobili and flora vista affecting vta buses, 22 and 522. 1 1/2 hour delays for the altamont pass. it has been a tough morning and the bay bridge toll plaza stacked up into the maze crowded through berkeley in the i-80 westbound direction. seriously an hour and a half? wow. okay. good morning, everybody. we have a little bit better news -- well, not really. [ laughter ] >> this is the view from the transamerica pyramid looking due east. the fog is lifting. we can see the bay bridge. damage is done. we have delays on some arriving flights, sfo over one hour. temperature-wise right now from the coast to the bay, peninsula, inland areas, everyone is uniform due to the blanket of clouds into the 50s. winds will be robust off the sea west 10 to 20 miles per
6:59 am
hour throughout the day. mostly cloudy skies. a few sunny breaks in the 50s to the mid-70s. outside number will be 77 degrees in the cloverdale area. warmer thursday and friday. stagnant through memorial day. no rain. >> someone is really excited about the sharks. the sharks need just one more win to reach the stanley cup finals for the first time in history. they can do it tonight in san jose. roberta will be watching as we all are. >> i'll be there. >> the sharks lead 3 games to 2. the game is at 6:00. the pregame rally at 3 p.m. outside s.a.p. center starts at 3 p.m. >> roberta is excited but i thought were you going to say liza is so excited. >> my boss is. [ laughter ] [ overlapping speakers ] >> same seats i have been in for the last 25 years! see you tonight!
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